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Voyagers II; 3 The Guardian Material; The Third Seeding; The Arc of the Covenant

⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022;  much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna/Ashayana both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of  Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

Creation of the Arc of the Covenant, Removing the Sphere of Amenti, the Flood, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense and the interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, the Urtites, Serres-Egyptians and the Priesthood of UR.

849,000 - 800,000 YA The Sphere of Amenti had been returned to Earth's core by the Elohim, and the Sirian Council, Seres and Palaidorians of HU-2 about 900,000 years ago, accelerating assembly of the DNA strands and releasing the Seal of Palaidor for some strains of the races from the Second Seeding. Some groups were able to evolve enough to release the Seal of Amenti from their DNA, which allowed them to ascend through the Halls of Amenti back to Tara. All was going according to plan until the outbreak of the Thousand Years’ War 850,000 years ago. Following the outbreak and escalation of the war and the Anunnaki's intentions of destroying the Sphere of Amenti in order to use humans as a worker race, it was no longer safe to keep the Sphere of Amenti within the Earth's core, as Anunnaki operatives could easily discover access to its D-2 resting place. 

Under the command of the Breneau and the Ra Confederacy, the Sirian Council of HU-2 assisted the Seres of HU-2 and the Elohim in once again removing the Sphere of Amenti from the Earth. The Sphere of Amenti was removed from the Earth and placed within a secured location about 849,000 years ago. The Sphere was placed within a planetary core in the Andromeda galaxy, under high security and held there in exclusion until the close of the Thousand Years’ War —848,800 years ago. With the implementation of the Treaty of El-Annu, and the threat of the Anunnaki Resistance, a multidimensional, intergalactic effort was made to ensure protection for the Sphere of Amenti. 

The Sirian Council of HU-2 petitioned assistance from numerous star systems in HU-1 and HU-2 to provide security. Races from the Arcturus and some from the Pleiadian systems offered assistance, as many humans had, during the course of their troubled evolution, found exile within the Pleiadian and Arcturian cultures; cooperation was given from both HU-1 and HU-2 members of these races. The Sirian Council of HU-2 formed an organization with pro-human members of the HU-1 Sirians and several cultures from Arcturus, called the Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense, through which the hidden Sphere of Amenti, Earth and its allies would be protected if need arose.

 This organization was later invited to join a much larger interdimensional guardian group known as the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, whose membership extended well into the highest Harmonic Universes. Though many races in the Andromeda galaxy were already members of this collective, the Association of Planets in Andromeda would not agree to military involvement, as they were not entirely supportive of the conditions of the Treaty of El Annu. They did, however, allow the Sphere of Amenti to remain hidden within a secret location in their star system. Following the removal of the Sphere of Amenti 849,000 years ago, the Earth once again endured a series of climatic and geographical changes as Earth's energetic grid re-balanced following the removal of the Sphere.

 Again flood waters rose, covering portions of Earth's surface. In historical record, this time period became interwoven with the early flooding associated with the Electric Wars, and a later time period of flooding, all consolidated into the story of your Biblical Flood. The Guardian organizations knew that the Third Seeding of the human lineage would have to be orchestrated once the planetary environment re-balanced. But the Third Seeding could not take place directly through Earth's core as the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field was now in the Andromeda galaxy. The Third Eye of Horus portal through which the Second Seeding took place would no longer be useful as its connection to the Sphere of Amenti had been severed, so a new portal bridge needed to be created between the Andromeda galaxy and Earth in order for the Third Seeding to take place. 

The Third Eye of Horus portal bridge remained open as a passage between Earth and Sirius B (frequently used by the Kantarians of Sirius B for visitation during the Third Seeding), but it no longer connected to the Sphere of Amenti and so could not be used for ascension to Tara. The Arc of the Covenant 840,000 YA A portal bridge between the Sphere of Amenti in the Andromeda galaxy and the Earth's D-2 core was constructed by the Guardian organizations about 840,000 years ago. This inter-galactic bridge was called the Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor, and later became known as the Arc of the Covenant. Through the Arc of the Covenant the race souls of the Sphere of Amenti 51 The Third Seeding could once again be reseeded on Earth. Souls from the Sphere of Amenti would pass through the Arc/bridge as pure consciousness, merge with the Earth's morphogenetic field in D-2, then birth into physical manifestation. 

A fifth-dimensional security seal was placed upon the Arc of the Covenant, which meant that this portal operated as a “one-way door”; souls of the races could descend through the passageway but could not return to the Amenti morphogenetic field for ascension unless they had fifth-dimensional coding in their gene structure. This genetic ticket to freedom became known as the Shield of the Arc, and the incarnates who bore this fifth-dimensional Shield within their genetic code could pass through the Seal on the Arc of the Covenant and return, through Amenti, to Tara. As races 3, 4 and 5 did not have the fifth DNA strand within their genetic imprint, they could not return through the Arc, even as consciousness, unless the Seals of Palaidor and Amenti were released. Release of the Seal of Amenti would allow these races to merge with their anti-particles and pick up the fifth strand, but first the fourth-dimensional Seal of Palaidor had to be released. 

Evolution would take time for races 3-5 of the Third Seeding. Those who could not reenter the Amenti morphogenetic field would evolve within the fourth-dimensional astral planes between incarnations, along with those identity fragments created through the Seal of Palaidor, until the time when the Arc of the Covenant was opened and the fifth-dimensional Seal on the Arc released. The sixth race Muvarians and their Melchizedek Cloister then held the key to ascension, as the fifth DNA strand was included in their genetic imprint. The sixth races would be born with the Shield of the Arc in their genetic code, and as the Anunnaki-human hybrids Annu were to be seeded through the Melchizedek Cloister—the Annu would also bear the Shield of the Arc. Those bearing the Shield of the Arc would become the Earth guardians of the Arc of the Covenant and the Sphere of Amenti. The Arc of the Covenant was designed in such a way that the Sphere of Amenti could eventually be re-entered into the Earth core through the portal bridge of the Arc.

