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Voyagers II; 20 The Guardian Material; HAARPs,Trumpets, World Trade Center/Pentagon, the 4 Horsemen & Heaven

Rey Acacio

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note 2022; Much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. That said, We, The EO/GA now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

The Mass Awakening

Like the sadly manipulated spiritual movements of humanity’s last 10,000 years the ''science-technology movement,'' unfortunately, is the only one which “appears” to offer something more empowering. Such “beauty is only skin deep” when it comes to both the spiritual and scientific perspectives through which we attempt to comprehend the meaning and purpose of our lives. This was not always the case. In fact, our present condition of innocence about “what makes the universe go ‘round” is a rather recent evolutionary detour taken in 9558 BC, when we “lost our way,” and our memory, as we emerged from the ruins of Atlantis. Presently, people who are learned in the scientific traditions most often succumb to the Drakonian- inspired ego-trip propaganda of ''scientific expertise,'' whereby most of humanity’s best “rational minds” believe that they know that ETs, angels, souls and God do not really exist. 

Psychology has done its part well in feeding the covert Fallen Angelic One World Order (OWO) dominion agenda, by unknowingly promoting utterly false interpretations of the workings of the Human mind. People who begin to “get a glimpse above the Anunnaki NET” into the higher dimensional frequencies, or report “alien abductions,” or begin to remember “other lives,” or think that “mass conspiracies might exist” are conveniently labeled as “mentally disturbed.” Classic psychiatric responses to the above noted perceptions include “Psychics are charlatans—there’s no such thing as ESP”; “Sleep disorders cause abduction hallucinations and the illusion of out-of-body travel”; “multiple personality syndrome creates false memories of reincarnation”; and finally “Conspiracy theorists are paranoids or have savior complexes.” 

Oh, please.... One of the most valuable contributions our Fallen Angelic inspired Scientific Establishment has contributed to the “Silent Invasion” agenda, with the assistance of the Illuminati-manipulated U.S. government, is creation of the infamous ''High-frequency Active Aural Research Program,'' or HAARP. You know the one...that ''Angels Don’t Play.'' Both scientists and outer External Government authorities have created the HAARP installation with no knowledge whatsoever that it is anything but a “potentially useful, though possibly risky” technology. Even the few elite, “in-The-know,” members of the Illuminati World Management Team don’t know the real ET-intended application of the HAARP installation and its other hidden “sisters.” 

The elite “Key Controllers” within Illuminati establishments do know it is intended to assist the “Visitors” in creating the Mass Frequency Fence—they have been told the Frequency Fence is needed to “prevent mass panic” when the ETs make their “public debut.” The HAARP installation is a high-frequency radio transmitter complex positioned in Gakona, South Central Alaska 160 miles north east of Anchorage. It is operated (unknowingly on behalf of “guess who”?) by the U.S. Navy and Air Force, and Phillips Laboratories. The U.S. military intends to use HAARP to focus a billion-watt pulsed radio beam into Earth’s outer atmosphere. Transmission of this beam will supposedly form Ultra-ULF waves and’ bounce them back to Earth. The Ultra-ULF waves are intended to ''improve submarine communications'' (not to mention ET underwater base communications) and will allow detection of subterranean phenomena such as “oil reserves and underground missile silos.”1 

Much public controversy has emerged around the potential dangers in using the HAARP network, due to the claims of some researchers that it will ''blow 30-mile holes in Earth’s upper atmosphere'' and might possibly ''disrupt the subtle magnetic energies of Earth and biological life-forms.'' Oh brother. . .here we go! Under natural environmental conditions, dormant portions of the DNA templates of biological life-forms spontaneously and progressively activate in reaction to the frequencies of Stellar Wave Infusions that occur during SACs. This natural DNA function allows the physical, emotional and mental body structures to create temporary adaptability to the increased UHF of SACs, preventing illness and premature death. The DNA template responds to the planetary electrical and magnetic fields, and certain kinds of “disruptions” in the magnetic balances of Earth’s outer atmosphere block the natural DNA-activation process. 

Temporary Scalar pulse disruption of Earth’s outer atmosphere is precisely the method used by Galactic Federation in 3470 BC, on behalf of the Nibiruian Council, to further “erase” our then-re-surfacing Atlantean race memory and to further scramble our DNA templates and language patterns. Presently, due to efforts of the Emerald Covenant races and lndigo Children of Earth, who have been consciously working with Bio-Spiritual tools to heal and activate their DNA templates; spontaneous, natural, critical-mass DNA activation has now been triggered within the Human and lndigo masses. It is for this precise reason that the United Intruder Resistance (UIR) has accelerated the schedule of its Illuminati OWO Master Plan from the intended 2002-2003 to August 12, 2001, which is when the “Big Game” really began. 

Human DNA is designed to enter this natural Spontaneous Mass Activation cycle during SACs, in response to increasing frequencies within progressively activates the 12th-sub-frequency band in each of 12 Human DNA Strand Templates, creating a progressive natural Maharic Seal and resulting biological immunity to SAC. To the great dismay of the UIR, the “Mass Awakening” has now begun, which means that even unaware Humans, all over the planet, will now progressively and unknowingly begin running D-12 frequency into Earth’s Planetary Shields. After thousands of years of forced DNA template repression, the Bio-electric Conductor of Human biology is finally awakening to do what it was designed to do—transmit 12-Code Pulses into Earth’s Planetary Shields, via the DNA Template/Merkaba/Kundalini/Maharata Current connection. 

This is Divine Biotronic Technology at its best! Through the Bio-electric Conductor of the Human body, Earth’s natural D-12 Planetary Maharic Seal Templar protection field will be progressively triggered into activation. As the Human DNA Template awakens, the ancient Emerald Covenant ''Four Faces of Man,'' ''Great White Lion'' and ''Golden Eagle'' APIN Systems will synchronistically come to life, ushering Earth into the “protective blanket” of the Trion/Meajhé Field. Fallen Angelic races of the Phantom Matrix cannot utilize full-spectrum D-12 frequency or higher—their biology and technologies are limited to D-10 to D-11.5 transmission/reception capacity. 

The D-12 Hydroplasmic ''Christos'' Maharata frequency and Trion Field Primal Creation Currents will naturally override any Phantom Matrix distortions within Earth’s Planetary Shields and biological DNA, if D-12 frequency reaches a critical mass charge in Earth’s Templar. Currently, the UIR has realized that it is now ''in a race for time,'' Their originally intended 2003-2004 ''Dimensional Blend Experiment'' and ''Frequency Fence''2 will not occur if D-12 frequency reaches Critical Mass in Earth’s Planetary Shields before 2003. Critical Mass 12-Code Pulse will be achieved in 2002 if people continue to assist Emerald Covenant races in Rainbow Roundtables (RRTs) to activate the Four Faces of Man LPIN and build the Trion/ Meajhé Field and if the Mass Human DNA Awakening continues.

 The Checkerboard Matrix DNA Mutation that reversed the Security Code sequences in Human DNA and Merkaba Field was carefully orchestrated by the Annunaki Invasion force since 25,500 BC, and painstakingly nurtured since the 9558 BC fall of Atlantis.'' Due to efforts of the Indigo Children in working directly with Emerald Covenant nations and DNA Bio-Regenesis, Maharata Merkaba and RRT technologies to clear ''Checkerboard DNA Reversal'' distortions, the organic sequencing of frequencies is now activating in the Mass DNA Template, clearing ancient distortions as it goes.3 The entire, long-suffered Fallen Angelic OWO Amenti dominion Master Plan will be shut down completely if Earth reaches 12-Code Pulse Critical Mass before 2003. 

Suddenly their plan has begun to “turn in on them.” All of those multitudes of excess Human bodies that Fallen Angelics have so carefully “cultivated” to become their “Reverse Security Code Amnesiac Inside Invasion Force” in the Final Conflict drama are now Spontaneously Healing. If the Fallen Angelics don’t do something to prevent further Human DNA activation, their “Human Amnesiacs Force” will become the “Awakened Human Victory Force,” the very force by which the Fallen Angelics diabolical agenda is defeated. The UIR Fallen Angelics are now scrambling to motivate their Illuminati Sleeper puppets of the World Management Team to force through immediately their OWO Master Plan. 

