Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Voyagers II; 10 The Guardian Material; Opening the Halls of Amenti

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended had this been shared as WE asked, that your species would have avoided some of the pain and suffering it has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)


If you will recall from our discussions in earlier chapters, from 1972 forward the Guardians had quite a few things to accomplish before the Halls of Amenti could open between 2012—2017. The Earth’s grid speed had to be raised high enough by 10/1986 to spark open the first seal on the Arc of the Covenant, so the Sphere of Amenti would descend and be in position within Earth’s core no later than 1/1/1988.

Between 1/1/1988 and 6/30/1998 the Sphere of Amenti would transmit its D-1, D-2 and D-3 frequencies into Earth’s grid, so by 6/30/1998 Earth’s grid speed would rise high enough to spark the second seal on the Arc of the Covenant. Earth could then begin ascent into the pulsation rhythms of the D-4 time cycle. If all went well, on 1/1/2000 the Sphere of Amenti would begin transmitting D-4 frequency through Earth’s core and the fourth DNA strand imprint would soon become available to the populations who had a fully assembled third strand, into which the fourth strand could be plugged.

The Blue Flame of Amenti would begin its 12-year descent to Earth between 1/1/2000 and 5/5/2012. On 5/5/2012 Earth would begin its intersection with Tara’s grid, the Blue Flame would embody within the Keepers of the Blue Flame and the masses who had assembled the fourth DNA strand would rapidly assemble the fifth strand for ascension to Tara. The Halls of Amenti ascension portals would open on 5/5/2012 and close by 1/1/2022. Between 5/5/2017-6/30/2017, the Holographic Beam from D-8 would send a burst of D-7 through D-9 frequency into Earth’s grid. This D-7 - D-9 frequency infusion would finalize the separation of the Bridge Zone and Descending Earth time continua, then each version of Earth would move forward in its respective track of time.

The Guardians would have 10 years, between 2012—2022, to ascend as many people as possible through the Halls of Amenti to Tara in HU-2 and three days for ascension to Gaia in the HU-3 time cycles, in 2017. Along with these events, a series of monumental occurrences were also to take place, as Earth entered the final phases of its ascension cycle. From 1988 through 2017 the natural seals of Earth’s seven primary vortices/chakras would systematically open, as six Stellar Spirals progressively came into alignment with Earth’s Merkabah Fields.

On 1/1/2000 Earth’s energetic fields would strike an interdimensional Resonant Tone, beginning the cycle of Earth's Stellar Activations. The Guardians were to call a global gathering of Light Workers on this day, for a celebration of the Day Of Transcendence, to assist Earth in holding the interdimensional Resonant Tone so planetary ascension into the D-4 time cycle could begin. Earth would then experience six Stellar Activations and six Stellar Wave Infusions between 5/5/2000 and 2017, through which the particle conversion process of the morphogenetic wave would take place. Between 1992-5/5/ 2012, six silent avatars would birth on Earth, to purge genetic mutations and realign the imprints of DNA strands 2-7 with the 12-strand DNA imprint within the Sphere of Amenti race morphogenetic field.

Between 1999 and 2017, 150,000 lndigo Children would birth on Earth through parents with Palaidorian Birthing Contract soul agreements, to carry the activated sixth DNA strand imprint. Keepers of the Blue Flame and Keepers of the Violet Flame would receive their “wake up call” and progressively undergo six Star Crystal Stellar Activations and Wave Infusions, activating DNA strands 5-9, between 6/1996 and 2017. Following their six Stellar Activations, the Keepers of Tara's Blue Flame morphogenetic field would embody the Blue Flame on 5/5/2012, and begin initiating Stellar Activations in others who hoped to ascend through the Halls of Amenti to Tara or Gaia.

The Keepers of Gaia’s Violet Flame morphogenetic field would embody the Violet Flame on 1/1/2017 and begin ascending people to Gaia during a 3-day period in 2017. The seven planetary dimensional Merkabah Fields between Earth in HU-1, Tara in HU-2 and Gaia in HU-3 would progressively open to each other as Earth, Tara and Gaia aligned with the Holographic Beam for three days in 2017. This would permit full ascension through the Halls of Amenti and the Blue and Violet Flames, into the Meta-galactic Core at D-8, for those who had fully assembled the sixth DNA strand. On 9/17/2001, the Hall of Records in Giza, Egypt, would begin opening. On 5/5/2012, the Flame Holders would activate the Hall of Records, and on 12/21/2012 the Hall of Records would begin transmitting data through Earth’s grid, making interdimensional memory available to Earth's populations.

