Monday, July 05, 2021

Stopping the busywork of 'Ascending' & putting down your 'Spiritual Awakening TO DO list!'

My routine is to rise before dawn each morning and Sun Gaze the Sun Rise. On this particular morning, I did my usually mental checklist of my "Ascension to do List" ie; 'things I need to accomplish spiritually' I got ready to do my Sun Gazing, give thanks, do my mantras, positions, etc, connect with Source and then sit with my Guides and Masters to discuss what was coming up. The message I received before beginning that day was: "Be quiet, sit still and just BE.
Let me add here, I live in Paradise. West Coast Florida, Pinellas County. We are big on Spirituality, the Metaphysical. 8 out of 10 here are tattooed, have a Crystal of Some sort on their body at all times and greet all with a smile and a friendly greeting. I call it the 'Namaste Capital of The World.' We have more metaphysical stores per capita than most regions.

All that was a build up for this post and to show off my balcony of Zen. I live on a canal very reminiscent of Atlantis and the Giza plateau along the Nile. It's familiar to me.

So you're awake. now You make your light-working newbie 'Spiritual to do List':
1. Join the groups, connect with other 'enlightened awake LIGHTWORKERS AND STARSEEDS
2. Buy Crystals
3. Learn about Chakras
4. Which Star-Seed am I
5. Cleanse Pineal Gland
6. Start Eating right and Healthy and Plant based
7. Start to Meditate
7a. Buy more crystals to Meditate better
8. Take classes on HOW to mediate, (cus clearly you must be doing something wrong) 
you start reading everything you can about esoteric spirituality, seeking out every healer, teacher, sage and mystic healer you can and binge watching
8a. Aya whatska???
9. Now, you spend every day running toward Enlightenment, Ascension and Disclosure tapping your foot, waiting to see either Visions, ET's, Astral Travel, Out of Body experiences and asking others why you can't see anything and what you are doing wrong.
10. all while trying to explain to family, friends and coworkers that you are not crazy and they just need to get in touch with themselves and be enlightened like you are Dammit! ...Namaste !

That about cover it? Don't fret, We are Human  Here, we all do or did it. No one gave you a blueprint, a guide on how to find yourself once you found we think inside the box of how we always have done it. We get so busy trying to fill the hours searching, reading, watching, ascending, healing and doing the 'Spiritual cha cha' every day that we forget to just be.

My Mentor and Teacher, and one of my spirit guides, Ram Dass, explained that the true way to connect with Source, realizing who and what we really are, comes when we "..stop trying to Ascend." When we choose to be Nobody, losing ourselves in the experience of now. 

We have been programmed, to always have some sort of stimulus, some sort of action, convinced if we are not actually Doing something, we are not 'doing it right'. Did you meditate today? Did you cleanse your crystals today? Incense? Channeling? Get a reading? a TRANSMISSION?? Read all the memes and posts in your groups,  heal Aunt Mary today? Did you shadow work? ohm? eat right? ETC. Etc,,Etc. It's the old Paradigm still designed to distract you from ...........being. If you are so busy with the minutiae of ascension and enlightenment, you are too busy to actually, heal...reflect, connect with your higher self or Source. And Ascend...

We have been fooled to think our keys to awareness and enlightenment are places outside of ourselves. It's not your fault or something you should feel guilty for. It is by design. It's a False Father Construct infiltrated by the NAA to distract, obfuscate and to keep you asleep.


The Red Nile Cube
Red Cube AI technology is designed to be a genetic code crasher for anti-hierogamic union or to create interference through an Alien Love Bite scenario that engages that person in heavy emotional dramas via Victim-Victimizer archetypes and mistaken identity, by keeping the inner and outer gender principles split apart. 