As they have always known, it must be done carefully, and in stages, or else public suspicion and mass chaotic rebellion might occur. The UIR Illuminati have started their OWO Master Plan off with a bang—actually, more like a “boom,” three big ones and one small one, to be precise. On Monday September 3, 2001, the last day of our Labor Day Workshop, the CIA/Eieyani informed us that the UIR had begun a certain type of “Phantom Pulse” transmission through the Montauk-Phi-Ex Falcon APIN System, which interrelates with UIR Beamships via the earthly HAARP network. The Eieyani explained that the UIR had begun linking their D-4 Cloaked Beamship crafts into the hidden HAARP installations to begin Frequency Fence transmission now, rather than waiting until their originally scheduled target date of 2004. 

These transmissions are intended to rapidly lower the NET Frequency Fence into the 3-D frequency bands to prevent continuation of the Spontaneous Mass Human DNA Template Awakening that is now occurring. The GA have since explained that the HAARP facility in Alaska is the least powerful of all and was not the facility from which the August 12, 2001, pulses were launched. The Alaskan HAARP was created as a ''decoy''—there are 12 other similar facilities on Phantom Earth, that interface with our Earth via the Falcon APIN system and the Drakonian-controlled sites of the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network.4 

The Phantom Earth HAARPs, originally Zeta-Rigelian technologies, are the intended primary transmission stations in the OWO agenda. Unfortunately, Angels do Play These HAARPs—fallen angels, and they play “Trumpets” too. The Intruder ET Technology code named the Trumpet has been used on Earth by the Jehovian Annunaki and Necromiton-Andromie Fallen Angelics—primarily during various time periods when our ancient Intruders desired to “keep the earthly populace in line.” Classic Biblical references pertaining to the use of the “Trumpet Technology” can be found in the stories of the “Walls of Jericho Tumbling and the likewise the “Tower of Babel,” and in the fall of “Sodom and Gomorrah.” The Bible, which derived from Jehovian embellishments of edited Emerald Covenant Essene CDT-Plate translations, presents colorful, encoded stories of Intruder ET/Fallen Angelic technological dominion of earthly races presented under the guise of “the Wrath of God.” 

Decoding the truths hidden within the drama of the Biblical Revelations story will assist us in comprehending the position Earth is presently in regarding advancement of the Fallen Angelic OWO dominion agenda, and the advanced technologies they have at their disposal. Full translation of the “Revelations Story” is extremely pertinent to our times, but this subject is beyond the scope of this book. Further materials concerning the ''Revelations of Revelation'' will soon be available in other texts. 

For the purposes of this writing, l will simply address the subject of the “Trumpets,” which feature prominently in Chapters 8-11 of the Book of Revelations. Just as Fallen Angels are skilled HAARP players, they are equally “talented” in the diabolical arts of ''Trumpeteering.'' It is within the Silent Symphony of the Fallen Angelic “Brass Section” that the hidden reality of the September 11, 2001, WTC/Pentagon Terrorist Attack Disaster can be found. 


My Path Ground Zero Credentials 
(KR editor's note; I am disabled. I broke my neck as a part of this cleanup, (part of my Guardian Mission) on Dec. 10th, 2002, walking back to New Jersey home from Ground Zero under the Hudson River in Path Tunnel F .
 I have been a part of this battle for...much longer than can be expressed in human terms. 
In this Incarnation alone, since my last rights at birth, a full Blue Blood walk-in arrival to a RH-, Atlantean Lineage Mother, The NAA have been trying to prevent me doing this Krystal Rap mission for a very long time.)

The ''Trumpet'' technology in which the Jehovian Annunaki and Necromiton-Andromie Fallen Angelic races specialize is a physical technology that utilizes a mechanical frequency generation apparatus to create and project very specific sound structures to desired long-range targets. The Sound Structures are specifically formed sub-space wave fields composed of micro-sub-atomic units called Mions. Mion units are a natural part of manifest matter, composed of groups of the smaller Partiki, Partika and Particum units that form the blueprints of matter. Mions represent the stage of transition between the scalar-standing-wave Partiki Grid Template and the manifest quarks, mesons, mueons, and sub-atomic particles, that group to form the atoms, molecules and matter structures that our contemporary scientists presently recognize. 

The Trumpet technology utilizes specifically calibrated electromagnetic wave fields, combined at precise angles of interface, which, when ''sparked'' with a specific type of electrical charge, create a “Sub-space Sonic Beam” that is literally shaped like a trumpet. The ''Trumpet'' Sub-Space Mion Field wave-form has a long tubelike extension emerging from its point of projection to its target. At the target site, the Trumpet wave-field expands outward into an inverted cone, like the “head” of a trumpet instrument. The Mion vibration rhythm of the Trumpet wave-field can be precisely calibrated to “match” the scalar-template of any matter form. Once the ''Form-lock'' is established, the vibration rhythm of the Trumpet wave-field is progressively accelerated, which causes the template of the matter-form to which it is bonded to instantaneously shatter.

 When the scalar-template of a wave-form shatters, the physical matter structure literally “de-manifests” into vapor, leaving only a trace of residual ash behind. The Trumpet technology can be used with loving intention in a variety of ways, but in the hands of Fallen Angelic races, the Trumpet is a weapon of mass destruction. Strong Trumpet Pulses are more difficult to direct with pin-point accuracy over long distances—matter surrounding the Trumpet Pulse target can be structurally affected in long-range, amplified Trumpet Pulse projection. The Jehovian Anunnaki and Necromiton-Andromie races of the UIR knew this on August 12, 2001, as they strategized their plan to fully reopen and activate the Montauk-Phi-Ex Falcon Matrix APIN system, and connect it to the “Grid Spikes” of the Phoenix APIN system. The ''Trumpets'' stationed on Alpha Centauri and Arcturus in the Phantom Matrix would have to be used via Phoenix wormhole transmission, if the UIR was to fulfill its mission of activating and connecting three of the Primary Phoenix Spikes to the Montauk-Phi-Ex Port Interface Network and Falcon wormhole. 

The site of the WTC Twin Towers buildings in New York City is one of numerous Phoenix Spike Sites in NYC that connect directly to the Phoenix wormhole via the Manhattan Vortex and Montauk-Phi-Ex Falcon APIN. The area of the Pentagon that was damaged in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was built over another Primary Phoenix Spike site, as are numerous other buildings and the White House, in the Washington, D.C., area. The third Phoenix Spike site the UIR had hoped to “put on line” with the Falcon is located in Philadelphia, PA. The UIR mobilized the bin Laden Sleepers group to orchestrate the “terrorist attacks” in NYC and D.C. in order to produce a ''cover'' to hide the potential effects of the Trumpet Pulse that was to be sent to the Phoenix Spike sites at these locations. 

If the WTC Towers “just happened to fall down,” and if part of the Pentagon ''just happened to collapse'' around the same time, somebody would definitely take notice. The terrorist attacks were staged by the bin Laden and related UIR Illuminati Sleeper factions to create a “public smoke screen” should the Trumpet Pulses cause collapse of the buildings atop the Phoenix Spikes. This is the reality of what took place on September 11, 2001, as the UIR began their aggressive campaign to accelerate their OWO dominion agenda. In orchestration of the 9/11/2001 event, first a sub-space sonic amplification pulse was rendered on August 12, 2001. 

This slower-moving ULF scalar pulse was simultaneously launched from two locations during the yearly planetary ''Magnetic Peak'' cycle that climaxes on August 12.5 The first sonic pulse was sent from an area in Central Mexico called ''Cue Site-4,'' an Annunaki ''Serpent'' Base (Thoth-Enki-Zeta Nibiruian- Annunaki), via the Chihuahua, Mexico, Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network. The pulse was sent first north, then east along horizontal Ley Line-2, and passed through the Star Gate-2 Gru-AL Point at Sarasota, FL, on September 3, 2001.6 

The Mexico Pulse intercepted the second pulse off the coast of St. Augustine, FL, at vertical Axiatonal Line-7, the Falcon wormhole, on September 7. The second “sonic slow pulse” transmitted on August 12, was released northward from the Zeta/Necromiton-Andromie “Falcon” Base beneath Lake Titicaca, Peru, on Axiatonal Line-7. The two ULF sonic pulses interfaced at the Falcon wormhole on A7/L4, and were then further amplified and transmitted via Ley Line-3 to the Star Gate-3 “Falcon” Base in the Bermuda Islands. 

