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Voyagers II; 1 The Guardian Material; The Secrets of Amenti; Origins of the Fall

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022;  much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna Hayes/Ashayana Dean both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. That said, we now make them available to you the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of  Earth. These are the Guardian Alliance transmissions to the Terrans of  Earth.)

The Secrets of Amenti 

Throughout Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees various speakers of the Guardian Alliance have provided you with information pertinent to your times and to the success of your species evolution. We have provided glimpses of your future, your distant past and what is taking place behind the scenes of your multidimensional present. All of this data is relevant to various peoples of your times, but there is information not yet addressed that is perhaps the most significant of all, for it will provide you with the missing links of knowledge through which your past, present, and future can be united.

We of the Guardian Alliance have an announcement to make: It is a message your species has waited over 800,000 years to hear. Our announcement will be made in later chapters of this book, for without the information contained here within, this announcement would have little meaning for you. In order for you to understand the importance of this message we must first provide you with a sequential summary of the true history of your evolutionary journey.

Within these missing passages of time lives the purpose and process of your evolution as a people. In previous chapters we have explored the beginnings of your species lineage beginning with the inception of your race as the Turaneusiams upon planet Tara in the Second Harmonic Universe, 560 million years ago. This is where your Earth drama began and the place to which you will eventually be led through the course of your evolutionary progression. To explore your entire history from 560 million years ago to the present would require many books. Here we will simply provide you with the data most important to your understanding of the purposes for your present evolution.

~Origins—the First World —Tara~

560,000,000 - 550,750,000 YA
Approximately 560 million years ago (YA), upon the planet Tara within the Second Harmonic Universe), (your Earth is presently in the First Harmonic Universe), many ET and metaterrestrial races combined their genetic and energetic make-up to create a master race of beings that would serve as Guardians of the planet Tara. The Sirian Council from Harmonic Universe 2, along with several other groups were appointed as directors and overseers of the project, the Turaneusiam-1 (T-1) experiment. Metaterrestrials from the Fourth and Fifth Harmonic Universes were the founders of this project, working through a seed race called the Lyrans from the Third Harmonic Universe.

The Lyrans created a race of beings in Harmonic Universe 3 called the Elohim, who would become overseers for the Sirian races in Harmonic Universe 2. The Elohim became one of the numerous supervisory groups within the Turaneusiam-1 experiment, due to the Sirian race contribution of genetic identity to the experiment. The Turaneusiam race evolved for about eight million years on Tara, with 12 primary sub-racial divisions among them.

Each of the 12 Turaneusiam sub- races carried a genetic slant derived from the 12 primary contributors to the T-1 experiment, but all of them carried the unique l2-strand DNA package the T-1’s were designed to embody.

  1. Bra- ha-man,
  2. Dhr-ah-men,
  3. Atoni, Trin-i-ten,
  4. Azurtan,
  5. Celtos,
  6. Addami,
  7. Yut-arans,
  8. Luri,
  9. Cerrasz,
  10. Nezack-tai,
  11. Melchizedakz.

After evolving successfully for many years the Turaneusiam race began to digress, their genetic code breaking down and their cultures falling into disharmony. Manipulation by and inter-breeding with various unrelated ET strains was the primary cause of this digression.

 552,000,000 YA About eight million years into their evolution the Turaneusiam race divided into two primary racial strains, the Alanians (sometimes referred to as the Beli-Kudyem) and the Lumians (frequently called the Adami-Kudmon). The two strains of Turaneusiam evolved together on one large land-mass called E-Den, creating two cultures known as Alania and Lumia. Both cultures evolved on Tara for about one million years 

551,000,000 YA Both races carried the original 12-strand DNA genetic code of their Turaneusiam lineage, and both carried mutations and digressions of that code from inter-stellar breeding. Cultural disturbances escalated along with the continued digression of the Alanian and Lumian strains, and hostility arose as the Alanians sought dominion over the more passive Lumian culture.

~Mu, the Lumians, Ceres and the Priesthood of Mu 5~

50,750,000 - 550,700,000 YA
Keeping a close eye on their Alanian antagonists, about 550,750,000 years ago (YA) certain members of the Lumian race foresaw a cataclysm in their future, brought on by the increasingly dangerous Alanian experimentation with power generation through Tara’s planetary core. The Lumians petitioned assistance from the Harmonic Universe 2 (HU-2) Sirian Council and the HU3 Elohim. Under direction of the Sirian Council, the Lumians set up amongst their members an organization called The Council of Mu. Through the Council of Mu the Lumians moved large numbers of their race across the oceans, to a small continent on Tara that was primarily uninhabited by organized culture. They named this continent Mu, and for 50,000 years (550,750,000 YA to 550,700,000 YA) the Lumians of Mu worked with the Sirian Council to redirect the genetic digression of their race.

During this period the Elohim of HU-3 interbred with Lumians who carried the Cerras Turaneusiam sub-race strain in their gene codes, creating a race called the Ceres, which purified the genetic strain of the Lumians of Tara. (Descendants of the Ceres later became known as the Seres, who interacted with HU-1 Earth humans at various periods.) The Lumians and Ceres co-existed peacefully on Mu attending to the inter-galactic and spiritual business of the Council of Mu. The Ceres created the Priesthood of Mu, an egalitarian spiritual collective with a strong matriarchal slant whose practices centered around the teachings of the sacred Law of One, or Unity Consciousness. The Mu priesthood exists to this day and is a primary motivating force within certain Taran communities. The community of Mu continued its evolution through the re-aligned 12-strand DNA gene code until about 550 million years ago.

~Alania, Templar Solar Initiates & the Sirian Rebellion~

 550,750,000 - 550,000,000 YA Throughout the evolution of Mu digression continued within the Alanian race and anti-Lumian sentiment ran high within the power hungry Alanian elite. The Alanians employed subterranean grid technologies in hopes of bringing the now bountiful continent of Mu under Alanian domain. The Lumians and the Ceres foresaw the cataclysm of Tara that would result from these technologies about 900 years prior to the events. The Ceres tried to warn the Alanians to no avail. Petitions to the Sirian Council to redirect the Alanians had failed, giving rise to the Alanian rebellion and Lumian-Sirian resistance.

The Alanians were controlled by an elite group called the Templar Solar Initiates, who had been entrusted with rulership and guardianship over the Alanian continent by the Sirian Council. The Templar Solar Initiates became sympathetic with the Sirian root race Anunnaki in their Sirian rebellion against the Sirian Council and refused to follow dictates of the Sirian Council and advisory Elohim (who based their decisions on the teachings of the Sacred Law of One). Through the Templar Solar Initiates the power struggle between Sirian Anunnaki and Elohim/Sirian Council-loyal Sirian “blues” (another Sirian root race) was brought to Tara. This period in Alanian history is known as the Sirian Rebellion, and through this power struggle planet Tara was almost destroyed. Ur-Tarranates, Mu and the Priesthood of Ur 

550,750,000 - 550,000,000 YA Certain groups of Alanians became aware that the Templar Solar Initiates were misusing power in a way that would result in the implosion of Tara’s planetary grid. This group of Alanians approached the Lumians and Ceres of Mu, asking for assistance and many of them defected to the territories of Mu. The Ceres interbred with these Alanians, (primarily those carrying the Yutaran Turaneusiam sub-race genetic line) re-aligning their digressing genetic code, and these Alanians further interbred with the Lumians. The original Turaneusiam 12-strand DNA gene code was rebuilt and purified through this Ceres-Lumian-Alanian blend.

