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Voyagers II; 2 The Guardian Material; The Second Seeding, Science of Ascension, The Thousand Years War

 ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022;  much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna/Ashayana both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of  Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

Sirius B and the Third Eye of Horus

4,000,000 YA In an attempt to revitalize the human evolutionary program, on behalf of the Ur-Tarranates who had sacrificed their freedom 550 million years ago to rescue the lost souls of Tara through the Turaneusiam-2 experiment, about four million years ago the Sirian Council of HU-2, working with the Elohim and descendants of the Taran Ceres (a HU-2 family known as the Seres) and several other HU-2 groups created a plan through which human evolution on Earth could be restarted. Earth's grid still could not sustain a life field with fourth-dimensional gene coding, so a plan was devised to allow the souls waiting within the Sphere of Amenti in D-4 to be re-entered into Earth by a process called Down-grading.

Through this process the vibrational essence of the race morphogenetic field could be “stepped down” to a slower vibrational pattern, by passing a portion of the morphogenetic field through the core of another planet in HU-1. This experiment would require the use of a planetary body within the same time spiral cycles as Earth, which had a core vibrational speed/particle pulsation rate slightly higher than that of Earth. The planet chosen for this experiment is in your Sirius star system and is known as Sirius B. An artificial portal bridge was constructed between the core of Sirius B, the Sphere of Amenti in D-4 and the Earth core at D-2. A small portion of the Amenti morphogenetic field was placed within the core of Sirius B, the part that contained the energy essence/souls of the Second Seeding.

Some of these soul essences combined their consciousness with the evolving etheric consciousness of Sirius B and created a hybrid strain of Sirian-human consciousness which came to be known as the Kantarians. This name was derived from the Kuntureaz, the non-physical Sirian sub-race of consciousness with which the human consciousness had merged. The Kantarians became semi-dense physical beings upon merging with the morphogenetic field of humans from the Second Seeding. Much later the Kantarians founded the Kantarian Federation, gaining approval from the HU-1 Galactic Federation to serve as a guardian and educator race for Earth humans of the Second and Third Seedings and they became heavily involved with old Sumerian and Egyptian cultures, as well as that of Atlania and Atlantis.

The portal bridge between Sirius B, the Sphere of Amenti and Earth allowed for greater evolutionary options for the fourth and fifth races, those who carried the third DNA strand in their race morphogenetic field. This option was not available to Lamanian/Lemurian and Ur-Antrian cultures, as they did not carry the full third stand imprint in their morphogenetic field. The option assisted Atlanian/Atlantean races and their Breanoua Cloister who successfully assembled the third strand, and also the Aeiran/Aryan races and their Hibiru Cloister who were not able to fully assemble their fourth DNA strand prior to death. For these races, instead of the soul essence fragmenting into D-2, D-3 and D-4 following death (as would be the case due to the Seal of Palaidor), the soul essence who had assembled most of the third strand could move into the race morphogenetic field in Sirius B.

Within the morphogenetic field of Sirius B the soul could evolve here for a time as disembodied consciousness to assemble more frequencies into its code, then pass into the Sphere of Amenti through the portal bridge. Souls taking the Sirius B path of evolution could release the Seal of Palaidor, but not the Seal of Amenti. They could return to the Palaidorian morphogenetic field and wait there for the seeding of the fifth race into which they would incarnate to assemble the remainder of the fourth strand. This was a much better option than fragmentation, which would create loss of the personal identity imprint as the soul fragments merged with the consciousness of the fifth races.

Individual sentient identity could be retained through evolving through Sirius B. During the Second Seeding this portal bridge became known as the Hall of Amorea, in the Third Seeding, during the times of Atlantis and Egyptian Pharaonic rule, it became known as the Third Eye of Horus, and represented the culmination of the “Left Eye of Horus” and “Right Eye of Horus” mystical teachings. The Third Eye of Horus was a closely guarded secret, and passage through this dimensional bridge was reserved for the few elite races who carried the needed third strand genetic imprint.

The Second Seeding
The Fourth World

3,700,000 - 848,000 YA
The morphogenetic field for the Second Seeding Races was entered into Sirius B approximately four million years ago. The races began incarnating on Earth through a small group of human hybrids who had found exile and evolved within the HU-1 Pleiades star system during the Electric Wars. Through the Sirian Council of HU-2 and the Galactic Federation of HU-1, members of this hybrid race, known as the Europherites (sometimes called the Euries,) migrated from the HU-1 Pleiadian star system to Sirius B, interbred with the Kantarian race to strengthen the human and Sirian imprint in their genetic code, forming a smaller hybrid race called the Dagos. Through the Dagos, Kantarian and HU-1 Pleiadian lineage became intertwined with the original Turaneusiam-2 imprint during the Second Seeding. 

The Dagos were a dark brown skinned race whose genetic imprint would be carried as a recessive gene within the human strain of the Second Seeding. The Dagos were brought to Earth to set up small colonies in various locations about 3,995,750 years ago. Reseeding of the Cloistered and Root Races of Amenti began, starting with the Ur-Antrian Cloister 3,700,000 years ago, followed by Root Race 3, three million years ago. Root Race 3, the Lumarians, became the Lamanians, denoting their passage through Sirius B. The Fourth Root Race and its Cloister entered next, the Breanoua Cloister, about three million years ago, followed by the Alanian Root Race 4 at 2,500,000 years ago. The Alanians became known as the Atlanians. The Fifth Root Race Aeirans and their Cloister Hibiru then entered, the Hibiru 1,500,000 and the Ayrians 1,275,000 years ago. The time period beginning with the Second Seeding 3,700,000 years ago and extending through the Third Seeding into the present time represents the Fourth World of Native American legend.


DNA Strands and the Races, the Sixth Root Race, the Melchizedeks and Hibiru Cloister Mix, Agartha and the Essenes, Hebrews, and Christians The Fifth Root Race Aeirans, now known as the Ayrians, were responsible for assembling the fourth DNA strand, which corresponded to the fourth-dimensional frequencies, and through them the Earth grid would raise in vibrational rate so the Sphere of Amenti could be returned to the Earth core. As they fulfilled the assembly of the fourth strand the Seal of Palaidor would be lifted allowing the soul fragments from D-2 and D-4 to merge with fifth race consciousness and evolve, and the soul essences of races 3 and 4, who waited within the Sphere of Amenti to reincarnate into the fifth race could be set free.

The Ayrians contained within their DNA strands number 1, 2, 3 and the base codes of 4, their Hibiru Cloister containing these plus the imprint for assembly of strands 7-12. Both Ayrian and Hibiru races have two strands of DNA (double helix) manifest within their bodies on Earth and two strands manifest within their anti-particle doubles on parallel Earth. The Fourth Root Race Alanians, now the Atlanians, had three-strand DNA, strands one and two and the base codes of 3, their Breanoua Cloister having these plus the imprint for 7-12. Atlanians and Breanoua would each manifest 1.5 strands within their 29 The Second Seeding bodies on Earth and within the parallel system. Root Race three Lumarians, now Lamanians, had strand one and the base codes of strand 2, their Ur-Antrian Cloister had these plus the imprint for 7-12. All of the races of the Second Seeding carried trace codes of the Pleiadian-Sirian Dagos. 

