Monday, June 21, 2021

Finding your inner Pan; "Oh there you are Peter...YOU ARE THE PAN!"

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Watch the clip first, then we'll talk...It's important because this clip embodies many of the things we need to move into a state of truth. About our reality, the search for our higher, inner selves and the struggle with admitting we need help, that we may not be perfect, but still, human, striving to find that inner Pan that we all somehow know is in there.
~ The hardest part of Enlightenment and Awakening is the thing most people grapple with, because they were expecting nirvana is that 'This is hard...

In order to rise to a 'higher self' you have to start with the self you ARE, good bad or otherwise, and All the beautiful and ugly truths that go with it. All of it.

~This is not what you thought. You didn't realize, or maybe better said, forgot, or we're made, allowed as a species over all, to forget, that growing is hard.

~Some, newly reawakened Starseeds, old souls, who are here again in their current incarnation, inherently know this and have chosen to be here and help Humanity/Terrans/non Humanoid Earthers, go through this final Ascension. Speakers, Sages, Teachers, Scribes, Healers. Magicians. 

Some, are new souls here, Indigo Children. Raised physically through the DNA strand, finding self for them is easier than for us, already knowing there is more than this 3D existence. And there is you, old soul, new in Spirit, new to this whole esoteric way of thinking. Adjustments must be made and Old dogs CAN learn new tricks..  

It means facing facts that are difficult. It means admitting fears we choose to ignore, or dull with chemicals, or cognitive dissonance. Many of us want to be more, be better than we see or are or think is possible, but we have grown lazy. Many have willingly allowed themselves to be 'put to sleep', made comfortable. Which is why ascending, becoming the light within, exposing the dark, is so hard. You weren't prepared for that. You got trophies for just showing up. No one said we'd have to sweat and bleed and get callouses and cry.

But that's what it's gonna take..and we can and will do it. 

We have done it before. 

The ways of  being human in the construct of Society that has been designed for you, has made us all lose focus. Not only on what is right in front of us, but more importantly, what could be. In order for us to ascend to the next level of enlightenment and be better versions of who we are, as individuals and as a Society, we need to look hard at ourselves, in truth and non judgemental compassion. Unconditional love is needed more now than ever before. Especially towards ourselves.

We need to face how far off course we have come, morally, materialistically and spiritually. And not until we have, with this new/old light that we have rediscovered, shone it upon the darkness that is without and within, can we expose the inner demons that haunt our memories and finally let them go. Then we can stop cutting ourselves on the jagged pieces of broken promises and dreams and heal those wounds once and for all.

Ignoring them doesn't stop the bleeding. it just dulls the reality and light as we hide our hurts and bruises and failings, instead of exposing them, facing them, forgiving ourselves and moving forward.

IT REQUIRES LOOKING HARDER.. Realizing that your Ultimate Creator, your Source of Love and Light does not and HAS NOT made you imperfect. That is what the Elite Negative beings who live off your fear and your servitude and your pain and your suffering would have you believe. You are perfect, made in Our image and the image of the Infinite Creator, the One who has made all things and IS all things.

And No, not the 'religious fevered' white haired image of a 'god' spirit you envision from the books, manipulated to have you serve a 'creator' that would somehow punish you for the very essence of who you are, a false construct and belief system created to keep you guilty and enslaved, and somehow convinced you are less that the Marvelous Creation and part of One that you Actually are. That was Enlil/Yahweh, misconstruing OUR words and meaning, and enslaving you for centuries...but no more.

Father /Mother/Christos, WE have returned, hard as that is for many of you to swallow. 

We never left, always watching, waiting for you to sense that you are more than what you have been told. Once the Veil had been lifted, the 25600 year Cycle was at end and the ascension and enlightenment timeline could be restored, the Law of Free Will had to be set in motion. We could not force you to again seek us and ask our return, our help. You had to do that on your own as a society, as a species as terrans, in unison and together, seeking to evolve to your next level of existence. AND YOU HAVE.

Whether you are here again, for another incarnation in this 3D Mystery School of Terra, your Mother, or, you are transmuted to 4th, 5th /Tara or even 6th densities, Gaia in 7th creates our world. Realize, ascension for some, is just waking for the very first time, becoming aware of the connection and relationship on a spiritual, higher vibrational  plane. Fully active DNA/pineals thamus, etc. transmuted, Like Neo. Like we were and are now, but better.

You are all that the Light and Love of the Creator is, as He is in You and You are in Him.

His Uni-Verse.
His One Song.

The hard part is letting go, and seeing with new, old and tired eyes, who you really are, especially we 'old souls' who have forgotten, caught up in this 3D dream we chose to experience, so we could ALL be More with Creator. Time has come to fly.

We can only pull back the veil...we can only show you The Pan you are inside. You must WORK to free that Pan, reuse the muscles of reasoning and insight  that are newly awakened again, opening your spiritual mind to all the things that are possible...INCLUDING YOU...

Who do you see when you look at the mirror?

'Oh There you are Peter...'
I AM the Pan
Fly my Lovelies.....Fly

......goodnight neverland!

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