Throughout this multi-faceted sequence of events, the grids of Earth, Tara and Gaia had to be kept in balance and various segments of the population had to be guided to their appropriate ascension paths, while Guardians continued to monitor, side step and undo manipulation tactics of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance and D-4 Anunnaki instigators. After 2022, the evolutionary path for Earth’s populations would be set, the two versions of Earth would progress forward in their respective time cycles, and the three divisions of Earth’s populations would embark upon their chosen paths of future evolution. Before all of the above events could occur the Guardians had to re-align the solar Merkabah Fields so the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence could come down.

Once this occurred, the artificial D-4 “Christ Consciousness” grid could resume transmitting D-4 frequency into Earth core to progressively accelerate grid speed and realign the fourth Vortex/Giza pyramid with the Alcyone spiral, so the Holographic Beam could intersect with Earth at the proper angle in 2017. At times, we of the Guardian Alliance shake our heads and chuckle when we hear humans lament that “the Guardians must not be real, or if they are real, they are uncaring, because they are not doing anything to help us with the Intruder problem.” Perhaps now you can understand what we have been doing to help you behind the scenes, and that this workload does not allow an excessive amount of resources to be placed upon concerns of social protocol. We will now provide an overview of the status of your ascension schedule.

The Opening of Amenti — Schedule of Events
What has transpired between 10/1986 and 6/1998?

1. October 1986: The Arc Of The Covenant First Seal Opened. The Sphere Of Amenti Began Descent To Earth. The 9540 BC Quarantine Frequency Fence Began To Lift. The Earth’s grid speed raised high enough to spark open the first seal on the Arc of the Covenant and the Sphere of Amenti began its 14-month descent into the Earth's D-2 core. With the release of the first Arc of the Covenant Seal, the Quarantine Frequency Fence from 9540 BC began to disengage. Some of the third DNA strand mutations caused by this Seal began to heal, allowing the veil between the ego and the higher self identity aspects to begin dissolving. 

2. August 16, 1987: The Harmonic Convergence. Permission For Guardian Intervention On Earth Was Granted. Bridge Zone Project Was Set In Motion. Guardians Began Keying Earth’s Vortices. In 1987, in response to the event of the Harmonic Convergence on 8/16/1987, the Sirian Council persuaded the Galactic Federation and other HU-2 and HU-3 groups to allow the ascension program to be activated for the human populations. Permission was given for the Guardians to intervene and set the Bridge Zone Project plan from 1984 in motion. Guardian groups began keying Earth’s vortices with UHF seals to block Intruder forces from using the vortex portals. Guardian and Intruder forces began vying for control over Earth’s vortices. 

3. January 1988: Sphere Of Amenti Returned To Earth’s Core And The 12-year Amenti Activation Cycle Began. Earth’s First Vortex Seal-Ari- zona, USA-opened. Amentis' D-1 Frequencies Began Transmitting Through Earth’s Grid. The Sphere of Amenti returned to Earth’s D-2 core from the UHF bands of D-3, for the first time in about 3,500 years, and began transmitting its D-1 frequencies into Earth’s grid. This began the 12-year activation process of the Sphere of Amenti, through which the Sphere progressively opens its D-1, D-2 and D-3 frequencies into Earth's core D-2 morphogenetic field.

This will raise the pulsation rhythm of Earth’s particle base and the frequency of Earth's grid, in preparation for Earth’s first Stellar Activation on 5/5/2000. As the Sphere of Amenti began transmitting its D-1 frequencies through Earth’s grid, the natural seal on Earth’s first primary vortex opened and the vortex began its 4-year activation cycle. Earth's first primary vortex/chakra is located in the region of the Painted Desert in the state of Arizona, USA. (The Sedona, AZ, vortices are connected to this primary vortex and they began multidimensional activation at this time.) 

