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Eternal First Field Intelligence/Electro-Thermal First Force Identity & Unified Field Physics.

The word EFFI is a Guardian Acronym formed from the initials of the words, Eternal First Field Intelligence/Electro-Thermal First Force Identity, (Source) or the entirety of the Living, EFFI 1st Consciousness Field within which all Creation has always and will always exist.

This field continually expresses itself by manifesting portions of its own ELCEI or Eternal Living Consciousness Energy Identity as 1st Creation Structures. All matter is a 3d representation of Source. This is an energy and Intelligence that defies the labels of 'God' or 'Gods' as it is beyond all names or labels or classification as we would understand it. EFFI/EFFI Infinitum are simply acknowledged in subjective Sacred Reverence as the Eternally Living Energy Identity and Co-creative force within in which all things reside, within which all things and beings Co-create and OF which all things and being are made. We have heard the term "we are made of stars stuff." Well, the actuality is, we are made of EFFI stuff, independent individualized expressions of Source. From the most innate, inanimate objects of matter, to the highest Meta-Math consciousness's, ALL derive from the EFFI Eternal Source. 

The Eternal Nature of EFFI is absolute Unconditional Love, which is a tangible state of vibrational frequency harmonization, or resonance. When we tap into this nature of loving, forgiving, kindness, co-operation, empowering, strength, impartial, fair and just to ALL creations EFFI, we access the Christ Consciousness of the Law of One. Many misunderstand this compassionate state of being, this Peaceful Nature, as being passive, what we call the light and love syndrome or polarity to the positive, while neglecting the existence and reality of the negative. But, The Eternal EFFI is neither passive nor complacent, but assertive and confident in it's balance of the both the Yin and Yang that makes up ALL existence. 

This is not a whim, or ethereal concept, but an actual  conscious state of perpetual Grace, that is enabled by and endures through the dynamics inherent to the Natural Laws of Unified Field Physics, and by which all Creation domains function. The Eternal Presence or E'Lum'en-ed Essence is the experiential knowing, living embodiment manifest expression of the Eternal EFFI Nature, ex: Essence = Sophia, the Aether, the Signal, The Carrier Wave or the vibrational frequencies of energy, cognition and consciousness, upon and through which, the actual EFFI Nature frequencies from Source are carried. Think Universal Wi-fi. From Our Creator. And we, as the fully ascended Angelic Human, as we were made to be in our Blueprint or Template, have the ability to tap that Creator EFFI Nature and make ourselves into it's very image, or Consciousness of Source. Our cosmic Inheritance. 

The Natural Eternal Laws of Transplaneal, Multidimensional, Cosmoversal Unified Field Physics

These are the organic, perpetual motion, mathematical-geometrical-organizational programs that are manifested and maintained through the NIECP: Nomi-yah 1st Encryption Code Program, or the NOMI code. Think HTML, CSS, C++, the computer codes that run the various programs of your computer's, 'universe' or operating system. The Nomi Code is held in the Geleziac State (vibrational frequency) of pre manifestation, before pre matter state. This is the borderline energy state of still 'being at-one' with the Source Consciousness field, which is the non manifested 3D body of Source that is transmuting and manifesting into the manifestation arena, or creation domain. This is held withing the YHu-Rha-La Kinservatory, which is a fancy word for the kinetic energy, being conserved for manifestation. This 'storage space' or 'energy field' holds all of the Source Consciousness of the EFFI and all that it can manifest. Think an egg. of energy and potential that houses All that is Source. 

This constant field of energy, or Divine Constant, or, as religions refer to it as the "Divine Will of God," is not as taught, a directional 'commandment ' determining how we should act and live. It is a Living Consciousness field that we have access to, but which has been blocked or filtered by the current NAA Artificial Intelligence grids and technologies. By design. This is why you don't know it exists and when it does come to light, it is immediately ridiculed and blocked or hidden again, with lies, misdirection, or complete removal of facts in your sciences and histories. 

Some call this destiny, or fate, or predetermination, or following the 'will of god'. This unfortunately is a gross misrepresentation of a Law of Cause & Effect, whereby the potential for ALL possibilities exists,  within the true Harmonized energy flow that comes from Source. It is OUR interpretation, by Free Will Choice that determines which of those probabilities we CHOOSE to follow. This has been misinterpreted to mean there is a set of rules and regulations and guidelines called "God's Divine Will, (cue the thunder and choir) that MUST be followed, when in reality, the Divine EFFI signal houses ALL THE POSSIBILITIES (the Divine 'will") that you can choose...and YOU, as an individual, sentient Expression of Source are, by Law of  Free will and choice, allowed to take any of those probabilities and possible timelines. 

