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Voyagers II; 16 The Guardian Material; 9/11/2001 WTC/Pentagon Attack and the Illuminati One World Order

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended had this been shared as WE asked, that your species would have avoided some of the pain and suffering it has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

16 The 9/11 WTC/Pentagon Attack and the Illuminati One World Order

(KR editors note; This personal justification below and these decisions were not promulgated by GA/EO contact. The Voyagers Team made these decision based upon free will. this first offering were justifications which were not from us. they were from Ann directly. PERIOD.) 

"Due to the continuing barrage of “stop-the-presses” new emergency release information provided by the Guardian Alliance (GA) since the United Intruder Resistance (UIR) Edict of War on September 12, 2000, preparations for this updated Second Edition (2e) printing of Voyagers II has taken far too long. Information that was originally intended to become a simple glossary for this book rapidly expanded in size to become another book in its own right. This partially completed new book was then quickly put “on hold” as a progressive series of GA emergency release dispensations rapidly accumulated over 400 pages. Meanwhile, our Planetary Shields Clinics workshop and site work excursions were scaled up to top GA priority, solidifying into an immediate Crisis Intervention Program called the Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Planetary Stewardship Initiative. 

As we began our new Ireland-England Planetary Shields Clinics (KR editors note; PAID ) tour in July 2001, I was able to finally complete the “2001 Update” and related materials for Voyagers II , 2e. After a year’s worth of frustrating but unavoidable delays, the lovely people with Saintly Patience at Granite Publishing could finally ''put the book to rest'' with fulfillment of its second printing—or so we all thought. As this book was about to go to press in September 2001, the ''unbelievable'' occurred. The events of September 11, 2001, which we have all rapidly come to know so well, intruded into the American heartland and homeland with all of their inherent, numbing, horrific fervor, and “life as we’ve known it” in the USA was suddenly and abruptly “changed forever.” 

The events of the 9/11/2001, terrorist attacks upon the NYC World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., have literally and rapidly cast not only America, but literally the entire world, into a completely new and utterly “alien” uncharted political landscape, the implications of which most peoples of all nations are presently struggling to comprehend. The old American expression of shared national mourning and cultural, mental and emotional fixation that was once expressed by a generation before in the query of “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” has now been permanently deposed from its once-prominent position within the national collective mind. 

The old question has now been indelibly and forcefully replaced within THE collective cellular memory of the American psyche by the query of “ Where were you on 9 /11/2001?” within this general question and ''query of our times'' the answer to which is fully branded into the memory of many American citizens, resides the even more important silent questions of ''What in the world is going on?'' and ''How will all of this affect us?'' The horrific events of 9/ll, and even more so their potential ramifications, have made questions regarding the “Kennedy Assassination” and other unresolved issues and shocking moments of our collective past seem almost irrelevant. Events prior to the Trade Towers/ Pentagon attacks literally pale by comparison to anything we have known since WW2. 

Due to the collective “emotional-mental stun factor” generated by the “9/ll Disaster,” and the obvious resultant aftermath of “major movement within the global political landscape” that now dominates the focus of world attention, many previously important questions may fall away from mass attention. In some cases such environmentally forced redirection of our mental and emotional focus from fixation on past events and issues represents a potential healing catharsis within the collective psyche, as individuals and nations begin to reassess and redirect their priorities. But in other cases, distraction from pertinent past concerns can prevent us from acquiring the very answers we seek concerning the contemporary drama.


 One of the most important multifaceted issues that might readily and “conveniently” succumb to further malnutrition of mass attention is the highly complex issue of ''UFO investigation.'' The “UFO issue” is, in truth, a compendium of a variety of interrelated subjects: “UFO sightings”; crop circles; ET visitation/abduction; the “UFO Movement”; the “New Age movement”; “angelic” contact; “channeling” communication; “spiritual development”; “ascension teachings”; “official denial”; “Illuminati One World-Order agendas”; “forbidden archeology”; and the multitudes of related, politically charged, ''conspiracy theories'' one must inevitably address if thorough investigation of the “UFO issue” is to be ascertained. In our present drama, seemingly born of very “3-D international political issues,” it is more important than ever to keep questions of the “UFO issue” firmly and foremost in mind. 

The answers to the most ominous' ''silent questions'' of “What in the world is going on? and ''How will this affect us?'' do not reside within the well-orchestrated “3-D political forum”; these answers exist squarely within the core of the “UFO issue.” The tragedy of the Trade Towers/Pentagon Attack is a global “wake up call” for ''things unknown as-yet-to-come.'' Unfortunately, such an event, which could serve as our greatest catalyst for mass awakening, is instead being utilized to serve as our greatest mass distraction from the knowledge our world most needs to rapidly comprehend. In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attack, three of the greatest and fully justifiable unspoken questions within the minds and hearts of the courageous people who have supported the GA work since 1999 were as follows. “Did the GA know this attack would occur?” 

“If not, and the GA supposedly knows so much, then why didn’t they know?'' ''If they did know, then why didn’t they stop it or warn us?'' Along with questions regarding GA awareness, the same questions were understandably directed toward myself, and my associates MC.'' Did we know? '' “ What did we know?'' ''Couldn’t we, through our GA Guardian contacts, have done something to prevent it?'' As this book was ready to go to press, the “Unbelievable Events” of 9/ 11/2001, unfolded, and with them a massive wave of personal and public questions that cried out for answers. Though the final text of this book was intended to be complete with the “2001 Update” material, Granite Publishing rightly and wisely requested that a further update covering the Trade Towers/Pentagon Attack be provided as conclusion to Voyagers II 2e. 

As “fate” or ''Divine Synchronicity'' would have it, the printing deadline for this book had not yet passed when these monumental events of mass mayhem occurred. In this final emergency release update of Voyagers II 2e, I will do my best, as GA representative Speaker, to address the most obvious questions regarding the “9/11 Disaster.” More importantly, I will try to briefly explain within the limited space remaining in this book, the relationship between the “9/11 Disaster” event and the GA emergency release materials that we have been progressively teaching within the public forum since the end of 2000. It is within our understanding of the ''Big Picture'' drama that Real comprehension of events such as the “9/11 Disaster” can be gained. 

