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Expand Your Mind & The Theory of One (as it relates to Quantum Mechanics and the Law of One)

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 Expand your mind...

When you change the way you look
at things...the things you look at change...
the very nature of that which is observed is changed in the knowledge that is is being observed...
just like you change your behavior when you know someone is looking at you...that behavior and consciousness permeates your being, at every level down to the molecular individual atom...or proton, splitting or not...depending on it's observation of the observer observing....(spooky action, al la Albert)

Morpheus: "If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

The hardest part of accepting, or for that matter even looking at, or being willing to explore the NEW paradigm is first being able to, with an open mind, suggest the old paradigm may be flawed...or at very least, right for the time past but is no longer relevant within this new vibration and age of awareness...
Would that I were correct, rather than right...

WHY not...rethink? what can it hurt? One galaxy turned into 400 trillion last count...things progress as we progress because we look at things from the new perspective, with new eyes, because progress technologically allows us to see clearer, farther, deeper, with each new breakthrough...

That works on the esoteric and Spiritual Level


ALL STARTED...AS A thought...

a the heart...from the cerebral the electrical impulses
interpreted (decoded) as pictures, numbers, figures, shapes and colors, and relayed to the hands of the chosen to create that heart came...from Source...INSIDE,  through the open vessel of a Healer, Dr. DeBlakey willing to step up and trust.  

Many are called.....few choose to heed Sources call...will you?

Dr Noel Hanley

If humans weren't educated to ignore, in fact, to fail to observe, event sequences and coincidences of an improbable nature they would be subject to a seemingly impossible mystery. And this is why it is easy for scientists to ignore, or turn a blind eye to all such phenomena---to say the least it disturbs the ego. Whenever science encounters anomalies after a theory has been established the anomalies are either invalidated or assumed that they will resolve as the theory is applied further.

The particular anomalies we are interested in are improbable coincidences that we sometimes call meaningful coincidences. If scientists became more aware of the extent to which these meaningful coincidences (synchronicities) occur in anyone's life, new theories would be required and sought. Science does not recognize synchronicities (special orders), only randomness, that is, coincidences with different degrees of probability.

What we are claiming here is that these event coincidences are synchronistic---a term we use when referring to 'coincidences' which are actually connected. This simply means an unseen factor has entered into the equation. This hidden factor already has the events associated---even as one whole. We might just remind the reader at this early stage that the wave function in quantum physics can handle this. If the two events are represented each by a different wave packet, they can be linked by resonance, such that a single resultant wave packet can represent the unity or wholeness of the two events.

Scientists will tell us it is a random universe; that events are nothing but accidents. And yet physicists still dream of the ideal universe---one which satisfies all the tests of truth of physics. In particular, that it would have a high order. This very thought contradicts the apparent conclusion of science that the universe is random. We know from complexity theory of mathematics that the higher the order of a system the more that system will appear random. This is in fact what we are coming up against. The universe order is so high that we do not have the intelligence to spot the regularities within the randomness. Everyone has done the IQ test in which a little order is put into the initial letters of the alphabet and one has to spot what the next letter or letters would be. This could be made so complex, say, involving most of the 26 letters that one cannot spot the order. This is a good analogy for our observations of nature. Synchronicities and the amazing holistic systems which surround us are a manifestation of this order, and are being ignored by science.

Owing to the severe programming on this planet, producing humans lacking in curiosity and observation powers, and perpetuating and reinforcing a regular, mundane existence, based on extreme narrow-mindedness, plus science being confined to materialism, the phenomena of synchronicities and unity are overlooked and the exceptional cases ignored or justified. Many people experience blatant degrees of synchronicities, often consisting of the most trivial of events.

If we carefully consider these events---not with a half-hearted glance---we arrive at a shocking conclusion. Once we have 1) observed synchronicities, 2) believed that they are synchronicities and not coincidences, 3) recognized the enormous difficulty in explaining them by mainstream concepts of a linear nature, cause and effect, etc., we are left with the unimaginable conclusion that some kind of wholeness, that is, holistic state, is forever present underlying all existence. We are forced to postulate a unifying and single quantum state which having been postulated may have to be extended to the whole universe and beyond.