This re-vitalized Turaneusiam race became known as the Ur-Tarranates. The Ur-Tarranates created the Temple and Priesthood of Ur upon the continent of Mu. The Priesthood of Ur shared most practices of the Priests of Mu, but developed interest in more scientific applications of Spiritual Law (such as portal mechanics). Like the Priesthood of Mu, the Priests of Ur exist on Tara to this day, and they serve as Guardians and gatekeepers of the time portal structures that link Earth to present day Tara. During the Sirian Rebellion on Tara the Priesthood of Ur stood against the Templar Solar Initiates of Alania, eventually retreating underground with the people of Mu, unable to stop the Templars from misusing the power of the planetary core. Small wars within the local galactic sectors were fought during these times, which became known as the Taran Wars. Under direction of the Sirian Council and Elohim, the Priests of Ur began to prepare for the pending grid implosion. Many people were evacuated to other sympathetic star systems, where they evolved, safely intermingling with other races.

~Cataclysm of Tara~ 

550,000,000 YA Approximately 550 million years ago the Power-generator Crystals deep underground in Alania exploded, due to the Templar Solar Initiates’ misuse of power from Tara’s planetary core. This created a chain reaction of implosions within Tara’s planetary grid. Portions of Tara’s grid were blown apart and fragmented, becoming detached from the Morphogenetic Field of the planet. Portions of Alania were immediately destroyed and the entire planet suffered the effects of rapid pole reversal. For a period of two days Tara ceased to rotate on its axis. It took 10,000 years to re-stabilize Tara’s environment, during which time the few surviving Taran races still on-planet retreated permanently underground. Descendants of those civilizations who survived this disaster still flourish within elaborate underground communities.

Surface life also returned to Tara following this 10,000 year period of healing. Because portions of the planet’s energy structures had been ripped from the main planetary grid, planet Tara could not continue its evolution of dimensional ascension into the Third Harmonic Universe. Tara could not re-emerge with the energy grid of its dimension-7 counterpart Gaia, until its own grid system was repaired. Tara became trapped in the tracks of time within the Second Harmonic Universe. 

The Fall to Harmonic Universe-1 and the 12 Planets

550,000,000 YA The fragments of the Taran planetary grid that became dismembered from Tara’s core energy supply rapidly fell in vibration until they could no longer resist the natural magnetic pull of the descending energy cur- rents. The planet fragments were pulled into a sun within Tara’s universe, vaporized, and the morphogenetic field carried in those fragments was pulled into a black hole at the center of this sun¹ and re-emerged into a galaxy within the lower-dimensional fields of Harmonic Universe 1. Entering this system as gaseous substance, this morphogenetic field broke down into 12 pieces, which set up a “mini-solar system” around a star within an already existing HU-1 solar system. One of the 12 pieces of Tara’s fragmented morphogenetic field fused with this sun, while the 11 other pieces began to build up matter density and re-manifest their forms through their portion of the morphogenetic field. 

These planets did not birth into existence in the usual accretion fashion, for they carried with them the organizational imprint of part of Tara’s planetary grid morphogenetic field. These planets did not birth into Harmonic Universe 1, they fell into it, literally. Their original morphogenetic field fell in vibration, reorganized through the morphogenetic field of a star, and re-manifested within a slower vibrating dimensional scale.

The 12 new planets entering HU-1 55 million years ago are the planets of your local solar system—Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek (imploded to become the asteroid belt), Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru (very long orbit, not yet discovered by Earth scientists), and your Sun (the part of Tara’s morphogenetic field that fused with this already existing, non-Taran sun). The fragments of Tara became part of the Unified Field morphogenetic structure of Harmonic Universe 1. 

~The Fall of Man and the Lost Souls of Alania~

550,000,000 YA The event of Tara’s cataclysm became known as the “ fall of man.” This history became interwoven with other events on Earth that occurred since that time, appearing in various forms throughout human mythology. The Adam and Eve drama of Biblical stories combined this event as the fall from God’s grace and removal from the Garden of Eden, with other earthly events, including the Drakon infiltration of around one million years ago. The stories became a depiction of multilevel events from various time periods, woven together into a symbolic event portrayed in the stories. This was also done in relation to the Biblical Flood and Noah. 

The consciousness of the beings who were blown apart in Tara’s fall, also fell into HU-1. They became ripped from their race morphogenetic field at Tara’s core and disengaged from their original soul matrices through which they needed to evolve in order to pass out of the Time Matrix and dimensionalized systems, and return to Source as pure consciousness. The souls of Alania became trapped in time, fragmented as units of consciousness within the Unified Field of HU-1, and there they would have remained if a rescue mission had not been orchestrated. 


~The Covenant of Palaidor and the Paliadorians of Tara~

550,000,000 YA Just prior to the cataclysm on Tara 550 million years ago the Ceres, Ur-Tarranates and Lumians of Mu devised a plan to rescue the Taran souls that would be lost in HU-l during the approaching disaster. Being skilled at time portal mechanics and interdimensional portal travel, the Ceres created a plan that the Ur-Tarranates would fulfill. With the assistance of the Sirian Council, Elohim, and HU-2 Pleiadians, the Ur-Tarranates formed an agreement with several other HU-2 races called The Covenant of Palaidor. Through the Covenant of Palaidor a rescue mission for the Taran souls of HU-1 was set in motion. Those involved in this agreement (the Sirians, Pleiadians, Ur-Tarranates, Elohim, Lyrans, Ceres, Lumians and Alanians) became known as the Palaidorians. Working through the Breneau Rishi (beings of pure consciousness) from HU-5, the Palaidorians petitioned further assistance from an entity gestalt within the Metagalactic Core; this entity is known as Ra, or the Ra Confederacy.

Of the 12 primary identity gestalts within the Ra Confederacy, members of its four largest gestalts became involved and allowed for the rescue mission to take place. The four primary members of the Ra Confederacy involved within the Covenant of Palaidor are the Azurites, Aton-a, Amonites and the Brigijhidett (a sub-group of the Brigijhidett are presently incarnating in your Earth system as members of the ascended masters family of Viragi. Several other groups associated with these three gestalts are also involved with Earth at this time, including the consciousness gestalt Azar-Azara and a HU-2 ET race known as the Zhar Confederacy).

Time Travel and the Sphere of Amenti 

550,000,000 YA (pre-cataclysmic Tara) Using interdimensional portal mechanics, the Ur-Tarranates of the Covenant of Palaidor time-traveled into HU-1 to a time/space coordinate positioned just after the cataclysm of Tara and the fall of man. Once on Earth, with the help of the Sirian Council, this group of Ur-Tarranates transmuted their body forms into pure energy (Keylontic science) and merged into a gestalt energy field of consciousness, which served as a morphogenetic field or the 12-strand DNA Turaneusiam race prototype. Also contained within this morphogenetic field were the Keylontic Time Codes (electrotonal frequency patterns) of the pre-cataclysmic time/space coordinates of Tara, which would allow Tara to re-assemble the lost portions of its grid into the fabric of time. 

