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Voyagers II; 6 The Guardian Material; Ascension Mechanics

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended, had this been shared as WE asked, would have avoided some of the pain and suffering your species has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

The Science of Ascension, Time Cycles, Morphogenetic Waves and the Sphere of Amenti 

As we have mentioned before, ascension is not some lofty spiritual concept designed by the minds of man, it is the literal, tangible scientific process of the evolution of consciousness and biology within the laws of energy mechanics that apply to a multidimensional reality system. You can go about your human lives, with your consciousness confined to the limitations presently imposed by your physical body, or you can learn the mechanics by which those limitations can be released, and begin to experience the reality of freedom that is the comprehension of yourself-as-soul. 

Whether or not you view ascension and multidimensional evolution as a reality while you are alive on Earth, you will be directly faced with that reality once your consciousness has passed out of physical life and into the multidimensional framework. At the death of the physical body you will discover that your consciousness lives on and your evolution continues. How well you prepare for that discovery now will determine the ease with which you are able to take your next evolutionary step once you “wake up on the other side.” All souls will eventually evolve and ascend through the 15-dimensional scale, to re-emerge as sentient identity within realms of pure consciousness beyond the dimensional systems. But this process is not something that takes places automatically for humankind. 

Humanity was created as a creator species, which means that thoughts and actions entertained by the human will be met in manifest experience, both on Earth and in the life experiences that take place beyond the earthly planes. The choices one makes in thought and deed will determine the quality of experience, or lack thereof, that will be personally encountered in feeling and event. In preceding chapters we have detailed for you the great challenges and struggles your species endured as it has blindly followed the hidden evolutionary blueprint that calls it forth to evolve through time. That blueprint is the Covenant of Palaidor and the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti, within which the organizational plan and purpose for human evolution is stored. 

For 550,000,000 years this blueprint has called your races forward toward an unseen destiny, which is the return of immortality and the reunion of the consciousness of man with its creative Source. In terms of the soul’s perspective, the challenges and hardships faced along the way are understood to be lessons in growth, as human consciousness evolves to remember the truth of its eternal existence and embrace the beauty of its multidimensional identity. From the perspective of a human consciousness focused within a physical body on Earth, those challenges can seem, at times, overwhelming. Without conscious recognition of the purposes, processes and objectives of the evolutionary plan, the hardships can appear to be unbearable and without meaning. 

Through the portions of human evolutionary history we have detailed in these writings, you may be able to glimpse the greater challenges and obstacles involved in the process of evolution, and to realize that these obstacles do not end with the completion of your physical lifetime. Your races have evolved on Earth for 550 million years, and many of the souls involved in that evolution have had to return time and again, trapped within cycles of birth, death and rebirth. Immortality, freedom from death, disease and pain are the natural birthrights of your species. You will not be able to reclaim these rights until you come to comprehend the greater reality structures within which your evolution takes place, for through this comprehension you will learn to make choices that bring you joy and harmony, health and freedom. If you are unaware of these greater reality structures you will be unable to use them wisely, and it will seem as if the greater reality is, instead, using you. 

You will feel powerless, and while you feel powerless and victimized by circumstance you cannot know freedom. In view of the history we have provided, you may be able to see that the Sphere of Amenti holds great importance to the evolution of your race, for it holds the morphogenetic (form-holding) blueprint through which your race consciousness manifests. You have learned that earthly consciousness is directly affected by the condition and structure of the physical body and bioenergetic systems, and that the DNA imprint which sets the biological structure for the body, is directly manifested through a morphogenetic field. The personal morphogenetic field directs the design of the DNA, and thus the body and the quality of consciousness that will be expressed through that bod

The personal morphogenetic field exists within the larger morphogenetic fields of the race and the species. The species morphogenetic field is the Sphere of Amenti. The Sphere of Amenti connects the human species to the greater morphogenetic field of the Earth, which, in turn, is connected to the morphogenetic field of planet Tara in HU-2. In order for Earth, and humanity, to evolve out of HU-1 and into the higher dimensional fields of HU-2, the frequency patterns of dimensions four, five and six from HU-2 must be brought into manifest expression within the energetic grid of Earth. These frequencies, or sound tones, must also become operational within the active DNA strands of Earth’s people. 

The energetic imprint of the DNA is carried within the personal morphogenetic field and consciousness after physical death of the body. Whatever frequencies are contained within that imprint will determine the dimensional placement of the consciousness after death. If freedom from the confines and struggles of HU-1 is what one desires, then it is wise to pay attention to the amount of frequencies contained within the physical DNA, while one is still alive in body. Humanity has the power to evolve consciously and thus more rapidly, by learning how to use the bio-energetic system to build the needed frequencies into the DNA. This is a personal responsibility, and although guardians from HU-2 can assist in this process, the ultimate success of DNA building lies in the hands of the embodied consciousness who directs this process by the way in which personal energy is used and applied.

