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~Light-Working for Beginners Series™~

Guardian Perspective Light-Working for Beginners Series


This is the beginning of your journey to discover the dynamics of what it means to be an Indigo Being, Starseed, a Light-Being or Enlightened Earthseed, along with and all the dynamics that that entails.

Do the COURSE in order.

~ Welcome to the Introductory Starseed Briefing Session. The topics we will discover are an introduction to the greater Ascension context. This will help you with identifying Galactic lineage, Starseed or Earthseed, status and any contracts that you think you may have arrived with and what your specialty niches is.

"We come to you in gratitude and greet you in the love and light of one infinite creator. I am Q'uo. This tantalizing prospect to us a marvelous avenue of service that you offer us, and we offer to you our humble thanks and our abiding love, that you who struggle in the darkness still see and have faith in the light within.

3➡️My Guru; Ram Dass CC BY-NC

I would like to introduce you to one of the main influences in my spiritual awakening and awareness. If you follow me at all, you understand that My Guru, mentor and Spiritual Guide is Ram Dass. He is one of my Ascended Master Council. I hope you enjoy these video lectures.

4➡️The Four Stages of The Awakening:  Awakening: Initiation, Absorption, Integration, Ascension CC BY-NC

~ This is about the initiation of your physical body as it connects into a new electromagnetic frequency wave that is contained in the intelligent layers of your personal Soul-Spiritual bodies. This will activate when we start collaboration with what higher frequencies that are now being generated onto the planet, since the Veil lift of 2012, and we are gaining access to our personal Angelic Human Blueprint. 

~It is imperative that once you begin this 'spiritual path to Enlightenment, opening yourself up to outside forces and energies you have newly discovered but completely don't understand, that you protect yourself. This unfortunately is a key missing ingredient to the initial Awakening process, and is the very reason that blockages and regression in your walk occur.

~ At Some point in your walk you need to stand up and take control. You need to declare your Sovereignty and Self-Determination. 
The Indigo 3 Polarity Integrator contracts, many of which have been recently released, have synthesized biological code that allows the template of the Oraphim blueprint to return to the Earth Plane. This is new Indigo 3 information as we had only been given detail in regard to the Nephilim Reversal Grid (hybridized code reversals on the planetary grid damaging the Merkabah system) and other functions that the Indigo 3 Polarity Integrator was working to heal genetically for our planet.
~ These are the histories of the Sirian Rebellions that generated rifts between the Sirian Annunaki and the Sirian-Elohim’s who based their oversight and decisions to be aligned with the Law of One and the Templar Annunaki and Fallen Elohim or Angelics, the Sirian Rebellions and the Annunaki lineages now referred to as the TempSolar that refused to acknowledge the authority of the Founders or the Law of One, instead preferring the Service to Self Orientation, and using technology and mind control and this led to the cataclysm and the sequence of events which eventually destroyed the planet Tara.

These are the brief histories of the first clashes between the Sirian
Annunaki and the Sirian-Elohim’s who based their oversight and decisions to be aligned with the Law of One and the Templar Annunaki and Fallen Elohim or Angelics, the Sirian Rebellions and the Annunaki lineages.

In ancient writings and traditions one can find proof of a time when the moon did not exist. Democretus and Anaxagoras mention that there was a time when 'no moon could be seen in the night skies.'

In the interpretation of the Law of One in Spiritual Ascension context, it is a egalitarian philosophy for evolving humanity towards humanitarian goals. Ascension study is made as an evolutionary model for our planet and humanity. The main focus is upon the inner spiritual study and reflection made upon the personal commitment to expand one's consciousness and benevolence towards life. As we expand our consciousness we shift perspective to feel our interconnection with all Life and become orientated to be of service (Service to Others) thus, reflecting inner truth.

~ We are those written and spoken about in most ancient scripts and legends, from varied cultures all around the Cosmos, all telling of a race of Beings, Teachers, Sages, Healers, Engineers and Scientists, who helped the indigenous species of various planets and time matrixes evolve and become civilized. “We are here to help in guiding Humanity into Ascension, which simply means Spiritually, Scientifically, Biologically and Physiologically teaching you how to raise the biological sleeve we call our bodies, to a higher vibrational plane and existence. It's not hocus-pocus.
It's Quantum Physics and Thought Dynamics. We’re BEINGS, not ghosts.”

