Monday, June 21, 2021

Finding your inner Pan; "Oh there you are Peter...YOU ARE THE PAN!"

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Watch the clip first, then we'll talk...It's important because this clip embodies many of the things we need to move into a state of truth. About our reality, the search for our higher, inner selves and the struggle with admitting we need help, that we may not be perfect, but still, human, striving to find that inner Pan that we all somehow know is in there.
~ The hardest part of Enlightenment and Awakening is the thing most people grapple with, because they were expecting nirvana is that 'This is hard...

In order to rise to a 'higher self' you have to start with the self you ARE, good bad or otherwise, and All the beautiful and ugly truths that go with it. All of it.

~This is not what you thought. You didn't realize, or maybe better said, forgot, or we're made, allowed as a species over all, to forget, that growing is hard.

~Some, newly reawakened Starseeds, old souls, who are here again in their current incarnation, inherently know this and have chosen to be here and help Humanity/Terrans/non Humanoid Earthers, go through this final Ascension. Speakers, Sages, Teachers, Scribes, Healers. Magicians. 

Some, are new souls here, Indigo Children. Raised physically through the DNA strand, finding self for them is easier than for us, already knowing there is more than this 3D existence. And there is you, old soul, new in Spirit, new to this whole esoteric way of thinking. Adjustments must be made and Old dogs CAN learn new tricks..  

It means facing facts that are difficult. It means admitting fears we choose to ignore, or dull with chemicals, or cognitive dissonance. Many of us want to be more, be better than we see or are or think is possible, but we have grown lazy. Many have willingly allowed themselves to be 'put to sleep', made comfortable. Which is why ascending, becoming the light within, exposing the dark, is so hard. You weren't prepared for that. You got trophies for just showing up. No one said we'd have to sweat and bleed and get callouses and cry.

But that's what it's gonna take..and we can and will do it. 

We have done it before. 

The ways of  being human in the construct of Society that has been designed for you, has made us all lose focus. Not only on what is right in front of us, but more importantly, what could be. In order for us to ascend to the next level of enlightenment and be better versions of who we are, as individuals and as a Society, we need to look hard at ourselves, in truth and non judgemental compassion. Unconditional love is needed more now than ever before. Especially towards ourselves.

We need to face how far off course we have come, morally, materialistically and spiritually. And not until we have, with this new/old light that we have rediscovered, shone it upon the darkness that is without and within, can we expose the inner demons that haunt our memories and finally let them go. Then we can stop cutting ourselves on the jagged pieces of broken promises and dreams and heal those wounds once and for all.

Ignoring them doesn't stop the bleeding. it just dulls the reality and light as we hide our hurts and bruises and failings, instead of exposing them, facing them, forgiving ourselves and moving forward.

IT REQUIRES LOOKING HARDER.. Realizing that your Ultimate Creator, your Source of Love and Light does not and HAS NOT made you imperfect. That is what the Elite Negative beings who live off your fear and your servitude and your pain and your suffering would have you believe. You are perfect, made in Our image and the image of the Infinite Creator, the One who has made all things and IS all things.

And No, not the 'religious fevered' white haired image of a 'god' spirit you envision from the books, manipulated to have you serve a 'creator' that would somehow punish you for the very essence of who you are, a false construct and belief system created to keep you guilty and enslaved, and somehow convinced you are less that the Marvelous Creation and part of One that you Actually are. That was Enlil/Yahweh, misconstruing OUR words and meaning, and enslaving you for centuries...but no more.

Father /Mother/Christos, WE have returned, hard as that is for many of you to swallow. 

We never left, always watching, waiting for you to sense that you are more than what you have been told. Once the Veil had been lifted, the 25600 year Cycle was at end and the ascension and enlightenment timeline could be restored, the Law of Free Will had to be set in motion. We could not force you to again seek us and ask our return, our help. You had to do that on your own as a society, as a species as terrans, in unison and together, seeking to evolve to your next level of existence. AND YOU HAVE.

Whether you are here again, for another incarnation in this 3D Mystery School of Terra, your Mother, or, you are transmuted to 4th, 5th /Tara or even 6th densities, Gaia in 7th creates our world. Realize, ascension for some, is just waking for the very first time, becoming aware of the connection and relationship on a spiritual, higher vibrational  plane. Fully active DNA/pineals thamus, etc. transmuted, Like Neo. Like we were and are now, but better.

You are all that the Light and Love of the Creator is, as He is in You and You are in Him.

His Uni-Verse.
His One Song.

The hard part is letting go, and seeing with new, old and tired eyes, who you really are, especially we 'old souls' who have forgotten, caught up in this 3D dream we chose to experience, so we could ALL be More with Creator. Time has come to fly.

We can only pull back the veil...we can only show you The Pan you are inside. You must WORK to free that Pan, reuse the muscles of reasoning and insight  that are newly awakened again, opening your spiritual mind to all the things that are possible...INCLUDING YOU...

Who do you see when you look at the mirror?

'Oh There you are Peter...'
I AM the Pan
Fly my Lovelies.....Fly

......goodnight neverland!

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Ascension Shadow Work: Developing Self Awareness, Embodiment, Increasing Body Awareness & Identifying Negative Ego Traits NAA imposters and Anti-Christos Behavior

Developing Self Awareness

The first three lower chakras are directly related to developing SELF-AWARENESS. These are the chakras that regulate the energy flow to our Biologic. It is vitally important to have these chakras or energies in balance BEFORE moving on to higher spiritual realms of awareness, moving into the higher chakra configurations and correcting the color ray correspondences.

To build and maintain personal integrity takes some effort and commitment, like developing the self-awareness that is required to define your personal values so that you can measure your behaviors and actions, in order to evaluate how aligned you are to your authentic self.

When you consciously participate to clarify personal beliefs and core values, the next step is to honestly assess how well you are doing, by reviewing yourself in a personal integrity report. It may be a powerfully positive process to review your core values and generate personal integrity reports annually, so that you can see how you are evolving and transforming, as you better stay aligned to your own personal value system.

THIS IS THE PART MOST FOLKS SKIP....the actual down and dirty Shadow work.

What is it we mean when we say shadow work?

It's the cognitive acceptance and understanding of the lower energies ,impulses and attraction to those ugly energies we all must overcome, the shortcomings...the ego and the meeting ourselves where we are, no matter where that is with no judgement, no polarity assigned to who we actually are.