The greater the amount of the 12-strand DNA imprint that can be activated within the body’s DNA, the greater the amount of conscious awareness and multidimensional knowledge that will be available to the consciousness while it is physically embodied and after death. Through this knowledge, greater joy can be created while living on Earth, and following the death transition, the consciousness will be able to focus in higher dimensions of reality. In order to end the cycle of rebirth in HU-1, an identity must possess a fifth-dimensional level of consciousness, the particle substance of the consciousness must pulsate at the speed of fifth-dimensional frequency. The fifth strand of DNA must be fully assembled, and the lower dimensional DNA strands must be fully activated and aligned. An identity that undergoes the death transition without assembly of the fifth DNA strand imprint will continue evolution in the fourth-dimensional astral planes. 

If that identity does not have the lower-dimensional strands fully assembled, it will have to experience rebirth in HU-1, in order to fully assemble the lower strand imprints. An identity that can fully assemble strands 1-5 while still within the body will be able to merge its molecular particles with those of its anti-particle double, and transmute the body itself into the higher-dimensional fields of HU-2, literally transcending the experience of physical death. The human body was originally designed to be immortal. The process of DNA transmutation does not only involve the personal identity. As we have illustrated throughout our historical account, the ability to ascend is also directly influenced by the conditions of the race morphogenetic field, and by the Root or Cloister Race into which one is born. 

The Sixth Cloister Melchizedek race holds the full imprint for the fifth DNA strand, and several hybrid race strains contain the full l2-strand DNA package in dormant form. Individuals possessing these genetic codes have a personal advantage in terms of ascension, if their codes are fully activated. ln order to be born into bodies with the advanced genetic lines these souls, (unless they are over-souls or avatars birthing directly from HU-3 and above), had to evolve through incarnations carrying the smaller gene-code imprint, in order to attain the frequencies within their consciousness that would allow them energetic compatibility with the larger gene-code body. In other words, humans with larger gene-code imprints have earned this privilege through their evolutionary progression, just as present-day souls within smaller gene-code bodies are in the process of evolving into larger gene-code bodies. 

All human souls are involved with the exact same process of evolving the genetic package and consciousness to higher-dimensional levels; some souls are just further along in this journey. Humans carrying the larger gene-code packages are a gift to other evolving souls, because, as they assemble their fifth and higher DNA strands, they pull higher-dimensional frequency into the Earth’s grid. Once this higher-dimensional frequency reaches a certain peak concentration within the Earth’s grid, the race morphogenetic field/Sphere of Amenti opens into the Earth’s core morphogenetic field, and the individual race morphogenetic fields open into the Sphere of Amenti collective. 

At this point within the energy mechanics, the Earth’s grid begins transmitting fifth-dimensional frequency directly into the bio-energetic fields of everyone on the planet. This infusion of fifth-dimensional frequency then sets the energetic imprint for the fifth DNA strand within all of the races, even those whose personal, organic morphogenetic imprint did not originally contain the fifth DNA strand. Because of the races with the larger gene-code packages, the entire species has the opportunity to rapidly evolve this larger DNA imprint and to transmute the limitations of the genetic codes with which they were born. The ability to fully transmute the personal genetic imprint is not always available on Earth. It is dependent upon whether or not enough of the larger gene-code races are present on the Earth, which is dependent upon whether or not the Earth’s energetic grid vibrates high enough to sustain a concentration of beings with higher frequency genetic codes. 

If the Earth vibration is too low, due to imbalances in its bio-energetic systems, souls carrying higher frequency energies cannot birth onto the planet, for the frequencies contained within their bio-energetic fields would literally overload the Earth’s grid and cause it to collapse. The evolution of DNA within the races is dependent upon the vibrational evolution of the Earth. If the condition of the Earth’s bio-energetic field is poor, due to pollution and abuse of its natural environment and digression of the consciousness upon the planet, Earth cannot sustain a concentration of high-frequency soul essence. This also means that Earth cannot hold the UHF of the Sphere of Amenti at its core. If the Sphere of Amenti is not within the Earth’s core, its frequencies cannot be opened into the Earth’s grid, and thus the bio-energetic fields of the races will not receive an infusion of fifth-dimensional frequency.

 It is the infusion of fifth-dimensional frequency that allows the imprint for the fifth DNA strand to manifest within all races. Thus in order for the races to have the opportunity for acceleration of evolution, Earth must be able to sustain a concentration of souls with higher frequency gene codes and be able to hold the Sphere of Amenti at its core. The Earth grid must be in balance for this evolutionary acceleration of the races to occur. 

