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Voyagers II; 5 The Guardian Material; Return to Amenti, PHARAOH AKHENATON, Opening the Halls of Amenti and Ascension

( ⭐Guardian KR editors note; 2022; much of the information included in these transmission was originally to be disseminated Free, when we sent them to Anna both with Voyagers 1 in 1988 and & Voyagers 2 in 1998. We lament that the timeline intended, had this been shared as WE asked, would have avoided some of the pain and suffering your species has endured over the last 30 years. That said, we now make them available to you, the true owners of this material, The Inhabitant Species of Earth. This is the Guardian information sent to the Humanities.)

Return of the Sphere of Amenti, Birth of Pharaoh Akhenaton/ Amenophis IV, Templar Seal Released From the Annu Races, Opening the Halls of Amenti and Ascension 

2409 BC-l362 BC The Sphere of Amenti could only be reentered into Earth’s core during the periods of dimensional blending within Earth’s natural time cycles. The Elohim and guardians from HU-2 and HU-3 had orchestrated the Frequency Fence and Earth's quarantine in 9540 BC in order to prevent the Sphere from destroying Earth after it had prematurely descended through the Arc of the Covenant as a result of the Atlantean cataclysm, and since 9540 BC the Sphere of Amenti had been in storage, under high security, within the frequency bands of the fourth dimension astral planes. 

The Earth’s grid had stabilized and risen in vibrational speed since the times of Atlantis, and the guardian races made plans to reenter the Sphere of Amenti into Earth’s core through the barrier between the third and fourth dimensions during the next natural opening in the time cycle, in preparation for opening the Halls of Amenti. The next natural dimensional blending period would occur in 2409 BC, which marked the half cycle point within the 4426-year cycle that began in 4622 BC. If the Sphere of Amenti could be entered into the third dimension in 2409 BC, it could then be returned to the Earth’s D-2 core whenever the Earth grid speed rose high enough to hold the frequencies of the Blue Flame morphogenetic field of Tara, which needed to be embodied on the planet for the Halls of Amenti to open.

 As the Melchizedek Cloister race held the imprint for the fifth DNA strand, which would pull fifth-dimensional frequencies into the Earth grid, the opening of the Halls of Amenti was dependent upon enough of the Melchizedeks and fifth strand hybrid races being present on Earth to raise the grid speed high enough to hold the Blue 87 Return to Amenti Flame. In order to raise the grid speed, 8% of the total global population had to have the fifth strand activated, which meant that the Sphere of Amenti could not descend into Earth’s core until a concentration of Cloister Melchizedeks had been born. The second mass birthing wave of Melchizedek Cloister souls was scheduled to occur around 1500 BC, so the tentative date for the opening of the Halls of Amenti was set for a period following the 1500 BC Melchizedek Cloister birthing wave. 

The Sphere of Amenti was released from D-4 by the Elohim in 2409 BC. The seventh through 12th base tones of the third dimension, which had been removed from Earth’s morphogenetic field to create the Frequency Fence, were readjusted. The eighth through 12th base tones of D-3 were re-entered into the Earth’s morphogenetic field, reconstructing the Frequency Fence between the sixth and eighth base tones of the third dimension. This allowed the Sphere to enter into the UHF bands of D-3 until it was time to open the Halls of Amenti. Releasing the Sphere from the UHF bands of D-3 did not require synchronization with a natural dimensional blend period as would have been necessary if the Sphere remained in D-4. Following the Melchizedek birthing wave of 1500 BC, plans were made for the opening of the Halls of Amenti. 

This opportunity would also be used to begin the reintegrating of the Annu-Melchizedek morphogenetic field, which was stored in Alcyone under the Templar Seal. It was decided that in the year 1398 BC an avatar from HU-2 would birth on to Earth through the Annu-Melchizedek morphogenetic field, then through the Sphere of Amenti and into the Earth. By passing an avatar soul essence, who carried at least 9- dimensional frequencies within its personal morphogenetic field, the genetic imprint deviations in the Annu-Melchizedek morphogenetic field could be realigned with the HU-2 frequency patterns. This process would serve to clear the Annu morphogenetic field of its distortions and reintegrate the Annu back into the Cloister Melchizedek morphogenetic field in the Sphere of Amenti. Following the birth of this avatar, the Annu peoples would be released from the Templar Seal and would be able to ascend to Tara with the unsealed races when the Halls of Amenti opened. 

The birth of the avatar would “spark,” or quickly raise the frequency of the Earth grid, which would in tum cause the Earth core vibrational rate to increase, so a spark would be released from the Earth core into the Arc of the Covenant, thereby releasing the Sphere of Amenti into the Earth core. The avatar chosen for this project was a pure Anunnaki soul essence appointed by the Sirian Council from HU-2 It was necessary for an Anunnaki to serve this role in order to realign the Annu genetic imprint to its original order. The avatar was born in 1398 BC, in the city of Thebes, Egypt, as the son of a Serres-Egyptian father and Annu-Melchizedek mother. This child became known as Amenophis IV, son of Pharaoh Amenophis III and Queen Tiy. 

When the child was grown he changed his name to Akhenaton (1366 BC), and began the Atonist movement within the Egyptian New Kingdom dynastic line. At the birth of Akhenaton in 1398 BC, the Arc of the Covenant was opened and the Sphere of Amenti descended into Earth core from the UHF bands of D-3. Twelve years later, in 1386 BC the Blue Flame of Amenti descended and was embodied by the Melchizedek Cloister Flame Holder, who became the High Priest of Akhenaton’s Atonist movement. (Amenophis III died in 1385 BC when Akhenaton was 13 years old, and Akhenaton served as regent with his mother Queen Tiy until 1370 BC, when at age 28 he began his 17-year Pharaonic rule). 

The Melchizedek Cloister soul group who were to serve as Keepers of the Flame were birthed into this time period in synchronization with Akhenaton’s birth, so they would be in the appropriate places to fulfill their role within the opening of the Halls of Amenti. The Halls of Amenti opened 12 years later in 1374 BC, after the frequencies of the embodied flame had stabilized within the Earth grid. At the age of 24 Akhenaton was taken to the Inner Earth by the Priests of Ur, and trained in the processes of ascension, which he would conduct after his training was complete. 