~ It's very easy with your new awareness and new enthusiasm, after joining all the groups, searching to find all the answers, listening to all the different opinions and ideas about how to ascend, how to meditate what to be, think, do, cleanse, etc., to get overwhelmed and lose sight and focus. Today's installment is designed to help you get re-grounded, relax, and offer you some insights and tools help to clear your head and re-focus your energy.

~ It's a signal, a thought form it's there, but you can't explain it...Your friends, family and neighbors look at you like you're gonna build a tower of mud in your living room...Do Not build a tower of mud in your living room. It's a metaphor...

~The correct name for Jesus or the Jesus' plural, was 'Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, though religious historians will refer to 'Yesheua' (or similar spelling). Apparently several letters of the Hebrew alphabet were changed, in particular, 'J' was changed to 'Y'. Thus the original name of the spiritual avatar that we recognize by the name, Jesus, was 'Jesheua' Melchizedek, or the combined versions presented, 'Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9 and were from a future 6th density timeline to change the 3rd dimensional Timelines and bring the Essenes, Christos Templars and Law of One Ascension knowledge and its consciousness technology back to planet earth. This mission was in response to the DNA damage the planet and humanity had most recently suffered after the Luciferian Rebellion, and then the➡️  Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, which was the final destruction of the Mother Staff principle in the earth core.

~ We are reaching an embodiment phase which correlates to the seventh cycle of the Reclamation of Christos Mission, in a plan for fulfilling the➡️  Paliadorian Covenant. This required the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness layers through the Seven Sacred Suns Cosmic principles of the Universal Creator. Thus, the term Christ or Christos used in this context is not denoting the individual being referred to as Jesus Christ, as taught through the world religions. Christos extends way beyond all meaning associated with planetary consciousness and actually describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free Cosmic Citizen. This is what Jesus was saying in the Bible. Thus the original name of the spiritual avatar that we recognize by the name, Jesus, was 'Jesheua' Melchizedek

~ It is the NAA agenda to destroy the Christos Templars on this earth, past, present and future, by accusing them and associating them with the Satanic force of Baphomet. Those Knight Templars, such as the Illuminati and other cartels, are those that feed into the Baphomet satanic forces today and are not of this lineage or bloodline. These groups have nothing whatsoever to do with the Christos Templars or Essenes. They abuse the power structures on the earth to serve the Satanic material fixations promoted by the False King of Tyranny.

~ The Emerald Order God World Creation is the most ancient spiritual home of the Kristos Races. They are a family of Rainbow and Emerald Dragons which contain one of the Tri-Matrices of the Azurites, which are three 48 stranded matrices that hold a total of 144 dimensions. The Emerald Heart of Earth is the first emanation of the Primal Sound Field which represents the first individuation of the God Source is the Emerald Order. A part of the Cosmic Trinity. The Emerald Order Oraphim have Emerald Sun DNA which is up to 48 strands of DNA.

~ This Natural Law describes the principle that everything is in constant motion and that nothing rests, and everything vibrates at a rate that is either faster or slower, and also rotates which forms a rate of frequency-vibration. Beyond the material realm and into a realm in which everything is conscious energy, describes the Law of Vibration. Everything in our Universe consists of layers of vibrational frequency stacked throughout the dimensional scales.
~ The hardest part of Enlightenment and Awakening is the thing most people grapple with, because they were expecting nirvana.: 'THIS IS HARD....In order to rise to a higher self you have to start with the self you ARE. good bad or otherwise, and All the ugly truths that go with it. This is not what you thought. You didn't realize, or maybe better said, forgot, or we're made, allowed as a species over all,  to forget, that growing is hard. Some, newly reawakened Starseeds, old souls who are here again, in their current incarnation, inherently know this and chose to be here and help Humanity/Terrans/non Humanoid Earthers, go through this. Sages, teachers, Scribes, Healers. Magicians. 

~ "The Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timelines and Beyond) intended as support, both energetically and educationally, for the Galactic Families of Humanity. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship through Unity consciousness as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is Earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. 