4. September 1989: Guardians Repair Solar Fields. Guardian Transmissions of D-4 Frequency to Increase Earth's Grid Speed Begin. The Sirian Council and other Guardian groups completed the realignment of the solar Merkabah Fields, which began the realignment of Earth's D-1 and D-2 Merkabah Fields, that had been misaligned by the Zetas following the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. This allowed D-4 frequency transmissions from the Guardian’s artificial “Christ Consciousness” grid to resume infusion into Earth’s core, to raise Earth’s core frequencies. This also allowed for the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence to come down, once the Earth’s grid re-balanced. 

5. January 11, 1992: The 11:11—Promise Of Ascension—Granted as Guardians Transmitted The 11 D-4 Magnetic Base Codes That Would Allow 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence to Later Release. On 1/11/1992 the Guardians began to transmit the 11 D-4 magnetic base tones that had been removed from Earth's morphogenetic field in 1972, to create the protective 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence, which stopped the Red Pulse/Wave of Solar Flame from moving through Earth and neighboring planets. Transmission of these magnetic codes marked the beginning of the 11:11/ 12:12 Frequency Fence disengagement. The Fence had blocked the third and fourth DNA strands from plugging into each other, which caused a block between the D-3 personality and higher self and the astral identity. The Fence would also block the Sphere of Amenti from transmitting D-4 frequency into Earth’s grid in 2000. 

The Halls of Amenti could not open while the Fence was in place. With the return of the D-4 magnetic base tones to the Earth’s morphogenetic field, the opening of Amenti would continue on schedule, the third and fourth DNA strands began to align and astral awareness became more accessible to the 3-dimensionally consciousness human identity. The date of 1/11/1992 became known as the 11:11 in New Age circles, representing the celebration of the promise of ascension, which was granted on that date, through Earth receiving the 11 D-4 magnetic base codes that would allow the Frequency Fence to disassemble. 

6. June 6, 1992: Earth’s Second Vortex Seal—Jerusalem, Israel— opened; Amentis' D-2 Frequencies Began Transmitting Through Earth’s Grid. The Sphere of Amenti completed opening its D-1 frequencies into Earth’s morphogenetic field, Earth’s first primary vortex in the Arizona Painted Desert completely opened and activated and the seal on Earth’s second primary vortex began to open and activate. Earth’s second primary vortex/chakra is located in Jerusalem, Israel. The Sphere of Amenti began transmitting its D-2 frequencies through Earth's grid. 

7. July 26, 1992: Avatar # 1—Seventh-level Avatar—Is Born And Aligns DNA Strand 2 Imprint With 12-strand Pattern; Corrected Strand 2 Imprint Begins Transmitting Through Earth’s Grid. The first of six Silent Avatars was born. This avatar is a D-7 soul essence from HU-3, a seventh-level avatar, with 7-dimensional frequency bands activated in his genetic code. This individual was born with DNA strand 7 fully activated. As his soul essence passed through the Sphere of Amenti the imprint for DNA strand 2 was realigned with the 12-strand DNA pattern and the imprint for the aligned DNA strand 2 began transmitting through Earth's grid and into the bio-energetic fields of Earth’s population. 

8. December 12, 1994: The 12:12- Independence Day- Human Graduation. Changing Of The Guard Of Amenti. The 11:11/12: 12 Frequency Fence Releases. Earth Guardianship Is Turned Over To Humanity. The Ascension Schedule Moves Forth. The 11 D-4 magnetic base tone codes and electrical overtone codes of the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence completed re-entry into the Earth’s D-2 morphogenetic field and the 11:11/ 12:12 Frequency Fence was fully dismantled. The 12th base tone and 12th overtone frequencies of D-4 were reconnected to the 11 D-4 base tones and overtones within Earth’s morphogenetic field and the Sphere of Amenti. Human DNA could now continue to assemble through the fourth and fifth strand. 

The remaining stages of opening the Halls of Amenti were no longer under full Guardian control, the responsibility for humanity's evolutionary destiny was now in human hands. The success of the opening of the Halls of Amenti and the Bridge Zone Project, which were previously controlled by the Guardians’ 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence, would now be determined by the rate at which human conscious- ness and DNA evolved to higher accretion levels. The Sphere of Amenti race morphogenetic field, which had been created 550,000,000 years ago by the Palaidorians of Tara would now be placed under Earth human guardianship. 

