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Voyagers II; 7 The Guardian Material; Countdown to Amenti

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when WE sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. WE lament that the timeline intended, had this been shared as WE asked, would have avoided some of the pain and suffering your species has endured over the last 30 years. That said, WE now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.) 

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Countdown to Amenti
Several events have occurred during the last 98 years of your evolution that could have drastically altered the course of your history. One such event took place in the early 1900, which was repeated again in 1982. During both of these periods large asteroid masses came into alignment with Earth’s orbit, and if they had not been destroyed or diverted in deep space by inter-dimensional Guardian fleets, before they entered your solar system, conditions supportive of life on Earth would have been destroyed. Because you were so close to the coming 2017 AD morphogenetic wave, and the potentials of ascension it holds, numerous Guardian races petitioned the Azurite Council, Elohim and Ra Confederacy on your behalf, to allow non-direct intervention in Earth’s affairs. Permission was granted. On the first occasion in 1906, the asteroid was destroyed, and only portions of its debris bombarded Earth’s surface. On the second occasion, in 1982, the asteroid was broken into two pieces and its path was diverted using electromagnetic, Keylontic technologies. The asteroids are the least of the problems you have encountered within your current century.

The Original Zeta Agenda and the Zeta Seal

1926 AD -6643 AD In 1926 time traveling members of the Zeta/Zephelium races, originally from the planet Apaxein-Lau began interacting with private factions within several Earth governments. The Zeta agenda is discussed in earlier chapters. In recent years the Zetas conducted several projects that had a highly detrimental effect upon the vibration rate of Earth’s grid and which damaged Earth’s bio-energetic fields. If the Sirian Council had not intervened, Earth’s populations would have been decimated between 1972 and 1974, and Earth would have experienced a pole shift during the mid-1980s. The Zetas and their Dracos (Drakon-human hybrid) and Rutilia (Zeta-Dracos hybrid) accomplices desire to take over Earth’s territory. The Dracos, being created as a hybrid race of Drakonian and human genetic structure about one million years ago on Earth, feel dominion of Earth is their birthright, as Earth is their planet of origin. 

The Dracos are Earthlings who were banned from their home planet Earth, and exiled to the Orion star system one million years ago. The Zeta/ Zephelium races were involved with Atlantean and Atlanian Earth cultures, and for a time colonized Mars. Both groups share a common interest in possessing Earth to facilitate the continuation of their races’ evolution. The Zetas’ original plan was born out of their need to retain control of a future human society. In the future of Earth, between 4230 AD and 6443 AD, the Zeta/Dracos alliance has successfully overtaken the human world culture in that time period. This time period takes place within the First ascension cycle time continuum of Tara’s 26,556-year Harmonic Time cycle, the natural path of evolution into which Earth would next evolve to become Tara, following completion of its present cycle in 4230 AD. 

The Sixth Root Race Muvarians and descendants of the present human races live there now in a Zeta-ruled society, controlled by Frequency Fence and Holographic Insert technology. These events are taking place now, in that future time-space coordinate. In order for the Zetas to retain control over that society, they have traveled backward through time to Earth’s present. Humanity’s upcoming opportunity for accelerated evolution between 2012-2017 AD poses a direct threat to the Zetas’ ability to retain control of that society. If 8% of present day humans are able to successfully take this evolutionary leap, the humans of 4230 AD-6443 AD will be set free from the Zeta Collective Mind Frequency Fence through which they are presently controlled in their space-time coordinate. 

The Zetas do not want this to occur. The Zetas’ original Earth agenda involved first creating Zeta-human hybrid strains that could comfortably thrive on Earth. In the second phase of their plan, they intended to make sure that the grids of Earth and Tara did not merge during the 2012-2017 half-cycle point. By stopping this event, Earth would remain trapped in HU-1 for another 26,556-year cycle, and the human populations could not accelerate their evolution and activate their fifth DNA strand. If the Zetas could keep Earth in the HU-1 time band and gain control of the planet here, they would insure the continuation of their future stronghold on D-4 Tara-Earth. If Earth successfully merged with Tara between 2012-2017, and the morphogenetic wave allowed fifth-dimensional frequency to move through Earth’s grid, the Frequency Fence through which the D-4 Zeta controlled their human populations would be released.

 If ascension of Earth humans could be stopped by 2012, the Zetas could retain control of their D-4 holding. If humans began ascension to the D-4 time cycles of Tara, their assembled fifth-strand DNA imprint would correct the D-4 DNA mutation the Zetas used to keep their humans under the Frequency Fence. Humans in the D-4 time cycle would be set free if 8% of the D-3 humans of Earth activated their fifth DNA strand. These present-day humans would correct, within the race morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti, the Zeta-created D-4/fourth-DNA strand distortion that keeps the future humans controlled. By ascending through Amenti, humans with activated fifth DNA strands would realign the morphogenetic field of the future races, reversing the genetic mutation the Zetas use to control the future humans. In this future period, Muvarians and descendants of present human races are kept from ascension and evolution to higher consciousness and immortality by a seal the Zetas placed within their fourth DNA strand. 

The Zeta Seal stopped the fifth DNA strand from plugging into the lower strands, so these future soul essences are trapped within Tara’s First time cycle in the D-4 astral planes. As long as the future races carry this fourth strand DNA distortion, humans on Earth will also carry this distortion of the fourth DNA strand, and they will be unable to evolve past that D-4 time cycle. The Zetas infiltrated the D-4 future time continuum about 400 years ago in Earth time, and successfully implemented the Zeta Seal Frequency Fence there about 250 years ago. The Zeta Seal and Frequency Fence have thus manifested within the present-day human genetic pool and within Earth’s morphogenetic field, for the past 250 years, since about 1748 AD. 

All human souls incarnating on Earth since 1748 AD have the Zeta-Seal distortion within their fourth DNA strand. As your life span is presently only about 75-100 years long, this implies that all people on your planet at this time carry the Zeta Seal genetic mutation. The second base tone and second and third overtones of the fourth DNA strand were unable to manifest in the operational DNA, because these frequency patterns were taken out of the morphogenetic field of Tara-Earth in that future time period, in order to create the Frequency Fence. This blockage within the future Earth’s morphogenetic field also caused blockage of these frequencies in your Earth morphogenetic field in 1748, a distortion which then manifested within the human gene code as souls from Amenti passed through the Earth’s morphogenetic field to birth on Earth. 

