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The Fall of Metatron ~ Transcribed & adapted by and sent originally by the Elohim to Anna Hayes pre distortion, and now transcribed to text here by Louis S. Luzzo Sr. on behalf of the Emerald Order Elohim again.

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(KR note; there are many references to Metatron, mostly as it relates to the Nag Hammadi and the book of Enoch. We represent that these are the true facts of the origins and understanding of the Metatron collective family and its part in the current Timeline Matrix, which makes up our Universal existence, as we understand it. in some instances the grammatical context has been edited but this is the word for word transcript from the video session by Anna for you to follow along.) 

"Metatronics, has to do with a being called Metatron, and it has to do with the Annu-Elohim.
Metatron is the name of a family collective. It's a family collective out of an entity. An entity is something above a Rishi. The first level of Ascended Masters Consciousness Collective. There is an entity called Giovanni. Giovanni was an entity in good standing, as most entities are. Giovanni was part of the Collective that created the Christos Founder Races races that seeded this Time Matrix 950 billion years ago. It was these groups of Elohim that were commissioned to Stargate 11, which was Avion in the Lyra System. They were commissioned as the Guardians of Stargate 11 which became convoluted. The Christos Founders, Guardians of Stargate 11, that became convoluted, code convoluted, which began their downfall both genetically template wise and of consciousness. That particular group Metatron were out of the entity called Giovanni. 

Because of the Fall that took place, the genetic fall and the creation of the black hole, that was created 250 billion years ago, the entity Giovanni Fell Because there's a law of physics that applies. If you are an Ascended Master Being, you have your pieces up there and you have parts of yourself stationed out of the Time Matrix. You send in X amount of energy of yourself into the Matrix. If you sent in, more than a natural proportion of its energy into the Matrix, say for a salvage mission, if the salvage team sent in goes down too, it takes the whole collective down with it. So there was an entity that Fell as a result of what took place 250 billion years ago. 250 billion years ago, an event took place in the Lyran Star System, The Cradle of Lyra with the Christos Founder Races. 

The races from Stargate 11, the Guardians of Avion, and the Guardians of Gate 10, which is Vega Lyra began to war with one another because both of them suffered code convolution. The Omicron Draconian races who were of the Serephi Seraphim, were the gate 10 Guardians and a particular group out of the Giovanni Entity were the Guardians of Gate 11. Both of them were getting a bit out of hand as far as taking a Free Will concept and literally turning it in on itself and becoming authoritarian because free will and authoritarian dictatorship do not go hand in hand. They are direct opposition. Both of them began to play that game with each other. And after a while of the G11 Elohim pushing the Draconians around, the Draconian's managed to evolve in a certain way that they're were bit stronger and they began to take back territory. They began to push back. 

At this point the Elohim petitioned High Council, which were the ones who are we Guardians, the Elohi Elohim who were the Guardians of gate 12, and they said "These guys are out of control we want you to destroy them. We said, 'Excuse me, we don't destroy anybody. By the way, did you notice that you've been out of control for a while too? Why don't we all sit down and figure out how we can help both of you heal?" They didn't like that answer. They threatened High Council and claimed "If you don't destroy them, we will destroy them. And not only that, we will destroy your Gate and you as well. And we will take over the Matrix". 
That was a very sick decision to make. It was a choice that was made because they had an idea. These were creator God beings. These were Elohim. They knew just as much as the other Elohim. They knew that if Source could create using the template where you have 15 spheres, what if you took just 7? They knew there is a way to bend the mathematics which would bend the light in the sound and the scalar waves into a form that could actually repel itself and cut itself off from the natural Matrix. It would still exist within the entire Matrix, but it would be their own system. They decided they wanted to turn this time matrix into that which was a direct violation of something called the Emerald Covenant.

 The Emerald Covenant was the original agreement that the Yanas Ascended Masters agreed upon when they decided to create this time matrix together. It was a Free Will System and it was built upon the Law of One which is acknowledgement that we are all of the same source and that loving Co-Creation is the only sane and natural way of being in an understanding of yourself as part of the One that was the original tenants and precepts by which this Matrix was created. 

The Elohim of Gate 11 decided that they were going to do it differently. They were going to break that covenant and they were going to destroy the races who wouldn't cooperate with them, and they would  take it over and run it their way. The only thing standing in the way of doing that were the Elohi Elohim of Gate 12. Us. The Guardians. They could dominate anything lower in 'coding' than them, they could when push came to shove, use their ability of higher frequency because they had the D11 coding. The Serephi Seraphim had D 10 Coding so they could, if they wanted to use that superiority and ability, run frequency to get rid of the Draconian races. But they would have a hard time doing it to get rid of the Elohi Elohim races because they had D12 and higher capacity. 