And furthermore, since Source contains both positive and negative, then we have to assume and conclude that when negative things happen, ("must be the Lords will") or we, perpetrate negative behaviors and actions, they are are also, within the realm of the Divine Will, or EFFI, as it is simply: the possibility and probability of all possible outcomes and choices, already existing within the Tauren, which we now again, relearn to access, disseminate and apply to our 'existence', or, to that which we call, our life.

There are many names that have been applied to try to label or describe the EFFI; 

  • The Unified Field, 
  • The Higgs Field, 
  • Quintessence. 
  • The Universe/Cosmos, 
  • The Force, 
  • Source, 
  • God, 
  • The Universal Intelligence, 
  • Sophia, The Aether
  • Ek Ong Kar One Source, 
  • Eck, I AM, 
  • Allah, 
  • Yahweh, 
  • Jehovah, 
  • Dark Matter, 
  • The Electric Universe 
  • Is/ISNESS, 
  • the Great Spirit,
  • the One, 
  • the One True god,
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Ghost 
  • the various war gods of the various human violent religions...inflicting the wars upon humanity and planet earth.

In your present culture there is much fear and misinformation surrounding the occurrence of multidimensional communication. Superstition and science both have added their share of negative interpretation of events of this nature. Popular consensus would place such events of communication into the categories of intentionally contrived hoax or into that of mental deficiency on the part of those receiving such communications. Religious factions, on the other hand, most often place such events under the category of “demonic” activity or attribute such communications to the work of some “evil” force. These ideas and misinterpretations are a direct result of the “official reality program” and its brainwashing. So much effort has been put into devaluing and negating the method of communication of knowledge that the true value of the knowledge is lost. 

This is unfortunate, as it leaves the majority of the human populace thinking that such communications do not really exist as such, or that if they do exist they are of some “evil” or mal-aligned source. This makes it quite difficult for other dimensional and other time helpers to offer their assistance to humans directly, as so few of you are receptive to the method by which that assistance is offered. It is our hope that in providing you with information about the true mechanics of multidimensional communication that you will be able to step outside of “the program” enough to put your prejudgments aside and learn something new and quite valuable. In your present time certain terms have been used to describe this process of information exchange: “telepathy,” “mediumship,” “automatic writing,” “channeling.” All of these terms give you a very vague conceptual understanding as to the true dynamics of this phenomenon. If you do not understand the mechanics of the process then it will be difficult for you to decipher the source from which the phenomena emerge. 

The ideas and names labels and form projections, (images or conceptual externalized concepts that have been imposed upon humanity,) do not at all reflect the true Living EFFI Nature. It's not inert. It's alive. It's your Essence. that said, the EFFI can a does manifest and express itself in more limited stepped down forms and idea. Morpheus is quoted as saying, "What is Real.? In this case it is the illumination and recognition that the EFFI is the Signal. We are the receivers, the amplifiers, the 'radios, that when tuned to the right 'channel' (hello?), can receive through our receptors, or chakras, or energy glands and points throughout our body, can receive the various frequencies that make up the full EFFI. We then transmit those frequencies, or vibrational energy waves, to the cerebral cortex, to be translated into energy patterned bits of information, 1s and 0s, 111000110110011, that are then are sent to the various parts of our brain that regulate our biologic system that houses our create the enzymes and proteins and molecules that make up YOU and, create the energy patterns that we then emit and transmute and manifest into our existence. The reason you do not know of these facts is due to the slow manipulation of the knowledge and histories starting with the Sumerian invasion and deception by Thoth, his Lucefeians and the Giovanni/Metatron entities in this Universal Time Matrix. (see The Fall of Metatron

Evolution by Template Frequency Accretion/TFA (Accretion = the accumulation of frequency particles into an object or matter within the Tauren.)

As Template Frequency Accretion progresses (moves along or evolves) the Elemental Atomic matter form, it grows and expands and evolves through the organic cycles of the Elemental Atomic Transfiguration that are within the Natural  laws of Unified Physics. The Tauren is a key part of our anatomy. It is the Taurs unit (pronounced towers, see the illustration,) that is the core of our DNA, the DNA template of our coding if you will at the atomic level. This is the template that determines the individual aspect of Source that becomes the incarnation of your higher non-particle anatomy.