The intellectual and scientific mind of today is based on left-brain thinking, utilizing analysis, rationalization, logic, objectivity. It has no perception of, and no reality of how elements can be not just associated but unified into a new whole. Our serial and linear conscious mind can only grasp mental concepts by breaking down wholes. In effect, we can only do one creative thing at a time. The unconscious, however, can operate via parallel processing. It can grasp many elements simultaneously as one whole.

If the entire universe is one quantum state, as some leading physicists believe, then this 'one' will have subgroups and fractal levels down to a particle. Such a structure is inherently holographic. This means that the universe 'knows' the frequency attributes of every sub-part down to each minute particle. This also means there can be instantaneous cross-referencing of all parts. There will be a hierarchy from particles/atoms to larger wholes, such as planets, then stars, galaxies, etc. to the universe---very much like the imagined levels or strata of a company organization in going from ground-floor workers to managers, executives and a single president. (See article The Basic Energy Unit.)

The concept of wholeness, unity, oneness has been discouraged on this planet---people are already programmed and educated to overlook it. For the same reason we have emphasis on quantity rather than quality; why there is poor appreciation of art. In fact it is all part of a creation of a reality devoid of spirituality---a reality with an excess of greed and selfishness.

When synchronicities are carefully observed and evaluated one finds that an explanation verges on the impossible. One has no choice but to postulate a total quantum state in which elements within it are interrelated simultaneously. These 'elements' are all the attributes of existence: particles, objects, living species, probabilities, and events as processes---which are singular---they can be represented by, in fact are, wave patterns. The whole, at its own dimensional level, will be undivided.

The required physics here is one capable of handling a frequency-coded universe, hierarchically structured nonlinearly, and one in which communication is achieved by resonance. It is an information universe in which the information is stored and conveyed by waves and oscillations. In fact we require to postulate a unified field, a wholeness nevertheless, expressing as a first manifestation a homogeneous field of minute particles billions of times smaller than a subatomic particle which we can call consciousness---that is, units, particles, of consciousness. This is the quantum reality of all possibilities. It is not relative to anything else. It isn't something in the sense that there is a 'nothing' right there to compare it with. There is nothing else--so it is equivalent to nothing, nevertheless it is seething with potential. Now, as a manifestation occurs (is selected) for our universe the particles group to form waves to create both the phenomenon of transmission of information over any distance, and stable structures by interaction with other waves. The waves are coded, which means the particles are set into definite patterns (by template action) and their subsequent geometric characteristics create all known attributes of life, mind, universe and spirit.

All energy states, whether stable entities or flowing events, are discrete conditions, and can be handled with the wave function of quantum mechanics. As far as we are concerned this wave function is a packet of vibrations. Another property we need to handle with the physics is the formation of undivided wholes, even though they are made up of parts. This can be achieved by means of the attributes of waves: they will add to form a single resultant, and with Fourier analysis the parts (as sine waves) will magically appear out of the whole.

Synchronicities can be explained by the notion that all information in the universe is instantly cross-referenced and under continuous data-processing. One region communicates with another by frequency attunement, and both causes and effects within the third dimension are spanned simultaneously, even though played off in sequence. This means that not only can two apparently separate events be interconnected but if the whole is dictating to the parts it will span both space and time (by the degree of its wholeness or subpart), enabling any events to be selected to satisfy the synchronicity.

Very often for humans, synchronicities are negative, meaning they are not wanted (by the conscious self). One may observe, say, a trivial unpleasant experience only to find it tends to repeat. The initial objection one had to it might have created a hang-up of the energies at this point in time, causing, by frequency affiliation (like attracts like), an automatic selection of similar events; thus it repeats. In some cases where we can insist that there wasn't enough time for the synchronous event to occur, even though it did, we have to realise that the computation had a sufficiently wide span in space and time, covering a great deal of data surrounding the event (past, present and future).

