Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Voyagers II; 19 Guardian Material; The Wall in Time and Atlantean Secrets of the Phoenix & the Falcon

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended had this been shared as WE asked, that your species would have avoided some of the pain and suffering it has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)


The contemporary United Intruder Resistance (UIR) Illuminati One World Order (OWO) Master Plan is an amalgamation of key components of the previously disclosed competing fallen Angelic/Intruder ET OWO agendas. The UIR has adopted the long-planned ''2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment'' and “2004 Frequency Fence” plan originally of the ZetaRigelian Agenda. The Zeta-Rigelians originally got their idea for the Frequency Fence from the Annunaki NET plan, in which the Annunaki had long planned to “Lower the NET into D-3” to create a Frequency Fence during the 2000-2017 SAC. 

The Nibiruian Council mandate of Human Genocide has been adopted, and its orchestration is intended to occur through the ''Instigation of War Among Human Nations'' agenda that has been key to most OWO creeds since their inception. Advancement of the UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plan depends upon their preventing Earth’s Templar from reaching a critical mass 12-Code Pulse. If the Guardian agenda of activating the Four Faces of Man LPIN system to create the Trion/Meajhé Field before 2003 is successful, the 12-Code Pulse will reach critical mass in Earth’s Planetary Shields, blocking the Dimensional Blend Experiment and Frequency Fence. 

The DNA Templates of Indigo Children and Humans are now beginning mass activation, despite the Fallen Angelic astral Tagging interference; the biology of these races will automatically and progressively run higher dimensional frequencies into Earth’s grids. A critical mass of Indigo Children Types-1 and 2¹ have now cleared sufficient amounts of NDC-Grid distortions from their DNA Templates and set sufficient amounts of the 12-Code Pulse in Earth’s Templar. 

These events will begin triggering spontaneous DNA clearing and activation in mass Human/ Indigo populations. If these populations continue cleared DNA Template activation, they will unknowingly transmit a critical mass 12-Code Pulse into the Planetary Shields by 2003, preventing fulfillment of the Illuminati Dimensional Blend Experiment. The “2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment” was intended to directly link Earth’s Planetary Shields into the Planetary Shields of a counterpart of Earth, called Phantom Earth, that was drawn into the Phantom Matrix Black Hole Sub-Time Distortion Cycle during the ''Electric Wars,'' which ended Human Seeding-l on Earth, 5,500,000 years ago. Since the Electric Wars there has been a ''Wall in Time''—a frequency Cap between Earth’s Planetary Shields and the chaotic Planetary Shields of Phantom Earth in the Black Hole Phantom Matrix. 

This Cap was kept in place by the Emerald Covenant Founders, in hopes that eventually our Earth would evolve to a sufficient frequency accretion level through which the ''Wall in Time'' could be “Uncapped,” without our Earth and its life field potentially being rapidly drawn into the Phantom Matrix. This Cap allows the races in Phantom Earth an opportunity to have DNA Bio-Regenesis, and the Phantom Earth to receive Planetary Shields repair, so people and planet could be retrieved from the “perpetual chaotic time loop” of the Phantom Matrix to restore natural evolution. Since the end of Human Seeding-1, Earth has been a literal “battleground” between the Emerald Covenant Founders races and the Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET races of the Phantom Matrix. Each group has fought to attain a critical mass of frequency in the Planetary Shields of Earth and its Phantom. 

If Phantom Earth accretes greater frequency holding than our Earth, our Earth, its peoples and the Halls of Amenti in the Inner Earth Time Cycle will be sucked into the Phantom Matrix black hole. If this occurs, 11 dimensions of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix will become fully trapped within the Phantom Matrix Sub-Time Distortion Cycle, cut off from interaction with the Founders of D-12 and up, under Fallen Angelic race dominion, completely incapable of natural Ascension out of density. Such an event would provide sufficient energy fuel to feed and artificially sustain the dying Phantom Matrix for many eons to come. Since the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, the Anunnaki races of the Phantom Matrix have been progressively draining frequency from our Earth and transmitting it into the Phantom Earth Shields via the ''relay station'' of the NET, NDC-Grid, the Reverse-orbit Planet Nibiru and the artificial Nibiruian Battlestar ''Wormwood.''² 

In the SAC of 22,326 BC, the Anunnaki almost succeeded in fulfilling the Dimensional Blend Experiment, through which the ''Cap on the Wall in Time'' would have been shattered and our Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates would have become fully trapped in the Phantom Matrix. The Eieyani Founders races stopped the 22,326 BC SAC just in time to prevent this travesty from occurring. When the Zetas uncapped the Falcon Wormhole in the early 1900s and launched the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, the first full link between the Planetary Shields of Zeta-controlled Phantom Earth and our Earth was made in our contemporary times.

 A “hole was punched in the Wall in Time” by uncapping the Falcon wormhole and creating the Phi-Ex Wormhole Port Interface Network (PIN) Atlantean Pylon Implant Network (APIN) System. Our contemporary problems mounted when the Pleiadian-Nibiruians uncapped the neighboring Phoenix wormhole, and they escalated again when the “Hole in the Time Wall” was further expanded through the Falcon wormhole during the 1983 Montauk Project. If the contemporary UIR succeeds in orchestrating the 2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment, Earth will fulfill the Jehovian-contrived ''Biblical Revelations Prophecies,'' experience pole shift and be drawn into “the Pit” of the Phantom Matrix black hole. 3 

The potentiality of Earth entering the Phantom Matrix is both spiritually and scientifically devastating. Regardless of whether these events are interpreted in terms of physics or spirituality, they are real “on both counts.” Originally, Emerald Covenant races, Humans and Indigo Children entered repeated Earth incarnations on “rescue missions,” in attempts to save the mentally and biologically mutated races of the Phantom Matrix from their return to undifferentiated units of “space dust” at the eventual, inevitable, implosion of the Phantom Matrix. 