With the assistance of the Ra Confederacy this gestalt of consciousness/genetic and planetary morphogenetic field was entered into the remaining morphogenetic field of Earth through the 11th and 14th dimensions. This morphogenetic field of consciousness energetically took on the shape of a sphere, and was called the Sphere of Amenti, named after the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic field that contained the imprint for Mu and its inhabitants. Amenti was the part of Tara’s planetary core that connected energetically to the portals upon the continent of Mu. By placing the Sphere of Amenti within the Earth core, a “worm hole” or portal link was established between Earth’s core in dimension two and Tara's core in dimension  

Though numerous other portals between Earth and Tara existed, these had become unstable and their operations unpredictable following the fall. The Sphere of Amenti would create a stable portal structure that, once operational, would stabilize the other portals and allow open transit between Earth and Tara for beings possessing genetic codes that could endure portal transit. The Sphere of Amenti would link into the space/time of Tara's pre-fall past. With this sphere placed within the Earth as Earth re-evolved through dimensional ascension back into the Tara grid following the morphogenetic imprint from the sphere, a link between the future Tara and its pre-cataclysmic past would be reestablished. Tara's past would be reattached to the Time Matrix grid and Tara's future time cycles.

Through the Sphere of Amenti a bridge was constructed between Tara's pre-cataclysmic past and future tracks/cycles of time. When a planet undergoes such a trauma, having a portion of its grid blown apart, not only does it lose the portions of its evolutionary history stored within the cellular memory of the parts that blew apart, it also loses a portion of its energetic thrust. Without this thrust the planet cannot evolve out of its Harmonic Universe and into the next. The planet, and most life forms on it, become trapped in the fabric of time. The Sphere of Amenti not only gave hope for the continued evolution of human/Turaneusiam lineage, it held the hopes of ascension and continued evolution for Earth, Tara and their seventh-dimensional counterpart Gaia. 

If one was trapped in time, they would all be trapped. The only other option available in such cases of planetary morphogenetic field fragmentation is that of a Host Matrix Transplant (as previously discussed in relation to people), and this is exceedingly difficult to achieve on a planetary level. Each of the 12 planets in HU-1 that emerged as a result of Tara's fragmentation received a similar morphogenetic sphere from the Palaidorians to fulfill the same purpose. But here we are only concerned with the Sphere of Amenti, as through it Earth became an ascension planet, able to achieve dimensional ascension through re-evolution.

550,000,000—250,000,000 YA The Sphere of Amenti was entered into Earth's core within the second- dimensional frequency bands (often called the “Cave of Creation”) about 550 million years ago from a position in HU-2 space/time that existed before the Earth existed within that HU-2 time track. The rescue mission for Tara's lost souls was begun before those souls became lost, in terms of linear time. Such things are quite practical within the structure of the Time Matrix. Through the Covenant of Palaidor and the Sphere of Amenti the souls of Earth could re-evolve back into their original 12-strand DNA body type. 

This process can be viewed as the Palaidorians creating new bodies (and morphogenetic blueprints) for the now formless consciousness fragments of the fallen souls. The Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic Field allowed for the Ur- Tarranates to enter incarnational cycles on Earth, pick up the fragments of consciousness from the lost souls by pulling their energetic particles from the HU-1 Unified Fields into the DNA, merging the consciousness of the soul fragments with the embodied Ur-Tarranate consciousness, thereby allowing this composite identity to evolve through a sentient life form, back into its original soul matrix (the Turaneusiam 12-strand prototype).

This evolutionary plan was not immediately set in motion. Though the Sphere of Amenti was set within Earth’s morphogenetic field nearly 550 million years ago, the Earth grid had to evolve and pick up grid speed before the Sphere of Amenti could begin birthing its new races. Between 250 and 550 million years ago various other species seeded by HU-1 ET Visitors evolved on Earth, some of whom became members of your plant, animal and insect kingdoms. Various groups of etheric beings (without matter density) also spent time on your planet. The races of the Sphere of Amenti finally began to appear on Earth about 250 million years ago. 

Before their appearance more inter-galactic wars were fought by races who did not want the Covenant of Palaidor to be fulfilled. These wars were primarily fought on Tara, becoming part of a long history of confrontations that were simply termed the Taran Wars. Once the Earth territory was secured the Ur-Tarranates of the Sphere of Amenti began birthing on Earth. This began what came to be known as the Turaneusiam-2 or T-2 experiment. This represented the seeding of the 12 Tribes out of which your present human lineage has emerged.

The Cloistered Races of Parallel Earth— the Second World—Rescue Mission Stage 1 

250,000,000-25,000,000 YA From the Sphere of Amenti five smaller spheres were created, which became the morphogenetic patterns for five races known as the Cloistered Races. Collectively the five Cloistered Races were called the Palaidorians, as they represented the beginning of the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor. They represented the Earthly counterparts to the larger Palaidorian group from HU-2. Of the original Turaneusiam-1 12-strand DNA package, each Palaidorian race held the morphogenetic imprint for DNA strands 7-12 (which held the electro-tonal frequencies corresponding to dimensions 7- 12), plus the imprint for strand l, and each of the five groups carried the imprint for one additional DNA strand corresponding to dimensions 2,3,4,5 and 6 . 

The Cloisters served as “Guardians” for the evolution of the additional DNA strand to which they were assigned. Each race had eight strands of DNA manifest within the body structure. The five Cloistered races did not possess gender, nor did they originally possess the degree of matter density with which you are familiar.

Density of form developed over time throughout the course of their evolution on Earth, between 250 million and 25 million years ago. 
The five Cloistered Races were: 
1. Ur-Antrians—brown skinned-strand #2 
2. Breanoua—red skinned-strand #3 
3. Hibiru—white skinned-strand #4 
4. Melchizedeks—yellow skinned-strand #5 
5. Yunaseti—black skinned-strand #6 

The Cloistered races populated the Earth for many generations, creating various racial mixtures through which many of the lost souls of Tara were able to ascend. This period of great civilization became known as the Second World (250-25 million years ago) within your present Native American Cultures. Many of these souls ascended. Those who digressed returned to the Sphere of Amenti to re-birth on Earth in the particle universe as members of the Root Races. The First World represented the original Turaneusiam cultures of Tara (560-550 million YA). The Palaidorian Cloister races left no remnants in your present world, for they evolved within the faster moving time bands of Earth, within the anti-particle universe. The morphogenetic fields of those races were then drawn into your particle-Earth and out of these came the next evolutionary stage. 

The First and Second Etheric Root Races of Gaia Rescue Mission Stage 2 

25,000,000-20,000,000 YA Before manifestation into embodiment on your Earth the five Cloistered races divided into two groups. One group held the DNA imprint for 1/2 of the first strand of DNA (which corresponded to dimension-one frequencies), the other group held the remaining 1/2 of the first strand. This created polarization and gender within the Cloistered Race morphogenetic field. Both groups held the dimensional codes/strands of 7-12. These two groups were seeded on Gaia, the seventh-dimensional/HU-3 counterpart to Tara and Earth. These two races were the first two Root Races, the Polarians of Gaia and the Hyperboreans of Gaia’s antiparticle double. These beings were of a much less dense, or “etheric” nature, but through their evolution on Gaia the pathways of evolution through dimensional ascension were reopened for the lost souls of Tara. These races anchored the morphogenetic fields of dimensions 7-12 into dimension one and Earth. Through their evolution, the one strand of the 12- strand DNA package was pulled together in Earth particles and connected to the Turaneusiam morphogenetic field.

