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Voyagers II; 17 The Guardian Material; The Phi-Ex Wormhole and Illuminati; OWO, THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE, PHI-EX WORMHOLE, FALCON MATRIX & WORLD WAR II

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended had this been shared as WE asked, that your species would have avoided some of the pain and suffering it has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities. We also caustion that manu distortion in the video teaching of the MCEO and AMCC occurred. 

The Phi-Ex Wormhole and Illuminati

Prior to the Anunnaki’s September 12, 2000, defection from the Treaty of Altair Emerald Covenant peace treaty, GA Races were hopeful that cooperation between Guardian races and the previously ill-intended Anunnaki would allow for a peaceful resolution to the Final Conflict drama that had been “brewing” since the 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant. Since November 1992, Emerald Covenant races have had to make concessions regarding the expedient release of data in order to maintain peaceful cooperation from Anunnaki collectives controlling the NET. In 1992, the GA knew that the interstellar political circumstances were extremely volatile as Earth approached the 2000-2017 Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC). 

They also knew, since the last failed SAC of 22,326 BC had ended in a ''stalemate'' between the competing agendas of the Drakonian/Reptilian, Anunnaki and Emerald Covenant races, that the 2000-2017 SAC would represent the climax of a long-term battle between the forces of freedom and those of dominion. The 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements arose out of necessity, if peace were to be maintained and cataclysm averted during the 2000-2017 SAC. ]

The opportunity for these well-intended but ill-fated peace agreements arose from the actions of numerous Illuminati hybrid-human collectives since the early 1930s. As explained in Voyagers I, certain factions within several world governments had made covert treaties with the Drakonian Agenda Rigelian Zeta-Zephelium¹ races of Orion—and thus the ''Zeta Treaties'' and ''MJ12'' were born. Because of these intended “One World Order ”Drakonian/ Reptilian dominion treaties, competing Anunnaki forces who, since Atlantis, had been “nurturing” their Illuminati hybrid “Sleeper” races on Earth for their intended 2000-2017 takeover, suddenly found that their long anticipated position of covert power had been compromised. 

Since formation of the Anunnaki Luciferian Covenant of 9560 BC, Anunnaki legions had orchestrated a progressive infiltration of Human 12-Tribe culture and systematic destruction and distortion of the Human historical records via their Annu-Melchizedek human-hybrid Illuminati race lines. Since formation of the ancient Luciferian Covenant, the Anunnaki had intended for these Illuminati race “Sleepers” to be in position for overt Anunnaki infiltration and takeover of Earth via the “Savior Space Brothers” deception drama when the long-awaited 2000-2017 SAC arrived. Anunnaki races of Nibiru, Pleiades-Alcyone, Sirius A, Andromeda, Alpha and Omega Centauri, Arcturus and Orion had progressively gained a stronghold on Earth through the 25,500 BC installation of the Nibiruian Electro-static Transduction (NET) and Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC) Grid at Stonehenge. 

Since the 9558 BC Anunnaki-orchestrated “Atlantian Flood” drama and ''Planetary Housecleaning'' (removal of historical records and planting of false historical evidence), the major interstellar Photo-sonic Communications system of Earth, the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network, was Anunnaki controlled via the NET, making Emerald Covenant Guardian race communication with human populations progressively more difficult. The Anunnaki races were not the only ones running the long-term “infiltration through hybridization agenda” since initiation of the 9560 BC Luciferian Covenant in preparation for the One World Order dominion conquest scheduled for the 2000-2017 SAC. Numerous factions of Illuminati-Human-hybrid races of both Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian descent were created through raiding of the Atlantian Annu-Melchizedek hybrid race line that emerged from the Emerald Covenant Anunnaki DNA Bio-Regenesis Program.² 