The amplification pulse was held at SG-3 Bermuda until September 11, 2001. On September 11, the ''Dove'' group (Jehovian Annunaki), using the Phoenix wormhole at A7/L4, and the ''White Eagle'' group (Necromiton-Andromie Alpha-Omega), using the Falcon wormhole, simultaneously transmitted two massive sub-space ''Trumpet Pulses.'' The Trumpet Pulses were projected from the Falcon/Phoenix wormholes through Ley Line-3 to the Bermuda Base. At the Bermuda Base, the Trumpet Pulses were then combined into one, accelerated via the stored amplification pulse and directed from the Bermuda Base through the Montauk-Phi-Ex Port Interface Network and into the subterranean WTC NYC Phoenix Spike location. 

Moments later the first plane struck the first WTC tower, as the UIR had previously arranged and delicately coordinated. Another Trumpet Pulse was released for WTC Tower 2 and another for the Pentagon, using the same procedure. The Eieyani explained that the Philadelphia, PA, Phoenix Spike site was also intended as a UIR target on September 11, but the “cover,” the fourth plane, never made it to its intended destination, and so the “fourth Trumpet” didn’t “sound.” Other Primary Phoenix Spike sites on the UIR “first wave” activation list include Atlanta-GA, Las Vegas-NV, Spokane-WA, St. Louis-MO), Denver/Boulder-CO, Miami-FL, London-England, Iraq, and Palestine.

 There are “Three Waves” of such Phoenix Spike site activations planned by the UIR. Localized ''Unnatural Disasters,'' as well as ''official war strikes'' and ''terrorist activity'' will be tactics used to ''cover'' the covert activities of Trumpet Pulse Phoenix Spike site activations. The Eieyani did not become aware of the UlRs’ Phoenix Spike Site activation initiative until the morning of September 11, although they were aware that sonic pulses had been issued on August 12. During our Labor Day workshop on September 3, the Eieyani had warned us that the UIR had taken aggressive steps to fully re-activate the Montauk-Phi-Ex facility and that the UIR OWO agenda was now advancing.

 The Eieyani discovered the UIR Trumpet Pulse initiative just after the first plane was in the air. The Eieyani have stated that at this time, they made contact with nine other GA contactees in three countries outside of the U.S.A., motivating these individuals (unknown to me) to place nine separate telephone calls to various governmental agencies in the U.S.A., warning of the pending  attack. Each call was dismissed as a ''hoax'' at the receiving end, and the Eieyani could do nothing directly to prevent fulfillment of the UIRs’ bin Laden/Trumpet Pulse initiative.


 Although the hidden reality of activating Phoenix Spike sites via Trumpet Pulses was a primary Illuminati objective behind the September 11, 2001, “terrorist attack,” there were also other UIR objectives served through staging of this event. The intended plan for advancement of the UIR OWO agenda has always included creation of specific effects within the world political arena that are intended to serve the Fallen Angelic invasion schedule. Polarization of the global political arena is one effect that will serve to expedite war among Human nations, and will set up the “good-guy-nations vs. bad-guy-nations” population division that the Fallen Angelics need in order to implement their physical contact phase of invasion. 

Take notice that in the “New War On Terrorism,” U.S. political leaders are priming the international public for total polarity of national affiliation. Since the 9/11 disaster, it has been repeatedly propagandized that nations who will not support the U.S. initiated “Anti-terrorism Coalition” are thus “supporting terrorism”-''If you are not with us, you are against us.” This stance has, in one utterly smooth and superficially “justifiable” motion, forced all world nations to either “side with the Anti-terrorism Coalition” or become a target of suspicion, potentially suffering economic sanctions or military reprisals from nations of the Anti-terrorism Coalition. 

Though the need for international unity in standing up against terrorism is needed, we all wish that such unity for a common cause would be entered honestly, without the condition of utter duress that world governments are presently facing in regard to their stance on the Anti-terrorism Coalition. I have observed in utter amazement how swiftly the planet has been utterly polarized around this issue. On the surface, it is understandable that the event of terrorism would be officially designated as an internationally unacceptable action that calls for “retribution.” But when one is aware of the “Hidden Element” of the Fallen Angelic/ Intruder ET/Illuminati “Silent Invasion,” it becomes apparent that the mass surface events have much more meaning than “meets the eye.” 

Since 1998, the Eieyani have gently warned those who cared to listen that the UIR was involved in instigating global war among Human nations in order to reduce Human populations and to covertly position world government organizations for later intended physical ET invasion. As Humanity progressively gets “caught up” in the war drama, which at this point we have little choice about, the UIR “Silent Invasion” moves nicely along, undetected, right under our noses. The New Age and UFO Movement people, who have been misled into believing that they are “immune” to being affected by national and international war issues because their “ET-Angels” will save them, are in for a rude awakening. Eventually they will discover that “bombs and bullets” can disrupt their “positive thought-constructed lives” just as much as anyone else’s. 

The big awakening will come when they realize that it is some of their “beloved ET-Angels” that have planned and orchestrated these conditions of Human war all along, in order to advance a OWO invasion/dominion agenda. A progression to mass war among Human nations will first of all allow Illuminati races to reduce the numbers of 12-Strand DNA-activating Human populations, and secondly, it will prepare the global political arena for the Fallen Angelics’ intended staged “First Contact” event. The “Human Greeting Teams,” which are presently being set up by Fallen Angelics via their “channel” contacts in the New Age and UFO Movements, are a key element to the OWO plan. 

Through these unsuspecting Human groups, seemingly friendly “ET-Angels” will be able to get their physical presence fully and covertly “on planet,” undetected by mass populations and government officials, so that direct infiltration of world governments and Illuminati factions can begin. The Fallen Angelics hope to create an atmosphere of Human fear, suffering and population reduction over a period of a few years, while advancing private contact with their Human and Illuminati "chosen ones." The UIR knows that progressive environmental and climatic emergencies will arise due to escalating electromagnetic imbalances in the planetary grids, brought on by the Illuminati Frequency Fence. Environmental atrocities, coupled with the progression of Human war, will methodically reduce Human populations, while moving the “survivors” into a progressively greater sense of desperation, yielding intensified “prayers for redemption” and adherence to the promises of salvation offered by religious dogma. 

After a certain point of cultivated global crisis is reached, and general ''Martial Law” governance affects all nations due to the progression of the war drama, selected members of the global political and religious Illuminati will prepare the public for contact with "Friendly ETs" via mass media "Official Disclosure." Once first contact is made, tentatively scheduled for 2005 after a series of great Storms emerge from erratic progression of Star Gate opening in the SAC, the UIR intends to ''save us from ourselves.'' They intended to present themselves to us as the "great saviors from above," who have “come in answer to our prayers”7 

If the OWO plan proceeds, Fallen Angelic groups such as the Galactic Federation will openly emerge to politically ''back'' the global government ''good guys'' that appear to be those ''fighting for freedom'' against countries that appear to represent the ''bad-guy'' end of the “good vs. evil” staged polarity drama. World religions of the “positive polarity group” will have been “nurtured” to a point of ''Unity through Tolerance" by the time First Contact is staged. Our newly introduced ''friendly space kin,'' endorsed by Illuminati-controlled governments of the UIR and World Management Team, will then further global religious unity through demonstration of contrived religious dogma that becomes the basis for a new global political order. 

Human-looking ET representatives of the ''United Federation of Planets'' intend to show false historical and genetic evidence that the Annunaki groups are the creators of Human life and that they have returned to lead us to an ''enlightened'' future. ''Miracle Cures'' will be offered for healing and environmental cleanup, and new global governmental structures will be imposed as a condition of the “good-guy group” being accepted as the “official world government,” so Earth may be entered as a ''Sovereign Global State in the United Federation of Planets." The “United Nations” will be “upgraded” to the UPF—the ''United Planetary Federation,” and we will find ourselves as “lowly subjects” upon a planet ruled by the Fallen Angelic Annu-Elohim and Annunaki of Nibiru, Tiamat, Sirius A, Arcturus and Trapezium Orion. 