In 1367 BC, at the age of 31, Akhenaton was instructed to relocate his seat of power from Thebes to a location in middle Egypt called Tel el-Amarna, where he constructed the city of Akhetaton in honor of the Aton god and the Law of One. He was led to this location by the Priests of Ur, as there, beneath the ground, were portals connecting to the Inner Earth, through which he could pass into the portals beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza, where the Arc of the Covenant and the Halls of Amenti were found. The Giza pyramid was still under the control and protection of the Amonist priests of Serres-Egyptian lineage, among whom much anti-Atonist sentiment stirred. 

The Priests of Ur did not want knowledge of the opening of the Halls of Amenti known among the general Amonist priest-cast, as certain abuses of power and distortion of the original Templar creed had become prevalent in this group, and only Cloister Melchizedeks born into the Serres-Egyptian elite were permitted knowledge of the opening of Amenti. The new city at Tel el-Amarna allowed Akhenaton and his followers to go about the business of ascension without drawing the attention of the Serres priesthood, and also permitted easy access through the Inner Earth to Giza, Thebes, Jerusalem and the city of Ur along the Euphrates River. Using surface travel, these locations were hundreds of miles apart, but through the portals of Inner Earth these locations could be accessed within minutes. 

Akhenaton’s purpose in coming to Earth was to ensure the opening the Halls of Amenti, to realign the morphogenetic field of the Annu races so they could be re-entered into the Sphere of Amenti, and to orchestrate ascension for the Templar-Annu, Annu-Melchizedeks and selected others of various races, whose genetic codes were evolved enough to undergo this process. The Annu lived in concentration in the Inner Earth, and were also disbursed throughout the lands of Egypt and beyond. Through the inner passageways, Annu from various locations were brought to Akhetaton at Tel el-Amarna for ascension initiation and training, and then taken secretly into the lower chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza where they could pass through the Halls of Amenti and return to Tara. 

Though the Halls of Amenti had been opened in 1374 BC, Akhenaton did not begin ascension practices until 1367 BC, when his sanctuary at Akhetaton had been prepared and his training with the Priests of Ur had been completed. For five years, between 1367 BC and 1362 BC Akhenaton successfully trained and ascended several thousand people through the Halls of Amenti, secretly and without incident. Though his spiritual commitments left him little time or concern for the more mundane earthly affairs of politics, which made him highly unpopular among the general Egyptian populace, he was quite successful in fulfilling his purposes for incarnating on Earth, and was held in high esteem by the peoples of Inner Earth and the surface dwellers who understood the significance of his work.

 His success was, however, short lived, as his less-desirable character leanings of arrogance, intolerance for the beliefs of others and favoritism toward the Annu peoples brought an early end to his achievements, and ultimately created a major setback in the greater plan of preparing the races for mass ascension. Akhenaton is still primarily viewed as a master and revered avatar among descendants of the Melchizedek people, who understand the purposes for his work on Earth. He deserves much credit for his achievements in realigning the genetic imprint of the Annu races and reintegrating their morphogenetic field into the Sphere of Amenti. 

Though his general Earth mission was successful, it is still worth mentioning the less-than-desirable events that colored his reign as Pharaoh. Because of these events, the Halls of Amenti were once again closed, and the quarantine under which the races had evolved since 9540 BC remained in effect long after it was originally intended. Conflict Between Serres-Egyptian-Melchizedeks and Annu- Melchizedeks and Akhenaton, Opening the Portals of the Underworld, Closing the Halls of Amenti, Guardianship of the Arc of the Covenant transferred to Hibiru Cloister, Deactivation of the Rod and the Staff and the Templar-Axion Seal, Tutankhamun and Haremhab. 

1362 BC -1309 BC Akhenaton successfully practiced the rites of ascension among the Annu populations from 1367 BC to 1362 BC, following directives from the Priests of Ur in the Inner Earth. Tensions began to mount between Akhenaton and the Ur Priesthood when he was instructed to begin ascending other individuals not of Annu lineage. In his original soul agreement, Akhenaton was to re-enter the Annu-Melchizedek morphogenetic field back into the Sphere of Amenti, see that the Halls of Amenti were opened, then oversee the training and ascension of all individuals whose genetic codes would allow them to pass through the fifth-dimensional frequencies into Tara. Serres-Egyptians, and all of the other races were to be considered equally for this process, but Akhenaton, from the beginning, showed extreme favoritism toward people of Annu descent and an unwarranted prejudice toward those of Serres-Egyptian lineage. 

To appease the Priests of Ur, Akhenaton would allow select Serres to enter into the initiation programs at Akhetaton, but then systematically omit them from the final stages of training, so the opportunity of program completion and ascension was denied. The Priests of Ur and the Elohim created an alternative plan by which the Melchizedek Cloister Keepers of the Blue Flame, who held strategic positions within Akhenaton’s inner council, would be permitted to conduct ascension rites under the direction of the Priests of Ur, without Akhenaton’s knowledge of their activities. The Keepers of the Blue Flame were headed by the primary Flame Holder, a women named Phaelopea, who for long held the rank of High Priestess of the Atonist temples at Akhetaton. The inner circle of the Flame Keepers was composed of General Haremhab, head of Akhenaton’s strategic armies of the north, the head physician of Akhenaton’s court and his illegitimate, elder half brother Sabatoth, and his fourth wife Ankhi (historically known as Kiya). 