Now, due to the anti-Christiac applications of the NET/NDC-Grid/Montauk-Phi-EX/Phoenix Project and Fallen Angelic APIN technologies, the “Cap on the Wall in Time” must be permanently closed. If the Cap on the Time Wall is not closed, Earth, Inner Earth, the Halls of Amenti and the many universes within the lower 11 dimensions of our l5- dimensional Time Matrix will implode during and shortly after the 2000-2017 SAC. 

The imploded systems would then chaotically reorganize their matterpattern within the Time Loop of the Phantom Matrix black hole. The Founders races must do everything in their power to prevent this event from occurring, or other neighboring Time Matrix systems will be unfairly placed in similarly grave jeopardy. The present “Final Conflict” drama on Earth will be the deciding factor of destiny for many civilizations within our Time Matrix system, as well as for Earth and the Human race. If the Emerald Covenant Masters Planetary Stewardship Initiative and Bridge Zone Project are successful, only a portion of Earth’s matter base and consciousness fields will be drawn into the Phantom Matrix Time Track during the Three-Day Particle Conversion Period of our present SAC. 

The rest of Earth’s Planetary Shields and life-forms with sufficient DNA Template activation will experience a progression of linear time events that will lead to a future in which Earth and her peoples discover the reality of the Inner Earth Time Cycle. In this future, Earth becomes a free (ascended) planet within the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds and great Universal Emerald Covenant communities—the ''heavenly Earth'' so often promised but never “deliverable” by the many oblivious religious dog mas. If the GA Bridge Zone Project is not successful, and the UIR’s 2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment is not prevented by 12-Code Pulse re-coding of  the 24 Nibiruian Crystal Temple Networks and setting of the Trion/Meajhé Fields, the Guardians cannot prevent Earth from “joining its Phantom Shadow.” 

This is not a decision of Guardian preference, but merely an unavoidable condition of the natural Laws of Creation Physics that govern the manifestation processes of matter and consciousness. Presently, great progress has been made in the Emerald Covenant freedom agenda. The DNA Templates of Indigos and Humans are now slowly, but definitely, clearing and activating. Progressive 12-Code Human DNA Template activation will culminate in Earth’s 12-Code Pulse critical mass re-coding by 2003, if a critical number of Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics “Rainbow Roundtables” (RRTs) are conducted by Earth populations. The Emerald Covenant RRTs are the advanced Biotronic technologies of the Christos Founders races. RRTs are the only technologies by which the “Four Faces of Man,” “Great White Lion” and “Golden Eagle” PIN Systems can be rapidly activated to anchor the needed Trion/Meajhé Fields in Earth’s Planetary shields. 


 •Phantom Matrix. 
•The 5.5 million-year-old Wall in Time. 
•The Atlantean Conspiracy and Luciferian Covenant.
 •The Falcon and Phoenix Wormholes. 
•The 1943-1983 Montauk/Phi-Ex Port Interface Network. 
•Atlantean Pylon Implant Networks. 
•The 2003 Dimensional Blend Experiment. 
•The NET (Nibiruian Electro-static Transduction field). 
•The Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network. 
•UIR Illuminati OWO Master Plans. 
•The September 12, 2000, UIR Edict of War. 
•RITs (Remote Interactive Teams) and Astral Tagging 
•The “UFO and New Age Movements.” 
•Fallen Angelic conquest for dominion of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates. 

So what do all of these seemingly “far out sci-fi subjects” have to do with the very real 9/11/2001 WTC/Pentagon Disaster, the contemporary concern over the threat of International Terrorism and the “War On Terrorism”? Absolutely Everything! I personally did not fully understand the connections between the “Big Picture Drama” and our present global terrorist issue until the GA/Eieyani “filled in the missing pieces” as I began to prepare this final update for Voyagers II 2e. The well-hidden connections between these ancient and contemporary realities is not remote or vague—it is direct and scathing; this connection becomes much more obvious when we understand the “Secrets of the Phoenix and the Falcon” and their relationship to ''ancient'' Atlantis.

 The whole story of the Phoenix and the Falcon could fill several books; I will simply summarize here the most immediately pertinent aspects of this historical saga. Previous to the 9558 BC “cataclysm” of Atlantis, life was quite different than it is now on planet Earth. In 28,000 BC, a major cataclysm ripped apart the large Atlantic continent upon which Atlantis stood, reducing it to several smaller Atlantean Island Nations. The three Primary Atlantean nations were Ulta-Lohas-Ur, in what had been the Northeast of the Atlantic continent (remains of it are now England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales), Ulta-Bruah-UR in the southwest (now Southern Florida, Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic) and Ulta-Nohassa-Ur in the central region (now Bermuda lslands).4 

The Human Atlantian nation became progressively overrun with a race called the Anu-Melchizedek Leviathans. The many competing Anunnaki, Drakonian and Reptilian family lines of the Anu-Melchizedek Leviathan races were a product of progressive Fallen Angelic raiding of an Emerald Covenant hybridization program that began in 155,000 BC. The Founders’ Emerald Covenant hybridization program was intended to assist the Anunnaki and Drakonian/Reptilian races that had joined the Emerald Covenant to regenerate their DNA Templates to reclaim the potentialities of ascension. 

Genetic engineering was used to combine portions of the Angelic Human DNA Template with that of a composite Anunnaki-Drakonian-Reptilian genetic strain, using the Anunnaki slave-primate Lulcus5 DNA, upgrading the Neanderthal first to the Luhari, 6 then to the ELuhli-Levi,
7 E-Luhli-Judah, 8 and E-Luhli-Nephi. 9 After thousands of years of evolution on Earth, and 5 genetic upgrades, the E-Luhli-Levi CroMagnon received its final upgrade to the Homo-sapiens-1 Annu-Melchizedek. The Annu-Melchizedek race, housing incarnations of non-human Fallen Angelic souls on Emerald Covenant “Redemption Contracts,” resembled the Angelic Human 12-Tribe races because five of 12 Human DNA Strand Templates were genetically engineered into bonding with the hybrid DNA. From the E-Luhli-Levi stage, the hybrid races could, but were not intended to, naturally procreate with the Human race, due to the compatibility of the lower DNA Strand Templates between hybrids and Humans. 