Now,  there is a way to turn the natural physics of creation in on itself. If you can think of the Kathara grid and the Stargate systems as a conduit of energy. And when energy is coming into the Matrix, it spirals down through the prime aligned Sound fields, into D12 and D11, 10, 9, 8...etc.. Now if you block energy at Gate 11, the energy is still coming in through 12, but it bounces back. And it creates a back flow then amplifies. So you can, and it was theoretic at that point theoretical, theoretically you could sever the connection at gate 12 and have gate 11 and down be your own little universe if you wanted to hijack it. That was their idea. It worked and forced a choice that the Elohi Elohim had to make. There is a choice to defend. Or to allow.

Now the Elohi know that they were eternal. Death isn't something they were concerned with. They were completely beyond that. They knew that if they were to defend themselves because they had superior power capacity, that those who attempted to destroy them would literally have the energy bounced back at themselves and literally wipe them out. As well as the systems they were connected to. It would not only take out the Elohim that were posing the challenge, it would take out the Serephi Seraphim, both the fallen ones and a group called the Odedicron. Their Odedicron were a race of Serephi Seraphim, who had co-governance over Stargate 10 Vega with Omicron-Draconians. The Odedicron are the Reptilians. There is a difference between the  Draconians and the Reptilians. The Draconian's were the Dragon moth people. They were the Dinoids. They created dinosaur life as opposed to snake life, as opposed to smaller reptilians. The Omicron Dragon Moth Dinoids were fully involved in the competition for the time matrix. They knew what the Annu-Elohim were going to do and they decided they would do it too. They didn't petition for help. They decided to both get rid of them and then go after each other and see who gets the Matrix.

But the Odedicron, the Reptilians didn't want to play the game. They were stuck in the Gate 10 system and they petitioned for help. But because you had Gate 11 and the annu-Elohim, in between Gate 12 and Gate 10, Gate 11, we weren't able to rescue or get the Odedicrons out. If the decision to defend by simply putting up a shield around Gate 12 was chosen, it would have taken out both gate 11 and gate 10. Both could have been repaired, but it would have taken a long time. But it could have been repaired using gate 12. however, those consciousness that were in those systems would be fragmented back to space dust. They'd still be part of god., as nothing can ever not be a part of god. This race had beautiful potential, and they'd already come a long way in their evolution. 

They'd  evolved from 950 billion years ago to 250 billion years ago. That's a lot of evolution, and they had reached wondrous things in their own right in certain ways. It was primarily because of the Odedicron, the Reptilians, that the founders chose to allow knowing they were taking a burden onto themselves. But it was the only way that if they would slowly be able to heal it. They knew a black hole would be created if this were allowed. They tried to talk them out of it, but they didn't want to listen. Yelling did not want to listen. Instead of defending themselves, they allowed the Elohim to backup gate 11 and reverse it, and that created a back flow and it literally shattered the divine blueprint blue of the Stargates in Lyra Aramentena. 

Gate 12 would have to be reassembled later, using the D 13 and higher primal light fields to reset the pattern. It created a black hole system. The black hole system came to be known as Phantom Matrix.  Phantom Matrix was originally a part of this time matrix. Phantom Matrix started with simply part of The 11 Avion Gate and what was that planetary system or star system and the D10 Vega Lyran System. But it grew much bigger than was ever intended. When the Phantom Matrix was created. By the Annu- Elohim, they came to call themselves the Annu-Elohim. The Geovanni entity hadn't fully fallen yet. A portion of that entity had fallen. And because of that, it sent another portion of itself into the Matrix to try to rescue the part of itself that had fallen. That was a risky thing to do because, again, it comes down to how much energy is on which side. 

Normally an entity would put X amount of itself into the matrix at one time. Well Giovanni had already lost a big chunk of itself. So to put more of itself in and there was a chance that was taken, that if that part ended up getting distorted also and wasn't strong enough to pull the others back out, it would make make more critical mass of reversed mess in the matrix than what the collective had itself. And that is what happened. But when the original fall happened it happened in stages , the original sin when Stargate 11 blew up and 250 billion years ago, and Phantom Matrix was created, there were precautionary things put in in motion. Knowing that it was going to occur. 