Real comprehension is essential if we are to recognize that this seemingly isolated event of international horror represents the greater reality of what is called a ''Trigger Event,'' which is an external, mass event that is covertly orchestrated by seemingly unrelated ''hidden forces'' from “behind the scenes”—an event that represents the “pressing of the start button” within the invisible Illuminati World Management Team machine. Trigger Events are orchestrated strategically from off-planet sources in order to set in motion, through remote psychotronic mobilization of the unsuspecting onplanet Illuminati force, a series of national and global changes that are intended to move the global arena toward fulfillment of hidden Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET objectives. It is through understanding these hidden objectives as they exist behind and within the global drama that we, as individuals and nations, are empowered to choose educated, effective action through which the ideals of peace, freedom, brotherhood and love can be attained ." ~Anny hayes


The ''2001 Update'' materials preceding this text were completed and submitted to the publisher in early July 2001. They contain a brief summary of GA emergency release dispensations that have been progressively provided since the September 12, 2000, Edict of War was issued by the Fallen Angelic/''Intruder ET'' UIR.¹ Before any obvious indication was made apparent within the “external world,” the GA’s information provided since September 2000 and briefly summarized in the original “2001 Update” section of this book, revealed that contemporary Earth is caught within a long-anticipated, “presently hidden” interdimensional, Interstellar War. A war that would become “all too real” to us in “3D” terms if humanity was unwilling to assist Emerald Covenant nations in peacefully securing Earth’s Templar/Star Gate Complex from further Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET/Illuminati infiltration before 2003. Within the GA security release dispensations we were gently shown that not only was humanity facing the challenges of planetary physics inherent to natural SAC’s, but we were also faced with progressively growing obstacles created through the actions of “human” Illuminati races manipulated by the Fallen Angelics. 

The 2001 GA revelations exposed the long-term, highly organized and progressively orchestrated Fallen Angelic directed Atlantian Conspiracy² ''Illuminati OWO Master Plan,'' which has been a core commonality between the various competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET races since 9560 BC Atlantis. This information revealed the true scope of the drama we are presently in, the scope of this drama and the long-term Illuminati OWO Master Plan is massive and “bone chilling” (if you don’t understand the peaceful solutions). Of greatest significance, the 2001 GA revelations brought into focus the details of the intended stages of the contemporary phase of the Illuminati Master Plan, so we can become aware of the basic progression of events we would see should the Illuminati Master Plan advance. When the Anunnaki races defected from the Emerald Covenant to support the UIR’s September 12, 2000, Edict of War, the various Illuminati OWO Master Plan agendas of previously competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET factions were blended into a dominant unified strategy. 

This unified strategy combined various previous initiatives of several Fallen Angelic groups into the UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan, directed by the Necromiton-Andromie force. Renegade Fallen Angelic legions of Omicron-Drakonian, 4 Odedicron (Reptile-avian), Necromiton5 and rebel Anunnaki who refused to join the UIR are still attempting to orchestrate their original OWO agendas, but all have lost critical amounts of support from Earthly Illuminati collectives. As of October 2000, the predominant force within the covert Interior World Government (see Voyagers I) Illuminati World Management Team is now the UIR Fallen Angelic collective. This ''shift in Illuminati administration'' has already become subtly apparent within the external, political maneuverings of various nations since October 2000. The subtle shifts (and some not-so-subtle) within our global political arena, which have taken place since October 2000 in response to the covert influence of the September 2000 UIR Edict of War, represent only the beginning externalization of the UIR OWO agenda into the visible “Official Reality” arena.


Since the GA’s direct intervention with initiation of the Bridge Zone Project in 1983 (see “The Bridge Zone Project” on page 142), the GA have been peacefully and diligently working to prevent advancement of the various competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET and Illuminati OWO agendas on Earth. Through the peaceful tools of inter-stellar Emerald Covenant Coevolution Peace Treaty negotiations and strategically applied and directed Masters Inter-Galactic Templar Mechanics, there was great hope of averting the long-anticipated 2000-2017 SAC Final Conflict drama. The GA had also explained from the beginning that whether or not Illuminati OWO dominion agendas could be averted would depend a great deal upon the progression of choices made by both earthly Human and Illuminati collectives. Though several major victories in the name of Human freedom have been peacefully won through progression of the GA Crisis Intervention Initiative, the realities of potential advancement of Fallen Angelic and Illuminati OWO dominion agendas has not, as yet, been brought to an end. Alongside the recent collection of strategic victories won through the GA Peace Effort, there have also been numerous setbacks. 

The most notable recent setbacks to the GA Peace Effort are the September 12, 2000, Anunnaki defection from the Treaty of Altair and resultant UIR Edict of War, and recent challenges associated with the Montauk Project. These issues of inter-stellar political setback have spawned further, mounting concerns regarding the challenges of planetary physics posed by the progressing 2000-2017 SAC. Emerald Covenant nations have not only entered a State of War Alert in response to the building tensions, continued volatility and the September 2000 Edict of War within the inter-stellar political drama—they are also under a State of Imminent Crisis Order. The Imminent Crisis Order was issued due to the progressively increasing instability of Earth’s planetary Templar Complex and potentially cataclysmic reactions, in terms of planetary physics, that may now occur during the 2000-2017 SAC as a result of the UIR’s more aggressive use of EM scalar pulse technologies. During our Labor Day 2001 workshop of September l-3, the GA provided a new level of high security data pertaining to two areas of pending crisis. Attending Indigo Children were asked to assist Emerald Covenant nations in an immediate Top Priority Crisis Intervention strategy, and we were provided with additional introductory training in even more advanced Masters Templar Mechanics, called “Veca-Code Mechanics,” and planetary healing outreach. 

The first area discussed was that of the present acceleration of Stellar Wave Infusions (see “Stellar Wave Infusions” on page 466) into Earth’s Planetary Shields. In May 2001, as necessitated by the September 12, 2000, Anunnaki defection from the Treaty of Altair agreements, the Maharaji Council triggered early activation of the D-6 Sirius B Star Gate (Density-2), in order to begin overriding Nibiru’s Photo-sonic hold on Earth’s planetary Merkaba, Templar and EM fields. If this initiative were not taken, the Anunnaki of the UIR intended to use the Nibiruian Templar connection to force cataclysmic pole shift on Earth by 2008; Earth’s Templar had to be freed from its artificial Nibiruian alignment by 2003 or pole shift could not thereafter be prevented. Star Gate-6 was not originally scheduled to enter its opening cycle until 2008, four years after the 2004 opening cycle of Star Gate-5 Alcyone. 