Rescue Mission Stage 3 

25,000,000 YA The morphogenetic consciousness of the five Cloistered Races held within the Sphere of Amenti began the third stage of seeding humans on Earth 25 million years ago. They opened the Sphere of Amenti within the Earth Core in dimension 2, which opened a portal bridge to Tara’s core in dimension 5, a poral that linked the Earth of 25 million years ago with pre-cataclysmic Tara of 550 million years ago. Working with the Priesthoods of Ur and Mu on Tara, the consciousness of the five Cloistered races created five other portal bridge extensions from the center of the Sphere of Amenti, each of the five opening into dimensional fields 2 through 6. Dimensional fields represent positions in space/ time within the Time Matrix, stages a planet or being will pass through in its evolutionary progression of dimensional ascension. 

The six portals from the Sphere of Amenti (the original one to Tara’s past and five new ones into various stages of Earth’s future) linked Tara’s past, through various time periods on Earth, into Tara’s future, creating a new track in time through which Earth could re-evolve into the fifth-dimensional frequency bands and merge with Tara. Once this merger was accomplished Earth would become Tara, new lands would open up within and emerge upon Earth, and Tara would reclaim the energetic thrust lost in the fall so evolution into the seventh-dimensional Gaia could continue. The six portals in the Sphere of Amenti also allowed the five Cloistered races to incarnate into dimensional bands/time fields 2 through 6, pulling into their consciousness and body forms the fragmented consciousness of the lost souls from each of those dimensional bands. 

The time codes (frequency patterns) from the first dimensional strand of DNA that had been built up through Root Races one and two would link into the frequencies of dimensions 2 through 6. The consciousness within the Sphere of Amenti would leave the morphogenetic field and express into manifestation as Root Races within each of those dimensional bands, building up into the DNA pattern strands 2 through 6. Through this pattern of building DNA through time, incarnates within each time period/dimensional band would be able to pull together the frequencies of their dimensional strand (through a series of 24 incarnations/two 12-cycles), link with the morphogenetic field of their Cloistered Race, pick up strands 7-12 from the Cloister, pass through the other Cloisters and pick up the remaining Root Race Strands, re-bundling the 12-strand DNA package. As the 12 DNA strands were assembled, the body form of the incarnate would progressively transmute into a less dense state and ascend into HU-2 on Tara.

 Originally only one Earth body was needed for this process, as the form would assemble the DNA patterns within the two 12-cycles in one very long lifetime and then transmute and ascend. The ascension occurred through the portal from the Sphere of Amenti to which the incarnates' dimensional band/time period was connected. Once passing through its dimensional portal into the Sphere of Amenti, the incarnate could enter one of the other portal bridges, and appear on Tara in a future space/time coordinate, becoming free from HU-1. Through this process the consciousness of Tara’s fragmented parts would be returned to Tara’s planetary grid piece by piece, progressively de-densifying the matter particles of Earth and transmuting them back into Tara’s grid. As the lost souls returned to Tara, so did the lost portions of Tara’s morphogenetic field. Though the dynamics of this process are complicated, the principle is simple. 

The portals within the Sphere of Amenti served as a time-portal structure through which the lost substance/energetic thrust of Tara could be returned, and the lost souls of Tara could return to their original identity as souls incarnated upon the planet Tara. In ancient Taran history this planet had once, long ago (eons before the 560 million year ago Turaneusiam seeding) been located within the First Harmonic Universe, and had successfully evolved into the fifth dimension and Second Harmonic Universe. The fall represented a portion of Tara being thrown back into its own past, through which it had to re-evolve in order for the planet to evolve into its natural future. 

The portals within the Sphere of Amenti operated as a warp in time through which re-evolution could take place more quickly. The human lineage is an intimate part of that re-evolutionary plan, and this plan is the underlying hidden dynamic and purpose for present human evolution. This plan is part of a larger Taran/Gaian evolutionary plan which ultimately will lead to all consciousness involved returning to its Source. The Sphere of Amenti contains the purposes and mechanics of humanity’s evolutionary blueprint. The time portal structures within the Sphere of Amenti regulate the processes of humanity’s dimensional ascension/evolution or “return to God.” 

The portals within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti are known as the Halls of Amenti. They are the dimensional passage ways one must pass through in order to ascend from Earth, out of the Time Matrix and dimensionalized reality. The Halls of Amenti have been a closely guarded secret since the time of your inception on Earth, and the Priests of Ur and Mu, their earthly descendants and the ET and metaterrestrial ancestors of your Turaneusiam lineage from Harmonic Universes two through five have been the Guardians of this secret since the time of its inception 550 million years ago. 

The Halls of Amenti The Staff of Amenti Blue Flame Morphogenetic Field The Ivory Gates of Tara

 25,000,000 YA Once the Halls of Amenti were created 25 million years ago, the priests of Ur on Tara drew out from Tara's fifth-dimensional core a pattern of frequency that represented the morphogenetic field for the entire planetary grid structure. They removed from Tara the morphogenetic field through which Tara drew its energy imprint for its grid line structure and matter form. By removing this form-holding energy field from Tara's core, Tara could no longer build a bridge of frequency between its core and Gaia's core at the eighth-dimension Metagalactic core. This removal of Tara's interior morpho- genetic field was done out of necessity. If the morphogenetic field had remained within Tara's core, Tara's progression of dimensional ascension into the Third Harmonic Universe would have continued, up to a point. 

When the planetary grid of Tara had pulled in the remaining frequency bands from the Unified Fields of dimensions 5 and 6, through the morphogenetic field at its core, it would next begin to pull in the frequencies of the seventh dimension and begin its ascent into the Gaian planetary grid structure. This is the natural path of evolution for a planet. However, if the seventh-dimensional frequency bands entered and expanded Tara's morphogenetic field, certain portions of these frequencies could not plug into the grid lines of the planet as they needed to do, because portions of these grid lines had been ripped apart during the fall event. The energy carrying the frequencies of D-7 that could not pass into the framework of the planet's energetic structure would build up within the morphogenetic field of Tara's core, eventually causing the entire grid system and the planet to explode. 

The morphogenetic field of Tara had to be temporarily removed from the planet's core, which would leave Tara with the ability to draw energy through its grid from the Unified Fields of Dimensions 4 through 6, but would not allow any higher frequency energies to enter into its grid system. This meant that Tara would be trapped in the time bands of Harmonic Universe 2, unable to evolve out of those frequencies until its morphogenetic field had been returned to the planetary core. The planet had to remain connected to its morphogenetic field in order to retain its form, but the field could not be stored within the planet structure. The morphogenetic field of Tara had to be placed within the portions of the original morphogenetic field that had been blown apart, broken down among the 12 HU-1 planets. Each of the 12 planets would hold a portion of Tara's morphogenetic field, and Tara could draw in sustaining energy from each of those areas. 