There is something called. The Eye of Brahman that was created at the 12.5. Now that was a little bit beyond the D12. Stargate. The Eye of Brahman was a polarization refraction lens, that would allow the primal light fields from the natural to this time matrix to refract through and literally anchor into The Phantom Matrix and hold it. To give it a structure so it could begin to restructure itself, instead of going completely back to space, dust is what happens when a black hole is created. A template is shattered like a crystal. It's crushed with a hammer. It gets twisted. The energy gets twisted and reversed, but if it has any portion of its template that has enough frequency, it can begin to accrete again. What usually happens in a black hole system is it accretes like to like frequency, but it's missing pieces. And it isn't able to accrete functionally. So it accretes on a distorted Template compared to its original mathematics.
The Eye of Brahman was intended to allow the pattern of the natural template of this time matrix to be put back into Phantom Matrix. So when it began to accrete itself, and the consciousness, began to pull itself together, it would still have, eventually, after it accreted enough, it would have access to getting plugged back into its original divine blueprint. That was the original intention. So there was a lens, the first Eye, the Eye of Brahman created, and it was created by the Christos founders and the Yanas Ascended Masters races in order to give the beings that would be caught in this Black Hole System and opportunity to re evolve instead of being being blown back to space dust. 

It was done primarily because there were several innocent races, trapped, but primarily the Odedicron, who had been persecuted by the Draconian races progressively more and more. There was no way they could get out of the system and they had always been in good standing with with the Christos Founder Races. Therefore a commitment was made on behalf of them, but also on behalf of the others, because even though the Elohim had gone off on their own tangent and become very dangerous creator gods. They had become anti creator gods, anti-Christic Creator gods. They were still loved and there was still the' if there's life there's hope' So it was a decision of love, but it was the decision of accepting out of love, accepting a huge, massive responsibility. The responsibility of knowing how dangerous this healing experiment could be, because if it went wrong, if it went bad, it could not only take down this whole matrix, but if it did, that would allow it to have enough frequency where it could begin to poke holes into other time matrices as well. 

It wasn't a decision that was made by a couple of people, it was a decision that was made through the Ascended Masters Yanas Councils of various different time matrixes that could be directly affected if it went wrong and if it went bad. There was a whole lot of them that didn't want it tried. But there was enough and it came down to a vote and it came down to a some of the older time Matrixes that were much older than 950 billion years old. They had been through something similar to this long time before and it didn't work. so the said "OK. You guys have a good idea, sweet children. You really, really, really want to try it now? You you know you've looked at what could happen. The outcome, if it's successful, we will look up to you because we tried a similar thing when a similar thing happened in our matrices. But it didn't work and it created absolute havoc. We would have liked for it to work so because we would like to know where we went wrong? Maybe you can do it better, and if you're willing to take responsibility. That means you don't get out of there if it goes bad and you stay in there until you fix it, right? So it doesn't hurt anything else." 

So the Creator gods, the Elohi Elohim, and the Serephi Seraphim, and the Braharama races, that were the original three Christos Founders Races of this Matrix and their Yanas Ascended Masters Collective said. "Yeah, we wanna try." So the permission was given for us to try and that's why the Eye of Brahman was allowed to be set up. So the Phantom Matrix wouldn't just go back into implosion within itself, because when the system goes into black hole and it begins to accrete, it will accrete to a certain point where it begins to literally pull energy from itself, because it pulls all pieces together and has nothing left to do but can continue to pull, and it pulls itself into compaction and it goes into what's called molecular compaction, or atomic compaction and it implodes on itself. It has to do with magnetic and electrical fields. By setting up the Eye of Brahman, there was an opportunity being made where the black hole would accrete, but at a certain point in its accretion, it would reach enough frequency in reverse, that it could possibly be plugged in to the D 13 primal light fields so it could be brought back around. It was a long shot, but it was worth a try at least, so we thought at the time.

Well. When this occurred, one of the big heroes in the drama was going to be Giovanni. Giovanni, wanted to make sure, because Giovanni felt responsible, because it was Giovanni 's family that had created the fallen Annu-Elohim. there was  a particular smaller collective within the Giovanni family. that was called Metatron who became at some point directly involved. The Eye was set up 250 billion years ago. it was actually set up before they did the blowing up of stargate 12. That's when the decision to allow was made. Once the stargate blew up, the Eye was activated, and it began to hold the Phantom Matrix from totally going into reversal so low in frequency that you couldn't plug into it anymore. 

There was a degree of successful evolution between 250 billion to about 150 billion years ago. We got a lot of  the Odedicron out and also some of the fallen Annu-Elohim and Fallen Draconian Races. They were able to do bio-regenesis and get back out into the natural Matrix. but there was a problem that was manifesting itself in relation to some of the Annu-Elohim that were being rehabilitated, the ones that were from the Giovanni/Metatron Collectives. You could get them out to D11, then they were hosted into another collective because they did not have the D 12 pattern anymore. They were hosted into the Braharama races. and what was produced was a hybrid. But, they still held a mentality of dictatorial authority. Their distortion had gone so deep, and because they we still not at the full D 12 pattern back. At D 12 you start to get it, that we are all one. You are Me and I am You. We are all connected. That means I treat you the way I would want to be treated. That means we cooperate and not fight. Without the full D 12 pattern, that cognition cannot fully be integrated. They started to pose a danger, even to their host races. So there was where another decision was made and where Metatron came in full force. there was another polarization refraction lens was put in. The Eye of YHWE. (pronounce ya-we) The Metatronic Eye. 

