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Voyagers II; 8 The Guardian Material; Current Events

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended had this been shared as WE asked, that your species would have avoided some of the pain and suffering it has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

The Bridge Zone Time Continuum Shift 12/1984 - present

Before the Dracos-Zeta legions had altered the EM fields of the Sun in 1943 the Guardians’ preparation plans were relatively simple. Using their artificial “Christ Consciousness” D-4 grid from 1748, they progressively sent transmissions of UHF D-4 energy into Earth’s grid to raise the vibration of Earth’s core high enough to send the first spark into the Arc of the Covenant by October of 1986. The Sphere of Amenti would complete its 14-month descent through the Arc from the UHF bands of D-3 by 1988. 

The Sphere of Amenti would merge its D-1, D-2 and D-3 frequency patterns with, and expand Earth's morphogenetic field no later than 6/1998, which would spark the Arc a second time, beginning the 12-year descent of the Blue Flame and Earth’s temporary 2000 AD shift into the D-4 time cycle. The Guardians would continue to gradually realign Earth's Merkabah Fields/electromagnetic fields to correct the tilt caused by Atlantis sinking. 

This would align Earth’s fourth vortex/Heart Chakra at Giza with the Alcyone energy spiral by 2004, in preparation for Earth’s entry into the Photon Belt and Holographic Beam, and the opening of the Halls of Amenti in 2012. The original Quarantine Frequency Fence from 9540 BC would begin to lift once the Arc of the Covenant first opened, and all traces of the fourth-strand DNA Zeta Seal mutation and Zeta Frequency Fence would dissolve once the Arc was sparked a second time and D-4 frequency from the Sphere of Amenti would begin transmitting through Earth’s grid. 

Between 1/1988 and 1/2017, the seven natural seals on Earth’s seven primary vortex points would progressively open as the dimensional Merkabah Fields and Stellar Spirals began opening and blending into each other, while the Guardians assisted the Earth grid to remain balanced through these transitions.

 The Guardians planned to offer dispensations of teachings to humans while the veils between the ego, higher self and soul identity began to lift, as the DNA progressively assembled. The Guardians’ primary concern at this time was to realign Earth’s Merkabah Fields and bring Giza into alignment with Alcyone. They would ensure that the descent of the Sphere of Amenti and the Blue Flame stayed on schedule. Guardians were to maintain planetary balance while Earth’s seven vortex seals opened, and they would begin making subtle contact with humans, to help them prepare for the opening of the Halls of Amenti. 

Following the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, the Zetas’ manipulation of the solar Merkabah Fields and the necessity of the Guardians’ 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence of 1972, the Guardians’ preparation plan and deadline schedule became more taxing. Before the original plan could continue, the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence, which blocked all of the fourth-dimensional frequencies except the 12th base tone and overtone out of Earth’s grid, had to be dismantled. 

Though the Guardians could alter the Frequency Fence enough to allow the Sphere of Amenti to enter Earth's core on schedule, the fence could not remain intact when the Sphere of Amenti began transmitting D-4 frequency into Earth’s grid in 1/2000, when the fourth vortex seal opened. 

It would take about four years for the Earth’s grid to balance once the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence was released, so the fence had to be down no later than 1/1996. Once the Sphere of Amenti was opened, if the D-4 frequencies could not enter Earth’s core in 1/2000, the D-4 Merkabah Field of Tara, the gold core crystal stored at the center of the Sun, would explode. In this event, not only would Earth explode, but so would the other 10 planets of the local solar system and the Sun, all of which are energetically attached to the D-4 Merkabah Field gold core crystal. 

This would begin a similar chain reaction within the Pleiadian star system, to which Earth’s Sun belongs. As you may now understand, balance and timing are extremely important factors when the Halls of Amenti open. In order to remove the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence, the Merkabah Fields of the Sun would have to be carefully realigned no later than 6/1994, which would allow one and one-half years for the Earth’s grids to rebalance before the Frequency Fence was lifted. Realigning the solar fields is a delicate process in and of itself, but this process combined with the general preparations of opening the Halls of Amenti within the scheduled deadlines served to make the Guardians’ task even more complex. 

As if these complications were not enough, the Guardians then discovered the potentially disastrous results of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance infiltration and their plan to re-institute their Frequency Fence and Zeta Seal in 2003. The events of the 2017 ascension cycle were taking a very serious turn, and if the circumstances were not handled properly, the human populations would be decimated by severe Earth changes between 2012-2017. The option of stopping the Sphere of Amenti from descending through the Arc of the Covenant, and thus allowing Earth and humanity to remain trapped within HU-1 time cycles for another 26,556 years, was no longer open. 

The Earth changes of 2012-2017 could be primarily avoided in this case, but humanity would fall under dominion of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance and under that influence the Earth would meet with an untimely, cataclysmic end in 2976 AD. These events could not be allowed to transpire, as they were set to occur. The explosion of Earth would cause tragic consequences for Earth, Tara and numerous other star systems. The lost souls of Tara, whom the Guardians had so painstakingly nurtured and protected for the past 550 million years, would once again be fragmented and left with no evolutionary blue print to follow. The Rigelian/Futczhi Zetas working with the Dracos would not listen to reason and the Dracos would not release their claims on Earth. 

