Thursday, January 27, 2022 can do this..."Staying Local, Getting Your House in Order & Seeing the Forest for the Trees..."

It's very easy with your new awareness and new enthusiasm, after joining all the groups, searching to find all the answers, listening to all the different opinions and ideas about how to ascend, how to meditate what to be, think, do, cleanse, etc., to get overwhelmed and lose sight and focus. Today's installment is designed to help you get re-grounded, relax, and offer you some insights and tools help to clear your head and refocus your energy.

Many of you are looking for direction, and the normal and natural thing to do when you are new to the club, movement, group or social complex, is to seek answers from others who have 'experience' or, who have been through the process of awakening and becoming aware. But, as I am sure you figured out by now, this is anything but normal and natural. And only You, have been what you have been through. What's broken and needs fixing or healing or forgiveness in your current incarnation, the lessons and or contracts you came here to learn and or fulfill, are yours and yours alone. In your quiet sphere alone with your Creator. You only need Your perspective of Sources perspective of YOU, who he made perfectly in his own image. No One outside of you can ever answer those questions for you. At most, in a perfect existence, we can simply show you the way to your own enlightenment and path. Let's start there. 

While this is a shared 'experience,' in that everyone seems to be going through it at the same time and, there seem to me some norms and generalizations that can be made, THIS IS VERY MUCH A PERSONAL AND SOLITARY JOURNEY, even though because it's a Universal Ascension we do it side by side with other mind/body/spirit complexes, all going through the same thing together, yet separately. 

Yes....we feel your confusion!! but, it's only a 3rd dimension limitation now. As you ascend, you will also gain clarity. Remember, it's always about moving forward in the Journey. 

No-one's path can be yours. No-ones insight, can be yours, no-ones method can be your method. And we all have different jobs and purposes and perspectives and insights in the over all picture of the Grand Plan. SELF searching is searching for, YOUR personal higher-self. YOU, and just your perspective of the Creators perspective of You. Many beings are a part of this. Doing many different callings, each one of us specific and unique in the skill set we bring to the table. with unique steps, methods and paths. 

That's why 'personal' readings are to be suspect. And taken with a modicum of discernment, if at all. Personally, my guides take me to the messages or speak directly to me via thought form. Always have, and yours will too. Source does not need someone to tell you what steps are next or needed from you or for you. He has already coded the answers you seek in your DNA, and you must look inside yourself for them. That said, folks can give you healing. Yes, folks can give you peace, comfort. Folks can even give you techniques, but the answers are ultimately yours. While we may 'want' to fit into the bigger picture of what we see IE: be more spiritual, or be more involved, or offer more service or be more 'enlightened', if you are truly seeking answers, they will come in their own time. From Source, directly to you, in thought form, messages, articles, videos,  yes, even readings occasionally, but if you are seeking, you will find. You will know it in your Gut. Learn to trust your inner voice, your 'intuition as that is your higher self speaking to you. ( i get And, connectivity does not mean no privacy. Free will demands you be able to admit, or block, spiritual/psionic contact, as you see fit.

You just need to stay grounded in your now...moment by by day. Taking care of yourself and those in your immediate sphere of influence. For each one of us, that is different. For me, it is a more public role, as I AM here, by choice, as a Scribe and Sage in the Christ Consciousness, Christos, or Golden Ray, my calling many times over. I fulfill my role yet again by being here with you now. Your role may be personal, or local, or may grow into a different role, or be more public than mine. Or you already are one of the sages teachers and healers in the network, doing what you do. Some are NEW,  some OLD< some VERY It's a circle, so your calling today may be different in a past life, or the next. Just ride the Wave. Mother/Father sends the Love, Christos with the message teaching and healing the Method, through Sofia........perfect balance. The Law of One. Source. 

Kryon/LeeCarrol, reminded me about us all being on the wheel, or part of a circle of light. What you do for the social complex here is for me, while what I do, with these writings is for you, and all who do not write. Some sing, for us. Some teach via video, for us. Some channel, for us. Some heal, for us. Some meditate, some serve soup to the homeless, for us. All, in the circle doing THEIR own specific skill set and contributing. Even the smallest mediational, positive prayer you offer...goes into the collective social memory complex and is absorbed by us all. And that is IMPORTANT. YOU are important.

