Monday, June 14, 2021

'What the hell is going on? And, why are these 'Light-working GROUPS' just so much Stercus Tauri?'

So, You're awake. You thought that that meant you would get answers...oops.

Instead, you ended up with questions...lot's of questions...the 1st one being , have I lost my mind or has everyone else? found....

(((((("THE GROUPS")))))))
IE; star seeds, chakras, crystals, Extraterrestrials, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Draco Reptilians, Secret space force, pineal gland, reading, gurus, sages, healers, psychics, channeling and scammers..."DM me for a reading"

oh yea...can't forget The Memes; like above. Cute lil' diatribes of enlightened Stercus Tauri (Latin for Bullshit) wrapped up with neat lil photoshopped images of sparkly unicorns. Namaste.

And the cast of characters. Everyone, from the veteran spiritual healers, sages, channelers, mystics, scholars, readers, TO THE ADMINS...(cue evil music...) telling you you are doing it wrong and you will never ascend if you keep doing: (insert your behavior to attack of the day___________<---here, old soul.....)

Welcome to enlightenment...Now...let's talk logistics: Awakening, Enlightenment, Ascension, to include: methods, definitions, practices and players involved...and the reality of this movement.
We'll proceed with the assumption that if you are here reading this, you have a modicum of Understanding that REALITY RIGHT NOW IS: 

A. the old paradigm and creation stories are not true,
B. We're seeded here on Earth, by our Creators, our Star Brothers and Sisters at the direction of the Prime Creator/Source...
C. You are more than your biological sleeve
D. You have started to awaken and question EVERYTHING
E. Something is very wrong with the timeline, energy and overall direction of the planet...
F. Your governments have been lying to you
G. You are part of something much larger than yourself
H. You can't get enough information/intel/data/answers nor are these things coming fast enough
I. Extraterrestrials not only are real. they are here...and they are YOU

Let's begin:
Density is another term to describe the time-space matrix, as time and space are aspects of the same mechanism that make up the dimensional frequency bands of the Universal Time Matrix. The Cosmic Clock governs the cycles of time and allows the planetary consciousness to spiral through each of the dimensional frequency bands over many astrological precessions or eons. When the planet interconnects with the next higher dimensional frequency band and starts to merge with the next time-space matrix, this generates a gateway into that particular Density.

Our planet Earth exists in three main formed identities in this Universal Time Matrix. The 3D Earth is called Earth or Terra, 5D Earth is Called Tara and 7D earth is called Gaia. Different extraterrestrial races and extra dimensionals may call these future Earths by different names based on their language. They are all planet Earth at different stages of evolution in the Timelines.

The parallel earths, 5D and 7D, exist in the future on higher scales of frequency that control what type of matter is being formed there. In higher dimensions and higher densities, the type of matter on a planet evolves to lesser states of density, yet there is still a form. Our form may shift into less density, but it still looks similar in appearance to the type of body we have on earth now. What type of matter and density one takes on is connected to the location of time and space, future timelines, and where the identity of that person is in the future. 

The third dimensional earth exists at the lowest possible density of matter that comprises the lowest three spectrums of frequency throughout the Universal scale. We have come to recognize these lowest three frequencies are connected to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer of our chakra system. Together, these three frequencies manifest the collective horizontal network of telluric earth currents that also function in the Ley Lines that manifest timelines on the third dimensional earth. So when we only use these first three chakras, our consciousness is trapped in the lowest frequencies available in our body, and it keeps us locked into the 3D location of time and space. At this level of negative ego mind, we become locked into the density of matter and trapped in the 3D cycles of time. Because these three frequencies are earth currents, they are comprised of very dense subatomic particles that have formed physical matter on the 3D earth plane. As a brief, yet astounding overview, for the purpose of this first 'episode intro, as it were, it's enough for now. We will cover density in a separate more comprehensive episode later in the series.

Levels of Awareness...
*remember, as this ascension (vibrational frequency raising) event happens...all are moving individually, like you,  in this new awakening, at different levels of awareness and at different speeds. Each mind/body/spirit/ complex, once aware, from step 1 to step forever...does it as they need to do it.. Once you are immersed in this process and are at higher densities, it is second, or even first nature to allow your "other-self," other people for now, to be who they are, as you will be about Service to Others orientation as opposed to the service to self orientation that has brought our leaders and our world and society to be so broken,  but (to be continued)

1st Level ~ those not yet awake...
(80% of the Planet Population...) Going with the flow, angry uncertain.
You know something is wrong, things don't add have doubts and suspicions, but think you are alone. Afraid to voice your opinion for fear of ridicule from your peers, or persecution from your masters.
2nd Level Density
(18% of the Planet Population) Actively seeking answers, physically, socially, morally, spiritually...
moving away from mainstream toward more esoteric beliefs and knowledge. Changing eating habit's and looking for methods and practices to seek higher self and learning.
Finding out they are more than what they thought...see the system as flawed, know most of A through I above, even if they don't understand all of it...
3rd Level 
Fully immersed in the Enlightenment path, knows mission as a Light-worker. Learning and seeking more Master Class info, helping levels 1,2,3. Learning, serving and honing spiritual practices to move toward Ascension to 5D.
4th Level Light-beings, Old souls, after numerous incarnations moving to 5D
Dimensionally, many levels, many worker bees, as it were, many fighting off planet, and on...who have been fighting the good fight through many incarnations...
5th Level
Masters, Sages, healers, Scribes, Heralds, Teachers
These consist of the most enlightened, Humans, those modified already physically through DNA downloads and enhancements. There are three more levels, 6, 7, 8 that do not need covering at this time. We use levels so you understand in a linera sense as we refer to them as ' octaves...' 1st octave 2nd octave etc., each octave vibrates at it's own distinct frequency and also has it's own color. or Ray...known as the chakras. which follow the light spectrum of the mind/body/complexes capacity to perceive light. in this 3rd density..

New Lightworker...
You have been equipped and assigned a specific council of 12 guides: Star-Seeds, Off World Light Beings, family, friends, possible Masters and Teachers, that will interact with you in a variety of ways...
Your DNA is encoded with all the answers you need, all the information you seek and the keys to REMEMBERING who and what you are...
This is a PATH to enlightenment so no one can answer your questions FOR must seek them out, through study, listening to teachers and masters, meditating, finding the intuitive answers you need answered...for you...only knowing these things and walking the path set before and seeking HOW to apply them to your walk and life, WISDOM, can you achieve a knowing of who you are, what your lineage is, what family and star system you are from, etc..
Source will direct you to your proper family psyonically through thought form, omens or gut feeling...
It is imperative that you learn to INVITE your guides and teachers IN to help you learn who you are and what your mission ultimately is. You must call out to Source and GAIA .invite them to meet within you to show you the true nature of yourself and help empty out egoistic thoughts behaviors and feelings. Service through unconditional love is ultimately the fastest and highest path to the answers you seek...then, knowing that "the journey is the point of the journey" you then relax, just BE..ride the wave and let Source take the reigns...Only YOU WILL KNOW>>no one can decide for you...your Council will help. Guides Sages, Scribes such as myself are here to point you to the resources YOU need to walk your path to Ascension

1. Sit quietly
2. Ask for your origins.
3  Empty your mind.
4. Speak out "I AM...3 times....
5. Meditate for at least 20 minutes, 

You will receive your will see...who you are...and where to start your search...

Synchronicity will guide your attention...feel with your Heart for that is where ALL begins...then it hits your cortex, for decoding, then brain, validating it, so it manifests as your reality...


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