Acceptance that these 'issues' problems' obstacles or classes, must be dealt with is vital or the process bogs down when we get to 4th chakra and above, especially when we try to access the higher chakras of interdimensionality.

It's foolish to think we can learn easily to access the higher energies and chakras, when we have yet to, or just recently learned of and accepted, working on chakras to begin with.

When we address these lower chakras first...this begins to develop more competency in self-leadership and life management skills, so that you are empowered to make positive differences from the values that you lead in your life. Real self-leadership and Self-Ownership begins when we have absolute clarity within the context of our personal beliefs and core values, which become the guiding principles we follow in our lives.

Embodiment is becoming consciously aware of our own biological patterns, their origins, and opening to the possibilities in how we can work to clear and heal them. What is our body’s wisdom communicating to us now? When we listen to our body’s needs and are willing to develop present moment body awareness, we are opening up our heart in order to register deeply felt sensations and impressions. Body Awareness opens up the possibility of direct cellular knowing that relays intelligent information. We are also learning the importance of self-care and self-love as the necessary core components of cultivating higher spiritual and emotional development that finally allow us to experience authentic embodiment.

When we are in the process of Embodiment we are connecting to the most authentic part of ourselves in the moment by allowing the honest observation of sensations, emotions and feelings that are happening in our body without judgment or suppression. When we allow ourselves to embody, we are more available to be fully present with our life experiences, thus we feel more grounded, centered and connected in our life and with others. Our physical body holds the intelligence and feelings that gives us the map to unlock our authentic self by peeling away the layers of painful or negative patterns, if we are willing to observe ourselves and put forth the effort..

The Permanent Seed Atom is that which contains the Divine Christos Blueprint and its blood record within the Thymus Gland in the higher heart center. The divine blueprint transmits the DNA Fire Letters into the instructional grids once it is relayed through the opened and activated Permanent Seed Atom. As every living thing has a permanent seed atom and blueprint structure, so does the Living Universal Layers of the Time Matrix. As the record of the Permanent Seed Atom opens into each sub band and its harmonic layers across all space, time and dimension, it then feeds the Source energy, the Zero Point Field) into each of these grid's instruction layers. In accordance to the Law of Harmonics, which includes reflectional symmetry - whatever structure does not resonate to its original blueprint pattern, either self-corrects as it is overridden or it collapses. The collapse of the structure is due to distortions to such degree the integrity of the blueprint has been fully corrupted. Therefore upon the impact of the critical mass of Living Light Current that has been accumulated within a manifest container that is holding consciousness, it may possibly destroy the container of that form that has become distorted in order to be corrected into its original blueprint nature.

We are attempting to embody as much of our Monadic Consciousness and activate the Permanent Seed Atom in our higher heart complex and thymus gland. As we activate the Permanent Seed Atom, we activate and change the pulse rhythm in the grid on the planet and help to build the Diamond Heart planetary network. So many areas of the planetary grid are damaged, so they are going in reversals patterns. If we can hold this base pulse rhythm, we create a circumference in an area where we can literally create a safe zone. We are being asked to create a safe zone by Guardian contacts. If we can embody this, we create a safe zone on the planet. The more of us that do this, the more safe zones we are going to have. More people are going to have the opportunity to be able to pick up the code they need and not get sucked down into the controllers system where their Seed Atom, therefore their Diamond Heart could get shattered.

Therefore, real Embodiment only happens when the higher consciousness bodies are able to come into the physical realm, which means to fully align, embody and seat within the physical body itself. Currently, the structural changes as a result of the bifurcation within the past, present and future planetary realms, impacts all human beings towards greater embodiment levels of their Soul, Monadic and higher spiritual layers.

Embodiment is about becoming more conscious and aware about our body and mind, and how they really function together in direct partnership with our consciousness access level. As we ascend, we are becoming more self-aware in a first-person experience that is recognizing more of what is actually happening within our body and mind, at the same time we are traveling within a group consciousness experience. Through dedicated self-observation we can pay attention to many different layers of consciousness patterns, reactions and stimulus that are occurring simultaneously and extend throughout the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. The earlier stages of Authentic Embodiment levels are dependent on developing Self Awareness, as the more deeply we know ourselves, and we know our body and how its functions, the deeper we can go into the spiritual embodiment stages. If we do not observe our deepest motivations, self-talk and pay attention to our bodily reactions, we cannot truly know ourselves and this generates inner disconnection that blocks the integrative embodiment process.

Embodiment begins to happen within the consciousness layers as one becomes more self-aware of what the body is doing during a variety of different contexts that we encounter in life. These are the situations, experiences, relationships, our memories and history, the social and cultural lenses that we filter through our personality to make sense of the world. Through all of these layers of context that we are exposed, we have many memories and beliefs recorded in our physical body and nervous system from the experiences that come with those sensations and feelings, that are all interconnected.

Thus Embodiment goes hand in hand with dedicated self-awareness and by making the commitment to be in the observer consciousness, to watch and listen to our body and mind by paying attention to exactly what it is doing and feeling in the moment to moment. We learn that the mind’s contents and beliefs will reflect in our unconscious or automatic reactions to any external stimulus, and thus we observe these reactions, because we want to know ourselves more deeply in order to be free of unconscious blockages that thwart embodiment.

Increasing Body Awareness
Embodiment means to feel how it feels to be in your body and to be conscious of those feelings, paying attention to recurring patterns that may be disempowering and limiting. Only when we can see these patterns and how they influence us, we can change them.

Dedicate to explore improved body awareness through observation of sensations, feelings and experiences that are happening in your body moment to moment. Pay attention to impressions that you feel in bodily movements and reactions, where does your body hold stress and constrict? Where in your body do you feel more relaxed and open? What can you do to more deeply connect with your bodily awareness?

Slow down and find ways to move your body that feels positive and joyful, such as dancing, swimming, deep breathing, connecting with nature and allowing something harmless to feel pleasurable and be enjoyable.

Practice and explore what it means to be embodied by being authentic and true to your experience in any context that you may find yourself. Your experiences are valid and important in the authentic embodiment process. When we deny feelings and experiences we’ve had, we deny the truth, which blocks embodiment. Make the commitment to become fully embodied by being as authentic and truthful as you can be in all circumstances. As you grow and change, your version of authentic expression will also continue to grow and change. Accept change as necessary for continual authentic embodiment.

