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Voyagers II; 18 The Guardian Material; The Hidden Game-board Final Conflict Drama


1943-1951 From 1943, the Zeta-Rigelian-Drakonian force continued to “spread its wings” of influence across the globe following their 1943 success in creating the Phi-Ex Wormhole network. Drakonian Illuminati races became painfully aware that the Zeta Rigelians had intentions of orchestrating mass genocide among select populations in preparation for the 2000-2017 Final Conflict with the Anunnaki and Necromitons. In the late 1930s, the Zetas began experimenting with ''Ethnic Viruses'' (DNA/race type specific) as they explored their options for reducing select Human, and competing Illuminati, populations during the SAC drama. 

Beginning in late 1943, the Zetas began using their Phi-Ex Network technology (code-named ''the Falcon,'' after the Atlantic wormhole’s ancient Atlantian name) for testing of sub-space sonic scalar pulses to induce localized, targeted “natural disasters” in desired areas. Primary locations for Zeta/Illuminati sonic scalar pulse testing have included areas of Alaska, Antarctica, Australia, Central America, Mexico, the Middle East, various desert regions and beneath the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, the Aegean, Mediterranean and Caspian Seas, the Sea of Japan, Persian Gulf and Gulf of Mexico. 

Throughout the 1950s, the Necromiton-Andromie force became more actively involved in Illuminati contact and began to assemble teams of Illuminati ''converts'' from the Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian international Illuminati ranks. In 1951 certain factions of pro-Anunnaki Necromiton-Andromies from Omega Centauri accepted Templar conquest “deals” from a competing Jehovian-AnnuElohim Anunnaki OWO invasion force from Sirius A, Arcturus and the Trapezium (Theta) star cluster in ''Orion’s Sword.'' The Bipedal Dolphin People, Anunnaki and Annu-Elohim Fallen Angelic forces that comprise this ancient Lemurian-Atlantian Jehovian-Nephite Invasion Team are collectively known as the ''Dove.'' The ''Dove'' symbology refers to the physical shape, when viewed from the air with photo-radionic scanning equipment, of their global Atlantian Pylon Implant Network (PIN) Control Grid that was last implanted into 366 The Lion, the “Lamb,” the Sphinx and the Eagle Earth’s Planetary Shields during the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion. 

The “Falcon Phi-Ex PIN” connecting to the Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian “Falcon wormhole,” is also one of these ancient Atlantian PIN Control Grids, as are numerous others soon to be discussed. These Atlantian Pylon Implant Network (APIN) systems were in active use as tools of territorial dominion by various competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET factions throughout the Atlantian period. APIN systems differ in the type of Planetary Shield implanting that is used, but all implanting utilizes sophisticated crystal-based technologies similar to the silicon-based microchips used in conventional computer technologies. The APIN systems can be compared to massive global grid systems made of strategically placed ''crystalline microchips'' that interface directly with the natural, multidimensional, electromagnetic energy conduits of Star Gates, Axiatonal and Ley Line systems organic to Earth’s Templar. APIN technology is not intrinsically a “negative” technology, but rather an environmentally valid application of the natural spiritual and scientific laws of Creation Physics. 

Before these technologies fell into the hands of Fallen Angelic races, they were used openly by various Guardian races in many universal systems to facilitate and enhance the experience of evolution and ascension for all. Prior to the Lucifer Rebellion of 25,500 BC, Emerald Covenant Founders races and the Angelic Human and Indigo Maji races of Earth utilized APIN systems for everything from global free energy systems, climate stabilization and healing, to inter-stellar sub-space communications and broadcasting networks. 


The Angelic Human and Indigo Maji races of Earth originally had two great global APIN systems on Earth that operated Earth’s Templar naturally on a D-l2 “12-Code Pulse Christiac Current” through Star Gate-12, its corresponding Inner Earth Star Gate-12 “Cue Site” and interface with Earth’s natural Crystal Pylon Networks (CPNs). The Emerald Covenant APIN systems were known as the ''Great White Lion'' and the ''Golden Eagle.'' The Founders designed the blueprint of their APIN systems with two primary criteria in mind—first, that the APIN was precisely calculated mathematically to encompass and modulate natural frequencies through the 12 Primary Star Gates, Axiatonal and Ley Line systems in Earth’s Planetary Templar. Second, once the technical elements of the APIN “grid” were in place, the Founders desired to “leave a part of themselves reflected in the APIN” to remind the races of Earth that they were never alone or abandoned. The “design” of the Founders’ APINs was also to serve as a “sub-sonic planetary identification flag” when viewed from space via Photoradionic scanning equipment. 

The Great White Lion APIN system belonged to the Elohei-Elohim Christiac Founders races of D-12 Aramatena-Lyra—the feline-hominid Anuhazi Leonine race. The Great White Lion’s ''heart'' was located at Earth’s Star Gate-12—Montsegur, France. The “throat from which the lion roared” was at Star Gate-1l, Southern England. Its “head” looked out to the west, cresting the north polar regions, spanning central and northern Europe, across Atlantis and into northeastern North America. The ''body of the Lion'' lay at rest across the expanse of the Asian continent, while the Lion’s 367 The Hidden Game-board Final Conflict Drama ''great front paws'' stretched out across North America and northern South America, its rear left paw shrouding the continent of Africa. The “tail” of the Lion extended outward and down from the far eastern side of the Asian continent, through Australia, south to Star Gate-1 at Halley, Antarctica, then curved back up and northward to encompass the southern portion of South America. 

The Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi installed the “Great White Lion” APIN system on Earth in stages, beginning just after the “Electric Wars” of 5.5 million years ago. Though Earth’s continents and land masses have changed position several times since the Electric Wars, Earth’s Star Gates always remain in the same positions within Earth’s Planetary Shields Scalar Template. Earth’s crust ''slides across'' the fixed geographical Star Gate coordinates of the Planetary Shields; APIN systems are installed along precise coordinates within the Planetary Shields, and thus the form of the APIN systems remain constant in relation to variable planetary surface geography. The original Egyptian Sphinx had the face of a lion, not of a man. The design for the Sphinx was chosen, by the Indigo Child Maji, Angelic Human and Emerald Covenant-loyal Annunaki races of Earth, as a tribute to the EloheiElohim Leonine Christos Founders race.

 The structure broadcast a statement to the Fallen Annu-Elohim and Annunaki Fallen Angelic collectives that the Earth races were united under the common banner of the Founders’ Emerald Covenant Co-Evolution Peace Treaty. The design of the original Sphinx was a three-dimensional representation of the Great White Lion APIN system, created from translating the Founders’ APIN maps, as held in the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate records. The primary purpose of the Great White Lion APIN was to assist Earth through natural Stellar Activation Cycles until Earth’s Planetary Shields could be repaired from the damage incurred during the Electric Wars cataclysm. If the Great Lion, and its companion “Golden Eagle” APIN systems had not been installed following the Electric Wars, Earth would suffer cataclysmic pole shift during every SAC, and eventually the planet would implode due to the severity of its Scalar Template distortions. The Great White Lion APIN was modeled in the image of the felinehominid Elohei-Elohim Leonine Christos Founders of D-12 Lyra, Aramatena. 