Morphogenetic Waves 

There are only certain points within each 26,556-year cycle of time that the Earth grid reaches a vibration rate high enough to accommodate an infusion of fifth-dimensional energy. It is during these times that Earth can sustain larger concentrations of higher-frequency souls, and thus it is only during these periods that the Sphere of Amenti can be fully opened within the Earth core, to allow assembly of the fifth DNA strand for all of the races. There are other periods, such as during the time of Pharaoh Akhenaton, when the Sphere can be returned to Earth core and the Halls of Amenti opened. But the full frequency patterns of the Sphere of Amenti can be transmitted through Earth’s grid only during the periods of dimensional blending that occur four times in each 26,556-year cycle. 

Akhenaton was able to open the Halls of Amenti and orchestrate ascension only for those individuals who had the fifth DNA strand imprint, but he could not release the Sphere of Amenti directly into the D-2 Earth core morphogenetic field to create mass DNA assembly and ascension. During the four periods in a 26,556-year cycle when dimensional blending occurs, certain energetic conditions take place within the morphogenetic fields of the planet that do not occur at any other time. During these periods, the energetic grid of Earth fuses with the energetic grid of its double within the parallel universe, or with its counterpart’s parallel double from the next Harmonic Universe up. In the first 4,426-year cycle of the 26,556-year cycle, Earth fuses twice with its own double in HU-1, once at the half-point in the 4,426-year period and once at the end of that period. 

These two time periods are called Primary Conjunction Points. In the last 4,426-year cycle of the 26,556-year cycle Earth fuses twice with its HU-2 counterpart double, once at the half-point and once at the end of that 4,426-year period. The two time periods when Earth fuses with its counter-part double are called Primary Coordinate Points. Tara is Earth’s HU-2 counterpart, so, during the Primary Coordinate Points, Earth’s grid fuses with the energetic grid of parallel Tara. The two 4,426-year cycles at the beginning and end of a 26,556-year cycle, in which Primary Conjunction Points and Primary Coordinate Points occur, are collectively referred to as Ascension Cycles. Ascension cycles occur only twice within a 26,556-year Harmonic Time Cycle. 

Earth fuses with its double twice within the first 4,426 years after entering a 26,556-year Harmonic Time Cycle. Earth fuses twice with its counterpart double parallel Tara, once after being in the 26,556-year cycle for 24,343 years (half-cycle Coordinate Point in the second ascension cycle) and once after completing the full 26,556 years of the Harmonic Time Cycle, at the end of the second ascension cycle. When Earth encounters its first Coordinate Point within the second Ascension Cycle, all of its particles that are composed of the overtone frequencies of dimensions one, two and three merge and fuse with the anti-particles of parallel Tara that are composed of the base-tone frequencies of dimensions four, five and six within the parallel dimensional scale of HU-2. As Earth’s particles fuse with Tara’s anti-particles, both particles and anti-particles enter hyper-space; they momentarily return to their higher-dimensional morphogenetic fields.

 Earth’s D-1 overtone particles return to their D15 morphogenetic field, the D-2 particles return to D-14 and D-3 particles return to D-13. Tara’s D-4 anti-particles return to their morphogenetic fields in D-12, the D-5 anti-particles return to D-11 and the D-6 anti-particles return to D-10. When the particles and anti-particles again leave the morphogenetic field, they reverse their spin and polarity, shift their angle of rotation by 45°, and then return to the frequency bands of one Harmonic up. D-1 particles reappear as anti-particles within the fourth-dimensional frequency bands, D-2 particles re-appear as anti-particles within the fifth-dimensional frequency bands and D-3 particles re-appear as anti-particles within the D-6 frequency bands. Earth’s particles shift from HU-1 into Tara in HU-2. 

Tara’s anti-particles also reverse spin and polarity, and re-appear one Harmonic Universe up. Tara’s D-4 anti-particles reappear as particles in D-7, D-5 anti-particles become non-matter-based particles in D-8 and D-6 anti-particles reappear as non-matter-based particles in D-9. Tara’s anti-particles shift from HU-2 into Gaia’s etheric matter body in HU-3 This transformation of particles constitutes a full shift of Earth’s overtone particles from the time cycles of the particle universe in Harmonic Universe 1, into the time cycles in the parallel/ anti-particle universe in Harmonic Universe 2. Tara’s base-tone anti-particles simultaneously shift from the time cycles of the anti-particle universe in HU-2, into the time cycles of the etheric particle universe in HU-3.

 This is the process by which planetary bodies (and the life-forms residing upon them) evolve their matter particles and anti-particles upward through the l5-dimensional scale, from dense matter solidity to pure, non-matter-based conscious energy substance. Ascension through the time cycles represents the progressive acceleration of particle and anti-particle pulsation speeds, created through the systematic merging of particles and anti-particles, from the lowest dimensions to the highest, within the 15- dimensional scale. The progressive release of particles and anti-particles into the morphogenetic field at the Primary Coordinate Points in the second ascension cycle constitutes the release of a particle/anti-particle wave of energy.