Disregard labels of acceptable or nonacceptable themes that describe terms that are spiritual, conscious or awakened, in the positive or negative. Instead focus fully on really what you are feeling in the moment and finding the most authentic and compassionate expression for it.
Pay attention to your reactions in your body as they reveal places where you still may be hiding something from yourself and others because you are afraid. Be willing to face what it is that you may be hiding and attempt to describe it so you can learn to overcome the fear that feeds it. When people in our life such as friends or family members are relating to us in past images or inauthentic ways, gently invite them to know the real you, share something that is your authentic self and then ask them to be real with you. In the embodiment process, we want to relate with others who also value authenticity and support this path along with us.

Participate in body awareness centered activities. Research therapies and educational material online that may be highly supportive now. Find areas that interest you, such as body work, fascial and tissue release, somatic therapy, methods that focus on embodying presently through grounding, breathing, posture, perceptual awareness, hydrotherapy, neutral mind and Meditation.

When we allow ourselves to be totally honest with how we are feeling in our body, we can be present to the embodiment process and then we can start to observe those places that need our love and attention, so they can heal and recover. The body informs us when something is not healthy and that something in our body or life needs to change in order to rebalance and heal. Thus we need to learn to love and connect into our body while listening to the body’s messages, tuning into what the body needs to keep us balanced, healthy and embodied. The Permanent Seed Atom or the Christ Seed starts coming on line when the Monad starts connecting to the body. Higher Spirit Body starts connecting to the body at the thymus level and starts adjusting the heart pattern. It causes change in Hormones, endocrine, biorhythms like a domino effect when the Monad starts coming on line.

This is about igniting the Christ Consciousness eternal Seed Atom and bringing that on line. The Monadic spark starts to connect to the Seed Atom, which holds the blueprint for Christ Consciousness and our Crystal Lotus Body. This is the Seed that the controllers are attempting to crush or stop from flowering in the human population. They want to crush the Permanent Seed Atom in the Thymus Gland, which is the 8th Chakra, which is where the Monad starts coming in and actually connecting in to the physical body.

Thus, the term Christ or Christos used in this context is not denoting the individual being referred to as Jesus Christ, as taught through the world religions. Christos extends way beyond all meaning associated with planetary consciousness and actually describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free Cosmic Citizen. 

Service to Others
When we find ourselves uncomfortable with the actions of others, we can relieve ourselves by remembering to cultivate the right attitude towards self. The Law of One is the Universal Truth that All Is One. Thus, one who practices this understanding of the Law of One acts and makes decisions based upon his or her awareness that every action has a consequence to the self and to others. Furthermore, one who exemplifies the Law of One understands that when one person suffers, all people suffer (whether they realize it or not). As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self.

The Basic principles of Service to Others:

• Individuals perceive the connection of love in all things and give unconditional love and compassion towards others,
• Individuals are dedicated to their spiritual Consciousness growth and to help others with their spiritual development,
• Individuals are dedicated to transforming Negative Ego thoughts through developing GSF Behavior modeling,
• Individuals share information and knowledge with others as open source in unified cooperation,
• Individuals have a complete lack of concern for satisfying their materialistic ego needs or satisfying drives of the houses of ego,
• Individuals acknowledge that every person is a spiritual being on their own personal path of spiritual growth and discovery,
• Individuals are committed to experiencing a shared positive reality of World Humanism with others on the Earth.

Identifying Negative Ego Traits & Practices.

Identifying Negative Ego Traits and practices that keep us in our lower wave energy patterns is key to healing and ascending..

Once we are able to recognize negative traits and thought patterns as they happen, we can then move quickly to adjust our perspective and stop those behaviors in their tracks. Slowly, as we practice these techniques every day we become more in tune and more aware and we fall back into these low wave patters less frequently, or at the very least, correct our mindset more quickly

Self Justification
Unfortunately, we often are confused by what we perceive incorrectly through our own need to be okay through self-justification. We formulate these distortions as Ego Defense Mechanisms because we have not learned how to free the mind through the use of Negative Ego tools for self-exploration and deeper self-inquiry.

As we learn to free our mind and love ourselves unconditionally, we know that we are okay without needing to self-justify. When we are free of our own need for self-justification, (by increasing our inner self-approval and self-love, no matter where we find ourselves) then we do not need to justify others or justify ourselves. We are then freed to be capable of unconditionally loving others no matter what they may be choosing to do in that moment. It is what it is in this moment. One has no control over others nor what others may think about them.

Ego Ignorance
Ignorance is defined as that which is only identified with the material world and the use of external organs of perception.

To remain ignorant is a choice that many people make both consciously and unconsciously because they are afraid. Satanic forces as well as the NAA understand this Trauma behavior in humanity and exploit this weakness of “ego fear” aggressively. If the masses remain in Negative Ego fears, they will remain ignorant, therefore the masses are much easier to manipulate and Mind Control through chaos, fears, confusion and power conflicts.
This is the time to leave fear and leave ignorance of the Negative Ego thought patterns. What do you need to do now to remove fear from controlling you? Searching for spiritual knowledge, that which one’s inner soul and heart resonate is that which will lead us away from darkness, ignorance and suffering.

Yet the biggest impediment to all humans on the quest for spiritual truth and knowledge is unresolved ego fear, religious mind control and emotional immaturity based on unhealed Trauma. If we are fear based and believe we are not worthy enough, we stunt our development thereby refusing access to deep self-knowledge. If we refuse to get out of the kiddie pool (the superficial levels of life interaction) mentally or emotionally, we remain too immature to grasp higher spiritual knowledge.
This ignorance leaves most human beings dog paddling in circles through life, completely unable to make informed decisions about the future direction because they are being treated like farm animals by the Controllers. Self-awareness and spiritual knowledge ultimately reach the nexus point in one’s spiritual journey where the catalytic breakthrough beyond ignorance, beyond the Negative Ego is required to progress, evolve and be free.

Superior Thinking: Intolerance, Impatience, Arrogance, Manipulation, Attack, Anger, Judgmental thinking

Inferior Thinking: Worry, Low Self Love or Esteem, Jealousy, Guilt, Hurt, Fear, Attachment, 

When you drop into either an Inferior or Superior thought-form immediately label it as Negative Ego and Dis-Identify with the thought as defining your value or true Christos nature. Do not let negative thoughts control you. Refocus and affirm the correct thought pattern.