There were approximately 200 other members of the Blue Flame Melchizedeks among Akhenaton’s ranks, who had originally been sent to support him in his efforts. As his personal prejudice and intolerance of the Serres-Egyptians had colored his ability to fulfill his ascension duties appropriately, the Blue Flame Melchizedeks were assisted by the Elohim to carry out ascension by night, using an alternative portal passage to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Through the alternate route, the Keepers of the Blue Flame would not have to pass through the portions of Inner Earth through which Akhenaton conducted his ascensions, so both groups could fulfill the ascension contract, while circumnavigating Akhenaton’s personal character leanings. From 1363 BC to 1362 BC the Keepers of the Blue Flame lead qualified Serres-Egyptians and others to the Arc of the Covenant at Giza, successfully ascending several hundred individuals not of Annu descent through the Halls of Amenti

In 1362 BC the inevitable occurred, and Akhenaton discovered the activities of the Keepers of the Blue Flame, and charged identified members with treason, and sentenced them to death. Among those sentenced to die were his fourth wife Ankhi and his half brother Sabatoth. With the assistance of the Elohim, these individuals were exiled to Giza and placed under the protection of a select group of Serres-Egyptian priests who had been permitted to know of the secrets of Amenti. Akhenaton’s fourth wife Ankhi had produced a son for Akhenaton in 1363 BC, and the child was later secretly taken to Giza by his mother and several other Keepers of the Blue Flame. General Haremhab’s affiliation with the Keepers of the Blue Flame had not yet been discovered, and he remained an operative within Akhenaton’s ranks, attempting to soften Akhenaton’s wrath toward those whom he perceived as traitors. 

In 1362 BC, shortly after the child was taken from Akhetaton to Giza, a final confrontation took place between Akhenaton and the Keepers of the Blue Flame. The confrontation took place within the hidden passages beneath Giza, when Akhenaton and his men followed Haremhab through the alternative portal route and caught the Keepers of the Blue Flame in their ascension practices. Using the Staff, Akhenaton attempted to close the Halls of Amenti. The Flame Holder transmitted the D-5 frequencies held within her body into Ankhi, who was to be the next Flame Holder. Ankhi transmitted the D-5 frequencies of the flame into the Sphere of Amenti to counter the transmissions of the Staff, forcing the Halls to remain open. Akhenaton and Ankhi were held within a duel of energy, with the Sphere of Amenti between them. 

Sabatoth, Akhenaton’s unrecognized half brother, retrieved the Rod instrument from Akhenaton’s guard and activated the second-dimensional frequencies of the Rod in hope of knocking the Staff from Akhenaton’s grasp, fearing that the power duel taking place would destroy the Sphere of Amenti. In a brief moment the course of intended history was changed, as the second-dimensional energy transmissions of the Rod interacted with the fifth-dimensional energy transmissions of the Staff to create a double overtone frequency field. When the double overtone was struck, the energetic barrier around the Sphere of Amenti collapsed, opening the D-2 Earth morphogenetic field into the Sphere of Amenti. This released the chaotic energies of the soul fragments caught in D-1 and D-2 (known as the Underworld) into the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti. The Elohim immediately intervened, descending through the Arc of the Covenant, resealing the Sphere of Amenti. Portions of the Amenti morphogenetic field had been contaminated by the chaotic forces of D-2, and the Elohim had to separate the Sphere of Amenti, leaving the contaminated portions within the D-2 Earth core morphogenetic field.

The portions of the Sphere that had not been compromised were placed back into the Arc of the Covenant in the UHF bands of D-3, where the Sphere of Amenti was once again sealed. Because of these events, the Halls of Amenti were once again closed. The portions of Amenti that remained in Earth’s core stayed opened, but the frequency bands of the Amenti Sphere that allowed passage into Tara were sealed away in the UHF bands of D-3 within the Arc of the Covenant. On the evening when this confrontation occurred, all members of the conflicting parties were energetically altered and returned to their home in Akhetaton, having their memory of the night's proceedings erased. Prior to this event, the Elohim and Priests of Ur had intended to orchestrate the ascension of Akhenaton, his first wife Nefertiti and their daughters. 

This was scheduled to occur after the seat of power had been transferred from Akhenaton to his fourth wife Ankhi and their son, through whom the half brother Sabatoth would acquire the throne until the avatar child came of age. The Elohim intentions were to blend the Atonist and Amonist perspectives together around the original Templar teachings of the Law of One, through which Egypt could be unified and serve as a model for preparing the races for ascension. Following the closing of the Halls of Amenti, this plan was no longer feasible, as the royals could not ascend to Tara while the Sphere of Amenti remained split in two, so alternative measures had to be taken. 

The Sirian Council had arranged for the royal family to be taken by starship to Sirius B after the transfer of earthly power, but Akhenaton did not live long enough to fulfill this vision. The Elohim and Priests of Ur attempted to council Akhenaton following the closing of the Halls of Amenti, but he misunderstood their attempts at astral communication to represent attempted manipulation by evil forces. Having no memory of the Giza events, Akhenaton was swayed by the Priests of Ur, during physical contact, to allow the Flame Keepers to go free. He was further advised to continue with the plan to allow Ankhi to be appointed as wife number one so the child would be given legitimacy as the next heir to the Pharaonic line. 

Events became a jumble of confusion as Akhenaton, fearing treason at every turn, chose to disregard the requests of the Priests of Ur that ascension practices be stopped. This request was given in good measure, as anyone attempting to ascend through Amenti while the Sphere was broken into two pieces, would find their soul essence fragmented into D-2 and the upper portions of D-3. Thinking that he was sparing the Annu from manipulation attempts by the Priests of Ur, Akhenaton used the Staff to access the alternative portal route to Giza, and continued to ascend groups of Annu through the portals, not realizing he was sentencing them to soul fragmentation. Sabatoth discovered Akhenaton was using the Halls of Amenti and so he, going against the advice of the other Flame Keepers, also continued ascension attempts for the Serres-Egyptian peoples. 

Sabatoth discovered that by using the D-2 portals to access parallel Earth, through which people could merge consciousness with their anti-particle double and transmute their DNA, that passage into the Halls of Amenti could be made without the use of the Staff or Blue Flame. Neither man realized they were sending people into fragmentation and both believed they were assisting their own people who were being unfairly denied by the other side. The Elohim again intervened to stop these activities. The personal morphogenetic fields of individuals involved with ascension after the Halls of Amenti were closed were removed from the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field and placed within the Third Eye of Horus portal passage in the 93 Return to Amenti core of Sirius B, under the Templar-Axion Seal. 