The Ur-Tarranate Palaidorian souls from HU-2, who had merged their consciousness to form the Sphere of Amenti, began to leave Earth and the Sphere of Amenti, to return to their HU-2 Taran reality fields. For 550,000,000 years, the energetic substance of the Ur-Tarranate souls and their consciousness had provided the medium through which the lost soul fragments of Tara could evolve from HU-1, by merging their consciousness with that of the Ur-Tarranates within the Sphere of Amenti, through evolution of the DNA. 

The Ur-Tarranates had served as a Host Matrix Family for the entire Earthly human lineage. The Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field “rescue mission” for the lost soul fragments of Tara represents a Host Matrix Transplant, through which the entire Earthly human lineage has evolved. When the fall from Tara occurred, the lost souls of Tara were cut off from their soul matrices and the Turaneusiam-1 race morphogenetic field. The Ur-Tarranates of Amenti served as an adoptive soul matrix through which the lost souls could re-evolve, until they had re-built their connection to their Taran soul matrices through assembly of the fourth and fifth DNA strand. Through the accelerated evolution opportunity offered by Earth’s present ascension cycle, fourth and fifth DNA strand assembly would allow many humans the chance to re-connect with their personal soul matrices from HU-2.

 The services of the Ur-Tarranates would no longer be needed, as the humans who made their soul matrix connection would become carriers of the human evolutionary blueprint. The return of the race morphogenetic field to the human species could not occur while the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence remained in place and DNA strands four and five were blocked from assembly. When the Frequency Fence dismantled on 12/12/1994, fourth and fifth strand assembly once again became available to humanity. The event of Amentis' transfer to human guardianship can be viewed as a “Changing of the Guard”. With the termination of the Frequency Fence, between 1/11/1992 and 12/ 12/1994, the Host Matrix Family Ur-Tarranate souls began leaving Earth, as progressively more humans re-connected to their HU-2 soul matrices. 

The Ur-Tarranates involved in the Amenti project had been Earth-bound for 550,000,000 years and could not ascend from HU-1 until this “Changing of the Guard” took place. As of 12/12/1994 the ancient Ur-Tarranate souls from Tara could at last disengage themselves from the Sphere of Amenti and continue on their own evolutionary journey through the higher Harmonic Universes. This date of 12/12/1994 became known as the 12:12 and represents humanity’s true Independence Day, when the fate of human destiny was turned over from the custodial care of the ancient Ur-Tarranate race and placed into the hands of an evolving humanity. The 12:12 stands for humanity's graduation from its adolescent evolution into the adult role of becoming a planetary Guardian species. 

9. 1995: Guardians Initiate Portal Project To Secure Earth's Vortices From Intruder Infiltration By 2012. The Sirian Council became aware of Anunnaki Resistance plans to instigate Earth changes through D-4 interference. The Pleiadian Star League and members of the Andromeda Council agreed to assist the Sirian Council in more aggressive efforts of frequency-keying, monitoring and protecting Earth’s vortex/portal system from Anunnaki Resistance and Dracos-Zeta Resistance manipulation. They began the collaborative Portal Project. Guardian and Intruder forces have been secretly vying for portal control ever since. 

Presently the Andromies have most of Earth’s portals under protection, though Intruder forces continue to attempt to overtake the primary second portal vortex in Jerusalem and the smaller, secondary portals in Manhattan, Florida, Sedona, Arizona, Hawaii, Tibet, China and in other areas of the globe. Guardians must secure all seven primary vortex points by 2012 for the Bridge Zone Project and the opening of the Halls of Amenti to unfold smoothly, without causing grid instability and Earth changes. Humanity can help the Guardians in this portal protection endeavor by using focused group meditation to project high frequency D-4 - D-8 frequency into these locations and into the Earths grid in general, using “sun” visualizations. 