 This particle/anti-particle energy wave is called a morphogenetic wave. The morphogenetic wave represents the energy released as particles and anti-particles fuse, exploded into the morphogenetic field/hyper-space and undergo fission and replication, through which they re-appear in expanded form within the dimensional frequency fields of the next highest Harmonic Universe. At the beginning of a 4,426-year second ascension cycle, the Earth draws patterns of frequency into its morphogenetic field at Earth’s D-2 core from the dimensional Unified Field of energy. When Earth approaches the half-point in the cycle, the core morphogenetic field has expanded to its full capacity of energy holding. 

About 15 to 20 years before the half-cycle point the Earth’s energetic grid begins to interact with that of Tara, just as the Earth’s core morphogenetic field reaches full energy-holding capacity and explodes, releasing a rush of energy through the Earth’s grid. As this energy is released, the particles carrying overtone frequencies begin merging with Tara’s anti-particles carrying base-tone frequencies. As Earth’s particles and Tara’s anti-particles progressively merge, they enter hyper-space and transmute into their respective dimensional morphogenetic fields. This particle/anti-particle transmutation progressively accelerates, as the energetic grids of Earth and Tara come into alignment, transmuting more and more overtone particles and base-tone anti-particles into the morphogenetic fields. The progressive transmutation of particles and anti-particles creates a building wave of energy moving from Earth and Tara, into the higher-dimensional morphogenetic fields. 

And like the undertow of a tide, this energy wave creates a backflow energy wave, from the morphogenetic fields, through which Earth’s overtone particles re-manifest as Tara’s base-tone anti-particles and Tara’s base-tone anti-particles re-manifest as Gaia’s particles. The height of the process occurs when the grids of Earth and Tara come into full alignment at the half-point in the cycle, at which time the morphogenetic wave fully crests, and the grids of Earth and Tara begin pulling away from each other. The crest of the morphogenetic wave begins about five years before, and extends up to the half-cycle point. During the five-year crest of the morphogenetic wave, all of Earth’s overtone particles, and Tara’s base-tone anti-particles, fully transmute into the morphogenetic fields. As Earth’s overtone particles become progressively suspended in hyper-space and the dimensional base-tone frequencies left within the Earth’s grid begin to blend with the overtone anti-particles in Tara's grid, an Harmonic Resonant Tone is formed. 

Through the Harmonic Resonant Tone the spin and polarity of Earth’s base-tone particles and Tara’s overtone anti-particles temporarily reverse, and their angle of rotation shifts 45°. When the polarity of Earth’s particle base is reversed, Earth’s magnetic poles spin, reverse and shift 45° in their angle of rotation, and the Earth enters the faster moving parallel time cycle in the HU-1 anti-particle universe. As this occurs during the five-year cresting of the morphogenetic wave, Tara’s anti-particles are also going through a pole reversal and time cycle shift. The electrical fields in Tara’s grid spin, reverse and shift 45°, and anti-particle Tara shifts into the parallel time cycle in the HU-2 particle universe. 

The particle pulsation rate of Earth’s parallel, anti-particle time cycle in HU-1 is twice the speed of the same cycle in the HU-1 particle universe. The particle pulsation rate of Tara’s HU-2 particle time cycle is also twice the speed of Earth’s particle time cycle. When anti-particle Tara enters its parallel particle time cycle in HU-2, and particle Earth enters its parallel anti-particle time cycle in HU-1, the two planetary grids are entering the same particle pulsation rate and thus the same time cycle. Base-tone particle Earth and overtone anti-particle Tara temporarily merge in the dimensional frequency bands of D-4. As long as the electromagnetic fields of both planets are in balance, this simultaneous 45° shift in angular rotation and reversal of polarity in particles and anti-particles will not cause a shift of the physical Earth on its axis

The electromagnetic fields of each planet keep the fields of the other in balance. Some fluctuation in Earth’s magnetism may be detected, and some tectonic movement may occur in areas that are not fully energetically balanced, but the basic structure of the Earth’s body will remain intact. If the grids are not balanced, however, a full 45° tilt of Earth’s rotation upon its axis could result, which would create massive Earth changes. It is very important that the Earth’s bio-energetic structure and electromagnetic grid are balanced during this five-year period. In this five-year transition during the crest of the morphogenetic wave, the magnetic grid of particle Earth becomes electrical, and the electrical grid of anti-particle Tara becomes magnetic. The two planetary grids merge and some of the land mass contours of Tara emerge on Earth as etheric overtone structures. 