When the organic EFFI/NOMI frequency spectra interfaces with the corresponding Seed template it activates the dormant Geleziac programs, energy patterns being held in the Kinservatory, allowing the corresponding frequency spectra to inflow to the template and engage circulation within the Elemental Atomic field and embodied consciousness and awareness of that specific template, or being. In individual Life Forms, the organic 15 dimensional, 15 Chakra System are the energy conduits through which Template Frequency Accretion occurs.

In Cosmoversal structure and organic Transplaneal-Multidimensional Star-gate Systems, the External-Keylontic And Interna Chrismatic Templates are the anchoring conduits through which accretion occurs. Star gates and Universal Chakras and the Chakras of Life Forms are our individualized Star-gates. The intrinsic Micro-cosmic Chakra Stargate System of individualized life form is intimately linked to the Macro-cosmic Star gate Chakra System of the planetary Solar Galactic Meta galactic Universal NA and Cosmoversal domains in which the life form exists or resides. 

As the Macrocosm of a Planet or Universal Time Matrix progressively evolves, so too does the Microcosm of it's resident life field also evolve. The organic process of evolution through Space-Time, is the process of the Universes organic Cosmoversal Frequency Spectra. 

The principle of evolution by Template Frequency Accretion applies to ALL Creation Domains, from the largest Cosmos and Universes to the smallest individual life forms, to that which holds all of the Cosmoverse itself. TFA is the organic process by which and through evolution occurs, and is also the inherent dynamic process by and through which cognition of the Eternal Presence or E'Lum'en-ed Essence or the EFFI, takes place individually, personally, collectively and Cosmoversally. 

As the Frequency Spectra Essence progressively embodies, or takes form, or inhabits the template, the EFFI nature expands into this evolving system and the consciousness within, and a state of Direct Knowing and Cognition of the Eternal FFI Nature slowly awakens and unfurls within the evolving system and its collective and individual embodied conscious identity. Our Uniqueness, or personality, if you will. 

From this perspective of Cognition and Knowing, the Science and Spirituality of Creation are not viewed as separate, disconnected or opposing paradigms, but rather, both are understood to represent organic, intrinsic aspects and attributes of the EFFI Nature, Presence and Essence through which All structures, Systems, Objects and Beings are eternally and perpetually woven and interwoven in the United Field.  

Evolutionary Stages featuring a greater quantum of organic TFA embody a greater quantum of EFFI Nature and Grace, and are thus characterized by a greater cognition, or level of awakening or awareness, of the eternal a greater comprehension of the Unified Field theory that interconnects all things and thereby, a greater understanding and respect for the cooperative and harmonizing relationships with the organic Natural Eternal Laws of Unified Field Physics. 

Primal Desire, Eternal Instinct and The Nomi Code

Evolution by Template Frequency Accretion represents the Hidden dynamic and organic intrinsic mechanics behind and within All individual and collective creation. TFA is the seed impetus and motivation behind and within the Instinct to Survive, Thrive and Be Alive, an instinctive auto-immune response common to All Life everywhere. The organic mechanics of the TFA carry within them a common core purpose, the Primal Desire, which exists with and operates through All creation. This Desire is the inherent longing for Re-Evolution and return to the original Authentik State of At-One-ment with the EFFI Consciousness Field and the perpetual state of Grace of the EFFI Nature embodiment.

This primal Desire is the core impetus, motivation, drive and eternal instinct, for all that states of being that are carried by the NOMI Code within All Creation and which perpetually operates as an Eternal Life Homing Signal, whose sole desire is to reunite with the EFFI Consciousness Field. It is this Primal Desire and Eternal Instinct that is common to and unites, all living things, whether they are conscious of it or not. Together the EFFI Nature and Natural Laws of Unified Field Physics, as well as the Primal Desire Eternal Instinct of this code, all combine to represent the Eternal Positive Context of Existence. This serves as the Eternal Backdrop behind all manifest dramas, and the perpetual Base Medium within which all creation, manifestation and action occurs. 

Regardless of the apparent experiential nature of an unfolding manifest drama, be it of seemingly positive or negative orientation, the Eternal Life homing signal of the NOMI Code draws all beings and systems onward toward fulfillment of the Primal Desire Eternal Instinct of Re-Evolutionary Return to At-One-ment with the 1st Eternal Creation EFFI Consciousness Field, our One True Source, Our Infinite Creator. Experiential manifest dramas are the learning experiences that manifest Beings and Systems use to remember, through 'trial and error' Free Will applications, how to best work in harmonious co-creation with the EFFI Nature and Unified Field Natural Eternal Laws. Both positive and negative experiential manifest dramas represent learning experiences by and through which beings and systems progressively re-evolve into embodiment of the EFFI Nature thus all dramas, both good and bad, serve the Positive Context of Existence. 