It represented the D-12 (silver-white) Lyran-Sirian APIN system of Earth, the “anchoring rod” and stabilization grid for 12 Primary Axiatonal Line “vertical frequency conduits” running along the polar North-South longitudes in Earth’s Templar Complex. The companion Golden Eagle APIN system belongs to the Emerald Covenant CerezSeraphei-Seraphim Avian races and Aethien-Mantis races of D-8 Mintaka, Orion and the related Serres Avian-hominid races of Alcyone, Pleiades. The Golden Eagle, modeled in the image of the Avian (bird people) Cerez, is the D-8 “anchoring rod” and stabilization grid for the 12 Primary and many secondary horizontal Ley Line systems running East-West along the equatorial latitudes of Earth’s Templar, and for the diagonal Ley Line system. 

The Great White Lion is the “Guardian of the North and South” and the Golden Eagle is the ''Guardian of the East and West.'' The “Great White Lion,” has its heart at Star Gate-12, through which the silver-white, D-12 “Christos” frequency of the planetary Pre-matter Template, or 368 The Lion, the “Lamb,” the Sphinx and the Eagle ''Divine Blueprint'' opens into Earth’s Planetary Shields. The Great White Lion became the symbol of the eternal Christos Founders Elohei-Elohim Anuhazi races, the Lyran-Sirian Guardians of Earth’s D-12 Christiac Divine Blueprint—the “The Powerful Lion with the Pure, Christed Heart of a Lamb.” In technical terms, the Great White Lion and its Golden Eagle companion APIN systems literally hold Earth’s shattered Planetary Shields and scalar template together during SACs. 

Interestingly, in the Jehovian Anunnaki/Fallen Annu-Elohim distortions added to the ancient Emerald Covenant texts that later became the Bible, the Jehovian “promise” was that the day would come ''when the Lion would lie down with the Lamb.'' What the Jehovians failed to explain was that the ''Lamb''—the Star Gate-12 ''Heart of the Great White Lion'' APIN—was ''sacrificed and cut out upon the altar'' of the Fallen Angelic Omicron Drakonian (“Dragon” APIN) force of Alnitak, Orion, during the last consummated SAC of 208,216 BC. At this time, Earth’s Templar activated on an unnatural 10-Code Pulse, blocking activation of Star Gate12 and “stilling the heart of the Lion,” due to Omicron invasion. The AnnuElohim also fail to mention that in 25,500 BC, their Jehovian Anunnaki assisted the Marduke-Luciferian Anunnaki of Alpha and Omega Centauri to ''seize the Lion'' by its Star Gate-11 England ''throat'' via the NDC-Grid.¹ 

Since this time, the Jehovian Anunnaki and various competing Fallen Angelic factions have “quested to tame the Lion” APIN system under their respective dominion, and have progressively used the NDC-Grid to prevent the Elohei-Elohim Founders from accessing the Great White Lion APIN to assist the peoples of Earth. The Jehovians intend for the ''Lion'' APIN to ''lie down with the sacrificed Star Gate-12 Lamb,'' to be ''resurrected'' and re-activated under the dominion of the Fallen Annu-Elohim, when they succeed in pulling Earth into the Phantom Matrix. They hope to ''re-start the heart'' of the Lion by artificially linking Earth’s Star Gate-12 Lamb to the Star Gate-11 ''throat of the Lion.'' If the Jehovians have their way, the ''Lion will have its heart in its throat,'' and both the “Lion and the Lamb” will ''lie down together before the alter of Jehovah,” to be “resurrected” by the Fallen Annu-Elohim, as an ''energy-vampiring'' system to feed the Phantom Matrix. Sad, isn’t it? 

Here humanity was led to believe that the statement of “When the Lion lies down with the Lamb” represented a time when “Peace and love, and the end of fighting, would come between the aggressive and the passive, and we’d all enter the kingdom of Heaven joyously together.” This example illustrates beautifully the cruel sense of humor, manipulative soothsaying and outright deception offered to us by the Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim Jehovian Anunnaki collective. What the Jehovian Anunnaki, and the other Fallen Angelic collectives did not anticipate was that the ''Heart of the Lion'' would begin ''beating with a 12-Code Pulse'' at the January 1, 2000, commencement of the present SAC. This is precisely what has occurred due to continuing Elohei-Elohim and Seraphei/.Seraphim crisis-intervention efforts in the contemporary drama. 

Now all of c collectives are in a ''race for time'' to fulfill their intended OWO dominion agendas, in hopes of preventing the Great White Lion and Golden Eagle APIN systems from fully awakening from their long slumber. If the Great White Lion and its Golden Eagle companion awaken, the numerous APIN systems belonging to the Fallen Angelic races will be progressively healed and re-coded to a natural “Christiac D-12 12-Code Pulse.” In this case, Earth, Inner Earth and the Halls of Amenti will be permanently spared further advancement of the Fallen Angelic dominion campaign. The Big Question is ''Can the Great White Lion and the Golden Eagle be healed and awakened in time?'' As the Great White Lion, and a return to the Lyran-Sirian Christiac, love-based culture model that it represents, struggle now to awaken, the Golden Eagle has a ''rapid healing'' to complete before its “wings are opened, free to fly.” 

During the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, when the Marduke-Luciferian-Anunnaki and Necromiton-Andromie-Annunaki-hybrid races of Alpha and Omega Centauri, and the Thoth-Enki-Zeta Anunnaki races of Nibiru implanted the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid (NDC Grid) in Earth’s Templar, the “Lion was grabbed by its Star Gate-I1 throat” and the ''Eagle was Caged.'' The Golden Eagle APIN system fell to Necromiton-Andromie agenda Anunnaki forces, as the NDC Grid was used to reverse the natural scalar template sequences (''Fire Letters'') on Earth’s Primary Ley Lines 4 and 10. The horizontal L4/L10 ''double Ley Line'' emerging from Star Gate-10 Abadan, Iran, and Star Gate-4 Giza, Egypt, is the L4/L10 ''Giza Ley Line,'' the East-West center-line axis upon which the Golden Eagle APIN system is structured.  


Since 25,500 BC, the Golden Eagle APIN system has been “held hostage” and used to “do the bidding” of the Necromiton-Andromie-Anunnaki, Nephilim and Marduke-Luciferian Anunnaki of Alpha and Omega Centauri. This group proudly refers to themselves as the ''AlphaOmega Order of Melchizedeks'' and uses the symbol of a White Eagle as an antagonistic mockery to the Emerald Covenant races, denoting the AlphaOmega’s (unfortunate) victory in claiming the Guardian Cerez’s Golden Eagle APIN. The Golden Eagle was intended to become the symbol of a free America when the U.S.A. was formed. Instead, the ''white-headed'' Bald Eagle became the national mascot, symbolizing the Alpha-Omega Order’s partial victory in becoming the directors of a controlling portion of the US. Illuminati force—the Free Mason-Knights Templar legion. ''Arch- (fallen)-angel (Nephilim) Michael'' is a ''pet contact nam'' used by this diabolical anti-Christiac Melchizedek collective, as is the ''Alpha-Omega Melchizedek Order.''