When particle Earth returns to its particle time cycle in HU-1, these land masses will manifest first on the anti-particle Earth, and by the close of the full ascension cycle 2,213 years later, these new land configurations will manifest physically on the particle Earth. (This is what is meant by the New Age concept of literal “Atlantis Rising”. These lands of Tara will indeed rise up on Earth, but normally they will do so progressively over a period of 2,213 years, not all at once.) At the height of the morphogenetic wave crest, during the half-point in the cycle, there is an approximately three-day period when Earth’s magnetic fields temporarily collapse as the spin of particles and anti-particles slows, polarity again reverses, and the angle of particle rotation shifts back 45° to its original position.

Within that three-day period, particle Earth returns to its HU-1 time cycle in the particle universe, and anti-particle Tara returns to its HU-2 time cycle in the HU-2 anti-particle universe. There will be difficulty with the functioning of earthly electrical and magnetic devices during this period, and the human mind and body will experience an excessive feeling of tension, pressure and fatigue. Strange atmospheric anomalies may occur, including a prolonged period of darkness and daylight, and the possible appearance of a double moon, depending upon the balance of the Earth’s grid. These symptoms will release as soon as the transfer of time cycles is completed, but during the three-day period tremendous stress will be placed upon the human’s body, mind and emotions. Prior to this three-day shifting period, during the five-year crest of the morphogenetic wave, electrical energy is magnetically pulled from particle Earth’s core into anti-particle Tara’s core and the fifth-dimensional frequencies of Tara’s core blend into Earth’s D-2 core morphogenetic field. 

At this time, the fastest-vibrating base-tone particles of Earth—those that vibrate to the particle pulsation rate of the fifth-dimensional frequencies—are transferred from particle Earth’s D-2 core morphogenetic field into anti-particle Tara’s D-5 morphogenetic field. These mechanics of energy create a fluctuation within the electromagnetic fields of both Tara and Earth, which operate as a warp in space-time. This naturally occurring time warp serves as a portal passage between Earth and Tara, which opens at the beginning of the five year period, reaches its height of activity during the half-point of the ascension cycle five years later, then progressively closes from the half-point to its full closing five years following the half-point. 

The Holographic Beam, the Photon Belt and the Pleiades 

During the course of this 10-year period, five years prior to and after the half-point, fifth through ninth-dimensional frequencies are progressively infused into Earth’s grid, then into the bio-energetic fields of all life-forms on Earth. The infusion of frequency from the higher-dimensional fields and Tara’s core in D-5 into Earth's core in D-2 follows a natural path of inter-dimensional energy circulation, through which HU-1 through HU-5 are connected. Each Harmonic Universe has a Harmonic Time Cycle, such as that of HU-1, which is 26,556 years long. All of the Harmonic Time Cycles are synchronized through the particle pulsation rates within each of the 15 dimensions. When Earth enters the half-point in its second ascension cycle, its grid fuses with the grid of anti-particle Tara precisely because these Harmonic Time Cycles are synchronized. 

When Earth reaches its half-point, not only does a warp in space-time occur within HU-1, it occurs all the way up through the five Harmonic Universes. A time-warp portal opens all the way  up through the 15-dimensional scale. This opening of interdimensional portals, which creates the morphogenetic wave, allows a beam of UHF energy to pass from the Meta-galactic Core in D-8, through all of the Harmonic Universes. We refer to this as the Holographic Beam, for it is the primary spiral of transmitting energy that feeds and sustains all of the dimensional systems and the holograms of matter which take place in those systems. The path of the Holographic Beam follows a particular route into the time cycles of HU-1. It spirals down through various planetary cores from HU-2 and HU-3, through the planetary core of Alcyone in the Pleiades, through various other planets and then enters your solar system through the core of the sun. From there the Holographic Beam moves outward and through the cores of the planets in your solar system. As the planets move within the cycles of their orbits, at certain points they align with the sun in a particular way, and pass through the projection of this Holographic Beam. 

The Holographic Beam is released when the portals open during the half-point of the ascension cycle and again at the close of the ascension cycle 2213 years later. The Holographic Beam that was released during the ascension cycle at the end of the previous 26,556-year period leaves its trace within the HU-1 galaxy. The beam from the past cycle will appear as an area of concentrated photon activity surrounding the planet Alcyone, through which the beam entered HU-1. The Holographic Beam follows a path through the Pleiades to Earth because Earth’s sun is actually the eighth star in the Pleiadian system. As discussed in earlier chapters, during the cataclysm 550 million years ago, fragments of Tara's morphogenetic field were pulled through the center of this Pleiadian star. The planets of Earth's solar system, which are fragments of Tara, then re-formed around this star in HU-1. (Recent speculation in the private scientific communities suggests that our solar system is a binary solar system having two suns. Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiadian star system is actually the primary sun of our solar system. Our sun is a star within the Pleiadian solar system.) 

