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Voyagers II; 21 The Guardian Material; Conclusion— Earth Changes Potential

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended had this been shared as WE asked, that your species would have avoided some of the pain and suffering it has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)


It is important to realize that the “Seven Seals and Four Horsemen” story of Jehovian Biblical Revelations is a colorfully encoded depiction of tangible events of science, technology, the mechanics of planetary physics and the intentions of the Fallen Angelic visitors, as these elements would emerge within the 2000-2017 Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC). Presently the hidden realities of the natural 12 Planetary Star Crystal Seals and unnatural Seven Jehovian Seals have a tremendous bearing upon what humanity will experience between now and 2008. The 12 natural Star Crystal Seals in Earth’s Planetary Shields sequentially and automatically release or “open” in response to the progressive Stellar Wave Infusions (frequency infusions) generated by the opening of Earth’s 12 Primary Star Gates. Release of the natural Seals alone can cause cataclysmic Earth Changes during a SAC, if the Planetary Shields are not functioning properly. 

Due to the effects of the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid (NDC-Grid) technology that has created progressive distortion within Earth’s Planetary Shields since 25,500 BC, Earth’s core scalar-wave template has suffered extensive damage. Emerald Covenant Guardian Nations were faced with a huge challenge in keeping Earth’s Planetary Shields stabilized during the 2000-2017 SAC, even before the damage to Earth’s grids was profoundly increased through the progression of Fallen Angelic/Illuminati One World Order (OWO) agendas since 1930. Various Emerald Covenant nations would have liked to have initiated direct, physical, public contact with the inhabitants of Earth by 1930, so that this pending planetary crisis could have been handled cooperatively and directly from surface Earth locations. If it were not for the fact that Human and Illuminati governments chose to honor the 1930s Zeta Treaties rather than to accept the Guardians’ offer of Emerald Covenant entry, first contact with Guardian nations and direct repair of Earth’s Planetary Shields would have already taken place. 

As circumstances have dictated since 1930, and even since 9558 BC, Emerald Covenant nations could not directly intervene via mass physical contact. If Guardians had attempted mass physical contact, various Fallen Angelic legions would have immediately brought this covert intergalactic/ interdimensional war “out into the open,” and human civilizations would have been decimated by overt Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET warfare waged on Earth’s territories. If the Illuminati and Human races within the Interior World Government had chosen Emerald Covenant rather than Zeta Treaties in the 1930s, Guardian races could have worked with them to peacefully seal Earth’s Star Gate and portal system—the Falcon Wormhole (see page 367)—and to disengage the NDC-Grid. 

This would have prevented further Fallen Angelic infiltration and Earth’s Planetary Shields could have been sufficiently repaired in time for the 2000-2017 SAC. Covert World Management Team cooperation with the Guardians’ world-freedom agenda in the l930s would have permitted members of the Sirius-B Maharaji races to be “smuggled” in to Earth territories without engaging the suspicions and retaliation of Fallen Angelic legions. Earth’s Templar would have been reclaimed from Fallen Angelic control and Humanity would have been restored to its rightful place as Guardians of Earth’s Templar. “Would’a-Could’a-Should’a” Hindsight is the greatest foresight. Unfortunately, Illuminati and Human members of the covert Interior Government did not accept the 1930 opportunity for a peaceful resolution and, equally as unfortunate, the Anunnaki races chose to join the United Intruder Resistance (UIR) OWO dominion campaign on September 12, 2000.

 And here we all sit in 2001 as the long-anticipated Final Conflict drama begins the emergence into physical manifestation. The greatest danger to Earth populations at this time is posed by the ''Seven Jehovian Seals'' and the fact that the natural 12-Star Crystal Seals in Earth’s Planetary Shields have now begun to open into severely damaged Planetary Shields. The damage to Earth’s grids has already reached crisis proportions, and the UIR intends to amplify this condition beyond repair by 2003. Even in SACs that proceed smoothly, each time a natural Planetary Star Crystal Seal activates, the frequencies it releases into Earth’s Planetary Shields progressively exerts nucleic stress within the molecules of Earth’s tectonic plates. In areas of the planet where Planetary Shield distortions exist, the molecular structure of Earth’s plates experiences weakened resistance and less flexibility from this nucleic stress. 