Confrontational force between the Guardians and the Dracos-Zeta Resistance, during Earth’s most vulnerable period, would destroy the planetary balances of Earth, so the Guardians had to turn to high-spiritual technology in order to shift the course of events as they were evolving on Earth. In 1984 Guardian groups from HU-1, HU-2 and HU-3 joined together to create the Bridge Zone Project. The basic idea behind the Bridge Zone project involved shifting Earth completely out of the HU-1 time cycle, an event that would not occur naturally until the second morphogenetic wave of the second ascension cycle, during the natural Doreadeshi in 4230 AD. 

Since the Guardians could not move the Dracos-Zeta Resistance out of the way of Earth’s intended evolution, they would instead move Earth out of the way of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance. The Guardians would construct an artificial time continuum between the third and fourth dimensions, into which Earth could pass in 2017. This constituted orchestrating a forced Doreadeshi, 2213 years ahead of its natural schedule. In order for the Dracos-Zeta Resistance’s Frequency Fence to work in 2003-2004 AD, they had to transmit very specific EM pulses, at very specific angles through the Earth’s grid. The Zetas had worked since 1943 to decipher the appropriate calculations to use for the projections of their EM pulses. 

If the Merkabah Fields of Earth were rapidly accelerated, which would constitute a planetary leap in time cycles from the HU-1/D-3 cycle to Bridge Zone D-3.5 cycle of the Inner Earth, between D-3 and D-4, the Zetas-Dracos calculations would be useless. The Earth’s grid speed would be increased to a level that the Frequency Fence EM pulses could not reach. The Dracos-Zeta Resistance would not have enough time to decipher new calculations, and once Earth was stabilized in the Bridge Zone D-3.5 time continuum, and under full Guardian protection, the Dracos-Zetas could not successfully launch an infiltration. 

Furthermore, if Earth was successfully shifted, and its frequency raised sufficiently, the Dracos-Zetas would lose control of their Frequency Fence and their human captives in the D-4 cycle. For humanity to shift into the Bridge Zone with Earth, the populations would have to fully assemble their DNA to the 4.5 -strand level, and a minimum of 8% would have to assemble Mechanics the fifth DNA strand. Along with this, 144,000 individuals would need to fully assemble the sixth strand, embody their entire soul matrix and begin to assemble the seventh-twelfth strands. 

This acceleration of the human genetic imprint would release the D-4 Zeta Seal from all of the human races, present and future, and would allow Earth’s grid speed to raise high enough to remain in the Bridge Zone. Following the shift to the Bridge Zone, Earth would leap ahead 2213 years by skipping the second half of its D-3 cycle, then move backward in time 1106.5 years within the Bridge Zone cycle. After completing 1106.5 years in the Bridge Zone, Earth would leap ahead another 1106.5 years by skipping the first half of its first D-4 cycle. Earth would then pass into the first D-4 cycle at the half-cycle point and continue its path of natural evolution through the D-4 time cycles.

 This movement of 2213 years ahead, 1106.5 back, and 1106.5 ahead in time represents a cumulative leap of 2213 years in evolutionary space-time progression. The Dracos-Zeta Frequency Fence would end up in the dimensional frequency bands below the Bridge Zone frequency bands in which the Earth was positioned, and thus Earth’s grid would be unaffected. However, once Earth was above the frequency fence, it could not be re-entered into the dimensional bands below the fence. The Merkabah Fields of Earth would re-seal in 2017, locking Earth into the Bridge Zone time continuum. If the Guardians were going to force an early Doreadeshi, by moving both the overtone/electrical fields and the base tone/magnetic fields of Earth into the Bridge Zone time continuum cycle during the 2017 half-cycle point, the move would have to be permanent. 


The idea of shifting a planetary body from one time continuum to another may seem quite outrageous to a civilization that does not yet have a working comprehension of multidimensional physics. We assure you that such a procedure is most definitely real and valid in terms of the structural energetic dynamics of the Time Matrix. This procedure is not used frequently, for it is a complex and delicate process requiring direct intervention from the higher Harmonic Universes of HU-3-HU-5. For the most part, planets and civilizations are allowed to evolve along the course of their own development, following their own choices and meeting with the consequences of those choices. 

But occasionally a planet and its peoples get into trouble that has far-reaching consequences for numerous planetary systems, and in these cases intervention in the course of evolution is permitted. Earth is presently in such a state of potential crisis, unbeknownst to most of its populations. 145 Current Events 

Time-Cycle Mechanics 

In order to understand the dynamics involved in such a time continuum shift, it is helpful to realize that the structure and illusion of linear time is created through the pulsation rate of particles and their relationship to that of other particles. Each of the six 4,426 year smaller cycles within one 26,556 year Harmonic Time Cycle represents one time continuum. A 26,556-year Harmonic Time cycle, through which a planet evolves through the 3-dimensional bands of one Harmonic Universe, is called an Euiago. A planet passes through each of the six smaller time continua as it progresses upward through the 3-dimensional scale within its Harmonic Universe. 

Each dimensional band contains two time continua of 4,426 years each, so each dimension represents a time track of 8,852 years. Of the six time continua in a 26,556-year Euiago cycle, four time continua represent forward-moving tracks of time called Pardo, and two represent counter-rotating tracks of time called Reiago, in which the planet passes through the parallel universe. A Pardo = 17,704 years (4 continua of 4,426 years each = 4 x 4,426 years = 17,704 years). A Reiago = 8,852 years (2 continua of 4,426 years each = 2 x 4,426 = 8,852 years) spent in the parallel universe. Each Euiago contains one Pardo and one Reiago. A planet’s progression through one time continuum creates a 45° shift in the angular rotation of particle spin, or 1/8th of a full 360° rotation of particles, thus one continuum represents one dimensional Octave. 