Races of the Second and Third Seeding, like their ancestors of the First Seeding, also carried grounding codes within their operational DNA strands, which contained partial frequency patterns for each of the 12 dimensions within the 12-strand Turaneusiam imprint. The grounding codes allowed each race to manifest with some degree of three-dimensional, physical matter density and also allowed for transmutation of the physical matter particles once the overtone activation codes were operational. Though all of the races carried the grounding codes, not all could activate them because of the Seal of Amenti. As long as the Seal of Amenti, the missing sixth overtone of the first DNA strand, was contained in their morphogenetic pattern, none of the races could activate the grounding codes of the higher dimensions. As races 3-5 of the Second and Third Seeding would be born with the Seals of Palaidor and Amenti, only those whose imprint contained the fourth DNA strand (the Fifth and Sixth Root Races) had the potential to activate all of the grounding codes to ascend. 

The Fifth Root Race, which was also born with the Seal of Amenti, held the hope of activating the grounding codes, if they could fully assemble their fourth DNA strand. This would give them astral plane/D-4 mobility of consciousness through which they could pass into their Cloister morphogenetic field on the astral plane, then merge with their double there, through which the Seal of Amenti would release from strand 1. Then strands 2 and 3 could plug into their doubles and into strand 4. Once strands 1-4 plugged into each other, the matter particles would begin to fuse within their anti-particles, which would activate or fire the fifth, sixth and seventh grounding codes, allowing the body to fully transmute through the Blue Flame and the Halls of Amenti to reappear on Tara. 

The Sixth and Seventh Root Races and their Cloisters carried the remaining fifth and sixth DNA strands of the 12-strand package. Neither of these races entered full manifestation during the Second and Third Seedings. The Sixth Root Race are the Muvarians, their Cloister the Melchizedeks, they will assemble DNA strand number 5, corresponding to the fifth-dimensional frequencies and represent the transitional race cycle through Earth’s ascension passage into merger with Tara. The Melchizedeks are a blended race carrying various racial strains. Though they represent the Cloister that originally began the yellow-skinned races on Earth, they are not limited to manifesting through this racial line. Melchizedeks appear within strains of all the races as they became involved as a Host Matrix/surrogate morphogenetic field for many of the races toward the end of the Second Seeding. 

The Melchizedeks carry DNA strands 1-4 and the base codes of 5, plus the imprint for strands 7-12. They are free of the Seals of Palaidor and Amenti, and can thus undergo full transmutation of bodily form in order to ascend, if they are able to fully activate the base tones within their fifth strand. Because of their advanced genetic package the Melchizedeks are able to pass through the Blue Flame in the Halls of Amenti and experience teleportation through the portals into the Taran environment. The Melchizedeks assisted in repairing genetic digression toward the end of the Second Seeding, becoming one of the Host Matrix families, then began their race birthing cycle during the Third Seeding. 

The first wave of Melchizedeks appeared about 35,000 years ago, the second wave 3,500 years ago, and the third wave began about 250 years ago and continues today. The family of the Templar-Melchizedeks established the Essene Brotherhood and Priesthood of Melchizedek, a priesthood that still exists on Earth today. The lineage of the Essenes was one of the 25 families within the Melchizedek Cloister, descendants of the first wave of the Melchizedek cycle. The Melchizedeks assisted the Hibiru Cloister of Root Race 5 in repairing genetic damage at the end of the Second Seeding, then during the Third Seeding the Templar-Melchizedeks once again intervened, creating a mixed-Cloister race carrying the genetic codes of both lines, which accelerated the evolutionary potentials of the Hibiru and Ayrian/Aryan races. 

This mix-cloister breeding would later become a major problem for the descendants of this lineage, due to events that transpired 10,000 years ago during the Third Seeding. The mix-cloister Hibiru/Melchizedek race became known as the Hebrew race during the Second and Third Seedings. The Essenes, Templar-Melchizedeks, Hebrew and Christian lineages of the Third Seeding, including those of present day Earth, all carry this genetic advancement. And following the events of 8,000 BC (10,000 YA) those affiliated with the Templar-Melchizedeks would also carry forth a great genetic burden. The spiritual influence of the Templar-Melchizedeks has touched all of the major Christian and Jewish persuasions, and they played an instrumental role in the formation of the modern day Mormon-Christian faith. The Melchizedeks are a primary force within the present times on Earth, as they are now within the third wave of their race birthing cycle. 

The Melchizedeks hold within their lineage the promise of ascension, even more so than do the fifth Ayrian/Aryan and Hibiru races. But not all Melchizedeks presently bear the same genetic coding. Two primary groups of Melchizedeks have evolved out of the original Melchizedek Cloister morphogenetic field, the Cloistered Family of Melchizedek and the Templar-Melchizedeks. The difference between their spiritual teachings denotes not only a philosophical preference, but also a genetic propensity that came into being 10,000 years ago. Spiritual teachings that have been either directly or indirectly influenced by the Templar-Melchizedeks will have an distinctly patriarchal slant, often promoting gender subservience, elitist philosophy and subjugation of Earth’s elemental kingdoms. These attributes of the Templar-Melchizedeks were not originally part of the Melchizedek Cloister strain, but rather evolved through ET distortion. 

The Cloister Family Melchizedeks are considered to be the pure strain of this race, the Templar-Melchizedeks and their descendants a mutation of that strain. In the following pages we will explore how that distinction came to be, as the duality within the Melchizedek race has created an intense, hidden undercurrent within the ideologies of present day Earth, greatly influencing the development of many of your world religions. And this distinction also directly affects the genetic code and ascension process of descendants of the Melchizedek races. The Melchizedeks of both Templar and Cloister persuasion draw their name from their original genetic affiliation to the Turaneusiam-1 sub-race Melchizedeks from Tara, whose name also denoted their genetic affiliation with the Entity gestalt Melchazedek from the realities beyond the Metagalactic Core. There are many divergent races baring traces of the Melchizedek line throughout all of the Harmonic Universes. 

Members of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, who specialize in dimensional ascension training are not necessarily direct members of the Melchizedek/Melchazedek race line, but often work under the teaching programs of that Cloister. During the Third Seeding, about 65,000 years ago, the Melchizedeks appeared in Atlantean culture, and prior to the sinking of the Atlantean islands (30,000 - 11,500 YA) retreated to an underground haven deep below the Earth’s crust within a three-dimensional frequency modulation zone that exists between Earth and her anti-particle double. This area is known as the Inner Earth, and large civilizations exist in these lands since times prior to Atlantis, when the Melchizedeks and others began to retreat from surface life. These underground civilizations exist to this day, and occasionally members interact with surface Earth through the hidden caverns that link Earth’s surface to the modulation zone of the Inner Earth. Both Cloister Family Melchizedeks and Templar-Melchizedeks reside within these lands, under the primary guardianship of the Speakers of the Blue Flame and Melchizedek Priesthood, and Priesthoods of Ur and Mu from Tara. 