The climatic/weather patterns in such areas become less stable, and the tectonic plates become vulnerable to seismic activity. Each of the natural 12 Planetary Seals releases a progressively higherdimensional frequency spectrum into Earth’s Shields, thus exerting a progressively increasing amount of nucleic stress within Earth’s tectonic plates, which is difficult enough to contend with in areas of Planetary Shields distortions without adding the unnatural “Seven Jehovian Seals” to the mess, which spells ''pending crisis''—a crisis the Emerald Covenant nations are presently trying desperately to avoid via remote frequency transmission into Earth’s Planetary Shields. Without assistance from Human and Indigo Children in “anchoring” these frequencies into Earth’s Shields via Rainbow Roundtables (RRTs) and Masters Planetary Merkaba Mechanics, Guardian efforts to prevent this crisis would fail. 

427 Conclusion— Earth Changes Potential The unnatural Seven Jehovian Seals are a despicable atrocity of technological ''achievement.'' Since 10,500 BC, the implanted crystalline rods of the Jehovian Seals have lain dormant in Earth’s crust and mantle like hidden “missiles,” designed to progressively rip Earth’s Planetary Shields apart as Earth’s 12 natural Seals proceed through their opening cycle during the 2000-2017 SAC. Each Jehovian Seal “opens” and begins activating its frequencies in Earth's Templar when its corresponding Organic Seal enters its activation cycle in response to Earth’s particle pulsation (vibration/ oscillation) rhythm. 

The chaotically arranged, unnatural frequencies of the Jehovian Seal (the “rider” or “Horseman”) bond to the natural frequencies transmitted by the Organic Star Crystal Seal (the “Horse”). The “rider” frequency silently moves with the natural frequency current into the Axiatonal and Ley Line (ALL) system corresponding to the Organic Seal, progressively reversing the natural Angular-Rotation-of Particle-Spin (ARPS, the particle spin axis) within the frequencies of electromagnetic energy moving through the ALLs. As the currents of frequency moving through the ALL system progressively reverse to the unnatural ARPS of the Phantom Matrix, the corresponding portions of Earth’s Planetary Shields are drawn into electromagnetic bonding with the D-7 Phantom Arcturus Planetary Shields. 

The first three Jehovian Seals reverse the ARPS on the three ALL networks to which they correspond. The related areas of Earth's Planetary Shields do not begin ripping apart to bond with the Phantom Matrix until the opening of the Fourth Jehovian Seal—the ''Pale Horseman.'' Once a SAC has commenced, as the current SAC did on January 1, 2000, Guardian nations cannot stop or prevent the natural Organic Seal, or corresponding unnatural Jehovian Seven-Seal release sequences from occurring. Manual interruption of these processes would cause absolute, rapid pole shift and cataclysmic Earth Changes, which Guardian nations can only prevent by striving to balance the frequencies of the Organic Seals, while clearing and realigning the chaotic frequencies of the Jehovian Seals to a natural “12-Code-Pulse.” 

The Organic and Jehovian Seal counterpart must activate before 12-Code realignment can be achieved. Manual resetting of the natural 12-Code-Pulse “Divine D-12 Pre-matter Blueprint” in Earth’s ALL system is accomplished through running D-12 frequency¹ into Earth’s Planetary Shields via RRTs conducted at specific times and locations. When an Organic Seal releases, it takes anywhere from three to 12 months for its frequencies to spread through, and reach critical mass within, the corresponding ALL network. As the Jehovian Seals’ chaotic frequencies “ride on” the Organic Seal current, the effects of Jehovian Seal “opening” also emerge and reach critical mass between three and 12 months after the Jehovian Seal has released. If the Jehovian Seals release and are not realigned to a 12-Code-Pulse before reaching critical mass, climatic and/or tectonic disturbances will erupt within the geographical regions corresponding to the Jehovian Seal’s placement. just as is the case with Earth’s 12 Organic Star  Crystal Seals, each Seal in the Jehovian sequence progression is more powerful than the one before; the Jehovian Seals 1, 2 and 3 create a lesser degree of climatic/tectonic disturbance than Jehovian Seals 4 through 7. 