Right now we are in the last stages of a vibrational move to higher density. Father Sun guides us at 70k kilometers per hour through 'space' yet lately, since you awoke, and things got crazy, things seem to have also settled into what we'll call, a pause. A caesura. A timely pause. The Infinite Creator and the Guardians, have slowed the Universal Time Matrix. We all need to pause and think, locally and work on us. How? We do that just by being, and by living unconditional love. In our own little pond, starting with ourselves, spreading then to your partner, or family. Then to your community where you live, or the local municipality. Service to Others with Unconditional Love instead of Service to Self... will change our world and each other forever
Art by Autumn Sky 
If each one of us focus now on our own house, we start a ripple in a pond. Be the change you wish for. If it starts to spread that love and joy and peace and awareness of our Infinite creator, and that we are all one and connected It's a start. Even the smallest of words, kind acts or kind and loving vibration, is felt and recorded in the social memory complex of the Akash, and Everyone benefits from it, on a quantum level.

Simply, each day, consciously tell the universe and yourself...and your reality what you hope and dream. No not "I want a million dollars" or this or that. That is ego's service to self. You know that's not what we mean. If you simply awake each day and 'intend' to be what you chose to be, second by second, moment by moment, deciding what your world will be that which you intend. 

Because we all have the ability to Create our own reality. Within us. Always have had. See, while you are looking elsewhere, the Paradise you seek, that you wish for, is already inside you. Between your ears...Your 90% perspective of the 10% you get as downloadable 'intel or data'...So instead of looking for someone to or something to 'give' it to you, just give it to yourself. The rest will fall right in line. Synchronicity. One day at a time.

Knowing something in no way equals understanding it. Look, I'm just some guy from Jersey, living in Paradise, created by myself and mostly by my Twin Flame Elaine, expressly and purposely, to create and live in the environment WE chose to. We don't need more. We have what we need. We have enough. The choices we make daily, dictate the life we lead and our actions toward others determine their actions back toward us. We are the Creators of our own reality.

Just stop and think how different the world would be if we all, including our politicians, leaders and influencers, right down to the 'so called' lowliest among us, chose to stop, breathe and reflect, before reacting. Or, we stopped before we proactively did something and determined to simply do the right thing, regardless of what we might gain for ourselves. You are what you DO...not what you say... not what you post, what you wear, what you buy, what you accumulate or what other people think of you...Be...the change you seek...Dare to say "I am!" We have the choice to forgive or hold a grudge, to help or not help, to respond with kindness and courtesy or with anger and abuse. It's up to us as individuals to regulate and be in control of our own behavior, well before we seek to change someone else's.
Self-ownership (or sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty or individual autonomy) is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and be the exclusive controller of her or his own life, as well as body, mind, and spirit. To achieve self ownership, one must make the effort to know their innermost selves, understand how their body and Consciousness works, as well as become aware of personal motivations and perceptions that influence their life decisions and quality of lifestyle. To master ourselves on the earth plane is to attain self mastery which is the process by which a person may have the freedom to take control over their own life, body, mind and spirit.

The possibility of self ownership is destroyed through the continual deception, Mind Control, Manipulation of Consent and NAA Archontic Deception Strategies that are broadcast to the masses in order to shape the anti human culture, increasing world slavery by monetizing human suffering and Human Trafficking.

To be sovereign over one's self is to be free of the control or coercion of others, to truly have the freedom to direct one's own life through Informed Consent. We extend that belief to include freedom over Self-Determination in the direction over one's consciousness which connects with the Soul, Spirit and higher intelligence spiritual bodies.

Self-Sovereignty is inherently a human right given through Universal Laws, expressed through the Law of One. The teachings of the Law of One describe the spiritual laws that govern our spiritual evolution for each dimension. It is a single philosophical system of World Humanism, which merges cosmology, science, Human Rights and spiritualism.

To accept personal sovereignty over one's complete self, also means that person must accept Self-Responsibility. As you increase your use of free will, you also increase the responsibility for your own actions and reactions.

Self-Responsibility – Being able to own your own emotional conflicts without blame, guilt or projection upon another person, by making it their fault. Do not assume that you know anything about that person that can be judged for what you cannot see or really know, as you have not walked in their shoes. When feeling upset, restore balance to your heart and aura, by lovingly holding your boundaries without violating others boundaries by expecting them to resolve your conflict. Be willing and open to learn what the “real issue” is, which most of the time not what it appears to be. Going deeper and reflecting on forgiveness of yourself and others, allowing time, neutralizes the conflict. Learning how to become responsible and accepting Self-Responsibility is a major step of productive Negative Ego clearing.

