Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Voyagers II; 9; The Guardian Material; Time Shift, Ascending and Descending Planets

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended had this been shared as WE asked, that your species would have avoided some of the pain and suffering it has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

The Bridge Zone, Shift to Agartha, Ascending and Descending Planets 

The speed of evolution of a planet is directly connected to the rate of evolution of the life-forms upon the planet. In the Bridge Zone Project we are going to shift Earth entirely out of its present D-3 time cycle, which constitutes accelerating the pulsation rate of particles and shifting the angular rotation of particle spin by 22.5°. In order to make this shift successfully, 8% of Earth’s populations have to fully assemble the fifth DNA strand, 144,000 individuals must assemble the sixth DNA strand and the remaining populations must rapidly reach an accretion level of 4.5, which is the assembly of all of the fourth DNA strand and half of the fifth strand. Remember that consciousness will perceive as solid the dimensional frequency bands one dimension below its present station of focus. 

For the consciousness of humanity to experience the physicality of Earth at the 3.5- accretion level of the Bridge Zone, that consciousness must have a minimum of 4.5-accretion, which comes with assembly of all of the fourth DNA strand and half of the fifth strand. The human collective represents part of the Earth’s matter body, and if the collective accretion level of human beings remains at its present 3—3.5 average, the accretion level and vibration rate of the Earth’s grid will be held down. In the Bridge Zone time continuum, the Earth’s accretion level will be raised from its current 2.5- to a 3.5-level of accretion.

 In order for the Earth's grid to reach this accelerated level of accretion in time to begin entering the Bridge Zone by 2012, most of the human populations must be able to reach no less than a 4.5-accretion level. If the majority of the populations cannot reach the 4.5-accretion level, the vibration rate of Earth will not reach 3.5 and the planet will not shift into the Bridge Zone Time continuum. In terms of a planet shifting into another time continuum, what is really taking place is that the pulsation rate of particles, within the three levels of the planet’s body, is being increased and the angular rotation of particle spin is being shifted. These adjustments constitute a shift of the planetary bodies into faster moving time cycles.

 The consciousness of those upon the planet must also make such a shift, and the particles of which the body and consciousness are composed will undergo the same acceleration of pulsation speed and change in angular rotation of particle spin. Normally, when a planet reached its half-point in its second ascension cycle, which constitutes the 2.5-accretion level, the electrical overtone particles of its D-3 Merkabah Fields would merge with their anti-particles, form a morphogenetic wave and transfer into the next Harmonic Universe into the sixth-dimensional frequency bands. Also included in this morphogenetic wave are the electrical overtone particles of the D-1 and D-2 Merkabah Fields. The D-2 overtone electrical particles transfer to D-5 and the D-1 electrical overtone particles transfer into D-4. 

So normally, during the half-point morphogenetic wave the clockwise rotating electrical Merkabah Fields of D-1, D-2 and D-3 open up and merge with the counterclockwise rotating magnetic Merkabah Fields of D-4, D-5 and D-6. During the 10-year period surrounding the half-point, all of the electrical overtone particles that Earth had pulled in from dimensions 1, 2 and 3 and stored in the morphogenetic field, are transmuted through their anti-particles and transferred into the morphogenetic field of Tara in HU-2. At the completion of the ascension cycle, 2213 years later, the same process occurs with the magnetic base tone particles within Earth’s morphogenetic field.

 The particles of Earth’s counterclockwise-rotating, magnetic Merkabah Fields, of D-1, D-2 and D-3, open and merge with the particles of Tara’s electrical clockwise-rotating Merkabah Fields of D-4, D-5 and D-6. Earth’s morphogenetic field fully merges with that of Tara and Earth leaves the time continua of HU-1 and shifts into the time continua of HU-2. Earth becomes Tara. During this process, the consciousness stationed within the three levels of Earth’s body, the six time continua of Earth’s HU-1 Euiago cycle, also transmutes and transfers into the time cycles of HU-2. A planet’s shift from the time cycles of one Harmonic Universe into the time cycles of the next Harmonic Universe usually takes place in two phases. 

The overtone particle base transfers at the half-ascension cycle point and the magnetic particle base shifts 2213 years later, at the end of the ascension cycle. The Bridge Zone Project will accelerate this process; the two phases of Earth’s particle conversion from HU-1 to HU-2 will take place at once, between 2012 and 2017. The artificial time continuum into which Earth will shift exists between the natural time cycles of the third and fourth dimensions. In the natural procession of merging the grids of Earth and Tara, the Earth’s grid progressively raises in speed, beginning 15-20 years before the half-cycle point. The pulsation rate of Earth’s D-1 particles raises to the rhythm of D-4, Earth's D-2 pulsation rate accelerates to the rhythm of D-5 and Earth’s D-3 particles enter the D-6 rhythm. 

For a period of five years before the half-point, Earth’s grid begins to intersect with that of Tara, as Earth’s D-1 particles shift into the pulsation rhythm of the D-4 time continuum. Following the half-point, scheduled for 2017 AD, Earth would naturally begin returning to the D-3 - D-1 pulsation rhythms of the HU-1 time cycle. The Dracos-Zeta Resistance plans to broadcast the EM pulses of their Frequency Fence through the pulsation rhythms of HU-l dimensional frequency bands. The Bridge Zone Project will allow the primary particle base of Earth to remain at a higher level of pulsation within the Bridge Zone time continuum, at the point Earth would normally begin to slow in pulsation rhythm and revert back into the HU-l time cycles. 

The Earth must begin its ascent into the HU-2 particle pulsation rate now, its D-1 particle base accelerating to the D-4 rhythm, in order for the entire grid (both electrical overtone and magnetic base tone particles) to shift into the D-4 time cycle. Earth’s morphogenetic field will temporarily reach a stable 4-accretion level, the accretion level of the D-4 time cycle, by 2012. Acceleration of the particle pulsation rhythm of Earth’s grid into the D-4 rhythm is a normal part of the ascension cycle process. For the Bridge Zone project to succeed, this acceleration must be intense enough to raise both overtone and base tone particles into HU-2 rhythms, and must also be able to counter balance the ULF EM pulses of the Frequency Fence the Dracos-Zetas plan to use in 2004. 

If Earth does not make it into the pulsation rhythm of the D-4 time cycles by 2012, full merger between the grids of Earth and Tara will not take place, the Halls of Amenti will not open and Earth will not be able to shift into the Bridge Zone Cycle. In this case the Frequency Fence transmissions of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance (should they be successful in orchestrating their 2003 experiment) will begin chain reaction Earth changes between 2012-2017, as the natural fusion process of particle and anti-particle within the Earth’s grid are disrupted. The Frequency Fence would cause the particle pulsation rhythms in certain portions of Earth grid to drop rapidly in speed, while other portions of the particle base attempted to rise in speed.

 The fabric of Earth’s particle base would begin to tear open and fragment. In areas of Earth’s grid where this fragmentation occurred, landmasses would begin to break apart, new fissures within the Earth’s tectonic plates would emerge and plate shifting would result. This does not have to occur. The populations are fully capable of accelerating their genetic evolution by consciously building DNA through working with the higher chakra centers. If humanity successfully raises the pulsation rhythm of the particles that compose the physical, emotional and mental bodies, the Earth’s grid will proceed to accelerate its own pulsation rhythm into the D-4 time cycle. Earth will reach a high enough pulsation rhythm by 2004 to shift out of range of the Frequency Fence transmissions and the Halls of Amenti plan will proceed on schedule. 