The warring and conquest documented in known “Human” historical record since 9560 BC has been an illustration of the progressive power quest between competing factions of Illuminati hybrids for Earth Star Gate site dominion. The true Race Identity of Human l2-Tribe races progressively became “lost in the shuffle” and engulfed by Illuminati hybrid race identity, as Illuminati hybrid races, always directly but covertly motivated from “behind the scenes” by their respective Fallen Angelic collectives, launched their competing territorial dominion campaigns. The elite ''Masters of War'' that have held, by force, positions of political, religious and economic power throughout our known history from Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt and Rome, up to the present-day covert ''World Management Team,'' are the Illuminati hybrid “Sleeper Races.” The Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races are the Earthly representatives of competing Anunnaki, Necromiton and Drakonian/Reptilian Fallen Angelic legions, and they have been the motivating force behind literally all “human” politics since the 9558 BC “fall” of Atlantis. Illuminati hybrid Sleepers are but a minority within Earth populations, but they are those presently in positions of greatest power and influence behind the global political, religious and economic infrastructure. Like Earth’s Human races, Illuminati Sleeper races have been subjected to literally thousands of years of false cultural and religious programming via implanted Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian indoctrination.

 Most Sleeper races do not consciously know of the reality of only the few elite, key controllers among each Sleeper faction are permitted conscious knowledge of covert Fallen Angelic/ ET contact, and none are permitted full knowledge regarding the real Fallen Angelic/ET agendas. Fallen Angelics historically control their Sleepers to serve as their “expendable pawns” upon “Chess-board Earth,” through remote NET-transmission of subliminal psychotronic EM scalar-pulse programs and astral Tagging. Though Illuminati hybrid Sleeper races appear both outwardly and genetically like “common humans,” due to genetic mutations that began in 25,500 BC, they do not have the human soul essence. 

The Sleepers are incarnates from the Fallen Angelic/ET collectives that control them; genuine Human 12-Tribe incarnates emerge from a onceascended master Guardian Maji Grail Line soul collective, not from the Fallen Angelic collectives from which Illuminati Sleepers emerge. The various competing Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races have been a hidden, predominant reality on Earth since 155,000 BC. Since the 9560 BC formalization of the Anunnaki Luciferian Covenant, the competing family lines of Illuminati Sleeper Races have been part of a progressively orchestrated, highly organized long-term strategic plan to create Fallen Angelic ''Master Races'' on Earth in preparation for the 2000-2017 SAC. 

Through these Fallen Angelic Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Master Races, the competing legions of Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian interstellar collectives each intended to achieve dominion of Earth’s Star Gates during the 2000-2017 SAC. The strategic plans of Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET Earth-dominion agendas that were set forth in the ancient Atlantean Conspiracy all held the intended scheduled climax as the 2000-2017 SAC. It was known by all Visitor races since 22,326 BC Atlantis, that the competing Fallen Angelic collectives intended to wage war with each other, via manipulation of their Illuminati hybrid Sleeper races, during the 2000-2017 SAC, in the final dominion quest for Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star Gates. 

The carefully cultivated and strategically positioned Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races were intended, by each of the competing Fallen Angelic factions, to serve as the tools through which this war would be won. Since the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, Atlantian invasion and resultant progression of Fallen Angelic territorial infiltration of Earth, Emerald Covenant Indigo Children and Angelic Human 12-Tribe races have also retained their presence on Earth, despite continually advancing Illuminati hybrid and Fallen Angelic persecution, political infiltration, false cultural indoctrination and attempted genocide. 

Guardian races too have their Angelic Sleeper Races, incarnate representatives of the Founders’ Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Peace Treaty, who were long intended to awaken and serve as the peaceful healers and bringers of Freedom when the Final Conflict drama of the 2000-2017 SAC emerged. Until the early 1930s, the Anunnaki legions believed that they had the upper hand in regard to defeating Humans and Drakonian/Reptilian legions in completion of the 2000-2017 One World Order Dominion agenda. The Anunnaki Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Race family lines of the Knights Templar, Free Masons, Hyksos and related factions immersed within certain contrived “religious” persuasions were in positions of global power, each serving in administration over large, unsuspecting, amnesiac, (via DNA mutation) indoctrinated collectives of Angelic Human populations.