Human Rights

Human Rights are moral principles that describe certain standard of human behavior, they are the same in Source's natural Universal Laws, the Law of One:
  • I have the right to take care of myself, and protect myself from being threatened physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
  • I have the right to set my own priorities and choose the manner I express to live on earth, as long as it does not intentionally harm others.
  • I have the right to express feelings, opinions, and desires.
  • I have the right to be treated respectfully.
  •  I have the right to create my own happy, healthy life based in spiritual purpose.
  • I have the right to be GSF and be given the power to be in charge of directing my energies and life force.
Spiritual Immune System

We extend that belief to include freedom of Self-Determination in the direction of one's consciousness which connects with the Soul, Spirit and the higher Avatar intelligence, the spiritual bodies which form into the powerful forces of protection that form the Spiritual Immune System. Self-Sovereignty is inherently a human right given through God Source and the Universal Laws, expressed through the Law of One which describe these laws that direct the complex quantum mechanics governing the movement of consciousness throughout time and space. 

Ascension is a simultaneous increase of expanded Consciousness that occurs when our spiritual-energetic bodies connect into our physical bodies, and thus when these higher consciousness bodies come online, they activate and amplify our Spiritual Immune System. Our Spiritual Immune System requires personal attention, Discernment of forces and proper nourishment in order to function well. It is the same as our physical immune system that requires nutrients and sustenance to be effective at deflecting and neutralizing negative pathogenic forces.

If we determine, everyday to practice love, tolerance kindness and self control, being responsible for simply our own actions, and it human by one human...think what a wonderful change we can effect, like a ripple in a pond slowly spreading out till it reaches every shore.

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The Guardian Cosmic Law of Evolution

Cosmic Law of Evolution

Ascension Timeline for Consciousness Corridor: The time has come where the consciousness bifurcation on planet earth has necessitated additional evolutionary framework for servicing the wide spectrum of human consciousness through the Founder Guardian and Krystal Star planetary hosting. Krystal Star hosting means the reclamation of the Universal Laws and Principles which are the essential nature of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness which is built upon the 12 Strand DNA Silicate Matrix design. To rebuild the architecture of the Diamond Sun Body upon this earth and reassemble the holographic template of Christos-Sophia recorded throughout the past, present and future earth timelines, the Founder Guardians state the guidelines of the Cosmic Law Evolution Edict.

Non-Human Personality/Ego (1D-11D) 

Description: The many gestalts of entities that make up the NAA violent predator minds, Fallen Angelic, Moon Lineages, Fallen Elohim, Orion Group, Fallen Anu and other feral negative egos that invaded the earth to imprison the consciousness are in violation of Cosmic Law. They are systematically being read their rights under the Book of Universal Law through Founder Guardians. 

These entities will be transited to the Andalucía system located in the Orion Molecular Cloud Burst and Eridanus constellation for rehabilitation under evolution edict of Founder Guardian Sponsor. The Fallen Negative Ego consortium of Archontic entities whose primary consciousness are predatory thoughts and belief systems of hatred, fear, war and killing exist in the Anti-God and Anti-Christ paradigm.

The Founder Guardians refer to these intruder races as the Vandal Groups, such as the Vandals of Eri-Andu. The alien architecture, its toxic waste fields and miasma residue created by these entities is being systematically depolarized inside a vacuum in the un-manifest fields and then recycled back into the Void. The method used is that it is sent through the Mothers Aqua Ray Vortex which organically processes the material based on the laws of its own nature. Human Souls that have been trapped in the alien architecture or in phantom spaces will be freed and placed in 4D positive/negative rehabilitation. Transits for polarity integration healing on the appropriate consciousness pathways are ongoing and apart of the mission upgrades for Ascension Plan B.
Ascension Choice - Y/N? No- There is no individual choice for these groups, therefore no pathway of Ascension, they are being evicted, their holographic record is collapsing, which may result in annihilation in the timelines from non-cooperation. As the planetary collective fields are reconstituted into the Ascension Host fields, they are not hospitable to their species, therefore these events may induce self-harm or form destruction.