 In this way the Arc became self-regulating. The return of the Sphere of Amenti would depend upon conditions in the Earth's planetary grid, and the Guardians would not have to reenter the Sphere. The fifth-dimensional Seal on the Arc of the Covenant was designed to be released once a certain percentage of the Earth's population had assembled the fifth DNA strand, which meant that a certain number of the Melchizedek Cloister would have to be born upon the planet. If 8% of the living population could assemble the fifth DNA strand, the Earth's grid vibration would rise, affecting the vibrational speed of the energy particles within D-2 Earth core. As the D-2 particles began to vibrate faster a blue-white spark of fifth-dimensional high-frequency energy would be sent up from the Earth core, through the portal bridge of the Arc of the Covenant. This spark would penetrate the fifth-dimensional Seal on the Arc and enter the Blue Flame within the Sphere of Amenti. 

The Blue Flame would then send a corresponding spark of fifth-dimensional frequency back into the Earth's core, which would open the Earth's morphogenetic field to accept the Sphere of Amenti, while raising the Earth's grid speed high enough to hold the D-5 Blue Flame morphogenetic field of Tara. Upon the second spark, the Sphere of Amenti would begin its descent through the Arc of the Covenant, while the Blue Flame remained within the Andromeda planet. Originally, the descent of the Sphere of Amenti was to take about 2,000 years, its energies becoming progressively more available to the peoples of Earth, stimulating the assembly of the fifth DNA strand and the raising of consciousness. During its 2,000-year descent, the Earth grid speed would rise in increments, allowing the Earth's energy system to adjust to the increasing infusion of high-frequency energy. 

Once the Sphere was repositioned within the Earth core, there would be a period of several years for the Earth grid to assimilate the new frequency, and the race memory would progressively infuse the Earth grid. As the race memory from the Amenti morphogenetic field filtered through the Earth grid, this energy would stimulate the DNA of everyone on the planet, and the lost memory would reenter the cellular memory of individuals as their DNA strands began to assemble through the new fifth-dimensional frequency now available to them through the Earth core. Over the course of those several years the races would evolve rapidly and a mass awakening to the lost memory of multidimensional reality would occur within large numbers of the population. Through these energetic processes the Earth and her people would be prepared to receive the Blue Flame of Amenti. 

The Blue Flame would begin a rapid descent to Earth core following the opening of the Arc of the Covenant. It would take approximately 12 years for the Blue Flame to descend to Earth through the Arc of the Covenant. Return of the Blue Flame was a very precise process, and had to be orchestrated in synchronization with the natural time cycles of which Earth was a part—entering Earth during the period of natural dimensional blending that occurs at various times within Earth's time cycle. Timing was very important in the return of the Blue Flame, as certain conditions had to be planned in advance of its return. During the dimensional blend the Blue Flame could not directly enter the Sphere of Amenti as the Sphere would be connected to the Earth's morphogenetic field at D-2. 

The Inner Earth portals to D-2 open during the dimensional blending period, and if the fifth-dimensional frequencies of the Blue Flame merged directly with the second-dimensional frequencies of Earth's core, Earth's planetary grid would explode. The fifth-dimensional frequencies had to be dispersed through the Earth grid, via the energetic fields of certain people alive on the planet. The bio-energetic fields of those individuals would serve as frequency modulators for the fifth-dimensional energy. These individuals would hold the D-5 frequency of the Blue Flame within their own energy system through the height of the dimensional blending, then when the natural cycle of dimensional blend reached its close, the Blue Flame would be returned to the Sphere of Amenti at Earth's core and the Halls of Amenti—the ascension portals to Tara—would open to those on the planet who had assembled the fifth DNA strand and could pass through the Blue Flame.

 For people who had not yet assembled the fifth strand, much information on how to go about accelerating this process would be made available, as the memory banks of the race would be restored. As long as the Blue Flame remained within the Sphere of Amenti at Earth's core, the ascension portals to Tara would remain open to the races, allowing them to evolve rapidly and complete their tour of incarnational duty on Earth. The souls trapped within the D-4 astral and D-2 elemental kingdoms could also complete their evolution and ascend. The individuals who would be responsible for holding the fifth-dimensional frequency within their bio-energetic field during the time of transition are called Keepers of the Flame, and they would, over a period of years, dispense the fifth-dimensional frequencies throughout large numbers of the population, assisting the populace to assemble the fifth DNA strand, expand their consciousness and transmute their bodies, so portions of the population could “catch the morphogenetic wave” (discussed later) and pass through the Halls of Amenti on the wave, while the dimensional blend was still in effect. 

Once the cycle of dimensional blending was through, the Flame would be placed back in the Sphere and the remaining populations would continue to evolve on Earth until the next morphogenetic wave. The people who were able to catch the first wave would find themselves teleported into the future, where they would appear on the Taran land mass that was once called the continent of Mu. This Taran location represents the primary reality of Earth as it exists about 2,500 years in the future—the version of Earth whose grid has completed its merger with Tara. This path of accelerated evolution constitutes leaping past 2,500 years of evolution within Earth's present time continuum, and represents literal, biological time travel into the future. With the opening or “sparking” of the Arc of the Covenant, this path of accelerated evolution would become available to some humans on Earth. The Keepers of the Flame would be responsible for assisting people who were ready to take this morphogenetic wave voyage in preparing their bodies and consciousness for this transition.

The Keepers of the Flame would receive their infusion of D-5 frequency from one primary individual who had the genetic code that would allow the Flame to be fully embodied as it passed through the Arc of the Covenant. That person is called the Flame Bearer or the Staff Holder. The Flame Bearer would have to activate the 12-strand DNA package within the body before being able to embody the Flame. This person would incarnate with a support team of six fully activated 12-strand avatars (souls from the fourth Harmonic Universe), who would raise the planetary frequency high enough to allow the Flame Bearer to fully activate the codes. Due to the bio-energetic mechanics of the human body, the Flame Bearer would have to be female in gender, the avatars all male, in order to keep the energetic balances of the planetary grid intact. During the opening of the Arc of the Covenant there would also be a family of individuals appointed to embody the Rod, the orange-gold Flame morphogenetic field of Earth, during the time of transition. The Rod Holder would be male. Members of these specialized incarnational groups would have to incarnate in the proper sequence, within the right time periods in conjunction with the Earth's time cycles, and within the appropriate genetic lineages that would provide them with the needed genetic imprint. The process of opening the Arc of the Covenant and allowing the Sphere of Amenti to return to Earth required a tremendous amount of multidimensional organization. The fulfillment of the promise of the Arc of the Covenant would take over 800,000 years to fulfill, and meanwhile the races of the Third Seeding would begin their evolutionary journey toward that destination. 