 The majority of Human populations existed in an easy-to-direct amnesiac state of Lost Race Identity and religious/scientific/historical cultural Disinformation Propaganda control. Competing Drakonian/Reptilian legions would have a difficult time mobilizing their own Illuminati Sleeper Race forces due to the Anunnaki’s predominant control of the NET and Earth’s interstellar communications systems. In the early 1900s, Zeta-Zephelium races from an adjacent Time Matrix (see Voyagers I) managed to break through the Anunnaki NET, by forcing a “hole in the cap” of a sealed, ancient Atlantean wormhole. 

This wormhole, one of two remaining from the technological abuses of ancient Atlantis, is an artificially created trans dimensional, geophysical anomaly that has existed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of what is now Savannah, GA, since 10,500 BC. The two ancient Atlantean wormholes are in the Atlantic Ocean on Axiatonal Line 7, at about 69.5° W longitude off the eastern U.S. coast. The first wormhole is on horizontal Ley Line 3, the Star Gates-3-Bermuda/ 9-Bam Tso Tibet “Bermuda-Jerusalem-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Bam Tso-Nagasaki Line” at 32° N. The second is on horizontal Ley Line-4/10, the Star Gates-4-Giza/10- Abadan-Iran “Giza-Persian-Gulf-Mid Way Line ” at 30° North latitude. Collectively, the two Atlantian wormholes, and the various Templar ''Port Interface Networks'' connected to them, are responsible for the odd phenomena of plane/boat disappearances and electromagnetic anomalies in the area of the Atlantic called the ''Bermuda Triangle.'' 

The Zeta races began surveillance of Earth territories and were rapidly joined by an aggressive, militant Zeta race from Orion Rigel, who took over administration of Zeta Earth missions on behalf of the Drakonian/Reptilian Agenda. By the early 1930s, through covert, direct physical contact, ZetaRigelian forces had seduced a majority of key controllers in the global political community within both the Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian Illuminati hybrid Sleeper races into entering the Zeta Treaties to stand against what they presented as the “pending Anunnaki invasion.” At this point “MJ-12” and key components of the ''World Management Team'' covert Interior Government were mobilized into a unified organization under the Drakonian One World Order Agenda.

Through the unanticipated events initiated by the Zeta Treaties, Anunnaki legions were forced to initiate select, covert physical contact with key figures in their Illuminati hybrid factions, in an attempt to persuade them to break the Zeta treaties in favor of Anunnaki (Pleiadian-Nibiruian) allegiance. Though the Anunnaki gained some converts through these attempts, the majority of Illuminati hybrid races remained compromised by the trickery of the Zeta Treaties, as the Zetas provided key weapons technologies to further their interests in the WW2 drama. Anunnaki races refused to provide weapons technologies, as they feared their Illuminati hybrid races might use such technologies against them if the Anunnaki could not maintain critical mass control of Illuminati races.

 As the “UFO/Abduction Movement” progressed following the dominant Drakonian/Reptilian Zeta Agenda, the Anunnaki began an aggressive covert counter-campaign using Psychotronic scalar pulse technologies and the NET to “awaken” their civilian Anunnaki Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races. The Anunnaki “trump card” of the NET/NDC Grid3 was used to initiate Psychotronic transmission of ''channeling'' contact with Illuminati Sleepers and Humans within the private sector. Through this covert application of selective mass mind control, progressive cooperation of unsuspecting people was garnered to advance the Anunnaki dominion agenda, culminating in the creation of what has become the “New Age Movement.” 

Throughout the building fiasco of Earth IlluminatiInterstellar politics, Emerald Covenant Guardian races made numerous attempts at physical contact with key members of all Illuminati factions and Human governments. Guardian races offered protection from both Anunnaki and Draconian/Reptilian invasion if Illuminati and Human Interior Government controllers would willingly honor the tenets of egalitarian freedom, non-exploitation and peaceful coevolution as long stated within the Emerald Covenant. Direct Guardian intervention in Earth’s affairs required World Management Team controllers to discontinue their programs of “Official Denial,” reveal the truth of the Atlantic Wormholes, and Visitor Contact, to the public and to present to all populations the free-will choice of entering the Founders’ Universal Emerald Covenant Peace Treaty. 