These sub-subterranean lands were originally called Ar-Ratoth, later Agratath and since about 3,000 years ago have been referred to as Agartha. The Cloister Family of Melchizedeks, Templar-Melchizedeks, the Staff of Amenti, The Speakers of the Blue Flame and the Templar and Axion Seals, the Eye of Elohim and the “666” Symbolism 10,000-3,500 YA As we have mentioned, the first full wave of the Melchizedeks birthing cycle began during the Third Seeding, about 35,000 years ago, the second wave about 3,500 years ago and the last about 250 years ago and continues on today. During their first appearance they created the Priesthood of Melchizedek on Earth, a spiritual organization specializing in the process of ascension, which over time developed a strong elitist, sexist, patriarchal slant due to Atlantean and Sirian-Anunnaki influence. About 32,000 years ago some of the Melchizedeks joined forces with the matriarchal Taran Priesthood of Mu, creating a more balanced Melchizedek Priesthood which more closely followed the teachings of equality promoted in the original Melchizedek Priesthood. 

The balanced Melchizedek priesthood became known as the Cloistered Family of Melchizedek, for they carried with them the original sacred Law of One teachings of the Melchizedek morphogenetic cloister. The egalitarian Melchizedeks became known as the Speakers of the Blue Flame about 10,000 years ago (about 8,000 BC) when the Priesthood of Ur and the Palaidorian Council of Tara transferred Earth guardianship of the Staff of Amenti/Blue Flame/Tara's morphogenetic field out of the hands of the unbalanced, patriarchal Melchizedek Priesthood and into the hands of the balanced Melchizedek Priesthood. The Taran Priests of Ur disassociated themselves from the patriarchal Melchizedeks, attributing their elitist, sexist slant to infiltration of the Sirian-Anunnaki cultures, who brought with them to Atlania, and later Atlantis, the distorted teachings of the original Templar Solar Initiates whose elitist, aggressive misuse of power for materialistic gain had culminated in the cataclysm of Tara 550,000,000 years ago. 

This transfer of guardianship of the power of the Blue Flame 10,000 years ago resulted in the instrumentation of two more genetic frequency seals being placed upon members of the sixth race Melchizedek Cloisters who were associated with Templar distortions of the Sacred Law of One and also on any descendants of the Templar-Melchizedeks or races who interbred with them and picked up their genetic coding. The Templar Seal, as the first alteration became known, was implemented 10,000 years ago, and represented a sixth-dimensional seal upon the Halls/Sphere of Amenti. The second Templar Seal was administrated about 3,500 years ago when descendants of Templar-Sealed Melchizedeks infiltrated Egyptian culture and violated the Covenant of Palaidor by opening the D-2 Earth portals as a way of orchestrating ascension through the D-1 and D-2 Underworld. Through their misdeeds many chaotic forces were unleashed upon the Earth, and humans with distorted morphogenetic imprints were released from the Seals of Palaidor and Amenti and allowed to pass into Tara. 

Many tragic events since took place on Tara as a result of this misadventure 3,500 years ago, and a seventh-dimensional Seal was added to the Templar-Melchizedeks who participated in these events. The second Templar Seal is called the Templar-Axion Seal. Both Templar Seals made physical ascension through the Halls of Amenti impossible for those who carried this genetic configuration, and only under certain circumstances could the soul essence pass through the Blue Flame. Those baring the Templar-Axion Seal could eventually pass into Tara and enter incarnations within the sixth races, but the Templar-Axion Seal did not allow them to transmute into their immortal seventh race bodies. The Templar-Axions were destined to repeat innumerable incarnational cycles upon Earth in order to clean up the mess they had made by releasing the chaotic forces of D-2. 

Only the Elohim, the Axious Entity Family and Ra Confederacy families of the Azurites and Amonites, from the Metagalactic Core, or the Breneau Entities from HU-5 had the power to release the Templar-Axion Seal, and would do so only for humans who gained their favor through serving the truth of the Sacred Law of One. The Templar-Axion Seal became as a curse upon the human lineage, as this distortion was passed on genetically; as the Melchizedeks and their Hebrew hybrids interbred with other racial strains, the Templar Seals were passed on, in whole or in part, to incarnate souls who did not have this prior affiliation. Fragments of the Templar Seals that passed on genetically created a variety of incarnational and ascension problems for anyone involved with them. The Seals were to remain intact for those whose prior affiliations with the Templar Solar Initiates/Templar-Melchizedeks warranted such security measures, but attempts were made to help purge unintended Templar Seal holders of their genetic burden. 

The Elohim, Sirian Council of HU-2 and the Pleiadians all assisted in this plan, offering ascension teachings through which the burdened races could purge their genetic code of the Templar Seals. Templar Seals can only be removed when this is approved by the Ra Confederacy and its Axious, Amonite and Azurite gestalt Families, the Entities who orchestrated the Templar Sealings in order to protect Earth and Tara. The Templar Seals still affect a majority of the present human population, and the Elohim, Pleiadians, Sirian Council and other assistants from the higher Harmonic Universes still work to assist unintended Templar Seal bearers. Through spiritual training, humans are led to at least a rudimentary understanding of the sacred Law of One, and once this education has taken hold, the Elohim or other helpers take the incarnate through the astral planes (if the incarnates' fourth DNA strand is plugged in) into a meeting station within the eighth dimension Metagalactic Core. 

There the incarnates' personal morphogenetic field is evaluated to determine if Templar Sealing is in order as a planetary security measure, and if the Seals are unwarranted the Elohim petition the Ra Confederacy to remove any trace of the Templar Seals. If the Ra Confederacy agrees, the Seals are removed and the incarnates' consciousness is allowed to pass through the eighth dimension where the DNA imprint in the morphogenetic field is repaired. The eighth-dimensional meeting place and passage way into the Metagalactic Core is often referred to as the Eye of Elohim, or the Galactic Core. Humans not bearing Templar Seal distortion can pass through this dimensional portal once they have fully evolved their seventh DNA strand. 

Those bearing the Templar Seals must be assisted by the Elohim, Azurites, Amonites or their many helpers, in order to pass through the eighth dimension to heal their DNA of Templar distortion. Others who rightfully bear the Templar Seals can find freedom through working with the lessons of love, unity and equality as taught through the sacred Law of One. When these lessons are learned, the incarnates' consciousness is no longer a threat to interplanetary security, and assistance in lifting the Templar Seals will be provided. Though we will not address the mechanics by which the Templar Seals operate, we will provide a bit of information regarding the DNA strands affected. The Templar Seal is a sixth-dimensional seal affecting the second, fourth and fifth DNA strands. The sixth base tone of strand 2, the sixth overtone of strand four and the 12th overtone of strand 5 were all removed from the morphogenetic field of the Templar-Melchizedek Cloister. 