The Annunaki will introduce the Drakonian, Reptilian and Necromiton-Andromie races as our joint “allies,” and global territories will be divided up among various ET factions, with Human and Illuminati puppet-governments appointed by the UIR orchestrating international political, economic, religious and social affairs from behind the scenes. ''ETs" will then walk openly among us and ''undesirable'' populations that refuse to “buy into” the propaganda promoted through “official” religious, political and governmental channels, will be quietly disposed of. 

The UIR agenda requires that Human populations be seduced into the “necessary state of willing compliance” by 2006-2007. Uncontested visible physical “ET” presence on Earth is intended to be achieved through amalgamation of the “contactees” of the New Age and UFO Movements with the powers of Illuminati-controlled traditional official government and religious organizations, and quiet “eradication” of opposing forces. Once this is achieved, the UIR intends to complete physical building of the Photo-sonic Transmission plants that they need to break through the Cloaking Shields on the Inner Earth portals. By 2008, planetary pole shift will begin, and our “ET brethren” will abandon us to “unnatural disaster” and calamity while they stage their intended physical invasion of Inner Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates. 

This is the UIR OWO Master Plan, which can still be prevented through activation of the Emerald Covenant Founders’ Four Faces of Man LPIN System and the Trion-Meajhé Field. When the Eieyani roughly explained this UIR OWO Master Plan to me throughout 1999, I couldn’t imagine how such utter dominion of world governments could take place so quickly within the ''real world.'' How could the many nations of Earth be rapidly banded into “Us vs. Them” global polarity? How could the masses be moved into receptivity to a “Unified Religion” that would leave us all gullibly vulnerable to the “ETs-as-saviors” drama?

 How could religious freedom in the U.S. be hijacked into a governmentally endorsed set of alternative doctrines, with which non~ compliance would become a “criminal act”? My personal difficulty in believing that an ET “Silent Invasion” could be set in mass motion rapidly enough for the UIR’s 2008 deadline rapidly turned to a sense of horrified awe as I observed the post-9/11/200l political machine grind into motion. Suddenly we are right smack in the middle of the polarization of international consciousness, with “good guys” uniting to “fight terrorists" and “bad guys” assisting terrorists. Suddenly everyone is “getting in touch with traditional gods,” driven by the mourning and fear generated by the WTC/Pentagon terrorist attack event. 

And suddenly, the message of “brotherly interfaith tolerance” is being promoted within the political arena, bringing the once-adversarial world “superpower religions” of Christianity and Islam together under the common banner of anti-terrorism, while Islamic extremists use their religion as an excuse for destruction of others different than themselves. Although there are definite advantages to such unification of nations that will foster a much-needed advancement of Human rights advocacy, this interfaith unity promoted under the banner of political government also threatens to more fully reunite the powers of ''church and state.'' 

If things proceed as the UIR plans, the “state,” or political government, even in the U.S.A. where religious freedom is supposed to be constitutionally protected, will again be empowered as the arbitrator of personal spiritual belief systems. At this point, all the U.S. government needs to do is put out propaganda that any spiritual organization they covertly disapprove of is “suspected of terrorist activity,” and the public will be blindly supportive of whatever action the government deems necessary to “dispose of the threat.” The massacre of the “Branch Davidians" at Waco, TX, is an example of how such scenarios of governmental religious repression could easily be orchestrated without causing American public uproar. In the U.S.A., we have come to take certain freedoms of speech, religious belief, travel mobility and “unencumbered passage” as constitutionally protected rights. 

As I observed the U.S. political reaction to the 9/11 disaster, I realized just how fragile our American illusion of freedom really is. Suddenly, people are frightened of a perceived ''outside threat'' so they willingly accept ''military presence'' at airports and support increased governmental covert surveillance of civilian populations as ''needed safety precautions.'' All that is required to ''push the envelope'' just a few steps further is another atrocity like the 9/11 disaster, and the American public will accept, with little if any opposition, the need for government imposition of general ''Martial Law.'' If the present military campaign of bombing in Afghanistan extends into Iraq and other areas, as the UIR plans, then the US. President will be ''rightfully empowered'' and apparently “forced” into activation of the U.S. ''War Powers Act'' and FEMA. 

Once the “War Powers Act” becomes reality in the U.S.A., the ''Rights of the People,'' as once protected by the American Constitution, will be effectively suspended. By the time this book reaches publication, the ''War Powers Act'' may have already become an American reality. Meanwhile, as the international community becomes progressively more distracted by the growing D-3 “war drama,” the UIR Fallen Angelics and their Illuminati races covertly advance their physical “ET” contact/invasion drama. Unfortunately, there is a pending crisis of even greater concern brewing beneath the external and covert Illuminati dramas-Earth is presently fully ensconced within the very tangible realities of physics characteristic to a Stellar Activations Cycle (SAC). 

Earth’s Star Gates are now fully opening for the first time in 210,216 years, and Earth’s Planetary Shields scalar template is in a terrible disarray of electromagnetic imbalance due to past and present abuse by Fallen Angelic and amnesiac Human nations. Planets physically pole shift if they cannot hold the progressive infusion of frequencies that naturally emerge through the Planetary Templar during SACs. Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics are the only tools through which such core challenges of planetary physics can be overcome. We need to start paying active attention to this greater reality if we hope to pass through the 2000 2017 SAC with any degree of safety. 


Since the Jehovian Annunaki Fallen Angelics’ edited, and partially rewrote, the original Essene Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate translations that were supposed to be the foundations for the Holy Bible, we have been progressively ''set up'' to assist the Jehovian Invasion Team to fulfill their OWO vision. The Jehovian OWO agenda of the ''Dove'' APIN system group, as of the September 12, 2000, has become formally incorporated into the general OWO invasion plan of the UIR. The reality of planetary physics we presently face can best be illustrated by ''decoding'' portions of the Biblical ''Revelations'' story that directly apply to our contemporary circumstance. We will receive greater benefit from the “Revelations” story if we can begin to understand the truths and contrived agendas hidden within this Jehovian-written intended dominion schedule. 

The most important aspects of the Book of Revelations have to do with the stories of the ''Seven Seals,'' the ''Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,'' the ''Seven Angels with their Seven Trumpets,'' the ''24 Elders'' before the ''Golden Altar'' and Jehovian ''Throne,'' and the ''Four Beasts before the Altar/Throne.'' Interestingly in recent modern translations of Biblical Revelations, the mentioning of the ''Four Beast'' before the Throne of Jehovah has been lifted in status from its earlier “beastly” translation, to become the ''Four Living Creature'' before the Throne—yet another subtle little sleight-of-word translation to further distance us from awareness of the true hidden translation of this text. We have discussed the ancient microchip-like technologies of the APIN systems left in Earth’s Planetary Shields from the Atlantian period. 

The APIN grid networks were designed by their various creators in the shapes of animals or birds, when viewed from space with photo-radionic scanning equipment. In the story of Jehovian Revelation,''St. John the Divine'' reported witnessing the ''Four Beasts'' before the Throne; the first was like a ''Lion,'' the second like an ''Ox,'' the third had a ''Face like a Man'' and the forth was as a ''Flying Eagle.'' It is no coincidence that the four most powerful PIN systems on Earth are those created by the Emerald Covenant Founders races—the Great White Lion Elohie APIN, the Blue Oxen Maharaji APIN, the Four Faces of Man Eieyani LPIN and the Golden Eagle Seraphei APIN. 

The Jehovian ''vision'' given to ''St. John'' was a cleverly disguised, almost literal symbolic depiction of the Jehovian Annunaki and Annu-Elohim intention of securing the Founders’ APIN systems under dominion of the ''Throne of Jehovah.'' This interpretation of the ''Four Beasts'' in Revelation is not “guess work” or presumption, it is the truth of Revelations decoded, as contained within the Founders CDT-Plate records. In truth, the Jehovian Revelations story is a step-by-step illustration of the Jehovian Anunnaki’s intended invasion schedule. The reason that it is pertinent to briefly explore the ''Revelations Schedule'' has to do directly with the ''Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse'' element, the Horsemen that are released upon the Earth to begin delivery of the “wrath of God (Jehovah),” with ''opening'' of the first four of ''Seven Seals." 