The Guardians are confident that humanity will be able to do its part now, in order to ensure its own survival. Earlier in our discussions we have mentioned the existence of the Inner Earth, Agartha, which is located in a frequency modulation zone between Earth and Earth’s double in the parallel universe. Agartha represents part of Earth, and like Earth, Agartha has three levels of the planetary body. The Earth’s three primary body levels exist within dimensions 1, 2 and 3. There is a relationship of particle pulsation speed between Earth and her parallel double: 

The particle pulsation speed of Earth’s D-2 = anti-particle pulsation speed of parallel Earth D-1. Earth’s D-3 particle pulsation speed = that of parallel D-2, etc. The speed of particle pulsation within each dimensional band in the anti-particle universe is faster than that of the corresponding dimension in the particle universe. The particle pulsation speeds of the dimensional bands in the particle universe run one dimension behind those of the dimensional bands in the anti-particle universe. The speed of particle pulsation in the particle universe D-2 would be the speed at which anti-particles pulsate in D-1 of the parallel universe. Earth’s D-2 particles are stationed within the same dimensional Unified Field as the D-l anti-particles of parallel Earth: Particle D-2 = Anti-particle D-1. Particle D-3 = Anti-particle D-2. Particle D-4 = Anti-particle D-3, etc. 

The frequency bands that make up the D-2 particles of Earth are the same frequency bands that make up the D-1 anti-particles of Parallel Earth. Earth’s D-3 particles co-exist with parallel Earth’s D-2 anti-particles. Parallel Earth’s D-2 anti-particles co-exist with Earth’s D-3 particles, etc. When observing Earth’s D-3 landscape (which are the dimensional frequency bands that appear solid to a consciousness stationed in D-4 of the particle universe) one perceives the contours of D-3 particle and D-2 antiparticle Earth. It is important to realize this intimate relationship between the particle content of Earth and anti-particle Earth, if one is to understand the reality fields in which Agartha, the Inner Earth, takes place. In view of the above dimensional particle and anti-particle relationships, the three levels of Earth’s planetary body and those of the parallel Earth can be understood as follows: 

Earth's D-2 elemental body = anti-particle Earth’s D-1 iron core crystal. Earth’s D-3 mental body/atmosphere = anti-particle Earth’s D-2 elemental body. Anti-particle Earth’s D-3 mental body/atmosphere = Earth’s D-4 astral body, which is the D-4 gold core crystal Merkabah Field of Tara, stationed within the center of Earth’s Sun. Agartha represents an Earth reality field that exists between the Earth and her parallel double. Earth’s D-1 iron core crystal is stationed within the first-dimensional frequency bands of the particle universe, at 0-accretion level. Anti-particle Earth’s D-1 iron core crystal is stationed within the D-2 frequency bands of the particle universe, Earth’s elemental kingdom, at accretion level 1. Agartha’s D-1 iron core crystal can be viewed as being stationed halfway between Earth’s D-1 core crystal and the core crystal of parallel Earth at particle universe D-2, which would represent a .5-accretion level in the D-1 frequency bands. 

For Earth, parallel Earth and Agartha, the elemental body is one dimensional band above the placement of the iron core crystal, and the mental body/atmosphere is one dimensional band above the elemental body, or two dimensional bands above the iron core crystal:

  • The particle base of Earth is in D-1 of the particle universe at accretion level 0 to 1. 
  • The particle base of parallel Earth is in D-2 of the particle universe at accretion level 1 to 2. 
  • The particle base of Agartha is half in D-1 and half in D-2 of the particle universe, at an accretion level of .5 to 1.5. 
  • The elemental body of Earth is at particle universe D-2, accretion level 1 to 2. 
  • The elemental body of parallel Earth is at particle universe D-3, accretion level 2 to 3. 
  • The elemental body of Agartha is at particle universe half D-2—half D-3, accretion level 1.5 to 2.5. 
  • The mental body/atmosphere of Earth is at particle universe D-3, accretion level 2 to 3. 
  • The atmosphere of anti-particle Earth is at particle universe D-4, accretion level 3 to 4. 
  • The atmosphere of Agartha is at particle universe half D-3—half D-4, accretion level 2.5 to 3.5. 
From the perspective of the fourth dimension (where human consciousness is presently stationed) the D-1 iron core crystal of anti-particle Earth, (that is stationed within the overtone D-2 frequency bands of the particle universe) and the D-1 iron core crystal of particle Earth, (that is stationed within the D-1 frequency bands of the particle universe), perceptually merge and appear as the Sun. The Sun appears to be separated by many miles from Earth. From this perspective, what appears to be the physical body of Earth is actually the low to middle D-3 frequency fields, the slower-moving particles of Earth’s “mental body.” 

The atmosphere on and surrounding Earth is the middle- to upper-D-3 frequency fields. The “outer space" existing beyond Earth’s atmosphere represents a Repulsion Zone and the frequency fields of D-4 through 15 that exist beyond this Repulsion Zone. From the fourth-dimensional perspective, there appears to be a separation of many miles between Earth and the Sun because the natural Repulsion Zone between D-3 and D-4 creates the illusion of absence of light and expansion of space. This Repulsion Zone is created by the 45° shift of angular rotation of particle spin that occurs between one Harmonic Universe and the Harmonic Universe above. 

There are five primary Repulsion Zones within the 15-dimensional universe, which create the illusion of vast distances between star systems existing within the 15 dimensions. Though Earth, the planets and the galaxies appear to be separated in space by great distances, that distance is only a natural holographic illusion created by the refraction of energy waves through varying angular relationships between spinning particles. All that you perceive outside of yourselves, including Earth and what appears to lie beyond, in Earth’s immediate solar system, actually exists at the center of Earth’s Sun, at varying rates of particle pulsation and angular relationship of particle spin. Earth’s Sun is likewise contained within a larger solar structure with other planetary bodies, which would appear to exist outside of that Sun from various stations of perception. 

The reality of the mechanics of energy is that dimensions 1—3, and all things contained within them, exist within the D-4 Merkabah Fields of Tara’s gold core crystal and that core crystal is stationed at the center of the Sun. The gold core crystal at the center of Earth’s Sun serves as an electromagnetic portal structure between HU-1 and HU-2. Though the Universe appears spread out over great distances, in reality it all exists within the same space, at various dimensional frequency levels and particle spin relationships. 

We are telling you of these hidden reality mechanics so you may begin to comprehend what will be taking place on Earth as your half-cycle period approaches and the Bridge Zone Project goes into operation. We have said that Earth’s accretion level will be shifted from its present 2.5 level to that of 3.5 accretion. The present 2.5-accretion level is the measurement of the frequencies contained within Earth’s morphogenetic field. Accretion level 2.5 is also the measurement of the beginning of Earth’s atmospheric body, the part which is closest to Earth’s surface.

Earth’s atmospheric body represents the portions of the D-3 Unified Field that have not yet been pulled into Earth’s morphogenetic field, the particle fields of D-3 that exist outside of Earth’s morphogenetic field and thus outside of Earth’s physical body structure. Earth’s atmosphere is composed of the upper frequency bands of D-3, which represent the 2.5—3-accretion levels. Earth’s atmosphere is thus said to be at 2.5 accretion. At present, Earth’s D-2 elemental body is at 1.5 accretion and its D-1 particle base is at .5 accretion. Agartha’s atmosphere is at 3.5 accretion, its elemental body at 2.5, thus Agartha’s elemental body is located within Earth’s atmosphere at a different angular rotation of particle spin than that of Earth’s particles, and so appears invisible. Agartha’s particle base is at 1.5 accretion, thus Agartha’s particle base is located within Earth’s elemental body. 