One of the greatest challenges posed to Earth by expedition of SG-6 activation is that of retaining the delicate EM balances of the planetary grids as Earth’s Planetary Shields6 rapidly activate in accelerated sequence in response to amplified and expedited D-4, D-5 and D6 Stellar Wave infusions. The Emerald Covenant nations took this step of mandatory Crisis Intervention as a ''Calculated Risk,'' knowing that it would be very difficult to realign and hold balance within Earth’s Templar as the SG-6 infusions progressed. This step would never have been taken if it had not been the only remaining strategy available to prevent the UIR Anunnaki from using Nibiru’s artificial link to Earth’s Templar to force rapid pole shift. The only other option for protecting Earth populations from pending cataclysm during the 2000-20l7 SAC would be physical evacuation; an action that would have its own inherent set of nearly insurmountable challenges. 

Following the September 12, 2000, UIR Edict of War, the UIR had initiated accelerated reactivation of the Montauk Project (see page 136) facilities in Long Island, NY, for use in amplified ULF EM scalar pulse transmission. If the UIR was successful in their intention of forging a link between the Rigelian Zeta controlled Montauk facility and the Anunnaki controlled NDC-Grid at Stonehenge, nothing would be able to prevent advancement of the UIR pole shift agenda. By November 2001 Emerald Covenant nations initiated an Imminent Crisis Order in relation to Earth Crisis Intervention efforts; as part of this emergency intervention initiative, SG-6 and the l2-dimensional Star Gate passage known as the Halls of Amorea7 were activated. Since May 2001, continual Photo-sonic transmissions from SG-6 Sirius B have been progressively used to hold stable and gently realign the vertical axis of Earth’s planetary Merkaba field; to prevent geoclimatic and tectonic instability as Earth’s Planetary Shields commence rapid D-6 activation. ln July 2001, the central control installation of the NDC-Grid beneath Stonehenge was re-coded to a D-12 program, severing the long-standing, artificial link between Earth’s Templar and that of Nibiru.

 There are 24 subterranean main control ''Nibiruian Crystal Temple Networks'' on Earth that serve as the main global transmission networks of the NDC-Grid “Checkerboard Matrix” Planetary Templar control program. The 24 Nibiruian Crystal Temple Networks on Earth must also be manually re-coded to a 12—code Pulse before the end of 2002, if the 2003-2008 pole shift is to be averted. With the assistance of the Azurite “Signet Rainbow Roundtables” Templar Security Team, the GA have been advancing these planetary healing efforts through a program called the Emerald Covenant Masters Templar Planetary Stewardship Initiative (AKA “Planetary Christos Realignment Mission”).

 Star Gate-6 and the Selenite Crystal Temple Network Note: A few of the many “Supplicant Sites,” or smaller Selenite and Quartz Crystal Matrices that are connected to the main Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network sites as transmission tributaries, were discovered recently in Mexico by scientists. Information of this discovery was released to the public this year, with expedition photographs showing breath-taking, massive Selenite Crystal rods. These Selenite rods are small by comparison to those of the many main network installations. Photos and information concerning the “Official Science” aspects of this discovery can be found on various Internet sites. 

Since childhood, I knew that this ancient Inter-stellar Crystalline Photo-sonic communications and transmitting network existed. 🙄On several occasions, GA Priests of UR escorted me through the Cloaking Shield (Photo-sonic security force field) of the subterranean Crystal Caverns system that links Earth to the portals of the Inner Earth Time Cycle. The Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network communications and transmission network is connected to and run through the Crystal Caverns system. The Emerald Covenant Maharaji of Sirius B seeded the original installations of the Crystal Temple Network over 3 million years ago, during Human Seeding-2; since that time additions of “younger” Nibiruian Selenite rods were added during different historical periods when Nibiru was under Emerald Covenant protection. Nibiruian Anunnaki seized control of the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network during the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion in Atlantis and used it in conjunction with the NDC-Grid, to control the main Axiatonal and Ley Lines of Earth’s Templar, and to progressively block Guardian nation communication within Earth since the 9558 BC Atlantian flood. .

 During the 1992 Emerald Covenant Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements the GA gained partial, temporary access to the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network, which has enabled them to regain partial protection over some of Earth’s Templar and to open limited communication and Photo-sonic transmission lines to Earth. The Nibiruian Annunaki and Galactic Federation began activating the Crystal Temple Network for scalar pulse transmission in 1942, in an unsuccessful attempt to block Zeta and Illuminati races from conducting the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, which would hamper the Anunnaki’s intended 2000-2017 OWO dominion agenda. Presently “the battle is on” as the UIR, several smaller competing Fallen Angelic collectives and Emerald Covenant nations covertly struggle to gain primary control over Earth’s Crystal Temple Network before 2003, using Planetary Templar and Merkaba (EM field) Mechanics and scalar pulse technologies. 

The recently revealed Selenite caves in Mexico are a very small Supplicant Matrix, recently activated by the UIR as a scalar transmitting station; this installation connects to the larger tributary systems surrounding the main Nibiruian Crystal Temple base in Central Mexico. The UIR permitted this Selenite cave to be “found” by releasing the Cloaking Shield surrounding it, in preparation for their intended covert physical infiltration of Earth. For the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network bases to activate at full scalar-transmission capacity, the Cloaking Shield buffer must be deactivated, which leaves the usually invisible/cloaked installations vulnerable to inadvertent Human “discovery.” Other, related Crystal Temple cavern systems, containing Selenite, Quartz, Amethyst, Diamond and various types of Beryl deposits, will be “found” within the next 3-9 years; two are due for activation and ''discovery'' around the end of 2002 (locations not yet revealed to me by GA 341 The 9/11 WTC/ Pentagon Attack and the Illuminati One World Order for security reasons). 

More information on the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network and related subjects can be found in our Masters Templar Coursebook (now available) and forthcoming Forbidden Testaments of Revelation book. The UIR and Illuminati collectives have a vested interest in preventing the Emerald Covenant nations from re-coding the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network to a 12-Code Pulse, as this would place these Planetary Templar Control scalar pulse transmission stations out of the UIR’s D-11 frequency range. Under natural D-12 programming, the NDCGrid and Crystal Temple Network would be inaccessible to UIR manipulation and could then be used by Emerald Covenant nations to rapidly place Earth’s Templar, and the “Montauk Problem” under a D-12 Security Seal.

