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My Awakening Story: Living in a Constant State of Grace & Gratitude & Becoming Nobody

I have written and spoken many times, about the statement; "when your perspective changes, the things you observe change as well."

Proper perspective, with context, changes your life. Now what do I mean by proper perspective?

Well, in a world that we exist in now, of everything subjective, with the focus being 'everyone allowed to have 8 billion different truths all of which must be recognized, allowed and given validity,' the lone or few voices, (and we are but a few) crying in the wilderness that there is one Guardian Absolute, regardless of a sentient beings hopes, beliefs or dreams, is rare. And, some would say foolish. Even dangerous, in this Orwellian society of the One/New World Order.

.....and yet...WE ARE/I AM...

this is my awakening story.

The majority, while incarnated here in this final Ascension cycle on 3D Gaia, are never aware that this is just the school, the playground to hone the edges of the biologic, human angelic being. Oh we all find that out at some point, but the majority, for millennia, have missed the layers beneath, or, within, simply repeating the shallow loop of surface 3rd density existence. 

Most trudge through life/lives/incarnations, never waking from this holographic, repetitive loop of existence, convinced this one incarnation is all, so, they better 'get what they can while they can,' and make sure 'they get theirs'...complaining about it the whole way through, because you see Fred down the street has a bigger car. And Molly is prettier, and Dave has a better job. And he's healthy while I have this malady. And they...and she...and those.....and them, etc., etc., etc.. 

You're so busy looking at everyone else's, incarnation, and life, being and existence, coveting what you're sure they have that you don't, that you never actually notice, you. And then, not being you or seeing you, because you're always looking externally for your happiness, the costume you build in the mirror for this incarnation, the one you put on every day before you leave the bedroom that says, 'Hi I'm John,' or 'I'm Bill' or ' I'm Susy,' or one channel up if that's where your focus is; 'Hi I'm the Lawyer,' or Doctor, or Mechanic,' or one channel up, the 'Kind person,' or the 'Happy person,' or the 'Unhappy person,' ends up bearing no resemblance to the actual light-being or soul who incarnated here in the first place. 

By the way, did you know that at the moment of  'conception' when the sperm meets the egg, there is an actual spark of Light in the egg? WE ARE LIGHT BEINGS. This is the light being arriving to meet it's DNA blueprint and the genes and atoms that will make up it's QUANTUM BIOLOGIC FORM! 

Everything alive and not, is connected via the Eternal First Field Intelligence in the Matrix
Realize that you are a light-being, a Soul, having a Human experience, and that you chose to come here, by design. You need to get to know you/he/she or it, and remember that you showed up WITH NO COSTUME. Same goes for animals, and plants. Source is light. We are light...

Back to the, never meeting you, each day when you get up, you don your costume; who you are going to present to the world, which is now based upon, A. the other beings you see, or B. the costume you were told you should wear, via upbringing, social media, tv or societal pressure.

Pretty soon, your costume is so cleverly a piece of everyone else's, or the personification of the label of your Occupation or your Personality, that you successfully obliterate the TRUE self beneath all the layers of the costume. Every day...over and over and over. Until you never realize it's there. Once completely forgotten, the biologic construct that you have now created as you...dies...reincarnates and does it all over again. This is only partially humanities fault, as it was a deliberate forgetting and changing of the story and history and truths by the religions. They succeeded in taking control of your connection to 'god' and your connection to the knowledge of your higher selves. I was sent to change that. (see DNA Unplugged-Memory Erased Part 2: Ongoing Genetic Modification of Human DNA)

Did you know that every day, 95% of the thoughts humans have are exactly the same as yesterday's thoughts? According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts.  And most of it is promulgated by the very institutions that espouse our 'best interests.' The repetitive mind control slides and tactics of the cabal have taken over and permeated every nuance of the information you see, hear, share, and receive. (see Mind Slides)

By design, if we repeat those negative thoughts, we think in the negative orientation for most of our waking life and taking that concept further...95% of our existence is thinking the same things, day in and day out, yet cursing the very 'rut' we find ourselves in and hating who we are and the existence we ourselves have actually created. Consequently, if we are what we think, then each day, we get up, put on the costume we have crafted, join the game of Life as the character in the play we have created...repeating the same thoughts and lines over and over and over again, creating the very existence we hate, we must take responsibility for the life we lead every day. 

Now I hear you saying, 'life happens' and you are 100% correct...but, the reaction to life is all yours alone, or more pointedly, life is 10% what it gives you, and 90% what you do with that experience and information and how you choose to process it, all between your ears. 

A problem is only a problem if you see it as such. The story of the 6 blind men and their perception of touching a different part of the Elephant is a prime example of looking at something from different perspectives and angles. 

Negative things, per say, are not evil or bad, they just are. It is your reaction to it determines its impact in your hologram. Easy for me to say, or type...? on...