This group included over 1,000 people, who would be allowed to ascend to Tara as soul essences once the Halls of Amenti were reopened, but once there, they had to repeatedly incarnate on Earth until they had fully assembled the fragmented portions of their soul essence from the D-2 elemental kingdom. Akhenaton and his half brother Sabatoth, and various others of Cloister Melchizedek and Serres-Egyptian lineage were among those placed under the Templar-Axion Seal. This Sealing was again employed as a protective measure, to insure that the remaining portions of the Amenti Sphere were not compromised by the misaligned energies of D-2. But unfortunately, through generations following this lineage, portions of the Templar-Axion Seal were passed down indiscriminately throughout various racial families, and the Templar-Axion Seal became like a curse to the races, causing misalignment in various portions of the Amenti Sphere, which were further passed on through various genetic lines. 

These distortions in the Sphere of Amenti would have to be realigned with the 12-strand DNA imprint before anyone could again ascend through the Halls of Amenti. Suffering from confusion caused by the cumulative effects of these events, Akhenaton grew progressively more disinterested in the common affairs of Egypt and devoted his attention to ensuring the position of his son as the next heir to the throne. At this point, conspiratorial plans to remove Akhenaton from power brewed heavily within his own legions, promoted primarily by his uncle (the younger brother of Amenophis Ill).

 His first wife Nefertiti found sympathy with the conspirators, as she did not take well to the intended transfer of her position and power, pending the validation of the son as heir. The Flame Keepers and Ankhi (wife number 4, whom Nefertiti blamed for destroying her family) appealed to Nefertiti for compliance, at the insistence of the Priests of Ur. Unfortunately for all, Nefertiti could not muster the required humility, and in 1361 BC she assisted the uncle in sabotaging Akhenaton’s plans. The uncle orchestrated the assassination of Ankhi and Akhenaton’s two-year-old son, thereby leaving the issue of heir to the Pharaonic throne open to the highest bidder. 

Distraught over the loss of his son and what he perceived as the failure of his earthly mission, Akhenaton withdrew from social interaction, as General Haremhab, Sabatoth and others devised a plan to remove Akhenaton from power to protect Egypt from Akhenaton’s declining rule. In 1353 BC, with a heavy heart, General Haremhab turned a blind eye as Akhenaton’s aged uncle led the final conspiracy, assassinating Akhenaton and arranging the temporary succession of Smenkhkaré (husband of one of Akhenaton’s daughters, who secretly held a pro-Amonist outlook) to the throne. Haremhab, Sabatoth and the Keepers of the Blue Flame hoped to see Smenkhkaré replaced by Sabatoth, but after the fall of Akhenaton’s reign in 1353 BC, Sabatoth was imprisoned as a traitor in 1348 BC by the corrupt Serres-Egyptian Priesthood at Thebes (with whom he had been raised in childhood), tortured for his knowledge of the secrets of the Arc of the Covenant, then executed in 1344 BC. Sabatoth left behind him a legacy within which lived the hope of the Keepers of the Blue Flame. 

A child was born to Ihopetohetep, the wife of Sabatoth, several months after he was incarcerated in Thebes in 1348 BC. The child was named Tutankhaton. Haremhab and the Keepers of the Blue Flame kept the child’s true lineage hidden and orchestrated a marriage between this child and Akhenaton’s third daughter Ankhesenpaaton. In 1340 BC Smenkhkaré was assassinated by Haremhab’s secret guard, and 8- year old Tutankhaton was proclaimed Pharaoh. In order to avert the suspicions of the Serres priesthood, Haremhab arranged for the royal couple’s initiation through the Serres priesthood at Thebes, where their names were changed to Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamon. Tutankhamun acted as a puppet Pharaoh under the direction of Haremhab and an elder councilor-priest named Aya, and the capitol was again moved from Akhetaton at Tel el Amarna to Memphis, so activities at Giza could be more closely monitored. Originally Haremhab intended to uphold his commitments as a Keeper of the Blue Flame. This required a slow but steady integration of the belief systems of the Amonist and Atonist peoples. Under mounting pressure from the Serres-Egyptian priesthood at Thebes, Haremhab succumbed to taking actions which appeared to be more politically correct, and the teachings of the Law of One became lost as he influenced Tutankhamun to abandon all Atonist sympathy and revert to old Amonist perspectives. 

Having loyalties to the Keepers of the Blue Flame, Tutankhamun attempted to resist Haremhab’s campaign. In 1331 BC, when the 17-year old Pharaoh Tutankhamun was suffering from an illness, several of Haremhab’s advisors took matters into their own hands and poisoned him, removing the primary obstacle to Haremhab’s new direction and ending the nine-year reign of Tutankhamun, the child king (1340 BC-1331 BC). Haremhab quickly appointed the aging Aya, a longtime friend and Serres-Egyptian sympathizer, to the Pharaonic throne. Falling hopelessly under the manipulation of the Serres-Egyptian old order, Haremhab appointed himself Pharaoh following the death of Aya in 1324 BC. In order to preserve his political standing, Haremhab methodically set about destroying any evidence of his prior affiliation with the Atonist movement and involvement with the Cloister Melchizedek Keepers of the Blue Flame. 

Haremhab reigned as Pharaoh from 1324 BC until his death in 1309 BC, appointing Rameses I as his successor. Following the death of Aya in 1324 BC, the Melchizedek Cloister Keepers of the Blue Flame became scattered throughout Egypt, being considered criminals of the state for their prior affiliation with Akhenaton. Some found refuge within the secret ranks of the Serres priests at Giza, who still worked under the directive of the Priests of  Ur. By 1309 BC the Elohim plans for opening the Halls of Amenti and preparing the races for the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD were lost beneath the chaos left in the wake of Akhenaton’s clandestine rule. Although Akhenaton was ultimately successful in re-entering the Annu people into the Sphere of Amenti and successfully orchestrating the ascension of many individuals during his brief reign, he left an equally detracting legacy of chaos behind him. 