We need to understand the truths that Revelations has been hiding from us, because ''Seal'' numbers 1 and 2 ''opened'' in May 2001, releasing the ''White Horseman'' and the ''Red Horsemen.'' ''Seal'' number 3 ''opened'' in July 2001, setting the “Black Horsemen” free, and “Seal” number 4 will “open” in January 2002, releasing the ominous ''Pale Horse,'' For anyone unfamiliar with the Biblical Revelations story, the “Horse stories” go like this: “...and I watched the Lamb (see page 367, ff.) open the First of Seven Seals...and behold a White Horse, its rider held a bow8 and he was given a Crown9 and he rode out conquer.” 

And the lamb opened the Second Seal. . . . .and behold a Red Horse, ...its rider given the power to take peace from the Earth and to make men slay each other; and he was given a mighty sword. 10And the Lamb opened the Third Seal. . .and behold a Black Horse, its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand..¹¹ When the Lamb opened the Fourth Seal,...and behold a Pale Horse...its rider’s name was Death, and Hell12 followed close behind. They were given the power over the 4th part of the Earth13 to kill by sword, famine and plague and by the wild beasts of the Earth.... 

By the time we get to cthe ''Sixth Seal'' opening, which in technical terms soon explained will occur between August-September of 2002, the ''Horsemen'' have done their damage, and we find the following revelation: ''When the Sixth Seal opened there was a great Earthquake, the sun turned black,...the moon turned red. 14 As if Seal 6 didn’t promise enough damage, there its yet the ''Seventh Seal,'' which sets loose the “Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets...'' By the time the ''Third Angel sounds the Third Trumpet,'' ''a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on the third part 15 of the rivers. . .and the name of the Star was Wormwood.'' We have already explored the sub-space sonic-Mion-wave-field projection technology of the ''Trumpets''; it just so happens that ''Wormwood'' refers to the Nibiruian Annunaki Battlestar ''Wormwood'' which the Nibiruians have used since 25,500 BC to keep the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid (NDC-Grid) sonic grid control machine operational in Earth’s Planetary Shields. 

This is the very same ''Wormwood'' Nibiruian Battlestar that, since 9560 BC, the Jehovian Annunaki intended to “knock out of the sky” with their unholy ''Trumpets,'' when they waged their competing OWO dominion campaign against the competing Nibiruian Annunaki group during the 2000-2017 SAC. It is time to pay attention, folks! lt is no coincidence that four months after release of the Second Seal and Red ''Horsemen'' power to take peace from the Earth and make men slay each other”) that we suddenly find our nations immersed within the “New War on Terrorism.” Already the bombs are flying. Opening of the Fourth Seal (due by summer’s end 2002) and release of the Pale Horse is the point in Revelations when things begin to get really “ickey”—the rider named “Death” and the “Pit”/ Phantom Matrix/Wormhole Crew follow close behind. But until we come to understand “What the heck are these horses and horsemen anyway?” these revelations will have little rational meaning. 

It is vitally important to our collective planetary well-being that we finally comprehend the real meaning of the ''Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,'' the ''Seven Seals'' and the ''Seven Angels with Seven Trumpets.'' Here follows the truth of what we will all move through during the next seven years of the SAC. 

In the Jehovian Annunaki falsification of original Essene scripture, there were numerous historical references to the “Trumpets of God” and their powers to render the “Wrath of God” on behalf of the “righteous.”16 As previously discussed, the Biblical “Trumpet” was an Atlantian ''code word'' for the sub-space Sonic-Mion-Field projection technology that has been used by the Jehovian Annunaki as a remote-range weapons system since pre-Atlantian days. Just as the ''Trumpet'' and ''Four Beasts'' references held a hidden meaning that was not at all ''spiritual'' or “esoteric” in nature, but rather a specific reference to a tangible, Annunaki-created scientific technology, so too do the other elements of the Revelations story have a hidden technological meaning. 

The references pertaining to the “Trumpets,” their “Angels,” “the Four Horsemen,” the “Altar of Gold before the Throne” and the “24 Elders before the Throne” now found in the Biblical Revelations story were not part of the genuine Founders’ Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate translations rendered by the Essenes. These colorful pictures of symbolic code were part of a Holographic Insert Program initiated by the Fallen Angelic Jehovian Annu-Elohim and Bipedal Dolphin People Annunaki of Sirius A and Arcturus in the Phantom Matrix.

 The stories were based partially upon fact, in relation to the technological reality of the natural Planetary Seals that do release or “open” via Star Gate-12 (the “Lamb”) during SACs. To “invent” their own version of “Revelations,” through which the Jehovian dominion agenda was intended to be fulfilled, the Jehovian Annunaki gave, as a series of Holographically generated NET “visions,” a twisted version of the original Atlantean Emerald Covenant Revelation story. The individual responsible for what has emerged as the “Biblical Revelation” interpretation became known as “St. John the Divine,” who was in truth a female Emerald Covenant “Flame Keeper,” born of Blue Flame Melchizedek mother and Jehovian Annu-Melchizedek father. 

The Jehovian Annunaki used this individual, through astral Tagging, via their portion of the NET, to bring “prophecy” that would prepare those who followed to fulfill the Jehovian OWO agenda. Emerald Covenant teachings of the D-8 Gold light fields of Orion Mintaka, Universal Star Gate-8, were distorted into the “Gold Altar before the Throne” symbolism. The ''24 Elders before the Throne'' represented the Fallen Angelic Jehovian Annu-Elohim forefathers of the Annunaki Nibiruian Council of 24, which was controlled by Jehovian ''pure-strain'' Bipedal Dolphin People Annunaki ''Overlords.'' The ''visions'' given to ''St. John'' were a symbolically encoded interpretation of the intended Jehovian OWO agenda scheduled to unfold between 2001-2008 AD, during the anticipated SAC.

 The Jehovian “Book of Revelation” was based upon Jehovian Annu-Elohim knowledge of Atlantean Emerald Covenant Templar teachings pertaining to Planetary Seals and the behavior of Planetary Seals during the anticipated 2000-2017 SAC. The Jehovian Revelation story audaciously depicted what the Jehovians intended to do to Earth’s Planetary Shields, during the Final Conflict drama that was scheduled to unfold between 2000-2017. 


The ''Angel'' word in the Jehovian Revelations story does not refer to singular ''Divine People.'' The symbol code of ''angel'' was used to represent an advanced technology called the Jehovian Hyperdimensional Cone, which utilizes external Merkaba Mechanics—-an external energy technology that was seeded into Earth's Planetary Shields, much as were the aforementioned Phoenix Spikes and APIN systems. The Hyperdimensional Cones (HD-Cs) were placed as standing-conical-scalar wave clusters imbued into Selenite and quartz rods, which were originally implanted into the Earth’s crust, mantle and Planetary Shields during earlier Atlantian periods, in an unsuccessful attempt to fulfill the Jehovian OWO dominion agenda during the 22,326 BC SAC. 

Like the Phoenix and Falcon wormhole APIN systems, the HD-C network represented an interface between Earth and the Phantom Matrix. Unlike the Phoenix and Falcon “holes in the Wall in Time,” the HD-C network was more like “Cracks in the Wall in Time.” The HD-C Network of the Dove did not become fully operational until the 10,500 BC creation of the Phoenix wormhole, which the Jehovians used to increase the function of their Dove APIN HD-C network. The Anu-Seraphim Nibiruian Annunakis created the Phoenix wormhole during the 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest. This was a time in Nibiruian history in which the Anu-Seraphim Annunaki races of the “Councils of 9 and 12” rebelled against the Annu-Elohim Overlords" of the ''Council of 24 Elders.'' 

When the Nibiruians created the Phoenix, the Jehovian Annunaki and their Annu-Elohim ''Council of 24 Elders'' began implanting Earth’s Planetary Shields with further elements of the original 22,326 BC HD-C technology. The Phoenix Wormhole created a weakness within the surrounding frequency field of the ''Wall in Time.'' The Jehovians were able to use these weaknesses to create a network of thin, interwoven frequency bands, anchored through the HD-C implants, that ran from the Phoenix Wormhole access point like “cracks,” into control areas of Earth’s Planetary Shields. The areas of Earth in which the HD-C implants were placed were linked to the portion of D-7 Universal Star Gate-7 Arcturus that was under Jehovian Annunaki and Annu-Elohim dominion. 