Personality/Ego 3D (Negative Polarity)
Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human Egos
Law or Principle: Service to Self, Negative Ego
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Rehabilitation
Polarity Integration Healing: Satanic Forces - False Mother

Description: Humans with Negative Ego fear based belief systems that are extremely dogmatic, rigid or violent learned through mind controlled religion, science, academic or dark ignorance, are disconnected from spiritual consciousness and soul, unwilling to change, adapt, evolve or learn any content beyond their current material beliefs. The Ego/Personality is threatened and will judge, lash out, punish and use deception and fear to control others. The toxic field and miasma residue of these humans is being depolarized and returned into the Void (Abyss) through the Mothers Aqua Ray Tunnel Vortex. Those humans who are possessed, worship SRA or psychopathic will be placed with the Vandal groups for rehabilitation upon death of the body and may lose their privilege of human body incarnation. Many humans in this group are currently being absorbed into the Fallen Angelic or Predator Mind in the earth. When they pass their body, they will also pass sections of this fallen angelic group mind out from the earth body.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? No- There is no individual choice for these groups, therefore no personal pathway of Ascension. They will accept rehabilitation or not upon death of the body.

Personality/Ego 3D (Positive +)
Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human Egos
Law or Principle: Service to Self, Positive Ego
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Others
Polarity Integration Healing: Luciferian Force - False Father

Description: People that do not participate with their spiritual ascension or consciousness evolution, are primarily focused on materialism, however, have developed the minimum amount of loving kindness and nonjudgmental behavior towards others. The remainder of their time on earth they will receive life lessons to continually let go of personal egoic or material needs in order to serve the needs of another. These lessons of selflessness will have direct consequences to their Ascension choice, if they digress in polarity they will lose their choice. Neutral polarity will automatically ascend to New Earth Law to practice Service to Others and master Love as a healing force in many different situations. Some of this group will be claimed by the positive Annunaki-Nephilim families to return to their home planet.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to another earth-like planet. They are presented with the opportunity to awaken in their human body or at the 3 Day bardo process of death transition of the body. This group must learn about the Soul, Group consciousness and Service to Others to remove quarantine. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Soul Matrix 4D-5D-6D (Negative -)
Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human Souls, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Soul and Group Consciousness
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Others
Polarity Integration Healing: 2D/4D split and Astral Heart Healing (collective race healing), Discern Imposter Forces.

Description: People that are very loving and heart based however have Soul Fragmentation and Mind Control issues from severe trauma, or abuse of which they have not yet recovered. They still have inner violence and fear. This may include those that have Alien Implants, have been abducted, hybridized or undergone severe SRA related trauma while on the earth. This group has the choice to comprehend the deeper reasons of this trauma history, review the consequence of their actions, through applied lessons of unconditional forgiveness to heal their relationship to the Divine Mother principle. Primary goal is soul healing in the astral heart levels to shift into the positive polarity to begin to learn about the Soul and Service to Others. Non-Human Souls - Return to Home Planet or Galaxy to heal and integrate soul mission on earth.
Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to another earth-like planet which will be presented as opportunity to awaken in human body or at the 3 Day bardo process during the death transition of the body. This group must learn about the Soul triad and master Service to Others to be released of quarantine. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Soul Matrix 4D-5D-6D (Positive +)
Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human Souls, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Service to Others, Soul and Group Consciousness
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Love, Mastering Love Force
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Controlling Ego Desires, Devotion to Divine Will, Transcend Spiritual Obstruction to the Soul through Mastering Love Force.

Description: Soul awakened initiates that are very heart centered and practice Compassion and loving kindness behaviors. They are aware of their heart and do their best to listen to their heart guidance and practice loving others unconditionally. Many in this group have lessons of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of unusual relationships, to master unconditional states of loving others. Connecting with Soul mates and early stages of male and female energetic balance learning sacred marriage to build spiritual wings (Michael-Mary Reversal Healing). Disciplining the mind to develop intuition, clarity in higher sensory perception to discern the soul realms positive and negative polarities. In order to move to the Monadic levels one enters Dark Arts training to discern the light from the dark without judgment. This dark hologram comes from Negative Forms in other dimensions in time. Many people get stuck here because they will not move into neutral from positive polarity, which is the love and light syndrome. Introduction to the Law of One and Unity consciousness begins through exposure to spiritual knowledge or life lessons. To progress one will undergo knowledge of some earth galactic history and have some awareness of the Lightbody function and its inner spirit crucifixion. Non-Human Souls - Return to Home Planet, Galaxy to heal and integrate soul mission.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes -There is individual choice for path of Ascension to New Earth planet which will be presented as opportunity to awaken in human body or at the 3 Day 'bardo' process of death transition. This group must learn about 5D and 6D Soul Laws and have mastered Service to Others. This means removal of all lower desires and needs stemming from the Ego, devoting oneself to divine will and working through the higher celestial angelic mind. There will be no mind control in their next incarnation and full disclosure at their consciousness level.