 If Earth’s natural D-I2 Planetary Maharic Seal can be stimulated into activation, any further advancement of the UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan and pole-shift agenda will be prevented. The UIR OWO Illuminati Master Plan, which now hinges on their ability to implement a global mass ''Frequency Fence'' by 2003, requires the use of the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network for continual transmission of the Frequency Fence Sub-ULF scalar pulse program. During the GA/Eieyani Labor Day 2001 workshop of September 1-3, the GA explained that the UIR had initiated an aggressive, expedited step of advancement of their Illuminati OWO Master Plan. Expedition of their already delayed OWO Master Plan was successfully initiated by August 30, 2001, in an attempt to gain control of the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network before Emerald Covenant nations could complete their intended l2-Code Pulse re-programming before 2003. 

GA Templar Mechanics conducted during the January 2001 Florida Azurite gathering had temporarily thwarted the UIR from achieving full activation of the Montauk facility. The GA had successfully re-programmed to a natural 12- Code Pulse, the main planetary Axiatonal Line connected to Montauk, which had been used for UIR global scalar pulse transmission. By September 2001 the UIR had activated, and interconnected for purposes of frequency amplification, a series of smaller global Ley Line tributaries running through the Montauk facility. 


Due to the UIR’s August 12-30, 2001, full activation of the Montauk facility, combined with the May 2001 early activation of Sirius B Star Gate 6, Earth is now in “Big Trouble.” During our Labor Day 2001 workshop, the GA/Eieyani calmly explained that due to this recent advancement of the UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan they would now have to take “final emergency measures” to prevent pole shift and to stop further expedition of the UIR agenda. We were provided with new, introductory teachings on Veca-Code and Trion Field Masters RRT Templar Mechanics, through which we can assist the Emerald Covenant nations in creating a Planetary Trion (or “Trinity”) Field. 

A successful Trion Field will allow Earth’s now precariously balanced EM grids, Planetary Shields and Merkaba Field to be directly linked into Planetary Shields of the Inner Earth time continuum. Earth’s Templar will be simultaneously linked into the Planetary Shields of a free counter-part of “Future Earth” that exists in a Trans-Harmonic Accelerated Time Cycle called the Meajhé Zone. 8 The Planetary Shields 342 Trion-Meajhe’ Fields and Expedited Amenti Opening from the two other Time Matrices will serve as massive Photo-sonic Anchoring Rods (huge standing-columnar-waves of 15-dimensional, inaudible sound) called Trion Pillars. 

Once anchored in Earth’s Planetary Shields, the Trion Pillars will draw Earth’s Star Gates and Shields into natural alignment with the Inner Earth time continuum, so the Bridge Zone Time Continuum Shift can progressively proceed. This “three-way link” or “Trinity Bond” between the three Time Matrix systems will create enough D-12 (and higher) frequency thrust to allow the Guardian nations to complete their 12-Code Pulse re-programming of the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network and Earth’s Templar before 2003. If the Trion Field is successful, the UIR will be unable to fulfill their intention of expediting their Frequency Fence project in 2002-2003 to rapidly advance their OWO agenda. Earth’s Planetary Shields will progressively return to their organic EM balances under a natural D-12 Planetary Maharic Seal, averting pole shift and preventing further Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET infiltration and manipulation during the SAC.

 This is the focus of the Founders’ Planetary Healing endeavors and Peace Efforts, from now until 2003 end. Much hangs in the balance. Presently Earth’s Planetary Shields are activating at an alarming rate, drawing in massive amounts of frequency from Sirius B SG-6 due to the UIRs’ full activation of the Montauk facility and related installations. This is causing a progressive Time Acceleration of Earth’s passage through the 2000- 2017 SAC. If Earth does not succumb to the now-advancing UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan, the ''Amenti Ascension Schedule'' will reach fulfillment much earlier than originally anticipated. Emerald Covenant races are unable to prevent this undesired acceleration of Earth’s SAC, as the UIR’s psychotronic transmissions have triggered the automatic frequency acceleration sequences in Earth’s Planetary Shields; the most the GA can hope to do is to stabilize Earth’s Templar as the SAC rapidly unfolds. 

The opening of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates, originally due to occur in 2012, the coming 2017 “Three-Day Particle Conversion Period” and all Stellar Wave infusions initially due prior to 2012 will now occur between 2003-2006. If the Trion Field is successfully created before 2003, a ''frequency blanke'' called a Meajhé Field, can be constructed within Earth’s magnetosphere and outer atmosphere, which will buffer Earth from many effects of these accelerated frequency infusions. The Meajhé Field, created through a temporary merging of Earth’s Planetary Merkaba Field and that of the Meajhé Zone Time Matrix, can absorb much of the excessive frequency that will otherwise bombard Earth’s Planetary Shields and collapse Earth’s magnetic fields and atmosphere during the Three-Day Particle Conversion period. 

In the Labor Day 2001 workshop most of us were deeply sobered by the GA/Eieyani’s technical physics answer to the question of “What will Earth life experience during this accelerated phase before the Three-Day Particle Conversion Period?” This information is too lengthy for inclusion in this book; I will simply say that if the Meajhé Field is not created “you wouldn’t want to be here.” One summary clue is the scientific term called Hydrogen Burning. All Emerald Covenant Crisis Intervention efforts are now directed to creating the Trion Field and Meajhé Field on Earth and blocking the UIR Frequency Fence, between now and 2003. There is no time left for wasting energy with Illuminati sparring matches or countering disinformation campaigns; “the Game is On,” people, and the advanced Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics is literally the only solution to this dilemma. If the real truth as explained above is a “bit too much to handle,” then perhaps the Big Picture will begin to make more sense through understanding the smaller, but equally bothersome, reality of the now rapidly advancing UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan. 

On the last day of our Labor Day 2001 workshop, September 3, eight days prior to the 9/11/ 2001 Trade Towers/Pentagon Terrorist attack, the GA revealed the second, interconnected “pending crisis” issue. The UIR and Illuminati had finally managed to fully expedite activation of the Montauk facility and its global scalar pulse transmission network. The UIR’s schedule of advancing their Illuminati OWO Master Plan, which originally involved initiation of the “2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment” (see page 110) and “2004 Frequency Fence,” had been expedited and fully set in motion. Phase 1 of their intended Frequency Fence would need to be forcibly implemented before 2003 if they were to prevent Emerald Covenant nations from permanently securing under a natural 12-Code Pulse the 24 Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network transmission sites. More disturbingly, the GA revealed that the first major move in expediting the UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan into externalized motion had just begun. The GA security release data revealed in the Labor Day 2001 workshop was not the first warning the GA had provided regarding the potentials of horror inherent to the Illuminati OWO agenda.