Meanwhile, the other planets would process the dimensional frequency patterns that Tara could not synthesize. Once a HU-1 planet pulled in its portion of the higher dimensional frequencies, it would then undergo dimensional ascension back into Tara's grid, bringing with it its portion of the Taran morphogenetic field. Tara could not ascend to HU-3 and become Gaia until each of its HU-1 planets completed the manifestation of their portion of the morphogenetic field and ascended back into the Taran grid. (The time when this will occur is many millions of years in your future). But each planet in your solar system has its part to play in this program. Each planet received its portion of the Taran morphogenetic field. Earth received its portion 25 million years ago when the Halls of Amenti were con- structed.² The five Cloistered Races of the Sphere of Amenti retrieved their frequency pattern 25 million years ago. 

This pattern of energy/morphogenetic field had the appearance of a standing wave pattern, composed of fourth- and fifth-dimensional frequencies, and thus appearing as blue in color. Visually, this standing wave pattern looks like an electric-blue flame with a pale shade of green, several inches in height. The blue flame, which constitutes Earth's portion of Tara's morphogenetic field, was brought into the Sphere of Amenti by the five Cloistered Races and the Priesthoods of Ur and Mu. The fifth-dimensional frequency patterns held in the blue flame allowed for the Halls of Amenti to open so the seeding and evolution of the five remaining Root Races could begin on Earth. The flame was stored within the Sphere of Amenti and as long as it was there the portals between Earth's dimensional time periods and Tara remained opened. The souls of Earth could ascend out of HU-1 incarnational cycles and continue their evolution through Tara. The Blue Flame became known as the Staff of Amenti which is the item referred to in your Bible as the Staff of God, of the “rod and the staff.” 

The rod represents the standing wave pattern within Earth's core in dimension 2, orange-gold in color, and composed of the frequency patterns of dimensions 1, 2 and 3. The Blue Flame Staff of Amenti was composed of frequency patterns of dimensions 4, 5 and 6, and allowed Tara's morphogenetic field to link with the double flame at Gaia's core, the violet and pale-gold flames that would allow Gaia to link with the white-gold flame of the Metagalactic core. When we speak of the colored flames we are referring to multiple bands of frequency of which morphogenetic fields are composed. Colors represent spectra of light and light represents the manifestation of patterns of dimensionalized electro-tonal frequency. Through linking the frequency bands of dimensions 1 through 7 within the morphogenetic field, a planet or a person can ascend/evolve out of the matter based systems and into pure sentient consciousness. 

This is the evolutionary process. So the Blue Flame Staff of Amenti, stored within the time warp morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti, represents the key to the evolution of Earth, and the human lineage, and one of the keys to the evolution of the planets in your solar system, Tara and Gaia. The Staff of Amenti is the gateway into Tara's morphogenetic field. Whether the Staff is held within Tara's core or within the Sphere of Amenti at Earth's core, it represents the gateway to which the Halls of Amenti lead. One can pass into the Halls of Amenti, but must pass through the Blue Flame in order to transmute form and appear on Tara. In later Egyptian mystery schools the Blue Flame gateway became known as the Gates of Ivory, which became translated in Biblical terms as the Pearly Gates of Heaven. In each case the writings referred to the Blue Flame Staff of Amenti, the energetic gateway to Tara. Needless to say, the Sphere of Amenti and the Staff which allows the Halls of Amenti to open into Tara are quite valuable commodities. 

Every human on Earth now is in some way energetically connected to the race morphogenetic field within the Sphere of Amenti, and it is through the Halls of Amenti (or through the Taran morphogenetic Sphere within one of the other 11 planets in your solar system) that you must ascend to fulfill your evolutionary imprint as souls and return to your Creator/Creative Source. 

Forming of the five physical Root Races and their Cloisters Blue Print For Evolution Through DNA Assembly Rescue Mission Stage 4 

25,000,000 YA After the Staff of Amenti was set within the Sphere of Amenti at Earth's D-2 core, the forming of the five remaining Root Races began. The five Cloistered Races within the morphogenetic field of the Sphere polarized, splitting their energy fields, each creating two smaller morphogenetic fields within the Sphere of Amenti. The 10 new spheres collectively held the blueprint for DNA strands one through 12. Each of the five Cloistered races was responsible for the evolution of one pair of these new morphogenetic fields. Each sphere became the morphogenetic field for one Root Race plus its companion Cloister Race that would simultaneously manifest into physical expression on Earth, during the time periods that corresponded to the dimensional DNA strand to which each race was appointed. 

These five morphogenetic fields became Root Races 3—7, through which DNA strands 2—6 would be assembled. Each Root Race was responsible for evolving/assembling one strand of DNA while its companion Cloister Race would hold the imprint of that strand plus strands 7—l2. 

The Cloister Race would appear first and through this race its Root Race would emerge. The Cloistered Race broke down into five Cloistered Sub-races, and each sub-race further broke down into five Cloistered families. 

The Root Race would then break down into seven sub-races, and each of the seven sub-races would further break down into seven families. Soul fragments from the dimension that corresponded to the DNA strand of the Root Race would be pulled from the Unified Field of that dimension into the body form, progressively pulling the frequency bands of that dimension into the DNA until all the frequencies of that dimension were assembled into the morphogenetic field of the body. 

This process was to be accomplished within 24 incarnations, i.e., two l2-cycles, that were lived in one body. With the morphogenetic field in the Sphere of Amenti holding the pattern for the body form, souls trapped within that dimension could begin merging their consciousness with the new body form, and through 24 cycles of incarnation pull their consciousness into a pattern that vibrated high enough to merge with the Sphere of Amenti. Soul fragments would incarnate once then transmute through each of the seven families of its sub-race, then through each of the five Cloistered families of its Cloistered sub-race, building up the lower frequency patterns (base tones) of that dimension into the DNA through its first 12 transmutations within the families. 

Next the now-more-evolved soul would transmute into each of the seven sub-races of its Root Race, then into each of the five Cloistered sub-races of its Cloistered Race, building up the higher frequency patterns (overtones) of that dimension into the DNA. In the final transmutation, in which all of the frequency patterns for that dimension were pulled into the DNA and the completed strand assembled, the incarnate then carried the full base tone pattern of its Root Race and the particle overtones of its Cloistered Race within the DNA. In this final phase, the incarnates' body, DNA and consciousness would transmute, the base tones and overtones within the DNA strand merging to create a resonant tone through which the identity could merge with the Cloister Race morphogenetic field in the Sphere of Amenti, where it would pick up the remaining “activation” DNA codes/overtones from the Cloister. 

The Cloister Race held the higher frequency DNA codes/overtones for that dimension, which match the base tone frequency patterns of the body double in the parallel Earth (these are called the Activation Codes, as they allow the DNA particles to merge with their anti-particles, creating transmutation of the matter particles and anti-particles, through which DNA strands 7—12 could “plug into” the operating genetic code.) The Root Race held the lower frequency base tone codes of this Earth. Once both sets of DNA codes were assembled in the DNA through the 24 transmutations, the overtone activation codes from the Cloister would allow the incarnate to enter its Cloister's morphogenetic field within the Sphere of Amenti, where DNA strands 7—12 would “plug into” the activation codes. 

