Monday, May 23, 2022

Being a Guardian Christos Speaker: My Life is My Message

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I stole the line no question, but todays thoughts are about consistency. credibility, and validation. 

Upon visiting Bengal, 8th August, 1942, Gandhi was asked to give a message to the people of India. To which he responded “My life is my message.” Mohandas was an Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist and political ethicist who employed nonviolent resistance to lead the successful campaign for India's independence from British rule, and to later inspire movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honorific Mahātmā (Sanskrit: "great-souled", "venerable"), first applied to him in 1914 in South Africa, is now used throughout the world.

Most don't realize that this was not just a throw away line, referring to his later years as the Mahatma, robed, and teaching, the gentle personification of peace , love and tranquility. Beginning very early, and continuing until his death, he walked the talk he talked. That is what he was referring to when asked the question in 1942. You see, his entire life, from the time he was 16, already married 3 years, until his death...he Served. 

His orientation was unconditional love and service to others, at his own peril. And he never waivered from that, regardless of attack or suffering. He actually grew kinder, and sweeter, and more loving, and....more content. He impacted the entire planet. An Ascended Master that we were very blessed to acknowledge, AS he or she walks amongst us is very rare and we would do well to treasure those who walk in the light of Service. Most often humanity misses the special ones while they are here, messaging, only to realize the specialness and gift of these 'speakers' once they have left this terrestrial plane. 

It seems, today, there are dozens, offering the 'teachings,' well known and not, all seemingly VYING, to get their products on the shelf of the new online awakening movement megastore community. All seeming to have received their messages through clairvoyance and contact with ET's and Christ.

Additionally, we have grown a community of folks, who, having read a few books and seen a few videos, now offer themselves as online experts sages and who defend their new pages, groups and realms with iron fists and draconian rules, vehemence and derision directed toward those who might question or ask for sourcing or clarification. The posts and words typed sound great in theory, but the actual practice, in daily interaction with those they deem their students or audience, is quite volatile. The walk, doesn't quite match the talk. Yet, the platitudes, memes and copy and pasted messages abound unabated. Specifically I am troubled. 

Personally, if I espouse, own and shout the Guardian Teachings of The Divine Sciences and Theoretical Constructs of Keylonta and The Law of One, community, unconditional love, harmony, unity consciousness, co-creation and existence with my fellow aspects of Source, those cannot be just words on a page or a post or a cute meme. I must LIVE those ideals. Daily. My Life must be my message. 

"The original Templar Creed taught unity consciousness, love, cooperation, and respect toward all other life forms. It did not appoint one group, or some groups, as being godly and others being evil. It taught the necessity of equality between peoples, genders and the need to heal and integrate all aspects of society. The original teachings promoted kindness, gentleness, tolerance, and power through control comprehension of secret energy mechanics and consciousness, embodiment of the God force."

This is Paraphrased from Voyagers 

"Souls, not 'A' soul, not 'existing' souls, not 'souls who had the message first,' just 'SOULS. I'll call them Walk-ins, Starseeds like myself, are now being born and have been born and are here, you know some of them, some you just met, some you will meet. 

They, have been commissioned by the Palaidorians, The Elohi Elohim, and Ra Confederacy and The Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds to bring the original teachings of the Templar back to your civilizations. " I’m here. We are the speakers. 

We will bring back to the Earth and we are bringing back to the earth The Law of One and the knowledge of the sacred science through which ascension can be actively applied and actually show you, not that ascension is coming, but how to actively start the ascension process now." 

I wish you peace 

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