The portion of the Melchizedek Cloister morphogenetic field containing the Seal was removed from the Sphere of Amenti and placed within the planet core Alcyone within the Pleiadian star system, which required the Seal bearer to evolve within the Pleiadian star system for a time as pure consciousness before being able to ascend through the Sphere of Amenti to rebirth within the sixth race on Tara. The fourth strand distortion of this seal created a polarization within the fourth/heart chakra (which corresponds to fourth-dimensional frequencies), and a barrier within the Nadial Capsule that separates the mental and astral awareness and separates the third/mental body and fourth/astral body levels within the auric field. It limited astral travel to the lower astral planes. It created a separation within the astral awareness, creating a lower and higher astral identity. 

The lower astral identity became known as the “evil twin” or the “dweller on the threshold” within some religious teachings. The Second strand distortion created a division within the D-2 elemental/emotional body, which created two levels of the sub-conscious mind, a higher level and lower level. The higher level held identity fragments of sub-personalities, while the lower level created a chaotic emotional force that came to be known as “the shadow self,” exaggerating the human’s primitive emotional impulses. The Second strand distortion also made it impossible for these humans to successfully interbreed with other species from Earth or from the stars. It created an amplified blockage between the first, second and third chakras, blocking out clear communication with the body consciousness and with the Earth's elemental kingdoms. The fifth-strand distortion made the physical earthly body unable to transmute or ascend, so the consciousness would have to rebirth into the sixth races on Tara to continue evolution. 

The Templar-Axion Seal did all of this and more. It is a seventh-dimensional seal which meant that once the consciousness had managed to ascend to Tara it could not evolve into the seventh races, reclaim the immortal body and ascend out of matter form. The Axion Seal required that the soul continue innumerable cycles of birth and rebirth within the earlier races, until the time when Tara and Earth would merge. The sixth base tone of the first strand, sixth base tone of the fifth strand and sixth base tone of the sixth strand of DNA were all removed from the morphogenetic field. This genetic configuration of the Templar-Axion Seal was the original meaning behind the symbolism of the “666”, and these numbers also figured prominently in the earlier building of the Great Pyramid, for this Seal had originally been applied to the Sirian-Anunnaki in HU-2, who assisted in the construction of this machine. 

The “666” became the trademark of members of the Sirian-Anunnaki who refused to accept leadership from the HU-2 Sirian Council, and who would not uphold the Law of One. The “666” became a part of the human genetic code through the interbreeding of the Melchizedek Cloister with visiting Anunnaki, who created the hybrid races Nephilim and Annu, and then again through the imposition of the Templar-Axion Seal following the opening of the D-2 portals in Egypt during the Third Seeding. To administer the Templar-Axion Seal, part of the morphogenetic field was put under the jurisdiction of the Arcturian races and part within a planet in the Andromeda galaxy, which meant that the soul essence would have to evolve a disembodied consciousness, first through the Pleiadian system, then Arcturus, and then into Andromeda, before it could finally rebirth on Tara. Once its Taran cycle was completed, the soul had to return to Earth. 

By passing the consciousness through these other star systems, teachings of the Law of One could slowly heal the identity, until eventually its tour of duty on Earth would be fulfilled. This tour would last until Earth had successfully re-evolved into Tara and the Covenant of Palaidor was fulfilled. Due to the Templar and Templar-Axion Seals the concept of “soul harvesting” became part of many religious teachings. Soul Harvesting referred to souls bearing the Templar Seals being brought, by one of the helper organizations before the Ra Confederacy for review, at which time those souls deemed safe for transit to Tara or higher systems would be released from the Templar Seals and allowed to end the perpetual cycles of birth and rebirth on Earth. 

Those passing the review would have evolved to comprehension of the necessity for the Law of One, and would have actively employed these principles within their present incarnation. Passing the review meant the soul would be “harvested” or cleared of its distortions and allowed to ascend to Tara for rebirth within the sixth and seventh races, and following its completed Taran cycles, the soul could ascend out of matter. In some traditions this concept became translated as “judgment day” or similar ideas of having to “pass God's tests” and become “worthy.” But in truth, God's universe is free, and these concepts applied only to beings bearing the Templar Seals, who wore the armor of their disregard for the Law of One within the configurations of their genetic codes. 

Processes of initiation that developed through the mystery schools of old and those of the present were all designed to assist in the ascension passage. Many were designed specifically to release the Templar Seals, and to protect individuals from inadvertently adopting the Seals through interbreeding. Many people of present day Earth carry some portion, or all, of the Templar Seals, and they will experience such a review after passing into the astral plane in death. Others can begin this review before death by working with spiritual principles and guardians/ascended masters, who will help them learn the Law of One so the Seals can be removed prior to death, which will allow some individuals to transmute the body and pass through the Halls of Amenti to Tara, immortalizing the body as it was originally intended. 

The enforced tour of duty of some of the Templar Seal bearers is almost at its end, as the merger of Earth's grid and Tara will take place within the next three to four Earth generations, a process that will begin in the year 2012. The Earth will “ascend in waves,” as portions of its energetic systems merge with their doubles and transmute into Tara's grid. The first wave will begin in 2012 and end between 2072 and 2084, i.e., five to six 12-year cycles following the opening of the Halls of Amenti, which is scheduled for 2012 - 2022. Humans who can assemble their full fourth DNA strand will be able to ride this first wave into ascension. The Second planetary ascension wave is not scheduled to occur until about 4230 AD. Templar Seal bearers who have their Seals released can ascend on this first wave, and be freed of the Earthly incarnational cycles. 

It would be helpful to humans if they could realize the reality of life after death so when encountering this event some level of preparation can be applied. Most humans would prepare for a trip across town, yet they make little preparation for the greatest journey they will make; the voyage between dimensions when they leave the confines of one life time and their consciousness moves into its next experience. All humans will have a personal review of their life content upon this transition, but not a judgment placed upon them. The personal soul and its higher levels of consciousness are aware of the evolutionary process, the purpose of which is ascension. The soul awareness becomes available to a human after the veils created by the confines of the physical genetic code are lifted, and the identity as soul then chooses the next living experience most appropriate to its own evolution, learning, desires and ascension process. 

Much help is available in the higher dimensions, and there are many institutes of higher learning, but one does not have to die in order to receive this assistance. Education through the astral identity and projection of consciousness is accessible to most humans while they are still alive in body, and through integration of the astral identity (which comes through building the fourth DNA strand) the comprehension of the soul becomes available to the human on Earth. It is through this level of understanding that an individual can discover if the Templar Seals are an issue, and if they are, how best to proceed for their removal. The issue of the Templar Seals, and of the dimensional frequency patterns held within the imprint for the DNA, will have to be addressed, either in life or after the death transition, for it is the frequency patterns held there within that will determine the dimensional bands within which a consciousness will next manifest.