One Octave = a 4,426-year track of time. One dimension contains two time continua, or two Octaves. A planet’s progression through one dimension creates a 90° shift (2 shifts of 45°) in the angular rotation of particle spin, or one-fourth of a full 360° rotation, thus one dimension represents one Harmonic Quadrant. One Quadrant = an 8,852-year track of time. Three dimensions, three Quadrants, or six Octaves (time continua) represent one Harmonic Universe. One Harmonic Universe = a 26,556-year track of time. As a planet progresses through the first two Pardo Octaves, the angular rotation of particle spin shifts 90° from its original position. 

Upon entering the two Reiago Octaves in the parallel universe, the angular rotation of particle spin undergoes a 90° reverse rotation, bringing the angular rotation of particle spin back to its original position. As the planet completes the final two Pardo Octaves, returning from the parallel universe, the angular rotation of particle spin again shifts 90°. Through the progression of three dimensions, or Quadrants, the angular rotation of particle spin has a cumulative shift of 90° (+90°, -90°, +90° = +90° shift), so in one Harmonic Universe the angular rotation of particle spin undergoes one-quarter of a full 360° rotation. When passing from one Euiago cycle (Harmonic Universe) to the next, the angular rotation of particle spin shifts 45°. 

Between HU-1 and HU-2, the 146 Time-Cycle Mechanics and Evolution 45° shift is a 45° reverse angular rotation of particle spin. Earth enters HU-2 with its particles at a 45° angular rotation from their original position upon entering HU-1 (+90°, -45° = +45° shift). In the progression from one Harmonic Universe to the next, the angular rotation of particle spin moves forward 1/4th, then backward 1/8th of a full 360° rotation. It is through the multidimensional relationships between angles of particle and anti-particle spin that multiple reality fields can take place in the same space, while remaining invisible to each other. As a planet evolves through this process, the rate of particle pulsation, and thus the speed at which time moves, progressively increases, while the density of matter particles progressively decreases. 

This is the process of planetary evolution through the 15-dimensional scale. A planet moves from one dimensional frequency band to the next, and from one time continuum to the next, by magnetically drawing into its morphogenetic field, particles from the Unified Field of energy for each dimension. When a planet has pulled in all the frequency patterns of one dimension into its morphogenetic field, it then moves upward into the next dimensional field to complete the same process. As a planet pulls in particles and patterns of frequency from the Unified Fields, its morphogenetic field progressively expands to include those frequency patterns and the pulsation rate of its particles progressively increases. For each dimensional band there is a corresponding specific rate of particle pulsation and also a specific angular rotation of particle spin. 

In one Harmonic Universe a planet simultaneously has three levels of energetic identity, one in each of the three-dimensional fields of that Harmonic Universe. The three levels of a planet’s identity function together to give you the illusion of Earth’s matter solidity. The particle content of each level of Earth’s body pulsates at a rhythm characteristic to the dimension in which each portion of the body is stationed, and particles spin on an angular rotation that is characteristic to the respective dimension. The planet exists within each of six time continua simultaneously, as each of the three levels of the planet’s body pulls in energy from its respective dimensional band, through the synchronization of particle pulsation speed and angular rotation of spin within each of the six time continua. 

A planet evolves out of one Harmonic Universe and into the next as each level of its three-dimensional body simultaneously completes pulling the frequency patterns of its respective dimension into the planet’s morphogenetic field. These processes give the consciousness perceiving the third dimension the illusion of passage through linear time. In actuality, time is not linear, but simultaneous. Time exists as a Unified Field of particles pulsating at various rhythms and spinning on various angles of rotation, through which the illusions of manifest space and linear time appear to individuated identities, as they bring segments of the Unified Field of particle substance into view by moving their consciousness through portions of the Unified Field. Time does not move. Consciousness moves itself through the Unified Field of the Time Matrix. 

Incarnational Identities, the Time Cycles, DNA and Planetary Evolution The evolution of life-forms upon the planet also takes place simultaneously, and, at any given time, activity takes place within each of the six time continua. As the planet evolves, so does the consciousness stationed upon that planet. Re-incarnational identities represent portions of a person’s soul awareness that are simultaneously stationed and evolving upon a version of the planet within each of the six time continuum cycles of an Euiago cycle. Usually, a soul - HU-2 identity, manifests into 12 simultaneous incarnations, two in each of the six time cycles in one Harmonic Universe. In each pair of incarnates, one is male, the other female; this relationship is referred to as “twin flames”, but does not necessarily imply a romantic “soul mate” involvement. 

The over soul—the HU-3 identity—creates 12 soul identities in HU-2, each of which create 12 incarnates within the six time cycles of HU-1. Thus, each person is part of an incarnational family of 144 incarnates residing within the six HU-l time cycles. Each of the 144 incarnates carries part of the 12-strand DNA pattern within the genetic code. As the 144 incarnates simultaneously evolve with the planet through the six time cycles, the 12- strand DNA imprint is progressively built up in the genetic code. DNA evolves and human consciousness expands as identity evolves with the planet through the Euiago cycles in each Harmonic Universe. 