This made the hybrid races, especially, the most evolved Annu-Melchizedeks, a prime target for Fallen Angelic races that desired to incarnate their presence on Earth in quest of Halls of Amenti dominion. By the later Atlantian period of 10,500 BC, the number of Fallen Angelic Annu-Melchizedek Leviathan (of E-Luhli-Levi) hybrid family lines, born of Fallen Angelic raiding of the hybridization program, exceeded those of the Emerald Covenant Human and Maji-Indigo races. Throughout much of pre-ancient history, Earth’s Star Gate system remained open, and interstellar commerce was commonplace. 

In later Atlantis, this circumstance led to invasion, formation of the competing Leviathan Atlantian Conspiracy OWO dominion agendas and in 9560 BC formalization of the Anunnaki-Leviathan Luciferian Covenant OWO Anunnaki Master Plan for final capture of Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates. Human populations of Atlantis were progressively driven into exile in other regions of the globe, as the competing Leviathan races, on behalf of their Fallen Angelic/lntruder ET kin, battled for conquest of the Atlantic Continent Star Gates.10 

The Omicron-Drakonian, Odedicron and Zephelium (Zeta) Reptilian races gained dominance in the Atlantian power struggle, and several competing Anunnaki forces motivated their Leviathan races to orchestrate a final victory over the Drakonian/Reptilian and Angelic Human races. This motivation was formalized in the official agreement of the Luciferian Covenant OWO Master Plan, what the Anunnakis referred to as the ''Phoenix Project,'' the name of the Anunnaki-dominion project from the 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest. In this original Phoenix Project, Anunnaki Fallen Angelic races of the United Federation of Planets in the Phantom Matrix motivated their Leviathan legions on Earth to attempt to gain dominion over Earth by opening the ''Wall in Time'' that existed between Earth and Phantom Earth in the Phantom Matrix.

 The ''Wall in Time'' is an artificial frequency barrier that was placed within the Planetary Shields scalar templates of Earth and Phantom Earththe portion of Earth’s Shields that had been drawn into the Black Hole SubTime Distortion Cycle of Phantom Matrix during the Electric Wars 5.5 million years ago. The frequency barrier “Wall” protected Earth’s Shields or “Scalar Template,” allowing Earth to continue its natural evolution within our organic Time Matrix, without threat of Earth, Halls of Amenti Star Gate control and the rest of our Time Matrix being drawn into the Phantom Matrix. The Emerald Covenant Founders had erected the Wall 5.5 million years ago to protect this Time Matrix from being ''swallowed'' by the Phantom Matrix Black Hole. 

In 10,500 BC Atlantis, the Anunnaki Leviathans created a wormhole frequency bridge between Nohassa Atlantis of Earth and the Phantom Matrix planets of Nibiru11 and Tiamat.12 This Atlantian ''Hole in the Wall in Time'' was called the Phoenix Wormhole or Phoenix Matrix (English translation). Its entry point on Earth was near Nohassa Atlantis Star Gate-3, an Atlantian territory called ''Phoenicia,'' where Earth’s Planetary Ley Line-4-10(horizontal) crossed through Planetary Axiatonal Line-7 (vertical). 

The Phoenix Matrix was “anchored” into Earth’s Shields, the Golden Eagle APIN System, the NET and the NDC-Grid through Star Gate-4/ Ley Line-4 at Giza, Egypt, and through a secondary Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network site called ''Cue Site-4'' in Central Mexico.13 Through the A7/L4 Phoenix wormhole, the Anunnaki were able to electrically interface Earth’s Planetary Shields with those of Nibiru and Tiamat, via their NDC-Grid and NET from 25,500 BC. The Anunnaki used the Phoenix Matrix in their longterm Luciferian Rebellion Master Plan of drawing Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates into the Phantom Matrix via merging Earth’s Planetary Shields with those of Phantom Nibiru and Tiamat, which linked to Phantom Sirius A and Trapezium (Theta) Orion. 

This contrived anomaly of planetary physics would cause part of Earth’s body to burn up, while the portions that survived black hole transition would emerge in Density-2 as an “inhabitable moon” to Nibiru. The “Phoenix14 would rise from the ashes to be born with a new life” under Anunnaki exploiting control, and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates would fall under totalitarian United Federation of Planets Phantom Matrix dominion. During the 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest, the Drakonian/Reptilian/Zeta Leviathan races discovered and copied the Anunnaki wormhole technology under motivation of the ZetaDracos, Omicron-Drakonian and Odedicron-reptile avian races that ruled Phantom Earth. The “Drakonian Agenda” races created another Wormhole near the first, on Axiatonal Line-7, Ley Line-3-9, its “anchoring” position in Earth’s Shields was located in the Drakonian-conquered Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network at Star Gate-7, now Lake Titicaca, Peru.

 In Atlantis, the A7/L3 Wormhole was known as the Falcon Matrix—the Drakonian “Bird of Prey” that would defeat and consume the “Phoenix” wormhole by forcing Earth’s Planetary Shields into merger with those of Phantom Earth. The Drakonian agenda races desired to link Earth, once merged with Phantom Earth, to their intergalactic holdings of Alpha Draconis in Draco, and Alnitak, Alnilam, Bellatrix, Rigel and Zeta. When the Falcon Matrix wormhole in the “Wall in Time” was in place, the Andromie-Necromiton and Centaur hybrid Fallen Angelic races of Phantom Alpha Centauri and Omega Centauri and Andromeda raided Phantom Earth. The Necromiton force temporarily defeated Drakonian rule, and began using the Falcon Matrix wormhole to raid Atlantis of Earth, creating a ''Master'' hybrid dominion race, now called the ''Men in Black,'' through raiding Annu-Melchizedek Leviathan genetic lines. 