Changing Your Perspective

In 2014, May 19th to be exact, I died. Literally. I had a massive heart attack, the one they call "The Widowmaker"; 100% occlusion of the left anterior descending artery, resulting in no blood at all being pumped into the left side of my heart. It has a survivability rate of 12%. I was flatlined for 6 minutes...g'head, pause here and count it out, I'll wait. Yeah it's a long time.

Afterward, I was a different person. Though I didn't know it. Looking back, after I moved to Miami Beach, I went into seclusion, from friends, family and myself. I was like an automaton...of learning. 

I developed a hunger for knowledge about EVERYTHING. I spent those 6 years researching all I could find, both written and video; I schooled myself in all the colleges and courses that had eluded me while I raised my families. I revisited the times, when as a youth I had read the Encyclopedia Britannica from cover to cover, every volume.......5 times. I got hungry for knowledge, but not just for knowledge, but for wisdom. And above all I yelled at the sky shaking my fist "Why this second chance?"  Clearly the person that came back from those 6 minutes was not the me I was familiar with...yet it wasn't a NEW was....the old me? Like putting a comfortable sweater, it just felt ...balanced.  But, I had questions. Always there, like a distant echo, or the 'voices down the corridor' in the Eagles, Hotel California...whispers, just barely out of my perception.

  1. "Why had I not stayed dead?  
  2. Why was I different? 
  3. Why was there no light when I died? 
  4. Where was I for 6 minutes, 
  5. Why was there just a void nothing, no memory of the experience?
  6. Was there something more? 
  7. Did I have a higher purpose? 
  8. Was I nuts?" (we all do that one, lol) 
After the physical healing took place, the 'Guides I had yet to acknowledge and meet, affected my situation, allowing a synchronicity to happen, to force my hand and make the move to where I had, since a child, lived in my head. The Beach.

Once 'home', and settled in Miami Beach, I started receiving, what I'll call 'thoughtforms'. Inklings, niggles of ideas, of suggestions. It would send me searching. And, once I opened the floodgates of acknowledging these 'thoughtforms,' (which of course at the time, I was convinced, was simply my brilliant mind being brilliant,) I was bombarded by energies and patterns and thoughts and waves of emotion and ideas and contentment. These were actually my Guides now sending EDTs or electronic data transmissions; Electrical signals sent to the brain to trigger a response re: Morpheus.  And then, like Neo, I went to school. He was literally plugged in, I was psionically plugged in. Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, Physics to Cosmology to Astrophysics, Real Climate Science, Earth Anomalies, Space Anomalies, Chemistry, Earth Science, Space Science, Ocean Science, Astronomy, Biology Extraterrestrials, Hidden Histories...the Nag Hammadi, the Mahabharata, the Law of One, The Apocrypha, Electric Universe Theory, the sumerian texts, Catastrophism, you name it, I studied it. I was a sponge for the next 6 full years.

my Ground Zero PATH ID
For those that may not know, I am disabled, injured in an accident walking back from Ground Zero, Path Tunnel F, underneath the Hudson on Dec 10th, 2002. I was part of the rescue  restoration and clean up. I live in pain 24/7. So while I now live where I love, I simply get by, my means are sparse, my income fixed, my ability to physically exert, for any period of time or stay sitting for long periods of time was and still is a part of my daily life that hinders my ability to function normally. I don't sleep right, I don't move right and I'm in pain 24/7. Yet, I was never happier with where I was at that moment. Or this one. 

I was alive, I was at the beach in paradise. Yes I was in pain, but, I was learning and growing and thankful everyday for the opportunity to simply wake up. I thought I had arrived at nirvana...what more could I ask for? I started living a life of thankfulness for what was, and I started thinking about what could be, and like a freight train, I had a HUGE traumatic (at the time) experience that placed me into a position of vulnerability, for it is there when we see through the veil for the first time. It was then that I had one of my 'Guides' introduced himself to me, manifested in physical form. 

This was a true, physical Angelic manifestation, a personally representative sent by the Sirian Council and Emerald Order, interdimensional beings, extra-terrestrial and meta-terrestrial, known as the Krystal Star and Aurora Guardian Host. We spoke for 2 hours. He protected me for three days. This was an entity, one of my 'guides,' Gabriel/Bentley in human manifest form. (See Wynkin Blynkin and Nod, ). He stood in front of me as a shield, yet when he talked to me, he was just pure love and light and offered me such peace. He was 6'5 and 350 lbs. You, dear reader, need to be aware that as I write this, the learning and revelations never stop, no matter how 'awake' or enlightened we may be, or think we may be. This last tidbit of information, revealing who this person was, was a revelation to me as I typed this. An EDT from my team. I'm blown away, sobbing. 