The Third Seeding through the Arc of the Covenant, the Hebrew, Serres-Egyptians, Urites and the Priesthood of Ur, Races 3-6 and the Annu-Melchizedeks 

800,000 - 55,000 YA For a period of time following the creation of the Arc of the Covenant 840,000 years ago the Earth went through a period of re-balancing its energetic grid, and during this time the races did not evolve on the planet's surface. Some descendants of the Second Seeding prospered within the Inner Earth communities, and a few scattered groups had managed to survive within the underground tunnel systems created by those of the Second Seeding. Most of the human population had fled, finding exile within other planetary systems. The Nephilim had been evacuated to Sirius A, joining remnants of the Dracos race who had found exile with those who became the Anunnaki Resistance. About 800,000 years ago several groups of the now extraterrestrial humans returned to Earth to begin preparation for the Third Seeding, which would be orchestrated through the Arc of the Covenant portal bridge. 

Two primary groups of returning humans, descendants of the Serres-Egyptians and the Hebrew (Melchizedek-Hibiru hybrids) from the Second Seeding, were commissioned by the Palaidorians of HU-2, the Elohim and the Ra Confederacy to orchestrate the Third Seeding. Upon returning to Earth, these groups discovered that there was a small group of survivors remaining from the Second Seeding, descendants of the Third race Lamanians and their Ur-Antrian Cloister. The Serres-Egyptians (who had been exiled on Sirius B and in the Pleiadian star systems, and thus now carried a stronger ET imprint within their genetic codes) interbred with the Lamanians and Ur-Antrians, forming a new guardian race through incarnating souls via the Melchizedek Cloister morphogenetic field via the Arc of the Covenant. 

The new race was called the Urtites; they appeared on Earth about 800,000 years ago and, working with races of the Inner Earth and the HU-2 Palaidorians, the Urtites established the Priesthood of Ur on Earth. The Urtites lived primarily underground and within the Inner Earth civilizations, serving as guardians of the Arc of the Covenant. When conditions on Earth were conducive to supporting mass surface life, the Urtites were given authority by the HU-2 Sirian Council, Ra Confederacy and Priests of Ur on Tara, to begin the Third Seeding of the human lineage. Many sub-races and families emerged through the Urtite genetic strain, as each of the five Cloister races birthed their race line through the Urtite Host Race. The races were located throughout various regions of the globe, each developing surface cultures from about 750,000 to 75,000 years ago. 

The Urtite lineage developed divergent cultures extending from what is now known as Africa, through regions of East Asia, North and South America, central Europe, Egypt and into what is now called Iran. Through development of these diversified cultures, the Host Race Urtites created a new cradle of civilization through which the Root Races and their Cloisters could be reseeded on Earth. The Third Seeding of races three, four and five began again via the Arc of the Covenant, under the direction and through the lineage of the Urtites. The third race Ur-Antrian Cloister began birthing about 75,000 years ago, their Lamanian Root Race 73,000 years ago. The Lamanians of the Third Seeding were called the Lemurians, and they were seeded on a land mass that existed in the area now occupied by parts of the Pacific Ocean and also within the region of the Andes Mountains. 

The Breanoua Cloister of the fourth race entered about 72,000 years ago in lands that existed in the area now occupied by parts of the Atlantic Ocean, and into the territories that became known as Egypt, followed by their Root Race Atlanians 70,000 years ago. The Atlanians of the Third Seeding became the Atlanteans. The fifth race Hibiru Cloister entered through the Host Matrix of the sixth race Melchizedek Cloister into various positions throughout the globe, about 68,000 years ago, followed by their Root Race Ayrians 65,000 years ago. The fifth Root Race Ayrians of the Third Seeding were called the Aryans, concentrations of this race were seeded into regions near what is now called the Black Sea and in the area of what became the Carpathian Mountains. The Annu-Melchizedeks were seeded into the Atlantean Root Race Egyptian sub-race through the Melchizedek Cloister Host Matrix morphogenetic field about 68,000 years ago. 

The Annu prospered in Atlantis, many migrating to various parts of the globe and interbreeding with other races. The primary concentration of Annu remained in Atlantis, where open lines of commerce with their Sirian-Anunnaki forefathers became a standard way 56 The Arc of the Covenant of life. The Anunnaki who had joined the Sirian Council through the Treaty of El-Annu, and the Sirian-Kantarians and Sirian-Blue races of Sirius B, became a primary motivating force within Atlantean culture, and the Pleiadian races of HU-1 assisted in the development of Ur-Antrian and Lemurian culture. These cultures thrived under the influence of the advanced stellar races. 

The Annu-Melchizedeks organized their cultures around the spiritual and scientific teachings of the Law of One. Members of the Hibiru Cloister and the hybrid Hebrew peoples migrated from other regions to both Atlantis and Lemuria, each bringing with them the teachings of the Law of One characteristic of the Melchizedek Host Matrix. As civilization on Earth prospered, the Sirian Council allowed the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures to receive gifts from the advanced stellar races, which rapidly developed the technological aspects of society to heights far exceeding present earthly cultures. The Sirian-Blues of Sirius B brought large crystalline power generators to Earth as a gift to the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures. 

They taught the Ur-Antrians, Lemurians, Annu and Atlanteans how to draw energy directly from the D-2 Earth core, and store this energy within the crystal generators. Permission was granted by the Elohim and Ra Confederacy to allow power to be drawn from the Blue Flame of Amenti through the passageway of the Arc of the Covenant. The power of the Blue Flame allowed Atlantean civilization to access multidimensional frequency, through which the morphogenetic fields of Earth's matter particles could be directly affected. Earth's gravitational pull could be neutralized, objects could be manifested and de-manifested, objects could be teleported to desired locations, bio-energetic healing became a way of life and genetic evolution was accelerated. Using the power of ET technology the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures thrived. The Annu and Hebrew peoples of the Melchizedek Cloister Host Matrix became the primary Earth guardians of the Arc of the Covenant. The original portal passage to the Arc of the Covenant was located within the land mass of the Atlantean continent, and through this interstellar passageway power was fed through the Earth's grid to the Lemurian continent and various other developing civilizations. Earth civilizations thrived following the Law of One until about 55,000 years ago, when members of the Anunnaki Resistance began to infiltrate Atlantean culture, creating genetic and social digression that nearly brought Atlantis to an end. 