The Red Cube technology capitalizes on painful emotional astral damage and mistaken identity, confusing identities, so that the target cannot tell who is who, what are the false timelines and imposters versus the authentic identity. The targeted person can mistake AI Digital Twins inserted into their hologram as their twin soul, or whatever else that can be included to interfere with integrated spiritual Ascension by confusing them with mistaken identity or Hero-Savior archetypes. This includes the target believing that they are this special identity from an inserted digital twin of a Cloned Ascended Master in their lightbody, in which this clone runs AI Red Wave, false feminine violet programming or other artificial frequencies, which is quite common in the new age circles without Negative Ego training and Victim-Victimizer clearing.

Humans running the AI red-violet-magenta wave programs aka Red Cube technology are what feed into the AI Dark Mother lunar gestalts, spawning false holograms of Cloned Ascended Master identities which also power up the Azazael gestalt. This weapon is designed for the vilest NAA entities to station themselves in the artificial timelines pretending to be Ascended Masters or friendly advanced humans from the future, who mostly appear in Ruby Sun DNA cloned bodies with Azurite features.

The Red Nile Cube is an advanced Wesa AI weapon with extensive programming used to continually clone and spin out false holograms of Christos Diamond Sun DNA families, Azurites and Ascended Master Christos lineages in this Universe and in Wesa. This AI weapon is cube technology that is used as a cloaking device for the NAA to parade false identities and generating phantom pockets, to hide the many layers of hierarchies that form into the Wesa shadow armies. The Red Nile or Red Cube AI programs are used by assorted Black Sun entities; Bourgha, Dragon Moth, Marduk Necromiton, Enlil Odedicron, Insectoids, Red Spider Arachnids, Black Dragon gestalts and assorted lunar female demons. 
These red cube shadow identities are generated like Digital Twins, they attach an AI version of a Christos identity shadow imposter into the Lightbody of an Awakening person or channeler, who believes this Ascended Master or enlightened extradimensional is communicating with them. Those that would serve the Law of One, Service to Others alignment, the true masters, sages and teachers, will NEVER COME FROM ABUNDANCE FOR "SELF". Period. Guardians do Not take over your body via channeling and speak through you. 

That is why it is so important to STOP, just be. reflect and let your heart, higher self and guides speak to you in your quiet moments alone. The rat race you feel caught up in, if you are feeling this overwhelming confusion in your path to enlightenment, the anxiety, the fear the doubt, may in fact be because those you follow are not those you should. And you need to stop searching now that you are connected and let your Infinite Creator speak to you directly. If we are so busy talking and teaching and asking, in the cacophony, we can't possibly be listening as much as we should. 

Our gift from Source is he has allowed us to glimpse the uniqueness of every moment and see it while we are in it. Being in the now, not worrying about yesterday, or tomorrow, but connecting and just enjoying our solitary time with Source.  Those moments in time that we usually say to ourselves in hindsight, "I wish I was aware at the time how special that moment was." Too often we are so busy looking ahead to the next thing on our schedule, or bring forward pain from our past into our present, that we forget to take the time to appreciate the 'moment we are in' when it happens.

It's amazing what happens when WE stop trying to be the Wave, never looking behind at the turbulent crest, instead allowing the Swell to find us. Its' only then, when we let go and just ride, that peace and contentment come. When you simply allow His Hand to guide you...on His wave...riding the smooth glasslike Path our Father sets before us, all will be okay. 

It's ok and actually required that you allow yourself breathing space. There is No rush. You are eternal and while we all feel the enthusiasm of this New Age and Clamor for it to be faster, sooner, quicker, we need to just slow down,  reflect, remember who we were and are again and just BE...alone...with our Creator, sans the 'Spiritual to do List.' Truly Ascended Masters will tell you...Slow down. Listen. Watch. Be Still. Stop doing and BE.

Two ears and one listen twice as much as we talk. In order to listen and Ascend, we need to practice silence, just connecting in Love and Light with the Father/Mother/Christos wave. Sitting still, simply listening to all that Source would have you know, experiencing Source's One-Song (Uni-verse)


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