This would open the morphogenetic field of the Palaidorian collective (five Cloistered Races), where the codes of the other Root Races could be assembled and the full 12-strand DNA pattern would be restored. As this process of DNA activation took place, the incarnate was enabled to enter the Blue Flame morphogenetic field of Tara with its consciousness, which began activation of DNA strands 7-l2 within the body. This process increased the rate of pulsation of the matter particles of the body into HU-2 patterns, which allowed the incarnate to turn its body into light, pass through the Halls of Amenti as pure energy, then re-manifest within a less dense version of that body upon Tara. The 24 transmutations were lived in one body, which progressively transmuted as the DNA assembled, until later genetic distortion. Originally the human body was designed to transmute and ascend, not die and reincarnate. The 24 cycles of transmutation later became 24 cycles of incarnation, or birth and death, through which the DNA would assemble as the consciousness passed from one life to another. The original human body was immortal. 

The First Seeding-the Third World 

25,000,000 to 5,500,000 YA The pattern for the evolution of the five remaining Root Races was set in motion 25 million YA. In the first wave of souls moving out of the Palaidorian morphogenetic field and into physical incarnation The Five Cloistered Races were entered into Earth in various geographical locations on the Earth. Through budding/fission/replication the five Cloistered families each manifested six male and six female beings on Earth, and the same number on the parallel, anti-particle Earth. So in the first wave of physical creation on Earth 60 human beings were manifested, in adult form, out of the Cloistered Races morphogenetic field. Each of the five Cloistered Races began with a family of 12 humans, six male, six female. 

They entered Earth together, with equal standing, seeding the brown-Ur-Antrian, red-Breanoua, white-Hibiru, yellow-Melchizedek and black-Yunaseti races. Earth populations built up through this lineage. After about 10 million years of evolution (25-15 million YA) the Third Root Race was entered through peoples of the Ur-Antrian Cloister. The Third Root Race, and first physical Root Race to appear on Earth were the Lumarians. They were a brown race that appeared about 15 million years ago, who were assigned to assembling the second strand of DNA. Following the Lumarians and their seven sub-races and 49 families was the Second infusion of the Breanoua Cloistered race and their five sub-races and 25 families. They entered through the peoples of their first incarnational wave about 12 million years ago. Entering through the peoples of the Breanoua Cloister came the Fourth Root Race, the Alanians and their sub-races and families. 

The Alanians appeared about nine million years ago, a red skinned race, who were responsible for assembling DNA strand #3. The five Cloister Races and the Lumarian and Alanian Root Races evolved together on Earth between 25 million to 5.5 million years ago, developing high culture and much diversification. Incarnates who kept the integrity of their genetic code transmuted through each of the races then ascended within their immortal bodies through the Halls of Amenti. This period in time is known as The First Seeding, and represents the Third World in Native American tradition. 

The Electric Wars & Palaidorian Resistance Entity Wars 

5,509,000 - 5,508,100 YA During the course of the First Seeding all went well as many soul fragments from HU-1 Earth successfully ascended through the Halls of Amenti back into Tara. But many members of the races from the First Seeding had also begun to digress through animal interbreeding and contact with HU-1 ETs, some losing the ability of genetic transmutation and thus their immortality. About 5,509,000 years ago members of the Sirian-Anunnaki race from HU-2, along with several other groups of ETs and meta-terrestrials from the higher Harmonic Universes wanted to stop the evolution of the earthly races and abandon the Turaneusiam-2/12 Tribes experiment, for fear that the mutating genetic code of the 12 Tribes would contaminate the races of Tara as they ascended through the Halls of Amenti. 

Many HU-2 species did not want the digressive human element to return to Tara, for they were already creating damage within the energetic systems of Earth, and those of Tara needed protection from such activities. Numerous other groups simply wanted Earth territories for their own purposes. The Resistance groups began a war with the Elohim from HU-3, and those of the Covenant of Palaidor in HU-2. Entities of the higher Universes descended upon Earth, and great battles of pure energy were fought in Earth's local galaxy and within Earth's atmosphere. These events became known as the Electric Wars. The wars lasted around 900 years as Entities of these opposing groups battled for control over Earth's natural portal system and the Sphere of Amenti. The human races caught in this battle either ascended to Tara through the Halls of Amenti or were relocated to other HU-1 planets with the help of the Elohim and HU-2 Palaidorians. Those who lost their immortal genetic codes and did not leave Earth perished, along with many animal life-forms, as Earth's planetary environment was thrown into chaos. Earth would have been destroyed if the Breneau from HU-5 had not intervened. 

The Seal of Amenti and the End of the Electric Wars

 5,508,100 YA The Breneau entities negotiated a treaty between these opposing factions. In the agreement the Root Races of Earth would be allowed to evolve, but the Halls of Amenti—the portals between Earth and Tara—would be sealed to humans until the mutations within the genetic code of Root Races 3 and 4, which had contaminated the morphogenetic fields, could be reversed. ln terms of souls evolving out of HU-1, the sealing of the Halls of Amenti meant that they could evolve into the morphogenetic field of their Cloister Race and pick up DNA strands 7—12, but they could not pass through the Cloister morphogenetic field of their Root Race into the collective Palaidorian morphogenetic field where DNA strands of the other Root Races, strands 4—6 could be assembled. Without the imprint frequency patterns of strands 4—6, the incarnate soul could not plug strands 7-12 into the operational genetic code. 

The Halls of Amenti were sealed to the human lineage by removing from the morphogenetic fields of the Third and Fourth Cloistered Races, the activation codes/overtonesᵌ that would allow the particles and anti-particles of the body to merge, transmute and assemble strands 7—12 into the operational DNA. This morphogenetic alteration effectively sealed the particles of the physical body out of the etheric body (anti-particle body), making the final transmutation of Cloister overtone codes 7-12 impossible. This manifested as an energetic block between the physical and etheric bodies within the human bio-energetic auric field, and a sealing out of the Primary D-1 overtones within the base chakra of the human—an auric configuration still carried today within the contemporary human. It also created perception of duality between consciousness and body for those baring this genetic configuration. 

Normally an incarnate would build up the DNA strand of its Root Race then build up the activation strands from its Cloister Race, which would allow it to pull strands 7-12 into manifestation from the Cloister morphogenetic field. The seventh strand (a primary base tone strand), which contained the frequencies of all of the strands below it, would plug in to the single strand assembled through the Cloister, then assemble all of the other Root was created. The body could then turn into light, pass through the Blue Flame in the Sphere of Amenti and re-manifest on Tara, where assembly of strands 8-12 would continue. By removing one of the activation code/overtone frequency patterns from the morphogenetic field of the Cloister,4 the human incarnate could not plug in the seventh DNA strand, which meant that the incarnate could not assemble the strands of the other Root Races so it could transmute into light to pass through the Blue Flame. 

Humans carrying this code distortion became trapped in their matter bodies within HU-1, and the supply of transmuting energy available to the matter body became finite as the DNA strands that would have fed the body with higher frequency energies were no longer operational. When the body reached its genetic capacity for assembling frequency, then the physical structure would begin to deteriorate as the consciousness was transferred back into the morphogenetic field. Following this morphogenetic distortion, the consciousness would birth into its Root Race, complete the 12 family and 12 sub-race transmutation cycles, then run into the genetic frequency block. The body would die and the incarnate would pass into the morphogenetic field for its Cloister, then have to rebirth into a body within the next Root Race. After completing the transmutation cycles of the Fourth Root Race the incarnate would pass into its Cloister's morphogenetic field, then have to wait until the Fifth Root Race manifestation cycle had begun, before it could complete its final incarnation in the Aeiran Root Race and release the Seal of Amenti. 