 My first chilling glimpse at this reality came in October 1999, about one year before the inter-stellar political drama escalated to its present state of chaos through the consolidation of Fallen Angelic invasion forces in the September 7-12, 2000, formation of the UIR. 


In the only ''Classified'' (KR Editors note; Bullshit! The Very nature of the information we gave her DEMANDED it's Immediate and FREE release to the Public.) dispensation of data the GA had ever given, a 53-page manuscript was transcribed in October 1999, detailing some of what the then-dominant Zeta Rigelian-Dracos/Drakonian and Anunnaki OWO forces had in store if the GA Peace Effort could not prevent advancement of their agendas. Only a few copies of this transcript were produced, and I was permitted to share them with only a few close friends and people directly involved in the GA work. 

The information contained in this GA dispensation detailed some disturbing Illuminati actions that were already occurring in 1999 and revealed data on a few very frightening potential events that would emerge into “Official 3-D reality” if the Emerald Covenant Crisis Prevention Initiative failed. The Emerald Covenant Founders’ races had deemed the October 1999 Classified information unsuitable for public release at that time. They knew the information would generate unnecessary fear over events we might likely avert via GA Peace These revelations of Illuminati activities would also serve to initiate an even great slander/disinformation/public attack campaign against the GA work and me personally, among Anunnaki representatives within the New Age Movement and Zeta-Dracos representatives in the UFO Movement. 

The deciding factor preventing this data from being authorized for public release was that disclosure would cause the then-extremely fragile and rapidly disintegrating 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements to be shattered completely. Unknown to me at the time, in 1999, Emerald Covenant nations were deeply immersed within terribly volatile, top-security politically sensitive negotiations with major Anunnaki nations, attempting to persuade them to honor their 1992 peace treaty promises. In 1999, Emerald Covenant nations still had hope that the 2000-2017 Final Conflict drama on Earth could be averted through fulfillment of the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements. 

The ''last ditch attempt'' at resurrecting this failed 1992 peace treaty between Guardian and Anunnaki legions was the July 5, 2000, Treaty of Altair, which had failed miserably by September 12, 2000, resulting in the UIR Edict of War. Throughout 1999, the GA and Emerald Covenant nations had been trying desperately to prevent the event of war with the Anunnaki, due to their NDC-Grid stronghold over Earth’s Templar. Factions of the Anunnaki legion (ruling portions of Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, Alpha-Omega Order Melchizedeks and Nibiruian Thoth-Enki-Zephelium Anunnaki) had defected from the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements and made “friendly enemies deals” with a faction of the competing Dracos Omicron Drakonian hybrid race in March 1999. 

In the Dracos-Anunnaki agreements, the Nibiruian Councils (of “Nine,” “Twelve” and “Twenty-Four”) mandated that a program of Human Genocide would be immediately initiated to reduce the numbers of Human populations, so easier advancement of the Anunnaki-Dracos Illuminati OWO Master Plan could proceed. The October 1999 Classified information detailed that a type of Psychotronic scalar-pulse technology called a “Phantom Pulse” would be transmitted to key locations on Earth via the Montauk facility and lowscale activation of portions of the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network. The “Phantom Pulses” would progressively amplify over time, beginning within the areas of Earth’s Planetary Shields into which they were sent, due to the progression of the SAC.

 The purpose of the Phantom Pulse transmissions was to progressively send digitally encoded Psychotronic Mind Control directives to certain segments of international populations, through which the “3-D event” of Human war, escalating rapidly into a WW3 “Armageddon” scenario, would unfold within the Human drama. The progression of ''Trigger Events'' through which this “Human War” would be progressively instigated via Psychotronic transmission, would not begin until the Phantom Pulses had reached a critical mass transmission strength in Earth’s grids. In synchronization with the originally scheduled progression of Earth’s SAC, the first set of Psychotronically induced “Trigger Events,” and their resulting “3-D political actions” orchestrated by targeted individuals and collectives, were intended to begin in 2002. 

The October 1999 classified document further explained that a smaller, less developed version of this technology had been tested by the Rigelian Zeta-Dracos Alliance in the area 345 The 9/11 WTC/Pentagon Attack and the Illuminati One World Order of Bosnia, and that it was “working successfully” to instigate Human political unrest. The document further revealed that between June-July 1999 the Zetas, with assistance from the Anunnaki, reactivated a portion of the Zetas’ scalar transmission facility at Montauk to amplify the capabilities of this Psychotronic technology.

 It was further explained in the October 1999 dispensation, that on August 11, 1999, the first set of Three Phantom Pulses, directed to American targets, was issued by the UIR. The first pulse sequence was sent into the Roswell, NM, vortex system, the second to the Castle Rock Vortex in Sedona, AZ, and the third was transmitted into the Montauk-Long Island-Manhattan, NY, vortex system. The document then mentioned that a second set of Phantom Pulses was intended to be issued into Primary Vortex-2 Jerusalem, Israel on November 18, 1999 and the third and final set of “first phase” pulses were scheduled for China on December 12, 1999.

 All of these targets were hit with amplified Psychotronic scalar Phantom Pulses as scheduled.9 The information pertaining to the Anunnaki-Dracos-Zeta intended dates of first wave Phantom Pulse transmissions was obtained by Enoch, the Density-3 Immortal Jehovian Anunnaki-Human hybrid, who had appealed for an Emerald Covenant Redemption Contract in 1983. Since 1983, Enoch had remained loyal to the Emerald Covenant, and also throughout the 1992-1999 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements, following his long stint of service as a major player within the Jehovian Anunnaki OWO dominion agenda between 10 AD and 1983. In 1999, Enoch was able to secretly obtain this Anunnaki military strategic information from his contacts within the Jehovian Anunnaki legion (Arcturus, Orion, Sirius A). 