This morphogenetic distortion of Earth, created by Zeta manipulation in the future, has created a hidden Zeta Frequency Fence on Earth since 1748. The fourth DNA strand mutation has created an unnatural blockage between the higher self aspect of identity (the portion of personal identity focused in the UHF bands of D-3) and the D-4 astral awareness. This blockage manifests as greater fragmentation within the dream state, difficulty in orchestrating and remembering astral/“out-of-body” travel, an unnatural blockage within the fourth chakra, repression of the natural intuitive senses and an inability to fully assemble the fourth DNA strand. The Zeta Frequency Fence on Earth made it easy for the Zetas to directly influence human behavior, as it connected the human DNA directly into the Zeta Collective Mind complex that controlled the populations in the future. 

Since 1748, human behavior has been directly influenced on subconscious and subliminal levels, by the Brainwashing Program that is broadcast by the Zeta Collective Mind Complex, from this future time period. This influence has played a major role in the development of human cultures since that time. If these circumstances had been left to evolve unabated, the entire human race would now be under the mental control of the Zeta Collective Mind, and Earth’s vibration would have dropped too low to hold the Sphere of Amenti for the 2017 half-point. The Zetas would not have had to do anything to stop the grids of Tara and Earth from merging, as this would have been a natural consequence of the effects of their Frequency Fence in the future. 

In 1902 Guardian groups intervened and began “poking holes” in Earth’s Zeta Frequency Fence by orchestrating astral-body realignments from D-4, on various portions of the human population. The astral-body realignments repaired the fourth DNA strand and added the fifth strand imprint to these groups of humans, progressively bringing the corrected fourth strand imprint back into the Earth’s morphogenetic field. When at least 8% of Earth’s populations carried the corrected imprint, the Earth’s morphogenetic field would realign and the morphogenetic field of Tara-Earth in the future would follow suit and begin realigning. Through this astral involvement with humans, the Guardians were able to begin dismantling the Frequency Fence on Earth and on Tara-Earth.

 In 1986, Earth populations carrying the re-aligned fourth DNA imprint peaked at 8%, and the Zetas’ Frequency Fence on Earth deteriorated. The Tara-Earth Frequency Fence of the future also began to unravel, and the Zetas began losing control over their future human populations. The Zetas began interacting directly with Earth’s present cultures in 1926, in order to survey the effects of Guardian intervention on their Frequency Fence, and to monitor the progression of the fourth-strand mutation within the human DNA. They were aware of the upcoming half-point ascension cycle and that their Frequency Fence would be collapsing at some point before 20l2.

The Zetas knew that they would have to reconstruct the Frequency Fence and take action to prevent Earth’s grid from receiving its scheduled infusion of D-5 through D-9 frequency. They decided they would create Zeta-human hybrids, which possessed mutated fourth-strand genetic codes, to repopulate the Earth following 2017. After the hybrids were created, and their Frequency Fence on Earth was reconstructed, they planned to eradicate all races carrying the realigned fourth and fifth DNA strand imprint, by using Holographic Insert technology to vaporize the unwanted specimens by passing them through UHF portals. In order to maintain control of their stronghold in the future, the Zetas returned to the past (Earth’s recent past and present) to create the structures that would hold their control of future populations in place. 

They began physical infiltration of Earth between World Wars l and ll. Working with the Allied Governments in World War ll, they formed covert agreements that would allow them to conduct experimentation on the human populations in order to begin the creation of hybrids to replenish their declining race and through which they could take over Earth after 2017. The covert human Majestic 12 (MJ-12) group was formed within the Allied human governments at this time, to secretly oversee treaties they formalized with the Zetas. The Zetas then began the next phase of their plan, a scheme of which MJ-12 knew nothing. During the late 1930s and early 1940s, the Zetas began their hybridization program, then turned their attention toward reconstruction of the Frequency Fence and stopping the grid merge of Earth and Tara scheduled for 2012-2017. 

The Zetas possess the knowledge and technology that would allow them to misalign the electromagnetic fields of Earth and Tara, so the planetary grids could not begin to merge in 2012. They understand the electromagnetic relationships between Earth’s planetary energetic fields and those of the Sun. With this understanding, they devised a plan to shift the electromagnetic fields of Earth and Tara by altering the electromagnetic fields of Earth’s Sun. Before exploring the Zetas’ manipulation of the Sun, let us review a brief lesson in the mechanics of multidimensional, electromagnetic fields. 

Merkabah Field Mechanics 

All planetary spheres possess sets of counter-rotating electromagnetic fields, within and surrounding the planetary body. In the first-dimensional frequency bands, Earth has a magnetic spiral of energy composed of the 12 base tone frequency patterns of D-1. This counter-clockwise rotating magnetic spiral pulls energy transmitted by the Sun into the D-1 portion of Earth’s morphogenetic field, Earth’s D-1 Iron Core Crystal. Earth also has a clockwise-rotating, electrical, D-l energy spiral composed of the 12 overtone frequency patterns of D-1. The electrical spiral transmits energy from the D-1 portion of Earth’s morphogenetic field downward, where the energy is then picked up by the D-1 magnetic spiral of the Sun. A planetary sphere has such a set of counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals within each dimensional frequency band. 

The two spirals form two pyramidal shaped energy constructs, and the magnetic spiral is inverted within the upright electrical spiral. The collective construction of the two energy fields is that of a Star tetrahedron, and this structure is referred to as a Merkabah Field. Every planet, object and person has such a Merkabah Field within each of the 15-dimensional bands. It is the energy construct through which energetic substance emerges from and returns to the morphogenetic field, the structure through which energy and consciousness enter and leave manifestation.

 Earth’s D-1 Merkabah Field is located deep within the Earth's core. It exists as a minute crystal encased in elemental iron and serves to ground Earth’s morphogenetic field into HU-1. Surrounding this iron core crystal of D-1 is the D-2 Merkabah Field, which is located within the Earth’s core at the D-2 frequency level and serves to hold the morphogenetic imprint and particle base of Earth in place. Earth’s D-3 Merkabah Field extends about 444,000 miles out into space and serves to hold Earth’s atmosphere in place. (The hole in Earth’s ozone layer represents a disruption within Earth's D-3 Merkabah Field). The D-4 Merkabah Field of Earth exists as a minute crystal encased in elemental gold, which is presently located within a black hole at the center of Earth’s Sun at the D-4 frequency level.