It is not a “judgment call” by some authority figure that determines where you will next travel after your present life time, but rather an energetic compatibility between the frequency bands held within the pattern of your consciousness and those within the multidimensional universe. DNA is built upon minute electro-tonal patterns of multidimensional frequency, and the energetic imprint of the DNA goes with you in the death transition. The content of that electro-tonal pattern will determine how high your consciousness will be able to travel once it is released from the body. The DNA can be directly affected in life by working to bring higher-frequency, higher dimensional energies into the operating DNA strands through using the chakra system effectively, and the work that is done to increase the electro-tonal patterns during life will directly affect the experiences available to you following physical death. For some of you immortalization of the body and passage through interdimensional portals will be possible, but only if you can learn some of the mechanics by which these events take place. It is for this reason that we have provided you with this information. 

You will go on a voyage when your soul awareness brings this life time to a close, with or without your body, whether or not you are prepared; this is the way of life within the universe. As with any journey, preparation can make the trip much more enjoyable. Most of you would not journey to a distant land without a map in hand, and so we offer you a rudimentary trail guide for the journey of consciousness with which you are presently involved. There is an order, purpose, plan and meaning for your personal evolution and your existence, and it is intimately intertwined with the evolution of your planet and that of your species. Now we will offer a bit of information as to where your journey will next lead. 

The Fifth World, the Seventh Race Cycle and Waves of Ascension Beyond 2000 AD 

The Seventh Root Race and their Cloister will emerge upon Tara after the energetic grids of Earth and Tara reemerge. Earth's merger with Tara will mark the fulfillment of the Covenant of Palaidor, and represents the coming Fifth World of Native American Legend; it is often referred to as Earth Ascension. It would do many of you well to realize that the term ascension represents much more than some lofty spiritual concept invented by the finite human psyche in order to give purpose to its finite existence. Many in the earthly scientific communities believe that life is limited to the physical expression and that consciousness is the result of the body's biochemical/neuro-electrical functions. Following these erroneous beliefs they draw an equally erroneous conclusion that consciousness ends at the death of the physical body. 

Yet at the same time they are unable to identify the creative, intelligent force through which an ordered system, such as the body, could be created. Current scientific thought creates a paradox within itself, as an attempt is made to define the mechanics of infinite reality within the confines of the finite, 3- dimensional mind. This paradox can be overcome once it is realized that consciousness and intelligence predate the manufacture of the body, and transcend its finite life span. Once this is realized, science will be confronted with a whole new order of multidimensional reality, and a whole new science through which that multidimensionality can be understood. The process of ascension is not some quasi-religious concept based upon the meandering of the human mind. Ascension is a highly scientific process of multidimensional energy mechanics that represent the universal order through which consciousness experiences itself as being. 

There is an order to the universe, and there are indeed natural laws of energy mechanics that govern and uphold the functioning of that universal order. Ascension represents the path of order through which consciousness evolves through a structured, multi dimensional system. In terms of planetary ascension, this process involves the transmutation of particles and anti-particles into progressively less dense states of matter, through which a planetary body is able to evolve from the lower dimensional frequency bands into the higher dimensional reality fields of the 15-dimensional scale. Ascension also involves the understanding of morphogenetic fields, or the form-holding energy constructions that allow matter and anti-matter particles to build into individuated form. 

The process of personal ascension involves precisely the same process, as the human is part of the greater morphogenetic field of the planet, and the progression of dimensional ascension of the human and the planet are intimately intertwined. Without delving into the technical mechanics of the ascension process, let us just say that planets and people ascend/evolve through the dimensional scale through the intrinsic universal laws of energy which form and hold together the structures of consciousness that form identities in time. Spiritual ascension is not separate from these laws of energy structure, for consciousness is sentient energy, and must therefore abide by the natural energetic laws which hold universal structure in order. Ascension is a science, with specific mechanics that allow for the evolution of consciousness from simple to more com- plex forms.

In the highest states of evolution identity evolves into the highest dimensional fields and then beyond, moving from the simple forms of biological expression into the more complex structures of pure conscious identity. Every being in existence is involved in this evolutionary process, and so the dynamics of the science of ascension apply directly to each and every one of you. If you can realize the significance of this science your evolution will occur much more rapidly and with less effort, for you will learn to work with the natural laws of energetic structure to which your consciousness is bound, instead of working against these mechanics because your consciousness has yet to comprehend the forces through which it manifests. The evolution of planet Earth is intimately connected to that of the planet Tara, which is the original planetary mass out of which Earth emerged. 

This means that the morphogenetic field of Earth was originally part of the morphogenetic field of Tara (and both were part of Gaia's morphogenetic field). In order for an energy structure to fully ascend through the 15-dimensional scale it must assemble all portions of its original morphogenetic imprint. The morphogenetic fields exist as tapestries of inter-woven energy particles, composed of literal substance, and so the process of assembling morphogenetic fields into their original pattern is the process of recombining the portions of this energetic tapestry that have become separated from the original, back into the original form of the energetic tapestry. Planetary ascension is the reuniting of energy units that had been separated into various dimensional frequency bands, pulling those energy particles back together by merging the frequencies within which the particles reside. 

There are natural energy dynamics that govern the merger of multidimensional frequency bands, part of which involves particles and anti-particles merging. Particles and anti-particles are composed of units of multidimensional sound, or tones, and within each frequency band there are base tones and overtones. The process of merging particles and anti-particles in order to create the merging of frequency patterns is the process of bringing together base tones and overtones that emerged out of the same morphogenetic field. When base tone and overtone merge, a resonant tone is created, through which particle and antiparticle merge, and transmute into pure energy. They return to the morphogenetic field carrying with them the new frequency patterns they picked up from the Unified Field of the dimension in which they appeared, which in turn expands and adds energy to the original morphogenetic field. 

When the particles and anti-particles are next expressed into manifestation, they will appear within the next frequency band up, as their rate of vibration was increased by adding the frequency patterns from the dimension they just left. It is through this process of building dimensional frequencies into the morphogenetic field, through the merging of particles and anti-particles, that matter forms evolve up through the dimensional scale. Tara and Earth will merge through this process, as Earth moves upward into the dimensional frequency bands in which Tara's matter-body is positioned. When the frequency bands of Earth and Tara merge, changes will take place within the matter-body of Earth. 

New land masses will begin to rise in the oceans, new waters will emerge in places where they were not. But this process does not take place all at one. Planetary ascension takes millions or billions of years. Planetary ascension takes place in waves. All planets evolve within cycles of time designated by the dimensional bands in which they appear. At certain points in these dimensional time cycles the frequency bands of one dimension blend into the one above and below, which allows matter and anti-matter particles to merge, transmute and re-manifest within the dimensional bands above and below. The particles and anti-particles that will be able to shift upward, out of their home dimensional band, are those that have fully assembled the frequency patterns within their home dimension. 

During this point in a time cycle the energetic tapestry, or grid, of the matter-particle planet passes through the grid of its anti-particle double from the parallel universe, and through this energy fusion certain portions of those energetic grids transmute, sending a Morphogenetic Wave into the dimensional band above. The morphogenetic wave then projects its particle and anti-particle form into manifestation within the new dimension and its inherent time cycle. The portions of the particles and anti-particles that had not fully assembled all of the frequency patterns from their home dimension will not be able to merge, and will thus manifest from the morphogenetic field back into their home dimension to continue their evolution through assembling the remaining frequency bands of that dimension. 