During the Bridge Zone transition, when Earth’s atmosphere is shifted from 2.5 accretion to 3.5 accretion, it will be merged with the atmosphere of Agartha. Earth’s elemental body will shift from 1.5 accretion to 2.5 accretion, Earth’s elemental kingdom will merge with that of Agartha. Earth's particle base will shift from .5 accretion to 1.5 accretion, Earth’s particle base will merge with Agartha’s particle base. When Earth merges with Tara’s grid in the D-4 time cycle between 2012 and 2017, the Earth’s morphogenetic field temporarily reaches a height of accretion level 4, then returns to its natural 2.5-accretion level following 2017. 

In the Bridge Zone Project, Earth’s morphogenetic content will peak at accretion level 4 when merging with Tara’s grid between 2012-2017, then instead of returning to its natural 2.5-accretion level/D-3 time cycle after 2017, Earth will return to the 3.5-accretion level. The 3.5-accretion level represents the time cycle between D-3 and D-4, in which Agartha’s reality takes place. In the usual process, Earth’s particles would undergo a 45° shift in angular rotation of particle spin to enter the D-4 cycle, then shift back 45° to return to the D-3 time cycle. In the Bridge Zone, Earth will undergo the 45° shift of angular rotation of particle spin to merge with Tara. Instead of shifting back 45° to return to the D-3 time cycle, Earth’s particles will shift back only 22.5°, placing Earth within the 3.5-accretion level, the time cycle between D-3 and D-4, merging Earth and Agartha. Earth will become the Inner Earth, Agartha, through the 2012-2017 transition. 

Humans who have assembled all of the fourth DNA strand and half of the fifth will perceive this transition as the emergence of new lands and structures on Earth, and the literal disappearance of some of the existing Earth structures. Humans who do not assemble these strands will perceive a different reality entirely. During this transition, the particles of Earth that are unable to fully shift into the faster pulsation rate, those that cannot reach an accretion level of 3.5, will not make this shift into the Bridge Zone. The particles that do not shift will create a Phantom Earth that will return to the D-3 time cycle. The Phantom Earth will no longer remain attached to the morphogenetic field of Earth and Tara. This condition is referred to as a planet being “cut out of the grid.” 

The planet is no longer attached to the evolutionary imprint contained within its morphogenetic field. A phantom planet is no longer capable of evolving out of the Harmonic Time cycle in which it is placed, it is no longer considered an Ascension Planet, it is called a Descending Planet. Such a planet will continue to evolve within its Harmonic Universe time cycles, slowly expending the energies held within its core, until its particle pulsation rhythms slow, its temperatures cool and eventually it implodes to become a black hole.

 It can take billions of years for a Descending Planet to meet this destination, this does not occur quickly, and life can continue to evolve upon its surface for many years. In the case of Earth’s coming changes, when the planet is shifted to the Bridge Zone, the portions of Earth’s particles that do not make the shift will become a Phantom Earth—a Descending Earth. The phantom version of Earth will be cut off from the interdimensional Time Matrix grid, and the Phantom Earth will return to the D-3 time cycle following 2017. The entire Bridge Zone Project was designed to keep Earth’s primary particle base out of that D-3 time cycle, because in that time continuum the Dracos-Zeta Resistance successfully employs the Frequency Fence and creates Earth’s destruction in 2976 AD. (This probable future for the D-3 time cycle can be averted if the Resistance-inspired 2003 experiment does not take place.)

 In the Phantom Earth D-3 time cycle Earth changes occur, which debilitate a portion of human civilization, and the Zeta-Dracos hybrids come to “help put things back together”, while placing the remaining populations under covert mind control through the use of Frequency Fence and Holographic Insert technology. Humans who do not assemble DNA strand 4 and half of strand 5 will find themselves within this probability on the D-3 Phantom Earth. They will not know they are being controlled, and they will not realize the Dracos-Zeta Resistance manipulates and covertly directs world culture. They will not realize they are not free. And the souls of D-3 phantom Earth will consciously have no idea of the ultimate destiny of soul fragmentation toward which they will be headed. 

Most souls caught in this D-3 incarnational cycle in 2017 will have to continue reincarnating within the D-3 continuum, until they slowly assemble the fourth and half of the fifth DNA strand, which will be exceedingly difficult to do while under Frequency Fence control. Your future incarnational selves will be those humans faced with the 2976 cataclysm. Through the Bridge Zone Project the severity of this future can be lessened. If the Bridge Zone Project is successful, the D-4 time continuum, in which the Zetas now have their strong hold, will become free from Dracos-Zeta control, so the 2976 AD explosion of Earth will be avoided for the D-3 Earth. 

The Resistance will still attempt to infiltrate and control D-3 Earth, but their chances of success will be greatly reduced after losing control of the D-4 continuum. Humans remaining in the D-3 time cycle will not benefit from the genetic acceleration opportunity that is open to Bridge Zone humans, as they will be cut off from the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field, which will remain in Earth’s core in the Bridge Zone. They will follow a different course of evolution on Descending Earth. It is much more difficult for individual souls to ascend from such a planet, as their personal connection to the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field, which allows them direct access to their higher-dimensional identity, also becomes severed. 

The Bridge Zone Project is an absolute necessity to ensure the survival of Earth, and it also allows humans the opportunity to evolve beyond the reaches of Dracos-Zeta manipulation. If events unfold perfectly, all humans will shift to the Bridge Zone in 2017, and thus no one will fall under Dracos-Zeta dominion, but the chances of such high success are slim. It is presently essential that a critical mass of humans reach a 4.5-accretion level before 2012. If this does not occur, no one will make it to the Bridge Zone continuum, the Halls of Amenti will not fully open and some degree of Earth changes will take place between 2012-2017. Humans who are able to assemble the fifth DNA strand can be rescued by guardian transports, but there will be little time for such an evacuation, and the majority of the population could not withstand transport travel to Agartha or Tara. 

If the Bridge Zone Project is not successful, most of the human populations will be unable to escape Earth changes, covert Dracos-Zeta rule and separation from their personal soul matrix. If the Bridge Zone Project fails, Earth will meet its untimely demise in 2946 AD. Guardian Host Matrix transplants would have to be used to shift Descending Planet souls into Agartha before 2976 destruction. This would constitute another massive Guardian rescue mission in the future, the prospects of which are not promising, if humanity were under Resistance Frequency Fence control. 