The perceptions of your present races are focused within the middle range of the third dimension (the sixth and last time continuum of HU-1), and you perceive the reality of these dimensional bands, from a station of consciousness one dimensional band above. When you perceive the activity that is simultaneously taking place in the lower-dimensional time continua, in the lower levels of Earth's body, that activity appears to you as having taken place in the past. Perception of the other members of your soul family identity, who are stationed in time continua below your own, will appear to you as past life incarnational memory, even though these lifetimes are occurring simultaneously within their own space-time coordinate. 

Identities stationed in time continua/ Octaves and dimensions/Quadrants ahead of your own, (which in your case would be those in the HU-2 time cycles of Tara), will appear as future life incarnational memory. As you assemble DNA strands, perception of both past and future incarnations becomes progressively more available to your present conscious awareness. Earth evolves through the HU-1 time cycles, expanding its morphogenetic field and raising the pulsation rhythm of its particle content, until Earth evolves into the HU-2 time cycles to become Tara. As you move through HU-l time cycles with Earth, assembling your DNA and expanding 148 Time-Cycle Mechanics and Evolution your consciousness, you evolve into the HU-2 time cycles to become your soul-self identity. 

To the soul-self, the 12 immediate HU-1 incarnates that are in its incarnational family are recognized as living sub-personality fragments of its own identity, whose reality simultaneously takes place within the dimensional bands contained within the soul-self’s DNA. The DNA represents electromagnetically encoded, digital data imprints of the other living portions of your identity, which are stationed within other time continua. Through the DNA, the experiential reality of other-time incarnates is implanted into the body cells, to create a living Cellular Memory of your simultaneous participation within other fields of time. The DNA operates as a window in time through which your consciousness can perceive and participate in activity taking place in the other time continua. As you assemble DNA, you expand the particles of your body and awareness into higher-dimensional time cycles, and progressively open the windows through time into other space-time coordinates within other time cycles. 

Through DNA assembly, the Cellular Memory, which is subconsciously stored within the cellular-body consciousness, progressively opens into conscious perceptual recognition. In your current time continuum, you technically have one-half cycle remaining within your third-dimensional time cycle. Earth’s morphogenetic field has pulled in only half of the frequency patterns of the third dimension. There is a direct correlation between how many frequency patterns the Earth has pulled into its morphogenetic field and the type of consciousness and biology that will appear on the Earth at that stage of evolution. We call the amount of frequency Earth has pulled into its morphogenetic field, from the dimensional unified fields, its Accretion Level. 

Earth is presently at the 2.5-accretion level—Earth has pulled into its morphogenetic field all of the D-1 and D-2 frequency patterns, and half of the frequency patterns of D-3. Earth would normally pass into HU-2 time cycles at accretion level 3. Normally the three accretion level of Earth would not be reached until 4230 AD. The life-forms on a planet at the 2.5-accretion level will have a consciousness that falls near the 3.5 range. Consciousness will perceive as solid matter and external reality the level of Earth’s body that is one full dimension/Quadrant below the accretion level of the consciousness. Present human consciousness has an average accretion level of 3—3.5, which means that the energy patterns and activity taking place within the low to middle frequency bands of D-3, between the 2 to 2.5-accretion level, within the fifth time continuum, appear as solid matter, and external forms and events. 

Present external earthly reality represents the energy patterns of Earth’s body and the Unified Field in the low to middle frequency bands of D3, in the fifth time continuum, at accretion levels 2—2.5. In order to perceive the 2—2.5-accretion level of Earth as solid, consciousness must be stationed within the low to middle D-4 frequency bands at an accretion level of 3- 3.5 (seventh time continuum). When perceiving your own physical body, and the external objects and activity around it, you are seeing the particle content of your personal morphogenetic field, Earth’s morphogenetic field and the Unified Field, as they exist within the low to middle frequency bands of D-3, in the pulsation rhythms of the fifth time continuum, at the 2-2.5-accretion level. 

You perceive these frequency bands as solid while the particle content of your consciousness is stationed within the low to middle frequency bands of D-4, in the pulsation rhythms of the seventh time cycle, at a 3-3.5-accretion level. You will perceive the frequency bands of middle to upper D-3, in the pulsation rhythms of the sixth time cycle, at the 2.5—3 accretion level, as “inner space”, the activity taking place “inside your head and body”, and the atmosphere surrounding your body and the Earth, that gives you the perception of space between objects. The illusion of 3-dimensional perception is created through this triad of particle pulsation speeds. 

The pulsation speed/rhythm of particles is created as energy substance flows between fields of particles having different angular rotations of particle spin in relation to each other. The 3-dimensional human consciousness and the 3-dimensional body of the Earth consciousness are made of particles that pulsate at three different rhythms, and which exist at three different positions of angular rotation. These particle fields make up three levels of Merkabah Fields within and through which physically apparent manifestation occurs. There is a 90° shift in angular rotation of particle spin between the three Merkabah Fields, between the three levels of human consciousness, and between the three levels of Earth’s particle body. 

The three levels of the personal body and the Earth’s body represent three different time continua, or Octaves, through which frequency bands from the dimensional Unified Fields are pulled/accreted into the personal morphogenetic field and that of the Earth. These three particle pulsation rhythms are synchronized, and through this dance of particle spin and pulsation, personal consciousness evolves with the Earth upward through the time cycles of the 15-dimensional scale, progressively expanding and raising the level of accretion. The level of frequencies accreted into the personal morphogenetic field will determine the level of DNA strand assembly you possess. 