The Halls of Amenti were closed, the Sphere of Amenti was broken in two, with part of the race morphogenetic field in chaotic shambles within the D-2 Earth core and the other part again quarantined in the UHF bands of the third dimension. The Arc of the Covenant was once again sealed, and the Frequency Fence, which kept the Sphere of Amenti from descending through the Arc, was once again put in place. Following the death of Tutankhamun in 1331 BC, the Elohim and the Priests of Ur, disheartened by the error of the human element, transferred surface guardianship of the Arc of the Covenant out of Egyptian hands. The Arc of the Covenant was placed under the protection of the Hibiru Cloister races, under the supervision of the Blue Flame Melchizedeks. The Rod and Staff were de-activated, and thus entry into the portals of the Inner Earth was stripped away from all races within the surface cultures.¹ 


Elohim and Sirian Council Favoritism toward Sirian Genetic Strains and Promotion of Patriarchal Templar Creed Distortion. Pleiadian, Arcturian, and Andromeda Resistance and Azurites Appointed by Ra Confederacy as Co-guardians of Palaidorian Covenant. Division within the Cloister Melchizedeks and Essene Brotherhood. 

1240 BC -12 BC The chaos which resulted from the misfortunes of Akhenaton’s reign also created a major division within the ranks of the Elohim of HU-3, the Sirian Council of HU-2 and the Ra Confederacy from the Meta-galactic Core. Dispute arose as to what should be done with the program of human evolution. The majority of Elohim had abandoned their loyalty to the human races in general, and saved their attentions for Annu-Melchizedeks and Hebrew peoples to whom they had closer genetic ties. In the years following Akhenaton’s demise, the Elohim and Sirian Council began showing their favoritism of these groups by purposely influencing the developing cultures to adopt the distorted Templar Creed. They believed that by promoting male dominance within the races (which was already a rampant distortion promoted by the corrupted Serres-Egyptian line), the course of interbreeding could be controlled. By controlling the women breeders and influencing a male elite to practice interracial discrimination, the Elohim's preferred lineage of humans could be kept genetically pure. These selected “chosen ones” would be given special privilege of ascension if they followed the teachings of the Elohim’s altered Templar Creed. 

The Elohim had basically given up on the rest of the human population, and made no attempt to assist the general populace in realigning the damage done to their genetic codes through the propagation of the Templar-Axion Seal. Other members of the Elohim, Pleiadian Star League Council, Andromeda and Arcturian Federations felt this preferential treatment was unfair, and appealed to the Ra Confederacy for intervention. The Ra Confederacy agreed that this treatment was discriminatory and detrimental to the human evolutionary plan. In 700 BC the Azurite Family of the Ra Confederacy was called into operation as primary protectors of the Covenant of Palaidor, and though willing to work with the biased Elohim, the Azurites were given an equal hand in the orchestration of human evolution. Their primary concern was to realign the morphogenetic field of the Sphere of Amenti, reintegrate all of the races who had been removed and prepare the races for another opening of the Halls of Amenti, to be scheduled in coincidence with the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD. 

The Azurites and Elohim worked together through the Melchizedek Cloister, establishing the Essene brotherhood about 1240 BC, which was originally designed to bring the undistorted Templar teachings of the Law of One back into manifestation on Earth. (The Essenes were originally one of the 25 families within the Melchizedek Cloister race. Members of this family were interbred with the Hibiru Cloister races to create a hybrid Hebrew strain. The Essenes thus had two primary racial divisions, those of the Melchizedek Cloister and those of Hebrew mixed-Cloister lineage.) Within several generations the biased Elohim took the project in their own direction, interbreeding some of the Cloister Melchizedek families with the Hebrew-Melchizedeks and promoting the patriarchal Templar Creed, which became the primary focus of the Essene Brotherhood teachings. 

By 1150 BC the Priests of Ur disassociated themselves from the primary families of the Essene brotherhood, and began working with a few select families within the Essenes, and the Hibiru and Melchizedek Cloisters. These families were chosen to reintegrate the undistorted pure Templar teachings and to work directly with the Priests of Ur to ensure the race preparation for the ascension wave of 2017 AD. In 700 BC the Ra Confederacy gave the Azurites equal directive control over human evolution and appointed them primary guardians of the Covenant of Palaidor. The Azurites began their work on Earth through the Essenes of the Priests of Ur. In 196 BC the Azurites and the Sirian Council attempted to mend the growing rift within the Melchizedek families by combining the previous teachings of the Melchizedek Priesthood with the evolving doctrines of the patriarchal and purist Melchizedeks. 

The original Melchizedek Priesthood, as it exists today, was founded on surface-Earth in 1982 BC, prior to Akhenaton’s reign, within the Hibiru Cloister race in the area of Salem, which became Jerusalem. An ET Nephilim (an immortal Sirian-human hybrid from the Second Seeding period) was brought to Earth from Nibiru in 1979 BC, carrying a patriarchal version of the Templar Creed, which allowed knowledge of ascension and genetic protection to reach the Hibiru and Aryan races. This individual became known as Melchizedek, King of Salem. The foundations for the modern day Jewish religion were laid at this time with the establishment of the Priesthood of Melchizedek among the Hebrew, Hibiru and Aryan races, through which the mystical studies of the original Kabbalah were organized. 

In 196 BC some success was achieved in consolidating the Templar teachings by combining the old Templar-Melchizedek doctrine with those of the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes and the Templar-Melchizedek Essenes. Despite this achievement, two primary, covert divisions within the Essene brotherhood remained. The Melchizedeks and Hebrew Essenes who were under the influence of the patriarchal Elohim were known as the Templar-Melchizedeks. They were primarily descendants of the Hebrew-Melchizedeks who had received the Templar Seal in 8,000 BC, and whose morphogenetic field still remained in Alcyone, not yet reintegrated into the Sphere of Amenti. This group emphasized the patriarchal slant of the Templar creed within the Jewish faith and heavily influenced the evolution of the Christian faiths. The Templar-Melchizedek Essenes were taught by the Elohim to believe that they were God’s chosen people and that they held the key to ascension. 