 At certain times throughout history the Founders had entrusted this collective to join the Emerald Covenant on “Redemption Contracts,” through which their races could be assisted in gaining freedom from the Phantom Matrix via restoration of a D-12 Pre-matter “Christiac” Divine Blueprint Template. Repeatedly they have used such opportunities to exploit other races and compromise Emerald Covenant freedom 370 The Sacred Cow, Faces of Man, Easter Island Heads and the Trion Field agendas, just as their Anunnaki groups have done in their September 12, 2000, defection from the Emerald Covenant Treaty of Altair. lt is important in the contemporary drama for people to realize that the Melchizedek Cloister and “Order of the Yunasai” is the universal organization of the Emerald Covenant Christos Founders races in this Time Matrix. 

The Cloister promotes egalitarian, non-gender biased spiritual science freedom teachings for all, and does not promote the utter falsehood of the “Christ Crucifixion” story, nor “worship” of external gods. Melchizedek “priesthoods” of the Alpha-Omega Order are control paradigms based on the dogmas of the Fallen Annu-Elohim, Anunnaki and Necromiton races, originating from the Phantom Matrix. 

As of the Alpha/Omega false order of Melchizedek’s September 12, 2000, entry into the United lntruder Resistance (UlR) Edict of War, the Melchizedek Cloister will no longer offer peace negotiations to these groups that include their demand of non-disclosure regarding their true history of deception and manipulation of earthly populations. The Alpha-Omega Melchizedek Order will no longer be permitted to “hide beneath the skirts” of the Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister and the Christiac Freedom Agenda, for which it stands. 


The Cerez-Seraphei and Elohei-Elohim Leonine Emerald Covenant races will free the caged “White Eagle” APIN and restore the Golden Eagle to its original dignity and the Great White Lion APIN will soon awaken with a loving roar. With the awakening of the Great White Lion and the Golden Eagle, yet another once-sacred APIN will be restored to its original grace. The APIN known as the Blue Oxen, or the ''Sacred Cow,'' originally the contact network between Earth and the Maharaji Blue Human guardians of Sirius B Star Gate-6, Council of Azurline, once held all of India and portions of Eastern Europe and Asia in its protective embrace. The Blue Oxen APIN system was jointly created by the Sirius B Maharaji and a Density-3 Emerald Covenant Bovine race² from Anteres and Altair called the Rashayana of the Bra-Ha-Rama Amethyst Order.

 The Oxen design for the APIN was chosen by the Sirius B Blue Human Maharaji as a tribute to the Rashayana for their assistance. The Blue Oxen APIN was created as a specialized interplanetary contact network in 22,500 BC, in conjunction with a more sophisticated PIN system implanted by the Emerald Order Founders. In the 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest, the Blue Oxen APIN system was overtaken by the Blue Centaur Fallen Angelic collective of Omega Centauri, and has been utilized since this time to further the OWO dominion agendas of the ''Centaurians'' and their frequent allies, the Necromiton-Andromie-Anunnaki of Alpha and Omega Centauri. Through the Final Conflict drama of the 2000-2017 SAC, the Blue Oxen will also be reclaimed by the Maharaji, to once again become the “Sacred Cow” it was designed to be. 

The reason why Emerald Covenant races can succeed in protecting humanity during the Final Conflict drama of the 2000-2017 SAC is due to a specialized APIN system that allows Earth’s Planetary Shields to connect directly with Earth’s counterpart planet in a different Time Matrix called the Trans-Harmonic Time Cycle. Through this specialized Founders’ APIN, Earth can enter what is called a Meajhé Field, Trion Field, or “Tri-Veca Time Continuum,” through which the planet will be prevented from being drawn into the Phantom Matrix, and pole shift will be averted during the 2000-2017 SAC. In 22,500 BC, just before the failed SAC of 22,326 BC, the AzuriteEieyani Universal Star Gate Security Team of the Inner Earth Time Cycle visited the remaining Lumerian Islands (Muaravhi) and the Mu’a Maji Human races residing there. 

With the assistance of the Mu’a, the AzuriteEieyani “Indigo Children” implanted another PIN system, an advanced Lumerian-Pylon-Implant Network (LPIN), in an attempt to stabilize Earth’s Templar and “resurrect” the Great White Lion and the Golden Eagle APINs in preparation for the 22,326 BC SAC. The Azurite LPIN was known as the ''Faces of Man,'' ancient depictions of which can still be found in the ''heads'' rock sculptures of Easter Island off the coast of Peru, which were erected by Mu’a race descendants after their exile from Kauai, Hawaii.3 There are ''12 Heads'' in the Faces of Man LPIN system—one set of four Heads on Earth, another set of four Heads on Parallel Earth and the final set of four Heads on Inner Earth. Collectively, the 12 Faces of Man are known as the ''Guardians of the 12 Pillars.'' 

Each set of four Lumerian Pylon Implant “Faces” grids connects directly to the other two corresponding sets of “four Faces” on Parallel and Inner Earth. When the Faces of Man LPIN is activated, four massive pillars of inaudible, interdimensional standing sound waves anchor in Earth’s Planetary Shields through the “four Faces” template. The four Sound Pillars in each planetary body carry the full frequency spectra of dimensions 3-6-9-12, a frequency combination known as the ''Halls of Amorea Passage.'' The Halls of Amorea Passage frequency bridge connects Earth, its Parallel and Inner Earth directly to the Universal Pre-matter Template “Divine Blueprint” of Aramatena-Lyra (“Double-Double”), via D-6 Sirius B Star Gate-6, D-9 Star Gate-9 Mirach Andromeda and the Trans-Harmonic Time Cycle. The Eieyani intended to activate the Faces of Man LPIN system during the 22,326 BC SAC, to place Earth under full D-12 Maharic Shield and to seal the Phantom Matrix before the Fallen Angelics of Atlantis succeeded in drawing Earth into the black hole. 

In 22,326 BC, in an event called the Eieyani Massacre, the Thoth-Enki-Zeta Anunnaki of Nibiru destroyed the Eieyani civilization in what is now Kauai, Hawaii; the Eieyani races would need to wait until the next SAC, the 2000-2017 SAC, to complete activation of the Faces of Man LPIN system. The “Faces of Man” LPIN system was designed in the image of the Angelic Human race and the Azurite-Eieyani Maji Indigo Children races of Inner Earth. The “four Faces sculptures exist in other areas of the globe as well, cre- ated at various times to mark planetary grid positions significant to activation of the Faces of Man LPIN.  Earth emerges from a central point in Earth’s geography in the Gulf of Guinea, where the ''chins'' of the “four heads” meet at Longitude 0° and Latitude 0°, where the vertical Greenwich Meridian intersects the Equator. 