The area of photon energy around the Pleiades has been referred to as the Photon Belt, which was discovered by Earth scientists in 1961 through mechanical observation of that star system. (Photons are created through the fusion of multidimensional particles and anti-particles, so the Photon Belt is the residual energy left over from the last morphogenetic wave. That energy is replenished every 26,556 years as the Holographic Beam projects through Alcyone twice during each second ascension cycle.) As Earth moves through its next 26,566-year cycle following the release of the last Holographic Beam, completing a full round of its Harmonic Time cycle, it will appear as though the Photon Belt is moving closer to Earth and its solar system. 

They are actually moving toward each other, as the Pleiades and the Earth’s solar system travel in their orbits within the HU-1 and HU-2 Harmonic Time cycles. When Earth completes its half-point in the second ascension cycle, its overtone particles will pass into the Photon Belt, just as a new release of the Holographic Beam takes place. The new release of the Holographic Beam creates the morphogenetic wave that allows portions of Earth and Tara to temporarily merge within the fourth dimension. The infusion of Earth’s grid with D-5 through D-9 frequency occurs through the Holographic Beam. When that energy infusion begins, five years prior to the half-point, Earth begins passing into the Holographic Beam as it merges with Tara and enters the D-4 time cycle. 

As this occurs, Earth’s overtone particles move into the Photon Belt. While particles and anti-particles reverse polarity and spin, and the angular rotation of particles shifts 45°, the morphogenetic fields of D-2 Earth’s core and D-5 Tara’s core come into direct alignment with the Holographic Beam. The beam allows the D-2 and D-5 planetary core morphogenetic fields to open into each other, which creates an infusion of D-5 frequency into Earth’s grid. At the height of the morphogenetic wave crest, at the half-point in the cycle, the Holographic Beam is aligned directly through the planetary cores of Earth, Tara and Gaia for about three days, and the grids of Earth and Tara are in complete alignment.

 The Holographic Beam runs from the D-8 Meta-Galactic Core, upward into the D-9 Galactic Core, then downward, directly through the cores of Gaia in HU-3, Tara in HU-2 and Earth in HU-1. This creates an infusion of D-8 and D-9 frequency through the three planetary grids, and allows an ascension passage from Earth, through Tara and into Gaia and beyond, to open during the three-day period. The morphogenetic fields of each planet absorb as much UHF energy from the beam as they can hold, at which point the morphogenetic wave reaches its full crest and particle/anti-particle spin begins to slow in preparation for Earth’s return to its HU-1 time cycle. Particles and anti-particles reverse spin and polarity, and their angular rotation shifts 45° back to its original position, as Earth begins to shift out of direct alignment with the Holographic Beam and Tara’s grid. After a three-day period Earth returns to its HU-1 time cycle and the time warp portal between D-2 and D-5 begins its five-year closing period, and the portals between D-9, D-8 and D-7 close. 

The grids of Earth and Tara begin their five-year period of moving out of alignment with each other, and Earth’s overtone particles remain within the Photon Belt. Normally Earth’s overtone particles would remain within the Photon Belt for 2213 years, until the next morphogenetic wave, when the base-tone particles would also enter the Photon Belt and Earth would shift fully into the HU-2, D-4 time cycle to begin another 26,556-year Harmonic Time cycle. 

DNA, the Morphogenetic Wave, the Halls of Amenti, and the Doreadeshi 

During the period of five years prior to and five years after the half-cycle point, the imprint of the fifth DNA strand is made available to all of the races, and the opportunity for ascension to Tara is made available to all who can fully activate that strand before the close of the dimensional time warp portal five years following the half-point. Ideally, the Sphere of Amenti race morphogenetic field and the Blue Flame Staff of Amenti, Earth’s portion of Tara’s morphogenetic field, will be placed within this time-warp portal in Earth’s D-2 core during the half-point in the second ascension cycle. During this 10-year period, the Halls of Amenti portal passages to Tara, and to other time fields of Earth in HU-1, become open to the masses. 

In order for the morphogenetic wave, mass ascension and evolutionary leap in time to occur, the Sphere of Amenti must be held and opened within the D-2 Earth core morphogenetic field, and the Blue Flame must be embodied within 8% of Earth’s populations. Individuals whose body, bio-energetic field and consciousness pulsate at the rate of fifth-dimensional frequency will experientially perceive either direct, bodily transmutation through a time portal passage from Earth to Tara, or a time travel transport to Tara via interdimensional spacecraft (arranged by guardian groups to assist those who cannot quite make it through the dimensional transmutation of the portals). They will end up on Tara in a space-time coordinate about 5,532.5 years in the future from Earth’s original space-time position. At the end of the five-year period following the crest of the morphogenetic wave, people who have not fully assembled the fifth DNA strand will find that the assembled portions of that strand begin to disassemble.