10. June 1996: Earth’s Third Vortex—Himalayan Mountains—Opened. Amenti Began Transmitting D-3 Frequencies Through Earth’s Grid. Keepers Of The Blue And Violet Flames Begin First Stellar Activation, The Solar-Heart Star Activation. The Sphere of Amenti completed opening its D-2 frequencies into Earth’s morphogenetic field, Earth’s second primary vortex in Jerusalem, Israel completely opened and activated and the seal on the third primary vortex/chakra began to open and activate. The third vortex is located in the Himalayan Mountains of South Central Asia. The Sphere of Amenti began transmitting its D-3 frequencies into Earth’s grid. The Keepers of the Blue and Violet Flames and their Flame Holders began the D-4 Solar-Heart Star Activation, initiating the assembly and activation of their fourth DNA strand. 

11. June 24, 1996: Avatar 2—Eighth-level Avatar—Was Born And Aligned DNA Strand 3 Imprint With 12-strand Pattern. Corrected Strand 3 Imprint Begins Transmitting Through Earth’s Grid. The sec- ond of six Silent Avatars was born. This avatar is a D-8 soul essence from HU-3, an eighth-level avatar, with 8-dimensional frequency bands activated in his genetic code. This individual was born with the eighth DNA strand fully activated. As his soul essence passed through the Sphere of Amenti, the imprint for DNA strand 3 was realigned with the 12-strand DNA pattern and the corrected third strand imprint began transmitting through Earth’s grid. By 1996 there was great concern among Guardian races, as to whether Earth’s grid speed would be raised high enough by 6/30/1998 to spark the second seal on the Arc of the Covenant.

 If the second seal did not open by this date, Earth could not begin its ascent into pulsation rhythms of the D-4 time cycle for merger with Tara. If Earth’s grid speed was not high enough to spark open the second Seal on the Arc of the Covenant by June 30, 1998, the Bridge Zone Project would not succeed. The Halls of Amenti would not open. The Earth would be unable to shift into the D-4 time cycle by 1/2012 and the Dracos-Zeta Resistance would have a much better chance of creating the 2003 experiment and 2004 Frequency Fence. If Earth was unable to begin shift into a D-4 particle pulsation rhythm by 5/5/2000, sporadic Earth changes would erupt between 2012-2017, as the grids of Earth and Tara attempted to merge, and the opportunity for ascension would be lost. 

Guardians were permitted by the HU-2 and HU-3 councils to continue their transmissions of D-4 frequency into Earth’s grid, but they were not permitted to directly intervene in Earth’s affairs by landing and directing the actions of humans to desired ends. Humans had been given guardianship of Earth on 12/12/1994. Visiting Guardians were allowed to assist, but not to alter the choices humanity would make for itself. The Dracos-Zeta Resistance continued to influence human decision making through covert infiltrates, and motivated an acceleration of new technology testing among various groups of global military organizations. 

Top Secret military experiments using scalar wave technology, satellite manipulation of inter-stellar radio waves and certain types of nuclear testing from 1988 through the present, progressively created new imbalances in Earth’s bio-fields and grid, which hampered the Guardians’ efforts to raise grid speed. It was feared that by 6/30/1998 the grid speed would not be high enough to spark the second seal on the Arc of the Covenant. Guardian groups from all over the galaxy, and from HU-2 and HU-3 watched, waited and prayed that humanity would be able to counterbalance the activities of their governments by raising personal consciousness and accretion levels enough to allow Earth’s grid speed to sufficiently increase. 

In 12/1997 the Anunnaki Resistance began subliminally manipulating populations through the primary vortex in Jerusalem, the secondary vortex in Manhattan and several other secondary vortices whose security seals they were able to decode and release. Following this new development, the odds of the second seal on the Arc of the Covenant sparking open by 6/30/ 1998 were about two million to one against the event occurring. Prospects for the Bridge Zone Project and opening the Halls of Amenti were bleak as 1998 dawned under the influence of covert ET manipulation 


In the beginning of this transmission we mentioned that we had an announcement to make, and we will make that announcement now. In February 1998 the Elohim from HU-3 knew the second seal of the Arc of the Covenant would not be sparked open in time for the 6/30/1998 deadline. They broke their own protocol. Having a change of heart toward helping the entire human species, rather than only their preferred genetic strains, the Elohim intervened. The original ascension plan called for the birth of six avatar souls from HU-3 and HU-4, between 1992 and 2012. These individuals were needed to hold higher-dimensional frequency as Earth progressively integrated the frequencies from the Sphere of Amenti and to correct any misalignments in the morphogenetic imprints of DNA strands 2-7, within the Sphere of Amenti. 