The information presented in the October 1999 Classified document was entrusted to me only so that I would begin to really understand the seriousness of Earth’s position, and so that I could present some of the information on solutions to the public in 1999. This public presentation was conducted and filmed on December 12, 1999, in a large NYC workshop, through which the first grouping of the Azurite Templar Security Team was formed. At this time the Emerald Covenant agenda was focused exclusively upon continuing GA/Founders Emerald Covenant inter-stellar political negotiations in hopes of bringing the Anunnaki and their Illuminati forces back into the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements peace treaty, and upon preparing the Azurite Security Team for Masters Planetary Shields Clinics. Planetary Shields Clinics are the only technology through which this OWO agenda and Phantom Pulse technologies can be stopped. 

The Emerald Covenant nations, with help from the East Coast U.S. Azurite Team, achieved the first major, and utterly essential preliminary victory in their Crisis Intervention Program—“Grounding of the Stellar Bridge” on a “12-Code Pulse” during the “Transcendence Day Stand” of January 1, 2000. With this accomplishment, Emerald Covenant nations were finally “in the game” and had a decent chance of protecting Earth and humanity from the advancing Illuminati OWO agenda and Nibiruian 

 The “Frequency War” was on between the Guardian and Fallen Angelic nations; the victor would control Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex and thus the ultimate fate of the 2000- 2017 SAC and consequently Earth’s immediate destiny. When Anunnaki legions finally fully defected from the Emerald Covenant Treat of Altair on September 12, 2000, joining and expanding the forces of the UIR, the Emerald Covenant nations went under a State of War Alert. The October 1999 Classified document covered a variety of related issues, focusing on peaceful solutions; this document is too large to include here and more recent data is far more pertinent.

 The most intriguing aspect of the October 1999 dispensation is that it clearly identified that the GA had learned that the then-dominant OWO dominion agenda of Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET forces had an established agenda of orchestrating Human Genocide for specific mass population reduction. The Zeta-Dracos-Anunnaki force intended to covertly use Psychotronics to “Trigger” specific actions within the ranks of their Illuminati “puppets” in the Interior World Government, to remotely instigate WW3 among Human nations. Reducing specific Human and Indigo Child populations on Earth was part of their larger Earth infiltration and physical invasion plan, through which they intend to progressively secure, first covert then overt, physical presence on Earth, in preparation for seizing dominion of Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates. 


 Following the October 1999 classified dispensation, the GA infrequently provided bits of additional non-specific information pertaining to various Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET and Illuminati intentions, such as Psychotronically triggered Illuminati terrorist acts, including the use of Bio- terrorism. I was told, in various brief personal discussions with GA members in 1999 and early 2000, that there were “Illuminati Sleeper groups” (unnamed and unidentified) of various nationalities scattered within about 15 major (unnamed) countries. They said world governments knew since their beginning formation in the 1960s-1980s that the various “Sleeper” Terrorists Groups existed and had most of them already under constant surveillance. 

The “Sleepers” were intended as the eventual targets of Psychotronic ''Triggering'' launched by the Zeta-Dracos-Anunnaki Fallen Angelic collectives if their OWO Master Plan progressed beyond 2002. The GA did not stress the “Sleepers” as being the primary threat to planetary security; the greatest threat was the intention of the Fallen Angelic forces to trigger Wars between Nations. In 1999-early 2000, the Illuminati Sleeper groups were not intended as the force that would start the ''WW3'' drama; the Fallen Angelics simply intended to use them after the fact of major global war, as covert militia operatives. The GA intended to warn the public of any known Sleeper activity if that ''time ever came.'' Our attentions were focused upon securing Earth’s Templar from further Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET infiltration and upon peacefully preventing further advancement of the Zeta-Dracos-Anunnaki Illuminati OWO Master Plan through Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics, in order to prevent WW3. 

The Emerald Covenant nations have kept Sleeper groups under surveillance whenever possible, but this is often difficult, as they are frequently moved around to different locations. The GA explain that Illuminati “Sleeper” groups are moved about within the many geographical locations on Earth where the planetary Axiatonal Lines, Ley Lines, Planetary Shields and Crystal Temple Networks are controlled by Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET collectives. In these areas Emerald Covenant nations face great difficulty in electronic, Photo-radionic and Photo-sonic surveillance as the Fallen Angelics use “jamming” scalar pulse frequencies to “retain their privacy.” 

“Remote Viewing,” or mental surveillance through projection of 3-D consciousness into the D-4 “Astral” field, is the most effective method of Sleeper surveillance, but this too has its drawbacks in relation to monitoring of Fallen Angelic/Illuminati operatives. A small group in each Illuminati Sleepers force collective is trained in Remote Viewing detection, by their Fallen Angelic directors; these individuals can sense “incoming astral presence.” Remote Viewing technology is far more developed than is realized in mainstream society. Not only are there many human and Illuminati Remote Viewing surveillance teams presently active on planet, but there are also several collectives of highly trained “Remote Interactive Teams” or “RITs” that utilize advanced astral field technologies for D-4 astral interaction and manipulation of individuals and populations. 

These groups of “higher ranking,” Ultra-security clearance Illuminati operatives are trained literally in Astral Combat and Infiltration. In some Earth locations, large underground Illuminati laboratories are set up for training, tracking and directing RIT programs; these facilities utilize advanced bio-electrical technologies and mechanically transmitted EM currents combined with induced neurochemical compounds to “force” RIT subjects “out of body” via DNA Template/Pineal stimulation. Most Illuminati RIT members do not realize that they themselves are fully Tagged and that their training agents keep them under continuedsurveillance mind control. More advanced “Master RIT Programs” utilize skilled consciousness projection without the use of mechanical, chemical or external electrical support. Such “Master RITs” are few and far between because development of natural consciousness projection skill requires sustained DNA Template activation and higher-dimensional consciousness integration, which presents the opportunity for the personal Soul, Over-Soul or Avatar consciousness level to intervene and inspire the RIT to peaceful solutions. 

Fallen Angelic Master RIT Programs involved with Earth do not use Human or Illuminati subjects, as there is too great a risk of the earthly subject becoming free from Fallen Angelic covert manipulation. Master RITs are composed fully of Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET ''dark soul/oversoul/avatar collectives, whose higher station of consciousness are also corrupted into exploitative,power-conquest agendas. Non-terrestrial Master RITs often target Human and Illuminati individuals for intended ''bio-energetic field/ Astral Attachment,” or in some cases for partial or full-body possession via DNA Template bonding.The lower echelons of Illuminati RITs are often sent to deliver frequency implants called ''Tag'' into the D-4 astral-field of unsuspecting humans. 