Seven massive Crystal Pylon Selenite Rods were placed within the Arcturian SG-7 control grid, before the SG-8 galactic core “Golden Altar and Throne.” These were described as the “Seven Candlesticks which are the Seven Churches” in Biblical Revelation. The ''Seven Stars which are the Seven Angels of the Seven Churches" referred to the Seven Prime HD-C implants in Earth’s Planetary Shields that anchored the Seven Arcturian Pylon Selenite Rods “Candlesticks/Churches” into Earth’s grids. This is not ''Divine Construction''—it is the anti-Christiac work of advanced subtle-wave broadcasting technology employed for intended planetary dominion and destruction. The HD-C network was intended to serve as a series of ''Siphoning Channels.'' 

Portions of Earth’s Shields and selected populations could be pulled through the Phoenix Wormhole into the Phantom Arcturus Matrix as the Nibiruians used the Phoenix Wormhole to draw the rest of Earth’s Planetary Shields into merger with Phantom Nibiru and Tiamat. The network of Jehovian HD-C implants in Earth’s Planetary Shields is known as the Dove APIN system, denoting the shape of its primary grid when viewed from space with photo-radionic scanning equipment. The “Dove,” like the Falcon, the Phoenix, the Serpent and the Dragon APIN systems, represent Aerial maps of the Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET control networks placed in Earth’s Templar.

 The “Dove” was recently revealed in the contemporary works of Enoch, while he was supporting the Jehovian OWO agenda before his 1983 Emerald Covenant Redemption Contract. Specific representation of these APIN maps and their contemporary language literal translations and geographical coordinates are contained within the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plates “Book of Maps and Keys.” The HD-C implants of the Dove APIN system are frequency generation points implanted into Earth’s body that can create external, artificial, reverse-spin (Phantom Matrix spin) Merkaba Vehicles of various sizes and designs. 

Once generated, these spiraling electro-magnetic Reverse Merkaba Fields can hold a person or object, or an entire city or continent, depending upon the size of the field, through hyperdimensional transport into phantom matrix. When used in specific ways, the HD-Cs form ''Plasma Ships,'' beautiful elongated orbs of glowing ''living'' light, that can, if programmed to do so, ''step down in frequency” to form solid-objects, usually Silver metallic “space ships,” complete with a Jehovian Phantom Crew. When used in other ways, the HD-Cs of the ''Dove'' receive, amplify and transmit invisible sub-sonic wave fields from the Pylon Selenite Rod transmission bases in the Planetary Shields of Phantom Arcturus.

 The Seven Pylon Selenite Rods stationed on Phantom Arcturus are the ''relay station'' or ''midway station'' through which the frequencies of similar Pylon Selenite Rod installations on Sirius A and in Trapezium Orion and the Hourglass Nebula in Sagittarius interface with the living Time Matrix system. The HD-C points in Earth’s Planetary Shields can be used as Subsonic ULF Scalar Pulse transmitters that are capable of sending Targeted Sub-sonic Scalar Pulses through the Dove Matrix network grid lines of Earth, to very precise targets. Like the Falcon and the Phoenix, the Dove Matrix is a powerful weapons system, especially when combined with the advanced “Trumpet” technology, as the ancient peoples of Jericho and Babylon unfortunately discovered too late, when the “walls came tumbling down.” 

The HD-Cs of the Dove are also capable of interfacing with Jehovian-programmed Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network sites on Earth for interplanetary and inter-stellar sub-space communication and access to the NET. The HD-Cs of Earth are controlled by the Jehovian Annu-Elohim from Arcturus in Phantom Matrix and from a site on Earth called “Cue-Site-8” in the Takla Makon-Tarim Basin, Tibet. Presently Cue Site-8 serves as the “control matrix broadcast headquarters” for the YHWH-MetatronicEnochian-Jehovian Annu-Elohim, the Jehovian Annunaki branches of the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command, parts of the ''Archangel'' Michael-Nephilim Matrix and factions of the “Great White BrotherhoodRuby Order” Nephilim and related Vairagi collective that defected from the Emerald Covenant. 

The HD-Cs of the Dove Matrix link Earth to the Seven Selenite Pylon Rods of Phantom Arcturus at Seven Primary Points in Earth’s Planetary Shields. At these Seven points in Earth’s Planetary Shields the seven largest HD-Cs are placed—the “Seven Angels of the Seven Churches” in the Jehovian “Revelations” story. The “Seven Angels of Jehovian Destruction”17 are anchored into Earth’s Planetary Shields through the ''Seven Seals of Jehovah.''


The seven “anchoring rods,” or ''Seven Jehovian Seals,'' of the Seven Prime HD-Cs of the Dove APIN system were placed in Earth’s Planetary Shields specifically on one vertical column, horizontally across from certain natural configurations in Earth’s Templar called Star Crystal Seals. The Seven Unnatural Jehovian Seals are all positioned along Axiatonal Line-7, the vertical coordinate upon which both the Phoenix and Falcon Matrix wormholes are located, and connect to a secondary set of Seven artificial Jehovian Seals that are placed within the natural “Seed Seals” of Earth’s Seven Primary Vortices. 

During SACs, the natural 12-Star Crystal Seals in Earth’s Templar progressively and sequentially activate with Earth’s Star Gates, allowing the Axiatonal Lines in Earth’s grids to braid so Earth enters natural Merkaba under D-12 Planetary Maharic Seal. The ''trans-dimensional'' Star Crystal Seals exist between each of the 12-dimensional Star Gates in Earth’s Templar; when Star Crystal Seals open, they allow the specific dimensions of frequency from the Star Gate above and below to blend.18 

The Seven Jehovian Seals that hold the Seven “Angels”/Prime HD-C implants of the Dove APIN system, which link via sub-space sonic frequency bands to the Seven Pylon Selenite Rods of Arcturus,19 were placed in correspondence to  Seven of Earth’s Natural Star Crystal Seals. During a SAC, the ''Seven Unholy Jehovian Angels'' were intended to sequentially activate in response to natural activation of seven out of the 12 natural Earth Seals; the purpose of these unnatural Jehovian HD-C ''Seven Seals'' is to progressively rip greater “wormholes in the Cap on the Wall in Time.'' When a Jehovian Seal activates, a new Wormhole connection to the Phoenix Wormhole is “frequency-punched” into Earth’s matter base, in the geographical location of the Jehovian Seal. 

The Atlantean Dove APIN, like the Phoenix, Falcon, and several other similar networks installed during the Atlantean period in preparation for the 2000-2017 SAC, was designed to rapidly create a massive series of minute Black Holes in the fabric of Earth’s body, while creating a frequency barrier around Earth’s magnetosphere. The ''black hole network'' is designed to progressively expand, each ''hole'' opening into the others as the frequency barrier in Earth’s magnetosphere “holds the planetary mass together” while Earth is literally ''sucked'' into the Black Hole Sub-time Distortion Cycle of the Phantom Matrix. 

Because several competing Fallen Angelic collectives from various locations within the Phantom Matrix would attempt to use similar APIN technological atrocities to accomplish the same feat during the 2000- 2017 SAC, Earth’s Planetary Shields would be literally pulled apart. The planetary matter base would fragment, its various pieces as held together within their magnetosphere suspension fields, would be drawn into orbit around the Phantom Matrix planets that exerted the greatest ''magnetic pull.'' The location in the living Time Matrix where Earth is presently positioned, would be left with a massive “rip in time,” a Black Hole that would progressively expand via particle accretion, to eventually “swallow” 11 dimensions of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix. 