Fallen Angelic/ Intruder ET races of all kinds emerged from the Phantom Matrix “Pit” to initiate conquest of Earth. The Necromiton-Andromie “Alpha-Omega Anunnaki” races, already in control of the Golden Eagle APIN system since the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, attempted to merge the Phoenix and Falcon Wormholes, the Golden Eagle APIN and NDC-Grid together, to secure final territorial dominion of Earth. Emerald Covenant Founders and Sirius B Maharaji Fleets intervened directly in Atlantis, squelching the Luciferian Conquest and driving Fallen Angelic invasion forces back into the Phantom Matrix, some escaping into exile on other planets in our Time Matrix. 

The Founders ''Capped'' the Phoenix and Falcon Matrix frequency bridges to Phantom Matrix, ''patching the holes in the Wall in Time.'' Without planetary access to D-12 frequency, the Founders could not create a permanent Wormhole ''Cap,'' or activate the Four Faces of Man LPIN to restore the Golden Eagle and Great White Lion APIN Systems. In 9560 BC, the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic races that had escaped to Density-2 Alcyone and Tara in our Time Matrix motivated their Annu-Melchizedek Leviathan force of Bruah Atlantis to again open the Phoenix Matrix Wormhole. In 9558 BC this was done as part of the Luciferian Covenant Master Plan to fully draw Earth, Inner Earth and the Halls of Amenti into the Phantom Matrix Black Hole Sub-Time Distortion Cycle during the next natural Stellar Activations Cycle—the 2000-2017 SAC. 

This plan was also intended to “get rid of the competition” put forth by Angelic Human races and other members of the Leviathan force who were affiliated with competing Fallen Angelic collectives. The Thoth-Enki-Zephelium Nibiruian and Samjase-Luciferian Pleiadian Anunnaki races motivated their Leviathan hybrids to temporarily ''blow a hole in the Cap'' on the Phoenix Matrix wormhole, using the Arc of the Covenant portal bridge at SG-4 Giza. The Phoenix Matrix was temporarily opened just enough for the immediate central Atlantean territories of Nohassa and select portions of Lohas and Bruah to experience the regional holocaust of being sucked into the Phantom Matrix. Forcing the “fall of Atlantis” was only the first step in the Anunnaki OWO dominion agenda, the climax of which was scheduled for the SAC of 2000 -2017. 

When the Phoenix Matrix was opened, Anunnaki forces from Phantom Nibiru forced additional Photo-sonic scalar pulses through the NDC-Grid and Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network of Earth, creating additional Planetary Shields Distortions and blockages within Earth’s Templar. The Photo-sonic transmissions pumped through Earth’s Templar from Nibiru in the Phantom Matrix instantaneously reduced to dust any buildings, structures or Atlantean remains on surface Earth that were not placed under selective Anunnaki force-field protection. The Photo-sonic scalar pulses and resultant planetary grid distortions caused further mutation in the DNA Template of Earth’s biological forms, again reduced the life span of all creatures and ''conveniently'' caused the ''memory files'' stored within the Human and Leviathan DNA Template to be further ''unplugged.'' 

The Anunnaki could not destroy Human and Indigo-Child races if their Master Plan was to succeed, as these races were needed to run their DNA Template Amenti Security Codes into Earth’s Planetary Shields during a SAC, or Earth’s Star Gates and portals would not open. The Luciferian Covenant agenda included a massive ''Planetary Housecleaning, editing and re-writing'' of any previous records or evidence pertaining to Advanced Atlantian Human civilization. The agenda intended progressive claiming of Earth’s 12 Primary Star Gate territories and subjugation of Human and Indigo races by the Anunnaki Leviathan force, in time for the 2000-20l7 SAC deadline. 


he “North American” continent, known then as Ulta-Amekasan-Ur or Ame-Ka15-Ra,16 which had become inhabitable following the induced “lce Age” of the 21,900 BC Lohas Celtec-Druidic Freeze-out territorial  of the Nibiruian Thothian Anunnaki Leviathan.18 The Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki’s 9558 BC opening of the Phoenix Matrix was intended to create climatic instabilities and a quick-freeze within select northern and southern regions. The Pleiadian-Nibiruians planned to “clear the real estate” and literally ''put it on ice'' to prevent Emerald Covenant races from reinstating Human and Indigo Guardians there after the orchestrated ''flood.''

 The Anunnaki of the Luciferian Covenant planned to have their ''frozen assets'' thawed out and populated by their Leviathan race Illuminati Sleepers Power Elite, 19 in plenty of time for dominion during the 2000-2017 SAC. Prior to the staging of the “fall of Atlantis,” members of the Thothian Leviathan of Bruah were taken to every continent of Earth, including North America, where they created a complex system of what are called “Atlantian Spikes” in Earth’s Planetary Shields. The Spikes, which had been used in various global areas since implementation of the NDC-Grid at Stonehenge, are “Seed Implants” made of various types of crystalline minerals and metals, which are inserted deep into Earth’s Mantle and Crust via photo-sonic scalar pulse. 

When activated, the Spikes become local and regional transmission stations, originally receiving frequency “broadcasts” from the NDC-Grid. “Grid Spiking” is one type of APIN system technology, which is favored by the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki. The Phoenix APIN system “Spiking Campaign” of 9560-9558 BC Bruah Atlantis connected specific areas of Earth’s Planetary Shields directly to coordinate points in the geography of Tiamat in the Phantom Matrix, via the Phoenix wormhole. When activated just before and during the 2000-2017 SAC, as intended by the Anunnaki, the Spikes would open a series of ''mini-wormholes,'' directly to the Phoenix Matrix wormhole, Nibiru and Tiamat, creating powerful standing-columnar-wave “Pillars” of inaudible sound. 