The avatars were to be born about four years apart, in various, undisclosed locations on the globe, beginning in 1992. Avatar 1 was born on 7/26/1992 and Avatar 2 on 6/24/1996. Avatar 3 was not due to birth until the year 2000. Knowing the ascension plan had reached a standstill early in 1998, the Elohim orchestrated the early birthing of the third avatar, the ninth-level avatar. With the birth of the third avatar, Earth’s morphogenetic field would receive a sudden burst of UHF energy as the avatar soul passed through the Sphere of Amenti, Earth’s core and into fetal integration, moments before physical birth.¹ 

1. Most avatar souls do not enter the fetal body anywhere near conception, as the vibrational rate of their consciousness would literally blow the physical tissue apart, cause miscarriage of the pregnancy and damage to the mother’s bio-energetic system. They usually hover about and over shadow the pregnancy, then enter the infant’s body just before it passes through the birth canal. Avatar pregnancies rarely exceed a seven-month gestation period, as avatar-selected fetal bodies have a larger genetic package, tend to develop more rapidly and begin to drain the life force energy of the mother-host after the seventh month of gestation. Most are born as premature infants with soul integration taking place during or just after the birth process.)

 The Guardian Alliance would like to announce the following: On June 26, 1998, at 3:46 PM, the third Avatar child was born, and the second seal on the Arc of the Covenant sparked open, beginning Earth's 2-year preparation for passage into the particle pulsation rhythms of the D-4 time cycle. The child was born at home to a couple residing in a village of a Third World country. He was in actuality a five5-month gestation infant, but is believed to be only two-months premature. He is faring well and will survive to fulfill his purpose of holding higher-dimensional frequency as the Sphere of Amenti continues to open. The name, religious affiliation and location of this child (and the other five avatars) are unimportant.

 His identity will not be publicly disclosed, nor will the identities of the other five ascension avatars reach public notice during the ascension period. Four of the Six Silent Avatars will disclose their identities sometime after they have turned 33 years of age and their service missions come into mass awareness. Anyone publicly claiming to be one of the six Silent Avatars before 2025 AD (when avatar one turns 33) is either misguided, being manipulated by Intruder forces or is purposely trying to distort the truth. 

There are a number of other legitimate avatars present on Earth at this time. Some of them are publicly known, but these are not of the six Silent Ascension Avatars, whose purpose is to realign the human DNA imprint and ensure Earth’s grid stability by holding higher-dimensional frequency in their bio-energetic fields as the Sphere of Amenti opens into Earths morphogenetic field. Our announcement is thus a birth announcement, but also the confirmation of Earth's passage into the D-4 time cycle in preparation for entering the Bridge Zone, the opening of the Halls of Amenti and the opportunity for ascension. 

The second seal on the Arc of the Covenant has been sparked and Earth will now begin preparation for the descent of the Blue Flame of Amenti and the opening of the Halls of Amenti portals, which are scheduled for May 5, 2012. Your preparation for ascension is now back on schedule.


The Indigo Children, Palaidorian Birthing Contracts, Contract Bonds, and the Incubation Rite. Along with the birth of the Six Silent Ascension Avatars between 1992- 2012, the Palaidorians and Priests of Ur from HU-2, working with the Elohim and other Guardian races from HU-3 and HU-4, organized the Palaidorian Birthing Contract soul agreement program. To ensure the success of the Bridge Zone project, and thus the ascension program, a minimum of 144,000 individuals on Earth would have to completely assemble and activate the sixth DNA strand and rapidly begin assembly and activation of the seventh and eighth DNA strands. The only members of the human population on Earth that organically possessed the sixth DNA strand imprint are the groups who have undergone genetic acceleration through earlier Zionite intervention—those who carry the Celestial 12-strand Silicate Matrix gene code.