The morphogenetic field of a person exists as part of the larger morphogenetic field of the planet, and so when a planet approaches the dimensional blending point in its time cycle, the people on the planet also reach that point. People's bodies and consciousness are composed of energy particles, and when the planet approaches transition and transmutation of some of its particles, people on the planet will also undergo this particle transmutation. Just as only portions of the planet's particles will be able to transmute and ascend into the next dimension through the morphogenetic wave, only portions of the human population will be able to transmute and ride with the planet on that wave of ascension. 

People who have fully assembled the third- and fourth-dimensional frequencies into their DNA (fully assembled the dimensional frequencies into their third and fourth DNA strand) will be able to ride that wave of ascension back into Tara's energetic tapestry, which perceptually constitutes a leap in time. The personal morphogenetic field and consciousness will be carried within the planet's morphogenetic wave, which will merge with Tara's fourth, fifth and sixth-dimensional particle and anti-particle structure. The matter particles of the portion of Earth and its people that were carried in the morphogenetic wave will then re-manifest out of the morphogenetic field into the Second Harmonic Universe frequency bands (dimensions 4, 5 and 6). 

These voyagers will find themselves in a new time cycle, upon a future version of Earth-Tara, whereas the people who did not catch the morphogenetic wave will continue on in their own First Harmonic Universe time cycle (dimensions 1, 2 and 3). For many people there will not be enough time between now and the height of the ascension wave of 2012-2022 AD, to completely assemble the necessary frequency patterns into their DNA, which means they would end up remaining in the present time cycle, and having to reincarnate into that cycle to continue evolution. Many of these souls will choose to leave their bodies at this time so their consciousness can assemble the needed frequencies in time to catch the ascension wave. The soul, not the personality, will make this decision. 

Only natural, soul-orchestrated death transition will allow for the consciousness to ascend. Suicide will not assist in this process, because, if the soul is ready to leave its manifest body, the death transition will occur naturally or through soul arranged events, and not at the hands of an un-awakened personality. We heartily request, to those who may be thinking along such lines, do not use suicide as an attempt to release yourselves from the body, for this can actually stop the ascension process. If the body cannot transmute, but the soul essence is ready to ride the ascension wave, the soul awareness will arrange for the appropriate death scenario. The soul uses the body as a means of assembling frequency patterns into the consciousness, and if the body is released prematurely, the consciousness of the individual may not have reached a high enough level to catch the ascension wave. The body helps the consciousness evolve to higher frequency, and only the greater soul identity knows when the consciousness has reached a high enough level to ascend properly. 

Taking matters into the hands of the personality, such as is the case in suicide, usually botches the soul's ascension plan, and during the coming ascension wave it is very important that the personality allow the soul to direct its ascension process. Under no circumstances do we endorse suicide as a way of making this transition. If you are still in a body, then that is where your greater soul identity wants you to be, in order to best facilitate your evolutionary process. The ascension wave offers the souls of Earth the opportunity to reach their next level of evolution. This evolutionary fulfillment of Earth was foretold in ancient stories as the “Return to the Garden of Eden” or Man's Ascension to Heaven. The Seventh Race cycle will occur upon Tara many years in the future. Presently the Sixth Race cycle is just beginning with the third wave of the Melchizedek Cloister birthing onto the planet.

 This cycle represents the transitional race cycle as Earth begins to merge with Tara. This transitional cycle, and the civilizations that will be built through it, represent the coming Fifth World prophesied in Native American legend. For over one million years all of your spiritual traditions have, in some way or another, attempted to prepare you for this point within Earth's time cycle. In the Fifth World, the sixth races will evolve, followed by the seventh races, and through this evolution you will transcend the mechanics of death, disease and aging, and rediscover the reality of the Immortal Body and a fully conscious connection to God. The Seventh Race cycle will assemble DNA strand 6, and open the potential of ascension to Gaia (Earth-Tara's HU-3 counterpart) following the Taran cycles. 

The Cloister of the Seventh Race is the Yunaseti, and they carry the full 12-strand DNA package of the Turaneusiam lineage, in operational form. The Seventh Root Race is the Euanjhechi, often called the Paradisians; they carry DNA strands l-5, and the base codes for 6-12. Members of the Seventh Race cycle do not experience death, nor do they breed through physical means but rather through replication of combined energy fields. They do not carry exaggerated physical gender distinction, but are rather primarily androgynous, soul-awakened identities. Their bodies are composed of less dense matter particles and so they are not as strongly bound by gravity, which allows for mobility far beyond that of your present bodies. 

They can travel through time, and often do, such as when they visit your system. Many of your ET Visitors are actually your Seventh Race relatives from Tara. (Not all Visitors are direct relatives to the human.) They represent the races of which you will one day evolve to become members, when you walk the beautiful lands of Tara and Gaia. The Seventh Races mark the fulfillment of the human evolutionary imprint and a return to the glorious beings you all once were before your fall into HU-l. Evolution beyond this stage will take you into the realms of pure conscious being and into the “God Worlds” where Entities play. You are the Voyagers, and have always been. lt is time to awaken to the reality of your journey. And now we will return you to the times of the Second Seeding 3,700,000 - 848,000 years ago, when your present Fourth World began as the reseeding of races 3-5 was orchestrated through the Sirian-Human hybrid race Dagos. Through understanding this history, you will discover the truth of The Arc of the Covenant, a well kept secret that will directly impact the course of your evolution over the next 30 years. 

The Drakon and Dracos, the Anunnaki and the Nephilim, the Elohim, Seres, Serres and the Egyptians, Return of the Sphere of Amenti, and the Thousand Years’ War 

3,700,000 -848,800 YA Great hope lived within the promise of the Fifth Root Race Ayrians and their Hibiru Cloister of the Second Seeding, for they held within their morphogenetic field and DNA imprint the frequency patterns of the fourth dimension. The Elohim of HU-3 paid special favor to these races and assisted a few select families, whose codes were not contaminated by mix-breeding. The Elohim assisted these families in releasing the Seal of Palaidor within their genetic codes, by transplanting their energetic bodies into Elohim morphogenetic fields. The Elohim hoped that, by the accelerated evolution of these chosen groups, the vibration rate of Earth's grid could accelerate more rapidly so the Sphere of Amenti could be returned to Earth's core and the Seal of Palaidor lifted from all of the races of the Second Seeding.