The concept of balance is another indicator of wholeness. We are all familiar with this principle of balance. Without it there is disharmony, illness, etc. Energies, however, attempt to go into balance---they seek wholeness (the native condition). A person exhibiting extreme traits will be found to manifest on occasions, or in the future more regularly, the opposite condition. Furthermore, when one creates negative actions there is a debt to pay. The opposite, mirror-image energy, returns to one to balance the two opposite flows of duality into wholeness, unity.

We mentioned art as demonstrating wholeness. In fact all energy states are different degrees of wholeness---and can be called quantum states. For example, attention (consciousness) within the visual field is whole but must be imagined as flickering on and off at different levels of focus---different superimposed spans giving the illusion that the intensity of attention is greatest at the focus of the physical eyes and fades towards the periphery.

When words are communicated from one person to another, transmission of information takes place in whole instantaneous concepts which one can imagine as flickering on and off. In skills and coordination the learning pattern spans space and time as one whole. It is holographic. This holistic energy state (quantum state) exists simultaneously with the availability of all sub-whole states down to one bit of information. All these levels are computed simultaneously. (See articles on physical mobility.)

Anyone successfully observing such phenomena will know that all energy is in quantum states (whole states, large or small) coming and going, giving the illusion of continuity. Having reached this conclusion it is only logical to extrapolate this progression of increasing quantum states to one whole---one holographic whole, like following the many twigs of a tree, through branches to single trunk. Let us add to this brief evaluation of the One by referencing some significant and eminent sources of information:

Ouspensky, in A New Model of the Universe states that everything is everywhere and always; Princeton physicist John Wheeler's geometrical dynamical quantum foam of superspace represents a superhologram of the universe, and physicist Jack Sarfatti's interpretation of this quantum superspace is that the 'wormholes' connect all parts of the universe directly to every other part; leading physicist David Bohm stresses quantum interconnectedness and unbroken wholeness; Charles Muses and Arthur Young refer to objects as superhologram images; Michael Talbot reiterates that thought processes are holographic in that all thoughts are infinitely cross-referenced with all other thoughts; Keith Floyd states that holographic models of consciousness make such brain processes as memory, perception, and imaging clearly explainable; Fritjof Capra speaks of the universe as a hologram in which each part determines the whole. And further, in addition to the classic quote, 'As above, so below'; to which physicist Bob Toben adds, 'As within, so without,' we have the axiom of Hermeticism, 'What is here is everywhere; what is not here is nowhere.'

The benefits of the Theory of One are 1) it reconciles science and religion with a spiritual science which embraces life, mind, the universe, and the spirit; 2) it gives a scientific understanding of the God concept; 3) it satisfies the best test of truth in physics by the very nature that nothing is outside it; thus it does not even have the bias (preferential condition) of 'one'---we do not have the language to express it, and 4) it presents the holistic condition for understanding all qualitative phenomena.

Within any of these levels of wholeness, which is all energy, that we can name consciousness, there is inherent the capacity to fragment---go out of phase causing quantum reduction---and the fragments to fragment further. This forms a hierarchy of reducing frequencies from the whole to the parts. Note that much of this structure would be in a virtual state. Anything within creation would be a manifestation which has sprung from this hierarchical virtual-state matrix. All such manifestations will result from formatting within the wholes---this is a template type of action as mentioned above.

The smallest parts can dictate to the whole and its subparts (for example, through decision, intention, reactions, etc.) and change them, and in turn the whole and subparts pass down synchronistic patterns (of varied spans in space and time) to the parts.

One can in fact almost logically arrive at the notion that wholeness predominates--it is more a question of how big it gets. Let us, however, take some examples which are closer to home. In skills, an individual cannot make consecutive coordinated movements unless any present position contained simultaneously the information for the position of the next movement and relocation. In the margin of consciousness there is perception of the next position before the previous one is complete. There is a level of energy in the hierarchical learning pattern which spans simultaneously the adjacent movements and positions.