Monad Matrix 7D-8D-9D (Negative -)
Polarity: Negative Polarity
Identity: Human and Non-Human Monads, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Love with Spiritual Knowledge
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Service to Law of One, Service to Love and Knowledge, Mastering Love
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Knowledge to Serve Others, Transcend Monadic Obstruction, Service to the Law of One

Monad initiates access into the higher spiritual mind realms and learns to master the functions of mind acquired in hidden knowledge. One synthesizes knowledge into wisdom through the access to unconditional love through the Holy Mother and Holy Father, the true parent. These higher mind realms are Metatronic and have both positive and negative polarities and phantom worlds which need to be accurately discerned to accomplish the task of embodied wisdom and embodied love. Monadic bodies access higher and lower etheric waters, plasma fields which are also to gain discernment of these etheric elements. Monadic initiation must integrate knowledge with love in the Will to Good and in Service to Others. If spiritual knowledge is abused, the person and monadic family will "fall". Acquiring Knowledge without Mastering Love and Service generally digresses to abuse of power and abuse of others. If severe power abuses remain unreconciled, the consciousness may undergo quarantine for rehabilitation. To achieve positive polarity one must revisit lessons of purely unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness to learn how to Master Love as force in all circumstances. Non-Human Monad - Return to Home Planet, Galaxy to heal and integrate monadic mission.
Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes - There is individual choice for Ascension to evolve on Paths of Service based upon Monadic body and Ray configuration. Rare on earth at this time. There will be no mind control, no memory wiping and full disclosure.

Monad Matrix 7D-8D-9D (Positive)
Polarity: Positive Polarity or Neutral
Identity: Human and Non-Human Monads, Starseeds and Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Law of One
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Cosmic Law of One, Cosmic Path of Unity, Ascending Architects of Light
Polarity Integration Healing: Master of Law of One, Cosmic Path of Universal Divine Will, Unity Consciousness

Description: Positive Polarity Monads will attract union with their opposite genetic equal to begin to create inner sacred marriage or hierogamic union of opposites. This level of hierogamic union begins the building of the Krystal architecture for Rod and Staff and repairing the splitting in the triad of the monadic mind. This is the Light Warrior of the Phantom Worlds, they find and collect Monad and Soul body fragments to Return to Rightful Owner RRO and educate others to learn Service to Others and Law of One paradigm. Planetary grid work begins and becomes every day normal activity to be a vessel of environmental and energetic harmonization. Neutral Monads initiate into the higher liquid plasma fields and begin Christos Reclamation and restoration of the Son and Daughter Christos-Sophia diamond body principle. Neutral Monadic completion begin the mission for their next evolution path of service, while learning how to integrate Ascended Master Rainbow Body, Cosmic Path of Unity, and Cosmic Christ Consciousness in whatever area of service path they choose to evolve.

Ascension Choice - Y/N? Yes - There is individual choice for Ascension to evolve Paths of Service based upon Monadic body and Ray configuration. Neutral evolves up through the Spiritual Liquid Plasma Fields and Cosmic Christos body reclamation all the way up to the Founder levels. Rare on earth at this time. Most of this group is already freed of mind control subservience, no memory wiping and full disclosure.

Diamond Sun Matrix (12D-48D)

Polarity: Neutral
Identity: Oraphim Starseeds and Platinum Indigos
Law or Principle: Master of Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, Sovereign Service to the Universes
Cosmic Law Evolution Edict: Cosmic Law of One, God-Sovereign-Free, Path to Logos/Founders
Polarity Integration Healing of the Worlds: Ascended Master of Unity, Peace and Balance in the Cosmic World of Forces
Description: The Cosmic Christos consciousness returns to the matter worlds to ensure the Ascension timeline of God-Sovereign-Free GSF will remain for the earth body and all her earth kingdoms. Reclamation of Krystal DNA rebuilds the Diamond Sun Body, Mothers Sophianic body and the diamond heart for the earth in past, present and future timelines. Restores the Universal Laws, builds the structure for the Holy Mother and Holy Father principle while embodying the Inner Holy Spirit of Gods Trinity in form. Connects to all Christos Consciousness Identities as one Avatar of Ascension throughout all Universal time and space. 