Planetary chaos begins with release of Jehovian Seal-4. if the frequencies of Seal-4 and those before it are not manually realigned to a natural 12-Code-Pulse as they run through Earth’s Templar. Organic Star Crystal Seals 1 and 2, and their corresponding unnatural Jehovian Seals-1 and -2,2 activated in late May 2001—the planetary effects of Jehovian Seal-1 and -2 release will begin manifesting between August 2001 and May 2002. The chaotic frequencies of Jehovian Seals 1 and 2 had been converted to a natural 12-Code-Pulse realignment via RRTs conducted in Kauai, Hawaii, when the Seals released in May 2001. Organic Seal-3 and its unnatural Jehovian Seal-3 counterpart 3 activated in late July 2001—its chaotic frequencies had been converted to a natural 12-Code-Pulse via RRTs conducted in England when the Seal released in July 2001. 

Between August 15 and September 3, 2001, the UIR fully activated the Montauk-Phi-Ex-Falcon wormhole Port Interface Atlantian Pylon Implant Network (APIN) system, launching the sub-space sonic-scalar amplification pulse that passed through the Star Gate-2 Gru-AL Point in Sarasota, FL, on the evening of September 3, 2001, on its way to the Bermuda Base (see page 408). On the evening of September 3, 2001, Organic Star Crystal Seal-4 (which does not have a Jehovian Seal companion) activated as we gathered at Sarasota Beach following our Labor Day workshops to conduct an RRT to assist the GA in balancing the Organic Seal-4 frequencies as they emerged. Just prior to our initiation of the RRT, the sonic amplification pulse,4 transmitted from “Cue Site-4" Central Mexico via the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network at Chihuahua, Mexico, rumbled through the Gru-AL Point off the coast of Sarasota Beach. 


As Organic Seal-4 began to open, the UlRs contrived sonic pulse, carrying a “Phantom Pulse” with reversed ARPS, ran through the Gru-AL and through the Bio-energetic Fields of the RRT group.5 When the sonic pulse intercepted the natural current emerging from Organic Seal-4, it reversed the Seal-4 current to the Phantom Pulse ARPS. Reversal of the stronger Organic Seal-4 current, instantly began to reactivate the reverseARPS frequencies of Jehovian Seals 1, 2 and 3 that we had successfully helped to realign to the 12-Code-Pulse during the May and July 2001 RRTs. 

Despite the terribly disruptive energies of the Psychotronic sonic pulse that we experienced on the beach the night of September 3, the group managed to pull itself together and run the RRT as planned. The RRT was successful; through this group effort the GA was able to anchor a sufficient amount of D12 and higher frequency to bring the Organic Seal-4 current back into its natural ARPS. By September 10, the September 3 RRT frequencies reached critical mass in the Planetary Shields, returning the primary Organic Seal-4 frequencies back to their natural 12-Code—Pulse. Jehovian Seals 1, 2 and 3 have, as of this writing, partially reverted back to the 12-Code-Pulse clearing, but still require some additional work before reaching their original state of 12-CodePulse conversion. This means that at least mild climatic disturbance effects from Jehovian Seals 1-3 are likely to occur between now and July 2002. 

Our groups will be working with the Emerald Covenant nations, running RRTs on several occasions between October and November 2001, to clear the remaining disruptive frequencies now running through Earth’s grids from Jehovian Seals 1-3. Full clearing of the Jehovian Seals 1-2-3 frequencies must be accomplished before the coming activation of Organic Seal-8, with its Jehovian Seal-4 companion,6 if amplified climatic/tectonic disturbances are to be averted. Organic Seal-8/Jehovian Seal-4 will activate in early January 2002.7 Much to UIR irritation, We're still standin’, with even greater strength of spirit and personal resolve than before, despite their attempts at Psychotronic antagonism of Emerald Covenant groups. 