The need for this rescue will be removed if present day humans can accept responsibility for their personal evolution now, and assist the Guardians in making the Bridge Zone Project a success. Your future is in your hands, and your races will live the consequences of your collective choices. Each individual has the power and the responsibility for choosing the path of personal destiny that will unfold. In choosing to ignore the reality of Earth’s present multidimensional affairs, you will be subjugating your personal power to those hidden forces that would be delighted to control your destiny for you. If you are wise, you will not surrender your evolutionary survival so easily. You have all the help you need to succeed, but humanity must also do its part and become responsible for personal evolution. 
Humanity Facing Three Probable Futures and Three Tracks of Time 

The technical information we have provided on the mechanics of the Bridge Zone Project serves to illustrate some of the operations of multidimensional physics. We are quite aware that it will be centuries before earthly scientific communities can comprehend some of the dynamics of which we speak. We provided the information so those of scientific persuasion might begin to realize the sophistication of true spiritual science, so they might be less prone to dismiss the importance of the information we have given. We suggest that one use the intuitive senses when trying to understand some of the more complicated concepts we have presented, as the intuitions are better equipped to translate this data into cognition, than are the facilities of the logical-analytical mind alone. 

To simplify the meaning of the Bridge Zone Project, it can be viewed as the vessel through which three probable future paths of development open to the human population. Between the years 2012-20l7, there will be three distinct time continua into which the human consciousness can pass to continue its evolutionary journey. These time continua represent three different tracks of time that different portions of humanity will follow. 

1. Time Track One-—Voyagers Ascension—D-4 Time Cycle 5532.5-year Leap into the Future
 The first track of time opening to the human population in 2012, and the most desirable for those who can achieve it, constitutes catching the crest of the morphogenetic wave between 2012-2017 and ascending into the D-5 time cycle of Tara (or into the higher-dimensional fields of Gaia and the Meta-galactic Core.) We refer to the individuals who will complete bodily ascension as the Voyagers. To become a Voyager one must fully assemble the fifth DNA strand no later than 2022. After 2022, this first time track is no longer an option. In this future one would expect to experience subtle communications with a guardian group of either ET or metaterrestrial nature, prior to the ascension period. 

Through this communication one will be taught how to prepare for their personal ascension, and will be given times and locations as to when and where the physical event will take place. For individuals who are ascending but cannot fully transmute the body to do so, preparation for achieving ascension following natural death will be provided through subtle communications and spiritual work. Most ascending individuals will be required to engage in conscious cellular transmutation work, and will be guided through personal spiritual work, to the appropriate methodology for their personal development. Individuals who will bodily ascend will at some point in their development experience direct physical or conscious etheric contact with a Guardian group. 

At the designated time, they will be secretly brought to the location from which they will ascend. Some will be taken, via various portal routes, into the Halls of Amenti. They will be led into the Halls and assisted in transmuting their bodies into light (which constitutes raising the pulsation rhythm of particles in the body and consciousness). As light, they will pass their consciousness into the Sphere of Amenti and through the portals of the Halls of Amenti, they will embody the frequencies of the Blue Flame Staff of Amenti within their consciousness and morphogenetic field, and pass into Tara. 

Once transferred to Tara, such individuals will then have the pulsation rate of their consciousness slowed to D-5 frequency, and they will find themselves re-manifest in a less dense, more perfected version of their body. They will appear in one of several receiving stations on Tara, set up for this purpose, and will be met by greeters appointed by the Priests of Ur and Mu on Tara. The greeters will escort them to one of several residential learning centers, appropriate to the personal level of development, and they will be provided with all necessities. Couples or groups who ascend together will be able to remain together if they so choose. 

For a time the Voyagers will be offered classes through which they can acclimate to their new reality, and will then be offered communal residence or will be hosted by private Taran families who will provide lodging, sustenance and love. Memory of multidimensional experience will be fully returned, and the Voyagers will have the opportunity to commune with soul friends and family whom they had forgotten in earthly life. Voyagers will learn to integrate themselves as time travelers, into a culture that exists about 5532.5 years in the future of present day Earth. 

This culture is built upon the principles of the Law of One, and love, brotherhood, freedom, health, spiritual at-one-ment and joy are the foundations upon which this society is built. It is well worth the Voyage for those who can achieve ascension. Some who are on the ascension time track will not have the full fifth strand of DNA assembled but will be close to this 5-accretion level. They will be unable to pass directly through the Halls of Amenti portals, so will instead be guided to Transport locations on Earth where they will be brought upon interdimensional transit craft and prepared for a journey into space. Some of those on the transports will have their consciousness transferred into a clone body of their original body form (these clones were prepared in advance through guardian abduction/visitation encounters). The Guardians use cloning only in cases of individuals who possess most of the necessary fifth strand DNA assembly. 

Guardian cloning is used for individuals who would have been able to ascend if they had not encountered genetic damage while on Earth. Cloning is used for near-ascension—level individuals who experienced irreparable genetic damage due to intruder ET manipulation, birth defects, accidents or illness suffered on Earth. Not all individuals taking the Transport ascension route will have their consciousness transferred into a clone body. Most will simply have their bioenergetic fields adjusted to facilitate rapid fifth DNA strand building. (Note: clones created by the Guardian ET groups are expressly for the purpose of facilitating human ascensions. These are not to be confused with cloning tactics used by intruder Dracos-Zeta forces for infiltration into human culture). 

Voyagers on the Transports will be taken into outer space, then through the D-4 Merkabah Field at the center of the Sun and into the Halls of Amenti at the D-4 level (this is the same ascension path used by souls who die/drop their bodies and ascend to Tara as soul essence. However, individuals on the Transports will not be leaving a body behind). The Transport craft will emerge through the core of Tara’s Sun in D-5, then proceed to landing facilities on Tara. Inter-dimensional Transport vessels are designed for such solar passage, as they are able to modulate frequency bands and alter the composition of their structure. Most human Voyagers will experience a period of deep sleep then a bit of temporary time disorientation as the Transports encounter the solar passages. 

Once they land on Tara, the Transport Voyagers will experience the same orientation events as those who ascended directly through the Halls of Amenti. All Voyagers will have a companion assigned to them following their arrival on Tara. The companion will assist them in adjusting to the new reality, and will remain with them until the Voyager has comfortably integrated into Taran culture. Some Voyagers, who have fully assembled the sixth DNA strand and have reached an accretion level of 6, will have the opportunity to ascend beyond Tara in HU-2, to Gaia in HU-3 or into the Meta-galactic Core at D-8 and completely leave matter form, the dimensional system and Time Matrix. 

This is the path of full mastery. Normally it is available to only the few who are born into the highest resonating genetic codes. Due to Earth’s upcoming infusion of fifth-dimensional frequency, in the Bridge Zone time track, the fifth DNA strand assembly will be made available to everyone who works consciously to assimilate the D-5 frequency into the body. Once the fifth DNA strand is assembled, assembly of the sixth strand begins, and some individuals will be able to fully assemble the sixth strand between 2012-2017, while the Halls of Amenti and portals to Tara and Gaia are opened (Gaia’s portals open for only three days in 2017). 

Guardians will be available to assist in all ascension procedures, those leading to Tara and beyond. The Voyagers’ ascension to Tara will be done solely through private, personal contact. There will be no mass landings of Guardian ships to pick up intended Voyagers, there will be no public knowledge of the logistic orchestration of these events. Individuals who are able to participate in this activity will be contacted privately and secretly guided to the appropriate location, just prior to leaving. Publicly conducting such activities would serve only to cause major chaos within your social orders, not to mention military interference, so ascensions will remain a closely guarded covert guardian activity. We present this material now to assist potential Voyagers in remembering their soul agreements to participate in these activities. 

