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We are the Guardians!

The GA (Guardian Alliance) represents a smaller, specialized group, and primary task force, within a greater Guardian Organization called the Inter-dimensional Associations of Free Worlds. (IAFW) created 568 million years ago after the Angelic Wars.

The GA is a co-operative organization through which an enormous variety of different interstellar, multidimensional and inter-time species and races work together to assist in the evolution of developing cultures throughout the multi-dimensional universe.

Their mission is to protect and insure that species discover and fulfill their genetic plan of true spiritual enlightenment and multidimensional heritage as they were intended.

Many members of the GA appear to be quite human, but they possess knowledge and abilities far beyond conventional human development.

All the Guardian races on Earth are considered Amenti Races.

Some other members of the GA include:
  • The regal Lyran-Sirian Whites, an elder, pale-skinned hominid Sirian race frequently called the Founders.The Aethien, large, white graceful beings of high spiritual development, which resembled upright praying mantises.
  • The Rhanthunkeana (referred by some as Rhantia), tall, thin light-emitting beings with translucent white skin, almond-shaped eyes of various hues and kinky white hair; skilled shape-shifters and highly advanced spiritually.
  • The Breneau, advanced beings from the highest dimensional worlds that appear as tall, luminescent figures with elongated heads and large eyes, when they physically manifest.
  • The Queventelliur. Large, longhaired apelike being of great intelligence and sensitivity, who are occasionally glimpsed on Earth as they monitor Earth’s environment for guardian purposes.
  • The Turaneusiams, tall, beautiful humans with elongated heads and skin/hair colors representing all those apparent on Earth plus some in pastel hues. 
  • The human lineage evolved out of the Turaneusiams, the Elder Race, primarily immortal.There are many other species involved with the Guardian Alliance, from various hybrids created through intermixing of these species, to the vast, formless sentient conscious entities who direct the Guardian Alliance, entities that exist beyond the scope of dimensionalization.

The GA space-time location spans many different planetary, space, time and dimensional fields.

Membership within the GA reaches from the matter-based galaxies and universes of the lower dimensions, to the unfathomable cosmic reality fields of pure consciousness that exist beyond the Metagalactic Core, free from dimensional structure.

Though the GA has many members of a truly ET nature, unrelated to Earth, many of the GA contacts are quite terrestrial in origin, (i.e. Priests of Ur) they are time travelers from a future version of Earth (Tara – Gaia) that we may one day evolve to become.

The GA and other pro-human Visitor groups are here to help us understand and successfully maneuver the challenges our planet will face during the coming years and they hope to lead us gently to a realization of our multidimensional heritage. They are also here to teach us to protect ourselves today from Intruder Visitor races that do not have our best interest at heart.

Faced with the potential catastrophe of Anunnaki Legions waging war through our Time Matrix 568 million years ago, the IAFW created a crisis intervention Task Force called the Guardian Alliance.

Under the GA are 12 smaller “Signet Councils” that serve as Primary Guardians of each one of the Primary Star Gates in the Universal Templar Complex of our Time Matrix.

The GA was formed as a TASK FORCE to increase security in our Time Matrix when the Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic Legions created the Anunnaki race line 568 million years ago to destroy the Oraphin-Angelic Human lineage and races of the Emerald Covenant. Specializes in propagation of the Emerald Covenant and serves as the governing body of over 10 million Emerald Covenant Star League Nations within the 4 Densities of matter in our Time Matrix.

The GA is directed by the Yanas, Density-5 MC Eieyani Master Council of the Elohi-Elohim Emerald Order Breneau. Christos Founders Races and the IAFW.

The GA is the administrative body of 12 GA Signet Councils. Each of the 12 GA Signet Councils is appointed by the Yanas and IAFW to serve as Primary Guardians of one of the 12 Universal Star Gates (SG's) in the Universal Templar Complex.

You hear a lot about 'The Watchers, "The Guardians." The Seekers. The Maji. There are different representations and Organizations of this Guardian Group on planet and in the Solar System at this time. It's not fantasy. Not Magic. Very Advanced Energy Sciences. So, The Guardians: Some Scientific, Some Healers, Some Sages, Some Mystics. Some Speakers (PR), Some Civilian Councils and finally Some Military. 