Anunnaki Resistance, Annu and the Dracos, Destruction of Lemurian Muarivhi, & Relocating the Arc of the Covenant
55,000 - 51,750 YA As Atlantean and Lemurian cultures thrived, other stellar cultures watched and waited. Members of the Anunnaki Resistance and their Drakon and Dracos allies had long planned to overtake Earth territories, waiting until the growing civilizations had reached a height of maturity. Motivated by their own desires to utilize Earth as an evolutionary option, the Anunnaki Resistance quietly infiltrated Atlantean culture about 55,000 years ago, covertly moving within the ranks of Anunnaki of the Sirian Council. Once re-established on Earth, the Anunnaki Resistance inter-bred with the Annu, and over a period of generations distorted the Annu genetic lines with the Templar Seal (which had been placed on the Anunnaki Resistance following their refusal to accept the Treaty of El-Annu). 

The teachings of the Law of One were slowly distorted as the creed of the Templar Solar Initiates of Tara (which the HU-2 Anunnaki Rebellion had helped devise), came to replace the sacred teachings, creating division and social unrest within Atlantean civilization. The Anunnaki-Annu began to spread their influence into other cultures, gaining covert control over Egyptian lands and several other smaller cultural centers. About 52,000 years ago the Templar-Annu allowed the Resistance allies, the Dracos, to secretly return to Earth, promising them an earthly home if they would assist in infiltration of the Earth cultures. The Dracos infiltrated the Lemurian continent of Muarivhi, creating an extensive network of underground lairs within the tunnel systems that ran between Lemuria and Atlantis. 

Systematically the aggressive Dracos began terrorizing the Lemurian culture, extending the reign of terror into Atlantis and various other places. Meetings were held by representatives of all the races through which a plan was devised to end the Dracos problem. The humans hoped to use the generator crystals to create small, pin-point explosions within the underground caverns in order to seal the Dracos within their lairs until the Sirian Council could come and evacuate the Dracos. But the plan back-fired, as the Earth grid became energetically overloaded by energy from the generator crystals and a massive explosion occurred within the lands beneath Muarivhi. The explosion destroyed the land mass of Lemurian civilization and remnants of the Lemurians integrated into Atlantean territories. 

The explosion caused massive volcanic activity, earthquakes and floods, and though the Atlantean continent did not suffer massive destruction, it took generations for them to rebuild, and for the Earth to rebalance her grid. A small period of ice followed these events, during which most of the races retreated underground, some permanently entering the Inner Earth. After the surface 58 Giza to Atlantis environment stabilized most of the remaining races returned to the surface to rebuild. Atlantis again became a cultural center, but never again reached its previous height of development. Most of the Dracos were evacuated from Earth by their Anunnaki-Resistance accomplices, and the Templar-Annu continued to hold their ground within Atlantean and Egyptian cultures. 

Following the cataclysm of 52,000 years ago the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council and several other stellar neighbors returned to Earth, assisting the humans to rebuild. During the explosions beneath the ground the portal passage to the Arc of the Covenant had been damaged, and the energetic grid beneath the Atlantean continent was unstable. The Elohim, Ra Confederacy and other guardian groups from HU-2 restructured the Arc of the Covenant, moving the portal that connected it to Earth out of Atlantis and into the regions of Egypt, where the Earth grid structure was more stable. The Serres-Egyptian races would now share guardianship and control of the Arc of the Covenant with the Annu-Melchizedeks and Hebrew peoples who migrated there following the explosions. The cultural hub of Earth was relocated from Atlantis to Egypt about 51,750 years ago, and Egypt began to thrive. 

Anunnaki of the Sirian Council and Earth Protection, the First Building of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, Ankhs, Outpost on Mars, First Birth Wave of Melchizedek Cloister and Re-establishment of the Law of One. 

48,500 - 35,000 YA Following the relocation of the Arc of the Covenant 51,750 years ago, Egyptian culture prospered, and Egypt became a center for the Annu-Melchizedek, Hebrew and Serres-Egyptian guardians of the Arc of the Covenant. Atlantean culture also prospered as the generator crystals were once again restored to operation after being put out of service during the Lemurian cataclysm 52,000 years ago. The generator crystals were once again charged with multidimensional frequency using the Arc of the Covenant in Egypt. Through this period of rebuilding and expansion the influence of the Templar-Annu (Annu whose genetic line had been contaminated by the Templar Seal through interbreeding with members of the Anunnaki Resistance) continued to spread, creating a growing chasm between races serving the Law of One and those falling under the influence of the Anunnaki Resistance Templar Solar Initiates' Creed. In Egypt the Templar-Annu were at first met with resistance to this influence, and many of them relocated to Atlantis where the Templar-Annu had a stronger hold over the cultural environment. 

The Templar-Annu of Atlantis began using their influence to corrupt the Atlantean priest cast and eventually the social and moral climate in Atlantis  declined under their influence. Motivated by the Anunnaki Resistance, the Templar-Annu began to dominate the races of Atlantean culture, and made plans to conquer the lands of the Inner Earth. They planned to use the generator crystals to break through the electromagnetic barrier which protected the portals of the Inner Earth. Concerned for the welfare of the Inner Earth civilizations, and the high concentration of Annu-Melchizedeks residing there, the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council petitioned the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds for permission to make a show of strength on Earth, offering the races protection against increasing Anunnaki Resistance infiltration. 

Permission was granted and the Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense was called in to assist in this protective mission. The primary target for Anunnaki Resistance manipulation was the area in which the Arc of the Covenant was located, so Egypt became the focus of Sirian Council activity. Anunnaki of the Sirian Council were first sent to the planet Mars to recreate an observational outpost that had been constructed there during the Thousand Years’ War, which they hoped would intimidate the Anunnaki Resistance from further interference with Earth. Undaunted by the presence of the Sirian Council, the Anunnaki Resistance escalated their involvement with Atlantis and began a resurgence of their influence in Egypt, posing a greater threat to the security of the Arc of the Covenant.