Refocus Your mind
The Predator Mind stays in its Superiority complex of the polarity while it projects inferiority on the targets of its submission and enslavement. This is the predictability of the Orion Group and their repeated use of the Controller archetype. To master the Negative Ego one will need to identify these inferior or superior thought forms and their archetypes and belief systems as they are acted upon, in order to shift and refocus negative thoughts back into neutral. This is the act of freeing your mind from being under Mind Control.

In Practice
Do an inventory of personal thoughts and identify them as Inferior or Superior, or as love thoughts or fear thoughts. Make a choice right now which thoughts you want to own and those you want to discard. As a goal use the above spiritual self-centering model to keep your mind balanced and stay in centered loving and neutral thoughts. How long can you stay there in the center? Make it a goal to improve your ability to stay within the essence and energy of the keywords that maintain your spiritual center. Bring yourself back to center with breath, and applying neutral association to circumstances when you fall out of inner balance.

I wish You Peace , Love & Light.


Sources; compiled from the works of Ra-Law of One, Q'uo, Anna Hayes, Dolores Cannon, The Elohim, Ascension Glossary

Kundalini and the Law of Vibration

Law of Vibration
This Natural Law describes the principle that everything is in constant motion and that nothing rests, and everything vibrates at a rate that is either faster or slower, and also rotates which forms a rate of frequency-vibration. Beyond the material realm and into a realm in which everything is conscious energy, describes the Law of Vibration. Everything in our Universe consists of layers of vibrational frequency stacked throughout the dimensional scales. Energy is consciousness and it either contracts or expands to maintain or increase its rate of frequency. The process of how fast or slow that energy contracts back towards its center point of source field is the vibration rate. The combination of both the pattern of vibration (contraction) and Oscillation (expansion) speed is what determines the frequency rate of all energy and things.

If the rate of that frequency-vibration falls below or rises above a certain intensity, it becomes immeasurable or invisible to the basic human senses. The first thing that is important to understand is that all that exists, whether seen or unseen, broken down into its simplest and most basic form, consists of a rate of frequency-vibration. At the highest levels and at the lowest levels, exist infinite manifestations all occurring at varying octaves of vibration, each with their own energetic signature and quality of manifestation. It is important to realize that every substance, body and being vibrates to its own frequency and that vibration will be amplified tremendously when stimulated by a similar or compatible resonant frequency. Resonating to the positive forces of life, forces of goodness, forces of Gratitude, forces of Love, will amplify these resonances and strengthen our body dramatically. Resonating through ego to the negative forces of fear, rage, frustration and resistance to what is, will also amplify those disturbances in our body greatly.
We can apply the first Law of Mentalism to shift our thoughts in order to change our mental state into a positive state with a higher vibration. Directing focus upon loving, positive states and higher frequencies with an effort of applying personal will in order to shift vibration, is called Mental 

This principle explains that the distinction between the manifestations of the planes of matter, energy, mind and spirit are the result of only different vibrations on a frequency scale. The higher the energy of a person is on the scale, the higher the rate of vibration they will embody and interact with.
In the higher dimensions, at the highest rate of Vibration the rate and intensity are so fast that it may appear that entity is effortlessly gliding yet motionless, like a spinning wheel in place that appears perfectly stable. And at the lowest levels of vibration, objects move so slowly they appear to be totally stationary and immovable. Between these two states of being, exist infinite manifestations all occurring at varying octaves of vibration, each with their own unique signature. Density is another term to describe the time-space matrix, as time and space are aspects of the same mechanism that make up the dimensional frequency bands of the Universal Time Matrix. The Cosmic Clock governs the cycles of time and allows the planetary consciousness to spiral through each of the dimensional frequency bands over many astrological precessions or eons. When the planet interconnects with the next higher dimensional frequency band and starts to merge with the next time-space matrix, this generates a gateway into that particular Density.

Our planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in this Universal Time Matrix. The 3D Earth is called Earth or Terra, 5D Earth is Called Tara and 7D earth is called Gaia. Different extraterrestrial races and extra dimensionals may call these future Earths by different names based on their language. They are all planet Earth at different stages of evolution in the Timelines.

The parallel earths, 5D and 7D, exist in the future on higher scales of frequency that control what type of matter is being formed there. In higher dimensions and higher densities, the type of matter on a planet evolves to lesser states of density, yet there is still a form. Our form may shift into less density, but it still looks similar in appearance to the type of body we have on earth now. What type of matter and density one takes on is connected to the location of time and space, future timelines, and where the identity of that person is in the future. The third dimensional earth exists at the lowest possible density of matter that comprises the lowest three spectrums of frequency throughout the Universal scale. We have come to recognize these lowest three frequencies are connected to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer of our chakra system. Together, these three frequencies manifest the collective horizontal network of telluric earth currents that also function in the Ley Lines that manifest timelines on the third dimensional earth. So when we only use these first three chakras, our consciousness is trapped in the lowest frequencies available in our body, and it keeps us locked into the 3D location of time and space. At this level of negative ego mind, we become locked into the density of matter and trapped in the 3D cycles of time. Because these three frequencies are earth currents, they are comprised of very dense subatomic particles that have formed physical matter on the 3D earth plane.

World Separation
Each of these three frequencies also represent subatomic particles, which are particles that are much smaller than an atom. An atom is the smallest unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element. The number of protons in the nucleus define what chemical element the atom belongs to, so when protons are added, it completely changes the atomic structure. Subatomic properties of the atom are broken down into smaller units of the family of Protons, Electrons and Neutrons. If the number of the protons and electrons are equal, that atom is electrically neutral. This is key to understanding how to expand human consciousness. When we become capable of holding the neutral field between balanced protons and electrons, our energetic aura and body become free of lower frequency limitations and we move to the next higher frequency instruction sets. This is the Ascension process we undergo to shift into the next density.

In the 3D Earth, the 1st dimensional frequency is the Proton which is related to gross matter and gravitational force. The 2nd dimensional frequency is the Electron related to anti-matter and the rate of spinning electrons. The 3rd dimensional frequency is the Neutron related to dark matter, super-luminosity functions and particle conversion. Together, these three spectrums of frequency run Telluric Current and create the collective horizontal network, and the collective egoic-personality body on the 3D earth plane called the Telluric Shield.