 When Earth returns to its time cycle in the particle universe, the energetic imprint of the fifth DNA strand will remain in their bio-energetic field, and will manifest within their anti-particle double on parallel Earth, but the fifth strand will no longer manifest into the person’s operational gene code. The Halls of Amenti will no longer be passable for such individuals until the fifth strand slowly assembles over the course of the next several incarnational cycles within HU-1. These individuals will be stuck in the HU-1 incarnational cycles until they can build the fifth strand or until the next morphogenetic wave period 2213 years later, whichever comes first. The Halls of Amenti will remain passable only to those who organically possessed the fifth DNA strand imprint. 

The 10-year period, starting five years before and ending five years after the half-cycle point, allows the races the opportunity for an evolutionary leap in time. This opportunity occurs only twice in a 26,556- year cycle, during the second ascension cycle. During this period many 117 Ascension Mechanics human souls, who cannot fully assemble the fifth strand while embodied, but have assembled the fourth strand, choose to drop their physical bodies, so they may rapidly assemble D-5 frequency into their morphogenetic field from D-4. Such individuals will ascend to Tara as soul essence from D-4, so they do not have to continue incarnational cycles in HU-l. 

There are frequently localized disaster events during these periods through which masses of people die and leave their bodies at one time. The events may appear tragic from an earthly perspective, but from the soul perspective participation in these events is planned in order to catch the morphogenetic wave and ascend. During the five-year period prior to the half-point in the cycle, when Earth and Tara shift into the fourth-dimensional frequency bands, the part of Earth’s particles that vibrate/pulsate at D-5 speed, begin to fully transmute and appear on Tara, within the time cycles of HU-2. The highest vibrating particles enter hyper-space and re-appear in the future. The portions of Earth’s particles that pulsate the slowest fall further in vibration at the release of the higher pulsating particles and drop into the Unified Field of the base-tone frequency patterns of D-1. 

The slowest vibrating particles break apart their form construction and re-appear as part of the Earth’s particle-base in the past, at a time period in the beginning of the present 26,556-year cycle. The particles pulsating at a middle range rate of speed enter the faster time cycle of D-4 for five years, then return to their original time cycle in HU-1 to complete the remaining 2213 years of the ascension cycle. The mid-range vibration particles appear within the present time continuum in the parallel anti-particle universe (which is the same time continuum as the D-4 cycle in the particle universe), then after five years return to their original present D3 HU-1 time continuum. What this process constitutes in terms of the human perspective, is the opening up of three tracks of time, or three time continua, during the 10-year period surrounding the half-point within the second ascension cycle. 

Human beings and their consciousness are made up of energy particles. As Earth undergoes this particle separation, transmutation and dimensional transfer, the energetic structures of human biology and consciousness also undergo this transformation via the makeup of their particle content. Humans possessing the slowest vibration rates would find their consciousness fragmenting into the distant past and their body form returning to the unified field of the first dimension. Not to worry, however, as the collective race consciousness now vibrates high enough, thanks to the efforts of visiting guardian races, so humans would not experience this evolutionary digression into D-1 in the event of a morphogenetic wave. 

Humans possessing mid-range vibration rates, which is presently the majority of the population, would normally find themselves within the present time continuum, where things look the same, but this continuum, in actuality, 118 DNA and the Halls of Amenti would be taking place within the D-3 time cycle of the parallel universe. The D-3 time cycle of parallel anti-particle Earth is, in reality, the same time cycle as the fourth dimension cycle in the particle universe. Thus humans possessing mid-range vibrational rates would find themselves on Earth entering the time cycle of the fourth dimension for a period of five years. Humans who have the highest vibration rates will enter hyper-space then re-appear on Earth within the next Harmonic Universe up, HU-2, which constitutes a position in time 5532.5 years in the future. 

Humans with the highest vibration rates will find themselves traveling through time, experientially either by portal passage or via spacecraft, to the future parallel Earth of HU-2. The future Earth and its parallel in HU-2 represent the planet Tara and its double, at a point in time 225 million years in the future from the time of Tara’s cataclysm. Normally, within five years following the half-point morphogenetic wave crest, the overtone particles of Earth will have entered the HU-2 time cycles. During the morphogenetic wave 2213 years in the future, at the natural close of the ascension cycle, the remaining base-tone particles of Earth would transmute in the same manner. Earth would shift completely out of HU-1 and fully enter the D-4 time cycle, the first 4,426-year cycle of the 26,556-year cycle in HU-2. This natural close of an ascension cycle is called the Doreadeshi. 

Earth’s natural shift from the HU-1 to the HU-2 time cycles would normally occur in two stages. The overtone particles of Earth shift in the morphogenetic wave at the half-cycle point, and the base-tone particles of Earth shift 2213 years later, in the second morphogenetic wave at the close of the cycle. At that point the full particle base of Earth would be stationed in HU-2, having evolved through dimensional ascension, out of HU-1. The particles composed of overtone frequencies undergo this transformation halfway through the ascension cycle, and the particles composed of base-tone frequencies follow suit, 2213 years later, at the end of the ascension cycle. The Sphere of Amenti, Halls of Amenti, the Blue Flame and Human Evolution The complex processes of particle mechanics, morphogenetic waves and time cycles that we have just outlined, represent the natural hidden dynamics of planetary dimensional ascension and the evolution of consciousness through time. 