About 48,500 years ago the Sirian Council instructed their Anunnaki members to make a direct show of power in Egypt and Atlantis. Anunnaki of the Sirian Council visited these civilizations en masse, reasserting the influence of the Law of One and driving many Templar-Annu out of Egypt and back to Atlantis, where they would pose less threat to the Arc of the Covenant. In Egypt, and in several other locations on the globe, the portals of the Inner Earth were fortified as the Sirian Council Anunnaki built bases of operation on the Earth's surface, directly over the portal regions. The pyramid structure was a trademark of Anunnaki architecture and scientific achievement, and several small pyramid structures were constructed above portal passage areas throughout Egypt. 

The greatest of these operations bases was constructed over the main Egyptian portal opening to the Inner Earth, through which the Arc of the Covenant portal could be accessed. At the same time another massive structure was constructed over the nearby portal of the Arc of the Covenant. The first monument to be created was the original Sphinx. This building covered the portal to the Inner Earth and linked directly into the portal passage that led to the Arc of the Covenant. The Sphinx was designed following Anunnaki heritage, having the head of an Anunnaki warrior placed upon the body of a lion-like sculpture. The lion's body of the Sphinx was a symbolic tribute to a race of beings from HU-2 known as the Leonines, who were instrumental in laying the early foundations of Anunnaki culture. The Leo nine beings of HU-2, who were large, upright, fur-covered felines of advanced intelligence, were revered as Godlike by the early Anunnaki civilizations, and the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council paid tribute to this heritage. 

The Anunnaki of the Sirian Council drew strength and comfort from their affiliation with the Leonine people, and, by constructing this monument, intended to show the power of the Anunnaki united and built upon their Leonine ancestral allies. The symbolic design of the Sphinx was intended to show the Anunnaki Resistance that they were alone in their conquest and that the true Anunnaki heritage stood behind the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council. In practical terms, the Sphinx was constructed to serve as a fortification for the Inner Earth portal and also as a safe house and library for the storage of sacred records and texts. It also served the purpose of housing the great energy transmitting machines that were charged with UHF fifth-dimensional energy from the Arc of the Covenant, and the smaller Ankhs which were infused with energy in a similar fashion. 

Historically, the larger machines became known as Arcs of the Covenant, and the true identity of the Arc of the Covenant as being a portal bridge was lost. But during the time of the original building of the Sphinx the truth of the Arc of the Covenant was well known, and the objects were understood as tools which could draw, hold and transmit energy that was drawn, through the Arc of the Covenant, from the Blue Flame of Amenti that was stored in the Andromeda galaxy. Both the large and small tools were designed in the shape of the Ankh, which allowed high frequency energy to be synthesized in specific ways following the natural laws of interdimensional energy mechanics. The Ankhs were used to create the Sphinx, various pyramids, and other structures as they provided the power to reverse gravitational pull and directly affect the particle make-up and morphogenetic fields of Earth matter substance. 

They served as major construction tools, weather modulators, healing tools and as interdimensional transit devices. The original Sphinx served as a protective fortress in which these devices could be stored and kept out of the hands of the Templar-Annu. The second major construction of the Sirian Council Anunnaki was a massive pyramid centered directly over the portal opening to the Arc of the Covenant. This pyramid was originally constructed during the same time period as the Sphinx, about 48,459 years ago (about 46,459 BC). The reconstruction of this pyramid, which occurred about 12,550 years ago (10,500 BC) then again about 11,000 years ago (9,000 BC) is what has come to be known in modern times as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Cheops pyramid. 

This structure was reconstructed and repaired on numerous occasions. It was designed and erected by the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council, the Annu-Melchizedeks, Hebrew, and Serres-Egyptian peoples from that time period. The pyramid was not constructed to serve as a burial tomb, though much later it was used as 61 The Third Seeding such. The primary purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza was to fortify the portal of the Arc of the Covenant and to serve as an interdimensional teleportation center. The original pyramid was designed as a Harmonic Resonance Chamber, through which multidimensional frequency bands could be pulled in from deep space and from the planetary core of Sirius B, using a great ankh positioned directly below a crystalline cap stone. 

Through the power of the ankh a tremendous amount of UHF energy was pulled into focus within the cap stone of the pyramid, then projected downward through the structure into the second-dimensional frequency bands. The pyramid and Arc of the Covenant were situated upon Earth's geographical center point, within the energy vortex that represented the “Heart Chakra" within Earth's planetary bio-energetic system. This vortex allowed energy exchange to take place between Earth and the fourth-dimensional frequency bands. By creating a Harmonic Resonance Chamber within such an interdimensional vortex, the D-2 overtones of HU-1 could be combined with the base tones of D-4/HU-2, forming an interdimensional resonant tone through which visiting craft traveling from Sirius B and other star systems could enter and leap through time, making transit to Earth almost instantaneous. The Great Pyramid was created to allow immediate intervention of the Sirian Council and Galactic Federation fleets should the Arc of the Covenant come under Anunnaki Resistance attack. While the pyramid was in operation as an interstellar teleport station, it served as the greatest deterrent to an Anunnaki Resistance invasion. 

The Great Pyramid was used as an active interstellar teleport station from the time of its construction 48,459 years ago to about 30,000 years ago (about 28,000 BC) when an explosion in Atlantis caused Earth to tilt slightly on its axis, knocking the pyramid's D-4 vortex (Earth's heart chakra) out of its previous alignment with the vortex systems of Sirius B and several other planetary systems to which it had been originally aligned. ET visitation was commonplace in Egypt prior to this misalignment of the Earth's grid, but following this event, transit from other star systems required more time and resources, so visitation became much less frequent. Throughout the height of its operation (46,459 BC-28,000 BC) the Great Pyramid of Giza was also used as an ascension chamber for the select few who possessed the required DNA assembly and favor of the Elohim. Such individuals were allowed passage through the Arc of the Covenant if the Elohim approved and opened the passageway, and some were able to ascend to Tara. 