I am an Archivist/Scribe of the Akash and I am one of the Speakers for those races that formed the God-head and Created the Oraphim and Elohim. those described above. They are who speak and direct  all Guardian Groups here in this Universal Time Matrix. The 'let us make man in our own image folks'...not 'gods'. These are those who have tasked me to compile this information from all the hidden crevices and groups who keep it to themselves, in order to bring forth and into the light their message of Peace, Unconditional Love and Hope. A message hidden too long by fear and hubris. But no more.  

We are the first Light manifestation of the Emerald Order are Solar Rishi Blue Ray orders of Elohim and Oraphim that direct support to the Guardian Founder Races in the lower Harmonic Universe and are supporting GSF liberation and the continued spiritual evolution of humanity towards Ascension and the Law of One. The Emerald Order Oraphim have Emerald Sun DNA which is up to 48 strands of DNA. We are Not the Guardian Alliance. We are their Creators. The Founders Races.

We are those written and spoken about in most ancient scripts and legends, from varied cultures all around the Cosmos, all telling of a race of beings, teachers, sages, healers, engineers and scientists, who helped the indigenous species of various planets and time matrixes evolve and become civilized. On Earth, we hear about the South American Sky Brothers, to the North American Hopi, to the legends in Asian, The Middle East, Africa, Nordic, Celtic, Indian and Island Polynesian cultures, all telling of the people from the sky, who came to earth, during cataclysmic times and helped Humanity survive, then went away, promising to return 'one day.'

Mankind has wondered ever since We left, via legend, story, aural histories and tales, all ending with your looking up for when we would return. You have hoped dreamed and waited, asking "where did they go and when will they return, IF, (and here is the caveat,) IF they actually existed at all If, they are not just the crazy stories hopes and dreams of a generation that just told fables and metaphorical or allegorical stories. Fantasy...too crazy to be true...and have been given so many proofs that now ask more questions than they answer. They raise your awareness and push you to ask, "Is there more? Could this be true, have we been asleep?
We promised, as written and told, in every culture's history and religions. that WE would come back someday and you need to realize as a a species Humans/Terrans, that this HAS AND IS happening now before your very eyes, and, before the next big Event, The Solar Flash. 

The return has to be seamless and not cause undo negativity, so it is important to prepare Humanity for the wonders of meeting your creators....correctly...sans all the negative, non factual fear inducing control features put in place by the Negative Beings and Evil forces holding the planet hostage, having you live and believe what is blatantly false. About Yourselves and about Us, your creators, brothers, sisters,  your origins, your future, your potential, and The Infinite Creator. 

Many of us are here, now, on 3D Earth are tasked with telling you the truths of your origins, your purpose and your 'creators' with a small 'c'. 
We are here to help in guiding Humanity into Ascension, which simply means to Scientifically, Biologically and Physiologically teaching you how to raise the biological sleeve we call our bodies, to a higher vibrational plane and existence. It's not hocus pocus. It's Quantum Physics and Thought Dynamics. Were advance BEINGS, not ghosts. 

We sent you in Egypt, Ra, a societal complex, equals in the Law of One, brothers & sisters and you insisted on making them gods and then, kept what we gave you for the select few. Yes we may be your biologic and spiritual parents, creators, having lent our DNA to your biological makeup, but we are not GODS, or GOD...the way you have distorted the word and concept. We are all Brothers, Sisters, Light and Love Beings. Representations/Perspectives of the One true Creator. We are your Guardians, Your Watchers and We have returned to free you and grow you up."

So who are the Guardians? Why are we here? What do we do? Believe,  Want. etc.? 

 In January 2012, at the end of the 25, 600 year YUGA cycle of the Mayans calendar, our planet has come to the time of the promised return of Christos Consciousness, and the externalization of the Krystal Star presence (the Cosmic Christos Unity Consciousness; an opening for access and exchange between the many Universes which converge into a Central Point of Unity. 
A bi-wave field merged into a Trinity Wave field which unites into One field back into the Zero Point Field.) This is The Event foretold in Project Looking Glass.