Those who are intended to ascend can find this information through working directly with their own spiritual identities. Even if you do not consciously remember such soul agreements, you will feel a certain way about the ascension option when confronted with this material. If the path of ascension is the right one for you, you will sense this, and find your soul-self awareness guiding you to the appropriate preparatory procedures. The ascension path is not something the Guardians have made happen for you, it is the natural path of your personal soul evolution. The Guardians do not control the ascension process-—they simply facilitate humans and the souls and over-souls of humans who are ready for this natural evolutionary step. 

2. Time Track Two—Phantom Earth Descending Planet—D-3 Time Cycle Returning to the Present 
The second track of time opening to the human population in 2017 is that of the natural procession through the half-point, in which Earth returns to the D-3 time cycle following 2017. If the Bridge Zone Project is successful, the Earth that will return to the D-3 time cycle will be the “phantom Earth,” the remaining particles of Earth’s body that were unable to transmute to higher accretion levels. This is the least-favorable option available to humanity, as this is the future in which humanity falls under the covert control of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance. Humans who will see this future after 2012 will be those who have not assembled their DNA to at least the fourth strand by 2012. 

On August 12th, 2003 the Dracos-Zeta Resistance plan to motivate certain factions of the Interior Government to orchestrate another experiment similar to those of the Montauk Project of 1983 and the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. The Interior government will be led to believe this project is for the benefit of humankind, that it will stop Earth changes from occurring in 2012. To those of the Interior Government who may be reading this material, please heed this warning: You are being tricked and used as pawns by the Dracos-Zeta Resistance. They are planning to use you to orchestrate a covert take-over, through which you, the populations and the Earth will be placed under subliminal, bio-neurological Resistance control. 

If you allow this experiment to take place, you will ensure that the populations remaining in the D-3 time track will fall under Dracos-Zeta Resistance Frequency Fence and Holographic Insert control. You can stop them from putting the Frequency Fence in place if you refuse to participate in this experiment. Stop “buying into the lies” and false promises of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance. If not for the sake of your planet or your people, then at least for the sake of your own personal 172 Three Tracks of Time safety. Rethink your positions in relation to the Resistance and redirect your course of action. There is still time left to shift the fate of the D-3 time continuum. If the Dracos-Zeta plan is not stopped in 2003, they will begin broadcasting the EM pulses of the Frequency Fence in 2004 and beam in Holographic Inserts by 2006. People who do not have a minimum of 3.75- accretion level, (3.75-accretion level constitutes full assembly of the third DNA strand and 75% of the fourth strand), will fall under the bio-neurological block of the Frequency Fence and will become subliminally controlled and directed by the Dracos-Zeta Resistance. 

This includes those of you in the Interior Government who are foolish enough to believe these EBEs are your allies. No one will know they are being controlled. Those under the new Frequency Fence will become cut off from their personal intuitive senses and organic connection to their soul matrix. They will be unable to further assemble the DNA strands, and thus will not be able to participate in accelerated evolution and the coming ascension opportunity. The EBEs will offer a new belief system of a religious nature that will teach subservience to a higher order of spiritual hierarchy, which will become the belief catalyst for the “New World Order” of covert control and dominion foretold in your Biblical stories. 

When the phantom Earth enters the 2012-2017 period, there will be geographical and climatic changes on Earth, the degree of which we cannot fully foresee. The severity of such changes will depend completely upon how the Earth’s grid reacts to the frequency disruptions of the Frequency Fence. It is the Frequency Fence that will be primarily responsible for causing severe Earth changes, so if the 2003 infiltration is stopped, the severity of potential Earth changes between 2012-2017 can be significantly reduced. What do you think might happen to your nuclear weapons and reactors if such Earth changes take place? It is time your governments began considering these issues. If these events go unchecked, and the Frequency Fence plan is not diverted, it is presently estimated that about 40% of Earth’s surface will be heavily affected by these changes, 15% of this 40% taking place within the territories belonging to the USA. 

These estimates may change, depending up how this Earth drama unfolds between now and 2012. Needless to say, the cultures of Earth’s D-3 time cycle would be adversely affected. The populations surviving such events would remain under covert Dracos-Zeta Resistance control, unaware of the truth that had caused them such suffering. We reiterate: These events can still be changed, before 2003, if the Interior Government changes its agreements with the Resistance forces. There is a tentative plan by the Dracos-Zeta Resistance to stage a public landing in 2001, after allowing bits of information concerning their presence to reach the general public. They intend to send their Rutilia operatives (Zeta-Dracos hybrids that resemble Zeta Greys, called EBEs by the covert government) to members of the Interior Government, posing as emissaries. 

They will offer technology and friendship. Do not trust them. We implore the Interior Government on Earth to refuse any and all dealings with these beings, for they are not your allies nor friends. They are attempting to pull a covert “Trojan Horse” stunt on you. This can succeed only if you “open the gates,” enter agreements with them and allow them to convince you to orchestrate experiments, the consequences of which you do not understand. The Bridge Zone Project will remain operable regardless of the choices of the Interior Government. Humans are advised to begin working with the higher-chakra centers to accelerate the assembly and alignment of the third and fourth DNA strands before 2004. If the Resistance is successful in orchestrating the Frequency Fence in 2004, humans whose DNA has not reached the 3.75-accretion level will be susceptible to the perceptual distortions caused by the Frequency Fence. 

You can all learn to protect yourselves from this manipulation if you take responsibility for working with your bio-energetic system to accelerate DNA assembly. Reach for spiritual integration with your soul identity while it is easy to do so, for if you begin this integration process now (by assembling DNA strands 3 and 4), it will completely protect you from the Frequency Fence. If you fall under Dracos-Zeta control, you will continue to evolve as souls upon a Descending Planet. You will not consciously realize that you are being controlled and subliminally manipulated. Experientially those who are under Frequency Fence control will be unable to perceive the effects of the multidimensional changes taking place between 2012-2017. 

If the Earth changes meet or exceed the damage we have estimated, human culture will be dealt a severe blow and your social, political and economic structures will be unable to easily recuperate from these events. If we are successful in convincing the Interior Government to stop negotiations with the Dracos-Zeta Resistance and the experiment of 2003 does not take place, a different reality picture will be perceived by those remaining in the D-3 time cycle. Localized grid imbalances will most likely still occur, and climatic deviations will continue to accelerate until 2017. Your primary social structures will remain intact, but national disaster relief funds and insurance organizations may collapse due to an overabundance of claims and needed expenditure.

 If the Resistance is unable to employ the Frequency Fence by 2004, which they cannot do if the 2003 experiment does not take place, they will have little recourse. As long as the Interior Government refuses dealings with the Resistance, the Resistance will be unable to orchestrate a full infiltration into human society. Once the Earth grid passes through 2017 without the complications of the Frequency Fence, and the primary vulnerability of the portal structure ebbs, Guardian Visitors will be able to enforce a ban on Dracos-Zeta presence of Time and these intruders will leave. Your government systems will still evolve under the influence of the human Interior Government. 

Guardian Visitors will again attempt to make contact with this covert organization, in order to establish public contact procedures through which human social conscience and order can be redirected toward peaceful evolution. Humans remaining in the D-3 time track will still find themselves evolving on a Descending Planet and the opportunity to rapidly evolve the fifth DNA strand will have passed, as the phantom Earth will not receive the full infusion of D-5 frequency. You will reincarnate on this Descending Planet until you can assemble the third through fifth DNA strands, which is a slow process that takes numerous lifetimes, except during the acceleration opportunity presented in the ascension cycle. 