Cause, Effect & Consequence; Harmonic vs Disharmonic Engagement

The EFFI Natural Laws of Unified Field Physics, born of the Nomi Code, perpetually keep the Eternal Balances of energy, frequency and consciousness in motion through the dynamics of Cause, Effect & Consequence. Consequence to a chosen action is the Great Eternal Teacher, serving to remind manifest beings and systems of the organic, harmonious use of Free Will Choice in joyful cooperative co-creation with the Eternal EFFI Nature. 
Harmonic co-creation with the EFFI Nature, rendered through Free Will Choice and cooperation, creates a Positive Consequence of harmonious, joyful, ordered and balanced manifest experiences and progressive embodiment of the Eternal EFFI Nature, its organic frequency spectra and its perpetual state of Grace.

Disharmonic interrelationship with the EFFI Nature, results in an imposition and competition with the natural Laws of the Unified Field, and creates a Negative Consequence of disharmonic, painful, chaotic and unbalanced manifest experiences and progressive disembodiment an blocking of the Eternal EFFI Nature, its organic frequency spectra and its perpetual State of Grace. Both of these, will serve to remind Beings and Systems of the Primal Desire Eternal Instincts of Re-evolutionary Return to At-One-ment with the 1st Eternal Creation EFFI Consciousness Field. 

The joyful manifest experience characteristic of Harmonic co-creation reminds Beings and Systems of the EFFI Nature, through progressive smooth, open and abundant frequency flow with increasing awakening of our Eternal Memories, which are stored in our dormant DNA. 

The Paths of Increasing & Diminishing Return; Knowing vs Unknowing Innocence

Harmonic co-creation with the EFFI Nature represents the organic "Path of Frequency Accretion" in which a Being or System grows, expands and evolves through Space Time, via progressive quantum gain, increase in organic frequency spectra and embodiment the Eternal EFFI Nature. To embody the EFFI Nature is to live one's incarnations in a Service to Others, Unconditional Love orientation. This enables the rise in frequency-quantum accretion that is required from Re-Evolutionary Return to the Original Eternal Authentik State of At-One-ment with the EFFI Consciousness Field. Or, more simply, what humans call Ascension. 

As organic Frequency Accretion progresses, Eternal Memory increases and embodied Experiential Knowing of the Eternal EFFI Nature reciprocally awakens, in what we now call, The Awakening. This is also know as the "Path of Increasing Return" or the "Path of Knowing Innocence" 

In the same token a Dis-harmonic interrelationship with Source, (EFFI NATURE) depletes a Being or Systems quantum, losing the spectra and resulting in non connection, instead embracing the service to self orientation, causing a Fall in organic frequency quantum accretion that progressively disables organic Re-Evolutionary Return to the EFFI Consciousness Field. As this progresses and continues, memory of the Eternal Nature is forgotten and dissipates into experiential unknowing or, as we are seeing today, the mass of humanity sleepwalking through controlled incarnation after incarnation, caught in a vicious NAA loop of Metatronic downward spiral to experiential Unknowing. This is known as the "Path of Diminishing Return." The Fibonacci Spiral, perpetually turning in on itself until it diminishes into nothing. Not so Sacred Geometry after all eh? 

What many are experiencing now, is the reaching of critical mass quantum oversaturation of the templates the template or beings, planets or Systems  existence and Auric Body entering Phantom-Fall status. if remedial action is not taken then the being planet or system will enter Gone Fall for space dust return. see Cosmic Law of Evolution. This simply means that having chosen service to self at the expense of others and turning away from the EFFI Nature, a Fail Safe is triggered that insures that the essence of that being will be reinstituted into the Matrix and Field and put to positive EFFI Nature orientated use. The difference with Harmonic paths is that we ascend and retain our individualized Eternal Memories and consciousness as we rise, or Ascend to the next incarnation on our journey. 

However, due to the Nomi code, and the Guardian Law of never losing anyone behind, "'where there is life there is hope," the Law of one is clear in its 'rehabilitation, not retribution.' THAT is the Christos Unconditional Love of, "Father forgive them, (save them anyway) for they know not what they do." 

Evil will be removed and rehabilitated, but innocence and lack of Knowing, will never be punished as long as the individual or system is 'service to others' oriented or passive in its interaction with others. This is due to the Guardian Mission of the Krystal River Fail Safe host. We never leave anyone behind. The system simply doesn't allow for it. 

The Nomi Code

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