The covert group of Cloister Melchizedeks within the Essene brotherhood, who worked secretly with the Priests of Ur under the Azurite Council, were primarily descendants of the Blue Flame Pure-Cloister Family Melchizedeks. The Blue Flame Melchizedeks had not received the Templar Seal in 8,000 BC, and their morphogenetic field remained in the Sphere of Amenti. Protection of the Arc of the Covenant and the secrets of Amenti had been placed with the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes by the Azurite Council. The Blue Flame Melchizedeks taught the original, non-patriarchal, egalitarian creed of the undistorted Templar Creed, including the sacred teachings of the science of ascension, the reality of reincarnation and ET ancestry and the precepts of unity consciousness and the Sacred Law of One. 
The two groups coexisted with each other within the Essene brotherhood until 12 BC, when the Azurite Council orchestrated the next major event in preparing the races for ascension. 

Reintegration of the Races into and Restoration of the Sphere of Amenti, the Three Christs, The Zionites and Preparation for 2017 AD. 

12 BC-22 AD The Azurite Council knew that in order for the races to be prepared for the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD, the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti must be restored by realigning the portions of the Sphere trapped within the D-2 Earth morphogenetic field. The Alcyone morphogenetic fields of Templar Melchizedeks and those that received the Templar-Axion Seal during Akhenaton’s reign and were stored in Sirius B, also needed to be reintegrated into the Sphere of Amenti. Despite the failures of Akhenaton’s campaign, he had successfully reintegrated the Annu peoples into the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field, so a similar arrangement was made in reference to the Templar and Templar-Axion Sealed race families. 

This time, not only would the races be restored to their place within Amenti, the entire Sphere of Amenti would be realigned with the original 12-strand DNA pattern. Realignment of the Sphere of Amenti would allow all of the races to heal their genetic distortions in preparation for the opening of the Halls of Amenti, and would restore the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti so the Halls of Amenti could he opened. This realignment project would require the services of a 12th-level avatar, whose energetic imprint contained the alignment of 12-dimensional frequencies. This 12th-level avatar was to realign the Sphere of Amenti and the Alcyone morphogenetic field of the Templar Sealed Hebrew and Annu Melchizedeks, and he was intended to bring together the factions within the Essenes that had developed within the Melchizedek and Hebrew Cloisters. He would also re-enter the original egalitarian Templar creed back into the teachings of the Essenes. Under the direction of Azurites of the Ra Confederacy, in 12 BC, the 12th-level avatar, a pure Taran Turaneusiam-1 soul essence was born outside of Bethlehem in a private residence, to a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hebrew Essene mother and a Blue Flame Melchizedek-Hibiru Cloister Essene father. 

It was not an Immaculate Conception, but rather orchestrated via traditional means through a couple chosen and prepared by the Priests of Ur. His mother’s name was Jeudi, his father Joehius; both were leaders within the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene sect. The child’s soul essence was born of the HU-4 avatar Sananda, and the child was named Jesheua-Melchizedek (herein Jesheua-12), who later became known as Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph. The personages of Mary and Joseph were not the parents of this avatar child, they were the parents of a ninth-level avatar soon to follow. Jesheua-12 was born to descendants of the house of Solomon, and taken in infancy into the custody of the Priests of Ur.

 In 7 BC the Elohim orchestrated the birth of a ninth-level avatar, who would serve to re-integrate the Templar-Axion Sealed souls of Sirius B, back into the Sphere of Amenti and restructure the patriarchal Templar creed to be more reflective of the Law of One. This child was named Jeshewua (herein Jeshewua-9), and the stories of his birth to the Hebrew-Melchizedek Essenes Mary and Joseph are recorded as the birth of Jesus in contemporary Christian doctrine. Jeshewua was not born of an Immaculate Conception either, but rather through the visitation of an ET Nephilim, who, like King Melchizedek had been, was part of the entity named Jehovah. The entity Jehovah, who was one of the original contributors to the creation of the Sirian-Anunnaki races of HU-2, had worked with the Elohim since the time of the Treaty of El-Annu 848,000 years ago. 

Jeshewua’s mother Mary was also born of ET Nephilim conception. Following the events of Akhenaton’s reign, the Elohim did not want knowledge of ET ancestry available to the general human populations, so the truth of Jeshewua’s birth was hidden within the story of the Immaculate Conception. Through the centuries that followed the births of the two avatars, the life stories of Jesheua-12 and ]eshewua-9, plus another man who was not an avatar, became consolidated into one personage called Jesus Christ. With the birth of Jesheua-12, the 12th-level avatar, the Hebrew and Melchizedek morphogenetic field in Alcyone was reintegrated into the Sphere of Amenti. Through Jesheua-12 the integrity of the Hebrew Melchizedek genetic imprint was restored, and he became known by some as the “savior” of the Jewish peoples for this reason.

 The portions of the Amenti Sphere that had been trapped within Earth’s D-2 morphogenetic field, as a result of Akhenaton’s reign, were realigned and the integrity of the Sphere of Amenti was once again restored. In a greater sense, Jesheua-12 became the savior for the races, for through his birth the Halls of Amenti could once again be opened. The realigned Sphere of Amenti was kept in storage within the UHF bands of D-3, now under protection of the Azurites of the Ra Confederacy. At age 20 (8 AD), following his study in Persia and India, Jesheua-12 was taken to Egypt by the Priests of Ur. 

At the Great Pyramid of Giza, while Jesheua-12 was between 20 and 33 years of age (8 AD through 21 AD), he and the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes secretly orchestrated ascension for various groups, directly through the portal passage of the Arc of the Covenant. (Ascensions conducted while the Halls of Amenti were closed could only be done through the energy field of a 12th-level avatar, whose bio-energetic field could carry the energy fields of others through the seals on the Sphere of Amenti. Through the energy fields of the avatar, people could pass through the Arc of the Covenant, into the Blue Flame of Tara’s morphogenetic field and into Tara.) 

Through Jesheua-l2, the Hebrew Essene races that followed the Blue Flame Cloister Melchizedek Essenes were appointed by the Azurites of Ra, to share guardianship of the Arc of the Covenant with the Melchizedek and 100 The Three Christs Hibiru Cloisters. The descendants of these groups presently carry the full 12- strand DNA package within their gene codes, as this group was one of those chosen in 1972 AD to receive full-genetic realignment through interaction with the time traveling, hybrid Zionite race (see Voyagers I, p.38). The Zionites were created during the present-day Zeta infiltration and were sent back in time to realign certain ancestral groups with the 12-strand DNA imprint, in order to accelerate the evolution of present-day humans. 