 If 8% of the races could assemble the fourth DNA strand and increase the vibration rate/particle pulsation rate of their personal bodies and bio-energetic fields, the particles of Earth's grid would also accelerate to D-4 frequencies, high enough to hold the Sphere of Amenti with its fourth-dimensional frequency coding. Once the Sphere of Amenti was returned to Earth's core the souls of the Second Seeding races could return to their morphogenetic fields upon death and would no longer suffer the fragmentation of consciousness into the D-4 astral and D-2 elemental kingdoms. With the return of the Sphere morphogenetic field the memory of the races would be re-entered into Earth's grid and the strand particles of DNA that brought that memory imprint into the personal cellular memory would reassemble within the operational DNA strands of the entire fifth race, returning to the incarnates the memory of their place and purpose within the evolutionary drama. 

Opening the Sphere of Amenti within the Earth's core would automatically accelerate the process of building DNA strands and incarnational evolution for all of the races, and for those who completed assembly of the fourth strand the Seal of Amenti would be released, allowing for ascension to Tara through the Halls of Amenti. The Lamanians and Ur-Antrians and Breanoua, and the Ayrians and Hibiru of the Second Seeding evolved on Earth together 3.7 to one million years ago. Approximately one million years ago a race called the Drakon from HU-1 Orion star system came to Earth and tampered with the genetic code of the races. They created hybrids within the Root Races called Dracos, contaminating the human genetic code and altering the evolutionary imprint for numbers of the Amenti souls. 

The Drakon race is a sentient, intelligent race of up-right standing, dragon/lizard-like beings with a tendency toward aggression and warlike behavior. They represent a digressive strain of a superior reptile-like race from HU-3 and frequently had poor relations with the HU-1 Galactic Council. They were expert geneticists and scientists, but showed little regard for other life-forms and lacked spiritual development. The Dracos hybrids were more lizard-like in appearance, with body structure more closely resembling humans, but facial features and temperaments characteristic to the Drakon. The Drakon also tampered with certain strains of Earth dinosaurs (who were seeded on Earth about 375,000,000 years ago as an experiment by other ET races), creating aggressive, carnivorous monitors for their captive human populations.

 Many of the cultures of the Second Seeding abandoned their advanced surface cultures and retreated underground to escape the terror of the Drakon monitors. The Phalzants (Chupacabras) were also created at this time, combining certain animal strains from the Drakon planets with various Earth animals. The Phalzants and descendants of the Dracos are presently assisting Zeta Visitors with earthly agendas detrimental to the 44 The Thousand-Years’ War human populace. These intrusive Visitors of Dracos lineage are in reality a hybrid mutation of our human ancestors who evolved within the Orion star system. As they are members of the human lineage they feel entitled to use the territories of Earth, even though their race was banned from here nearly 850,000 years ago by the Breneau. Like most Sirian-Anunnaki strains, the Dracos also carry the genetic configuration of the “666” Templar-Axion Seal (previously discussed). 

The soul essence of the Dracos is part human and part Drakon. The Drakon and their creations became a menace to the developing races, and so plans were orchestrated to dispose of the Drakon problem. About 956,500 years ago, with the assistance of Anunnaki Visitors from Sirius A, the races jointly employed a plan of using the power within the Earth's grid to destroy the underground habitats of the Drakon and their monitors. The plan backfired, creating an explosion within the Earth's crust, which created climatic anomalies, flooding, a slight pole tilt, destruction of part of the land masses and finally a small period of global ice that ended about 950,000 years ago. Most of the Drakon left Earth during this period or were destroyed by climatic conditions. 

Most of the human races retreated underground, creating sophisticated cultures beneath the Earth's crust, some races being permitted to enter the portals of the Inner Earth. Once environmental conditions stabilized, many races returned to surface life, rebuilding their civilizations. Though most of the Drakon had vacated or perished, they left a legacy of genetic distortion behind them, that threatened the continuation of the human lineage. Earth-animal interbreeding became a problem in the races of the Second Seeding and Host Matrix Transplants (see Voyagers I, 2e, p. 76.) were being used to realign the human genetic codes. The races of Amenti began to digress further due to Drakon contamination of the genetic lines, and several other ET races used this opportunity to experiment with the human evolutionary imprint. Some of the more primitive human-like forms of “early man” arose from such experiments, as did some of the apelike human varieties. 

But the human lineage did not originate from these primitive forms. These forms emerged from the distorted human imprint. Many such mutations were also created prior to the Electric Wars. The Lamanian and Atlanian cultures fragmented, became factions and began warring. The Atlanians of the Second Seeding were influenced by descendants of the Sirian-Anunnaki race from HU-2 (which later evolved for a time on HU-1 planet Mars), the same race that had instigated the Taran Templar Solar Initiates' rebellion against the Sirian Council which culminated in the cataclysm of Tara. The Alanian civilization began to systematically disregard the Law of One. 

The Anunnaki brought to Earth Atlania the creed of the Templar Solar Initiates from Tara, an elitist, materialistic distortion of the principals of the Law of One, which had created 45 The Second Seeding the cataclysm of Tara. The Anunnaki added their own sexist slant to these teachings, so women would be viewed as subservient to men and therefore able to be used as breeders of hybrid children. This teaching was a tactic used to socially dis-empower women so they would have little support to reject the sexual advances of the Anunnaki males. The Anunnaki created teachings that made them appear to be the Gods of the human race, and through these teachings were easily able to manipulate the Atlanian cultures into cooperative submission. The Anunnaki proceeded to bring forth a race of human-Atlanian Anunnaki children who were called the Nephilim, who entered the Earth system about 950,000 years ago. 

Having more developed genetic codes via their Anunnaki fathers, the Nephilim quickly dominated the less developed humans, creating a highly advanced materialistic culture built upon exploitation of less evolved life forms. Many genetic experiments were carried out, creating varieties of animal-humans, terribly distorting the human genetic imprint. Lamanian culture was not affected as greatly by the Anunnaki infiltration, as many members of this race retreated into the underground, becoming involved with the Priests of Mu who guarded the portals of the Inner Earth. (The Taran Priests of Mu commissioned many of their immortal members as guardians of the Inner Earth since the beginning of the Turaneusiam-2 experiment). 

Around this time, 950,000 years ago, the Elohim and Ra Confederacy orchestrated massive Host Matrix Transplants, removing the distorted Nephilim racial strains from their connection to the Amenti morphogenetic field and “splicing them in” to the morphogenetic fields of other entities from HU-3, HU-4 and HU-5. The transplants were conducted in order to prevent the human morphogenetic field from becoming contaminated by the Anunnaki and Drakon genetic lines, which would have taken human evolution in a completely different direction. In order to orchestrate the transplants certain frequency patterns within the DNA were dismantled, but left within the cells (contemporary “junk DNA”) so the souls involved could eventually “plug in” the frequency codes and re-evolve into the Amenti morphogenetic field, once their code distortions were corrected. 