From this center point, each “head” extends as a pillar, two running horizontally east/west, one above and one below the equator, and two running vertically north/south, one on each side of the Greenwich Meridian. The “four Pillars of the Faces of Man” intersect again, where the “front tops of their heads” connect at Longitude 180° E-W and Latitude 0°, near Howland Island in the Equatorial Center Pacific Ocean. Though Fallen Angelics have made numerous attempts at compromising the four Faces of Man LPIN system since its installation in 22,500 BC, none have succeeded in “cracking its coding.” The four Faces of Man LPIN runs on what is called the Khundaray/Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Life Force Currents from dimensions 13-14-15 and the Trans-Harmonic “Trion” Currents from beyond this Time Matrix. 

These powerful interstellar frequencies are far beyond the range and power of those accessible to Fallen Angelic races. Once brought into critical mass activation, through Humans and Indigos running “Tri-Veca Rainbow Roundtables,” the four Faces of Man and Guardians of the 12 Pillars LPIN system will rapidly clear and override Planetary Shield distortions caused by the APIN systems of the Fallen Angelics. Activation of the four Faces of Man will progressively bring the Emerald Covenant ''Great White Lion'' and ''Golden Eagle'' APIN systems fully into original working order, allowing Earth’s grids to remain balanced as the Phantom Matrix wormholes are sealed during the 2001- 2004 period of the present SAC. The Great White Lion, Golden Eagle and the four Faces of Man are the ancient ''Guardians of the Four Corners of the Earth.'' If humanity assists the Emerald Covenant races in “Awakening the Ancient Guardians''-the LPIN/APIN systems left behind as our Lumerian/Atlantian Legacy—further progression of the UIR OWO dominion agenda can be averted.
If we do not assist, the Illuminati agenda will continue, leading humanity into global War, physical “Intruder ET” Invasion, and pole shift between 2003-2008.

If we do not think the potential dangers of the Fallen Angelic/Illuminati OWO agenda are real, perhaps this point will be ''driven home'' if we explore a bit more about how the agendas of the Falcon, the Dove, the Serpent, the Phoenix and the Dragon have unfolded since 1951. 

It is the progressive advancement and final amalgamation of these fallen Angelic agendas that brought us to the ''Trigger Event'' of the September 11, 2001, WTC/Pentagon Terrorist Attack, and the grim reality of progressive international war that this Trigger Event was intended to set in motion. 373 The Hidden Game-board Final Conflict Drama 


In 1951, the Alpha-Omega Necromiton-Andromie-Anunnaki accepted “deals” of collaboration offered b the Jehovian Anunnaki “Dove” collective, through which they would combine the stolen ''White Eagle'' and the specialized Jehovian ''Dove'' APIN systems. (See APIN diagrams pp. 527-530.) Together, the ''White Eagle'' and the ''Dove'' would attempt to open the second ancient Atlantian Wormhole, the ''Phoenix Wormhole,'' in order to claim dominion over the Zeta-Rigelian/Drakonian Falcon Wormhole and Phi-Ex Port Interface Network. 

The Eagle-Dove Anunnaki collective was unable to successfully open the Phoenix wormhole, at Axiatonal Line-7/Ley Line-4, until the opportunity presented itself in 1972 as other Anunnaki forces who controlled the ancient Phoenix and Serpent APIN systems accomplished the feat for them. Presently, due to the 1951 Alpha-Omega Necromiton and Jehovian Anunnaki alliances, the “Eagle flies with the Dove,” and since September 12, 2000, these combined forces have made further deals with the ''Falcon,'' ''Phoenix,'' ''Serpent'' and “Dragon,” to form the collective anti-Christiac force of the UIR OWO dominion campaign. 

The Jehovian Dove and Necromiton-Andromie “White Eagle” progressively launched sonic scalar pulse transmissions throughout the 1950s, in hopes of opening the ancient Phoenix wormhole to defeat the rising Zeta-Rigelian/Drakonian Falcon. The Sonic Pulse and ''Ethnic Virus'' testing programs of the covert ''Falcon'' were accelerated in the 1960s, when they and the Drakonian Illuminati began using the Falcon Network to create targeted climatic and seismic disturbances to further their hidden politicalpositioning agendas in the international arena. The Andromie-Necromiton White Eagle and Jehovian Dove forces continued a quiet invasion strategy of building subterranean and marine bases in key Star Gate control areas of Earth, and began making more direct contact with key controllers in several Illuminati factions. 

The various competing Pleiadian and Nibiruian Luciferian Anunnaki forces were “in a tizzy,” as they watched their long cosseted, exquisitely orchestrated, Atlantian take-over agenda become progressively “hi-jacked” by the Drakonian force. In 1972 the Zeta-Drakonian Falcon force began to expand the next intended wave of territorial conquest, attempting to use the Phi-Ex Network to gain control over the Anunnaki’s “prize possession,” the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Since Atlantis, Planetary Star Gate-4 at Giza has assisted the Anunnaki in controlling the D-4 NET, as it is the site where Universal Star Gate-4, the D-4 astral Solar Gate, connects to Earth’s Planetary Shields. The Luciferian Anunnaki intervened directly in 1972, in a partially successful attempt at preventing the Zeta-Drakonian Falcon Phi-Ex Network from overtaking Anunnaki holdings at Giza. 

The Pleiadian Samjase-Luciferian-Anunnaki made alliances with the Nibiruian EnlilOdedicron-Reptilian Anunnaki. Together they used the portions of the NDC Grid, the NET and Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network that they could collectively access, to expedite the agenda they had originally intended for the 2000 commencement of the SAC. 374 The Falcon, Phoenix Project... The ''Phoenix Project,'' which had existed since the beginning as part of the 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant, was actively launched in February 1972. The Pleiadian/Enlil-Nibiruian Anunnaki force simultaneously transmitted sub-space scalar sonic pulses from Density-2 Alcyone and the Nibiruian Battlestar “Wormwood” into the D-4 Solar Gate to Giza (Ley Line-4), Iran (Star Gate-10) and into Earth’s NDC-Grid at Stonehenge, England (Axiatonal Line-l1, or A11).

 The specialized A11-L4 pulses merged at their intersection point in the Atlas Mountains of W. Algeria then traveled west beneath the Atlantic Ocean to their intended destination, the second of the two “capped” Atlantian Wormholes, referred to since Atlantian days as the “Phoenix Matrix.” The Phoenix wormhole, opened by the PleiadianNibiruian Anunnaki in 1972, is positioned directly at the interface point of Ley Line-4, the ''Giza Horizontal,'' and Axiatonal Line-7 (vertical), which intersect off the coast of St. Augustine, FL, in the Atlantic, directly south of the Falcon wormhole. The “Frequency War” began in earnest when the Necromiton-Andromie White Eagle and Jehovian Anunnaki Dove began aggressive territorial conquest campaigns, gaining partial control of the Phoenix Wormhole, in an attempt to protect their interests from the advancing Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki competition.

 As the Pleiadian-Nibiruian “reptile Anunnaki league” advanced their agenda, the Jehovian Dove and Necromiton-Andromie White Eagle began more direct contact with their Illuminati Sleeper races. Enoch, then heading the Jehovian Dove OWO agenda, produced his “training manual” to lead unsuspecting Humans and Illuminati Sleepers to assist in bringing the Dove APIN system into activation. Although Enoch and some of his Jehovian Anunnaki (Sirius A, Arcturus, Trapezium, Orion) petitioned for Emerald Covenant Redemption Contracts in 1983, the “Jehovian OWO Agenda” has been continued by the Jehovian Anunnaki majority and their Illuminati contacts under the name of Enoch, much to Enoch’s present disapproval.