In our Ascension model, we recognize and work with 15 waves of the Spectrum of Frequency that correlate directly with the Universal Rays, dimensions of time, and how our individual energy centers (also referred to as Chakra systems), are connected to those dimensions of time that exist in the multidimensional Universe. The first nine layers of the Spectrum of Frequency, can also be called Kundalini currents, which include the levels of the lower particle currents that make up the physical matter worlds. Above the nine dimensions are the anti-particle dimensions, which are the Blueprint forms of liquid Plasma light or hydroplasmic currents. The amount of energy stored in the personal Kundalini current, is the capacity of the genetic code to hold the higher Consciousness energy. The Soul and spiritual energies that cannot integrate into the DNA to be activated, will be stored in the Kundalini center that is located in the base of the spine.

The troubled history of NAA invasion and the resulting DNA damage that was incurred from subsequent Artificial intelligence abuse, and a variety of applied trauma based mind control methods, as well as, the anti-Christ conflicts, has rendered most Kundalini energies dormant or distorted in the human beings energy field upon the earth. Most people on earth currently, have not had a natural biological spiritual ascension with an appropriate Kundalini activation. Spiritual Ascension is a simultaneous increase of Expanding Consciousness and a descension of our higher dimensional spiritual-energetic bodies into our physical bodies. This happens through the process of progressive Kundalini awakening at the base of our spine, which moves these energies up the central vertical column into the Crown. Ascension is a change in the spectrum of frequency which happens through biological Kundalini awakening, which initiates a change in the focus of our Consciousness. Ascension is about moving our consciousness from one reality to another. Since reality is a Dimension, what we are undertaking is essentially a full dimensional shift. To go through this consciousness shift, we must adjust our way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with our Soul purpose and true divine essence.

When we have an awareness of how our Lightbody works, an awareness of the Human Energy Field and the Spectrum of Frequency that impact our consciousness, this supports our understanding that all things that exist around and within us are an energetic form, vibratory quality and Rate of Frequency. The energetic life force current that makes up dimensionalization within the first nine dimensions, is also called the Kundalini energies or Kundalini spirals. In the Ascension Stages of spiritual initiation, we refer to the initiation into higher spectrums of frequency synonymous with understanding Kundalini activation.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I Once Was Blind But Now I See

 Based upon the mainstream assessment, of our current technology, put forth by our institutions, of 'putting assessments out about stuff',  AI and Virtual Reality have not yet reached what is called a singularity. With AI, it's Self- Awareness. 

 Now if self awareness is 'knowing that you exist,' then basically, wouldn't a program telling the operating system that it exists, with the system recognizing that program in it's 'task manager,' just like your pc does when it's running...through it's task manger, be the definition of self aware?

 A singularity in VR, virtual reality, would be when you as a human could not tell the difference  between a virtual signal sent to your brain, via a frequency that overrides the real frequency, which is what VR is and does...or the one sent to your network and quantum computer above your neck...your brain...from your creator, the aether. Source. 

“If you assume any rate of improvement at all, games will eventually be indistinguishable from reality,” Elon Musk said before concluding, “We’re most likely in a simulation.”

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (whom I generally don't agree with or quote) agrees, giving “better than 50-50 odds” that the simulation hypothesis is correct. “I wish I could summon a strong argument against it, but I can find none,” he told NBC News MACH in an email.
That said, when virtual reality hits it's singularity, do we stay in the screen? Does the screen exist anymore? Is the screen now our eyes? Is that where we are now? In a hologram? But the connection isn't a spike in my head as I lay down like's wi-fi. to my brain? 
What if AI runs VR and they just don't wake us up...or haven't...or didn't...OR WON'T? What if they are altering the signal...and our perception by blocking our glands' and signal receptors like the Pineal, Thalamus, Pituitary and other glands designed to connect us to the aether and our higher dimension selves? 

Through genetic manipulation, chemical compounds in our food, air, water, environment, atmosphere.  By sending programming signals via every media outlet every day 440 htz 5G, 24 hours a a day...on higher frequencies that you cant' see or detect, but CAN hear, now, to control the signal and population of 8 billion. You have to send lots of info over those band-widths your using for mind control.
They have to send so much information now to keep the veil up, they can't stop the frequency from becoming AUDIBLE and truth is breaking through their cracks...and we are awake...

"JUST TELL THEM IT"S TINITUS, a ringing in the ears brought on by blah blah blah..."
nah the covid government wouldn't lie to you...right? They've just programmed some things out of your sight, indoctrinated their anti human agenda, taught you lies about your history, origins and potential, and keep life saving technologies out of your hands, all for limiting the sound, light frequencies you can see with constant genetic manipulation and poisoning. And then they are manipulating the ones you can see and hear. The Matrix...just no nasty hole in your head...

I hear those saying it now, "yeah yeah and Icke and a host of's a hologram. You're All tinfoil hats"

Yes. and we're correct. "Paranormal is now normal, and normal is now paranormal."~ David Icke

Let's talk Sound Complexes. Each word and sound vibrates at a specific frequency and the combination of those frequencies say words, names, etc. What we would call sound complexes or 'structures' produce waves that interact with the Universal (one song) energy field and which then creates....everything. What you send to the aether absolutely gets added to the harmony of the vibrations coming from, and to, Earth and it interacts with EVERY OTHER VIBRATION AS WELL, in all dimensions at the same time. Quantum Entanglement, producing Quantum energy, vibrating intention into matter. Vibrational Frequencies, some vibrating at such a high rate we call energy, electricity, light...information, but still, sound waves vibrating.

In the beginning the One Spoke and everything was. Christos/Sophia. Love, Logos Sub logos, UNI-VERSE....One's Song, split Mother/Fathers Harmony Indigo Magenta Triad Golden Christos Split Sophia/Christos, soundwaves of color. 

Broken down by wave, frequency of that wave, producing a vibration that is a color and can be seen. When that combination of frequencies hits just the right harmonic, it crosses the plain and pops into being...matter. What makes the wave vibrate to create that matter? You do...

The cerebral cortex has a signal being sent at such a high frequency that we don't see it, feel it or hear it, the Innate: the signals that regulate your mind/body/spirit complex, your innate as Lee/Kryon would call it. It runs your body like a clock. Your heartbeat, breathing, digestion, healing. All run by a constant invisible, till now, undetectable, impulse that NEVER stops. and you don't consciously know its  just is. This is the entire light spectrum in our universe above and, the sliver of what we actually see. Now sound, being vibrations, and colors are waves that carry information, If that is so, Look at how much WE DONT HEAR AND SEE! Look at the chart at what we don't see. And what we do see, or don't is just what we know with our modern technology. The signals talk talk to receptors in your brain and your DNA, that automatically does the work sending signals to the body to do what the body does., producing chemicals and ensigms and proteins. A biological factory.