If you die after 2022 without the D-4 and D-5 frequency patterns assembled in your personal morphogenetic field, reincarnation in HU-1 will be mandatory. This is simply the nature of the energy dynamics involved in soul evolution. While evolving on a Descending Planet it is very important for individuals to have conscious knowledge of ascension mechanics, for the opportunity of spontaneous mass ascension is no longer an option. Guardian Visitors will assist in keeping this knowledge alive and available to humans remaining on phantom Earth in the D-3 time cycle. We pray that each individual can be reached with this message, so the opportunity of ascension and freedom is not lost to your present identity. If the 2003 experiment and the Dracos-Zeta Frequency Fence can be averted, those in the D-3 time cycle will follow a different path of evolution than humans in the Bridge Zone and ascension time cycles. 

They will have the opportunity to evolve more slowly, yet still have the option of free will and more open contact with guardian races. The severity of Earth changes during the 2012—2017 transitions will be greatly reduced. If the Dracos-Zeta Resistance is successful in 2003, life in D-3 will continue under their covert dominion and Earth changes will take place between 2012—2017. Once D-3 Earth is under Resistance Frequency Fence control, the Dracos-Zeta Resistance will be motivated to protect their “vested interests” on Earth from guardian tampering. If the Resistance gains leverage and confidence through successfully orchestrating the Frequency Fence, it will be very difficult for the Guardians to enforce a ban on them without direct military confrontation.

 Such a “Star Wars” confrontation between Resistance and Guardian forces would have further catastrophic consequences for D-3 Earth, and it has not been decided by the Guardian legions whether such intervention would be conducted. The Guardians are taking a “let's wait and see what happens” approach to this subject. The Guardians can only protect humanity from the consequences of its choices for so long, after which point full responsibility for personal evolution must be returned to the human race. The opportunity to create self-protection is now being offered through the Guardians’ attempts to educate humanity. If this opportunity is ignored, the humans remaining in the D-3 time cycle will have to accept responsibility for their selected ignorance and face the consequences of covert Dracos-Zeta rule. 

Further guardian intervention would only be considered if the D-3 populations made a show of effort to take responsibility and make the needed changes prior to 2017. The Guardians are willing to help those who are willing to help themselves, but have little patience left for those who refuse to learn, grow and become responsible for their choices. If the Bridge Zone Project is not successful, Earth will remain in HU-1 under Dracos-Zeta rule, and your incarnational destiny on HU-1 Earth will meet a premature end in 2976 AD. The majority of the human population can avoid these less favorable futures by seizing the opportunity of accelerated evolution represented by the Bridge Zone Project. 

3. Time Track Three—the Bridge Zone—D-3.5 Time Cycle 2213-year Leap into the Future 
The third time track available to humanity in 2017 is that leading into the Bridge Zone. Individuals having a 4.5-accretion level/assembly of the full fourth DNA strand and half of the fifth will enter the Bridge Zone time continuum. We need a critical mass of people to reach 4.5 accretion before 2012 in order for the Earth’s grid to raise high enough in speed to enter the Bridge Zone in 2012. The accretion level of Earth is being continually measured and monitored, and as of this writing (August 1998) things look quite promising. Recent events involving the Sphere of Amenti have given us much encouragement for the success of the Bridge Zone Project, and we are still on schedule for the opening of the Halls of Amenti in 20I2. 

The transition of Earth moving into the Bridge Zone began in 1997 as we infused Earth’s grid with UHF energy to assist in raising the particle pulsation rate of Earth’s core. The speed of Earth’s core particles will be progressively raised between now and 2012. As Earth progressively moves closer to 2012, a subtle division will begin to appear within the populations of Earth. Those with higher accretion rates will progressively find themselves surrounded by others of similar accretion levels, and those with low accretion rates will likewise group. You will see a more apparent division between what you consider the “light and dark forces” moving within your populations. You may see extremes of this condition, especially in geological areas in proximity to the seven major Earth vortices/chakras (we will discuss the Vortices in following pages). 

Small-scale wars may break out in some areas, motivated covertly by visiting members of the Ancient Anunnaki Resistance, who entered orbit around Earth in D-4 in 1997, with the intention of amplifying the potentials of Earth changes to see the downfall of human culture. The Anunnaki Resistance will not directly intervene, nor do they work with the Dracos-Zeta Resistance, they are simply here to see Earth purged of what they consider of Time the “cosmic virus” of the human race. They will motivate conflict and personal and collective strife by attempting to manipulate people from the D-4 astral plane. Their purpose is to increase grid instability, as they know this will amplify any Earth changes that may occur. 

They are not as highly motivated as the Dracos-Zeta Resistance, and will not attempt direct interference in Earth affairs, so as to avoid direct conflict with the Sirian Council, their Council Loyalist Anunnaki Brothers and the other Guardian groups from HU-2 and HU-3. They are simply game players who will try to tip the balances of the unfolding Earth drama in the favor of human extinction. The only people who will be susceptible to Anunnaki Resistance manipulation will be those who have low accretion levels and who have not learned to put protective energetic barriers around the astral identity. 

Anyone working consciously and sincerely to integrate the soul identity will have protection from Anunnaki Resistance manipulation. Humans with high accretion levels will be called upon to assist the guardian races in building a frequency block in D-4 to protect Earth's major portals/vortices from Anunnaki Resistance energy transmissions. Guardians from the Andromeda galaxy presently have Earth’s vortices sealed under a protective D-4 frequency seal, but in the event that the Anunnaki Resistance manage to decode the frequency seal co-ordinates (which they occasionally do, requiring repeated guardian resealing of the vortices), the Andromies will need human help to ground a more sophisticated vortex frequency seal. Human Light-workers involved with the “Portal Project” are presently on stand-by, waiting for the time when they will be called into service. 

Human Light-workers will also assist in keeping the portal regions balanced on Earth between 2012—2022. ET Influences Presently the human collective moves together toward the three divergent tracks of time. By 2012 the divisions within the populations will be set, as the three groups, with three different accretion levels, begin to move into their appropriate track of time. Those on the ascension track will have already made preparations in their DNA and have a more conscious understanding of the process with which they are involved. Those on the Descending Planet time track will proceed with “business as usual”, unaware of the changes taking place around them. 

If the Dracos-Zeta Frequency Fence is successful, the “peripheral blindness” of those on the Descending Planet track will be amplified. There may exaggerated movements from within the Interior Government to ban, discredit, confuse and black out from public view, information pertaining to ascension mechanics, advanced multidimensional technologies and the truth of Visitor agendas. These tactics are already being used to keep the general populations unaware of what is taking place regarding ET and metaterrestrial contact. You will see counter-movements emerging through 177 Time Shift which genuine information is made available to those who will listen. Many of the traditional religious organizations will be used as dis-information vehicles, through which the public is taught to view the new information as “evil.” 

This tactic is orchestrated through Zeta-human infiltrates presently working within various organizations. You will see many distraction tactics emerging, through which public attention is purposely and covertly directed away from the issues of spiritual development and into fear-base, conflict laden agendas. The threats of economic disaster, war and famine, as well as menial issues will all be used, through covertly manipulated media propaganda, to divert public attention away from the real issues taking place. The Zetas are expert propagandists, and subliminal manipulators, and are quite accustomed to subliminally influencing the unsuspecting minds of humans in key positions to carry out their bidding. 