As you pull in more frequency bands from the dimensional Unified Fields, your accretion level rises, more DNA codes assemble and become operational within your DNA strands, and your consciousness and perceptual field expands. A consciousness with a 3—3.5-accretion level has a DNA code with 3-3.5 strands assembled. The strand assembly and activation level of the DNA corresponds directly to the number of dimensional frequencies contained within the morphogenetic field of the consciousness. The number of dimensional frequencies contained within the personal morphogenetic field corresponds directly to what dimensional levels of the Earth’s body, and what time continua, will be perceived as physically manifest reality, to that consciousness. 

If your fourth DNA strand is fully assembled, you will have an accretion level of 4, your consciousness will be stationed in lower D-5 and you will perceive thought-forms and energy patterns existing within the lower D-4 frequency bands as physically manifest, external events. These thought-forms are the energy patterns left behind by you and the masses, when your consciousness was stationed in lower D-4, when you were assembling the fourth DNA strand. Presently, most humans do not have more than a 3.5-accretion level, a low to middle fourth-dimensional focus of consciousness. This level of consciousness corresponds to 3.5 strands of activated DNA, which only allows the consciousness to perceive thought patterns/energy patterns of objects and events from the low to middle frequency bands of D-3 as physical reality. 

The frequency fields of D-1 are below the range of D-4 perception and appear as inner darkness. The lower frequency fields of D-2 appear as past memories. The middle to upper frequency fields of D-3 appear as internal mental/perceptual events and thought-forms, and as Earth’s atmosphere and the space between objects, from D-4 perception. The reality fields of middle to upper D-4 and above are above the range of present human D-4 perception and appear as inner and outer light and future memories. As human DNA builds, the higher-dimensional reality fields come into manifest view, and the lower dimensional reality fields fall out of perceptual range. As a dimensional field begins to come into view, it first appears as inner thought patterns that become inner mental pictures made of light. The quality known as imagination is, in reality, the consciousness bringing into its mental view, higher dimensional thought-forms. 

The images, perceptions and pondering of imagination represent higher-dimensional thought-forms made of energy substance, that are placed in the higher-dimensional fields by the present moment self. Imaginative perceptions may also be thought patterns of the higher-dimensional, future self aspects of identity, that “just appear” in inner perception, as the present awareness brings the higher dimensional reality fields into its inner view. The quality known as past memory represents the consciousness bringing into its mental view thought-forms and experiential imprints from the dimensional bands below its focus of attention. These represent thought-forms of past identity aspects, presently focused in the lower time continua or within lower frequencies of the present time continuum. 

Dreams represent portions of thoughts and experience that is taking place in both higher/future and lower/past dimensional fields/time continua, entering into the present moment station of awareness. The low to middle D-4 frequency bands, in which human consciousness is presently stationed, represent the now-moment stream of consciousness, which is always the point of personal creative power. Thoughts held in the present moment focus of conscious attention will be left as imprints of energetic substance within the frequency bands in which those thoughts were held. 

Once the focus of attention has moved beyond those thoughts and on to the next, the thought imprints left behind become morphogenetic fields, as the now-moment focus of attention moves forward into the next set of frequency bands. The process of moving forward through time is the process of progressively accreting sound frequencies into your personal morphogenetic field. As you pass your consciousness through a now-moment point, it internalizes all contained within that manifest moment as a minute, digital electro-program made of frequency. The process of internalizing that moment in time expands your morphogenetic field, which creates a subtle acceleration in the pulsation rhythm of the particles of which your body and consciousness are composed. 

This acceleration of pulsation rhythm perceptually and energetically moves you-as-consciousness forward into the next set of frequency bands. The frequency bands of the previous moment internalize and fall from your view, as the set of frequency bands directly above them become your next now-moment of conscious focus. Movement through time is frequency accretion. The manifest illusion you perceive before your eyes is, in reality, a Unified Field of frequency, composed of energy particle substance in the form of digital, electro-tonal thought patterns. Every thing and person outside of yourself, including your body, and the contents of your conscious mind at that moment point, exist as energy imprints within the Unified Field of that now-moment. 

If you can teach yourself to perceive each moment of your external reality as a dream-scape that is manifesting through your consciousness, you will get closer to consciously sensing the stream of consciousness through which your external reality manifests directly through you. Just as your internal dreams seem to take place within your consciousness while you participate within them, your external reality is also a dream-scape, manufactured by your consciousness, through which energy particles are shaped into thought-forms that will later become manifest. You are walking within the confines of a mass dream, and the sooner you can grasp that concept, the sooner you will be able to assert creative control over the form your personal part of that mass dream will take. Every time you think a thought, you are leaving a morphogenetic imprint within the frequency bands in which your consciousness was stationed. You will run into that thought pattern, in combination with others from the collective consciousness, as a manifestation in physical reality. 

Morphogenetic fields are the form-holding patterns through which matter forms and events manifest. When a morphogenetic field is created, it begins to draw frequency patterns into itself, expanding, accreting, and “fleshing itself out into matter”. Have you ever considered where thoughts go once your attention has left them? Part of what appears to you as manifest reality now, from your D-4 station of attention, represents your thought-forms, and those of the collective masses, that were left behind as morphogenetic fields when your conscious focus of attention was stationed in the dimension below your present focus. Part of what you see before your eyes represents the living thought-forms of your past selves (from this incarnation and those previous), and those of the masses. 