Guardian races explained that advanced Star Gate sciences and Planetary Templar technologies would be provided in stages as needed, to create peaceful protection of Earth’s territories from further invasion. In order for direct Guardian assistance to be given, the Illuminati hybrid races who were controlling Earth’s infrastructure on behalf of competing Fallen Angelic factions would need to accept the peaceful methods of intervention offered by the Emerald Covenant races. Guardian nations would not endorse the use of, nor provide, advanced weapons technologies for the pending Earth conflict; such technologies would not secure the victory of freedom; they would ensure only planetary destruction. The Illuminati would need to put aside their own One World Order dominion agendas, exploitation of Human populations and intentions of war in favor of peaceful interplanetary and interstellar coevolution built upon the freedom teachings of the Emerald Covenant and Lyran-Sirian free cultural model. Illuminati races within the covert Interior Government and World Management Team repeatedly refused Guardian offers of assistance in favor of the One World Order dominion agendas and promises of power-hoarding offered by competing Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian forces.  


In 1943 the Zeta/Drakonian agenda gained further strength through initiation of the Philadelphia Experiment, in which another ''time-rip Worm hole'' or Port Interface Network (PIN), was made in Philadelphia, PA, via the first Atlantic Wormhole. This PIN connected numerous points in Earth’s global geography to the adjacent Time Matrix that is partially under Zeta/ Drakonian rule. The adjacent Time Matrix to which Earth’s new I943 wormhole network was connected once existed as part of our own Time Matrix. Through repeated abuse of Advanced Scalar Pulse technologies, this portion of our Time Matrix imploded 250 billion years ago forming an 11-dimensional Black Hole Sub-Time Distortion Cycle within the structure of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix. This progressively contracting, unnatural Black Hole Sub-Time Distortion system is known as the ''Phantom Matrix;'' in Biblical terms the Phantom Matrix is described as “the Bottomless Pit,” and is also referred to as ''Hell'' and ''Hades.'' 

The Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET races that have plagued our Time Matrix throughout history are the DNA-mutated/consciousness-distorted life-forms that emerge from the Phantom Matrix into our Time Matrix in an attempt to “energetically feed” their slowly imploding, dying system by harnessing life force from our living system. During the August 12, 1943, Philadelphia Experiment, Zeta forces tricked Illuminati races into employing technologies that the Zeta knew would create active Wormhole links between the Phantom Matrix and Atlantic Wormhole. In 1943, not only were the main East Coast power centers of the US linked to the Zeta controlled Atlantic Wormhole, but an entire network of wormhole links was also created. The Zeta Phi-Ex Wormhole network extends diagonally from Portland, ME- Boston, MA- Montauk, NY- Philadelphia, PA, Washington DC- Mt. Mitchell/Asheville, NC- SW Florida, Atlanta-GA, horizontally across the US to Alaska, spanning both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans into N. Ireland, across Europe and into Vietnam and Japan.

 Key Illuminati controllers were tricked by the Zetas into orchestrating this “experiment” under the false pretense of developing military “Cloaking” (invisibility) technologies. In one well-orchestrated technological deception, the Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian force had literally “carved out their intended territory” across the global map, gaining covert control of many key Axiatonal Lines, Ley Lines and Star Gate sites in Earth’s Planetary Templar, while striking terror into the hearts of their Illuminati collaborators. (The ''Trojan Horse'' of the Atlantian NDC-Grid revisited). The Zeta and Illuminati creation of this Wormhole network had unanticipated consequences for the Drakonian agenda races—the ''Phi-Ex (Philadelphia Experiment) Wormhole” allowed for yet another Fallen Angelic “player” to directly enter the contemporary Earth game. 