 It serves to ground Tara’s morphogenetic field (portions of which are presently scattered within the planetary cores of your solar system) into HU-2, and also connects the planets of your solar system in HU-l to Tara’s D-5 core in HU-2. Tara-Earth’s D-5 Merkabah Field surrounds the D-4 gold crystal at the Sun’s core at the level of fifth-dimensional frequency, and thus your Sun and solar system are encased within this fifth-dimensional Merkabah Field. The D5 Merkabah Field serves to hold Tara-Earth’s morphogenetic field and particle base in place. Tara-Earth’s D-6 Merkabah field extends thousands of miles out from Tara/Earth into outer space in HU-2, at the sixth-dimensional frequency level.

 It serves to keep Tara’s atmosphere in place and encompasses within its energy field HU-2 planet Tara, the planets of Tara’s solar system, the planets orbiting around Alcyone in the Pleiades in HU-1 and all of the planets orbiting around Earth’s Sun in HU-1. The multidimensional structures of planetary Merkabah Fields are referred to as Stellar Spirals. They represent vast constructs of electromagnetic energy through which all planetary systems in the 15-dimensional galaxy are energetically connected. The Merkabah Fields of the higher dimensions encompass the Merkabah Fields of the lower dimensions and all matter forms contained within them. The frequencies of the 15 smaller-dimensional Merkabah Fields combine to form larger Harmonic Universe Merkabah Fields. Harmonic Universe Merkabah Fields combine to form the largest Merkabah Field, the Meta-galactic Merkabah Field. The Meta-galactic Merkabah Field is composed of a 15- dimensional, inverted, counterclockwise spiraling magnetic field and an upright, 15-dimensional clockwise spiraling electrical field. 

The magnetic spiral extends from D-1 upward through the Meta-galactic Core at D-8 and into the 15th dimension. This spiral of magnetic energy serves to draw electrical energy from the anti-particle universe through the dimensional morphogenetic fields in D-9 through D-15, into dimensions 1 through 7 of the particle universe, then back into the Meta-galactic Core. The electrical spiral extends from D-15, downward through the Meta-galactic Core and into D-1. 127 Countdown to Amenti The electrical spiral serves to transmit electrical energy from the Meta-galactic Core, into the anti-particle universe, through the morphogenetic fields, then into dimensions 1-7 of the particle universe. These are the energy mechanics through which the universe is perpetually sustained.

 The Zetas are aware of these energy mechanics, which gives them a tremendous technological advantage over present-day human technological capability. The energy mechanics of the Merkabah Fields holographically creates the perceptual/experiential illusions of matter, space and time through the refraction of energy particles. The reality behind this illusion is an eternal Unified Field of energy within which everything resides, and out of which all things are composed. The following example will give you some idea of how that holographic projection tricks human perceptions into the experience of space, time and matter.

The civilizations of Agartha, the Inner Earth, which exist in a frequency modulation zone between Earth and its parallel-universe double, between D-3 and D-4 time bands, actually exist at the core of Earth’s Sun, within the 3.5- dimensional frequency level. Particles in the D-3.5 vibration spin at a 22.5° reverse angular rotation to the particles in D-3 (Earth’s atmosphere) and at a 22.5° angular rotation to the particles in D-4. (D-4 particles spin at a 45° reverse angular rotation to D-3 particles). 

The gold core crystal of Tara-Earth’s D-4 Merkabah Field appears as a Sun to those of the Inner Earth. This D-3.5 area is called the Inner Earth because one must travel through the Earth’s external portals, downward through the Earth into the D-2 Earth morphogenetic field, then into the D-1 iron core crystal in the center of Earth (which in reality exists inside of the sphere of the Sun) in order to re-emerge within the D-3.5 frequency level of the Sun where Agartha exists. Just as the gold core crystal of Tara-Earth’s D-4 Merkabah Field appears as a Sun when viewed from Agartha at the 3.5-frequency level, the iron core crystal of Earth’s D-1 Merkabah Field appears as Earth’s Sun when viewed from the D-3 frequency level.

What you perceive as the Sun actually represents the iron core crystal D-1 Merkabah Fields of the 11 planets plus the Sun in your local solar system. Though the planets and Sun appear to be externalized from the Earth, in reality, the substance of the Earth and the local planets exists within the energetic substance of what you perceive as the Sun. (As your Sun is actually the eighth star within the Pleiadian system, your Sun and its contents are likewise contained within the energetic substance of Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades.) 

Your D-2 telluric/elemental and D-3 atmospheric Earth, and those levels of the planets in your local solar system, are in reality orbiting around the iron core crystals of their D-1 Merkabah Fields, which exist within the core of each planet and collectively manifest as your Sun. When viewed from the vibration level of the third dimension, which is where your consciousness and instruments are presently focused, the D-1 Merkabah Fields, which exist within the core of Earth and the local planets, and which are within the core of the Sun, appear to be located outside of the planets, many miles away in outer space. 

You are dealing with multi-layered reality fields that take place in the same space, but appear to be separated due to the relationship between particle pulsation rhythm and angular rotation of particle spin. The perceivable experience of movement, passing time, matter, space, distance between objects and separation of forms is an illusion created by the multidimensional, holographic refraction of particles and anti-particles, which pulsate and spin at varying speeds and angular rotations in relation to each other. The movement of particles itself is a holographic illusion; movement only appears to be such when consciousness views itself through the layered prisms of multidimensional order.

 It will be centuries before your scientists begin to comprehend these facts of reality construction. However, while your consciousness is focused within the multiple layers of dimensional reality, the concepts of space, time, matter and movement will indeed appear to apply, so we will continue our discussion following that paradigm of perception. 

You can begin to stretch your perceptual and conceptual fields by simply pondering the following concepts and allowing your intuitive senses to bring to you a sensed cognition of these realities of which we speak. When you look at your Sun from the third dimension, you are seeing the D-1 Merkabah Field of Earth and her sister planets. From the D-3 frequency level, when you view the D-2 Merkabah Field surrounding Earth’s iron core crystal, which holds Earth’s morphogenetic field, it appears to be the solid matter makeup of your Earth’s body and elemental/telluric kingdom. From the D-3 view, the D-3 Merkabah Field is the Earth’s atmosphere within which your present reality takes place. 