There must always be a background quantum state encompassing the elements of the activity. Otherwise there is no control without this 'background'. All events would be truly random or predetermined; and we have long since discarded the theory of physical predeterminism. Theoretically if one's attention was directed one way only, totally unaware of any other direction, it would be stuck there forever. But supposing there was another alternative direction of the attention. In order for the individual to control the attention from one direction to the other there must be a state of mind in the margin of consciousness which encompasses both directions simultaneously. For the human serial, linear mind this occurs unconsciously. In order to choose there must be a condition of one (state) encompassing the choices. Ultimately we might thus project this to an all-embracing one whole. When one really considers this property it becomes illogical to think that any true and ultimate separation can exist.

We can conclude that absolute separation is not possible, or logical; separation is relative, achieved by limitations, barriers imposed on the whole, or more specifically, dimensional strata structured nonlinearly and contextually (the 'withinness')---the mechanism of the subjective/objective illusion (see other articles).

Now the one whole condition which we can identify as the basic energy of consciousness will have inherent within it all subwholes down to particles---it has a potential multidimensional structure which is like parallel processing going inwards into higher orders (dimensions). This is the contextual hierarchy we have discussed of causes within causes. This also solves the fractal problem and reveals the mechanics of free will. In considering viewing this strata from the particle end, one will find a particle can have its own degrees of freedom but it is also acting within constraints of the next stratum which spans a little more spacetime (less focused and containing more probabilities).

In turn, this level is within the next higher one, which again has slightly greater unity and is less focused. A practical example and one which also acts as an analogy for causes within causes and free will is the coordination and mobility of the whole arm. For instance, at the piano keyboard all joints are used: fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. The finger moves in the context of the wrist, which moves in the context of the elbow, etc. (Note, these are specific 'selected' fractal levels in nature.) We can as an analogy consider that, say, a finger has free will to move about its joints even though the wrist by its own mobility can determine the more general position of the finger. 

One can imagine the finger motion as demonstrating ego freedom of the individual; then the wrist as soul-level consciousness in which no matter what the 'soul' determines the ego to be or do, the ego still possesses a degree of self-determinism. Similarly the elbow (say, higher-self) determines the position of the wrist and in turn the finger but each of wrist and finger have their own determinism, and so on to the shoulders. One doesn't have to believe in the specific (fractal) levels of 'soul' and 'higher-self' but merely to grasp the total nonlinearity of this multidimensional hierarchy in which each higher level has slightly less focus (greater unity) and thus superposes a broader determination on the level and levels below it. That is, one has to imagine a gradient of superimposed nonlinear, contributing strata acting simultaneously on any part, sub-whole or whole---in particular, the human observable level of consciousness or ego. There is no absolute linearity; it is all nonlinear but in chaos theory these contextual levels become displaced.

For the computer programmer an aid to an understanding of this nonlinearity with an example for converting linearity into nonlinearity is given in the article Parallel Processing in the Natural World? involving dimensional arrays and loops.

In spite of all this order and wholeness there must be a place for chaos. Chaos will normally fragment energies; this is in effect what it means. We may find, however, that the ultimate chaos inherent in the one has a different kind of chaos. To speculate: If one viewed many random dots of color covering a sheet of paper we might state that this is chaos. But couldn't we also call it chaos if each color (of each dot) was spread throughout the whole paper evenly---all superimposed (and creating a murky color). This would correspond to being beyond spacetime. Each color could now be projected out and focused to a dot to create normal chaos or, of course, order. The value of chaos is that it gives unpredictability: a necessary requisite to free will.

As a final point, we might wish to note that in Buddhism the state of enlightenment is the attainment of a 'non-dual' condition (unity consciousness) from the normal material world of duality. But more relevant is that according to many extraterrestrial reports, all advanced civilizations recognize, practice and live by the Law of One.

NEXTEternal First Field Intelligence/Electro-Thermal First Force Identity & Unified Field Physics.


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