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~ We Are The Guardians ~
A New Earth, A New Hope.

This is the beginning of your Journey to Self Discovery

If you have found us, it is no accident. It's Synchronicity. Either you know why, or you are here to find out why. Whichever that may be, we offer what you seek. We thank you for visiting and we are pleased you have chosen to spend some time with us. Mobile useres will find viewing mor complete in web version. 


My Mission & The Mission of Krystal Rap

I AM an Archivist/Scribe of the Akash and I AM one of the Speakers for the Founder Races that created the Oraphim and Elohim. I'm specifically under the direct guidance of the Elohi Elohim as they are who speak and direct all Guardian Groups here in this Universal Time Matrix, in all 15 Dimensions.
Some may know them as The Sirian High Council.

I AM a Teacher, A Sage, or Bard of the Akash. A Way Shower of, and to, Source and The Guardian Divine Science Teachings. The Elohim have tasked me to compile this information during this last Ascension Cycle here on Terra from all the hidden crevices where our original teachings have been hidden, in order to bring forth and into the light our message of Peace, Unconditional Love and Hope. This is due to the enormouse distortion currently permeating the Guardian Teachings in the Spiritual community, especially the online New Age love n' light distortion.

These TEACHINGS are millenia old. The Atlanteans, those who built the MOAI, New Zealand's Maori, The Native American Indians, Mayans, the Aztecs, Dogon of Africa, Tibetan Teachings, Nepalese, Buddah Followers, Krishna, Hanuman, Akhenaten, The 3 Books of Enoch, Ezekiel, Jeshewua, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocrypha, The Nag Hammadi, (These are the Words said in Secret by Jesus/Jeshewua/Yeshua, recorded as instructed by We, His Apostles, including the Gospel of Mahari/Mary MagdaleneThe Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, The Bhagavad-gita, The Gnostic Essene Teachings, Democretus and Anaxagoras, Plato, Pliney, Plutarch, Aristotle, Capernicus, Da Vince, Zulu Shaman, Credo Mutwa, Ram Dass, Sheldrake, Jung, Feynmen. These are the Masters of GUARDIAN Law of One Divine Science.

True Christos teachings have no judgement, polarity, emotion, distortion or hierarchy. Real Guardian Teachings belong freely to ALL sentient beings on the planet. It is no more than; Unconditioned Love, Forgiveness & Law of One Unity Theory. Validate dates, facts, figures and correct me if needed. My mission is Truth. Not my truth. Just the truth. 

You can read the rest of my personal story here: My Personal Journey

We, The Elohi Elohim theAkashic Authors and Keepers of the Guardian Divine Science Teachings that offered to Humanity The Law of One millions of years ago commisioned this site KrystalRap and We believe in order for you to view these teachings and histories in the proper perspective, frame of mind and heart, that you read the FULL M ISSION STATEMENT OF KRYSTAL RAP  and its affiliated platforms before moving on.
The Categories:
Throughout this site you will find the information on these pages varies in complexity, based upon a number a factors, or categories:


Advanced Ascension Mechanics and Divine Sceience Teachings for those who are well advanced in thier Spiritual walk. Teachers Sages, Gurus, Healers.


Deep teachings and revelations for those who are advancing on the walk to Guru.


Techniques and guides to help you determine what your path and walk is.


Those discovering Awakening and Ascension and Disclosure for the first time.


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In order to make searching easy, all Content, Articles, Resources, Links, Spiritual Personalities and Guidesas well as the Site Search function are located along the right hand side of the site. here you will also find daily prayers, meditation music and links to other organization affiliated with the Giardians and the diivines science teachings.
This is the backbone of Krystal Rap➡️

Site Quick Links
If you are new to all of this, this is the a only place to start. This is designed to guide you, step by step, through everything you need to know about the Awakening, Disclosure & Ascension movements with links to all the current viable teachers on planet today.

If you are an 'old soul,' looking for more advanced material and teachings, this is definitely the place to step to the next level in your spiritual walk or refresh yourself.

➡️Disclosure Series: Exposing the Cabal

If you'd rather jump straight down the Rabbit hole into the thick of  Conspiracy Theory and Disclosure, we give you  a shocking, eye opening series that lays out the entire Negative Alien/Cabal Agenda.

 ➡️Ascension Resources & Teachers

In this section, you will find links (that take you off site) to a wide variety of Teachers, Pundits and Sages in the Ascension Community. We encourage you to find your own unique and a spiritual walk and guidance.

Contains all the teachings plus extra bonus videos music, teachers, videos covering a variety of topics.


Controversial videos you won't see on youtube or facebook concerning the Cabal, Plandemic and Disclosure. The Rabbit Hole. 🐰 


These are the Specific Teachings of the Guardian Alliance Divine Science and Theologies
All Guardian Material
All Content is intended with the Empowerment of the individual first based on the Law of One practices and for personal Discernment only. Take in only what resonates and discard the rest.

We hope you enjoy your time here, that you learn something new, that you visit the teachers and sages highlighted here and that you leave wanting more. Listen with your heart, see with an open mind and the thought that your possibilities are limitless.

I greet you in the love and in the light of the one Infinite Creator.

" I can only show you the door, You must walk through it. " Morpheus

The Guardian Group's mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (DNA), embodying the Ascended Human Proto form, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Eco-politic E.T. Agendas and reeducating both human and nonhuman to be concurrently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, fraternity, and the sovereign right of All Beings to be a knower of Source is protected by the collective Unity Vow under the Law of One, shared among all Universal Guardian Groups.