This other lens, was put in to create a shortcut to another Matrix. It was a healing matrix, almost like, how you we would look at our prisons for violent criminal type people. It was agreed, the Metatron and the Giovanni Entities agreed, that their races needed rehabilitation, a  more and more strict rehabilitation. They were still not capable of functioning fairly in a Free Will system, they would abuse if they were given power, and because of that the Metatron collective created and what were permitted to create the the Eye of Metatron or the Eye of YHWE. This lens was positioned at the 11.5, which is between Gate 11 and Gate 12. It wasn't as high up in frequency as the eye of Brahman, and with it, they would be able to evolve and get themselves the mathematical coding and then it would take them over into another matrix system.
And it was actually another black hole system that had made some progress. It was the original one from way back that the other Time Matrices, the other Yanas Ascended Masters. They were still trying to heal and rehab that one, and there were certain portions of it that were rehabbing. They were partially successful, so it was decided by the by the Metatron entity and its Giovanni collective and the Ascended Masters collectives, that ones that were causing problems, they could, you know, for the Brahma races will be hosted out into this matrix where they could finish their evolution there.

This was originally supposed to be an evolutionary shortcut because in certain terms, if they were successful there, it would take them less time to evolve back into full ascended mastery than if they stayed here to read fully regenerate the Christos template. There were certain perks for them to go. It was originally called the Path of Arimathea. It had to do with a planet, or a star called Aramatsuess that was part of this matrix. Now Aramatsuess at the time that these decisions were made to allow Eye of Metatron to be put was kind of like a crown jewel in that particular fallen matrix because it was beginning to get it's the D11.5 frequencies back. 

So there was this chance taken by putting in the Metatronic Eye that would create a link between that system and the Phantom matrix. It was supposed to be a one way link. You could go this way, but they could not come this way. Alright, that was to protect this matrix and it didn't link into this matrix. It linked into Phantom and Phantom linked into here. Large numbers of the fallen Elohim, did evolve out. And then a problem happened over on Aramatsuess. The new influx of the still semi-distorted consciousness from this matrix got together with a distorted consciousness from other systems and that matrix and invited him up to Aramatsuess, and together they took over Aramatsuess. 

This created a situation for the Giovanni/Metatron family. They were losing the Guardians, the ones they had sent in to assist that had actually gone into the Phantom Matrix and escorted the others out into the other This Matrix. And when there were rebellions over in their system, the Guardian races sent by Metatron and sent by Giovanni were also overtaken and their consciousness was entrapped. There are certain ways you can entrap of being in a body and will get into this in a little bit. It has to do with them creating an electrostatic body as opposed to an electro-dynamic body. An electrodynamic body allows frequency to move freely through, in and out free flow, while an electrostatic body, keeps it circulating within itself, and it blocks the currents. It's a closed loop system or a Metatronic body. The masses have been taught to believe this is somehow a sacred good thing when in fact, human science is celebrating a prison body system that does not allow Ascension. 

There were particular genetic experiments done and also planetary grid and galactic grid  experiments done, and the Wesedak Matrix, created a situation where about 89 and 89% of the energy of Giovanni/Metatron was literally put into reversal. When that happens it creates like a black hole pulling on the Ascended Master Collective itself, so there was a choice made by that Collective to either sever its connection completely to those of itself that it had lost. What this meant was it was going to Fall one way or another. It was going to fall because it can't hold enough frequency to stay in resonance with the primal light and sound fields, especially at The Ascended Master level. That means you're coming into the matrix whether you want to or not. If you lose a certain percentage, as an ascended master, if you lose a certain percentage of your consciousness because it's embodied in things that Fall, they will pull you in. 

And the Metatron/ Giovanni Collective realized it was going to go in. It could have maintained itself at a D12 level and began its evolution from there. It would have had a big chore in its hands. It would have had to separate, first of all, its connection to its parts. Then it would have had to progressively accrete frequency until it could host out. It would have to host out and it would become kind of like a baby Ascended Master Collective again, instead of a very old time collective. The Collective made a decision and it was the collective. They made a decision that they would do their fall in a certain way. They started to have. You can almost look like it looked at it as a virus. The parts of themselves that had fallen were still in communication electronically with the collective. Now the ones that were in the Matrix didn't know this, and slowly, every little thought the Fallen ones felt the Ascended master Collective felt as well and it began to take on the same attitudes. And, one of the biggest and worst attitudes that still is a 'virus' in this time matrix is the attitude of blame. It is the others fault that this has happened, not Our actions.  