The pyramid was used as a training school for initiates to the Melchizedek/Elohim ascension program, and also for healing, accelerating genetic assembly and for passage into the Inner Earth portals beneath the Sphinx. The pyramid was always kept under tight security by the resident Anunnaki of the Sirian Council, and the Templar-Annu were banned from entering the premises. This created much hostility between the Templar-Annu and the Egyptian cultures operating under the protection of the Sirian 62 Giza to Atlantis Council Anunnaki. The Anunnaki of the Sirian Council developed a strong hold in Egypt for a time, creating a system of pyramids and other structures that housed a network of power points through which energy was drawn from the great crystals of Atlantis, through the Earth's grid lines and into desired locations. 

About 35,000 years ago the pure Melchizedek Cloister race began their first full birthing wave into human civilization, reinforcing the teachings of the Law of One and bringing their fifth DNA strand potentials into the human genetic pool. Guardianship of the Arc of the Covenant was slowly turned over from the Sirian Council Anunnaki to the Annu-Melchizedeks, Cloister Melchizedeks, Hebrew (hybrids of fifth race Cloister Hibiru and the sixth race Cloister Melchizedeks created through the Host Matrix Transplants of the Second Seeding), and the Serres-Egyptians, all of whom became members of the early Egyptian priest-craft. Since the times of their creation, the Sphere of Amenti (550 million years ago) and the Arc of the Covenant (840,000 years ago) were the primary foci of human evolution as the purpose and process of the human evolutionary imprint was held within the secrets of Amenti. 

Guardian Alliance & Galactic Federation Intervention 28,000 BC-10,000 BC The Templar-Annu grew progressively more hostile within the territories under Sirian Council protection, and many relocated to Atlantis, which was becoming the Templar-Annu strong hold. Angered that they were not permitted to enter the Inner Earth or use the Arc of the Covenant, the Templar-Annu devised a plan to conquer the Inner Earth territories by using the Atlantean crystal generators to tear down the electromagnetic barriers that secured the Inner Earth portals. The Templar-Annu began their conquest from the continent of Atlantis, but quickly discovered the Inner Earth portal shields could not be easily destroyed. 

As they forced excessive power through one of their main generator crystals, the crystal unit exploded, with more than 10 times the force of an atomic bomb. Several other smaller generators also exploded, ripping apart the continent of Atlantis and sending the majority of its land mass under the sea. Following the explosions of 30,000 years ago (28,000 BC), the Atlantean land mass was reduced to three islands and most of its populations were destroyed. Just prior to the explosion, the Sirian Council removed various groups from Atlantis, distributing them throughout various locations on the globe, many being taken to Egypt for re-settling. The Egyptians were forewarned of the coming event, and most of the culture retreated underground into Inner Earth communities, finding shelter from the Earth changes that would result from the explosions. 

During the explosions in Atlantis, the Earth was tilted slightly on its axis, throwing the Earth's grid out of balance, breaking the energetic link between the pyramid of Giza and Sirius B. The Great Pyramid could no longer function as 63 The Third Seeding an interstellar teleport station. The Arc of the Covenant remained stable but surface conditions were thrown into chaos once again. The pole tilt created massive flooding in many places throughout the globe, and the rearrangement of some land masses. Once surface conditions stabilized, the races returned to the surface to rebuild, while the Anunnaki Resistance collected the Templar-Annu they had rescued and placed them back upon the Islands of Atlantis, helping them to reconstruct their civilization. 

Anunnaki of the Sirian Council remained in Egypt, then extended their influence into Atlantean Island territory, returning the Atlantean and Annu-Melchizedek survivors they had exiled in the Inner Earth to the Atlantean Islands, while slowly swaying a good percentage of the Atlantean Templar-Annu to give up their Anunnaki Resistance affiliation. Though the Law of One was beginning a resurgence in the Atlantean island cultures between 30,000-12,500 years ago (28,000 BC-10,500 BC), the Anunnaki of the Sirian Council, and the Arc of the Covenant which they continued to protect, remained more vulnerable to Anunnaki Resistance infiltration, because the Galactic Federation and Sirian Council fleets could no longer instantaneously come to Earth's defense due to the disruption of the Giza pyramid teleport station. 

Around 12,500 years ago (10,500 BC) the Anunnaki Resistance, angered by the loss of their stronghold in Atlantis, launched an aggressive air strike against the Sirian Council Anunnaki outpost on Mars and then in Egypt, in an attempt to destroy the Arc of the Covenant, and claim dominion over the Earth civilization. The Martian outpost was destroyed. The Sirian Council and various interstellar allies squelched the takeover attempt and drove the Anunnaki Resistance fleet out of Earth's vicinity to the distant planet of Nibiru, but they did not arrive in time to prevent the destruction of the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and various other cultural centers in Egypt. 

The portal bridge of the Arc of the Covenant survived the attack, as did the Inner Earth territories, but following this brief onslaught of 10,500 BC, the pyramids, Sphinx and other Egyptian structures had to be rebuilt. The Atlantean Islands were not directly involved in these attacks, though Resistance-Loyal Templar-Annu created minor uprisings against their Sirian Council Loyalist relatives, until word of the Resistance defeat drove them into temporary underground seclusion. The Atlantean Islands continued on with mounting tensions between the two groups, and by 9,500 BC the Resistance-Loyal Templar-Annu had once again regained their stronghold in Atlantis. In Egypt, following the Resistance attack, the Sirian Council Anunnaki, Annu-Melchizedeks, Cloister Melchizedeks and Serres-Egyptians rebuilt the primary structures of their civilization. 

The ankhs, which had been hidden in the Inner Earth during the raid, were again brought to the surface, and the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, and several new structures were rebuilt. The Sphinx and Great Pyramid were placed in their previous locations mark Appointment ing the fortification of the Arc of the Covenant and Inner Earth portals. The Great Pyramid was slightly realigned in order to create a Harmonic Resonance link with the Pleiadian star system through the planet Alcyone, which would allow the structure to be used once again as an interstellar teleport station. Because of the disturbances of the Earth grid that occurred during the Atlantean explosions 30,000 years ago (28,000 BC) the original alignment with the Sirius B system could not be reestablished. The Third Eye of Horus portal bridge to Sirius B did remain operational for smaller-scale visitations. The Earth was now more closely in alignment with the interstellar energy spirals that ran through the Pleiadian system, and so the new pyramid was oriented to an energetic alignment with Alcyone. 