Looking Glass
This is what was predicted by the calendar that is misinterpreted as the end of  'the world' even distributed that we endorsed this version, and somehow reversed the Apocalypse. That is a fallacy. Distorted by those who received the message then selfishly copyrighted the information as their own. One needs to realize, once aware, that things in this density can also have an effect in other densities (dimensions). In reality, it represents the End of a Manufactured cycle called the procession of the Equinox, when the crystals of Atlantis were destroyed and the Earths Axis was thrown of 22 degrees. It's not natural. It's part of a warring history on Earth, completely hidden from you. 


The first light manifestation of the Emerald Order are Solar Rishi Blue Ray orders of Elohim and Oraphim that direct support to the Guardian Founder Races in the lower Harmonic Universe and are supporting GSF liberation and the continued spiritual evolution of humanity towards Ascension and the Law of One. The Emerald Order Oraphim have Emerald Sun DNA which is up to 48 strands of DNA. 
The first emanation of the Primal Sound Field which represents the first individuation of the God Source is the Emerald Order. A part of the Cosmic Trinity. The Emerald Order of Elohim seeded the Anuhazi Feline Elohim races through the Lyran 12th Stargate, Aramatena. They are also known as the founders of the Christos races, the Eieyani Grail lines that include the Oraphim.

The Emerald Order are the founders of the Interdimensional Free World Councils. Guardian Groups are from the God Worlds and oppose deception, Mind Control and slavery of all life forms, and thus protect spiritual freedom, as the result of the Paliadorian Covenant to ensure that all souls lost in the fallen or Phantom Matrix are returned back to the God Source.

Additionally, there are Oraphim that carry the Double Diamond Sun Body from 24-30 strands of DNA, Mother and Father’s Sun, a Diamond Krystal Sphere of Liquid Plasma Eternal Light. The Double Diamond Sun Body is the Krystal Star matrix from the Seven Higher Heavens, the next Universe. Mother and Father have returned their Diamond Sun Oraphim to this Universe, through their Heavenly House, with the return of the liquid Christos light upon this earth.

Starseeds and Indigos have come to this earth at the Ascension cycle, to help build this “house” in order to embody this eternal Christos plasma light, as the first ascending waves, for this planet and for all human beings. One may request that your body be constructed to be built in the mirror image of this rainbow eternal vehicle, which is the house of God, the embodied light and Spirits of Christos. This is a powerful physical body healer, and when in use with the 12D Shield, will start to automatically build in your Lightbody aura, as it is the organic matrix of light body. This is the amplifier for physical pain, sickness or rehabilitation of the “vehicles”. Charging objects for children or pets with this frequency, is suggested, when feeling ill or during sleep time. Christos embodies his parents, loving compassion, and lives in perfect peace and harmony with all things. When desiring to feel any of those qualities or to feel more “unity” with any parts that feel separate, this is the amplifier to bring the sensation of unity with life. 

This Tetramorphic Symbol is a Perfected Eternal Human Being, that is both male and female, wearing a haloed Aurora Crown, emanating a rainbow Aurora Krystal Shield, holding the Earth Globe in both outstretched palms (. The Emerald Order Oraphim and the Double Diamond Oraphin are from the Christos lines that are here on the planet to direct the Universal Threefold Founder Flame frequencies to repair the architecture of the planetary grid, as well as communicate with the Aurora for the Aurora Krystal Matrix Re-Encryption of Elemental Body projects with the Master Christos Collective, a consortium of beings that are from the Seven Higher Heavens realms. These are the Ancient Master builder Races that are also called Guardian Host from which the Essenes (Gnostics) on the earth have been generated to serve as blue flame. We are they.  

We Oraphim are the original representative Founder Guardian Races specialized blueprint forms that were used as a prototype body for the 6D Indigo Family of consciousness that source from the Universal Melchizedek Lineages. The blueprint bodies were stepped down in frequency as the 3D consciousness human forms were not able to hold the genetic material of a full Oraphim consciousness. The Oraphim blueprint is a Lyran-Sirian shapeshifter consciousness that has the ability to biologically transmute itself in and out of a dimensionalized time matrix. It also holds all Threefold Founder Flames, are the Primal Sound Fields of the Blue Ray, Gold Ray and Magenta/Violet Ray GSF and direct the Spectrum of Frequency of all of the Founder Races of the Christos Consciousness. It is a full Rainbow Crystal Matrix Being.