The distance of outer space that you perceive between Earth, the Sun and the planets represents the magnetic repulsion zone that separates the D-1, D-2 and D-3 frequency bands of HU-1 from the counter-rotating D-4, D-5 and D-6 frequency bands of HU-2. All dimensions exist in the same space, but seem to operate separately due to the particle pulsation rates of which they are composed. Particle pulsation rates are created by the degrees of angular rotation at which particles and antiparticles spin in relation to each other. In one universe there are 15 primary dimensional bands. 

Dimensional frequency bands group in sets of 3, and each set of three dimensions represents a Harmonic Universe. Thus there are five Harmonic Universes within one 15-dimensional Universe. The degree of angular rotation of particle spin shifts 90° from one dimension to the next within one Harmonic Universe. In each Harmonic Universe containing three dimensions, there are two 90° shifts of the angular rotation of spin between the particles. Between one Harmonic Universe and the next there is a 45° reverse angular rotation of particle spin. This 45° reverse angular rotation of particle spin creates a Magnetic Repulsion Zone, or “void” between Harmonic Universes, which keeps the reality fields contained there within separated from each other. 

These Magnetic Repulsion Zones are what you perceive as the seemingly endless vestiges of outer space. Through this structure of relative angular rotations of particle spin, the holographic illusions of multidimensional reality, matter, time, space, movement and individuation of form are perpetually created and sustained. This will conclude our brief introductory lesson in multidimensional physics; we hope we have provided some interesting ideas for your more courageous scientists to explore.

The Philadelphia Experiment 

1943 We will now resume our discussion of the Zetas plan to stop the merger of Earth and Tara’s grid and what they did to the Sun in 1943 that almost caused the extinction of the human population on Earth in the 1970s. The Zetas determined that in order to retain control of the human society within the future space-time coordinates where they had successfully achieved dominion over Tara-Earth’s territories in the D-4 time cycle, they had to stop the fifth DNA strand from manifesting within the human populations of present-day Earth. Re-alignment of the fourth DNA strand by Guardian groups had broken down their D-4 Frequency Fence and they were losing control of their human subjects in the future.

 If the fifth DNA strand activated within 8% of Earth’s present human populations, the race Morphogenetic Field in the Sphere of Amenti would realign the Frequency Fence distortions in the grids of Earth and Tara, and the Zetas’ Frequency Fence and Zeta Collective Mind Complex in D-4 would be destroyed. The upcoming morphogenetic wave period of 2012-2017 in Earth's present time cycle would allow all Earth humans to begin assembly of their fifth DNA strand and the D-4/strand-four Zeta Seal would be released in all humans. After 2017 the Zetas would totally lose control of the future human populations, if they did not stop the fifth DNA strand from activating within Earth humans and stop the present Earth grid from receiving its scheduled infusion of fifth to ninth-dimensional frequencies. 

From the beginning of their involvement with the covert human governments, the Zetas held this secret agenda of Earth infiltration. When they offered the Allied Governments technological information that helped them win World War II, the Zetas had ulterior motives. In 1943 the Zetas offered the U.S. Navy a rudimentary technology that would allow them to make objects appear invisible. On August 12th, 1943 the experiment was conducted in Philadelphia, PA, using a battle ship, the U.S.S. Eldridge. The event became known as the Philadelphia Experiment. We will not detail the experiment here, as there are several published accounts of this event, but we would like you to understand the Zetas’ motivation for instigating this project. 

The Zetas knew that in creating such an experiment, which utilized the creation of an external, manufactured Merkabah Field, that the functions of Earth’s natural Merkabah Fields would be disrupted. They failed to share this knowledge with the US. government. The experiment created a “rip in space-time,” or a tear in the natural Merkabah Fields, which served as a dimensional warp through which the Zetas could secretly pass their ships to Earth from their D-4 future location. Using this rip in space-time, the Zetas were able to transport large numbers of their spacecraft, undetected by human observation, into Earth’s D-2 Merkabah Field, and, from there, the ships could be used to broadcast specific electromagnetic pulses directly into Earth’s D-1 Merkabah Field at the center of the Sun. 

Because the Earth is directly connected to Sun through the Stellar Spirals of the multidimensional Merkabah Fields, the Zetas knew they could misalign the grids of Earth and Tara by manipulating the Merkabah Fields of the Sun. They desired to create a Frequency Fence on Earth that would cause the grids of Earth and Tara to repel each other in 2012. Earth would be unable to receive its infusion of D-5 frequency, which would stop the fifth DNA strand imprint from manifesting in the races and keep Earth trapped within HU-1 for another 26,556-year cycle. They also knew that such a Frequency Fence, applied during the half-point in the second ascension cycle, would cause a pole shift on Earth, creating cataclysmic changes on Earth, wiping out the majority of the populations, once the environment had re-stabilized, the Zetas and Dracos planned to claim Earth’s territories as their own.

 The covert human government had no idea of the Zetas’ real plan when they entered treaties with them during WW2, and they still do not know the extent to which they have been manipulated by the Zetas. The Interior Government was not aware of the dire consequences that could have resulted from these actions. Violation of human rights through covert forced abductions of citizens for hybridization experimentation was the least of the troubles created by the Zetas’ involvement. In 1943 the Zetas used the opportunity presented by the Philadelphia Experiment to begin their plan of shifting the Earth’s grid out of alignment with Tara via manipulating the energy fields of the Sun.

 To the present day, the Interior Government does not realize that it was this event which triggered abnormal activity on the Sun between 1949 and 1972, activity which had some of Earth’s scientific community very concerned about the probability of a major pole shift occurring sometime during the 1970s or 1980s. The Merkabah Fields of the Earth, the Sun and Tara are intimately intertwined with each other and with the Pleiadian star system and 131 Countdown to Amenti others, so following 1943 the Zetas plan brought many different Guardian groups into Earth's drama. After the rip in space-time was made on August 12th, 1943, the Zetas secretly positioned their spacecraft beneath Earth’s surface in the D-2 frequency bands and began beaming electromagnetic pulses into the Sun. 