 The Keepers of the Blue, Violet and Orange-Gold Flames also possess this genetic configuration. The Sixth Root Race Muvarians and their Melchizedek Cloister race are born with the fourth DNA strand assembled and the imprint for the fifth strand dormant. The Muvarians have not yet begun their birthing cycle on Earth. The Melchizedek Cloister race must fully assemble the fifth DNA strand before it can activate the imprints for strands 6 and above. Members of all of these races must fully assemble and activate the lower strands, then assemble and activate the sixth strand by completing at least three Stellar-Star Crystal Activations, before Earth can receive the needed concentration of D-6 frequency these activated sixth strand individuals would provide. 

There is little time left before the 2012—2017 ascension period begins for a minimum of 144,000 individuals to awaken to their soul purposes and consciously complete these Stellar activations to activate their sixth DNA strand. Being aware of the shortage of time available to achieve the needed sixth strand activations, the Palaidorians created an early birthing program for members of the seventh Root Race Euanjhechi and their Cloister Race Yunaseti. The Euanjhechi and Yunaseti, often referred to collectively as the Paradisians, possess a fully activated fifth DNA strand at birth and the ability to rapidly assemble and activate the sixth DNA strand imprint, which they organically carry. The Paradisians are D-6 soul essences and become fully embodied souls when their sixth strand completes activation, usually by 12 years of age. 

Through soul agreements with members of the Sixth Race Melchizedek Cloister and others carrying the Celestial Silicate Matrix gene code, 150,000 couples were chosen to serve as birthing parents for the incoming Paradisian race soul essences. These are the only groups of humans possessing a large enough gene code to create fetal bodies strong enough to hold the Paradisian soul essence. Through these Palaidorian soul agreements, which are orchestrated by the Priests of Ur from Agartha and Tara, selected Earth couples are subconsciously guided together by their personal soul-level identities, to fulfill the Palaidorian Birthing Contract. 

Through astral contact and/or Guardian ET soul-agreement abductions, the parent couples undergo manipulation of their bio-energetic fields and DNA, to allow for a strong, energetic soul bond to be created between the parents. This electromagnetic bond allows the soul matrices of the individuals in the couple to merge, forming an UHF bio-energetic field through which an advanced fetal pattern, with a genetic code larger than that of either of the parents, can be conceived. Once this bond, referred to as a 195 Opening the Halls of Amenti Bonding Contract or Contract Bond, takes place, the bio-energetic fields and life paths of the parents are blended together, following which time the couples will be led together through various circumstances that occur in their earthly lives. 

Some of the parent couples will be consciously aware of these Contract Bonds and Birthing Contracts, others will be consciously unaware and “just so happen to fall in love with each other” and bear their Paradisian child. The Palaidorian Birthing Contracts and Contract Bonds are high-level soul agreements entered into by the parents’ over-soul level identities, in cooperation with the over-soul identity of the child they will birth. In fulfilling these contracts the individual parents receive acceleration of their genetic blueprint, which allows them further advancement in their evolutionary ascension process. The over-soul identity enters the Palaidorian contract in order to allow its incarnate the opportunity for advancement. 

These contracts in no way violate the rights of the incarnate and they are intended by the over-soul to guide the incarnate to its highest life experience. The births of the Six Silent Ascension Avatars and those of the I50,000 Paradisian souls are orchestrated through Palaidorian Birthing Contracts and Contract Bonds. The Paradisian souls will enter incarnation on Earth from the D-6 frequency bands of Tara through the D-6 Sirian Stellar Spiral. The sixth-dimensional frequencies correspond to the Indigo wave pattern of the interdimensional Light Spectrum, thus the Paradisian children have been nicknamed the “Indigo Children” or “Sirian Blue Babies”. 

The coming birth of the Indigo Children has been foretold within various Earth human groups that are working with other Guardian ET and metaterrestrial contacts. Some of this information has been published in channeled writings. The birth schedule of the Indigo Children will proceed as follows: the first wave of 144,500 Indigo Children will birth between 1999-2004. They will complete activation of the sixth DNA strand at the age of 12, between 2011-2016. Children of the first birth wave will serve as Place Holders, their sixth DNA strand activation serving to ensure the balance and grounding of D-6 frequency on Earth during the 2012-2017 ascension period. 