The propaganda program, which has convinced the majorities that ET presence is not real, has been in effect since the 1940’s, and you will see a continuation and acceleration of this propaganda until about 2001, when the program will be changed to begin preparing the public for intended EBE contact. When information about the possible validity of ET presence begins to make it into public view, the Dracos-Zeta Resistance will present themselves as Guardians and attempt to make guardian groups appear as intruders. The Resistance may orchestrate a mass landing in 2001, but only if they are confident that they will succeed in motivating human Interior Government to conduct the 2003 experiment. 

If by 2001, the Resistance fears their Frequency Fence plan will not succeed, they will not stage a landing. They will still work to instigate the 2003 experiment, and may increase their abductions within the general populace, making it appear as though guardian groups are responsible, in order to trick the Interior Government to continue with the 2003 experiment. The shift in the perspective of the propaganda program will take place between 2001-2003, if it takes place at all. If news validating the reality of visiting ET presence reaches public distribution networks by 2001 you can be sure the Dracos-Zeta Frequency Fence plan is still in operation and that the Interior Government continues to work with the Resistance.

 If a mass level, public landing takes place any time between 2001—2003, realize these are not friendly Visitors regardless of what they may claim. In the event that the Frequency Fence plan remains operational and the Resistance schedules its mass landing, several guardian ET groups may create mass sightings, to increase public awareness of the reality of ET presence. They will not conduct a mass landing or initiate physical contact on a public or governmental level. If Guardians deem such “fly-by” tactics necessary, these events may take place anywhere between 2000—2003. The purpose of such an event will be to warn humans who are aware of these hidden agendas that the Resistance still plans infiltration. If the guardian “fly-by’s” of Time occur, this is intended as a sign for the populations to begin preparation for Earth changes, because if the Frequency Fence is employed, some degree of tectonic shifting will result. 

Be aware! If you begin to experience mass “fly-by’s” between 2000—2003, you need to make provisions for coming climatic and Earth changes. In this event the Guardians will provide information on “safe space” locations through their private human contacts. If the Resistance believes its infiltration plan will not succeed, they will not land between 2001—2003, and the Guardians will not conduct mass “fly-bys.” The old propaganda program of blocking public awareness of ET presence will resume and the Interior Government will continue to distract public attention from this issue so as to retain control of the populations. If the 2003 experiment is stopped (the Resistance needs the cooperation of the Interior Government for this experiment to be successful) there will still be three tracks of time facing the human populace. In the D-3 time cycle Descending Planet track, the Dracos-Resistance will leave of their own accord, knowing they cannot claim dominion over human populations and that after 2017 Guardians can enforce a ban on Dracos-Zeta presence.

 If the Earth’s grid is balanced in 2012, the Dracos-Zeta Resistance and the Anunnaki Resistance will leave. Earth’s populations can then focus upon the primary issues at hand, assisting the Guardians to keep Earth’s grid balanced and accelerating personal evolution in preparation for the opening of the Halls of Amenti between 2012—2022. If 92% of Earth’s populations could reach a 4.5-accretion level by 2012, no one would take the second track of time back into the D-3 time cycle of the Descending Earth. This is not likely, however, so as it stands some of the Earth’s populations will indeed return to the D-3 continuum. These are the only individuals susceptible to the Dracos-Zeta Frequency Fence, and we hope that the Interior Government will stop the 2003 experiment so these individuals do not have to contend with the Frequency Fence and resulting changes of the D-3 Earth. If humans begin working now to consciously assemble DNA and increase accretion level, there is still time to become immune to that intended Frequency Fence and prepare to leave the D-3 continuum. 

If you can achieve a 4.5-accretion level by 2012 you will automatically end up in the Bridge Zone continuum in 2017. As long as 8% of Earth’s populations reach a 5-accretion level, 144,000 people reach a 6-accretion level, and about 40% reach a 4.5 level, the Bridge Zone Project will be successfully. In approaching the Bridge Zone time track, humans will perceive a growing gap between the populations following old, fear-based agendas and those following the path of personal enlightenment between 1998-2012. Those on the Bridge Zone path will begin to bond together in a global net179 Time Shift work of enlightenment, doing personal and planetary energy healing work and preparation for Stellar Activations.
The schedule of events leading up to the opening of the Halls of Amenti will continue to unfold up to 2012, when Earth’s grid begins to merge with Tara’s and the Halls of Amenti begin to open. As this schedule of events proceeds, the population divisions will begin to fall out of range of each other’s perceptions. Those headed to the Bridge Zone will experience progressively more awareness of multidimensional reality, personal purpose and incarnational memory, as the Sphere of Amenti progressively releases more of the race memory back into the Earth’s grid. That multidimensional memory will be available to everyone, those who will access this memory will be people who have the genetic ability to pull higher frequency into their operational genetic codes. 

The more DNA you assemble, the higher your accretion level, the more information and memory you will be able to draw from the Earth’s grid. The consciousness of the accelerating individuals will rapidly expand, while the awareness of the people entering the Descending Planet will remain about the same. Between 1998 and 2012, these two groups of people will progressively become more “invisible” to each other, as the procession of their lives moves in opposite directions. There will appear to be natural sequences of events that occur as individuals of lower accretion begin to move out of the lives of those of higher accretion levels, to be replaced by new individuals who have a higher accretion level. Those of lower accretion levels will find themselves more and more in like company. 

The progressive separation of populations will take place as the particles which compose the bodies and consciousness of people with higher accretion/DNA strand assembly levels begin to pulsate at progressively faster rhythms, moving people of higher and lower accretion levels farther and farther out of each others perceptual range. During the coming transitions, particle fields are separating. The bodies and consciousness of people are made of particles, thus humanity will also experience separation of its peoples into those with faster and slower-particle pulsation rhythms. All humans will experience Earth’s temporary shift into the D-4 time cycle and the Stellar Activations that create this shift. Humans with lower accretion levels will have difficulty assimilating the frequencies of the Stellar Activations. The Stellar Activations will create time acceleration for the people of Earth.

 This acceleration can be used to advance the evolutionary blueprint through consciously assimilating these energies into the body, in order to create greater health, vitality, harmony and awareness. If the new frequencies are not assimilated into the body, the time acceleration will apply to the degeneration of the body and consciousness and the manifestation of disharmony and disease. 180 Three Tracks of Time The Bridge Zone populations will accelerate their ability to access guardian information, and some will become involved in subtle communication with Guardian groups. In 2012, when the more intensive changes begin, localized climatic deviations and smaller Earth changes may arise, and the Bridge Zone people will pull together to help each other through these changes. 

Between 2009—20l7 those in the Bridge Zone will begin to see certain public organizations, businesses and institutions either reach their natural ends or begin to take their operations in a more enlightened direction. Those on the Descending Planet will not perceive these changes. Some of the Bridge Zone people will become aware that the Inner Earth portals have opened and will have invitation to explore those realms. Some of the structures of the Inner Earth geography will begin to emerge on the Bridge Zone Earth, new islands will be discovered on Earth during this transition period, and new organizations of spiritual and social order will begin to emerge. Some groups of individuals will have open contact with various guardian ET and metaterrestrial Visitors. 