Once assembling the fourth DNA strand through the Fifth Root Race incarnation the Seal of Amenti would release from DNA strand one and the activation codes/overtones from the Fifth Cloister would plug in, assemble the fifth, sixth and seventh strands creating an interdimensional resonant tone. Then the body could turn into light, pass through the Blue Flame and re-manifest on Tara to continue evolution. The Seal of Amenti made it necessary to incarnate three times, once within Root Races 3, 4, and 5, in order to complete the dimensional ascension process into HU-2. After the sealing of the Halls of Amenti, the Sphere of Amenti at Earth's core became the collector of souls awaiting rebirth into the Fifth Root Race through which the Seal of Amenti would be lifted, so they could ascend and be set free. Following the Electric Wars, the Third and Fourth Root Races would have to be reseeded on Earth, and the new seeding would carry with it the Seal of Amenti. The Halls of Amenti were not in themselves sealed or closed, they were only sealed to incarnates carrying the altered genetic strain. Some ET hybrid strains of the humans in exile in other planetary systems, who did not have the Seal of Amenti genetic distortion, returned to Earth following the Electric Wars to pass through the Halls of Amenti. It was then discovered that a much greater problem had occurred as a result of the Electric Wars.

 The Seal of Palaidor
Pole Tilt, Quick Freeze, Sphere of Amenti placed in D-4, first Major Earth Flood, 5.5 Million Year-Old Wall in Time 

5,500,000 YA Summary: As a result of damage from the Electric Wars the Elohim had to place the Sphere of Amenti in D-4 creating a fourth-dimensional frequency block within the second and third DNA strands, sealing Root Races 3 and 4 out of their morphogenetic field/soul matrices, creating build-up of soul fragments in D-2, D-3 and D-4 that would have to integrate into Root Race 5 consciousness. This created the subconscious mind D-2 emotional body which would draw in elemental Lamanian/Lemurian-Root Race 3-soul fragments, a D-3 egotistical mind that would draw in Alanian/Atlantean—Root Race 4- soul fragments, and a D-4 astral mind-body that would draw in soul fragments of Root Race three and four from the astral plane. 

Manifested as an extra D-4 frequency pattern within the second and third DNA strands, a blockage within the second and third chakras through which their energies could only merge through the fourth chakra, and as an energetic barrier between the frequencies of the second, third and fourth dimensions within the bio-energetic auric field, this created separation between the emotional, mental and astral identity aspects. Root Race 5 souls became responsible for integrating the soul fragments of the Lamanian and Atlanians of the Second Seeding and the Atlanteans and Lemurians of the Third Seeding, which manifest as blockages within the second-emotional body, third-mental body and fourth-astral body chakras and corresponding levels of the auric field. Seal released through assembly of the fourth DNA strand and integration of soul fragments, which must occur before Seal of Amenti can release from DNA strand one. 

Human consciousness lost awareness of its relationship to Earth and the higher dimensions, and its species evolutionary memory, and souls of Root Races and Cloisters from the Third and Fourth Races could only evolve through the Fifth Root Race. Auric configuration remains in present day human descendants of Root Races three and four and within Aryan Root Race 5. The present Aryan Root Race is now responsible for integrating the soul fragments of their Lamanian/Lemurian, and Ur-Antrian and Breanoua Cloister ancestors from the Second and Third Seeding. The Aryan Root Race is also responsible for integrating the anti-particle overtones omitted by the Seal of Amenti, which appear as a build-up of electrical particles within the etheric body called miasms, which distort the natural functioning of the chakra system and accelerate the manifestation of physical disease. The Seal of Palaidor must be released before the Seal of Amenti can release, both achieved by assembling the full fourth DNA strand. For a period of time following the end of the Electric Wars, Earth could not sustain life. 

For over 4,000 years Earth was plagued by erratic weather patterns, tectonic shifting and climatic anomalies. Earth experienced a slow, partial pole reversal and tilted several degrees on its axis between 5,508,100 and 5,504,000 years ago, as a result of damage done to Earth's energetic grid and portal systems during the Electric Wars. Numerous ET races visited the planet during its more stable periods, some serving as Guardians over the Sphere of Amenti. Various animal forms were again reseeded by visiting races. Approximately 5,504,000 years ago a sudden, final shift in Earth's grid, as its poles realigned, caused a “quick freeze” Ice Age to occur, which wiped out most life-forms on the planet except for some of those residing in deep caverns beneath the seas. Following this shift the vibrational rate of Earth's grid dropped swiftly and it could no longer hold the higher frequencies of the Sphere of Amenti at its core. 

If the Sphere of Amenti were not removed, the Earth would explode. In order to avoid planetary destruction the Elohim of HU-3 and the Ra Confederacy entity families detached the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field from Earth's core in D-2, 5,500,000 years ago. It was placed in a secure position in deep space within the fourth-dimensional frequency bands. Because the Sphere was placed within the D-4 frequency bands, it acquired a fourth-dimensional frequency seal, which meant that souls who had not yet assembled their fourth strand of DNA could no longer merge with their Root Race morphogenetic field/soul matrix or that of their Cloister. Root races 3 and 4, and their Cloister Races, who were to be reseeded on Earth with the Seal of Amenti in their genetic code, could not evolve to assemble the fourth strand, as this strand was assembled through birthing through the Fifth Root Race. 

This fourth-dimensional seal on the Sphere of Amenti became known as the Seal of Palaidor, as it sealed the races out of their Palaidorian morphogenetic field once they had entered manifestation. The Root Race 3 Lamanian/Lemurian and Root Race 4 Atlanian/Atlantean souls of the Second and Third Seeding could not reincarnate into the Fifth Aeiran/Aryan Root Race and became trapped in time within the second, third and fourth dimensions. Following death, these souls would enter D-2 Earth core and their consciousness would fragment into the Earth's D-2 Unified Field. Having lost their form-holding  morphogenetic field, they would incarnate into elemental consciousness and evolve as second-dimensional life forms. They would be trapped in the elemental incarnations until the fourth-dimensional Seal of Palaidor was lifted from the morphogenetic field. 

The Palaidorian/Amenti morphogenetic field within the Sphere of Amenti represented the collective Soul Matrix for the human lineage on Earth. Because of the Seal of Palaidor the races would emerge into Earth from the morphogenetic field from D-4 instead of through Earth's D-2 core, they would experience one incarnation, die and become part of the consciousness of Earth, losing their sentient identity. Meanwhile, the portion of their essence that had picked up the fourth-dimensional base tone frequencies while passing through D-4 in birthing, would rise back into the lower frequency bands of D-4 at death. These fragments of identity became disembodied astral consciousness without a body form or organizational identity imprint. 

The Fifth Root Race Aeirans were able to retain form in the astral identity as the D-4 frequencies were already contained within their fourth DNA strand. Though the Aeirans could not plug the second, third and fourth DNA strands into each other until the fourth strand had been fully assembled, the identity pattern manifested itself within the second, third and fourth dimensions, creating an emotional/elemental body in D-2, a mental body in D-3 and an astral body in D-4. As the Aeiran race progressively assembled its fourth DNA strand, unity between D-2 emotional awareness, D-3 mental awareness and D-4 astral awareness would result, allowing the consciousness to separate from the physical body and travel through the D-4 astral planes. 