The Metatron/Giovanni Collective decided to blame the other Ascended master Collectives for its fall. It was reminded that it agreed to do this. It was the one that was gung ho "gonna save the Matrix, you know, gonna pull all it selves out and all that." But it had it had enough of the influence of its Fallen ones, that were 89% of its consciousness at this point, saying it's somebody else's fault. 

That collective made a decision to use its knowledge of primal creation physics, and that it would take over this Matrix. This Matrix was originally what it's fallen parts had wanted to take over, and what the Collective had tried to stop them from doing. Unfortunately there was a little problem with this decision because there was the the Eye of YHWE was completely under the governance of the Medtronic entity of Giovanni. The Giovanni entity, through the collective of  Metatron, turned control of that polarization, refraction lens over to the Wesedak Collectives. They were able to create, by feeding energy off this pull energy from our time matrix, using the Phantom matrix. They would use Phantom matrix to pull it from here into their matrix. The theory was as long as they were able to feed off something else that had its life force connection to Source, they wouldn't go into implosion. 

If the matrices were severed, they would go into implosion eventually. They get a few billion years of evolution out of it, but eventually they would be a deteriorating system. They would become extinct in terms of the race identity that they held. They would go back to Sources, as units of consciousness.  This means that they would go back a simply particles of non conscious space dust. That was unacceptable to them. When the Metatron Collective made the decision to turn the he Eye of YHWE over to Wesadec Matrix the subject matrix it had to be reprogrammed. The original Mathematical Scalar Program of the Eye of Metatron/YHWE was compatible with this time matrix and the Phantom Matrix and with Source, it had the potentiality of regenerating into Christos. 

They put a program into the Eye that would allow it to actually reverse certain things so it could feed, instead of just being a conduit that could take some energy, which was supposed to be the Collectives getting coasted over. It would be able to open in both ways send energy and pull energy out send energy by sending in a carrier wave that dragged out more energy than it was supposed to. in order to do this the programming had to be changed from its original base 12 base 15 mathematical pattern.  

The mathematics were altered in the eye of Metatron lens to a base 7.  It was like taking the yolk out of an egg. So they would build their system, they would restructure their black hole system on the seven pattern. Which was literally cutting it off from the primal lighting sound fields, but allowing it to plug into other systems on their lower heavens level that were built on the seven. 

You have the seven heavens; seven higher and seven lower heavens. So they took the lower heavens pattern, used it to reprogram and organize their black hole, and that allowed them to be able to tap into other lower heaven systems, other veka systems. This created a distortion in the Consciousness' that were part of the Wesedak System, which was doing bad enough as it was before they had Metatron get involved. 

They had certain successes as far as Aramatsuess was concerned, a planetary system that was evolving close to where it could be brought back to his Christos imprint. But once the Eye of Metatron/YHWE was used and run through the Aramatsuess Stargates, it completely changed that. They completely redid the mathematical structure of their Stargates so they couldn't plug in to a system to a Christos system. So it not only pose a threat to our time matrix, but it totally all the all the progress that had been made in healing the Wesadec system had been totally unplugged and undone. 

And the thing with the Medtronic system is its permanent. Some things in physics can be undone. Some things reach critical mass, and if they reach a critical mass of distortion where there's less than 30% of their natural Christos Template left, they become something else and they're no longer compatible with their own template. That's what happened with Wesedak Matrix, the consciousness that was residing in that matrix, and the planetary systems in the Stargates in that matrix can't be plugged in again because of the choices that were made. 

And the main choice was made by the Metatron Giovanni entity, but it was made on behalf of many other collectives of the fallen, ones that had petitioned to do, you know, petitioned for them to do this. All they had to do is agree to bio regenesis, and agree to play fair. If  they had entered the Emerald covenant, they would have been able to evolve out. 

But it was known, and their scientists are high mind science is knew that if  they created this artificial mathematical structure. There was a way of bending light and sound that was based on the Vesica Pisces. Two interwoven spheres.

The 'natural time matrix is based on a tri -veca, not a bi-veca . At first, there's a Tri-veca and bi-veca is part of that. You would go single, bi, then tri veca. That's a natural structure. 

What they did was simply use the Eye of Metatron as their zero point or their one point, and build a tribe, a double from their bi veca. From there they created artificial light through this particular synthesis of mathematics. 