A Fallen Angelic race, which had long intended dominion over the Zeta/Drakonian legions of the adjacent Phantom Time Matrix and which had gained partial access to the Atlantian Wormhole the Zetas opened in the 359 The Phi-Ex Wormhole and Illuminati OWO early 1900s, was also able to gain easy open access to Earth territories via the Phi-Ex Wormhole. The most diabolical player in the Earth drama is the ancient race called the Necromiton—a hybrid Insectoid Beetle-Reptilian Anunnaki-hominid-hybrid race from the adjacent Andromeda galaxy. The Necromitons are feared and hated by most Anunnaki and Drakonian/ Reptilian races, and like their competitors, the Necromitons have had Illuminati hybrid Sleeper Races positioned among human populations of Earth since the Atlantian period. The Necromiton races are the leaders of an Unholy Fallen Angelic Alliance that involves several powerful renegade rebel races. Included in this Unholy Alliance, and directed by Necromiton “Andromie” administrators are the following collectives: 

• The Blue Centaurs and Anunnaki-hybrid Centaurian races of Alpha and Omega Centauri. 

• The Orion Black League Human-Reptilian hybrid “Noors”4 of Alnitak-Orion, the Pleiades, Andromeda and Vega-Lyra. 

• Also included are several rebel factions of both Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian legions, including factions of the “Archangel Michael” and Annu-Melchizedek Anunnaki Nephilim rebel races and rebel portions of the Omicron-Drakonian collective of Alnitak-Zeta and Alnilam-Epsilon Orion. The Phi-Ex Wormhole born of the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment presented the Necromiton force with renewed opportunity for large-scale Earth infiltration. Necromiton Andromie race operatives have become known as the “Men in Black” within the contemporary UFO drama. Between 1930-1943, most Necromiton-Andromies were not particularly interested in participating overtly in the “Final Conflict” Earth drama being set up by competing Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian factions. 

The Necromiton had an Earth Star Gate dominion agenda of their own, which originally included extermination of all Earth races, including the Illuminati hybrid operatives of the other Fallen Angelic collectives. Originally the Necromiton intended to build their underground power bases and “wait and see” whether the Drakonian/Reptilian or Anunnaki forces “won the Final Conflict,” intending then to “depose the victors” and claim Earth, Inner Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates for their own. The Necromiton races planned to take direct action only if the 2000-2017 SAC fully commenced, as the Amenti Gates could not be accessed otherwise.

 No one knew for certain until 1998 whether or not Earth’s core vibration would sustain commencement of the pending SAC, but all interstellar races were ''positioning their Illuminati operatives'' for the dramas that were due to rapidly emerge should the SAC commence in 2000. Unlike Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian races, the Necromiton were not interested in dominion of surface Earth, because their primary genetic strains cannot live long under surface-Earth conditions. Their interest in Earth is strategic only; Earth is the primary point in our Time Matrix from which the Halls of Amenti Star Gates can be potentially invaded. When the Zeta-Rigelians advanced their OWO agenda by creating the Phi-Ex wormhole, the Necromiton set up underground bases in certain strategic locations, beginning limited covert contact with key members of their Illuminati Sleeper races for “future reference.” From 1943 forward, both Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian legions and their Illuminati hybrid loyals contrived competing “step-by-step” strategic plans by which covert political infiltration, leading to One World Order surface Earth dominion between 2008-2012, would be progressively set in motion. 

The Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian agenda had advanced rapidly following the 1930s’ Zeta Treaties, quickly over-powering the previously Anunnaki-dominated covert Illuminati political landscape. In the early 1930S, the ''Majestic-12'' Illuminati head of Zeta-Drakonian-agenda operations had progressively infiltrated key positions of world politics, most notably in the U.S.A., which the Anunnaki Illuminati had historically boasted as their “stronghold” since their “Yankee” victory over the Drakonian “Rebel” force during the American Civil War.6 In the l930s the Zetas assisted in creating central organization of the covert World Management Team on behalf of the Drakonian agenda, through which global economic and political powers were centralized under the covert governance of a hidden Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian totalitarian “Big Brother.”