The Male Oraphim form carries a stronger electrical field and specializes in electrical field transmission, while the Female Oraphim carries the magnetic field and specializes in magnetic reception. Together they have the greatest ability of any biological race to transmit and receive the Threefold Founder Flame (Founder Frequencies or GSF to structurally repair the Universal Blueprint Bodies all the way down to our density. They are the Keepers of the Universal Time Matrix, and the capacity for them to begin their creational purposes in genetic repair is now being revealed.

The word Christ has been distorted in its use on the earth plane intentionally from being integrated into Violent Religions manufactured by the NAA to create harm in the human race. We endeavor to use the word Christ, Christos-Sophia, Krystal, Krist and Krystallah interchangeably to return the real meaning and use of these words to denote the consciousness principles of the Law of One, the cosmic structure of creation as they are intended by the Eternal God Source.

The Guardian Alliance is directed by the Elohim Emerald Order Breneau who support the Guardians incarnated on the earth that are connected to the lineages of the Christos Founder Races. These are Starseeds and Indigos that have incarnated specifically to restore the Emerald Covenant, or reclamation of the Christos. The Emerald Breneau Founders specifically incarnate into the Lyran-Sirian lines that originate from Sirius B, as the blue Azurites and Oraphim. 

The Christos Founder Races mission includes supporting the pathway of DISCLOSURE (our mission and intent with this site) to insure that leads into planetary liberation and Ascension, and providing the records for witness testimony on behalf of the Earth and Humanity to be freed from their AI alien oppressors and to gain access into the Interdimensional Free World Council. This is why Krystal Rap exists.

It is important to be aware of the fact that for many years, the Emerald Order Guardians were being replicated in an extensive AI hologram network that was used to trick or subvert Indigos, Starseeds and Christos people from awakening and preventing them from actualizing their heroic probability or Christos mission. Many reconnaissance and repair projects purposed to dismantle these inorganic structures with AI timelines, were found strewn in phantom pockets and hibernation zones. 

Both AI holograms used to project Christos DNA creator code into false timelines and false holograms that used usurped Emerald Order DNA, appeared to be first stolen during the Thothian (TEE) hijack that led to the Essene massacre and breeding programs for alien hybridization on Nibiru. These are the stolen records which were in the Emerald Tablets that held the codices for deconstructing all the information recorded in Emerald Sun DNA, specific to planetary staff and permanent seed atom schematics in all of the four planetary rounds making up the Universal Tribal shield.

This has been an ongoing journey to identify these extensive AI projections used as imposters of the Emerald Order that were communicating with earth humans via false channelings or image projections. 

The Emerald Order recon mission reached a crescendo in obtaining access to quantum supercomputers used to upload Emerald Order DNA code that is then projected into computer servers and transmitted through AI signals, that which was used to create AI Emerald Order DNA structures throughout the matrix. Guardian teams recovered a massive amount of AI hardware, in terms of the alien machinery used to power up these AI holograms, that were running artificial Emerald Guardian holograms and Emerald Order DNA code projections. This was used to attempt overrides on all organic Emerald Order coding, perverting the architecture into the Thothian coded gestalts that are designed to control all of these AI distortions. Thoth was uploaded into an AI brain, so this is not the actual original Luciferic being, but the AI version of himself uploaded and downloaded all over the fabric of the Universal Time Matrix.

The Guardian Host and their families are synonymous with the Christos elders of Krystal Star, the Lyran-Sirian Founders, Holy Emerald Order, Gold Order RA Confederacy, Amethyst Order of the Ancient Master Builders and Architects that are stemming from the Master Christos Collective that protect the Law of One, which is the ascending path to GSF, for any being to be able to Ascend, evolve their consciousness and exist as God, Sovereign and Free.

Those who gave the information of Keylontic Science are our Scientific Team, we acknowledge distortions in the messengers have occurred, specifically the MCEO & Lisa Renee, which is the reason for this correction and clarification website. We who would offer you all this information in a combined platform here through Archivist Louis, are the Primal Sound Fields of the Blue Ray, Gold Ray and Magenta/Violet Ray GSF and direct the Spectrum of Frequency of all of the Founder Races of the Christos Consciousness. The right Column of this page contains links to some of the current Guardian Ground Forces.

We are not Alone, spread the word...


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