They created totally polarized light, through this process. With the Tri-veca you have the two polarized points that are unified through the 3rd. In their universe, everything is bipolar. It's like having a real bad chemical day bipolar disorder, except it's on a Universal scale. It's a whole universal system, is structured on bipolar disorder, which implies they have extremes of dramas. They have extreme highs and extreme lows, and they're constantly in that cycle now. The races that were in the Wesedak Matrix at that time, they chose this. They wanted this, most of them, at least the Creator gods, or those who now called themselves Creator Gods because  because it would promise them one thing; as long as that eye of Metatron/YHWE was their vampire energy sucking device, they would have eternal life. They would be immortal. They would have the closest thing they could get to Ascension, without having to cooperate. They could have gotten regular Ascension if they just decided to be nice and didn't want to play masters of the universe. 

The Medtronic bodies that were created through the programming, are very interesting structures. They take part of what would be a normal living biological structure. And they take out certain parts, do the mathematics that are missing, are pieces of the template that are missing and they plug in certain parts of the template together that weren't originally meant to be plugged in together. Completely destroys the entire template when it's fully done, there's not 30% left where you can do bio-regenesis to plug it back into its natural divine blueprint. It creates an atrocity. It creates something other than what was originally created in the Christos Vein, and it creates something that is not compatible with the mathematics or the scalar frequencies of the Christos divine Blueprint, or any other one. 

So in making a choice to be immortal, they made a choice to be finite, because their immortality is dependent on sucking energy from living things. Living matrices. There were races consciousness created. There were a whole bunch of hybrid races created from the races of the Fallen matrix. 

These began about 150 billion years ago, when they started this connection with the Wesadec System. By 570 million years ago, it had become an absolute outrage because 570 million years ago the races in collectives that had agreed to go into the Metatronic pattern, were instead assimilated. which means their consciousness would be repatterned, called thought adjusting. They would literally assimilate the consciousness of the being that came over into the Electro-static Metatronic bodies, bodies that they had created themselves They ate them. Energetically speaking. It wasn't eating with big teeth and ripping flesh, it was transmuting the flesh through a certain type of Merkabah. And once the consciousness was in Merkabah, bringing it over and assimilating it through the reversed Merkabah fields that they had created through the reversals. 

The Medtronic program that allowed for this artificially sustained dead, living system we're reversals of portions of the natural divine blueprint and they pulled pieces out. Pull frequencies out. What was the base twelve was reduced to a base eight, which meant there eight sets frequency bands in every dimension instead of 12, and there were only 11 dimensions, instead of 12.

Through this structure, it would repel itself from the natural matrices. But it had the Eye, where it could siphon energy off other systems. The body forms created through the structure are pretty awesome. They're like astral bodies, like what we might consider our astral body are ghost body. They would have the image of the being that originally went into the Wesadec Matrix, So let's say if you decided you wanted to go, you would be able to maintain. Their self. But you become like ghost like it would be an electrostatic body. A body that didn't evolve or grow or change. It always stayed that way as long as you fed it. What you would feed it by would be the energies and frequencies of other living things. 

Now 570 million years ago, they decided it was time to come and get what they wanted, which was the rest of us. They found a way to barrel through to use wormhole technology, which is poking holes in
the natural template to connect things that aren't supposed to be connected. It's like connecting the artery that runs through your neck to the one that runs through your heart to create a bypass that doesn't belong there and eventually collapses because it's not natural. 

They created something called the. Arimathea wormhole. 
They created a wormhole between that through the moon of D11 gate in Avion, Avalon. They created the wormhole through Avalon and into Phantom, so it made an arc, an open frequency that began the building of something called the cube matrix. The cube matrix is the creation of Divine Science used with an anti- Christos intention, It is a created life field. You could compare it to artificial intelligence. It's disconnected from his connection to source, but it is able to sustain by science.

The Metaronic lens (Eye,) is a polarized refraction lens reprogrammed. Science. This is high science used for perversion. It wasn't originally. Metatron originally was a good guy. But that changed, and when that changed, the whole new type of creation was brought into being. That was never seen. It was literally a beginning point. It's hard to do when time is simultaneous. So obviously somewhere in the program, the potentiality for it existed all along in the Source creation when it created the matrix itself. At some point, the mechanics that were set in motion by the original creation program, will reset the balance, and the fields begin to separate. The Living field the eye is feeding off of will begin to pull away and the Divine blueprint will reset itself. 

These are very long cosmic cycles, when this resetting occurs. There there will always be a cosmic cycle of resetting of the Divine blueprint, the galactic sheet? and that ensures that anything that became disharmonic, any black hole systems that were made will be severed from the original matrix. That gets healed and the other one has X amount of energy left however much it managed to siphon. And it will have evolution until it expends its energy, and then it will implode upon itself and it will become part of the particles; the partki, partike and partikum that make up the dimensional fields. And what will happen then, once it's purged, where it clears its own distortions by blowing itself apart, those units of consciousness return to innocence, will then re-assimilate into the original matrix from which they fell. But there will be no memory of the Fall of what they were.