The Sonic Pillars would anchor Earth to the Planetary Shields of Phantom Nibiru and Tiamat. Through the Spike network of the Phoenix APIN, the NDC-Grid/Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network Frequency Fence program, which had been operating in certain regions of Atlantis, at partial capacity since 25,500 BC, would be amplified and strengthened. After the intended flood, the Phoenix APIN Spike Matrix would allow the NET (Nibiruian Electro-static Transduction field) to create a global ''perceptual buffer blanket'' that would prevent species on Earth from perceiving the D-4 Astral Field and would block Emerald Covenant nations from direct physical and communicative interference. 

During the 2000-2017 SAC, the Phoenix Spike Matrix was intended to progressively activate via photo-sonic scalar pulses sent through the Phoenix wormhole. The NET Frequency Fence would descend into D-3  18. ln the Atlantian period, the North American continent was named after Human Tribe-3 the Amekasan-Etur, who had been exiled from their Emerald Covenant post at Nohassa SG-3 to the North American Continent, as Nohassa and Bruah Atlantis progressively fell to Leviathan rule after the 10,500 BC Luciferian Conquest. “Spiking Out the Territory” frequency bands, putting all races under covert Anunnaki Mind Control. Under Anunnaki Mind Control, Human and Indigo races would mindlessly follow Anunnaki instructions on running the DNA Template Security Codes to open Earth’s Shields and the final physical Anunnaki invasion of Earth would take place without Human and Indigo resistance. 

Once physically on planet, the Luciferian Anunnaki intended to complete the final installation of the 24 Scalar Pulse generator-amplification plants that they would need to blast through the Cloaking Fields on the Inner Earth portals. As the Phoenix APIN Spike Matrix moved into full activation while Earth’s Star Gates progressed in their opening cycle, the Anunnaki would invade Inner Earth and connect the Halls of Amenti Star Gate control temples (12 Crystal Pylon Temples of Inner Earth) to the Phoenix APIN Spike Matrix. Earth, Inner Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates would be rapidly drawn into the Phantom Matrix black hole, in a position between Tiamat and Nibiru. In this event, all of Earth’s Life Field would experience biological death. 

But the planetary and personal consciousness of Earth’s life-forms would reassemble along the chaotically grotesque template arrangement of the Phantom Matrix. In the Phantom Matrix, the consciousness would become trapped in a distorted image of its original biological or matter form. The distorted bodythought-form could neither naturally ascend, nor “die” in the usual manner, but would rather progressively become more distorted, the consciousness digressing into perceptual chaos, until eventually the thought-form-body would implode in upon itself, fragmenting the identity into undifferentiated units of consciousness (“space dust”).

 Survival of sentience in the Phantom Matrix is dependent upon devising ways to literally feed off life-force energies from other forms in the Phantom Matrix, or from living beings and living Time Matrix systems. This is how the Fallen Angelic races sustain themselves, and is precisely why they have tried for 250 billion years (Earth time) to conquer our living Time Matrix and pull it into their system. Such a feat would provide them with a massive ''food supply,'' through which to expand and sustain their continually contracting thought-form hologram reality field. If the Anunnaki’s Phoenix Matrix Master Plan succeeded, the Halls of Amenti Star Gates would create an open Wormhole interface into other living Time Matrices, and the life-forms of Earth would become entrapped in deteriorating thought-form bodies that would become the “slave demon force” of the Fallen Angelic collectives.

 This was the intention of the Luciferian Anunnaki when they devised the “Atlantian Flood Drama”; this is the Destiny of Sorrow to which they have long desired to condemn our race. Joining the Fallen Angelics in their finite Phantom Matrix “holographic prison” is the false ''eternal life'' they have been deviously promising Human and Illuminati-Leviathan races since the fall of Atlantis. Real eternal life is achieved through genuine Ascension and Mastery of Consciousness within the living Time Matrix. Phantom Matrix ''life-forms'' are not truly “alive” in biological or spiritual terms; they are, in truth, ''living dead'' races, finite consciousness thought-form identities trapped within a progressively fragmenting and deteriorating Sub-time Universe, who can take on “biological life” only through using living forms of consciousness as a Host. Human and Indigo races were sent into this Time Matrix as a guardian, protector and healer force, intended to protect the living Time Matrix from the Phantom Matrix system and to assist, if and when possible, in the reclamation and redemption of the Fallen races and Universal systems. 

Presently, we are in the ''Beginning of the End Times'' that the Fallen Angelics have so often prophesied to us; the Founders Emerald Covenant Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics is the only means by which we can get ourselves out of this Atlantean-created mess. Fortunately for us all, the Luciferian Covenant plan was not as successful as the Anunnaki anticipated; if it had been we would not presently have access to any of the Founders education. The Phoenix Matrix Cap was opened in Nohassa Atlantis via a Photo-sonic scalar pulse that was ''bounced'' from Bruah Atlantis (the “Gru-AL” central control for Earth’s Planetary Shields), through Ley Line-4-10, to Star Gate-4 in Giza, Egypt, where the Arc of the Covenant portal bridge to Andromeda was stationed. The Luciferian Anunnaki backed Leviathan races (“Thoth-line” aquatic-ape/Zeta Nibiruian hybrids) of Bruah, had tricked the Jehovian Anunnaki backed Leviathan races (Enoch-line Bipedal Dolphin people hybrids of Sirius A and Arcturus) of Nohassa, into participating in the 9558 BC Atlantian ''Dimensional Blend'' experiment. 

Both the Thothian and Enochian Anunnaki factions were “official” members of the Luciferian Covenant OWO Master Plan, since their respective 22,326 BC and 10,500 BC defections from the Emerald Covenant Co-evolution peace treaty. The ''cover story'' used by the Thothian Leviathan was that, in combining the powers of Nohassa’s SG-3 and Bruah’s SG-2 together, the usually competing Anunnaki races could combine their technological powers to break through the protective Emerald Covenant Cloaking Shield on the “Andromeda Arc” portal bridge at Giza. Once the Arc Seal was released, they could “stage a joint conquest of Inner Earth” and claim the Halls of Amenti Star Gate control temples. 