The second birth wave of 5,500 Indigo Children will birth between 2005-2017, to reach maturity at age 12 between 2017-2029. The children of the second birth wave will assist Bridge Zone Earth to balance frequency following the 2017 particle conversion process. They will also serve as Place Holders, grounding D-6 frequency into the Sphere of Amenti race morphogenetic field. The finalization of the Palaidorian Birthing Contracts and Contract Bonds between the parent couples of the Indigo Children took place on August 30, 1998. Prior to this date, contracts were transferable between various eligible individuals, giving chosen soul identities the opportunity to exit or renegotiate the terms of their Palaidorian Contracts. 

As of 8/30/1998, parent couples were bound to their Palaidorian Birthing Contracts and Contract Bonds, as the necessary bio-energetic field and DNA adjustments that would fulfill the Contract Bond were given to the parent couples through astral body mechanics, referred to as the Incubation Rite. During the 3-day Incubation Rite, couples agreeing to uphold their contracts were taken to Agartha-Inner Earth by the Priests of Ur, via their astral bodies. The Priests of Ur then initiated the bio-energetic field mechanics through which the DNA, bio-energetic fields and soul matrices of the two individuals in a couple are fused together, by infusions of energy from their respective over-souls. 

Through these rites, the Contract Bond and Birthing Contract are programmed into the individual’s active DNA program, creating a twin DNA code alignment between the couple. This rite begins the Incubation Period for each individual, through which the life patterns and soul directive of each person is aligned with the contract and all events, karmic patterns and circumstances that are not part of the contract are purged from the life drama manifestation pattern. From this point forward, the couple’s lives will unfold according to the soul identity’s intentions, offering the incarnates protection from various karmic dramas and ego-based choices that normally would have manifested. The Incubation Rite marks the suspension of the karmic imprint for the individual and the accelerated integration of the soul and ego identity. 

The couples of Palaidorian Birthing Contracts will begin rapid DNA activation acceleration in preparation for their child’s birth, and will receive “across the board" protection from the Palaidorians and HU-3 Guardians, to ensure the success of their contracts. Though the families of the Palaidorian Contracts may appear no different than any other Earthly family, they are fully guided and protected from the higher Harmonic Universes. Due to their agreement to participate in this service to human evolution, these couples are granted direct intervention and support from the D-6 “Angelic King oms,” Guardians from HU-2 through HU-5 and the Entity gestalts from Meta-Galactic Core. This “divine intervention” will create an almost “magical” ease in Earthly endeavors that are part of the Palaidorian Contract and the individuals will also experience greater difficulty in successfully orchestrating Earthly affairs that are not part of the contracts to which their souls have agreed. All incarnates fulfilling their Palaidorian Birthing Contracts will be freed from the HU-1 reincarnational cycles of birth and death, following their present incarnation. 

Through the births of the Six Silent Avatars and the Indigo Children, Earth’s transition to the Bridge Zone and humanity’s opportunity for ascension will unfold as planned. 12. June 26, 1998: Avatar 3—Ninth-level Avatar—Was Born Two Years Early. The Second Seal On Arc Of The Covenant Opened. Avatar 3 Aligned DNA Strand 4 With 12-strand Pattern. Corrected Strand 4 197 Opening the Halls of Amenti Imprint Will Allow Reverse-mutations Of Strand 4 Distortions; And Release Of Palaidor, Amenti, And Zeta Seals From DNA On 5/5/2000. 

The third of six Silent Avatars was born two years early via Elohim intervention; originally birth was scheduled for 5/5/2000. This avatar is a D-9 soul essence from HU-3, a ninth-level avatar, with 9-dimensional frequency bands activated in his genetic code. This individual was born with DNA strand 9 fully activated. As his soul essence passed through the Sphere of Amenti, the imprint for DNA strand 4 was realigned with the 12-strand pattern. The Seals of Palaidor, Amenti and Zeta all begin to release with the assembly of the aligned fourth DNA strand. 

The birth of Avatar 3 reset the aligned fourth strand pattern into the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field, releasing the imprint of the Palaidorian, Amenti and Zeta Seals from human DNA. The D-4 frequencies from Amenti will not begin transmitting through Earth’s grid until 1/2000 and the corrected pattern for the fourth DNA strand will begin transmitting through Earth’s grid on 5/5/2000. 

What transpires next?

VII; 11 The Guardian Material; Things to Come; ASCENSION SCHEDULE

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