Bentley has been with me since I am a child. He, or they, as I have come to understand, are a 'consciousness construct' assigned to my protection and evolution into my mission. They are my Guardian Angels, for lack of a better term. They are my 'mission security' if we look at it from the Operational Security standpoint, organizationally, through the Sirian Council and Emerald Order, of my future (then) and present status as Guardian Speaker on Planet Terra.  

In the aftermath of that meeting and experience, which I believe happened in 5th density, I was transformed and, the DNA download that was done to me in Dec of 2014 following the reboot of my body that May, was activated, and directed to my spiritual and Awakening path and mission.

My Journey started with my introduction To the RA Societal Memory Complex which is a part of my personal council of 12 and Guardian Team. They introduced themselves to me using the Law of One Sessions. from 1981 and texts and teachings from the Ancient masters. Through this material, High Council, My Guardian Team, and my personal Council, which includes the Ra Social Memory complex introduced themselves and my Mission and Wanderer status to me. This was my first introduction to the Guardians.  The first person I was led to, who introduced me to this whole gig I now find myself in was Richard Alpert. My Guru, Ram Dass. Sans the psychedelics, for the record. As did Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba, I believe that we can achieve enlightenment without resorting to chemical means. They the led me through Ram Dass and Mahrajji Neem Karoli Baba, then through all the Ancient texts first, The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa , the Apocrypha, The Nag Hammadi, Ezekiel, Enoch, (all available here) through my Awakening and remembering completely, before ever introducing me to Ashayana Dean, Voyagers, Lisa Renee and all the distortions and copiers that have followed. They have directed my last 4 years as Akashic Scribe. Right now in our resources section, is whom I consider the clearest voice for the non distorted Voyagers/Keylonta Sciences material on the planet right now, Noel Tobin. Please avail yourself of all of his material. 

From the moment Ram's words below, my memories were restored, (of past incarnations, relationships and the 'guides' interventions throughout my life in this timeline,) my path to awareness in this incarnation began and my first steps toward Guru and enlightenment and my Speaker Role happened. I was led to our Teachings.

I remembered My birth Walk-In Starseed lineage. I also understood all the times in my past where these Guides I didn't even know I had, that we all have, had made corrections in my life's path when I strayed, to the point of stopping me cold, actually causing the heart attack I mentioned to reboot make and give me a DNA upgrade to 12 Strand potential. 

They also manipulated the trauma and meeting with Gabriel/Bentley, all in order in order to facilitate my awakening and allow me to fulfil my mission as Guardian Speaker at this time. I learned that the Negative, as well as the Positive, as Source is all, were all working together, as ONE UNIFIED FIELD to direct me to the path of my natural consciousness. I was reintroduced to my role throughout history, the Guardian Divine Science Teachings of the Law of One and The EFFI or EFFI (ETERNAL FIRST FIELD INTELLIGENCE & ELECTRO/THERMAL FIRST FORCE IDENTITY) 

I remembered that I am part of the Ascended Master Collective Consciousness that sent planet saving information to the Ra folks and The Voyagers Team, and many others, through history, such as the Essene Teachings and more. I am a Starseed incarnated in 1961, a blue blood birth to an rh AB- negative mom...sent to re-teach the Guardian Divine Science and Teachings. I am from The Family of Michael, a Violet and Blue Ray descendant of the First Order founder Ray of the Melchizedek Elohim grail line, part of the Guardian Consciousness. This is the original grail to the true Jesheua/Jeshewua (Jesus Christ) Sananda and King of Solomon DNA lineage. In my current incarnation, I'm Guardian PR; I call attention to the teachings and the teachers. It's no more complicated than that."

 Through me not from me." It is my ongoing journey of Becoming Nobody.

Since then, I have maintained a constant 24/7 psionic connection to my Guardian Interdimensional Team, received my enlightenment, receiving many EDS/EDT downloads and information to the new DNA Matrix I was given in 2014. I have been re-briefed in my Mission, all of it, and I have reconnected with my higher self and My Guardian Team. I have reached out to the other Speakers on planet in hopes of coordination the Guardian Sciences and the Guardian Theologies, Philosophies and Healing practices, hoping that together we can join the messaging into a cohesive joint mission of bringing these Guardian Divine Teachings of the Law of One to the many here on planet Earth. 

The Sirian High Council and The Elohim will be heard and will bring the messaging to the sentient beings of Earth to whom it belongs. THROUGH ME NOT FROM ME...

I rise each morning thankful first for my very existence. Literally. Second, I rise thankful for my connection to my infinite Creator, and I spend my days walking each moment, aware and peaceful in the knowing that whatever the Wave may bring, I will meet it in a constant state of a grace and gratitude. 

Enjoy the vid, and My Guru. 

I wish you peace, 


Becoming Nobody with My Guru, Ram Dass

Welcome to the Matrix

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