Compromise of the American Constitution had been orchestrated by Anunnaki Illuminati via manipulation of American banking laws, in their quest for covert economic control during the late 1800s and early l900s. The American Constitution was further violated by the Zeta-Drakonianagenda Illuminati in the 1930s, with the creation of the privately held interests of the U.S. Federal Reserve and several other acts of “underground sleight-of-hand.” As the Zeta-Drakonian Illuminati organization of MJ-I2 was quietly expanded into what became the U.S. CIA, the previously covert Anunnaki Illuminati control of the American political-economic machine fell to the equally covert “hostile takeover” of the advancing Zeta-Drakonian ''Big Brother'' game-plan. 

Adopting the strategies of the Anunnaki Illuminati before them, the Zeta-Drakonian Illuminati created a complex ''underground'' system of ''Black-Budget Funding'' networks, including covert drug and arms running, to fund building of underground Zeta-Drakonian Bases and further the quest for covert Big Brother territorial dominion. World War II began in 1939 as the Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian-agenda force launched a covert territorial conquest and race supremacy/genocide campaign through their Illuminati hybrid “fall guy” Adolf Hitler. The political quest was covertly motivated by Star Gate territory control, the “Holy Grail Quest” for Earth’s Templar, as it had been in WW1 and all Human wars since Atlantis. In WW1 and WW2 all groups were covertly competing for territories that could be used for Port Interface Networks connecting to the A7/L3 Falcon wormhole. Once the Zetas had “opened the cap” on the Falcon wormhole on Axiatonal Line-7/Ley Line-3, territories connecting with this coordinate through Earth’s natural Ley Line structure became “prime real estate” for their use as Falcon wormhole Port Interface sites. 

In WW2, select members of Japan’s Illuminati elite were covertly “inspired” by a faction of the Necromiton-Andromie race that at the time chose to compete with the Zeta-Rigelian legion for Port Interface Site dominion in various regions. The U.S.A. and Japan became entangled with each other over intended dominion of Ley Line-3 Port Interface Site control. In 1940, the Necromiton-Andromies began covert contact with their Illuminati hybrid family lines in the areas of Hawaii and Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. Nagasaki is a prime Port Interface Site on Falcon wormhole Ley Line-3; the Necromitons inspired their members of the Japanese and Hawaiian Illuminati to begin construction of two underground marine bases in these regions. 

The Nagasaki-Hawaii Necromiton bases would prevent the Zeta-Drakonian races from expanding their Falcon Port Interface Network as they planned to do during Earth’s scheduled ''Magnetic Peak'' of August 12, 1943. The greatest objectives of the Zeta-Rigelian Drakonians in 1940-1941 were reducing concentrations of Angelic Human Maji and Necromiton Illuminati family lines inhabiting the Nagasaki/Hiroshima areas, and thwarting Necromiton base-building by having Human government attentions scrutinize Hawaiian territories. The Necromiton Fallen Angelics would be left without their Illuminati “surface work force” in Japan, local Angelic Human Planetary Shields guardian races would be destroyed and any covert Necromiton marine activities around Hawaii would be instantly detected and exposed should the Necromitons attempt to proceed. 

To “solve” their pending problem, the Zeta-Rigelians directed their Illuminati family lines in Tokyo and other regions of Japan to launch a “secret attack” on Hawaii. Simultaneously, the Zeta-Rigelians warned their Illuminati key controllers in the U.S.A. that the attack was coming, but that they should do nothing. Once the December 7, 1941, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was completed, the American Illuminati were then directed to enter territorial war but to ''wait until the appropriate time,'' to use the Zeta-Rigelianinspired atomic bomb. Meanwhile, on August 12, 1943, the Zeta-Rigelians inspired their Illuminati within the Allied forces to orchestrate the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment” during Earth’s stronger 20-year August-12 “Magnetic Peak” cycle. Through Zeta trickery the Phi-Ex wormhole and Falcon Port Interface Network were brought into global operation in 1943. The Zeta—Rigelians intended to open the final links of the Phi-Ex Falcon Port Interface Network during the August 12, 1945, yearly planetary Magnetic Peak. 