Your thoughts become morphogenetic fields within the morphogenetic field of the Earth, planted within the frequency bands in which your consciousness is presently stationed, left within your present time cycle, to be rediscovered as manifest objects and events, once your consciousness has evolved beyond them. Another part of what you perceive before your eyes represents the collective thought-forms of your future selves, whose focus of attention is stationed in space-time coordinates ahead of those in which your present consciousness is focused. Thought-forms expand, backward and forward in time, up and down the dimensional scale, from the position in which the thought-form was created. Your present manifest illusion is composed of the thought-forms of your past and future selves, and the thought-forms you presently hold. A thought-form placed in one dimension will align the energy substance of all the dimensions below it, into a version of that pattern; the thought sets a morphogenetic field in each of the dimensions below.

The thought will also group with like thoughts from the future, the higher-dimensional frequency bands, and set a morphogenetic imprint of itself in all the dimensions above. Thus the thought expands backward and forward in time. Every thought you think now combines with like thoughts of past and future selves, to give you the manifest illusion you presently perceive. Like thought and action attract and re-manifest like thought and action. Your past thoughts and deeds will show themselves in your present reality, but you have the absolute power to change them, by using your present focus of attention to create new thoughts and redesign those that are undesirable, whether they are coming from the past, present or future. 

Thought patterns from your past selves, which are composed of more dense and slower-pulsating particles, manifest within the cellular structure of your body. This is frequently referred to as your karmic imprint or karmic debt. These thought patterns of past selves will remain in the body, and replicate themselves in the present and future, until the slower-pulsating particles of those thought patterns are raised in speed and released from the frequency patterns of which the body is composed. You have the power, in your present moment, to change any thought pattern from your personal past, present or future, and in doing so you will change the contours of your present reality. You can become “karma immune” once you learn to master this power, for you will train your consciousness to move backward and forward in time, to recreate undesired events and redesign more desirable outcomes.

 The slow way to release slower-pulsating thought patterns and their manifest discomforts from your life is to wait until the events manifest in external reality, or as conditions of disease within the body. Then you take action in the present to create a present solution, and that solution expands backward and forward in time to create some degree of resolution of the pattern in the past and future. This is the usual path of “walking through your karma,” or walking through the cumulative thought patterns of your past, present and future selves. The fast way to change your karmic imprint is to catch those slower-pulsating thought patterns before they move into manifestation. This is easier said than done, but it is not exceedingly difficult to do, once you have trained your consciousness to manipulate energy in certain ways. 

Thought patterns from the past and future become part of the particle make-up of your consciousness, bio-energetic field, body, DNA and external reality field. They become stored in the DNA as minute crystallizations of energy, which inhibit the natural process of DNA strand assembly. The crystallized thought patterns stored in your DNA and cellular imprint will continue to manifest within your body and before your eyes, until you learn to find and release them while they are still within the Cellular Memory imprint of your body. This is easy to do, with practice.

To release your crystallized thought patterns from your DNA and cellular memory imprint, please refer to Field Exercise 1, on page 495, and practice it now. Through exercises of this nature you are learning to consciously modulate the pulsation rhythm of the particles of which your consciousness is composed, training your present moment consciousness to move up and down the multidimensional scale. You are training your consciousness to time travel, forward and backward in time, so you may begin to directly affect the collective thought patterns of portions of your identity stationed in other space-time coordinates. 

You are beginning to train yourself to control the manifestation of external events, by mastering the inner energetic dynamics through which those events manifest. We have given you this exercise because it is one of the fastest and most effective ways to clear the “karmic imprint” of slower-pulsating crystallized thought patterns from the body cells and DNA. This is extremely important to do if you plan to accelerate the assembly and activation of your DNA strands. As you begin to work with UHF energies from the higher chakra centers (which we will teach you to do in subsequent books), these energies will begin to rapidly release slower-pulsating thought-form crystallizations from the body cells and DNA. 

As this occurs the “karmic imprint”, or event manifestation program, contained within the thought-form crystallizations will begin to manifest itself in personal, external events and within the physical body form. If the human mind and body is not prepared to synthesize the frequencies of energy released from the thought-form, one can become extremely ill in physical terms, or the mental and emotional bodies can become severely unbalanced. The outer events of one’s life content and relationships can also turn to chaos during rapid cellular activations, as multiple karmic dramas begin to manifest themselves at every turn. When you participate in accelerated DNA evolution you are rapidly shifting and elevating the frequency patterns of which your body and consciousness are composed. This rapid shift in frequency can appear as utter chaos in terms of external conditions and events. 

Though the ultimate outcome of these cellular activations is a restructuring of your body, consciousness and life drama into a higher level of peace, harmony, health and order, the process of “getting there” rapidly can be very treacherous indeed. When using exercises such as the one provided, you are learning to take control of this process so it does not take control of you. The point at which you break up the thought-form crystallization and its energy releases, is the point that the karmic imprint would normally begin to manifest into the body and external events. DNA Activations alone will get you to this point. 