The aether makes no's 1s and 0s...01010101110010010010101010010010101 with Error correcting code, to correct itself? Jst like Your Search Engine programs....EXACTLY! The Matrix

Tinnitus? No. We are bombarded with sonic and PSIONIC information, 24 hours a day 7 day a week from birth to physical death and until recently, only a few got past the noise in their heads and figured it out. It has to do with the vibrational signal of everyone on planet, to cohesively program all brains to see things the way you want them to see it. (well now, that you know...hear it.) The higher the frequency, the more information it caries. Look at how much we don't see past gamma, while in reality humanity doesn't even know what real is, to make that determination, even when presented with the 'facts.'

The psychological warfare approach of Divide and Conquer Tactics used by the NAA to condition anti-human values and erode integrity in the masses is called the Archontic Deception Strategy. The Archontic Deception Strategy is used to socially engineer the Death Culture, a culture of fear, dishonesty and deception. This is achieved through Pavlovian mind control conditioning that adopts extremely self-destructive behaviors as the standard model to guide human behavior. Through conditioning these same behaviors repeatedly in mass media to manufacture Social Norms, it has produced a population of people that commonly display these Negative Ego qualities of fear, dishonesty and deception as an acceptable value system that guides their deepest motivations and interactions. People without a value system of Personal Integrity are easily corrupted and manipulated by mass Mind Control, producing unstable, erratic and destructive behaviors.

What must be Overcome:

Cognitive Dissonance = Self Enforced Enslavement
Under the assumption what we say here is true: "the higher functions, densities and realms are real but we until recently have been kept blind to it.", let's suppose for a second, that our 'real' creators, our brothers and sisters, chose to return as they said they would, to walk amongst us at a very critical time in Earth/Terra's life as she ascends to 5th and 7th densities, to take us to the next evolutionary step in our journey Human journey back to the Infinite Creator? What if they want to make sure we were fixed, healed, made awake and aware so Humanity can take this critical next step in understanding and wisdom. That's would be one hellava The Great Awakening, no?

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” ~Carl Sagan

If a technologically advanced extra-dimensional race has decided to implement a gradual takeover of a planet and its inhabitants, what domination strategy would it use? First they would look to how they could maximize the efficiency of the invasion process and reduce the expenditure of resources that they have to generate themselves.
11 companies control your world
To achieve this goal, the secretive infiltration of the core societal organizational structures with mind control such as: religions, medical, financial and legal systems, would be ideal to shape the anti-human value systems that generate the victim and victimizer reality belief systems that they use to enforce tyrannical Mind Control. Through the engineering of a labyrinth of self–enforced enslavement policies based on fear and intimidation through SRA methods hidden in plain sight among the earth inhabitants, they would achieve the use of minimal “off planet” resources by piggy backing on the earth-human resources. YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW UNLESS SOMEONE TOLD YOU>>OR SHOWED YOU...

The people on earth have effectively enforced their own enslavement through inflicting torture methods learned from the adults that abused them as children and carry it from generation to generation. Through consistent desensitization and dissociation, HUMANS would grow into dysfunctional adults that would continue to feed the cycle of SRA to enslave their own global human family by giving up their rights and their resources to the Power Elite.

Alien Machinery
For those of us in the Indigo and Krystal Star families, it is important to understand that Alien Implants are Artificial Machinery, inorganic technology that is being used in the planetary field to manipulate the collective mind for Mind Control purposes. The vulnerability is that the “collective consciousness viral program” that promotes the Artificial Timelines, (Mandela Effect) can influence or interfere with our natural Mind/Body/Spirit complex's nervous system processes, therefore controlling our perceptions. 

 Mental and emotional imbalances are energetic disease patterns that create energetic blocks which lead to physical disease patterns. Alien implants which include Holographic Inserts reinforce the Negative Ego and the Archontic Deception Behaviors which contribute to manifesting disease physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Alien machinery and their mind control implants are artificial and can make us sick in a variety of ways, if they are not corrected.

Death Culture
The current 3D timeline in which humans have existed on the earth over the last hundred years, has been socially engineered through technological Mind Control, violent entertainment and predictive programming in the media to promote a death culture. Social Engineering is a type of mind control that seeks to manipulate people from their own right to privacy by controlling the way they access information.  

Controlling what it means to be knowledgeable and self-informed, so the fabricated social structure can exploit them with misinformation, making it easier to be in control of their behaviors. Thus, today, many people are unable to identify and recognize the clear signs of death culture programming as a result of the Controller Anti-Soul Agendas, because it has been interwoven into many of the day to day structures that make up the fabric of society. 

Why do the Controller structures promote and financially reward all organizations and media that promote death culture programming into our world? Death Culture produces the myopic mental polarization of attention upon purely physical sensations and material pursuits. It does not look deeper towards taking any responsibility. There is no accountability, moral or ethical consideration towards the consequences of actions that are directly related to increasing world pain and human suffering. Instead, the mainstream death culture programming thrives in producing, marketing and exploiting human suffering, pain and trauma, therefore, spreading the destructive lifestyles that lead to mass killing, disease and slavery. 

If we cannot identify or recognize how the death culture programming has generated great harm to impact our personal lives, children, families, communities, businesses and nations, we will not understand what we must change inside ourselves in order to heal our society.

NEXT: Disclosure Series: Black Sun Program; The Star Wars Syndicate is real. sub: The One World Order Bloodlines & the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA)


Monday, June 14, 2021

The Law Of One - Ra on The Orion Group & Galactic Federation Of Light

OK kids...It's really getting down to it...


This episode discusses the subject of Orion as it is described in the law of one.
Orion is the negative federation focused on service to self as described in the RA material.
They represent the elite and attempt to manipulate and subjugate planets for power.
There is a lot of fascinating information in the Ra Material about Orion and here I attempt to read it all.
The Galactic Federation of Light? or a pseudo mind control attempts to misguide?

You need to now start weeding out the false from those who are truly in the love and light realm....
If you remain in the light, with love and light, with Unconditional love and Service to Others and the true Christ Consciousness,
you will see with clear eyes and know in your hearts that which is negative and that which is positive....
#TheLawofOne, also known as the #TheRaMaterial, is a series of five philosophical monographs published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books.