The Necromiton-Andromies were using a Cloaking Protection Field around their progressing underground base at the Nagasaki Port Interface Site, which would prevent the Zeta-Rigelians from opening and claiming the site under their control in August 1945. As the ZetaRigelians had planned since 1941, the “time had come” to inspire the US Illuminati to direct Human troops to use their A-bomb to “flatten” Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This military atrocity was ordered to break through the Necromiton photo-sonic cloaking screen and to “clear the real estate” of Necromiton Illuminati “cells” for Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian Illuminati “resettlement.” On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima, the Necromiton-Illuminati controlled Cloaking Shield main generator system and a city composed almost completely of innocent Angelic Humans of “Yu Urtite-Cloister Maji Grail Line” descent fell amidst radioactive rubble. 

The Zeta-Rigelian command waited until August 9, 1945, before giving the order to strike Nagasaki. The rapidity of the second strike ensured that the Necromiton would have insufficient time thereafter to erect a temporary Cloaking Shield in an attempt to prevent the Zetas’ scheduled August 12, 1945, Sub-space Sonic scalar pulse. The Zeta-Rigelians’ August 12, 1945, Phi-Ex sonic scalar pulse put the Nagasaki Port Interface Site “on line” with the Zeta-Drakoniancontrolled Falcon wormhole and Phi-Ex Network. By August I3, 1945, the Nagasaki Phi-Ex Port Interface link had proved successful, and the Zeta-Rigelians informed Japanese Illuminati controllers that it was “time to surrender,” that the “Nagasaki Mission” was completed. 

On August 14, 1945, the Japanese Emperor gave consent to Japan’s compliance with the Allied demand for surrender.8 Securing and activating the Nagasaki Port Interface Site under Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian control was the real reason behind Japan’s attack on Hawaii and America’s “return retaliation.” The Japanese Illuminati majority, individual “Sleepers” covertly placed within positions among Human government elite, agreed to participate, as did the American Illuminati, only because the Zeta had threatened them that if they did not comply, atomic bombs and sonic pulses would be used to destroy their entire countries.

This threat gives one some insight into the “Mind Games” Fallen Angelics like to play, and also into the reasons why Illuminati races are most often too frightened to rebel against Intruder ET orders. Drakonian, Necromiton and Anunnaki Fallen Angelic races continually use these types of Mind Games to keep their Illuminati key controllers in subservient compliance. What was going on with the Nazis during the WW2 period was equally as reprehensible. The Zeta-Rigelians assisted in developing the Nazi movement of WW2, supporting and ''nurturing'' Hitler and his inner circle Drakonian Illuminati crew; the Nazi Illuminati elite had also entered Zeta Treaties in the early 1930s, agreeing to “reduce populations” of several, primarily Angelic Human ''pure-strain'' ethnic groups. 

The Zeta-Rigelians instructed their Illuminati operatives in the U.S.A. and several European countries to financially fund the Nazi movement “without leaving a paper trail.” While keeping an external posture of Allied loyalty to maintain their hidden positions within Human governments, the Illuminati operatives in several Allied countries covertly funded Nazi objectives. The Necromiton/Andromies made covert physical contact with Hitler, “playing on” his personal prejudice against Jewish races. 

They convinced him to assist in the Necromitons’ plan of keeping the Zeta-Rigelians ''in their place,'' by providing small “gifts” of metaphysical Templar knowledge that allowed the Nazis to unearth certain ''valuable relics'' from the Grail Quests of ancient times. Consequently, Hitler ''got carried away with himself'' in his genocide campaign against Jews, on behalf of his Necromiton-Andromie affiliations. In Hitler’s Zeta-Drakonian “deals,” he had been instructed to reduce numbers of only certain Jewish family lines associated with the ''true Hebrew'' Angelic Human/Indigo Child Maji Grail Line lineage. Hitler had been warned to leave ''untouched'' families of the Drakonian ''Hibiru Illuminati,'' a Hibiru-Drakonian Illuminati hybrid lineage descended from the ancient Atlantean “Hassa King” family line that has been progressively masquerading under “Jewish disguise” since the Atlantean period. 