An essential part of this process is the relationship between these multidimensional energy mechanics and the operation of the Sphere of Amenti. For the Halls of Amenti to open to the races during the 10-year time warp/dimensional blend period surrounding the half-cycle point, the Earth grid vibration must raise high enough to spark/open the Arc of the Covenant. The Sphere of Amenti must descend through the Arc into Earth’s D-2 core, and the Sphere must have its 12-year period of disbursing its frequencies through the Earth grid, before the grids of Earth and Tara begin to intersect five years prior to the half-point. The Blue Flame Staff of Amenti, Earth’s portion of Tara’s D-5 morphogenetic field, allows Earth’s grid to merge with Tara’s in D-4. 

If the Blue Flame is not embodied on Earth when the grids begin to intersect, the infusion of D-5 energy from Tara’s grid and the Holographic Beam cannot run through Earth’s grid during the crest of the morphogenetic wave. In such a case the Earth’s grid cannot link with Tara’s to receive the energy infusion, so Tara’s grid will link with whatever planetary core the Blue Flame is stored within. The fifth-dimensional energy infusion would then pass down from that planet, through the energy spiral of the Holographic Beam and remain within the overtone particles of Earth, unable to pass into Earth’s base-tone particles and grid. In this case Earth and the races would be trapped for another 26,556 years within HU-1, the mass assembly of the fifth DNA strand would not occur, and the majority of Earth’s people would have to reincarnate into HU-1 until the next morphogenetic wave. 

This is only the beginning of the problems that would occur if the Blue Flame were not embodied on Earth during the time of grid intersection. If the Earth grid could not link with Tara’s, the Earth grid speed would slow in vibration due to the excessive particle content that it could not release through the first morphogenetic wave. After 2,213 years had passed and the final morphogenetic wave of the cycle was due, the Earth grid vibration would be too low to hold the Sphere of Amenti and the Blue Flame, so the grids of Earth and Tara again would be unable to merge. At the close of the ascension cycle Earth’s excessive particle content and density would make its grid speed and particle pulsation rate slow to the speed of the D-l frequency bands. 

Earth would plunge from the sixth, and final, D-3 time continuum cycle in HU-1, back into the First D-1 time continuum cycle, of HU1. From this D-1 position, Earth would have to evolve through another 26,556-year Harmonic Time cycle in HU-1, before having another opportunity to ascend to HU-2. As you can perhaps now see, it is very important that the Sphere of Amenti is appropriately placed in Earth’s core, and the Blue Flame successfully embodies, during the half-point in the second ascension cycle. If this process does not occur, the Earth becomes trapped in HU-1 time. This digression and repetition of HU-1 time cycles has occurred seven times in the past of Earth’s evolution. Earth is presently within its eighth repetition of the 26,556-year Harmonic Time cycle in HU-1. Earth’s evolution has been stunted within the HU-1 time cycle for nearly 212,448 years. 

Though some progress was made in dimensional ascension at several different points in time, Earth and the human races repeatedly ended up returning to the start of the 26,556-year HU-l cycle. Since 840,000 years ago, when the guardian races from HU-2 and above created the Arc of the Covenant, they have watched, waited, nurtured, guided, assisted and prayed (yes, prayed!) for the time to come when the lost souls of Tara could return home from their long and troubled evolutionary journey on Earth. They did this because your race was loved. They have waited patiently for the distant time when Earth, and the 11 other missing fragments of Tara, could be returned into Tara’s energetic body, so Tara herself could ascend. Great wars have been fought and great catastrophes endured to secure your species’ right to evolve, and to uphold and protect the Covenant of Palaidor, through which the integrity of your species’ evolutionary blue print is ensured. Can you understand how important the next morphogenetic wave will be in relation to the evolution of Earth and the souls who continue to repeatedly incarnate there? The next morphogenetic wave in your present 26,556- year cycle is your potential ticket to freedom, after being imprisoned within the illusion of HU-1 matter for over 200,000 years. 

If you are unable to utilize that potential, you will sentence yourselves to yet another 26,556 years in the prison of your Earth school, if your planet could survive long enough to complete its next cycle. We are taking great pains to explain the dynamics of morphogenetic waves to you because you are presently within the second ascension cycle of your 26,566-year Harmonic Time Cycle. The ascension cycle began 2194 years ago in 196 BC. The half-point in your current time cycle is 2017 AD. You have 19 years before the first morphogenetic wave of this cycle completes its crest. Do you think you will be ready? If the Guardian races had not intervened, your planet would not have made it this far.

Voyagers II; 7 The Guardian Material; Countdown to Amenti

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