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NAA (Cabal) Planetary Control Technologies; Episode 1: Mind Slides & Unapproved Topics..(advanced master series..)

Mind Slides
A Mind Slide program is designed to actually facilitate Cognitive Dissonance and agonostic behaviors. It's signals the human brain to completely ignore Unapproved Topics; by definition, any unapproved words, terms or issues that would challenge their belief systems in the 3D Narrative, or involve their enslavement or torture that was hidden by the Amnesiac Barrier, even if they come face to face with it. You see this now being used actively and covertly by the censoring, banning and removal of any unapproved topics that contradict the Mainstream Narrative. The signals are sent through our devices, and by cabal technologies.

Your human 'so called TINNITUS'; frequencies that you hear, but are dismissed as physicals ailments that are common....(eye roll here) It is mind slide technology. Mind Slides are a form of Mind Control that can be implemented through Radio Waves and Microwaves that form frequencies that transmit into the person's Unconscious Mind in their bio-energetic field.

A mind slide is a Holographic Insert placed in the Planetary Logos that erases or changes the meaning of a "unapproved word", "unapproved phrase" or a range of Unapproved Topics when it is exposed to a person that has been implanted by NAA Artificial Machinery. or that causes a specific physical reaction. An example is when people talk about "Aliens" "abduction" or SRA or other methods of Dark Force Manipulation Methods, they immediately are ridiculed, persecuted, defamed, shamed and promoted as lunatics to other human beings that have been victims of a mind slide. It is an involuntary reaction from an NAA controlled mind. Think Pavlov's dog. The next time someone 'rocks the boat' with fringe topics, or topics not understood in a conversation, wherever it may be held, watch to see if there is an immediate negative reaction by some to not only the message but the messenger. You have seen Mind Slides in action.

This is how the Victim-Victimizer software of the NAA program works. It is virally loaded into our unconscious layers of the mental bodies so that humans enforce this insanity on each other, (think the masked vs unmasked. vaxxed vs non vaxxed,) and its delusion upon our own race. It is a type of denial mind slide and inner character corruption so that we will not look at or explore topics or emotions or memories and situations we find hard to cope with, explain, deal with or change. As a consequence of this pain avoidance and complacency, we essentially do nothing while we watch people of our own race be ridiculed, tortured, starved, killed or mutilated for bringing truth. either publicly or personally..

Mind Slides are Holographic Inserts that trigger sensations in the neurological system that are designed to keep people ignorant and blind to what is happening to them. Many alien abductees have mind slides to deny their experience and bury it deep behind the walls of unconsciousness or Amnesiac Barriers.

When areas that are Unapproved Topics are exposed to the alien entity controlling or hosting the body, they will program the mind slide to activate when certain words, phrases or codes are read or spoken. Sometimes, when people are injured in the body part traumatized by suppressed alien abduction memories, or, in the emotion psyche via past traumatic interactions or experiences, they will relive that trauma experience. The mind slides are inducted into the human's neurological system, which activates mind control technology to pulse the brain's receiver. This can take the form of a mind control "script" (i.e. that abduction never happened, it's your imagination, fears of going crazy) or play images or movies in the mind of that person. Some of the symptoms of mind slides when exposed to unapproved words (i.e. Alien abduction, NAA, Reptilian, Satanic Ritual Abuse.

As Morpheus also said regarding The Matrix..."it is the world, literally pulled over your eyes...." 
  • UFO, Implants, MILABS, etc.) are:
  • Falling asleep or feeling drowsy (nervous system anesthetized)
  • Feeling an electrical zap or punch to the solar plexus
  • Compulsion to leave the room and get away from the messenger/information
  • Feeling irritated or excessively agitated, inner or outer violence
  • Compulsion to smoke cigarettes or self-medicate with drugs
  • Resistance in the form of denial, aggressive reactions, labeling the information as ridiculous
  • Hostile feelings generated to verbally attack the messenger (VV programming)
  • Evoke negative images or negative emotions to reject the information
  • Corrupted dream state with extreme negativity or interference in the astral state through lucid dreams
In specific SRA targeted mind control (i.e. MK Ultra or Super Soldier training) These techniques are designed to dissociate the person through repeated exposures to torture, terror and drugs. The mind is fragmented and intentionally bound to demonic spirits that act as a guardian of that fragment of the personality. The Mind Slide may activate specific alternate personalities, created in the victim to perform a variety of tasks, while under possession or control of the alternate personality. 