However, in the exercise you then take that released energy, transmute it through D-5 and D-8 frequency patterns, (the “sun” image), and project it directly into the DNA. Merging the energy of the karmic imprint with the D-8 frequencies serves to raise its energies to the highest levels of harmony and order. That ordered energy is then placed directly into the DNA, where it can blend in unobtrusively with the imprints of the operational strands. It will stimulate further assembly and activation of DNA strands, but in an orderly fashion that does not cause excessive disruption in your bio-energetic fields, and which will not throw your life into chaos. In cellular activations, the energy will release at the frequency level in which the thought-form crystallization existed, sending a rush of photonic energy through the body at that frequency level. 

The energy will then indiscriminately alter the existing order of energies in that area, a condition which will manifest as chaotic energies moving through the bio-energetic field, body, and consciousness, then into manifestation. This exercise controls the release of energy and directs it into harmonious order. Learning to direct mental energies, and those energies released from thought-form crystallizations will become a needed survival skill in the near future, whether or not one is on the path of ascension, or interested in spiritual activities. The Earth is entering an ascension cycle acceleration period, its grid will be infused with UHF D-5 through D-9 energies via a process of Stellar Activations. 

The Stellar Activations will occur as Earth's Merkabah Fields align directly with the Merkabah Fields of six Stellar Spirals, as parts of Earth's natural procession through its 26,556-year Euiago time cycle. Everyone on the planet will begin to have cellular activations directly through the Earth’s grid, due to the coming Stellar Spiral alignments and the planetary Stellar Activations these alignments will create. The human bio-energetic field is directly connected to that of the Earth, and when the energy infusions of the Stellar Activations begin running through Earth’s grid, progressively accelerating between now and 2017, the human body will also receive these energy infusions. These energy infusions will cause a rapid release of the crystallized thought patterns stored in the cells and will trigger rapid DNA activation, assembly and expansion of consciousness

. The thought-form crystallizations held within the body, unbeknownst to the conscious personality, will begin to release their energies as the pulsation rhythm of the particles of Earth's body progressively increase between now and 2017. Your DNA and Cellular Memory will activate whether or not you are ready, and regardless of whether your body and mind have been prepared to synthesize these new frequencies of energy. The least prepared may find their entire life drama falling into shambles, the health of their physical and mental bodies rapidly deteriorating and their emotions exploding into chaos. We are not joking, nor exaggerating. 

Be Prepared. Learn to direct these energies now, before they overwhelm you. Your survival and ability to remain centered and effective in handling external events will depend upon your development of these subtle energy-directing skills. The exercise provided is a good place to begin. In 2012, very intense Stellar Activation energy infusions will begin, so we suggest that you begin preparing now, as these skills take a bit of time and practice to develop. We recommend that you clear as many of these hidden karmic imprints as possible before 2012, when they will begin to rapidly burst into physical manifestation. DNA DNA Initiations, Consummations and Activations Before we resume our discussion on the mechanics of the Bridge Zone, we would like to share with you a little secret about human DNA. 

Presently your conscious awareness is stationed within the low- to middle-frequency bands of D-4, and the reality fields you perceive as solid matter and external events are those of the low to middle frequency bands of D-3. When you think a thought from your present station of focus in D-4 (such as “this is so and so now”, or “I see such and such now”), that thought, being a quantity of particle substance made of units of electromagnetic energy, automatically becomes part of the D-4 Unified Field of energy. That thought also becomes coded as an energy imprint within the fourth DNA strand. When you are assembling DNA strands, you are pulling frequency patterns from the Unified Field into your personal morphogenetic field, one set of dimensional sub-frequency bands at a time.

 These dimensional frequency patterns that are pulled into the morphogenetic field progressively manifest as new electromagnetic codes within the DNA strands, which means the DNA progressively expands or accretes, as the morphogenetic field expands by pulling in more frequency patterns from the dimensional Unified Field. When you are assembling your fourth DNA strand your consciousness will be stationed within the fourth dimension and you will perceive the Unified 156 DNA Field of the dimension below in terms of matter solidity. It is the present focus of your consciousness that magnetically draws frequency patterns from the dimensional Unified Field into your personal morphogenetic field. 

Once your consciousness has moved into one sub-frequency band, it pulls that frequency pattern into the morphogenetic field, the morphogenetic field manifests that frequency pattern into the corresponding DNA strand and shifts the consciousness to the next sub-frequency band up. Whatever thoughts you held at one station of consciousness become programmed into the DNA strand that corresponds to the dimension in which that thought was held. A thought-form created while the consciousness is focused in D-4 becomes a manifest part of the fourth DNA strand and is entered into the Cellular Memory stored within the sub-atomic particles of which the body cells are composed. 

Once the personal morphogenetic field has pulled in all of the 12 sub-frequency bands in one dimension, the full DNA strand corresponding to that dimension is fully assembled and the consciousness is transferred into the first sub-frequency bands of the next dimension up. We call the point of evolution when the full DNA strand is assembled the Consummation and the point when the consciousness transfers into the first sub-frequency band of the next dimension up the Initiation. With the Consummation of one DNA strand, and the Initiation of the next strand, the contents of the consummated strand begin to progressively appear in physical manifestation for the consciousness, now focused in the dimension above. 