The Thothian races really intended to claim SG-3 control for themselves and destroy the Enochian “competition.” When the Leviathan races of Bruah and Nohassa launched the Photosonic scalar pulse, the Bruah pulse was purposely sent with an under-amplified electrical charge. The combined sonic pulse “bounced off” the Arc Seal at Giza, rather than penetrating it, returned to Bruah via Ley Line-4, blowing a hole in the Phoenix Matrix Cap as intended. Then the SG-2 Main Power Generator Crystal Temple was used by the Thothian Leviathan to redirect the pulse through Axiatonal Line-3 that ran vertically through Nohassa; the pulse refracted an unsuspected back-pulse to SG-2 Bruah, reducing the Temples to dust. 

The central Atlantean Islands of Nohassa were reduced to what remains as the Bermuda Islands. The land bridge that linked Bruah and the North American Continent to the Atlantean land mass that held the Phoenix Matrix was also destroyed. Lohas in the north, home of SG-11,20 suffered the least, while regions in the extreme north and south, once habitable lands, experienced flooding and quick-freeze. What the Thothian Leviathans had not planned on was that members of competing Leviathan races would survive, which they did through temporary evacuation by their respective Fallen Angelic kin. 

When the sonic pulse was sent into Axiatonal Line-3 at Nohassa, it “poked another hole in the Cap on the Wall in Time.” Inadvertently, the Anunnaki had created a ''tear'' in the frequency Cap on the Drakonian Fallen Angelic controlled Falcon Matrix A7/L3-9 wormhole that led to Phantom Earth. When the silent Photosonic Pulses hit, portions of the ''Islands of Atlantis'' began to ''sink beneath the sea.'' The matter of which these geographical regions were composed, and the life-forms living upon them, literally first “liquefied” into a semi-plasmic hydro-standing-wave state, then internally combusted in a massive ''flash'' of Photo-radionic light and ''sank'' into the Black Hole ''Pit'' of the Phantom Matrix. 

The Planetary Shields distortions resulting from the “fall of Atlantis” created several frequency ''rips'' in the Anunnaki-controlled NET, which permitted Emerald Covenant Eieyani races of Inner Earth and Sirius B a limited amount of time to directly intervene before cataclysmic Earth changes ensued. The Eieyani temporarily opened some of the surface Earth portals to Inner Earth and used the Crystal Pylon Temples of the Halls of Amenti to stabilize Earth’s grids—the Anunnaki-intended cataclysm did not proceed as fully as the Luciferians had planned. Stabilizing Earth’s Planetary Shields allowed the Guardians a limited period of time in which Human l2-Tribe, Indigo and Emerald Covenant Annu-Melchizedek hybrids were temporarily evacuated to Inner Earth.

 Drakonian and Anunnaki agenda Fallen Angelics from Phantom Earth temporarily evacuated their respective hybrid races via spacecraft. Once the “dust had settled and the waters had calmed” all races were returned to Earth by their respective resettlement teams, and the battle for “critical mass dominion” of Earth’s Templar began between the Human and Indigo planetary guardians and the competing families of the Leviathan Force Illuminati-hybrid ''human'' races. Emerald Covenant races were unable to fully repair the ''holes in the Wall in Time,'' but the Anunnaki NET and Phoenix Wormhole APIN Spiking Matrix and the Drakonian Falcon wormhole were destabilized during the fiasco, allowing only limited interface between Earth and the Phantom Matrix. 

Emerald Covenant races could not attempt to dismantle the Anunnaki NET at this time, as it served as a buffer for Earth, protecting it from erratic frequencies that would emerge from the Arc of the Covenant Andromeda portal without the NET protection. Throughout our known recorded history, the Leviathan races grew in number, strength and territorial power under remote Fallen Angelic guardianship. Meanwhile, amnesiac Human and Indigo races did their best to survive on Earth, and Emerald Covenant races did their best to assist them via their limited communicative access through the NET. 
The 2000-2017 SAC is the time when the whole mess will inevitably “come to a head.” 


Competing forces from the Phantom Matrix used their limited access to the Phoenix and Falcon wormholes to misguide their amnesiac Leviathan Illuminati-hybrid races with falsified historical and religious dogmas, and ''Secret Mystical Metaphysical Societies'' promoting ''Vengeful Creator God'' propaganda. These falsified Control Dogmas, upon which recentlyancient and contemporary civilizations were built and are still covertly controlled, were drawn from the once-valid Law of One freedom-love spiritual-science texts of the Angelic Human CDT-Plate teachings. The Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate teachings had been the common property of early Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu’a) and all Human Seedings that came before; they were the original Founders records, and the basis for the 12 Primary Spiritual Union Ascension Teachings of the Human 12-Tribe races. 

The original Spiritual Union teachings all agreed with each other, each representing the historical, spiritual and sacred science Emerald Covenant sacred freedom teachings as held in one of the 12 CDT-Plates. Each of the 12 Human Tribes had been entrusted as Guardians of the knowledge contained in the CDT-Plate that corresponded to the Tribe’s Planetary Star Gate assignment. The amnesiac Leviathan races, driven and covertly manipulated into Star Gate territory conquest, progressively waged war and claimed dominion over amnesiac Human nations, forcibly indoctrinating Human l2-Tribes into docile compliance to competing, twisted, Fallen Angelic false historical, religious and, later, scientific creeds. The Indigo Child Maji Grail Lines have been the “Keepers of the Sacred Founders Emerald Covenant CDT-Plate Knowledge” throughout our troubled and progressively violent history. All through this history of sorrow, competing legions of Leviathan Illuminati families were motivated by their Fallen Angelic taskmasters to attain possession of specific geographical regions and sites corresponding to the APIN systems. 