The first four Jehovian HD-C implants of the Dove APIN are known as ''The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.'' The ''horses'' represent four of the 12 natural stellar currents, the carrier wave frequencies corresponding to the first four of Earth’s natural 12-Star Crystal Seals, that will run into Earth’s Templar to begin activation of the corresponding Star Gates and Axiatonal Lines. The Seven Jehovian HD-C Seals are placed in conjunction to Earth’s Star Crystal Seals numbers 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Jehovian HD-C Seal-1, the ''White Horseman,'' placed on A7 vertical, latitude 47.08° N, northeast of Quebec, Canada, corresponds to Earth Seal-1 France, which carries the D-11/l2 “Silver-White Maharic light spectra” or the ''White Horse'' carrier wave. 

Jehovian HD-C Seal-2, the ''Red Horseman,'' placed on A7 vertical, latitude l8.l° S, near the border conjunction of Chile/Peru/Bolivia, corresponds to Earth Seal-2 near St. Helena Islands, which carries the D-l2/ l ''Red light spectra'' or the ''Red Horse'' carrier wave. Jehovian HD-C Seal-3, the ''Black Horseman,'' placed on A7 vertical, latitude 4l.78° N around Cape Cod, corresponds to Earth Seal-3, south of Sofia, Bulgaria, which carries the D-11/10 “Density-3 blue-black and silverblack black light spectra,'' or the ''Black Horse'' carrier wave. Jehovian HD-C Seal-4, the ''Pale Horseman,'' placed on A7 vertical, latitude 24.92° N, east of Nassau, Bahamas, corresponds to Earth Seal-8 SW Las Palmas, Canary Islands, which carries the D-6/7 ''Pale'' Density-2 Semi- 420 The Seven Seals and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Etheric and Density-3 Etheric indigo/violet light spectrum, or the ''Pale Horse.'' 

As Revelations 6:7 warns, when the 4th Jehovian Seal releases, the Rider named “Death” upon a Pale Horse takes peace from the Earth, with “Hell” following close behind. “Hell, Hades, the Pit” represent the Pit of the Phantom Matrix expanding through Earth’s Planetary Shields via the Falcon-Phoenix wormholes and the various Fallen Angelic APIN systems. (See: Planetary Seals Locations and Opening Schedule, Appendix V). In the Jehovian Revelation story, the Jehovian Annu-Elohim drew their sinister inspiration from the true Revelation books of the Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate teachings on the Planetary Templar Mechanics of SACs, which detail the maps and natural functions of the organic 12-Star Crystal Seals in Earth's Templar during SACs.

 In Jehovian Revelation, the “Four Horses” have ''Riders''—the Four Horsemen, each supposedly ''given the power by God'' (AKA Jehovian Annu-Elohim and Annunaki) to do certain very unpleasant things to the peoples of Earth. ''God'' did not give these ''Horsemen'' such power or privilege; the Jehovian Annu-Elohim gave themselves this unholy permission while appointing themselves “in the minds of man” as “God.” The ''Four Horsemen'' are the “frequencies of the first four Jehovian Seals that would ride upon and direct the frequencies of Earth’s natural carrier waves, the ''horses.'' The Jehovian frequencies would automatically emerge with the release of each corresponding natural Seal, due to the Jehovian HD-C implants, ''Angels,'' placed relative to the natural Seals. The Jehovians knew that the ''Horsemen'' would bring death and destruction, just as the Jehovian Annunaki and Annu-Elohim intended them to do so.

 The frequencies transmitted by the first four Pylon Selenite Rods on Phantom Arcturus were intended to emerge through the HD-Cs corresponding to the first four Jehovian Seals. As the first four Jehovian Seals released, unleashing the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” Earth’s Planetary Shields would begin ripping apart as the artificial external Merkaba Fields generated by the HD-Cs held select portions of Earth’s matter base and populations in trans-dimensional suspension. The part of Earth’s Template and populations held by the Jehovian Dove APIN are intended to go into merger with Density-3 Phantom Arcturus via the Phoenix Wormhole and HD-C network. The Jehovian Anu-Elohim and Annunaki false ''ascended masters'' refer to this as “ascension”; it is a macabre, unholy, ascension. Unless, of course, one desires temporary, artificially sustained “eternal” life in a ''living-dead'' thought-form body, trapped in the Phantom Matrix as a “demon-on-a-leash,” commissioned to do the bidding of Jehovian Annunaki or one of the other unsavory Fallen Angelic dictatorships. 

The Jehovians were not kidding when they prophesied that ''the Dead Shall Rise,'' but unfortunately it was not our long-lost loved ones that would be returning; the Jehovians were referring to the living-dead tortured souls from the Phantom Matrix Pit. Souls that have been “harvested”20 by the Jehovian Annu-Elohim, Necromiton-Andromie, Pleiadian-Nibiruian, Zeta-Rigelian, Odedicron-Reptilian and Omicron-Drakonian “Grim Reaper” collectives since the Dove, White Eagle, Phoenix-Serpent, Falcon and Dragon APIN systems were set in motion in ancient Atlantis. In Biblical Revelation the Jehovians depict their great battle and intended victory over the “Great Beast.” At the heart of the “battle with the Beast” story is the Jehovian Annunaki and Annu-Elohim’s long-term competition with the Omicron-Drakonians and the Marduke-Satain family Anunnaki of Alnitak, Orion and Alpha Centauri. 

This story also reflects the equally vigorous competition between the Jehovian Anunnaki and the Pleiadian-Nibiruian “Luciferian” Anunnaki (Thoth-Enki-Zeta Lulitan family line) of Alcyone, Nibiru and Tiamat. These ancient, competing Fallen Angelic Anunnaki and Drakonian family lines were personified as the ''Satan/Lucifer'' character in the Jehovian edits of the Bible texts. I truly hate to be the bearer of “bad news,” but the reality of the present, highly edited and contrived version of the Bible, like that of the Islamic Koran and other “traditional holy doctrines,” does not represent the “absolute word of God” that so many people hope it does. (All religious texts have been manipulated in this way since the 9558 BC fall of Atlantis).

 For over 11,000 years, Human races have been warring and killing each other on behalf of self-promoted false “Vengeful Gods” from ancient Intruder ET fiction stories. All the while the truth of the Loving God and humanity’s true Spiritual Heritage of the Founders Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings have been repeatedly suppressed, misused, abused, twisted and defamed on behalf of our Fallen Angelic galactic terrorists. How long will we continue to allow these cosmic criminals to use us as pawns in their conquest game for Earth/Inner Earth/Halls of Amenti dominion? 


Salvaging the Sacred. Healing World Religions.

 In the times before the 208,216 BC Fall of Brenaui,21 when the Angelic Human races of Earth suffered the loss of D-1222 access, all life experience was a “living prayer” of joyful spiritual and material celebration. In those times “religion” was not a control dogma used to rob personal power and dignity from people. In those times, people did not die, they consciously chose to ascend out of density via the Universal Star Gate system. Science and Spirituality were fully understood as part of the same Primal Creation Mechanics that allowed for the experience of manifest expression and simultaneous experience of At-one-ment with the true loving God-Source. 

Back then, we all knew ourselves, each other, the Earth, and all things as blessed expressions of the one God, and we honored all things accordingly. In those Ancient of Days, the Days of Innocence, there were 12 Angelic Human Tribes appointed as the co-Guardians of Earth’s Planetary Templar Complex. Each Tribe was entrusted with one of twelve Emerald Covenant CDT-Plates; each CDT-Plate held one-twelfth of the Founders’ Emerald Covenant teachings on the Nature and Mechanics of Reality, Consciousness and Manifestation. From the 12 CDT-Plates, protected by the 12 Angelic Human Tribes, arose the first earthly verbal and written translations of the Founders’ Sacred Teachings. 

These text translations were the original Holy Books of the 12 genuine components of what is termed ''Religion.'' The teachings of all genuine Holy Books complemented each other, honored the same eternal, loving, one-God Source that has infinite names and none. All of the ancient “Holy Books” that still divide our races today originally emerged from these 12 bodies of once-sacred Emerald Covenant teachings. In the chaos of Fallen Angelic infiltration of Atlantis, and the progressive advancement of the Anti-Christiac Phantom Matrix paradigm on Earth that has occurred since Atlantean times, our sacred religions have been raped and all but extinguished. False teachings have been woven between the lines of truth, and the greatest bodies of truth have been removed entirely. 