Capable of transfiguration of body in Merkabah or projects consciousness after dropping earth body to newly created Diamond Sun Body in Paradisian Fields. Able to travel anywhere in the Omniverses, and serve the highest expressions of the Cosmic Christos Consciousness. 

This is the path of the true Ascended Master that is unbound to any space, time or identity. May choose a principle for main form expression, such as Master of Peace, Master of Love, Master of Bliss, Master of Compassion or Aspects of the Law of One. Christos Ascended Masters are in sacred marriage with their God Counterpart. They are free to journey anywhere in the Omniverses and take part in other planet, galaxy or creation schemes in service to the Oneness. Many Christos Masters came to the earth to reclaim their counterpart that was in service to help unify the earth. Christos Starseed Sleepers on the earth will be given full disclosure.




Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Channeling my inner Roy Neary/Richard Dreyfus. "You're gonna love it. Ronnie!"

(phone users: scroll down and click web version to see the videos)

It's a signal, a thought form it's there, but you can't explain it..
Your friends, family and neighbors look at you like you're gonna build a tower of mud in your living room...

Do Not build a tower of mud in your living room. It's a metaphor.

Sometimes it feels that way. Awakening and Enlightenment. You have begun your search...or so you have far, not so much what you thought it'd be huh?

First, don't give up, lol...the awakening you feel is real...what you ran into....was ...."the community"
Yup, you are shaking your head...let's joined a whole bunch of enlightened, holistic, metaphysical, star seed and awakening groups...right? you started watching everything on GAIA, you started devouring anything you could get book, vid, post, about this new feeling and awareness you have...
Secret Space Force,
Mind control
Light Beings,
Are you Sirian,
Are you Arcturian, 
Cat people? 
Dog people? 
Meat? No meat?


If you took the route(path) of data mining, you found out some really shitty things...about people...
about your leaders...about your humanity. about your history, origins, religions, science and very reason for being here ...was a lie......

and most importantly...if you truly, took the journey to understand who you are...what you are...why you are...HOW you are...when you are

you opened up a Pandora's Box of truths and facts. You also opened the doors of your house and turned the lights on, EXPOSING all the the dark little secret places you are afraid of...
the things you kept hidden from everyone else...the things that even YOU ignore...under the bed
or in the closets of your from the Light, or so you thought,

You now understand that the awakening and the enlightenment have nothing to do with......
fun.....or happy........YET! the the Ascension...and you are not there yet...

THIS IS "REVELATIONS">>>THIS IS The APOCALYPSE>>> Apokalypsis the root of the word: is the Greek word for Revelation. It may refer to: Revelation. Book of Revelation, not the destruction of the World, the destruction of the ILLUSION! But the message got lost my little ones...that this part was 'fun' too...but it' isn't.. Everyone is going through just what you are: shock, disbelief, fear, then pain, then anger, then action, to do what you have done to bring you here to this message you are reading now.

This part is the hard part, the your YOURSELVES...

For those who have not done the opening, the sweeping the turning on the lights of your house ..AND YOU are SEARCH LOOKING IN THE STREET, (groups, websites, channelers healers and reading)  ASKING STRANGERS,,, HAVE YOU SEEN MY KEYS.....?


LOOK TO YOUR OWN HOUSE...your keys are in your own house, your Enlightenment and Awakening is the turning on of all those all the rooms of your own house, exposing even the dark UGLY truths....
that is Awakening...and you must walk that alone...not here...not with us...but quietly...within your own house.....your keys are inside....not out here...

Here you see the CUTE UPLIFTING read the posts that seem like another language...
you ask everyone, in every group, 
how do I open my 'third eye?
should i use drugs?
do i eat meat,
don't i eat meat?
how do i meditate?
i saw a leaf in the shape of Jesus what does that mean?
Do i drink the borax or just shoot it into the vein directly?

and the Enlightened Lightworkers suddenly appear
stealth ninja healers
with their readings
chakra cleansing, discounted seminars, waving sage and channeling Zokon from Zipthor
to explain how enlightened they ALREADY ARE...and to offer all the things that worked FOR THEM...
for god sake don't forget
THE CRYSTALS..........
how we doing so far..?
Am i a star seed? What the hell is going on here? 


Breathe, have a's gonna be okay. 

You are not alone...