The humans involved in the transplants, who were already genetically altered by the Seals of Amenti and Palaidor, now had even more genetic distortion to repair, but without the transplants they would never have fulfilled the human evolutionary imprint to ascend. During the Second Seeding the Elohim motivated the HU-2 Seres race (descendants of the HU-2 Ceres) to assist in realigning the genetic imprint of the earthly race strains, and the Seres energetically interbred with certain members of the Atlanian and Ayrian races, creating a superior guardian race called the Serres, who later became known as the Egyptians. The Egyptians were originally one of the seven sub-races within the Atlanian Root Race. The original morphogenetic field for this sub-race became distorted through Anunnaki interbreeding of the Nephilim, at which time the Elohim and others removed the distorted portions of the Egyptian morphogenetic field from the Sphere of Amenti, placing this portion of the race under the care of a Host Matrix Family from the Ra Confederacy called the Aton-A. 

The portions of the Egyptian sub-race that remained in the Amenti morphogenetic field were fused with the morphogenetic field provided by the HU-2 Seres, which created a hybrid Egyptian race called the Serres, who became the Pharaonic line within Egyptian culture. The Serres-Egyptians began a new line of Egyptian bearing an advanced genetic strain. Later, during the Third Seeding, the Egyptians carrying Sirian-Anunnaki Nephilim morphogenetic fields were remixed with the Serres-Egyptians so the morphogenetic field of the Sirian-Egyptians could be integrated into the Sphere of Amenti. Descendants of the Serres-Egyptians held the line of Egyptian royalty throughout the early dynasties, but eventually the Sirian-Egyptians were integrated into this line and, for a time, open relationships with the Sirian-Anunnaki and Sirian Blue Races resumed. The Egyptians carried a specialized genetic code because of this early morphogenetic manipulation. 

During the Third Seeding this imprint became even more specialized as portions of the Egyptian line were adopted by the Sixth Race Cloister Melchizedeks, who served as a Host Matrix Family to realign an over-development of Anunnaki genetic coding. Of all the human races to walk the planet, the Egyptians carry the most diversified genetic code. The Melchizedek Egyptians of the Third Seeding orchestrated the Atonist movement about 3,000 years ago, in order to redirect Egyptian culture back toward practice of the Law of One, teachings that had fallen into digression through Anunnaki involvement with Egyptian culture. The Serres were created during the Second Seeding about 945,000 years ago, their Atlanian sub-race morphogenetic field being merged with the Breanoua and Hibiru Cloisters of the fourth and fifth races, which brought the Ayrian and Hibiru lineage into the Atlanian-Egyptian line. 

This realigned and advanced the genetic blueprint for the Egyptian sub-race, creating what would become the primary Egyptian lineage throughout the Third Seeding. After a period of development, the human evolutionary imprint began to prosper, and about 900,000 years ago the Elohim, and the Sirian Council, Seres and Palaidorians of HU-2, re-entered the Sphere of Amenti into the Earth core. At this time Sirian-Anunnaki from HU-1 and HU-2, along with Drakon and other sympathizers, decided to take human evolution in another direction. Still angered over Elohim interference with their Nephilim race, the Anunnaki from Sirius A devised a plan to destroy the Sphere of Amenti and utilize the Earth humans as a worker race to harvest Earth gold for Anunnaki purposes (the Anunnaki of Sirius A needed gold to replenish depleting elements within their planetary atmosphere). 

Wars broke out between the earthly Nephilim and the Serres which escalated about 850,000 years ago into a great intergalactic war between the Elohim and the Anunnaki, each fighting for control of the Earth territory and the evolutionary direction of the human lineage. This war became known as the Thousand Years’ War as it lasted approximately1,200 years (850,000 - 848,800 years ago). Most of the Earth races sought exile in other planetary systems, some retreated to the Inner Earth and most of the Nephilim were relocated to Sirius A and later to the planet Nibiru. The few races remaining on the surface were destroyed by the ravages of high-tech war. Again the Breneau of HU-5 had to intervene, and about 848,800 years ago they assisted the Elohim and Sirian-Anunnaki to negotiate a treaty through which both the Anunnaki and Elohim would assist in the Third Seeding of the human lineage. 

The Treaty of El-Annu, the Annu-Melchizedeks, and the Anunnaki Resistance and Templar-Axion Seal

848,800 YA The agreement the Breneau negotiated between the Elohim and the Anunnaki 848,800 years ago was called the Treaty of El-Annu, through which it was agreed that the Nephilim would not return to Earth but were allowed to evolve in other systems, and that attempts would be made to create another Anunnaki-human hybrid, but only if the Anunnaki agreed to uphold the Law of One. The new hybrid race would be entered into the human morphogenetic field through the Sixth Race Melchizedek Cloister, and through this cloister the remaining Atlanian-Egyptian-Nephilim-Aton A souls from the previous Host Matrix Transplants could be re-integrated into the Sphere of Amenti. The new hybrid Melchizedek/Anunnaki race would be called the Annu, and would be entered into Earth through combining the fifth race Melchizedek Cloister with the fourth race Atlantean-Egyptian sub-race, during the Third Seeding. 

The Melchizedek Cloister would serve as a Host Matrix Family for the Annu and later the remaining portions of the Egyptian-Nephilim morphogenetic field, which had been place with the Aton-A Host Matrix Family, would be integrated into the Melchizedek line. The treaty was created in order to end the war through agreements that were fair to everyone, allowing the Anunnaki to advance the spiritual aspects of their evolution through working with the Law of One, while allowing human evolution to remain on course. The Treaty of El-Annu created a division within the ranks of the Anunnaki races, and between the Anunnaki and their sister race the Sirian Blues from Sirius A, who like the Kantarians of Sirius B, served the Law of One and accepted the authority of the HU-2 Sirian Council. Not all of the Anunnaki agreed to this treaty, and those who continued to pose a threat to Earth security were banned from Earth visitation, and became known as the Anunnaki Resistance. 

The few remaining Dracos hybrids that had previously found exile on Sirius A with the Anunnaki joined in the Anunnaki Resistance, and motivated their Drakon forefathers to join forces with the Anunnaki Resistance, with the intent of destroying the Sphere of Amenti. In an attempt to promote inter-galactic peace and safety for those to evolve on Earth, the Sirian Council of HU-2 petitioned the Ra Confederacy and Axious Family Entities from the Metagalactic Core to intervene on behalf of the Treaty of El Annu. These Entity Families agreed, and the first administration of the Templar-Axion Seal (the “666” genetic configuration) was applied to the morphogenetic field of those of the Anunnaki Resistance. The Seal was also applied to the morphogenetic field of the Dracos hybrids. Neither strain could now inter-breed with other species who did not carry the imprint of their gene code. For those of the Anunnaki Resistance, the children of Annu offered the only hope of their hybridization or reintegration on Earth, so even before they were conceived in flesh the children of Annu became a target for infiltration by the Anunnaki Resistance. 

With the Treaty of El-Annu the Thousand Years’ War was brought to a close, and the division between those who served the Law of One and those who did not became more clearly defined. Great protection was needed for the races of the Third Seeding, for the Dracos, Drakon and the Anunnaki Resistance desired to see their destruction. The Thousand Years’ War between the Elohim and the Anunnaki brought an end to the Second Seeding of the human lineage on Earth.
Voyagers II; 3 The Guardian Material; The Third Seeding; The Arc of the Covenant

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