These digitally encoded EM implants serve as dormant triggers that are activated and deactivated via targeted remote scalar pulse transmission, causing the individuals to fall into Illuminati mind control at times when they are needed as covert Illuminati operatives. When the implant is deactivated, the person “returns to normal” often with no conscious memory of what transpired when the implant was active. Astral Frequency Implants, or Tags, are very often used to control, activate and “awaken” Illuminati Sleeper groups, as they allow for specific instructions of action to be remotely transferred via digital scalar pulse into the subject’s mind. 

The subject experiences them as “personal thoughts” or sometimes as “voices from spirit/God,” etc. The Tags utilized by Illuminati RIT forces have a short “life span”—their EM frequency programs become non-distinct and disperse over time, thus requiring repeated remote “Tagging.” Tags also have a limited receiving range; if the subject’s body moves out of range of the intended scalar pulse transmitting facility, the Tag will fail to operate. For this reason there are a multitude of Tag Tracking Units orbiting around Earth in the D-4 frequency bands; these mechanical constructs track the Tags and serve as scalar pulse relay stations for roving Tag activation. People can easily protect themselves from these seemingly elaborate Illuminati and Fallen Angelic/ Intruder ET schemes by simply consistently and frequently using the Maharic Seal technique. 

The Maharic Seal manually activates the natural D-12 frequency sub-harmonics within the Human and Illuminati hybrid DNA template, creating an organic, temporary D-12 ''Frequency Sea'' in the personal bio-field, DNA and consciousness. This D-12 Frequency Seal will clear astral Tags, prevent further Tagging and block Master RITs from bio-field Astral Attachment and DNA bonding. Our lack of awareness as to the existence of these technologies and how to easily protect ourselves against them is the only reason these forces can affect us. In relation to Emerald Covenant nations tracking is the only effective method of surveillance, but it is not a “foolproof” technology. 

Planetary Shields scalar pulse interference creates perceptual “buffer screens” even to the D-4 Astral perception, and many Sleeper groups are hidden beneath''holographic insert fields,'' which are mechanically generated to “give false readings” in Remote Viewing surveillance. Presently, the D-4 frequency bands of Earth are literally surrounded by multiple layers of Fallen Angelic constructed buffer screens, holographic insert fields and EM “Detection Blankets”; this planetary ''Astral Mess'' is referred to in the English language as “The NET”; the “Nibiruian Electra-static Transduction” field. The NET was originally constructed in Atlantis by invading Nibiruian Anunnaki races beginning in 25,500 BC, and was “anchored” into Earth’s Shields via the NDC-Grid and Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network. 

In 9558 BC the Anunnaki fortified the NET, as they have at various times since then, progressively intercepting all natural electrical transmission lines to and from Earth. Since 9558 BC the Anunnaki have been preparing the NET to be “lowered” into D-3 frequency bands as a Frequency Fence, through which they intended to gain easy control over Earth populations during their scheduled 2000-2017 SAC invasion. 10 In the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, Zeta Rigelian races “poked holes” (electromagnetic openings) in the NET, enabling them to create a “doorway” into our space-time coordinate. Emerald Covenant nations have been working to “break through the NET” for many thousands of years, having some temporary, localized victories in certain periods. In the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements peace treaty, the Nibiruian Anunnaki permitted Emerald Covenant nations limited use of smaller frequency relay transmission lines of the NET for communication purposes, and promised to disengage the NET and its manipulative programs by 2000, in preparation for the SAC. From 1992-1994 the NET was used to amplify frequency through which the Zeta-Rigelian/Dracos Montauk facility was temporarily disabled. 

During mid 1998-1999, as the Nibiruian Anunnaki launched their first mass defection from the Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements, the NET was interfaced with the Zeta-Rigelian/Dracos Montauk facility. The NET-Montauk interface was a collaborative Zeta-Rigelian/Dracos and Nibiruian-Anunnaki effort to prepare for “Lowering the NET” into the D-3 Frequency bands via interface with earthly electrical grid technologies, to create their jointly-intended sinister ''Frequency Fence” mass mind control network in 2004. In September 2000, the NET and Frequency Fence initiative came under UIR control and the intended target date for beginning the Frequency Fence was pulled forward from 2004 to 2002. Since 1998 Emerald Covenant nations have used their limited access to NET transmission lines to begin “poking holes” in the NET. They are now progressively working to dissolve the NET through progressive 12-Code Pulse re-programming of the 24 Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network bases through which the frequencies of the NET are anchored into Earth’s Planetary Shields. Over the last 100 years, Anunnaki races have been using the NET to transmit specific technological information to strategically positioned, selected Illuminati Sleepers, through which “Human science” could “slowly advance” via covert Anunnaki “inspiration.” 

Since 1943 the Zeta-Dracos have been running a counter “ET technology training program” on Earth in hopes of capturing full control of the Anunnaki NET for use in their own agendas. In 1999 the Anunnaki and Zeta-Rigelian/Dracos forces agreed to “work together” to prevent Emerald Covenant nations from disengaging the NET. The “Intruder ET technology training” that has been literally electronically inserted “into the minds of men” was “paced” so that Human science would selectively advance to the development of the specific technologies that would be needed to “lower the Frequency Fence” into the D-3 frequency bands. The “man-made” electrical grid networks of Earth, and literally all core radio, television, fiber optics, digital, EM pulse, sonic pulse and microchip technologies have emerged in human civilization through the “genius” of people selected for covert “Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET inspiration.” 

If Emerald Covenant races had been able to provide humanity’s technological education over the past 10,000 years, natural, thoughtdirected subtle-wave technologies built upon organic Creation Physics, Core Scalar Template Dynamics and Sacred Planetary Templar Merkaba Mechanics would have long ago transported Earth’s peoples beyond all “Earthly Limitations.” A race does not need airplanes when knowledge of natural portal and star gate passage is used effectively. One does not need light bulbs when one knows how to project self-contained, luminescent Bio-Dion Field standing-waves, or when a civilization utilizes the natural global free energy systems inherent to Earth’s Templar Complex. (A few things to which we can eventually look forward when Earth becomes a free planet.) Emerald Covenant training would have also served to provide the cultural Spiritual and Social Ethics through which the power of science can be used to enhance and free consciousness within the manifest experience, rather than degrade and enslave it. The earthly “ground technologies” that are now commonplace in developed nations are not the benign and helpful “miracles of human science” that they appear to be.