The books purportedly were authored by a non-human intelligence named Ra through the process of channeling, in which Don Elkins acted as the questioner, Jim McCarty as the scribe and Carla L. Rueckert as the channel for Ra. The 5 book series presents both commentary and full transcripts of the dialogue between the questioner and #Ra, who is described as an entity composed of an entire civilization of extraterrestrial beings that are fused into one unified consciousness.
The introduction to the first book explains that the questioner is Don Elkins and that Ra is a higher density being. A sixth density lifeform of pure energy (spirit), speaking through the body of channeler Carla L. Rueckert.

Carla L. Rueckert transmitted the material by entering into a non-conscious state (which the authors call an “unconscious trance”) where she became a communication channel or “instrument” for Ra to utilize in order for them to communicate to our level of reality and answer the questions posed by Don Elkins. The answers were interpreted to be direct communications with Ra, which is in line with standard views on channeling. The books are written in a question and answer format. The dialogue between Don Elkins and Ra was recorded, transcribed, and edited by Jim McCarty to produce the 5 books.
The material in the books conveys an elaborate and grand reality. Ultimately described as being called 

The Law of One or the basic principle that “all is One”, that all “things” that exist are ultimately the same “essence” within many forms and configurations. The philosophy of The Law of One describes the big questions of life: why, how and where everything that exists comes from. As well as its place within the manifest Creation. The five books explore this premise in relation to many aspects of life including: philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, politics, physics, biology, geology, and the “paranormal”.

'What the hell is going on? And, why are these 'Light-working GROUPS' just so much Stercus Tauri?'

So, You're awake. You thought that that meant you would get answers...oops.

Instead, you ended up with questions...lot's of questions...the 1st one being , have I lost my mind or has everyone else? found....

(((((("THE GROUPS")))))))
IE; star seeds, chakras, crystals, Extraterrestrials, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Draco Reptilians, Secret space force, pineal gland, reading, gurus, sages, healers, psychics, channeling and scammers..."DM me for a reading"

oh yea...can't forget The Memes; like above. Cute lil' diatribes of enlightened Stercus Tauri (Latin for Bullshit) wrapped up with neat lil photoshopped images of sparkly unicorns. Namaste.

And the cast of characters. Everyone, from the veteran spiritual healers, sages, channelers, mystics, scholars, readers, TO THE ADMINS...(cue evil music...) telling you you are doing it wrong and you will never ascend if you keep doing: (insert your behavior to attack of the day___________<---here, old soul.....)

Welcome to enlightenment...Now...let's talk logistics: Awakening, Enlightenment, Ascension, to include: methods, definitions, practices and players involved...and the reality of this movement.
We'll proceed with the assumption that if you are here reading this, you have a modicum of Understanding that REALITY RIGHT NOW IS: 

A. the old paradigm and creation stories are not true,
B. We're seeded here on Earth, by our Creators, our Star Brothers and Sisters at the direction of the Prime Creator/Source...
C. You are more than your biological sleeve
D. You have started to awaken and question EVERYTHING
E. Something is very wrong with the timeline, energy and overall direction of the planet...
F. Your governments have been lying to you
G. You are part of something much larger than yourself
H. You can't get enough information/intel/data/answers nor are these things coming fast enough
I. Extraterrestrials not only are real. they are here...and they are YOU

Let's begin:
Density is another term to describe the time-space matrix, as time and space are aspects of the same mechanism that make up the dimensional frequency bands of the Universal Time Matrix. The Cosmic Clock governs the cycles of time and allows the planetary consciousness to spiral through each of the dimensional frequency bands over many astrological precessions or eons. When the planet interconnects with the next higher dimensional frequency band and starts to merge with the next time-space matrix, this generates a gateway into that particular Density.

Our planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in this Universal Time Matrix. The 3D Earth is called Earth or Terra, 5D Earth is Called Tara and 7D earth is called Gaia. Different extraterrestrial races and extra dimensionals may call these future Earths by different names based on their language. They are all planet Earth at different stages of evolution in the Timelines.

The parallel earths, 5D and 7D, exist in the future on higher scales of frequency that control what type of matter is being formed there. In higher dimensions and higher densities, the type of matter on a planet evolves to lesser states of density, yet there is still a form. Our form may shift into less density, but it still looks similar in appearance to the type of body we have on earth now. What type of matter and density one takes on is connected to the location of time and space, future timelines, and where the identity of that person is in the future. 

The third dimensional earth exists at the lowest possible density of matter that comprises the lowest three spectrums of frequency throughout the Universal scale. We have come to recognize these lowest three frequencies are connected to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer of our chakra system. Together, these three frequencies manifest the collective horizontal network of telluric earth currents that also function in the Ley Lines that manifest timelines on the third dimensional earth. So when we only use these first three chakras, our consciousness is trapped in the lowest frequencies available in our body, and it keeps us locked into the 3D location of time and space. At this level of negative ego mind, we become locked into the density of matter and trapped in the 3D cycles of time. Because these three frequencies are earth currents, they are comprised of very dense subatomic particles that have formed physical matter on the 3D earth plane. As a brief, yet astounding overview, for the purpose of this first 'episode intro, as it were, it's enough for now. We will cover density in a separate more comprehensive episode later in the series.

Levels of Awareness...
*remember, as this ascension (vibrational frequency raising) event happens...all are moving individually, like you,  in this new awakening, at different levels of awareness and at different speeds. Each mind/body/spirit/ complex, once aware, from step 1 to step forever...does it as they need to do it.. Once you are immersed in this process and are at higher densities, it is second, or even first nature to allow your "other-self," other people for now, to be who they are, as you will be about Service to Others orientation as opposed to the service to self orientation that has brought our leaders and our world and society to be so broken,  but (to be continued)

1st Level ~ those not yet awake...
(80% of the Planet Population...) Going with the flow, angry uncertain.
You know something is wrong, things don't add have doubts and suspicions, but think you are alone. Afraid to voice your opinion for fear of ridicule from your peers, or persecution from your masters.
2nd Level Density
(18% of the Planet Population) Actively seeking answers, physically, socially, morally, spiritually...
moving away from mainstream toward more esoteric beliefs and knowledge. Changing eating habit's and looking for methods and practices to seek higher self and learning.
Finding out they are more than what they thought...see the system as flawed, know most of A through I above, even if they don't understand all of it...
3rd Level 
Fully immersed in the Enlightenment path, knows mission as a Light-worker. Learning and seeking more Master Class info, helping levels 1,2,3. Learning, serving and honing spiritual practices to move toward Ascension to 5D.
4th Level Light-beings, Old souls, after numerous incarnations moving to 5D
Dimensionally, many levels, many worker bees, as it were, many fighting off planet, and on...who have been fighting the good fight through many incarnations...
5th Level
Masters, Sages, healers, Scribes, Heralds, Teachers
These consist of the most enlightened, Humans, those modified already physically through DNA downloads and enhancements. There are three more levels, 6, 7, 8 that do not need covering at this time. We use levels so you understand in a linera sense as we refer to them as ' octaves...' 1st octave 2nd octave etc., each octave vibrates at it's own distinct frequency and also has it's own color. or Ray...known as the chakras. which follow the light spectrum of the mind/body/complexes capacity to perceive light. in this 3rd density..