Earth enters a new 26,556-Year Time Cycle, Ascension Cycles and the 2017 AD Appointment 22,326 BC - 2017 AD - 4230 AD 

The civilizations of Earth continued to prosper and once again enjoyed interstellar visitation from their Sirian and Pleiadian allies. Atlantis continued to digress under the influence of a resurgence of the Templar-Annu. The crystal generators were adapted into devices of torture for those not in compliance with the Templars, and a period of genetic experimentation and rampant power abuses ensued within Atlantean culture. The Arc of the Covenant and the Inner Earth remained safe under the protection of the Sirian Council as Earth began her next natural 26,556-year cycle of evolution through the interdimensional time spirals. 

Earth entered her new 26,556-year cycle 24,324 years ago in 22,326 BC, with the challenge of rebalancing her energetic grid following the Atlantean explosions of 28,000 BC. With the close of the old cycle came a natural period of dimensional blending through which the Sphere of Amenti could have been re-entered into the Earth core, but due to the continuing setbacks and necessity for planetary rebalancing, the Earth grid did not vibrate high enough for the Sphere of Amenti to be returned. At the onset of the new cycle in 22,326 BC, the Halls of Amenti would have to remain closed to the masses, as human evolution continued slowly along its course. 

The first 4,426 years within the new cycle represented a time of great promise, for this cycle period constituted the natural point at which Earth would release two morphogenetic waves, through which masses of people could ascend to Tara if the Halls of Amenti were opened. The first morphogenetic wave was released from Earth in 20,113 BC, the second wave in 17,900 BC, but the populations were unable to ascend as the Halls of Amenti were not yet opened. Within the 26,556-year natural time cycle of Earth, morphogenetic waves are released only during four periods, the first two waves within 65 The Third Seeding the first 4,426 years of the cycle, and the last two waves during the final 4,426 years of the cycle. 

These two 4,426-year periods, which occur at the opening and closing of a 26,566 year cycle, are referred to as Ascension Cycles. Since the Halls of Amenti were not opened during the first Ascension Cycle of the new time cycle, the souls trapped in the D-2 elemental and D-4 astral kingdoms, as well as the humans on Earth, would have to wait until the final Ascension Cycle of their 26,556-year time cycle, in order to ascend. From 22,326 BC forward the Guardian races of HU-2, the Ra Confederacy and the earthly Guardians of the Arc of the Covenant planned, prepared and waited for the next Ascension Cycle. This time the Halls of Amenti must be opened—this time the Earth grid must be able to hold the Sphere of Amenti— this time the many souls trapped within HU-1 must be allowed to ascend.

The final Ascension Cycle within this 26,556-year time cycle would begin in the year 196 BC. The first morphogenetic wave of this Ascension Cycle was due to be released in the year 2017 AD. The last morphogenetic wave of this Ascension Cycle would take place in 4230 AD. If the Halls of Amenti were not opened during this final Ascension cycle, the souls of the masses would be unable to ascend to Tara for another 26,556 years. If the Halls of Amenti could be opened by 2012 AD, or by 4230 AD at the latest, the races of Earth could finally reclaim the divinity and dignity of their heritage and return to HU-2, to the reality of the Immortal body and the original 12-strand DNA construction. 

Their consciousness would no longer be trapped within HU-1 or in the D-4 astral planes. The living and the dead (those souls trapped in the astral planes) would rise up and ascend out of their earthly prisons and into the “heavenly” lands of Tara in HU-2. These stories of ascension, which appeared within your traditional religious texts were originally given to you by the Elohim and others, in order to explain the highly scientific process of dimensional ascension that your races would be faced with when the Halls of Amenti were opened. The Teachings of the Divine Science, the Original Templar, Anunnaki Resistance and Templar-Annu Distortions of the Templar Teachings and the Guardians’ Awakening Agenda 28,000 BC-present Originally the teachings of ascension were quite scientific in nature, dealing with the reality of multidimensional physics. 

The original information brought to the races of the Third Seeding represented the teachings of the Science of Keylonta, the underlying energetic mechanisms through which reality is created and the processes through which consciousness evolves. The early Atlantean cultures had full access to this information, and until the Templar-Annu distorted the teachings in order to control the populations, the science of ascension and multidimensional mechanics was publicly taught as a primary belief model around which societies were structured. The teachings were given to all of the races throughout the globe, not just those of Egypt and Atlantis. Over time, and through the oppression of the Templar-Annu and later control-oriented political groups, the true teachings were distorted or destroyed as they gave the common person power over their personal destiny. 

People who are empowered cannot be controlled or manipulated by outside authorities, and so the tool of empowerment, knowledge, was taken away from the masses so the few elite could hold them under their power. What remains today of the ascension teachings is hardly an introduction to the true science as it was once applied on Earth. Portions of the teachings survived through the mystical schools of the ages, kept under strict secrecy, as the politically controlling factions of various time periods persecuted those who attempted to bring the truth to the populations. Even today this persecution exists (though usually in more covert form), much of it within the traditional religious organizations whose teachings have been highly distorted in order to keep people powerless and subservient to religious authority figures. 

The science of ascension was withheld from the masses, but the promise of ascension was used to manipulate people into supporting and obeying the authorities who claimed that ascension could be accomplished only through blind belief and adherence to their politically motivated creeds. The original teachings were intended for everyone, not just to serve the objectives of a power elite. Though certain groups were appointed with guardianship of the Sphere of Amenti and the Arc of the Covenant, they were not intended to horde this power and knowledge for themselves, but this is precisely what occurred throughout various periods of Earth's history. The guardian races of 22,326 BC knew it would be a challenge to prepare the masses for the Ascension Cycle of 196 BC-4230 AD, but they had not originally planned for the disruptions caused by the Templar-Annu and their Anunnaki Resistance allies. 

Through the manipulation of the Anunnaki Resistance and the Templar-Annu, following the Atlantean explosions of 28,000 BC, preparing the races for the morphogenetic wave of 2017 AD became a very difficult task, as the teachings that would allow this preparation to go smoothly were lost, manipulated, distorted or destroyed, and as time went on, the majority of humans did not have access to this information. Throughout the development of human culture since 28,000 BC the covert influence of the Anunnaki Resistance and that of the Templar-Annu proceeded to contaminate human consciousness with the elitist, controlling creed initially developed by the Templar Solar Initiates of Tara. The original Templar of Tara was a sacred organization devoted to upholding the Law of One. The Taran Turaneusiam races were gifted, by the Sirian Council, with the power and knowledge of the Templar in order to serve as guardians of the Taran planetary grid. 