It became quite apparent, in reviewing the events of the evening of September 3, that the Eieyani were quite serious when they had earlier that day explained that the UIR was now taking aggressive steps to rapidly advance their OWO agenda. Just how aggressive these steps would be did not become apparent until the morning of September 11, 2001. When Jehovian Seals release, their frequencies can create disruptions for up to a 1000-2000 mile perimeter surrounding the Seal’s placement, while the greatest degree of climatic or tectonic disruption occurs in the location of the Seal and within 100-200 miles of its epicenter. The Seven Jehovian Seals are located at different horizontal Ley Line/ Latitude coordinates along the common vertical Axiatonal Line-7 at 70° W Longitude, which runs down the eastern Atlantic Ocean. (See Star Gates and Seals Map Appendix-3). Jehovian Seal-1, the least powerful, is located NE of Quebec, Canada at 70° W Longitude/47.08° N Latitude. Due to the May 2001 Jehovian Seal-1 release, this region is likely to experience climatic disturbances or intensification of natural weather patterns between November 2001 and May 2002, with January-February 2002 being the most vulnerable periods.

 Jehovian Seal-2, also released in May 2001, is located where the borders of Peru, Chile and Bolivia meet, at 70° W Longitude/18.1° S Latitude; due to Jehovian Seal-2 release, this area is vulnerable to seismic activity, especially between December 2001 and March 2002. Jehovian Seal-3, released in July 2001, is located at 70° W Longitude/41.78° N Latitude, Cape Cod, MA. This area, and regions of the US east coast, are vulnerable to aggravated storm activity, particularly between December 2001 and June 2002, due to Jehovian Seal-3 release. Jehovian Seal-4, the “Pale Horse with the rider named Death,” will release in early January 2002, as will Jehovian Seal-5. Jehovian Seal-4, the first of the more powerful Jehovian Seals, is located east of Nassau Bahamas, at 70° W Longitude/24.92° N Latitude. If Jehovian Seals 1-4 are not successfully converted to a 12-Code-Pulse alignment within four months of the Seal’s January 2002 opening, cycles of progressively more severe tropical storm and hurricane activity (category 3-5) will emerge in the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Bahamas, Cuba, the east and west coasts of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico border lands are primary regions to be affected by release of Jehovian Seal-4. Release of Jehovian Seal-4 marks the beginning of the Jehovian Anunnaki and Annu-Elohim opening of the “Cracks in the Wall in Time,”  through which geographical regions holding Dove APIN system implants will begin opening to the Phantom Matrix. Jehovian Seal-5, which activates two days following the opening of Jehovian Seal-4 in January 2002, is located near Copiapo, Chile, at 70° W Longitude/26.95° S Latitude. If Jehovian Seal-5 is not cleared to 12-Code-Pulse realignment within four months of its January 2002 opening, this region is vulnerable to several waves of seismic activity with progressively increasing magnitude. Jehovian Seal-6, due to release in August or September 2002, is located at 70° W Longitude/ 10.36° N Latitude Venezuela. If we refer to the Jehovian book of Revelations, the ''Sixth Seal" opening is foretold to bring on a ''Great Earthquake''.... ''and every mountain and island was moved from its place''....

 Lets hope the Guardian’s 12-Code-Pulse realignments proceed very well between now and then! Jehovian Seal-7 is located at 70° W Longitude/ 33.13° N Latitude, off the coast of Charleston, SC. If this Jehovian Seal is not realigned to a 12- Code-Pulse, massive flooding and category 5+ hurricane activity would plague the eastern US seaboard, and most of Florida would rapidly become an underwater Atlantean Theme Park. So much for ''merciful Jehovian Gods''! They have had all of this planned for us since 10,500 BC, but the ''Seven Seals'' were only the intended beginning; after the Seals come the “Seven Angels and Seven Trumpets'' (see page 414). These bring on ''hail and fire mixed with blood,'' ''a blazing mountain being thrown into the sea turning the sea to blood,'' the fall of Nibiruian Battlestar Wormwood on the Rivers of the Earth, followed by plagues, Beasts from the Pit and finally the intended grand Jehovian Anunnaki invasion. 