Using these EM pulses, the following effects were created: The spin of the base tone particles/magnetic field of the Sun’s D-1 Merkabah Field was reversed, which made the Sun’s D-1 magnetic spiral become electrical. This change in the Sun created a reciprocal shift of polarity within the D-1 Merkabah Field of Earth. Earth’s D-1 base tone particles/magnetic spiral became electrical. This, in turn, caused Earth’s D-1 electrical/overtone particle spiral to reverse and become magnetic. Through spacecraft positioned within the D-4 frequency bands, the Zeta next reversed the spin on the Sun’s D-4 Merkabah Field, which set the pattern for Tara's grid through the gold core crystal at the center of the Sun. 

The D-4 Merkabah Fields of particle and anti-particle Tara were reversed. These actions constituted a full reversal of Earth’s D-1 electromagnetic Merkabah Fields, and a partial reversal of Tara’s D-4 electromagnetic Merkabah Fields, putting both out of alignment with the Merkabah Fields of D-2, D-3, D-5 and D-6. Normally, when the grids of Tara and Earth begin to enter alignment with each other about five years before the half-cycle point, the D-1 and D-4 Merkabah Fields line up as follows: Earth’s electrical overtone spiral in D-1 aligns with Tara’s base tone magnetic spiral in D-4, and Earth’s magnetic base tone spiral in D-1 aligns with Tara’s electrical overtone spiral in D-4
This alignment of D-1 electrical to D-4 magnetic and D-1 magnetic to D-4 electrical creates an interdimensional Resonant Tone through which the planetary grids can fuse. Following the reversal of Tara’s D-4 and Earth’s D-1 Merkabah Fields, the new alignment between Earth’s and Tara’s Merkabah Fields became D-1 electrical to D-4 electrical and D-1 magnetic to D-4 magnetic. The particles, which compose the planetary grids, would magnetically repel each other and the grids of Earth and Tara could not fuse. But this plan also causes major imbalance within the D-2, D-3, D-5 and D-6 Merkabah Fields. If the Sirian Council and other Guardian groups had not intervened, the human populations of Earth would have been vaporized between 1972-1974. 

By 1950 Earth scientists began to notice odd phenomena occurring on the Sun, as the Sun appeared to release periodic spirals of energy toward the Earth. This phenomenon was heavily observed between 1952 and 1968, and there was great concern that this solar anomaly would alter the wobble of Earth upon its axis, creating a pole shift of the planet. Although most of this information was blacked out of the media and kept from the public, some of these studies were published in scientific journals and news papers, especially after 1968, when the scientists calculated that if events continued as they 132 Solar Crisis and 11:11/12:12 were, by 1972 there would be a huge explosion on the Sun that would cause pole reversal and wipe out humanity by about 1984. 

On August 7, 1972 the solar explosions began to occur. Earth scientists observed a rapid increase in solar flares for several days, which peaked on August 7th, with the most intense flare ever recorded. Solar winds accelerated at an alarming rate in the most intense solar storm ever witnessed by Earth scientists. Published accounts of these observations can be found in scientific literature from this time period. The solar winds increased rapidly between August 7th and August 10th I972, then strangely the winds began a rapid decrease in speed and the solar storms appeared to die down in the month that followed. This was a perplexing observation to Earth scientists; they had no idea that the Sirian Council had intervened. 
SOLAR CRISIS AND 11:11/12:12 
Wave-of-Flame and Red Pulse I

n January of 1972 members of the Sirian Council, Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense, the Pleiadian Star League and several other Guardian groups entered the UHF bands of Earth’s atmosphere, aware of the solar events that were to occur. If they had not intervened, Earth’s populations would have been wiped out by 1974. When the electromagnetic Merkabah Fields of the Sun are artificially manipulated, such as they were by the Zetas following the Philadelphia Experiment, erratic electrical energies build up within the Sun’s energetic grid, throwing all of the Sun’s Merkabah Fields out of balance. As the misalignment of the Sun’s EM fields progresses, it manifests as an acceleration of solar-flare activity, which eventually culminates in surface explosions and temporary expansion of the Sun’s Merkabah Fields, lasting about 950-970 years. 

In 1972, the first explosions began to occur. The explosions would have continued until about September of 1973, when the Sun’s D-1 Merkabah Field would have burst open and expanded. The expansion of the Sun’s D-1 Merkabah Field would have sent an intense wave of ULF energy out through all of the planets in the local solar system. This wave of energy would cause a chain reaction within all of the planetary Merkabah Fields, through which pole reversal and vaporization of surface life would result. 

This wave of expanding D-I energy is called a Red Pulse (red denoting its D-I frequency), and it constitutes a wave of solar flame within the D-1 frequency bands. Life-forms on planets in the First Harmonic Universe cannot survive such an infusion of ULF D-1 energy, because it would implode the molecular structure before the genetic code could expand enough to process those frequencies. In order to avert the pending termination of Earth life, the Guardian races, under the direction of the Sirian Council, altered several layers of the morphogenetic fields of Earth and the local planets. As the Red Pulse Wave of Flame would be coming in on the electrical overtone D-1 frequency bands, all of the D-1 overtones were temporarily removed from the planetary morphogenetic fields. This served to create a D-1 seal around Earth’s core, so the ULF of the Red Pulse could not enter Earth’s grid, or the grids of the neighboring planets. 

Next, a frequency seal was placed within the D-4 frequency bands, in order to block D-4 frequencies from entering into Earth’s morphogenetic field. Once the overtones of D-1 were removed, Earth’s core could not synthesize incoming D-4 frequency, and the core would explode, so D-4 frequencies had to be temporarily blocked from Earth. To create the D-4 seal, the first 11 (out of 12) base tones and overtones of D-4 were removed from Earth’s morphogenetic field, which meant that Earth’s lower three Merkabah Fields connected with the D-4 Merkabah Field only at the level of the 12th base tone and 12th overtone. 

These morphogenetic manipulations created another Frequency Fence, which served as a protective barrier around Earth and the neighboring planets. In energetic terms the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence took the form of a spherical band of energy surrounding Earth, within the D-1 and D-4 frequency bands—a protective “bubble” of multidimensional energy. Following the implementation of the Guardians’ Frequency Fence, humanity was under three layers of frequency modulation, the original Frequency Fence Quarantine from 9540 BC, the Zeta Seal Frequency Fence from 1748 AD and the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence of 1972. All three of these Frequency Fences would need to be lifted in order for the Blue Flame of Amenti to become embodied on Earth between 2012 and 2017.