 The White Eagle Necromiton-Andromie league began upscaling its ''Harvesting'' agenda, orchestrating numerous contacts with Illuminati and Human individuals to “invite” them into their Templar Alpha-Omega Order “Melchizedek Priesthood.” Ordinands and followers alike received, unknowingly, astral field Tagging linking their DNA Templates to the Necromiton-Andromie Matrix, through which they could unknowingly pass on the “same privilege” to others in the form of false “Melchizedek Ordinations.” 

As the Jehovians, Necromiton-Andromies and Zeta-Rigelian/Drakonians progressively advanced their agendas throughout the 1970s into the early 1980s, giving rise to more international “political issues” of territorial conquest, the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki continued their own conquest efforts. A series of smaller EM scalar pulses were used by the PleiadianNibiruians between 1972 and 1980 to progressively open the ancient Phoenix APIN system, which connects to the Phoenix wormhole. The Phoenix APIN is a large APIN system running East-West along the L4/L10 Giza-Iran center line. The ''hear'' of the Phoenix is Star Gate-4 Giza, Egypt; the ''eye'' of the Phoenix is Star Gate-10 Abadan-Iran (near Persian Gulf); the body of the Phoenix extends across the Atlantic and North American continent; and its wings spread eastward to “meet its tail” in the Pacific Ocean. (See APIN diagrams pp. 527-530.) In 1976, another Nibiruian Anunnaki contender, the Thoth-Enki-Zeta group, temporarily joined the Pleiadian Samjase-Luciferian and Nibiruian Enlil-Odedicron reptilian Anunnaki contingent to activate the ''Serpent'' APIN system. 

The ''Thoth group,'' most frequently affiliated with the ''Galactic Federation'' mixed Anunnaki league and the NecromitonAndromie Anunnaki early alliances following the fall of Atlantis, “turned coats” for a brief period, just long enough to receive the assistance of the “Phoenix” group in activating the Thothian Serpent APIN system. The Serpent APIN system has its “head” in Central America and Mexico. It coils southward into northwestern South America, back northward, spanning the entire eastern USA, then stretches across the Atlantic Ocean, with its “heart” at England Star Gate-11, its body curving down through the Middle East and Star Gate-4 Giza, and its “tail” extending north through Eastern Asia. (See APIN diagrams pp. 527-530.) By 1983, the Thoth group returned to its “White Eagle” affiliations, once again competing with the PleiadianNibiruian Anunnaki of the Phoenix Project, while the Galactic Federation focused upon supporting whomever appeared to be leading in the Fallen Angelic “race” for final OWO dominion. 


1980-2001 By the early 1980s, Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki legions had made alliances with various factions of the regained strongholds within several key positions of the Illuminati World Management Team, threatening previous Zeta/Drakonian Illuminati dominion. In hopes of retaining Zeta/Drakonian dominance within the covert global Interior Government sector, Zeta Rigelian races of Rigel Orion petitioned the assistance and collaboration of the Necromiton-Andromie races. The Rigelians negotiated between Drakonian-sympathetic factions of the “White Eagle” Necromiton-Andromies, and the Omicron-Drakonian and Odedicron-Reptilian legions of Orion, forming the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition; a ''friendly enemies'' deal aimed at disempowering the advancing ''Phoenix Project'' Anunnaki Illuminati influence on Earth. 

Not all Necromiton ''White Eagle'' factions agreed to participate in the pro-Drakonian agenda Andromie-Rigelian Coalition, due to favored connections among the ''Dove'' Jehovian Anunnaki races. The factions of the White Eagle Necromiton-Andromies that favored the Zeta-Rigelian/Drakonian Falcon agenda entered the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition, and began using their access to White Eagle APIN sites to further the Falcon agenda. The White Eagle NecromitonAndromies opposed to the Falcon agenda offered greater support to Jehovian Anunnaki Dove factions, and Ashtar Command’s ''Arcturian'' Anunnaki lent their assistance to the White Eagle-Dove cause. Many Drakonian, Reptilian and non-Rigelian Zeta forces, opposed to or fearful of the Necromiton-Andromie force, refused to enter the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition deals, and the Drakonian/Reptilian Illuminati races began breaking into opposing factions, causing ripples of further instability within the external world political drama. 

The majority of Omicron-Drakonians of Alnitak Orion, and a large faction of Odedicron-Avian-Reptiles from Alnilam-Orion, refused the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition ''White Eagle-Falcon'' deal, and set their sights on activating their ancient ''Dragon'' APIN system, which had been implanted in Earth’s grids in 75,500 BC. The Dragon APIN has its “head” in what is now far eastern Siberia and northeastern China and Japan. Its long, thick “body” extends westward across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Europe, crosses the Atlantic ocean to the Central USA and south into South America.  The majority of the ''Dragon'' agenda races also refused to join the UIR deal of September 7- 12, 2000, choosing instead to “fight to the end” for the Omicron/Odedicron Drakonian OWO agenda. 

In our contemporary drama, the Islamic extremist faction called the Taliban of Afghanistan, is headed by several, well-placed Illuminati that are covertly motivated by the Omicron-Odedicron ''Dragon'' agenda Fallen Angelics. The terrorist group of Osama bin Laden, on the other hand, works a ''double-agenda'' on behalf of the UIR Zeta-Rigelian “Falcons” and the Omicron-Odedicron Dragon force. In the WTC/Pentagon drama of September 11, 2001, the bin Laden group was covertly motivated by the UIR to assist them in creating the “Trigger Event” that is intended to set the ''wheels'' of the WW3 drama in motion.

 The UIR also knew that this event of bin Laden terror would ensure that the rebelling Dragon agenda Taliban Illuminati would be forced out of power in Afghanistan, making way for UIR governance. As the UIR intended, the many Angelic Human and Maji populations of Afghanistan would be ''conveniently'' reduced in number through orchestration of this international drama. The bin Laden terrorist group evolved first under the Falcon agenda in the 1970s, covertly motivated by the Zeta-Rigelians with Psychotronic scalar pulses, to ''build the movement'' that was intended to become a Falcon ''Sleeper Cell Force,'' once the Final-Conflict WW3 drama had begun. Due to the UIR’s present acceleration of their OWO dominion plan, the bin Laden group was instead used to set the UIR WW3 drama in motion. 

The Eieyani tell us that there are numerous such ''Illuminati Sleeper Cells'' of various ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds in at least 15 different countries. Various Fallen Angelics began organizing these Illuminati factions in the 1950s-1960s, in order to ''have them in place awaiting their awakening,'' when the Final Conflict began. The contemporary ''War On Terrorism'' goes much deeper and ''higher'' than world political leaders suppose; it is a war that cannot be won until the causal element of the hidden Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET presence is fully identified. The Final Conquest for Star Gate and Templar control site dominion is on, and the WW3 drama is the method by which the Fallen Angelics of the UIR intend to lay claim to desired territories, while reducing numbers of Angelic Human and Indigo Children populations. Areas such as Pakistan, Iraq and Iran are territories housing key access sites to the coveted Star Gate-10, so these areas, as well as several others, will be preliminary “zones of conquest” that the UIR will attempt to secure under UIR Illuminati governance. 