 Their development was covertly orchestrated off-planet, with the following intentions in mind: 

• To strengthen the frequencies of the D-4 NET, progressively drawing the NET into the D-3 frequency band. 

• To suppress the natural DNA Template and Pineal activation in Humans that would normally occur during the 2000-2017 SAC, in order to harness human consciousness into the 3-D field. If our fourth DNA strand were not partially blocked from activation, we would all be able to see that the D-4 frequency bands surrounding Earth and our local galaxy presently look like an “ET Parking Lot”! If Human and Indigo DNA is suppressed, they cannot effectively run the natural 12-dimensional Kundalini-Maharata Life Force Currents through the body, which are needed to run RRTs into the Planetary Shields during SACs. 

• To amplify existing DNA mutations in Human, Indigo and Illuminati races for lowered immune system response, to expedite biological deterioration of select populations in preparation for, and during, the 2000- 20l7 SAC. 

• To create frequency weakness in the D-4 Human, Indigo and Illuminati Astral body so astral Tagging, bio-field infiltration and Mind Control can be easily and covertly orchestrated on a mass level. 

• To interfere with natural function of human brain-waves, blood and hormonal systems in order to amplify humanity’s present entrapment within the biological form. 

• To distract human attention fully into the external world and into disempowering dependence upon external technologies, so the natural powers of mind, spirit and DNA remain undeveloped. These are only some of the things our “modern” technologies were intentionally designed to do for us; while keeping us joyfully enamored with their apparent advantage (Atlantis revisited! ). But now that these technologies are here, they can be used to promote well being rather than damage. (We are not an “anti-technology” religious-dogma group!) At the expense of sounding redundant, I will point out that the D-12 frequencies generated in the personal biology via consistent use of the Maharic Seal will progressively clear and neutralize the personal effects of damaging electromagnetic emissions. 

If you can generate, through educated mental direction of bio-energy, organic D-12 sub-harmonics through nano-second activation of the dormant portions of your DNA Template and bio-field, you do not need external “devices” such as “Tachyon Field Interceptors” to protect you from Earth’s present environment. There are numerous other natural means of protection that, if used with the Maharic Seal, will amplify personal immunity to such damaging ''invisible Wave fields'' 

If Emerald Covenant nations successfully create a D-12 Planetary Maharic Seal during this SAC, Earth’s environment will also progressively heal, clear and neutralize the damaging effects of these technologies; the technologies themselves will be steadily evolved to a more advanced, ethical order of Sacred Physics applications. In greater terms, advancement of our Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET inspired “Human technology” was intended not only as a control mechanism for Human populations; our “deceitful Stellar neighbors” have bigger plans in mind. Contemporary Global technologies such as the HAARP project, Montauk facility, electrical and nuclear power plants, computers, satellites and EM-sonic scalar-pulse technologies were “given to us” so we would already have core technological installations built on planet. 

These technologies all have the capacity to be linked together, through the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network and interdimensional space craft, to create a massively powerful Photo-sonic Pulse generation and transmission system. “Conveniently,” this is the precise system that the Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET races need to forcibly ''blow through'' the Cloaking Shields (Photo-sonic security force fields) that protect the portals connecting surface Earth and the Inner Earth Time Cycle, where the Halls of Amenti Star Gate control Temples11 are located. 

Over the last 100 years, Human and Illuminati races have served the Atlantian Nibiruian Anunnaki invasion force well as a source of amnesiac ''technological slave labor”; and our ''slave masters'' are intending to soon reap the harvest we have so painstakingly cultivated unknowingly on their behalf. It’s time to “Wake up, world!” and face the hard fact that what we are now experiencing in “3-D” is the beginning of an anticipated and highly strategic climax of the long-nurtured Anunnaki Luciferian Covenant agenda of 9560 BC. (An agenda that has recently become more tightly focused, powerful and organized, via consolidation of a variety of once competing OWO agendas, through formation of the UIR.) The diabolical Luciferian Covenant itself is part of a much older, larger, less organized collection of competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET intended invasion forces that have been collectively orchestrating the Atlantean Conspiracy, the roots of which go back over 200,000 years. 

All of these competing OWO Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET dominion agendas have always shared one core ''Prime Initiative''—full physical conquest of surface Earth as the strategic location from which full physical invasion of the Inner Earth Time Cycle and Halls of Amenti control sites was intended to be launched. Between 50,000 BC-9560 BC the advanced Human civilizations of Lemuria (Mu’a) and Atlantis were progressively invaded by competing Anunnaki and Drakonian agenda races, via forced Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET hybridization, through which the Illuminati-hybrid “puppet races” (the “Leviathan Force”) was created. Between 9560 BC-9558 BC the Anunnaki invader race gained control of what remained of Atlantis through use of the NET and its mind-controlled Illuminati hybrid team. 

In 9558 BC they orchestrated a massive “Planetary House Cleaning, editing and re-writing” of our Human historical records, and have methodically orchestrated each stage of the Luciferian Covenant since, in preparation for the final intended invasion of the 2000-2017 SAC. Sometimes truth is, indeed, much stranger than fiction.12 The Anunnaki would have us totally “under their spell” by now if the Zeta-Rigelian and Drakonian OWO forces, and the Illuminatihybrid Sleepers hadn’t been “giving them a run for their money” since 1943. 

This explanation of our history and present circumstances seems surreal and perhaps “fanciful.” Even if this information were not drawn directly from the CDT-Plate ancient history records (which it is), this scenario takes a turn toward the plausibly real when we begin to see how contemporary global 3-D events fit into the context of this advancing Illuminati OWO Master Plan. What do Sleepers, RITs, the NET, Intruder ET Technology and the Fallen Angelic ''Atlantean Conspiracy dram'' have to do with the 9/11 Disaster? 

Everything. A review of recent history directly pertaining to these subjects, and a glimpse at the Fallen Angelic UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan, will provide the context through which the direct connection between mass events such as the very real “9/ll Disaster” seemingly “unreal” Atlantean Conspiracy can be most easily understood. The recent historical context from which our present drama has emerged begins with the 1930s’ Zeta Treaties and ends with the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements and their final September 12, 2000, dissolution into the UIR Edict of War. ________________________ 

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