 As Frequency Fences are morphogenetic manipulations, they also manifest within the DNA imprint of the races. The DNA of 8% of the human populations would have to be realigned and purged of the three Frequency Fence Seals and the remaining mutations from the earlier Amenti, Palaidorian, Templar and Templar-Axion Seals by January 1, 2012. Guardian races began conducting mass-level, consensual, soul-agreement abductions of humans since 1972, in order to help humans begin repairing these genetic mutations, and also to begin education on preparation for 2012. Memory repression tactics were used to spare humanity the terror of facing events that it was not yet prepared to understand. The Zetas had been conducting frequent forced abductions since the late l940s as part of their hybridization program. 

They also used memory repression tactics. Guardians did not participate in these forced abductions, nor did they participate in intrusive experimentation. When the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence was established in 1972, the Guardians knew it was a temporary measure to buy the time they needed to rebalance the Merkabah Fields of Earth and the Sun. Balancing the Merkabah Fields was the most important project in the Guardian agenda. Since 9558 BC, when the islands of Atlantis sank and the Earth tilted on her axis, the Guardians knew they would have to assist in realigning the Merkabah Fields of Earth 134 Solar Crisis and 11:11/12:12 before the 2012-2017 ascension cycle. 

Following the events of 1943-1972, this re-balancing effort would be much more difficult to achieve. Originally the Guardians planned to slowly accelerate the vibration rate of Earth’s grid through occasional infusions of D-4 energy that would slowly bring the grid into alignment and correct the pole tilt over the course of about 2,000 years. These occasional energy transmissions began in 196 BC, when Earth entered its present 4,426-year cycle. In their original plan the Guardians intended to raise Earth’s grid vibration into the UHF bands of the third dimension beginning in the 1950s, so the first seal on the Arc of the Covenant could be released no later than October of 1986. Following the release of the first seal on the Arc, the Sphere of Amenti would begin its 12-14 month descent into Earth’s core. 

The Sphere of Amenti had to be in place no later than 1/1/1988 so the Sphere would be able to fulfill the first 12-year phase of its activation cycle no later than 2,000 AD. Once the Sphere was fully activated to the 3-dimensional level in Earth’s D-2 core, it would cause Earth’s grid to send a spark of D-5 frequency into the Arc of the Covenant, releasing the second seal on the Arc. This would begin the 12-year descent of the Blue Flame of Amenti and the shift of Earth from the D-3 to the D-4 time cycle. The second seal on the Arc of the Covenant had to spark open no later than 6/1998 so the shift into the D-4 time cycle would begin by 1/1/2000, in order for the Earth’s grid to be prepared for proper fusion with Tara’s grid between 2012-2017. 

The D-5 frequencies of the Blue Flame had to be embodied within the populations of Earth, no later than 5/5/2012, or else Earth changes would result when the grids began to merge. When the Zetas’ Frequency Fence and genetic mutation from the future began affecting Earth in 1748, creating blockages of the D-4 frequencies in Earth’s morphogenetic field and fourth-strand DNA mutations in the races, the Guardians began construction of an artificial D-4 grid imprint within the Earth’s morphogenetic field. They re-entered the aligned D-4 frequency patterns into the gold core crystal D-4 Merkabah Field at the center of the Sun, which began to restore the D-4 imprint in the Earth’s morphogenetic field and within the Sphere of Amenti. 

This allowed the Guardians to continue infusing Earth with D-4 frequency to slowly reverse Earth’s unnatural tilt on its axis. This artificial D-4 imprint also began the deterioration of the Zetas’ Frequency Fence and a reverse mutation of the fourth DNA strand. The new D-4 imprint manifested as a band of UHF energy surrounding the outer portions of the Earth’s atmosphere, about 444,000 miles out in space, just beyond the 12th overtone of the third dimension. It allowed human consciousness to continue its expansion into D-4 perception and allowed the Earth’s infusion of D-4 energy accelerations to continue. This artificial D-4 grid which the Guardians began constructing in 1748, has frequently been referred to in New Age terminology as the “artificial Christ Consciousness Grid”. 

This term was chosen because the upper frequency bands of D-4 represent the beginning levels of the Turaneusiam 12-strand DNA consciousness, which was exemplified on Earth by Jesheua-12 in 12 BC-27 AD. When the problems arose with the Zetas’ manipulation of the Sun between 1943- 1972, the artificial D-4 grid became blocked by the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence. In 1972, the Guardians had to accelerate their whole energy infusion program in order to reverse the damage the Zetas had caused, which meant that humanity would be put on a course of very rapid evolution between 1972 and 2012. For the artificial D-4 grid to become operational again, the 11:11/ 12:12 Frequency Fence had to be removed, which meant that the D-4 and D-1 Merkabah Fields of the Sun had to be returned to their original polarity. 

This would correct the D-1 Merkabah Field of Earth and the D-4 Merkabah Field of Tara-Earth so the grids could fuse in 2012, if the Earth grid vibration was raised high enough in time to hold the Sphere of Amenti. The Earth’s grid had to reach the speed of the UHF bands of D-3 for the first seal on the Arc of the Covenant to spark and release the Sphere of Amenti by 10/1986. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for the Guardians to raise Earth's grid speed that high without the infusions of D-4 energy that were now blocked by the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence, so correction of the Sun’s Merkabah Fields became a race for time within the Guardian legions. Even though the Frequency Fence did not lift until 1992, the Guardians were successful in raising the grid speed enough for the Arc of the Covenant to open by the 10/1986 deadline.

The accelerated energy infusions used to rebalance the Merkabah Fields of the Sun, began in 1973 and were projected into the solar fields via beam ships stationed in the future D-4 time cycle. These infusions would cause rapid shifts of the energy fields on Earth, which would have created havoc within the consciousness of the human populations and instability of Earth’s natural EM fields. However, the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence allowed the Guardians to employ Holographic Insert technology on Earth, through which the illusion of grid stability could be created, so the Guardian re-balancing efforts would remain undetected and excessive instability within the human populations could be avoided. Earth existed under these Guardian-created Holographic Inserts from 1973 to 1/11/1992, when the 11:11/12:12 Frequency Fence began lifting. 