Egypt, home of the OWO key control site Star Crate-4, will experience sporadic areas of rebellion as “Dragon” agenda Illuminati races are motivated by the Omicron-Drakonian forces to resist the national-compliance inherent to UIR objectives. Tibet, home of Star Gate-9, is also precariously perched to become the objective of competing Dragon and UIR-Dove “affections.” Jerusalem, Israel, has long been a battleground for control of Primary Planetary Vortex-2, a direct link to Star Gate-2, the Gru-AL “Holy Grail Point” of Sarasota, Florida, which is the ''control gate'' for Earth’s Planetary Shields. And the U.S.A. has been, since formalization of the Luciferian Covenant in 9560 BC Atlantis, the intended arena within which the Fallen Angelic Final-Conflict drama ''Battle of Armageddon'' is planned to unfold, making way for the ''Rise of the One World Order.'' The Emerald Covenant races have repeatedly returned to Earth incarnation in attempts to prevent this Fallen-Angelic-devised ''End Times'' scenario from occurring. 


1983 Through the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition deals of the early 1980s, Illuminati races originally running the Falcon agenda under command of the Rigelians and the Zeta Treaties suddenly found their 1930s Zeta Treaties were nullified. The fate of the Drakonian Illuminati was placed forcefully and precariously in the hands of the new, fully dictatorial Necromitoncontrolled Andromie-Rigelian-Coalition. To strengthen the Necromitons’ covert access to Earth territories, the 1983 Montauk Project was organized by the Necromiton-Andromie White Eagle and Zeta Rigelian/Drakonian Falcon forces, through cooperating (and now terrified of rebelling) Illuminati factions. Through the Montauk Project, the Phi-Ex Wormhole from 1943 was “spliced into,” directing a main channel to Necromiton-Andromie Alpha-Omega Centauri territories in the adjacent Phantom Time Matrix.

 The Necromiton races now had extensive access to Earth territories, and they began a covert genocide program against Illuminati races that would not join the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition. The Illuminati fiasco of the 1930s-1940s turned into the Illuminati chaos of 1983. In response to the threat of the Andromie-Rigelian Coalition, the Omicron-Drakonian forces of Alnitak Orion sent large fleets into the Density-26 and Density-37 territories surrounding Earth-Tara-Gala, with the intention of protecting the interests of the original Drakonian/Reptilian Dragon OWO agenda. In response to this advancing Drakonian/Reptilian presence, various competing Anunnaki legions of Sirius A, Arcturus, Pleiades-Alcyone, Nibiru, Andromeda, Orion, the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command sent fleets of reinforcements into proximity of Earth access points. 

Warring in Densities 2 and 38 broke out between competing Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian forces, in both our Time Matrix and the Phantom Matrix. The ''war above'' became the covert ''War of Frequency'' below, as each group intensified its use of sub-space sonic scalar pulse technologies to secure their holdings of various APlN sites. The progressive use of covert sonic pulse technologies, which was progressively accelerated by the Fallen Angelic legions since the 1950s, was directly responsible for a host of regionally cataclysmic “natural disasters,” particularly those involving Earthquake and Hurricane events.


Throughout this mess of interstellar chaos at our earthly door, Emerald Covenant Maharaji fleets from Sirius B, Tara and Gaia and the many interstellar Emerald Covenant nations have tried to sustain a frequency “buffer zone” around Earth access points. The GA, Eieyani and Founders have done their best to prevent this growing intergalactic “Battle of the Angelic and Fallen Angelic Kingdoms” from descending into Density-1 Earth territories. The Emerald Covenant Founders races of Lyra Aramatena9 intervened directly. They became aware that by 2976 Earth would be destroyed, before the intervention opportunity of another SAC could occur, if Zeta Rigelian/Drakonian occupation of Earth was successful during the 2000-2017 period. 

Between 1983-1984 the Founders, GA, Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds and Emerald Covenant nations created the Bridge Zone Project crisis-intervention plan. Through tenets of the Bridge Zone Project initiative, Amnesty Contracts were offered to any interstellar races in our Time Matrix willing to enter the Emerald Covenant Peace Treaty. Redemption Contracts were offered to the Fallen Angelic/ET races from the Phantom Matrix, in which they would receive the extensive assistance needed to become free from the Phantom Matrix Time Cycles, if they would enter and honor the Emerald Covenant. 

Many non-Rigelian Zeta races accepted Amnesty and Redemption Contracts, fearful of the building “Super-Stellar-powers Final Conflict” drama. Guardian races were hoping that Anunnaki legions could be persuaded to give up their long-held OWO dominion agenda to make a United Emerald Covenant Stand against the dominant Drakonian/Reptilian Necromiton-Andromie/Zeta-Rigelian “Falcon” force. Smaller factions of some Anunnaki collectives, such as the Jehovian Enoch collective of Sirius A, Arcturus and Orion, gave up their previous OWO Jehovian Anunnaki dominion agenda in 1983 for Emerald Covenant Redemption Contracts. 

Other Anunnaki factions, such as Ashtar Command, the Nibiruian-Thoth-Enki collective, the Galactic Federation, the Pleiadian-Samjase-Luciferian collective, the Marduke-Dramin collective, the Alpha-Omega Nephilim Annu-Melchizedeks and Necromiton-Andromies held onto their respective OWO agendas until their “ultimate stronghold” was considerably compromised in 1992. 


Since implementation of the NDC-Grid Photo-sonic installation and the NET of 25,500 BC Atlantis, the Anunnaki races have steadily moved their intended Atlantian Conspiracy Luciferian Covenant OWO dominion agenda forward through remote Photo-sonic control of Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex via the NDC-Grid.10 Throughout the progression of the 1980s Andromie-Rigelian Coalition agenda, the Anunnaki races remained confident of their ultimate victory and OWO dominion within the pending 2000-20I7 AD SAC Final-Conflict drama. The Anunnaki believed that they would be able to use the NET to awaken and manipulate enough of their civilian Illuminati Sleeper Races, and unsuspecting Human races within the ''channeling'' movement, to make a stand against the Illuminati factions that they had lost to the Necromiton-controlled Andromie-Rigelian Coalition. 

The Anunnaki intended to use ''channelers'' to teach unsuspecting Illuminati Sleepers and Human populations how to orchestrate false planetary healing operations utilizing distorted Biotronic scalar-pulse and Merkaba Mechanics technologies that would be amplified through the NDC-Grid. Through these distorted Biotronic/Merkabic technologies, the Annunaki believed they would be able to reclaim from competing forces Earth’s 12 Primary Star Gate territories and corresponding Ley Line systems, as each Star Gate naturally opened during the 2000-2017 SAC. In 1992 Anunnaki legions were confronted with yet another unpleasant surprise as Andromie-Rigelian and collaborating factions of the Omicron-Drakonian and Odedicron-Reptilian Falcon force began to utilize the Montauk-Phi-Ex Wormhole and Falcon APIN system to gain control over the Anunnaki NDC-Grid and the NET via scalar pulse transmissions. 