~  “If you assume any rate of improvement at all, games will eventually be indistinguishable from reality,” Elon Musk said before concluding, “We’re most likely in a simulation.” Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (whom I generally don't agree with or quote) agrees, giving “better than 50-50 odds” that the simulation hypothesis is correct. “I wish I could summon a strong argument against it, but I can find none,” he told NBC News MACH in an email.
~ The first three chakras are directly related to developing SELF-AWARENESS. It is vitally important to have these chakras or energies in balance before moving on to higher spiritual realms of awareness, moving into the higher chakra configurations and correcting the color ray correspondences. To build and maintain personal integrity takes some effort and commitment, like developing the self-awareness that is required to define your personal values so that you can measure your behaviors and actions, in order to evaluate how aligned you are to your authentic self. When you consciously participate to clarify personal beliefs and core values, the next step is to honestly assess how well you are doing, by reviewing yourself in a personal integrity report.

~ So, You're awake. You thought that that meant you would get answers...oops. Instead, you ended up with questions...lot's of questions...the 1st one being , have I lost my mind or has everyone else? found....(((((("THE GROUPS"))))))) IE; star seeds, chakras, crystals, Extraterrestrials, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Draco Reptilians, Secret space force, pineal gland, reading, gurus, sages, healers, psychics, channeling and scammers..."DM me for a reading"

~ The Pineal Gland, also known as the pineal body, is a small endocrine gland in the brain. It produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone, that affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain.

~ The Law of Compassion is the first basic truth of One Self-God Self. As One Self-God Self, to be “Compassion in Action” towards others is then to be in harmony and right relationship to Self, right relationship to our Source, right relationship to the Universe. This is a Law of One practice. This is the truth of right relationship, of loving understanding, of actively expressed Love. It is the foundation of Christos- unity consciousness and the expression of the inner unity within or Hieros Gamos.

~ We have been programmed, to always have some sort of stimulus, some sort of action, convinced if we are not actually Doing something, we are not 'doing it right'. Did you meditate today? Did you cleanse your crystals today? Incense? Channeling? Get a reading? a TRANSMISSION?? Read all the memes and posts in your groups,  heal Aunt Mary today? Did you shadow work? ohm? eat right? ETC. Etc,,Etc. It's the old Paradigm still designed to distract you from ...........being. If you are so busy with the minutiae of ascension and enlightenment, you are too busy to actually, heal...reflect, connect with your higher self or Source. And Ascend...

~ The Spirit Body of the Monad is the higher mind function of the Observer, watching and aware of forming concepts and making assessments. It is the higher mind principle consciousness that comes to neutral conclusions and decisions based on accumulated experiences. When the spirit is in control of the nervous system of the body, it makes higher evolution of Consciousness action possible.

~ The Planetary Stargate System are the Earth’s connection points or Portals into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. They were once sealed off and closed, but now these Stargates are progressively opening during the Ascension Cycle. The organic Planetary Stargate System or Universal Tree of Life Templar opening has been damaged from NAA and the Alien Machinery abuse from the Negative Aliens collaboration to control the earth. (Update; 8-14 21 : The Bridge Zone project was a failure as of 2003. Signifying Horizontal Ascension, and galactic Fail-Safe Evac. All gates to andromeda will close permanently in 2230. As of this time all 12 Stargates on the outer realm have been compromised and are under Annu-Templar control and are no longer Ascension portals, but worm-holes to Phantom systems.)

~ What we are claiming here is that these event coincidences are synchronistic---a term we use when referring to 'coincidences' which are actually connected. This simply means an unseen factor has entered into the equation. This hidden factor already has the events associated---even as one whole. We might just remind the reader at this early stage that the wave function in quantum physics can handle this. If the two events are represented each by a different wave packet, they can be linked by resonance, such that a single resultant wave packet can represent the unity or wholeness of the two events.

~ It is the mathematical program by which consciousness experiences time and matter. The Cosmic structure contains six 15 dimensional Universal Time Matrices for the purpose of consciousness individualization into dimensionalization, in order to experience the perception of time, and to which are collectively referred to as the Time Matrix.

~ Michael, Gabriel, Thomas...My best friends for eons...

Ready for the rest? 

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