Only one or two “Key Controllers” in each of the many Illuminati groups learned that these areas held the Anunnaki Phoenix Spiking Matrix. Even the Illuminati Key Controllers were deceived, for they were not told these sites were ''Anunnaki intended take-over points.'' They were told the lie that these sites were ''sacred and belonged to their Creator Gods and Angels.'' Since the 9558 BC “fall of Atlantis,” churches, synagogues, places of ''worship,'' economic, governmental, and public social areas were repeatedly built over, and around, areas through which the Phoenix Spiking Matrix would be run come the 2000-2017 SAC. Many of the Phoenix Matrix territories were overtaken by competing Drakonian agenda Leviathan Illuminati forces, who would usually destroy the buildings of their competitors and erect their own edifices to their Fallen Angelic effigies. 

At various times, the Anunnaki Fallen Angelics of Nibiru, Tiamat and Alcyone would use their Phoenix Matrix, NDC-Grid and NET, to Cap the Falcon Matrix wormhole of their Drakonian competitors. The Drakonian Illuminati would then quest for the territories of the Nibiruian Crystal Temple Network, successfully gain governing control over some of the 24 Primary sites and use them to siphon energy from the NDC-Grid in order to ''blow the Cap back off'' of the Falcon wormhole. Anunnaki and 398 Spiritual Manipulation Drakonian Illuminati factions continually warred over possession of these “Sleeping Phoenix Spike Sites” and Nibiruian Crystal Temple Networks, all attempting to position themselves appropriately, in preparation for the ''Big Party'' that the Fallen Angelics knew was scheduled to come during the 2000-2017 SAC. 

Our beloved America, as well as Europe, and literally all countries on the planet, have been carefully cultivated through the Illuminati Leviathan force family lines to reach their present state of “civilization.”21 America was not “discovered”—it was ''seized'' by competing factions of (Freemason) Pleiadian-Nibiruian Knights Templar-Anunnaki and Drakonian-Nephedem Leviathan Illuminati races, like many other nations have been. When America was ''discovered,'' it was “time” to prepare for the Big Party and “Sleepers Awakening.” Here we are today, still amnesiac, still our “Atlantian Phantoms” emerge with us from the forced slumber of our ancient Atlantian Nightmare. In the 1920s-1930s the Zeta races of Phantom Earth and neighboring Phantom galactic systems broke through the latest Anunnaki ''Cap'' on the Falcon Matrix wormhole. 

The Zeta conned amnesiac Anunnaki and Drakonian Illuminati races into Zeta Treaty Deals. In 1943 the Zeta tricked the Illuminati into using their covert control over unsuspecting Human governments, to orchestrate the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, which the Zeta knew would activate the Phi-Ex Falcon Wormhole APIN system. In 1972 the Pleiadian-Nibiruian Anunnaki opened the Phoenix wormhole and began activating its APIN system. In 1983 the Zeta further motivated a now frightened and subservient Illuminati force into the Montauk Project, through which the Phi-Ex/Falcon Matrix wormhole was further ''plugged into'' the Necromiton-Andromie controlled Planetary Shields of Alpha and Omega Centauri. 

Through the recent history earlier described in this writing, we have now emerged into the Mass Drama of the forming of the UIR and their September 12, 2000, Edict of War. What does this mean to our world? It means that the primary, once-opposing forces of the Anunnaki and Drakonian agenda legions have joined with the Andromie-Necromiton force. They intend to combine their collective, hidden, technological power of the Montauk-Phi-Ex-Falcon and Phoenix wormholes and the APIN systems, to ensure that Earth and its peoples ''have a nice trip'' into the Phantom Matrix Black Hole Sub-Time Distortion Cycle during the 2000-2017 SAC. 


The reality of our present drama means that there are hordes of amnesiac Illuminati Sleepers, ''Human Greeting Teams'' and ''just everyday people,'' that are presently the unsuspecting victims of Astral Tagging, targeted Psychotronic mind control or DNA bond possession. These are mostly good-hearted, intelligent people, who think they are ''honoring their God, Angel, ET, government or science.'' They are being blindly guided  through their chosen ''Pet Control Dogma'' (''Traditional'' or ''Contemporary,'' religious or scientific) into unknowingly playing a previously assigned role in the advancement of the UIR Fallen Angelics’ Illuminati OWO Master Plan. The really sad part is that our race has been, step-by-step, forced, seduced, deceived, tricked and cajoled into playing these ''unholy'' roles; even the Illuminati races, whom ''anybody in the know likes to blame,'' are being victimized and denied the right of true data assessment and free-will choice. 

The Illuminati races within the infrastructure of the covertly metaphysically motivated Illuminati World Management Team, who serve as Fallen Angelic puppets, are being “played on” and manipulated by fear for personal survival and a desire for acquisition of power to prevent pain and create personal pleasure. These are the same motivations behind the actions of the ''spiritual'' peoples of traditional and New Age affiliation, who think worshiping an ancient book, or surrendering personal power to an external ''God,'' ''ET,'' ''Angel'' or ''channel'' is the ultimate expression of spiritual development and will ''make everything all right.'' Fear, the ''Pleasure-Pain Principle'' and Disinformation are the common control elements by which Illuminati and Humans become easily misled into surrendering their power to something outside of themselves. 