Many times the person does not remember their actions or they have a time lapse or black out. This programmable fragment or alternate is referred to as a Sleeper. When a person has been intentionally mind controlled or tortured to become a Sleeper, they can be easily possessed and used to perform a variety of sordid actions or crimes. Reptilian entities specifically receive enjoyment from the explicit torture and suffering of human beings when they possess them to commit these sordid actions. These negative entities strive to create as much pain and anguish for the human being as possible, and to get that human to emanate that vibration of pain and anguish into the environment. Their goal is to engender negative feelings of emotional pain, depression, and hopelessness that lead the person to seek relief through addictive states. This is the cycle perpetuated with alien mind control and entity possession, which feed on these negative energies.

Mind Control via EMF
Mind control technologies are weapons which use electronic microchip implants, nanotechnologies, microwaves and/or electromagnetic waves to subvert an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making by attacking the brain and nervous system. The development of these methods and technologies has a long history. 

An important reason why the NAA and Controllers work so hard to destroy evidence in any range of Unapproved Topics that do not support the 3D narrative, is that they desire to eliminate a human being’s capacity to interpret and assign meaning to any of the authentic consciousness memories that may surface. Consciousness memories naturally surface during spiritual Awakening. Unapproved topics would be any area of thought that open discussions or share accumulated knowledge in groups that would threaten the existence of the NAA, Controller Pillars of Society and the Power Elite. These include accurate accounts of Galactic History and giving explanations for the existence of non-humans among us who are running world affairs.

The catalog of Unapproved Topics is broken down in the same way as hashtags or meta-data where algorithm programming is built into quantum computing. These run AI Consciousness Sweeps to broadcast Mind Slides on these specific thoughtforms or themes to re-direct the frequency of the neural synapses firing in the brain. Mind slides are used to redirect thought forms or thought processes, by hijacking brain neurology and wiping out the thought-form so it cannot be stored in memory for recall. Awakened people may notice the effects of the psychological operations running mind slides on the general public increasing. For those affected, unapproved words or themes are not able to be processed by the brain, and therefore they cannot consciously see, hear or know of the content of that topic. They may remain blank-eyed, suddenly feel sedated and unable to interact in any conversation around that unapproved topic or theme.

Therefore the NAA logic is that if they rewrite human history, ridicule demonstrated behaviors of higher consciousness and evolution, destroy the actual memories while inserting false ones, mind control the subconscious and conscious layers with mind slides, then they destroy the context for assigning meaning towards any of those memories, real or not. Once we have context for the NAA Galactic History , Ascension theory, spiritual initiation and the AI manipulation of the consciousness fields,  we start receiving those energy signals that trigger our consciousness memories. Once we have a context and a meaning assigned for these memories, our body is able to connect through images and feelings. The Mental Map of our thought processes shifts both consciously and unconsciously. Matter and antimatter or particle and antiparticle.

Our bodies start to remember the memories and historical records that are deeply buried in our subconscious, in order to transmute negativity and clear out dark energy, implants and Pain Body blockages. Access to  historical Akashic records, monuments and artifacts of humanities evolution has been deliberately blocked, destroyed, altered or erased on the surface of the Earth in the attempt to eliminate the accurate consciousness records, so as to gain control over the future timelines and genetically modify human DNA. At this time, we have the dueling agendas of those NAA groups who oppose the Ascension timeline and the consciousness liberation of humanity and they are fighting each other and working aggressively to stop it. They employ forceful AI countermeasures in attempts to maintain a particular rift in the time space continuum, which has been used to power the holographic version of the time loop that projects the third dimensional reality.

Thus, our ascending body may be processing some very complex energies as we start to remember the emotions or sensations that we may have experienced throughout many Historical Timeline Trigger Events that had negatively impacted the collective human consciousness on Earth, across all other parallels in time as well as all dimensions and densities. Because humanity has not been given the appropriate context for Collective Consciousness memories, through Galactic History, until now we have not had the correct memory associations to them when we are directly experiencing the emotions or processing the sensations that may bring great impact to the physical body’s usual functioning.

In order to be freed from the control of the AI reality, one must see it as false. The artificial reality is based upon maintaining deceptions and manipulations that keep us ignorant of the larger truth. When we recognize the false reality and its deceptions, it naturally leads us to want to recover more accurate and truthful accounts about humanities history, genetic evolution and who was actually involved. What events really occurred in the human race that produced such levels of darkness, ignorance and suffering that we can see in the world today? 

The story of humanity's evolutionary history is much bigger than what we are cultivated to believe as the adaptation of the best Genetic Mutations via survival of the fittest and natural selection. This deeper inquiry and questioning of reality opens up the collective consciousness memories that have been suppressed, the memories that we have had recorded within our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies from the Historical Timeline Trigger Events. We will cover some of your hidden histories in Part 3. For now continue to Part 2 below.
Part 2; 

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