But in his overzealous quest for race supremacy, and “double-dealings” with the Necromiton-Andromie force, Hitler’s “ethnic hunting” became indiscriminate, and several Hibiru-Drakonian Illuminati families, favored by the Zeta-Rigelians, were destroyed. The Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian force promptly gave the order to international Zeta-Drakonian Illuminati conclaves to withdraw all support from the Nazi campaign and to assist the Allied Illuminati controllers in orchestrating the defeat of Nazi Germany. This information has been provided by the GA/Eieyani for inclusion in this book, so readers may begin to realize the extent to which the covert Fallen Angelic presence and the advancing invasion has determined the external events that Humans have lived through and died from for so long. The realities of covertly inspired Fallen Angelic/Illuminati-orchestrated “Human Wars” are now emerging into the global arena once again as the UIR advances the final strategies in its OWO, Star Gate quest, ''Final Conflict'' dominion campaign. 

We will all become a bit wiser, less likely to get caught up in the Final Conflict War Game and perhaps become a bit more compassionate toward those who fall to this ploy, if we look to the true causal element behind these “War Dramas.” Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET races covertly motivate this “VictimVictimizer” drama among Human nations in order to support their own “Unholy Grail Quest” initiatives. Ninety-Nine percent of the people working for and within their national government communities have no idea of the Atlantean Conspiracy that has operated behind world politics for thousands of years. This is especially true in America, where most military personnel, even in the highest ranks, honestly still believe that the U.S.A. is a democracy that they would willingly give their lives to defend.  

The truth hurts—the core infrastructure of America, like that of all global nations since the 1930s, has been covertly and progressively compromised and ''absorbed'' by the covert Big Brother Zeta-Rigelian Drakonian World Management Team. What even most conspiracy theorists do not yet realize is that ''at the top'' of this corruption there exists Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET masterminds who have had the Illuminati races terrified to rebel since the Zeta Treaties of the 1930s. As painful as it might be for Americans to confront, (and it is painful!), we have been living under the contrived ''illusion of freedom'' while our nation and our planet has been in the clutches of a progressively advancing, cunningly orchestrated Intruder ET invasion for the last 70 years—an invasion that was planned, and methodically implemented by, our unwelcome Visitors since 9560 BC Atlantis. Human nations have been intentionally driven around in mental circles within a “fantasy world,” a ''perceptual bubble'' of manipulated security and ''Official Denial.'' 

If the United Intruder Resistance (UIR) succeeds in fulfilling its 2001-2008 OWO Progression Schedule, our collective ''wake-up call'' will soon pass the ''sell-by'' date. If they did not need human populations to assist them in running the Star Gate Security Access Codes during the SAC, they would have “gotten rid of us” long ago. That Humans have managed to hold their own this far, despite what has been done covertly to intentionally enslave the Human race since Atlantis, is a testimony to the true strength of the Human spirit. The SAC dominion strategies of all Fallen Angelic/ET Illuminati OWO agendas became highly organized, formalized and slowly implemented by 1972, with fluctuations of power between various competing Anunnaki and Drakonian-agenda factions being covertly “played out” within various external, international political and economic dramas. 

The common aspect of these hidden global political agendas was the ''Final Conflict'' drama, in which Human races, unknowingly headed by the covert manipulation of competing Illuminati hybrid Sleeper races under subliminal Fallen Angelic Psychotronic control, would be slowly and systematically led into creating a final Human global war. Through this Fallen-Angelic-scheduled WW3 Final Conflict drama, the outcome of the Anunnaki vs. Drakonian/Reptilian One World Order Dominion agendas would be determined. The competing Fallen Angelic legions of all sides intended to have unsuspecting humans and Illuminati hybrids “fight the battle” against each other, while the covert instigating force of the victorious Fallen Angelic collective would later come to “claim battlefield Earth for re-settlement.” At this point, the “dominion victor” would then have to face the Necromiton force.

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