Zetas and Rigelians, the Montauk Project 1983 and 2976 AD 

Between 1973 and 1980 Earth remained under the Guardians’ Holographic Inserts and the illusion of electromagnetic stability they created, while the Guardians worked to complete realignment of the Sun’s Merkabah Fields. By 1982 the Zetas became tremendously frustrated as they observed 136 The Montauk Project the continuing breakdown of their Collective Mind Complex in the D-4 time cycle, and began to realize that the Guardians would correct the misalignment of the Sun in time for the ascension period to proceed as scheduled. Between 1982 and 1984, most members of the Zeta Legion entered into treaties with the Guardian races, and agreed to stop their plan of Earth infiltration. These agreements also included the Zetas from the D-4 time cycle, who had fallen under domination of the Dracos in that future time period. 

The Guardians agreed to relocate the Zeta races and their hybrids to another planetary system in D-4, where they could evolve peacefully, as long as the Zetas agreed to follow the dictates of the Sirian Council and Galactic Federation, and to operate upon principles of the Law of One from that time forward. The Zetas were also required to fully dismantle their Collective Mind Complex in D-4, to release the Zeta Seal Frequency Fence and to assist the Guardians in preparing Earth and humanity for 2012. Though most of the Zetas agreed, and began working with the Guardians in 1983, several Zeta and most Dracos groups refused to release their desire for possession of Earth. These groups became known as the Dracos-Zeta Resistance, which included rebellious Zeta races, Dracos and their hybrids. The primary Zeta groups that refused Guardian treaties are the Zeta Greys from a solar system that orbits the star Rigel, in the Orion star system. 

These are frequently called the Rigelians; we know them as the Futczhi (pronounced FOO’-SHE). It is this Zeta group that formed treaties with the Interior Government on Earth and orchestrated the Zeta Seal and manipulations of the Sun. They are the most aggressive and militant of the Zeta Grey races and are extremely dangerous to humans, because they often attempt to present themselves as Guardians in order to seduce humans into being their earthly operatives. The Rigelians/Futczhi dominated the other Zeta races in the D-4 time cycle until the majority of these non-Rigelian Zetas rebelled and sought Guardian protection when this option was offered between 1982- 1984. 

Following the Guardian treaties of 1982-1984, the Zeta-Dracos hybrids known as the Rutilia, who had always been the primary go-betweens in Zeta-Futczhi/human relations, served as infiltrates within the Interior Government, and continued to secretly motivate humans to continue helping them fulfill their old agenda. (Note: the Rutilia are those beings referred to by the government as “EBE’s” - Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. They closely resemble the Greys, but usually have a lighter gray to gray-white complexion, and more pronounced ridging at the rear of the skull.) The Dracos-Zeta Resistance had to find a way to reconstruct the Zeta Seal, Frequency Fence and Zeta Collective Mind Complex before 2012, in order to regain control of the human populations in D-4. 

The Dracos-Zeta Resistance set their new plan in motion in 1983, when they covertly motivated humans to create another experiment, similar to the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. They desired to create another rip in space137 Countdown to Amenti time, through which large numbers of their ships could be secretly sent from the future to Earth, into three different time-space coordinates. From these positions in time, the ships could enter the D-2 frequency bands of Earth and begin transmitting EM pulses through the Earth’s grid, which would serve to reconstruct their Frequency Fence and cause mutation in the fourth DNA strand. Even if the grids of Earth and Tara were able to merge between 2012-2017, the human gene code would not have time to fully assemble the fifth DNA strand in the majority of the populations. 

This would stop the scheduled ascensions through the Halls of Amenti and keep the Zeta Seal operational within the Sphere of Amenti, so their human captives in D-4 would once again be subject to Zeta-Dracos control. For their new plan to work, the Zetas had to begin broadcasting their EM pulse Frequency Fence as close to 2012 as possible, while still allowing enough time for the fence to take effect within the human gene code. It would take a minimum of six years for the new frequency fence to cause the fourth DNA strand mutation in the majority of the human populations, so the Dracos-Zeta Resistance would have to begin broadcasting their EM pulses no later than 2006. If they began broadcasting too soon, the Guardians’ infusions of D-4 frequency would counteract their EM transmissions, and the genetic mutation would not “hold” within the DNA. 

The Dracos-Zeta Resistance decided upon the year 2004 as their target date. In order to fulfill their plan of covert mass infiltration, they would have to enter their fleets into Earth’s D-2 frequency bands during the peak of Earth’s D-1/D-4 Merkabah Field cycle, which takes place every 20 years on August 12th. Dimensional Merkabah Fields go through cycles of movement in which the two spiraling energy fields vertically condense and draw toward each other, then progressively expand on the vertical axis, drawing away from each other. When the Merkabah Fields draw away from each other, the upright electrical spiral moves into the magnetic Merkabah spiral of the dimension above, which causes a temporary blending of frequencies between the magnetic spiral of one dimension and that of the dimension above. 

These points of interdimensional magnetic spiral blending are called Dimensional Magnetic Peaks. During Magnetic Peaks, natural interdimensional portal windows briefly open, allowing unencumbered transit between dimensional bands. Magnetic Peaks also occur between the Merkava Spirals of Harmonic Universes, through which the Merkabah Fields of a dimension in one Harmonic Universe blend with the Merkava Fields of the corresponding dimension one Harmonic Universe up; these blending periods are called Harmonic Magnetic Peaks. Each Harmonic Universe has three dimensions, each of the three dimensions representing a base tone, overtone or resonant tone, within the 15-dimensional scale. D-1, D-4, D-7, D-10, and D-13 are base tone dimensions. D-2, D-5, D-8, D-11 and D-13 are overtone dimensions. D-3, D-6, D-9, D-12 and D-15 are resonant tone dimensions. Harmonic Magnetic Peaks occur when base tone—base tone, overtone—overtone, or resonant tone—resonant tone Merkabah Field alignments take place. 