These guys are real humanitarians! The Indigo Children are the return of the Emerald Covenant Maji Grail Line Eieyani/Humans who have incarnated into this time period to stand with the Human races in prevention of all of the Fallen Angelics’ OWO dominion plans. Through loving use of the Founders’ Masters Planetary Potential Templar Mechanics, we can peacefully prevent fulfillment of the “Final Conflict” drama, finally freeing Earth from over 12,000 years of Fallen Angelic/Illuminati dominion. I hope we begin to wake up soon because the “movie” has already started without us

. There are many more issues we need to understand in order to help ourselves, and our planet through these most important of times. If one has courage, and wants to make a difference in how this messy “Final Conflict” drama unfolds, if one cares to assist the Guardian nations in preventing further advancement of the UIR Fallen Angelic invasion of Earth, the place to begin is at home. Awakening the Inner Christos, your own personal, God given D-12 Avatar identity level, which has been long crucified upon the cross of false Fallen Angelic indoctrination and DNA manipulation, waits sleeping within each of us. The Maharic Shield Bio-Regenesis Techniques (see page 496) begin the process of this Inner Awakening. 

If you are moved to assist the Emerald Covenant Founders nations in the protection and restoration of this planet, the Masters Templar Coursebook, provides instruction on the Sacred Arts/Sciences of running the Signet (Star Gate) Rainbow Roundtables (RRTs). Through our participation in ''running of the Rounds'' the Founders’ ancient ''Four Faces of Man'' LPIN and the “Great White Lion” and ''Golden Eagle'' APIN grid-micro-chip implant systems can be reawakened to protect Earth from the Fallen Angelic APIN systems that are now activating in Earth’s Planetary Shields. 

This ''Final Battle of the Angels" cannot be won through violent wars, but victory can be achieved for all peace-loving nations through the peaceful, Christiac Technologies of Masters Biotronic, Merkaba and Planetary Templar Mechanics. The choice is ours, and in truth, time is running out, as the UIR now aggressively advances its Illuminati OWO dominion agenda in the 3-D arena. How many more atrocities like WW2 and the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Disaster, precursor to WW3, do we need to see before we ''get the message?'' 

This book is by no means the end of the seemingly ''Never-Ending Voyagers Story''-it is only the beginning. But it is a most appropriate, as well as deeply sincere beginning, particularly if one desires to awaken from the perhaps blissful, but never-the-less amnesiac sleep of Fallen Angelic manipulation. Each of us has the potential to emerge wide-eyed with wonder into the new dawn of Human freedom as our Inner Light awakens, to lead our living spirits Upward,....Godward,....Home. With light, love and heartfelt condolences to all who have suffered from the dreadful events of the 9/11/2001 WTC/Pentagon Terrorist Attack.... 

May peace be with us all.

 1. “Maharata Current” 428 Climatic Disturbances and the Labor Day 2001 Sonic Pulse Interference

2. the ''White and Red Horsemen" 

3. the ''Black Horseman" 

4. later used in orchestrating the September 11, 2001, WTC/Pentagon Disaster 

5. My ex-husband and I allowed our bio-fields to be used as a “buffer blanket,” to protect the group from the intensity of this Psychotronic pulse. And I will tell you, this chaotic sonic pulse was powerful; we are still recovering from some of the physical side effects we incurred from absorbing and transmuting these frequencies. Numerous others within the group also reported the experience of “emotional body purging" follow- ing the frequencies encountered on the beach that evening. 

6. “Pale Horseman” 7. Organic Seals 5, 6 and 7 will activate in late December 2001. 430 Climatic Disturbances and the Labor Day 2001 Sonic Pulse Interference

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