The followers and descendants of the Jesheua-12 Essenes were one of the groups chosen for this realignment. Groups involved with Zionite genetic restructuring are considered to be of Celestial Human lineage as they carry the full 12-strand DNA Silicate Matrix within their operational genetic codes, regardless of their primary racial line. (The Silicate Matrix appears within family lines as a recessive gene composite, which remains dormant until it is called into activation via opening of chakra centers 8-15.) Various groups within Root Races 3-5 and Cloister races 3-6, along with several other hybrid race strains, were chosen for this genetic realignment, so the Silicate Matrix is distributed at random throughout present-day human genetic lines. 

The greatest concentrations can be found within the Hebrew, Melchizedek, Aryan, East Indian and Tibetan racial lines. During the period that Jesheua-12 practiced in Egypt (8 AD - 21 AD), the second Christ, Jeshewua-9, grew in popularity among the families of the Templar Melchizedeks and Hebrew Melchizedeks who were not aware of, or interested in, the birth of Jesheua-12. Jeshewua-9 was also taken to Egypt for initiation, ascension training and ordination as a Melchizedek priest, and portions of these rites were conducted by Jesheua-12. Prior to his ordination in Egypt, Jeshewua-9 had traveled throughout Nepal, Greece, Syria, Persia and Tibet, training in various inter-faith doctrines. Jesheua-12 studied primarily in India and Persia before coming to Egypt at age 20 and his Templar teachings showed a stronger eastern orientation than those of Jeshewua-9. 

The training and ascension activities of Jesheua-12 and the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes remained primarily hidden and practiced as a secret “mystery school” within Egypt at Giza and in various other locations. The teachings of Jeshewua-9 became more well-known, which caused him progressively more persecution from Roman influence and also within some factions of the Hebrew and Templar-Melchizedek race lines who did not accept deviations from the original patriarchal Templar creed as set within the Jewish religion by King Melchizedek. When Jeshewua-9 was 32 years old (25 AD), with the assistance of supportive Templar Melchizedek Essenes, the Elohim exiled Jeshewua-9, his wife (the woman who came to be known as Mary Magdalene in Biblical reference), and their three children to the territories of France, to avoid political persecution. Another man, by the name of Arihabi, who was a Jerusalem-born Hebrew-Annu-Melchizedek, was led by the Elohim, through a series of visions, to believe that he was the true Jeshewua-9, and this is the man who was crucified. 

Neither of the avatar Christs were crucified, and both of them left genetic family lines within the Hebrew-Melchizedek races. The sacrifice of Arihabi was orchestrated to divert attention away from Jeshewua-9, his family and his lineage. The resurrection of the “body of Christ"/Arihabi, was orchestrated by the Elohim through the use of holographic inserts, but Arihabi was indeed resurrected following the holographic display. In return for his assistance in diverting attention from Jeshewua-9, the body of Arihabi was restored to life by the Elohim, even though he was not an avatar. He was then taken to India, where he lived for another 30 years. Upon his natural death, Arihabi’s soul essence was ascended to Sirius B through the Third Eye of Horus portal bridge. After his ascension to Sirius B, the Elohim granted him special favor and adjusted his energy field so he could ascend to the Sirius star system in HU-2 via the planetary core of Sirius A in HU-1. 

The story of Jesus Christ, as it is known in contemporary times, evolved through the mythology the Elohim used to conceal the identity of their avatar, Jeshewua-9, and to perpetuate their patriarchal slant on the Templar Creed. The distortions of the true facts of history were used to protect the lineage of Jeshewua-9 from political persecution, making it appear as if the Christ had no descendants, thereby allowing those descendants to remain obscured from the public view. 

The teachings of Jeshewua-9 and the Templar Melchizedeks became the primary foundations for both the contemporary Jewish and Christian faiths, but the Jewish religion did not acknowledge Jeshewua9 as their savior. 

In truth, Jesheua-12 was the true savior of the Hebrew peoples, for he re-entered their race morphogenetic field into the Sphere of Amenti. Few people knew of Jesheua-12 and his Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene ascension school, so the majority of the Hebrew people did not realize that their foretold Messiah had, indeed, arrived. Even though Jesheua-12’s accomplishments went unnoticed by the majority of the Hebrew people, his affect on the restoration of their genetic development was valid—an unseen gift to the Hebrew peoples for which Jesheua-12 did not receive credit. 

Between 8 AD and 21 AD, while Jesheua-12 practiced ascension rites at Giza, several expeditions were made by Jesheua-12 and the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essenes. They traveled throughout Egypt and Nubia and into Jerusalem, promoting the original Templar teachings of ascension and gathering together groups of people to take to Giza for ascension. Plans were made to perpetuate the Jesheua-12 lineage, which carried the full 12-strand DNA imprint, and six women of various Melchizedek Cloister sub-races were chosen to bring forth the children of Jesheua-12, the First Christ. 

Couples were chosen to serve as guardians of these children. Each of the six females to receive the seed of Jesheua-12 was matched to a male Blue Flame Melchizedek who would serve as adoptive father to the child of Jesheua-12. Jesheua-12 did not interact directly with the raising of these children, nor did he serve as husband to any of the six women chosen to carry his seed. The children were created through sacred procreative rites for the sole purpose of perpetuating the 12- strand DNA pattern within the human races. Descendants of these children became spread throughout various regions, some appearing within the French Aristocracies, others within the Celtic, Egyptian and African genetic lines. One line of the descendants of Jesheua-12 now resides within the continental United States. 

Of the six families of Jesheua-12 that were seeded between 18 AD and 23 AD, five of the children survived to bring the 12-strand DNA lineage into the contemporary human gene pool. The lineage of Jeshewua-9’s three children also prospered and spread throughout various nations to the present day. In his later years, Jeshewua-9 traveled to Tibet, where, with the help of the Elohim, he ascended out of matter in 47 AD to HU-3, through the portion of Tara’s morphogenetic field stored within the planetary core of Venus. (This ascension passage requires a tenth-strand DNA imprint, and is thus not available to most humans, without direct assistance and DNA reconstruction by the Elohim, Azurites or other HU-2 guardian groups.) 