We have ended the Old cycle and a New has begun. This was the 2012, Yuga cycle, ending the last, and beginning the final ascension Cycle we are now in. We need to understand that the Metatronic bodies are frightening, because the races that agreed to participate and choose to short term immortality (which is relative as we are talking billions of years in linear terms), in exchange for eternal life, they sentenced themselves to that destiny, the path of Arimathea. there was originally intended as a path of  evolution. 

The faster path of evolution back into Christos. But, in reality it has become the path of devolution. It became the path of the Metatronic imprint, which has no alternative but to return the source through implosion. This is where we realize that the Fib in no chi spiral is a path into nothing, while the Krystal spiral path is the path to Ascension. The reason the population of earth does not know this, or rather believes what is exactly opposite, calling this Sacred Geometry is in fact a lie designed to take as many of us with them as possible into dust to dust. It allows them to feed just that much longer on the life forms who have chose service to self, materialism and greed, accepting short term immortality in favor of eternal life, all in the mindset of  ''wanting it all now, but never having to play by the rules."

They once they had made the Medtronic promise and they had allowed their templates to be recoded, they created spawn. They created more of themselves. They, just like the Creator, God, like Source created the Ascended Masters and they created the Rishi and they, Created the Avatars they created the Christos Races and they, The Christos races created us. here. Angelic Humans. 

They decided well, now we've got own Universe and we are Gods over here and they began to create and populate. The ANNU-ELOHIM=THE ANNUNAKI=ENLIL AND ENKI< Yahweh and the Serpent. 9558 BC they wiped your histories, and they explained this all began 5500 years ED-IN. They began to create more and more races, more and more races that had to feed off other living races in order to sustain their matrix. So at this point there are many, many races therein this system. 

This is where the misconception of Christic and Anti-Christic arises. This is where neutral polarity is key, and where we need the deeper understanding as part of a larger understanding that Source has. We can go into blame, calling something evil or bad, going into blame, 'you did this to me' and call for it to be destroyed. Or we can understand what it's about and where it fits, and you can perhaps feel for the destiny it chose for itself. This is where we learn what it is to be a true Guardian, a true Christos templar. many call themselves Emerald Covenant, or Emerald Order yet miss the most important and 1st LAW OF ONE:

Love. Unconditional, non-judgmental Love. Rehabilitation not Retribution. Where there is Life, There is hope. So even though you can't allow evil to harm you, you can still find love no matter how horrific the things are that it might have done. The races of Phantom Matrix, once they became combined with the Wesedak Matrix, became a force of what on this planet and many others is known as the Antichrist, or Anti Christos Orientation, facilitated in Service to Self as opposed to Service to 
Others.  It is a collective. It's not just a singular.

Compassionate Action

So imagine if you were being that you didn't have a lot of memory where you came from because they don't give their own memory of where they came from. You were living in planetary systems. What if you found out through no fault of your own that your only destiny  was implosion, dust to dust, unless tapped into other systems. What if you know that ascension was no longer even a possibility for you.
That's the only way you could go home and be healed to go back to where you came from was to do it in total innocence, like a child with no knowing whatsoever, of yourself or of any consciousness because you go back in pieces. There's a terror In that feeling...the terror of annihilation. There's a feeling of being finite.
And if you look around at the world around today, you can see the huge effect that these races have had once they began to blend with the races here, because most of our dogmas we talked about earlier, religious dogmas, even the science dogmas are all coming from that place. They're all coming from a place where Ascention really isn't an option. Survival of the fittest is one of the things that happens when a race realizes it's finite. And the only way it can sustain and unemployed and not be blown back to space dust is to take energy from something else.

It will. Unless it has enough D12, which wouldn't be in that predicament if it did. If it had B12, it would realize, get it over with. Let me go back to space dust because then I can get out of here. Then I can get free again. They can be free, it will be a long evolution for them, but they would go back into as the basic consciousness that forms the Matrix they originally fell out of, and they would eventually be able to be renewed through new forms that would be created in that matrix. 

But they are living a reality where their creator gods, and they have gods. There's a couple popular ones. One is called Jehovah. Another one is called Alla. Gives you an idea of some of the gods here. There's another one called Brahma. There's several and these are like D11. They call them D11 Dark Avatars, D11-11.5 Now the lens of the Eye of Metatron was only the beginning of what became a nightmare that we are in the midst of.  We've been living that little space since 9885BC, kind of like a let's take a breather and pretend we don't know anything, ignorance is bliss.