Once this ''outside source'' has your power, compliance with the approval of that source becomes, implicitly, the only way to feel empowered. The Anunnaki-dominated New Age ''pseudo-Ascension'' spiritual movement (most of it inspired by the ''Templar Melchizedek'' false ascension teachings of Anunnaki’s Thoth, pre-Emerald Covenant Enoch, ''Archangel Michael & Friends,'' ''Jehovah,'' ''Maitreya,'' ''Lord Melchizedek and spiritual hierarchy,'' the Urantia etc....) inherently promotes a fear-based paradigm of ''Light, Love and Pretend Away the Darkness'' dogma. These groups prey on the spiritual longings of Christians and Hebrew peoples, borrowing the false ''Crucifixion of Christ'' story from Anunnaki & Drakonian “edited and embellished” traditional texts22 

The fact that the false “Crucifixion Story” has been so predominant in the founding of so many cultures for the last 2000 years gives one some idea of just how successful the Anunnaki have been in using the NET, NDC-Grid and their manipulated Illuminati-hybrid Leviathan races to ensnare our minds. Since the 9558 BC Atlantian “flood” was staged, such “spiritual rape by religious control dogma deception” has been propagated in every culture by various competing Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET forces via “channeling” to, and manipulation of, their amnesiac Illuminati races. Perversion of the once-Sacred Emerald Covenant Spiritual-Science Maharata-Templar teachings that formed the 12 Global Freedom Religions that were humanity’s heritage from the Ancient of Days until Atlantis, has been done as a strategically planned and progressively implemented element of the Atlantean Conspiracy agenda. Most people who succumb to these mind ____ 


The “twist the true teachings” game was implemented by competing Fallen Angelic legions for very specific reasons—long-term population control was one objective. “Getting rid of the competition in the name of defending your God” is a tactic that has been, and still is being, used by competing Fallen Angelic legions to turn factions of Illuminati and Human populations against each other. This has been done throughout recorded history by competing Fallen Angelic factions, to secure Star Gate and APIN Site territories and to ensure that ''critical mass dominance'' of their chosen Leviathan race would be secured and ready for the scheduled 2000-2017 ''Invasion Party,'' 

This is the same reason we have been told by both Anunnaki and Drakonian pseudo-Gods to ''go forth and multiply,'' in conjunction with the falsehood that “birth control is a sin.” Along with this ploy went the editing of the Sacred Teachings that explained how birth control is naturally achieved. And the Anunnaki “fail to mention” in their false “We are your Creator Gods” propaganda that they intentionally caused DNA mutations that increased female ovulation in Human females from the previous, natural, “once every three years” cycle to its present monthly cycle. 

Why? So we’d all be ''good little breeders'' to make sure they had the needed ''head count'' on planet when the 2000-2017 SAC came. Once upon a time, when Earth was not being remotely run by mentally ill Fallen Angelic invaders, Humanity knew how important it was to keep a natural balance between and among species numbers; these balances were always respected. All species knew instinctively when “enough was enough,” and their bodies naturally complied by not permitting conception to occur. Human races had the ability to consciously choose whether or not to conceive once every three years,23 and parents knew who the incarnating soul would be and held memories of other lifetime relationships with the soul. 

Our races have been deceived into utterly destroying the once-natural balances of life on our planet in order to raise an amnesiac, easy to covertly direct ''Fallen Angelic Inside Invader Force.'' If there are enough Human bodies on Earth carrying the natural Planetary Templar DNA Security Codes and the DNA Template can be altered to run the Security Code frequencies into the Planetary Shields in reverse sequence during the SAC, Earth’s Planetary Shields will fully reverse their natural spin and polarity. Full reversal of Earth’s Planetary Shields will permit Earth’s Shields to merge with those of a Planet in the Phantom Matrix. Over-breeding has produced a massive population. 

The “Checkerboard DNA Mutation” has reversed the Human DNA Template Security Codes and personal Merkaba Fields (which 401 The Wall in Time and Atlantean Secrets of the Phoenix and the Falcon give Planetary Shields access), and we have been denied all memory and knowledge—most of us don’t even know that Earth’s Templar, Star Gates and Planetary Shields exist. Sounds like the ''perfect set up,'' doesn’t it? But the positioning of our race to fulfill the Fallen Angelic/Intruder ET Halls of Amenti Hijack Master Plan doesn’t stop here. Fortunately, the solutions to our rather massive contemporary problems are not nearly as complex as the problems themselves. RRT Biotronic Technologies and Masters Planetary Templar Mechanics are the tools through which we can set ourselves, and Planet Earth, free

1. 48- and 24-Strand DNA Templates, respectively.
2. Yes, for the Biblical reference. 
3. Not a “pretty sight” in terms of scientific physics and even more unsavory in terms of con- scious spirit.
4. '' Ulta'' was a term used to indicate ''place of, UR'' referred to ''Light/Spirit'' and, origi- nally, to “God.” 
5. Neanderthal 
6. Cro-Magnon-1 
7. Cro-Magnon-2 
8. Cro-Magnon-3 
9. Cro-Magnon-4
10. SG-11 Lohas, SG-3 Nohasa, and SG-2 Bruah. 
11. Density-1. 
12. Density-2 Phantom. 
13. “Cue Sites” are the location points of Inner Earth’s 12 Primary Star Gates, as they interface with Earth; they are the activation sites for the corresponding 12 Primary Star Gates of Earth, which are located in different geographical positions than their counter- part Cue Sites.
14. Phoenicia-Nohassa-Atlantis
15. light/spirit body
17. “light/spirit reflection”
19. Knights Templar-Hyksos-Freemasons. 
20. England-Ireland-Scotland-Wales 
 21. or might I say “Zombification?” 399 The Wall in Time and Atlantean Secrets of the Phoenix and the Falcon
22. It truly amazes me how many people are so attached to the Anunnaki-implanted false- hood that ''Christ was Crucified.'' You would think people who cherish all Jesheua was and stood for would be delighted and joyful to discover that he ascended via the Arc of the Covenant portal passage without a nail hole in sight! 400 Breeding a Final Conflict Army and Planetary Shields Reversal control games are literally terrified to face the facts of our present reality that they have been led to believe exist, and so afraid to face reality that they must defend at all costs the illusion of 3-D safety. Denial is one of the greatest forms of fear, and it usually requires that the fear itself be denied.

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