Suddenly the overly confident Anunnaki forces became willing to enter negotiations for Emerald Covenant Redemption Contracts with Emerald Covenant nations. Because the Anunnakis feared complete loss of their NDC-Grid/NET stronghold on Earth, some of their leading factions reluctantly entered the Emerald Covenant Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements in November 1992. In these agreements, the Pleiadian and Nibiruian Anunnaki legions and portions of Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command agreed to put the NET/NDC-Grid installation and their artificial hold on Solar Star Gate-4 back under Guardian Azurite Universal Templar Security Team protection. 

The Andromie-Rigelian Coalition had their immediate sights set on conquest of Anunnaki-held Nibiru, a planetary environment more suitable to Necromiton-Andromie biological requirements and a strategic “power spot” in relation to conquest of Earth and dominion over the Halls of Amenti. The Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki of the “Phoenix” and “Serpent” APIN systems promised to honor the Emerald Covenant if the Founders would assist them in using the NET/NDC-Grid to close by force the Necromiton-controlled Montauk-Phi-Ex/Falcon Wormhole.

 If utilized by Guardian races via Sirius B Star Gate-6, the already operational NET/NDCGrid installation could be reprogrammed to carry and amplify D~12 and Primal Life Force Trion Currents from beyond this Time Matrix. If returned to the protection of the Emerald Covenant nations, the NET/NDC-Grid of Earth had the power to temporarily seal or “Cap” the Montauk-Phi-Ex/ Falcon Wormhole, preventing the Andromie-Rigelian “Falcon-Eagle,” Omicron-Odedicron Drakonian “Dragon” and Jehovian Anunnaki “Dove” raider races from further advancing their Earth-Nibiru-Amenti dominion agendas. Emerald Covenant races had been trying unsuccessfully to cap the Montauk-Phi—Ex/Falcon Wormhole since WW2. 

On August 12, 1992, they had almost succeeded when the Zeta Rigelians, with the assistance of the Necromiton-Andromie ''Montauk Boys,'' launched a vicious sonic pulse transmission from their Star Gate-3 Bermuda base, into the Falcon Wormhole, further expanding the Falcon and preventing application of the frequency cap. The unstable expansion of the Falcon Wormhole caused major deep marine disturbances throughout the Atlantic Ocean, reports of which the Illuminati Withheld from public disclosure. On August 24, 1992, the Falcon wormhole amplified the intensity of Hurricane Andrew, creating wind speeds in the range of 250-300 m.p.h. Hurricane Andrew changed direction suddenly, heading for the Dade County, FL, area. 

The Falcon agenda Illuminati knew of the direction change in time to call for evacuations, but their Fallen Angelic Necromiton-Andromie ''commandos'' ordered them to ''misplace'' this information and give warning only when evacuation time was spent. The Zeta-Rigelians and Necromiton-Andromie forces used Hurricane Andrew to secure yet another Human and Maji ''Population Reduction'' event. The devastation of Hurricane Andrew was one of the greatest recorded “natural” disasters in US history. When the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnakis finally decided they wanted to “deal,” and offered to turn over their NDC-Grid, NET, Phoenix and Serpent APIN systems to Emerald Covenant races, the opportunity to safely cap the Falcon Wormhole was finally at hand. In November 1992, the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements of the Emerald Covenant Peace Treaty were formalized. 


When the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements were initiated, both Emerald Covenant and Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki races, and the Galactic Federation, made subtle and physical contact with selected members of the Illuminati and Interior World Government forces, offering them opportunity to defect from Andromie-Rigelian and Drakonian/ Reptilian “Falcon-Eagle” dominion. Through a temporary photo-sonic interface system created by the Emerald Covenant Maharaji Blue Human races of Density-2 Sirius B, portions of the NET/NDC-Grid were able to receive and transmit specific scalar pulses through Earth’s Templar that served to ''jam'' the frequencies used to sustain the Montauk-Phi-Ex Wormhole. By 1994, the united Emerald Covenant and Anunnaki legions successfully created a temporary ''cap'' on the Montauk-Phi-Ex APIN system, and a partial cap on the Falcon wormhole ''hub.'' 

The Montauk-Phi-x/Falcon cap prevented the Necromiton-Andromies Zeta Rigelian, and Drakonian/Reptilian fleets from furthering their intended covert infiltration of Earth’s subterranean bases. The Montauk-Phi-Ex Cap was a temporary solution that depended upon the Anunnakis upholding the PleiadianSirian Agreements. In these agreements the Anunnaki legions had promised to release Earth from Nibiruian subjugation, dismantle the NET and return the NDC-Grid and Solar Star Gate-4, which they had “hijacked by force” during the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, back over to the Emerald Covenant Founders’ protection by 2000. Had the Anunnaki races upheld the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements, Emerald Covenant races would have used the NET/NDC-Grid installation on Earth to accomplish two vital Bridge Zone Project crisis intervention initiatives. 

The most pressing intervention needed was that of rapidly rebalancing Earth’s electromagnetic Merkaba fields to prevent pending pole shift from occurring during the 2000-20l7 SAC, due to the original, inorganic Photo-sonic program of the NDC-Grid. The second intervention was that of using the NET/NDC-Grid network during the SAC to permanently seal the Montauk-Phi-Ex/Falcon Wormhole and the Phoenix Wormhole, while activating the Face of Man LPIN system and the Great White Lion, Golden Eagle and Blue Oxen APINs. Success in these objectives would prevent further Fallen Angelic invasion, setting in motion a Free World Order of Emerald Covenant interstellar co-evolution on Earth. From 1994-1998 Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki, Galactic Federation and Emerald Covenant influence gained dominance within many Illuminati factions. Preparations were being made among cooperating Illuminati alliances to begin non-threatening, progressive public release of ''ET- Angelic Presence Confirmation'' via Official Global Proclamation. 

As part of the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements, Emerald Covenant races had agreed to wait until humanity had dealt with the initial revelation of the reality and immediacy of ''Visitor Contact'' before releasing the full historical data 382 Temporary Cap on the Montauk Phi-Ex Wormhole 1994-1998 concerning Anunnaki infiltration via the Atlantian Conspiracy Luciferian Covenant agenda. Without use of the earthly NDC-Grid installation and natural realignment of Solar Star Gate-4, Emerald Covenant races would be unable to prevent pole shift, nor would they be able to seal the Montauk-Phi-Ex/ Falcon Wormhole, without launching immediate physical on-planet presence of fleets capable of advanced Photo-sonic scalar pulse transmission. 