The D-1 base tone Merkabah Field of Earth and the D-4 base tone Merkabah Field of Tara reach their Magnetic Peak cycle once every 20 years between August 12th-15th, at which time a dimensional window opens between Earth’s HU-1, and Tara’s HU-2, time continuum cycles. The first Harmonic Magnetic Peak of the 20th century occurred on August 12th, 1903, and the last on August 12th, 1983. These periods mark a time of peak magnetic pull within Earth’s subtle energy bodies and heightened dimensional blending, through which large numbers of Dracos-Zeta ships could be cloaked and brought to Earth from D-4. August 12th, 2003 is the closest peak date to the Dracos-Zeta Resistance target date of 2004. The plan called for a simultaneous entry of beam ships during three time periods, and once the Zetas had successfully orchestrated infiltration, they would broadcast their Frequency Fence through Earth’s grid and begin the genetic mutation.

 If they attempted this mutation from only one time period, there would not be enough time for it to take hold within the majority of the populations. By entering the EM transmissions at the three different, but closely related time periods of 1943, 1983, and 2003, a great number of people would be affected. For the Dracos-Zeta Resistance plan to be effective, they would have to create three rips in space-time on Earth, through which their ships could be entered. One such rip already existed from the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 and one would have to be created in 2003. The Resistance scheduled the third rip in space-time for the next Harmonic Magnetic Peak cycle of August 12th 1983, the only opportunity they would have before 2003. 

Working with the Interior Government, the Dracos-Zeta Resistance orchestrated another experiment, which came to be known as the Montauk Project. Again, accounts of this experiment are available in other publications, so we will not detail here. The Montauk project served to widen the rip in 1983 space-time that had begun as the result of the Philadelphia Experiment. By August 14th 1983 the time periods of 1943 and 1983 were successfully linked to the Dracos-Zeta Resistance D-4 time period, which they used as a base of operations. From 1983 to the present, the Dracos-Zeta Resistance resumed their hybridization program through abducting humans, creating several strains of hybrids and human clones.

 They also created infiltrates via genetic engineering, through which they could interface with Earth’s cultures under the guise of human form. Infiltrates are children conceived of natural human conception, whose mothers were abducted during pregnancy so Zeta-Dracos genetic materials could be infused into the fetus. These children are born (usually within the seventh month of gestation) and raised by their human parents, and appear to be fully human. They are consciously unaware of their ET affiliation, but can be subliminally directed by the Dracos-Zeta Resistance via the DNA and neurological structure. When Guardian groups locate such infiltrate individuals, they orchestrate abductions, and dismantle the Zeta-Dracos gene codes, thereby freeing these mostly human subjects from their covert controllers. 2976 AD and the Dracos-Zeta Resistance The Guardians became aware of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance problem in 1984, and were able to trace probable events in the future that would result from this present activity. 

What they discovered was alarming, as the consequences of this infiltration were more far-reaching than they had speculated. They discovered a future event that would occur in the year 2976 AD, that was the result of the Zetas’ interference after the year 2000. In this probable future, the Guardians had been successful in realigning the Merkabah Fields of Earth and the Sun, but in 2003 AD the Dracos-Zeta Resistance is also successful with their infiltration plan. The Guardians saw that the Zetas’ new Frequency Fence partially misaligns Earth’s grid in 2012, and when Earth and Tara begin to intersect, major Earth changes result. Though Earth still fuses with Tara and releases a morphogenetic wave as intended, just as that wave begins to crest (2012), the Earth changes begin. 

When the morphogenetic wave begins to crest, the Halls of Amenti portals open, but the Earth grid must be stable in order for the Halls to remain open through their 10-year cycle (2012-2022). The Earth changes cause a premature closing of the Halls of Amenti, which creates a rapid drop in Earth’s grid speed. The Sphere of Amenti cannot be left in Earth's core during this drop in vibration or the Earth grid will explode. In this future probability, Guardians remove the Sphere of Amenti from Earth and human populations come under direct covert control of the Dracos-Zeta Resistance. The Zeta Seal genetic mutation is returned to the human race. Once Earth is under Dracos-Zeta rule, the Zetas are attacked and dominated by the Dracos group with whom they had been working. 

The Dracos take command of Earth in both the D-3 and D-4 time cycles and begin to use the D-3 Earth as a storehouse for unwanted photo-nuclear waste materials from the D-4 Tara-Earth time cycle. (Photo-nuclear waste is produced through certain processes involving the manufacture of photonic energy through manipulation of multidimensional nuclear materials). This process causes a massive nuclear explosion on D-3 Earth in 2976 AD, through which Earth is destroyed. All souls involved in the cataclysm fragment and are lost within HU-1. Their connections to the Sphere of Amenti race morphogenetic field and their personal soul matrices are severed. If this future event occurred in present-Earth's line of development, not only would the Earth and the major part of the human race be lost, but the evolution of Tara in HU-2 would be set back by eons, as Tara would remain trapped in her HU-2 time cycles until Earth’s imprint could be reconstructed and re-evolve in HU-1. 

Upon discovering these probable future events, Guardian groups made an appeal to the Resistance Zetas, telling them of the Dracos’ betrayal and offering to assist them in relocation, if they would give up their infiltration plan. The Zetas refused to alter their plans. Though the Guardians could easily subdue the Dracos-Zeta legions in a forced confrontation, such a confrontation would cause major damage to the Earth’s Merkabah Fields, which would ensure the destruction of the human populations. The Guardians had to find a better way to avert the new Dracos-Zeta agenda. Not only did the Guardians bear the responsibility for preparing Earth and humanity for 2012, they now had the additional burden of protecting their preparation plan from Dracos-Zeta Resistance sabotage.

In December of 1984, the Sirian Council, Pleiadian Star League, Sirian-Arcturian Coalition for Inter—planetary Defense, the Andromeda Federation of Planets, the Palaidorians of HU-2 and several other Guardian groups from HU-l, HU-2 and HU-3, co-created the Bridge Zone Project, in order to protect Earth and the human populations from Dracos-Zeta Resistance infiltration, and the destruction of Earth in 2976 AD that would result from this interference. The Dracos-Zeta Resistance is presently quite aware of the Guardian’s Bridge Zone plan, but they are confident that humanity will be unable to rise to the occasion and feel sure their infiltration plan will be successful. The Guardians believe humanity can indeed pull together and make the Bridge Zone project a success. For this reason we of the Guardian Alliance bring to you this hidden knowledge, so that you may be prepared to make a stand on behalf of your own evolution and freedom.

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