They had the awesome responsibility of ensuring that Tara's energetic systems remained balanced, and that Tara, and the Turaneusiam races, stayed upon their course of evolution into the HU-3 planetary grid of Gaia. Due to the corruption of the Taran Templar Solar Initiates, orchestrated by the Anunnaki factions of the HU-2 Sirius star system who were rebelling against the Sirian Council, the truth and sacred science of the Templar was, for a time, lost on Tara. And because of this distortion and intentional Anunnaki Resistance manipulation on Earth, the Templar teachings provided to the Earth races became tainted with lies and distortions, progressively leading human culture into an elitist, materialistic, dualistic perception of reality. That perception has formed the underlying belief-base upon which culture was organized, and is still apparent within most of the cultures of present day Earth. 

The original Templar creed taught Unity Consciousness and love, cooperation and respect toward all other life forms. It did not appoint some groups as being godly and others as evil; it taught of the necessity for equality between peoples and genders and the need to heal and integrate all aspects of society. The original Templar teachings promoted kindness, gentleness, tolerance and power through comprehension of sacred energy mechanics and consciousness embodiment of the God-force. They did not teach that God was a male authority figure who passed judgment upon sinful, inferior humans. They did not teach that the male gender was formed in the image of God and the female was a lesser part extracted through the godly male to hold a position of subservience to men.

The original Templar creed did not endorse the exploitation of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms for the purpose of personal sustenance and materialistic gain, it taught respect and reverence for all life. The original Templar did not teach of “good and evil”; it taught that evil deeds were the result of ignorance to the true structure of the universe, and that evil was cured by education through the Law of One. It taught that peoples were created to be free, and in that freedom should be taught how to become co-creators with the God-force. It taught that every being in the universe was an individual face and expression of God, and that brotherhood was simply the rational result of this comprehension. Literally all of the elitist, sexist, materialistic distortions to the true Laws of the Templar were perpetrated through the influence of the Anunnaki Resistance, some of their ET co-conspirators and the Templar-Annu Resistance loyalists lineage who became their earthly operatives. 

The distorted Templar creeds motivated everything from the Holy Wars throughout history to the structures upon which economic, political and social organization has been built. The creed of the Templar-Annu spread far and wide, and has colored the mores of literally every human culture on Earth since the time of the Third Seeding. The Templar distortions have evolved into a massive program, which has repressed the majority for the benefit of the few, and has caused humanity to lose comprehension of its divine source and the true potentials of its evolutionary heritage. This creed has been a poison to human society, and the pain, disease, war, competition, hatred and violence that have colored the human condition throughout history and into the present, are clear Appointment illustrations of just how powerfully these distortions of truth have affected you. 

It would help all of you to realize that these creeds were given to you and promoted by ET forces who set themselves up as surrogate gods, so human evolution would remain under their control for the purpose of exploitation. True spirituality lives within, and it is through that inner truth that you will be able to separate the chaff from the grain in regard to your spiritual and physical evolution. In contemporary society there are groups of souls now being born who have been commissioned by the Palaidorians, Elohim, Ra Confederacy and Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, to bring the original teachings of the Templar back into your civilizations. (you are on such a site)

 They will bring back to the Earth the truth of the Law of One and the knowledge of sacred science through which that Law can be actively applied. Many traditional persuasions will attempt to promote the new teachings as evil or to otherwise discredit them, precisely because restoration of the truth of multidimensional reality, which these organizations have for long attempted to hide, will be the downfall of these institutions. 

Once humanity becomes aware of the Law of One and the Unity Consciousness created through its practice, control organizations will no longer be able to blindly lead the people, for the people will choose freedom and knowledge over ideological imprisonment. And they will choose love, equality and a personal relationship with the creative force over judgment, devaluation, hatred, fear, subservience and blind worship of self-promoting outside authority figures. This evolution of self-concept and re-definition of reality will take time, but through this process humanity will progressively grow to become free, and through its freedom will come to understand its co-creative relationship with the divine. 

When the Guardian races of 22,326 BC planned the preparation of the races for their 2017 AD awakening, they had not realized the extent to which these manipulations would distort the evolution of human culture, nor the degree to which the races would digress under this influence. Despite the often disheartening setbacks, the guardian races of the higher Harmonic Universes remained loyal to their cause of seeing the Covenant of Palaidor, and the evolution of the races, reach fulfillment. They have assisted, and still do, along every step of the way, helping humanity to awaken to its relationship with the divine creative Source. After defeating the Anunnaki Resistance attack of 10,500 BC, and assisting the races of Egypt to rebuild their cultures, the Sirian Council and guardian allies of humanity continued to visit and assist the evolving cultures, serving as a counterbalance to the Anunnaki Resistance and Templar-Annu forces that continued to assert their influence on Earth. 

The new teleport station of the rebuilt pyramid of Giza, now aligned with the energetic systems of Alcyone and the Pleiades, offered swift guardian intervention and protection of Earth and easy access to Earth visitation. Until about 11,500 years ago (9,500 BC), humanity enjoyed the benefits of open relationship with advanced ET cultures. This open relationship ended in 9,500 BC,  through an event created at the hands of the Atlantean Templar-Annu. Following this event, human culture would enter a long period of digression, as the planet was placed under intergalactic quarantine, and the previous powers of advanced civilization were lost. This event of 9,500 BC was the first of several major setbacks the guardians encountered as they attempted to prepare the races for the opening of the Halls of Amenti and the mass ascension cycle of 196 BC-4230 AD. 

Preparing the races would be no easy task while the Templar-Annu and their Resistance allies exerted forceful influence over the developing human cultures. Many struggles and hardships would be encountered as the power struggle between the HU-2 races who upheld the Law of One and those who placed self-promotion above universal balance, was played out through the evolution of humanity on Earth. Through the evolution of freedom, co-creative endeavor and unity consciousness that power struggle will one day come to an end, and peace will be restored to the races of the Third Seeding.

Voyagers II; 4 The Guardian Material; A Journey Toward Awakening

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