We call the point where the contents of a DNA strand begin to physically appear within the perceptual range of the conscious personality the Activation of the strand. For example, when the consciousness has moved through the entire 12 sub-frequency bands of D-3 and thus assembled the third DNA strand, the identity is considered to be at its third Consummation, (the morphogenetic field and consciousness have “consumed”, or drawn into themselves, the frequency patterns of the third dimension). At the third Consummation, the fourth Initiation begins, as the station of consciousness transfers to the first D-4 sub-frequency bands and the D-4 frequencies begin to enter the morphogenetic field and the DNA. 

As the first sub-frequency band of D-4 initiates into the morphogenetic field, the first sub-frequency band in the D-3 third DNA strand begins to Activate, or holographically project its contents into the range of physical perception. Thus the Consummations, Initiations and Activations of DNA go together, and represent the points at which the focus of consciousness transfers from one dimension to another, and the collective thought-forms from the dimension below begin to come into conscious perception as physically manifest form. As we have mentioned, consciousness will perceive as physical reality the energy patterns of the frequency bands that exist one full dimension below the station of awareness. 

The progressive DNA Initiations of one 157 Current Events dimensional band create the progressive Activations of, or manifestation of the collective thought patterns contained within, the DNA strand that corresponds to the dimension below. This process of progressive frequency infusion into the DNA, and the DNA-strand assembly it creates, gives you the perceived illusion of passage through linear time. The new frequencies progressively increase the pulsation rhythm of the particles that compose your body and consciousness, moving your consciousness into the next set of dimensional sub-frequency bands, while propelling the contents of one sub-frequency band below into manifest perception.

 The manifest illusion of moments passing forward in time within a physical reality represents your consciousness perceiving the progressive Activations of the last DNA strand you assembled. These progressive Activations of the last DNA strand occur as your consciousness progressively Initiates new sub-frequency patterns from its present dimensional focus, into the morphogenetic field. Time does not move forward, in fact, time does not move at all. The experience of progression through time is created as consciousness progressively draws into itself frequency patterns from the dimensional Unified Fields, which progressively expands the consciousness, morphogenetic field and physical body. 

The particles of which the body and consciousness are composed pulsate progressively faster as higher frequencies are embodied in the morphogenetic field, DNA and consciousness, the body matter grows progressively less dense and the consciousness expands upward through the multidimensional Unified Field. We wanted you to know this little secret about the true nature of human DNA, and how the DNA is the literal vessel through which the illusionary experience of physical, external reality is manufactured. Knowing this, you may then realize that when you are shifting your consciousness and using the imagination to program desired thought-forms into the past, present or future, you are literally reprogramming the frequency patterns of your cellular content and the operational holographic program that will manifest into physical reality through the DNA.

 The holographic, thought-form program through which your external reality will manifest is literally stored, as a multidimensional electromagnetic program, within the sub-atomic particle structure of your cells, much as a computer stores data within its memory. The DNA serves as the literal conduit through which that holographic program will project data from cellular memory into physical manifestation, much as a computer’s circuitry allows the electronic data stored in memory to be projected onto the screen, into forms recognizable to human perception. Your external reality field is the screen upon which the thought-forms that are stored within your cellular memory program will be displayed, and the DNA operates as the electromagnetic circuitry through which that memory comes into perceptual manifestation.

 To gain creative control over your manifest events, you must edit the cellular memory files (clear and transmute the lower pulsating particles from the body and auric field), upgrade the holographic thought-form program (create new visualizations of desired past, present and future events, living them in imagination “as if they are happening now” within the desired time period) and expand the DNA circuitry (consciously use the chakra system to accelerate DNA strand assembly) in order to allow new, desired reality pictures to project into your world of manifest events. In the practice of conscious evolution, cellular clearing and DNA transmutation, this is precisely what is taking place. When you create “future memory” visualizations, you are putting specific manifestation instructions into the morphogenetic field of the DNA strands you have not yet assembled.

You will encounter those reality pictures in manifest form once those DNA strands come into activation, through the initiation of your consciousness into the frequencies of the next dimension up. When you recreate “past memories” from your present focus, you are literally putting new reality pictures, in the form of electromagnetic impulses, into the DNA strands you have already built and activated. You can literally shift things in your present manifest experience by reprogramming the past memory impulses stored in your DNA; add new past memories and new events will manifest in your present. Create future memories now, and you can direct the path of your evolution from your present moment in time.

When you release crystallized thought-forms composed of slower-pulsating particles from your present cellular structure, you are stopping those lower thought-form patterns from activating into your DNA, through which they would otherwise project into physical manifestation. Your moment of power is always in the present, when you realize that your present focus of attention can alter and direct events in both past and future, and within the present. It takes practice to develop skill in conscious manifestation and you must become familiar with the “feel” of your own inner focus of consciousness in the present, in order to direct your power of manifestation. Prior to learning manifestation skills, you must learn de-manifestation skills.

 Learning how to remove undesirable morphogenetic thought-form patterns from your active holographic program, which is stored within the cells and made operational through the DNA, is the first step in gaining mastery over the contents of your external reality field. By removing slower-pulsating particles from your body systems, you make room for the addition of new morphogenetic thought-form patterns composed of faster pulsating particles, which contain the electromagnetic imprint for more harmoniously ordered events. We are telling you of these things because the Guardian Alliance needs your help to ensure the success of the Bridge Zone Project. We need you to take responsibility for consciously building your personal DNA, expanding your consciousness, clearing your cellular memory and directing your thought-forms to the Bridge Zone.

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