Once all of the fourth strand was assembled and the ancestral soul fragments integrated, the Seal of Palaidor would release in the Aeiran genetic code, the emotional, mental and astral identities would merge, the activation code overtones of the Fifth Cloister (the Hibiru) would plug in and release the Seal of Amenti, allowing ascension through the Blue Flame in the Sphere of Amenti to occur. The Third and Fourth Root Races did not have an astral body as their genetic imprint did not include the fourth/D-4 strand of DNA. Only members of Races three and four who participated in inter-stellar breeding were able to create the organizational form of an astral body in D-4 and splice in the imprint for the fourth DNA strand. Members of these earlier races from the Second and Third Seedings could not pass into their race's morphogenetic field at death, and thus they could not reincarnate into the Fifth Root Race. 

At death their soul essence fragmented into the Unified Fields of dimensions two, three and four where they would have to merge with Aeiran consciousness in order to ascend. A great burden was placed upon the Aeiran Root Race and its Cloister Hibiru, for they became responsible for assimilating the fragments of consciousness from their race three and four ancestors, before they could fully ascend. These ancestral soul fragments appeared as fragments of incarnational memory and chaotic identities, sub-personality fragments from the elemental, mental and astral planes, which would assemble into the conscious awareness as the astral, mental and emotional bodies merged through assembly of the fourth DNA strand. Along with this burden the Aeirans and Hibiru also had to integrate the missing sixth overtone in DNA strand one through which the Seal of Amenti could release and ascension take place. 

Until the Seal of Amenti was released, the anti-particle codes that could not merge with the physical body built up within the etheric body level of the auric field—the anti-particle double within the parallel Earth. This electrical build-up in the etheric body caused the physical body particles to become overly dense and manifested as blockages (called miasms) within the natural energy channels of the body, accelerating the manifestation of physical disease and the cellular deterioration process. The Aeiran and Hibiru races, and their Aryan and Hibiru descendants would inherit this burden of cellular clearing. Most humans of the present day have the fifth race coding, and are subconsciously involved with this process of cellular clearing, integration of the emotional, mental and astral bodies, and assembling the fourth DNA strand in order to release the Seal of Amenti and ascend. The Seal of Palaidor would create a build-up of chaotic energies/identity fragments within the elemental, mental and astral planes, until the Fifth Root Race fulfilled its genetic imprint and assembled the fourth DNA strand through which these soul fragments could be released. 

An alternative to fragmentation was offered to the races through the later inception of what came to be called the Third Eye of Horus. Though the burdens of evolution placed upon human consciousness under the Seals of Amenti and Palaidor would be great, the Elohim and Ra Confederacy knew this before orchestrating the Second Seeding, and they allowed it to occur as a way of assisting to purify the digressive genetic codes. The lower-vibrating genetic imprints would dissolve into the Unified Field of D-2, while the soul essences could re-evolve through the Fifth Races. They knew that one day, when Earth's grid vibrated high enough, the Sphere of  could be returned to Earth's core, releasing the fourth-dimensional Seal of Palaidor and the souls lost in D-2 and D-4 could ascend. Not only did the Seal of Palaidor create problems within the incarnational process, it also created problems for the physical incarnates on Earth. 

The race morphogenetic field through which a race incarnates represents the living memory bank of that evolving race. If the morphogenetic field of a race is removed from a planet and its energies are no longer running through the planetary grid, the entire race memory is wiped out of the planet’s cellular memory. People alive on the planet cannot find the content or sequence of most of the race memory. They do not remember their origins, the purposes for which they came, or their destination through the course of their evolution. The portions of the race morphogenetic field removed from the planet take with them the DNA strand imprint through which that memory would be stored within an incarnates' bodily cellular memory. Corresponding DNA particles break loose from the operating DNA strands, lose their sequence of linear order and cannot translate through the neurological structure of the human into conscious perception. DNA particles breaking loose from the operating strands become what Earth scientists call “junk DNA," stored within the cells with seemingly no purpose. 

After the Seal of Palaidor was set, the races of the Second Seeding would enter incarnation with no memory of their identity or of the higher dimensional worlds from which they had come. This knowledge would be stored within the fourth dimension and could be accessed only through the astral essence. The races would also forget their connection to the Earth and to each other, as this memory is stored within the second strand, and is blocked from mental view. The human of the Second Seeding would have a new kind of consciousness, a perception of exaggerated duality and a sense of separation from all things that would bury the memory and the truth of the teachings of the sacred Law of One. 

Through the dismantled DNA codes stored in the cells, the human would develop a subconscious mind, containing the consciousness of its second strand and soul fragments drawn in from the D-2 elemental Unified Field. A time of dream assimilation would have to take place in order to begin assembling the astral awareness of the fourth strand and the soul fragments drawn in from the D-4 unified field. A new kind of multi-layer consciousness would develop in the human, quite different from the earlier unified awareness of its immortal body. Even for Visitors of non- human lineage, the memory of the planet's history would not be found unless it were accessed through the Sphere of Amenti in the fourth dimension. 

The Seal of Palaidor placed Earth in a frequency quarantine, through which it became temporarily disconnected from its inter-galactic community. Humans on Earth would not be able to remember what existed on the Earth, or that Earth was a member of vast multidimensional reality fields containing innumerable sentient forms of life. The human developed tunnel vision, a condition which remains today within the majority of people on Earth. Great hope was placed upon the success of the Fifth Root Race evolution, for the Fifth Root Race was designed to assemble the fourth DNA strand, the strand that corresponded to the fourth dimension. If the Fifth Root Race could fully evolve its strand, their astral awareness could pass through the Seal of Palaidor. While they were still alive in body, they could consciously awaken in their astral bodies, discover the secrets of their missing codes and begin to consciously heal the mutations in their gene codes. 

The Fifth races would become the Keepers of Records for Earth until the Sphere of Amenti was returned to Earth's core, as they could pull the lost race memory from the Sphere of Amenti in D-4 and bring it alive once again upon the planet. Following the removal of the Sphere of Amenti from the Earth's core 5,500,000 years ago, the Earth grid rapidly plunged in speed, then began an even more rapid acceleration as erratic energies left over from the Sphere filtered through Earth's bioenergetic system. Climatic changes again occurred, land masses slid beneath waters, and great quakes rumbled through the planet. Within three years of the removal of the Sphere, a great flood came that covered over 85% of Earth's surface. The memory of this flood, along with that of two others, was given to you by the Elohim and recorded in your Biblical history as one event. 

The flood of 5,500,000 years ago just described is the first major flood on Earth, the second flood occurred about 849,000 years ago and the third during the Third Seeding of the Root Races. There were many other periods of flooding but these three periods were the most notable. With the Seal of Palaidor came a wall in time behind which the truth of human lineage was hidden. Humans born in the Second and Third Seedings would be marked by the Seals of Amenti and Palaidor, baring the burden of a past of which they would have no memory. It could take millions of years for the Earth grid vibrational rate to rise enough so that life with fourth-dimensional coding (the fifth races) could be sustained and the Sphere of Amenti returned so the Seal of Palaidor could be lifted. Human evolution was stunted 5.5 million years ago and would have remained so if it were not for Sirius B.

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