New Lightworker...
You have been equipped and assigned a specific council of 12 guides: Star-Seeds, Off World Light Beings, family, friends, possible Masters and Teachers, that will interact with you in a variety of ways...
Your DNA is encoded with all the answers you need, all the information you seek and the keys to REMEMBERING who and what you are...
This is a PATH to enlightenment so no one can answer your questions FOR must seek them out, through study, listening to teachers and masters, meditating, finding the intuitive answers you need answered...for you...only knowing these things and walking the path set before and seeking HOW to apply them to your walk and life, WISDOM, can you achieve a knowing of who you are, what your lineage is, what family and star system you are from, etc..
Source will direct you to your proper family psyonically through thought form, omens or gut feeling...
It is imperative that you learn to INVITE your guides and teachers IN to help you learn who you are and what your mission ultimately is. You must call out to Source and GAIA .invite them to meet within you to show you the true nature of yourself and help empty out egoistic thoughts behaviors and feelings. Service through unconditional love is ultimately the fastest and highest path to the answers you seek...then, knowing that "the journey is the point of the journey" you then relax, just BE..ride the wave and let Source take the reigns...Only YOU WILL KNOW>>no one can decide for you...your Council will help. Guides Sages, Scribes such as myself are here to point you to the resources YOU need to walk your path to Ascension

1. Sit quietly
2. Ask for your origins.
3  Empty your mind.
4. Speak out "I AM...3 times....
5. Meditate for at least 20 minutes, 

You will receive your will see...who you are...and where to start your search...

Synchronicity will guide your attention...feel with your Heart for that is where ALL begins...then it hits your cortex, for decoding, then brain, validating it, so it manifests as your reality...


Quantum Entanglement...Universe = One -Song

For the Enlightened: Old & New Lightworkers...
What is the world we live in....?
Quantum Entanglement....
"It's such a simple concept
yet made so complex by our 3rd dimension understanding and limitations....
we think, so we PERCIEVE, life, a linear flat plane...
when we should see things as they are...
As sacred geometry shows us...
a Vortex...
a connected substance
all rotating and moving,
yet connected...
spinning at different speeds
and depths
but as one expression of energy as well...
the vortex as a whole
within the fabric of the substance
within which IT exists...
made up of millions
and millions
of molecules...
Sophia's Spark
in the Uni-verse...(One-Song)
the thoughtform...
the mind...
The Vortex
has created you...
a Quantum Computing Biosleeve
with a Uni-verse (One-Song)
contained within the Biological 'BRAIN....
an extension of itself in order
to gain a different perspective of itself...
an EXACT replica of Source...
EXACT...within Source...
connected to others...
who are extensions of Source in their own right...
trillions of beings entities and things.....
we are the very Multi-verses (Many-Songs)
we hear about in a most perfect plan
within Source...
As Source is within you..
As it is within so it is without...
And the beauty of the SYSTEM
is as we are all a unique extension of Source...
a unique Uni-verse ONE-SONG l
as we all experience Source
and our own Uni-verse from our perspective
we experience Multi-verses (MANY SONGS)
projected by all the many perspectives as well...
a blending of the frequencies and waves of energy
that creates a vibration
that creates...
All comingled,
not only here, in this 3rd dimension
but throughout all the dimensions and realities
within and from Source..."
When you immerse yourself in that concept and vision...
you will move on to the next evolution...
that the journey is the point of the journey...
be where you are today
in peace and unconditional love
The 12/L

Ram Dass

"The domain of spirit is a place where we all belong. Ram Dass describes how we can move into spacious awareness, a place where we observe the beauty of everything as it is." Gaia
Have we become enamored in our 'paths', our enlightenment?
I do it...
we all do it....
we strut our RAM DASSNESS...
Now I'll clarify for you a bit...
After rejecting all things spiritual ie: religious
I was kept hidden, even from myself for a long time
(40 years)
while somewhat public...
somewhat known...
i was in no way...
walking this path I am on now...
but when i was awakened
i was awake...
i was not becoming 'more aware'
waking up...
i was awake......
all of it,,,
in a about a nanosecond,,,
and it's seems,
being here..
is all that matters
i was taken through what you would call a
'special forces..crash esoteric spiritual intense ninja maharaji training course.."
"hi here's your pineal...
meet Source....Ram...
Michael and Gabriel & Thomas.."
and on and on and on..
"yup howya doin...
we have a message
you are a freak yada yada yada...
go teach...
oh and here
"hey lou.., nice to meet ya ....
we gotta talk...
"so louis...
this is how it is,
who we are
how it works
who you are (get a tattoo, dye your hair blond like it is home?>???)
and ...
here's what you're doing..:
the plan..
disclosure Et's Off planet
5th dimension yeah
this is what we need you to do...
Um..wait what?.. WTF? breathe......Ohmmm.....
and here we are...
So today...short and sweet...
We all fall back into this lightworkers and you need to know 'It's okay" stop beating yourself up...this get's harder....not you move up vibrationally...ESPECIALLY while still in the 3rd dimension sleeve...give yourselves some grace...
As you move up vibrationally things start moving exponentially faster and it is very easy to fall back into low energy behavior of the familiar...or comfortable....
THE KEY catching that immediately and and not intending to fix it, but letting it go right then...and moving back to the higher self...
That was the, message from SANANDA today..(dude really drop the Lord thing and it's the message from us...
for some reason, Ram D is one of the guides in my
Council of Twelve and
has decided to drop some of his pearls
to me...and through me...
I'm sure I'm not the only one..
but Sensei is in my head...
and I'm humbled beyond measure and overwhelmed
at the crazy thought of that
at the same time...
I'm a scared student at the feet of my Teachers..
or I'm crazy...
you decide...