The teachings of Jesheua-12 were highly censored by Templar Melchizedeks who later came into political prominence, and were kept alive through the secret mystery schools that evolved throughout Europe, Egypt, the Middle East and in certain parts of China and Indonesia. The teachings of Jesheua-l2 were originally included in the manuscripts that became the Christian Bible, but were distorted or edited entirely at various times, to suit the needs of the power elite within the evolving political-religious machine. Eventually the teachings were banned by the early Christian churches, for they disclosed the identity and tactics of the Elohim and other ET groups, and told of the divisions within the Melchizedek Templar Creed. 

Very few of the original Jesheua-12 teachings have survived into the present time, though there are remnants of these teachings secretly preserved in France, that will one day be discovered. The original teachings of ]eshewua-9 were also distorted and misrepresented through political and religious structures of various times. The teachings of contemporary Christianity, though they provide a basic structure upon which social organization and spiritual initiation can be built, reflect little of the depth, content or meaning of the original teachings of the avatar Christs. Following the establishment of Jesheua-12’s lineage (18 AD-23 AD) the avatar had completed his work on Earth. The Blue Flame Melchizedeks carried on his teaching legacy and became the primary keepers of the secrets of the Arc of the Covenant and the Sphere of Amenti. Various groups were assigned various portions of the whole story, with no one group having the entire chronology of the teachings of Jesheua- 12. Jesheua-12 left Earth through the Arc of the Covenant at 39 years of age in 27 AD. 

He did not die, but rather bodily ascended to Tara, and has since evolved far beyond the confines of physical matter. The Arc of the Covenant was resealed within the UHF bands of D-3 following his ascension, awaiting the time when Earth’s grid rose high enough in vibration to allow for the return of the Sphere of Amenti, which was scheduled to occur before the mass ascension wave of 2017 AD. The Azurite Council, Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds and their many supporters maintained a stance of non-interference following the success of ]esheua-12’s mission. 

They allowed the Elohim and various other Host Matrix Families to direct the course of earthly events as they desired, knowing that the truth of the Templar and the Law of One, as upheld by the Blue Flame Melchizedeks and Priests of Ur, would eventually come to light within the evolving human consciousness. The Azurites planned to wait until the return of the Sphere of Amenti to Earth's core before bringing this knowledge back into the public domain, and in the meantime hoped to unite the Melchizedeks within the teachings of the sacred Law of One. Though Jesheua-12 had successfully aligned the race morphogenetic field at Amenti with the original 12-strand DNA imprint, most of the races still carried traces of genetic distortions from the Templar and Templar-Axion Seals, which would need to be cleared prior to the opening of the Halls of Amenti. 

The Elohim, Templar Melchizedeks, Blue Flame Melchizedeks and many other unrelated Host Matrix groups have assisted, and continue to assist, many individuals in clearing their genetic codes in preparation for ascension. All present-day ideologies that teach conscious evolution, and DNA activation and transmutation, are geared toward this purpose, including the new information currently being provided by various guardian ET and metaterrestrial forces. Jesheua-12, the 12th-level Turaneusiam avatar from Tara, fulfilled his purposes on Earth. Through him the Sphere of Amenti was made ready for re-entry into Earth’s core, following which the Halls of Amenti would eventually be opened. The race morphogenetic field had been reunited, so following the opening of the Halls of Amenti, all souls could again ascend through Amenti, once their genetic imprint had evolved to assemble the fourth and fifth DNA strand. The plan for preparing the races for the 2017 AD ascension wave was put back on schedule. 

Since 27 AD, when the avatar Jesheua-12 ascended, the races of Earth evolved under the primary influence of the Elohim and various other Host Matrix groups not associated with the Christian and Jewish perspectives. Through the achievements of Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, the primary morphogenetic imprint for all of the races was returned to the Sphere of Amenti, and the Sphere of Amenti was once again made whole. These accomplishments set the stage for mass ascension, but the races still had a long way to go in healing and evolving their consciousness and genetic codes. The Frequency Fence quarantine (UHF D-3 seal) still blocked Earth from open relations with the inter-stellar communities. 

The Arc of the Covenant D-5 security seal kept all but the Melchizedek race strains from bodily ascension. The races still carried portions of the Amenti Seal (DNA strands one, two and three mutation, anti-particle “death” seal), the Palaidorian Seal (DNA strands two and three mutation, D-4 seal), the Templar Seal (DNA strands two, four and five mutation, D-6 seal) and the Templar-Axion Seal (DNA strands 1, 5 and 6 mutation, D-7 seal; the “666” seal) within their genetic codes and the memory of the human lineage still remained locked away within the Sphere of Amenti in the UHF bands of the third dimension. These conditions would have to evolve and heal before humanity would be prepared to face the ascension wave of 2017 AD. 

Throughout the evolution of the races, guardian races attempted to awaken humanity to the reality of its evolutionary destiny. All of the major Earth religions were seeded at one time or another by guardian groups, to help the races prepare for their eventual ascension out of HU-1. Though the teachings are often quite different or seemingly contradictory and all religions have suffered manipulation and distortion at the hands of man and covert intruder ET forces, they are united through their original purpose of achieving ascension and freedom from the illusions of matter. The secrets of Amenti were ultimately kept under the protection of the Blue Flame Cloister Melchizedeks and the Hebrew Essenes who followed them, but the reality of Amenti belongs to all of the races and world religions. The Sphere of Amenti, Arc of the Covenant and Halls of Amenti represent the manifestation of the Covenant of Palaidor, which holds the evolutionary promise and progression for all races of the human lineage. It is the promise of humanity returning to the integrity of the Immortal God-being that is the original morphogenetic imprint of the human race. The promise of ascension is the hidden heritage and legacy of the human condition, the fulfillment of humanity’s evolutionary blueprint.

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