The particle base of both the Descending Earth and the Bridge Zone Earth will enter the D-4 time cycle between 20l2—2017. The infusions of D-5 through D-9 energy will enter the grid of Bridge Zone Earth, and the spontaneous assembly of the fifth DNA strand imprint will begin within the populations whose accretion level at 2012 placed them in the pulsation rhythms of the Bridge Zone time track. The two Earth’s will coexist simultaneously within the D-4 time cycle between 2012 and 2017 and each of the two groups of people will simultaneously perceive two different sets of events. In order to comprehend the nature of these changes, one must realize that the energy dynamics taking place involve Earth’s particle base being separated into two different rhythms of particle pulsation, and the particle substance out of which human bodies and consciousness are composed will also experience such a separation.

 In 2017 human populations will completely separate into two groups, each perceiving a different set of events. These events will take place in two separate fields of particle pulsation rhythm. It will be as if part of the population “switched the channel on the television set of manifest events,” one group remains watching the old channel, and the other group switches the channel of perception to a new station. The particle pulsation rhythm of the entire Earth will temporarily be raised to the rhythm of D-4 frequencies between 5/5/2000 and 1/2012. The Guardians will infuse Earth’s particle base with UHF D-4 energy transmissions until 5/5/2000. 

The portion of Earth’s particle base that can hold this frequency pattern will increase to a higher D-4 pulsation rate and begin the Stellar Activation cycle, while the portions of Earth’s particle base that cannot hold this frequency will remain at the lower D-4 rate of pulsation. In the Bridge Zone particle base, the angular rotation of particle spin will be altered by the Guardians, in order for it to be transferred into the pulsation rhythms of the Bridge Zone-Agartha time continuum in 2017. 

The angular rotation of particle spin of Earth’s higher vibrating particle base will be shifted 22.5° in reverse from the angle of particle rotation of Earth's lower vibrating particle base. This separation of particle pulsation rhythms will reach completion in 2017, just when Earth’s grid is in full alignment with that of Tara and the Holographic Beam passes through the Photon Belt into direct alignment with Earth’s seventh vortex/chakra.

 As the energies of the Holographic Beam pass into the Earth’s bio-energetic field in 2017, the higher and lower vibrating particle bases of Earth will completely separate. The lower vibrating particle base will rapidly drop in vibration and return to the pulsation rhythm of the D-3 time continuum. The higher vibrating particle base will complete its 22.5° reverse shift in angular rotation of particle spin and fix its pulsation rhythm at the 3.5-accretion level of the Bridge Zone-Agartha time continuum. When this separation transition completes in 2017, the populations will find themselves permanently divided into two separate groups. 

Perceptual Stations

1. Group One Descending Planet Perceptual Station 
Humans with lower accretion levels will perceive none of the multidimensional activity that is taking place. As long as the Frequency Fence is not operational, they will not experience massive Earth changes, but some localized shifting may occur. They will experience a three-day period of tension, fatigue and accelerated atmospheric pressure and a temporary disruption of the function of electrical apparatus at the height of the separation from Earth’s higher vibrating grid in 2017. Scientists may detect odd variations in Earth’s magnetic fields and a sudden, unexplainable increase in gamma ray activity. 

Solar storms and flare activity will appear to increase for several months, then rapidly return to normal appearance. At the height of the separation, a phenomenon that resembles a prolonged, spontaneous solar eclipse may occur, depending upon the stability of Earth’s bio-energetic grid. The most notable occurrence will be that numerous groups of people will seem to have vanished from the Earth without a trace. There will be no explanation for these vanishings in conventional terms. For Earth in the D-3 continuum, little will have appeared to change, and populations will move forth into their D-3 evolution. The Halls of Amenti will be closed to them, as will the portals to the Inner Earth. 

They will experience massive Earth changes only in the event that the Frequency Fence is operational. In either case, Guardians will assist in realigning the planetary grids and returning Earth to stability. In the event that the Frequency Fence is operational, the D-3 populations will be totally unaware of the changes taking of Time place, including the vanishings, as Holographic Inserts will be used to block perception of these events. Only the Earth changes would be apparent to the D-3 populations. Descending Planet populations will remain in the D-3 time continuum and the opportunity for mass ascension will no longer be possible in the future. 

Ascension of individuals will have to be orchestrated through Host Matrix Transplants. If the Frequency Fence becomes operational in 2004, they will see Earth changes and will be under covert Dracos-Zeta Resistance mind control. If not, they will slowly evolve and reincarnate toward building the fourth and fifth DNA strands through Host Matrix assistance. 

2. Group TwoBridge Zone Perceptual Station 
The populations who shift into the Bridge Zone will experience more obvious phenomena of change as the two particle bases of Earth complete their 2017 separation. Many structures of inorganic substance, composed of lower-vibrating particles, will simply appear to vanish, as well as populations having lower accretion levels. New island land masses will have appeared to emerge out of the oceans, seemingly over night. New passageways into the Earth will be found that lead into the Inner Earth territories. 

The most amazing phenomenon to manifest in the Bridge Zone will be the sudden appearance of buildings, roads and other structures of civilization that one did not remember having existed prior to this shift. Earth’s Bridge Zone populations will find themselves in old familiar territories having the new twist of people, organizations, landscapes and social structures that resemble what was, but which are operating at a higher level of vibration/pulsation and enlightenment. In 2017, portions of the Inner Earth, Agartha civilizations will suddenly be visible, and it will seem as if they had always been there. This may create a bit of temporary time-space and memory disorientation to the populations of the Bridge Zone. 

During the height of the separation in 2017, the Bridge Zone populations will also experience a three-day period of tension and sensation of atmospheric pressure, and they may perceive the appearance of very bright moon halos or two moons in the sky during this three-day period. For this reason we refer to the Bridge Zone time continuum as The Path of the Night of the Two Moons. If you perceive these lunar effects in 2017, you will know you have entered the Bridge Zone time continuum. In the Bridge Zone, more open relations with Guardian Visitors will begin, and humanity will continue to evolve along a more enlightened, accelerated path. New fuel sources, such as photonic energy containment, will be discovered as well as many new technologies based upon light, sound and Keylontic science. 

As the Bridge Zone Earth will receive the infusion of D-5 through D-9 energy during the 2012—20l7 period, the populations will have the opportunity to assemble the fifth DNA strand to become Voyagers and enter the path of time travel/ascension to Tara. Some will also have the opportunity to assemble DNA beyond the fifth strand and enter the accelerated path of mastery to ascend to Gaia or the Meta-Galactic Core. Bridge Zone populations will be completely free from intruding ET Visitor manipulation. Perceptually the sensation of lightness, or less weight, will be felt in the atmosphere and within the body and a greater feeling of peace, optimism and personal vibrancy will be experienced. 

Higher chakra centers in the human bio-energetic system will come into activation and the conscious integration of soul awareness will accelerate. We have undertaken great labors to provide you with this detailed and often complex information concerning the changes your race will soon encounter. We wanted you to be prepared. We wanted you to know what is going on so you can begin to make good, conscious choices now, to ensure your highest evolutionary potential. Knowledge is power; thus we have given the gift of power to those who care enough to use this gift wisely. 

Now that we have provided you with the basic foundations of knowledge concerning the coming changes Earth and the human populations will face, our primary interest is to prepare you for the opportunity of the opening of the Halls of Amenti. We will give you an idea of what to expect and when, and how each of you can best prepare for the future you prefer to experience. As previously mentioned, there is a schedule of events that the Guardians have to follow to ensure the opening of the Halls of Amenti. Timing of these events is crucial to the success of Amenti opening and so far everything is right on schedule.

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