For over 11,000 years, Human and Illuminati-hybrid races, denied the truth of their history, race identity, memory and immediate relationship to the God-Force, have been destroying each other and the Earth on behalf of Intruder ET/Fallen Angelic religious deception. It is now up to each of us to decide whether or not we love the Living, Loving, Eternal God-presence, and the promise of “attainable heaven” that true God-spirit stands for. The Living God-Presence does not reside in any book, It resides within each and every person, place or thing. True “Holy Books” teach us of the eternal truths of spirit and science, through which we can most rapidly and easily awaken the God-Presence within. 

Some people will choose to love more than the Living-Loving God—the twisted rantings and ravings of vengeful, harsh and judgmental Intruder ET-false-Gods, because this provides them with false security and a “socially acceptable” frame of reference. False security and “fitting in with the local clan” are rather pathetic “rewards” for the payment of imprisoning one’s soul. The sacred teachings of the 12-Tribe Nations are presently drowning in a sea of Fallen Angelic lies; it is up to us to save them. Each contemporary religion holds partial truths and partial lies. It is up to us to find the Living God-spirit within, through which we can salvage the sacred within each and every creed, and dispose of the garbage that has taught us to judge and kill each other, to martyr ourselves, and to unknowingly support Fallen Angelic agendas. 

If we desire to find the promised “Heaven on Earth,” we must first find it within ourselves, which we cannot do while we continue to Crucify Ourselves in the name of external Warlords and Wrath-filled False Gods. In the salvaging of the sacred and discarding of the deception within our world religious creeds, we can all rediscover God, ourselves and each other, and in 423 HAARPs, Trumpets, Horsemen, and Heaven that discovery we can begin the journey of our collective Return to Innocence. God is real. It is an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Force and Source of consciousness within which we all reside (even the “bad guys”), and of which we are all composed. The true God is beyond form manifestation; and no being can ever be separate from the true God, because all form manifestation takes place within the Source

. Even beings of the Phantom Matrix are part of the wholeness of God, but they represent the parts of God’s consciousness that have forgotten their Divine Identity and have no memory of the wholeness of which they are a part. Phantom Matrix beings compete for power with others, as they neither acknowledge nor comprehend the endless supply of living power, energy and love that eternally circulates between Source and all living things manifest. We are all directly connected to the real God-Source in every moment; we can learn the once common-knowledge ''secrets'' of allowing the Living-Loving God-Presence to progressively embody within us.

 We do not have to subjugate ourselves to self-appointed false-God Fallen Angelics who depend upon taking our energy/power to sustain their own finite supply. Once we overcome the hurdle of “external false-God worship,” and replace it with “internal Living-God Worth-ship,” we will no longer be overly impressed by, or mentally and emotionally gullible toward, the “space-brother savior” Fallen Angelic agenda. Ascension is real, but it is not achieved by allowing yourself to be sucked into the Phantom Matrix due to dogmatic adherence to Fallen Angelic - distorted ancient texts. The Emerald Covenant Founders Races have always taught the original Freedom Teachings of our Loving Source and Inalienable Spirituality, the realities of a loving God that lives within us all. 

The Founders also teach the sacred science realities of the Maharata23 for which the real ''Christ story'' originally stood, and which the real man Christ, Jesheua Melchizedek, and many others of all religions, once passionately taught. Long ago, before our planet was “hijacked” by the spiritually and genetically twisted, mentally disturbed, power-hungry Fallen Angelic souls of the Phantom Matrix, the Emerald Covenant teachings were Humanity’s Heritage and common knowledge. The Emerald Covenant teachings were once the core, heart and soul of every religion. These teachings belong to the Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Tribal everyone. This was true in the days before the “Falcon,” the “Phoenix,” the “Serpent,” the “Dragon” and the “Dove” laid their territorial claim on Earth and attempted to possess humanity’s soul.

 These were the Ancient of Days, the Days of Innocence, when Angelic Humans lived in peace and joyful union with all other kingdoms in “God’s House of Many  Mansions” that is our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix System and the many others of its kind. These were days before the dereliction of Atlantis. Right now, in the Bridge Zone Inner Earth Time Continuum that represents humanity’s victorious future,24 the Days of Innocence are reborn. Today, we are faced with a truly profound choice. 

Do we subjugate and sacrifice our Living Inner Christos 25 upon the altar of wrathful Gods from ancient books, or do we reach within and Godward, to find the Living Presence of Source that has always been there? These are the most decisive of times, for in the contemporary drama we will witness the long-foretold “battle of the Angels.”The Fallen Angels and the Living Angels will, in these very times, meet, and each individual will face the choice of deciding which type of Angel to be. 

1.Conveniently, the HAARP will be very handy in locating underground bases, “parked space ships,” Nibiruian Crystal Template Network sites and APIN Systems as well! 
2. Pre-invasion Mass Mind Control/DNA and Pineal Gland suppression campaign. 
3. We have just begun offering “Advanced Personal Coping Skills” programs regarding Spontaneous Mass DNA Template purging and activation. We need to learn to handle these organic “purging” energies in our bodies, minds and emotions or these energies will “throw us all for a collective loop.” This DNA purging will affect all Humans and Illumi- nati-hybrid races via the Planetary Shields scalar template.
4. The Anunnaki originally entered the 1992 Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements because they had lost programming control of all but 9 out of the 24 Nibiruian Crystal Temple Net- works to Drakonian, Reptilian and Necromiton conquest that resulted from the Zeta Rigelians’ success in expanding the Falcon Matrix wormhole during the 1983 Montauk project. 406 The Hidden Realities of the WTC/Pentagon Disaster Down”
5. A planetary ''Magnetic Peak'' occurs when the planetary Merkaba Field reaches its fastest spin rotation, which amplifies all types of scalar projections. Primary Peaks occur between August 7-16, with the climax speed consistently occurring on August 12. Stronger peaks occur on August 12 every 20 years, and the strongest every 100 years. The 1943 Philadelphia Experiment and 1983 Montauk Project were launched on the 20-year August 12 Magnetic Peak. The UIRs’ intended Dimensional Blend Experiment is planned for the 100-year Magnetic Peak of August 12, 2003.
6. Our Labor Day group was “hit” with this disruptive sonic pulse when it passed through the Gru-AL as we began our RRT work at Sarasota Beach the evening of September 3. I didn’t discover until later Eieyani dispensations revealed exactly what had occurred that evening.
7. First Contact could come at any time, if the UIR thinks its scheduled OWO Master Plan “Dimensional Blend Experiment” will fail and they opt for direct, rapid, physical invasion under the “friendly space brother" ploy.
*****the one “given the***** 
8. Refers to Sagittarius constellation, Lagoon-''Hourglass Nebula'' 
9. Refers to Nebula double halo. 
10. Biblical “swords” refer to specific photo-radionic light frequencies. 
11. Refers to the Libra constellation and symbolically to the “weighing of Earth's frequencies” through which Earth’s future Time Cycle will be determined 
12. Refers to the 'Pit'' of the Phantom Matrix" Black Hole system. 
13. Refers to the D-4 Astral Plane of Earth’s planetary anatomy. 
14. Both refer directly to a visual anomaly that naturally occurs when Earth passes into the Three-Day Particle Conversion Period of a SAC.  
15. Refers to the D-3 reality plane, where we all presently live
16. The true God Spirit is not wrathful, nor vengeful, but immature Fallen Angelic Annunaki and Anu-Elohim false godlets are.
17. Seven Prime HD-C links to the Seven Arcturian Pylon Selenite Rods 
18. The Star Crystal and Seed Crystal Seals within the Human DNA Template and personal ''Inner Templar" operate the same way to create DNA Strand Braiding for Atomic Transmutation and Star Gate passage( ascension). 
19. Seven "Churches/Candlesticks/Spirits of Jehovah God”
20. I.e., kidnapped—consciousness ''soul essence" siphoned into the Phantom Matrix at time of death. 
21. See Forbidden Testaments of Revelation, forthcoming. 
22. Pre-matter Density-4 ''Universal Christos Field.'' 422 Return to Innocence 
23. Personal Inner Christos, Pre-matter Template and D-12 Divine Blueprint.
24. Time is simultaneous. 
25. Our D-12 personal Christed Avatar Identity level

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