570 million years ago, since the Arimathea wormhole was created, in fact a whole series of them were created, to link through our matrix gates into Phantom, to Wesedak to link the three together. There were also massive Galactic Wars, intergalactic wars that were fought over this. There was a group of the original fallen ones in the Phantom matrix that didn't want to go into the Wesedak System. They also didn't want to enter the Emerald covenant either, so they were going to fight the Wesedaks even against members of their own who were in the Wesedaks, A splitting up of the races. There was a period of time called the the Gaian/Orion Wars and they took place 570 million years ago, right after the Arimathea wormhole was created. When there are massive wars fought in the Gaia system, which from here is Polaris, which is Earth's density 3 counterpart. And in the Orion system, where we have Stargate 8 in Mintaka Orions also something called Alnitak and Alnilam. And all of those systems with their various inhabited races in Phantom Matrix and in our matrix and in the Wesedak System began to fight.

The beings here didn't fight. They were trying to defend because the Wesedaks were coming through and they were seizing control of various of the Stargates and Phantom. They attached Metaronic lenses to Stargate. 8 in Phantom Matrix. that was Alnitak. They attached one to Stargate 10 Vega. They connected one of their planets to the part of Vega that had entered Phantom Matrix. They worked themselves down from D11.5, Aramat planet, which they connected that to the moon in the 11th at the Avion, Avalon in Phantom. then the the 10 systems with what they called seed atoms, which were series of lenses in D10, Phantom Vega.

The Phantom templates were created, a lot of them, during the original fall. When Stargate 12th had been imploded through blocking Stargate 11 it had sent portions and portion into the Phantom imprint, which was means reversal. It went into a reverse mathematical pattern and they were all sustained by the eye of Brahman. Planetary system by planetary system by dimensional system by dimensional system, The Wesedaks managed to create wormhole links through using this particular mathematics and crystal technology that we refer to as the metaronic Seed atoms, putting them in the stargates between Phantom and here, They linked through the Halls of Amenti before the halls of Amenti were even there. In fact, the Halls of Amenti were created later because of this. they were the natural stargates in our system. 

They begin to seed them with the Metaronic seed atoms, which meant there is a bridge, that arc, they have their own 'arc of the covenant'. They created arcs of frequency that would run from Wesedak Matrix through our stargate System, (by the way, and Arc of the Covenant is an energy arc or frequency that can be transversed. The 'human' Ark of the Covenant, by definition does not exist . At least not in the form you have been taught. That was simply a box to hold the technology that when put together properly, opened the 'arc' portal) into Phantom. Eventually, what their their ultimate goal was was to do it all the way down from D11 all the way down to D1. Link all the systems together and then use the power to pull both of them into their Matrix. In theory you could pull this time matrix down, literally break it off from its D12 connection at 11.5. and reverse its whole mathematical coding and reverse phantom and pull everything in them into the Metaronic imprint. That would be permanent if that were to happen. So of course the founders knew from the beginning that that was not going to be allowed to happen. There would be the sweep of the great Cosmic Cycle (galactic Sheet) that would come through and open all of the highest gates and reset the D12 Divine Blueprint. The result would be a polarization wave that would separate anything that didn't belong in this Divine Blueprint Originally;( a Universal Time Matrix  Source Anti Virus Scan). Anything that didn't have 30% of its original design blueprint left. Because it had the Metaronic override would be taken into the Metatronic System. 

It wasn't a choice the Founders made to cause harm to the ones in the Metaronic system. The Medtronic racist blamed the founders for this. They still take no responsibility for the fact that they are the ones that created this time blasphemy of science themselves. They sealed their own destiny when they created the Metatronic distortion. And at this point they are simply trying to feed on whatever is available. The Cabal. 

Analytically, without emotion, they've done an amazing thing. The brilliance in the intelligence level and one can be can be really intelligent, really stupid at the same time, morally and philosophically. The sophistication of intelligence or intellect that these beings have to be able to take science, they're n it just moving bodies (planets) around, their move galaxies around. They're moving Sun, connecting Suns to suns to suns through their stargates. When you think about the level of intelligence that it takes to do that and level of knowledge it takes to do that, and then you think about us here. Right now. 

It's almost laughable on the cosmic scale, but there's an innocence about us, a race, and that's what's going to get us through. But this is where it can almost get scary if we didn't know better. Now, if we know our direct connection, we know we have our D12 frequency available. Now, if we amplify that in our fields, we get those markers, feel, we're gonna be OK. We don't have to be afraid. But boy, is this one of those underdog games. You know, you see those dramas with the underdog. The David and Goliath. Well, right now we're dealing with self appointed creator guides from falling matrix. That have painstakingly over a very long period of the illusion of linear time created a technology known as the Beast." Anna Hayes/A'shayana Deane 👇

The True History of the Human Race: A Guardian Alliance compilation of the Guardian Histories, adaptations and updates by Speaker/Archivist Louis S. Luzzo Sr.

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