If Guardian fleets attempted to deploy direct physical presence on Earth, they would be intercepted by Necromiton-Andromie, Rigelian-Zeta, Drakonian and Reptilian fleets, setting in motion a literal ''Star Wars'' drama within and surrounding D-3 Earth territories. Such a Star Wars drama, utilizing the Photo-sonic and Photo-radionic technologies possessed by all interstellar races, would not only decimate large portions of Earth populations, but would also guarantee pole shift by further disrupting the EM balances in Earth’s grids during the 2000-20l7 SAC. An easy, peaceful victory on Earth over the pending Fallen Angelic/Illuminati OWO Final Conflict drama depended upon the Anunnaki races honoring their promises of Emerald Covenant support and cooperation with Guardian nations—promises that were made in the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements. 

The 1994 capping of the Phi-Ex Wormhole gave the Anunnaki races opportunity to once again advance their influence among the Illuminati races of the World Management Team. If they had been honoring their 1992 Agreements, this “influence” would have progressed in representation of the Emerald Covenant. The Anunnaki and Emerald Covenant races continued to initiate a slow but steady “wake-up call” among their respective civilian Sleepers. The Anunnaki released the message among some of their channels that “the Zeta races had left Earth and there was nothing now to fear.” The originally sinister intentions of the Anunnaki-orchestrated aspects of the “New Age Movement” briefly became upgraded to support the Emerald Covenant peace treaty and freedom teachings, creating a renewed solidarity between once-competing ideological factions in the New Age arena. In 1997 Guardian races began the “wake-up call” to their Emerald Covenant Speakers and Indigo Children, in preparation for the scheduled release of the Emerald Covenant teachings pertaining to Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics, which were to be given once consummation of the 2000-2017 SAC was confirmed. 

Plans were made among Anunnaki loyal Illuminati and Human members of the World Management Team to begin “Official Disclosure” of “Visitor Race Presence.” Official Disclosure was intended to prepare human populations to make a united, peaceful stand in protecting Earth’s territories from further advancement of the several competing Fallen Angelic OWO invasion agendas, using the natural, spiritual-science based tools of Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics. Guardian races intended to release the Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Mechanics teachings into the public forum, to educate Humanity in the methodologies required to orchestrate Planetary Shields Clinics, through which Earth’s EM grids could be rapidly healed to prevent pole shift from occurring should the 2000-2017 SAC commence as anticipated. 

If the 2000-2017 SAC commenced, Guardian races intended rapid dispensation of information pertaining to humanity’s invitation into the Lyran-Sirian Founders Emerald Covenant Co-Evolution Peace Treaty, and the awakening and training of the Amenti Planetary Templar Security Team was to immediately commence. The Amenti Security Team was intended to be trained to assist Guardian nations in using the NDC-Grid installation to permanently sever the link between Earth and the Montauk-Phi-Ex/Falcon and Phoenix Wormhole, preventing further Fallen Angelic infiltration. Once the Montauk-Phi-Ex/Falcon and Phoenix Wormholes were permanently shut, Fallen Angelic races would be unable to send in larger fleets to intercept and initiate “Star Wars” with Guardian fleets as they made their inevitable ''First Contact'' mission. As 1998 approached, all appeared to be going relatively well within the delicate political balances of the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements. 


When it became clear in June 1998 that the SAC would commence in 2000, the Pleiadian-Samjase-Luciferian, Nibiruian-Enlil-Odedicron, Thoth-Enki-Zephelium and Galactic Federation Anunnaki collectives immediately defected from the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements, seizing this opportunity to continue activation of the Phoenix and Serpent APIN systems for Earth conquest. They made deals with the Jehovian “Dove” and Necromiton-Andromie “White Eagle” to interface their NET/NDC-Grid and APIN systems with the Zeta-Rigelian/Andromie Montauk/Phi-Ex facility in order to undo the access to Earth’s Templar that Emerald Covenant nations had recently gained. They rapidly began to “set the stage” for “Lowering the NET” into the D-3 Frequency bands via interface with earthly electrical-grid technologies to create the 2004 ''Frequency Fence'' mass-mind-control network.

 The Alpha-Omega Nephilim Annu-Melchizedeks began an aggressive, sweetly rendered “Indigo Child Hunting” campaign within the New Age Movement, hoping to locate as many Indigo people (especially Type-3 Human-Anunnaki hybrids) for astral Tagging and DNA bonding-bio-field possession. Great efforts were applied to directing the “Channeling” movement via the NET/Phi-EX transmitting station, through which a progressively growing number of infiltrated Illuminati and Human “Greeting Teams” were assembled among Earth populations.

 As the Anunnaki Greeting Teams advanced in the New Age movement, many Anunnaki legions that had remained loyal to the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements finally defected under growing pressure from the Galactic Federation and the Nibiruian Thoth-Enki Anunnaki collectives. Numerous popular ''Energy/Spiritual Healing Systems'' were infiltrated and progressively used to orchestrate astral Tagging in New Age populations. Meanwhile, many un-awakened Indigo Children and Humans became infiltrated with Anunnaki implantation, possession and ''pseudo spiritual'' indoctrination, and the “Michael Matrix,” Zeta-Rigelian and Dracos stepped up their own interest in the ''Body-Snatching game.'' 

This caused a progression of disputes among Anunnaki factions and between Anunnaki and Drakonian agenda forces. Between 1998-1999, the Zeta Rigelian and Necromiton-Andromie Falcon-White Eagle force, with the assistance of their ''Montauk Boys'' Illuminati, successfully removed the partial cap on the Falcon wormhole and partially ripped through the Montauk-Phi-Ex wormhole cap. “Un-capping the Falcon” allowed them to reactivate portions of their global Montauk-Phi-Ex-Falcon/White Eagle APIN system, through which Psychotronic and sub-space Sonic Scalar Pulse transmissions capacity was restored. Since this 1998-1999 fiasco began, Emerald Covenant nations have used their once again limited access to NET transmission to ''poke holes'' in the NET, by which their Indigo Children Types-1 and 2 could receive a rapid emergency “wake-up call. 

Expedited Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate translations began in late 1999, after the original May 1999 simultaneous publication of the Voyagers I and II. Throughout 1999-2000, Emerald Covenant races have continued negotiations in attempts to resurrect the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements with Anunnaki races, temporarily securing the July 5, 2000, Treaty of Altair with the Anunnaki and several renegade races, due to the continuing disputes between Anunnaki and Drakonian agenda factions. Between September 7-12, 2000, the Andromie-Necromitons settled several pending Anunnaki/Drakonian disputes over intended distribution of captured Inner Earth territories, the UIR was formed and their War Edict was issued on September 12, 2000. 

Since September 12, 2000, Emerald Covenant nations and awakening Indigo Children and Humans who have not yet succumbed to Fallen Angelic astral tagging, etc., have been working with progressively more advanced Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics to secure Earth’s Templar under a critical-mass 12-Code Pulse before the 2003 deadline.

1. See Masters Templar Coursebook. 369 The Hidden Game-board Final Conflict Drama the Fallen Angeli
2. Oxen-shaped biology, Etheric-matter density.
3 Other as-yet-undiscovered “Head” 
4. Nothing outrages the Founders quite as much as observing the sacred Melchizedek Clois- ter Emerald Covenant spiritual-science teachings abused and misused in such a way.
5. Dragon-moths 
6. Dimensions 4-5-6. 
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12. Scalar transmissions to activate dormant portions of the DNA Template. 

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