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The Galactic Wars Series: The Lemurian Holocaust

Lemurian Holocaust was the first major event of planet earths genocide memories which happened about 50,000 years ago. The Annunaki, Patriarchal Melchizedek’s allowed the Orion Group to stage a Draco invasion underground in secret deception. The Draco of the Orion Group created tunnels between the Lemurian and Atlantean continents. Humans found out and tried to seal off underground tunnels with cataclysmic results that destroyed the earth surface.

Earth core implosions destroyed portions of the Pacific Ocean Continent –and inner Earth and underground tunnels were rendered unstable. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods and Sinkholes wreak devastation, killing thousands of humans. The forthcoming Ice Age forced the Lemurians underground. ( see Root Races.) While underground they started to organize the rebuilding of planetary Portals, and repair the Arc Gate with Guardian Groups.

This was the first stage of planetary cataclysm that is the hidden history and memories of the human root races that is recorded in our DNA. The NAA want us to forget this memory so they can continue to manipulate humanities into the Armageddon Software, which is based on these previous Timelines of holocaust and genocide memories.

Egypt Relocation
After repairs were made on the surface from the inner words and underground, the Lemurian and ET technology that was used to repair the earth was taken to Egypt, approximately 35,000-45,000 years ago. These cultures were rebuilt with ET support and Interstellar communication with many of the races in the Universe and cosmos. The Sphinx was built to house the Hall of Records and to mark the access into the Inner Earth gate, and to be the placement holder of the frequency base for the future earth Tara, which is the 5D future earth Timelines and Soul Frequency.

Pyramids were built to pull in high frequency from Sirius B, who were acting as the support hosting due to the Sirian-Annunaki conflicts over territory. Sirius B gave the technology for teleportation and to help the hybridization issue a new hosting support, the Melchizedek Ascension Host.

The various levels of ET technology such as the harmonic vibrations of the Pyramids, and the Technology used for bi-location and teleportation in the Ascension chambers were in power conflict with Annunaki-Nibiru resistance. These factions fled to join the Annunaki with the Nibiruan resistance to build new colonies of Atlantis in what is currently the United Kingdom landmass.

Sphinx is GWL Marker

Great White Lion is a consciousness network in the planetary body made in the image of the Leonine race which is a part of human genetics. Note that the Sphinx, which originally had a lion's head, was built as a tribute to the Feline and Leonine Founders. The the resistance Nibiruan Annunaki defiled and altered it to destroy its function. The heart of the Great White Lion Planetary Grid Network is located at the 12-dimensional (12D Ray) energy center (node, Stargate portal) in the south of France and its wormhole connects into the island of Kauai. The Hawaiian Islands are what is left of the ancient Lemurian Continent.

The Great White Lion's purpose was to stabilize the 12 primary 'vertical' Axiatonal Lines into the planetary Staff formation. The Great White Lion of which the Sphinx is a part, is the Planetary Guardian of the North and South Ley Lines and acts as the Planetary Guardian of the Verticals. it represents the female Staff consciousness. The NAA have gone to great lengths to destroy this GWL and Sphinx network, as its feminine principle is its function and purpose on the Earth.

Second Cataclysm of Atlantis

During the Second cataclysm of Atlantis, the Annunaki got more aggressive in their plan takeover of all earth and used ET technology to capture humans for genetic experiments to create a worker race. In 28,000 BC. They moved their factions to the last Atlantean Colony in the Bermuda area, where the Annunaki Resistance continued its conflict over territory and earth dominion. They rapidly digressed into a warring and killing race on the earth. The Annunaki factions negotiated with Orion Group Draconians to share the “spoils of war” as they planned to conquer the earth.

The Dracos sought out revenge and went to the Lemurian continent to finish out the genocidal massacres in Kauai later, 22,000 years ago, to kill off all the Lemurian Race Matriarchal influence and Essenes, Christos Templars influence on the earth. They took some of the women for their forced Breeding Programs. This was the final genocide of the Lemurians, that was aided by the Annunaki negotiations and agreements, and the last stage of the Lemurian Holocaust.

Lemurian Crystals
During the first Lemurian Holocaust, a massive orchestration to hide and bury the contents of historical timelines included in the holographic disc translations was transmitted into crystals, and then buried throughout the chain of the Hawaiian Islands and other island regions. As a result of these efforts to preserve the Christos Essene Templar timelines during the Lemurian Holocaust, these are specifically referred to as Lemurian Crystals. This was a method to hide and bury the sacred knowledge about stargate mechanics and the map of the 12 Tribe genetics on the earth, during the Galactic Wars that were occurring throughout multiple dimensional timelines, simultaneously.

The proofs that make the above plausible and history, not fable is in front of us, now seen through our new enlightened and more advanced scientific lens. I will leave you with these last bits of actual data and scientific and geologic fact, then leave you to decide what is, or isn't. 

Quantum IS the Universe....we didn't invent that...we just rediscovered it again now that the veil has been lifted, the quarantine ended and the true information and history that has been hidden from us for so long now comes to the light of day. As we see with new eyes, things once disparate and separate now suddenly fit together in an overall puzzle that tells the true story of our origins and past.

The Great Legends as told by the Ancients, The Archetypes now re-examined in David Talbot's Thunderbolts of the Gods, and a host of all new information and discoveries points to the fact that these were not legends of fantasy, but histories of our Planet and the Species we call Human/Terrans Homo Sapien Sapien.

Cave of the Crystals, Mexico
The Blue Grotto (Italy) The Cave of the Crystals (Mexico) Krubera Cave (Georgia) Fingal's Cave (Scotland) Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave (Austria) Puerto Princesa Subterranean River (Philippines) Mammoth Cave National Park (USA) Škocjan Caves (Slovenia) Carlsbad Caverns National Park (USA) Waitomo Glowworm Caves (New Zealand)

For our purposes here I'll just touch on Mexico. The Cave of the Crystals. We know and use crystals everyday to house and store information. We know that crystals store energy. We know that crystals also emit energy. So for the sake of argument what would it take to generate enough power to throw the Earth off it's axis? Assuming you had the technology, you would need huge deposits of crystals. How many caves like this one DON"T we know about? 

Crystal Cave, Bermuda
Bermuda, said to be a remnant of Atlantis' many island chains, holds its own Crystal Caves and who know what lies beneath or the Oceans depths, should the story of the Atlantean cataclysm be true as well.

Food for thought...Keep searching for answers,


Disclosure Series: DNA Unplugged-Memory Erased (updated 1/25/22)

This is the reference point in our current historical record where the human DNA was unplugged on the earth and all Galactic Wars memories and our true origins were erased from our memories by the NAA invading races. DNA and vibratory digression began a gradual decent from the Orion Group population coming to the earth from primarily 208,000 years ago in the Orion Wars, however the major DNA Unplugged in humanity was when the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion transpired about 5,500 years ago. Until this point in the timeline, humans retained memories of their galactic history.

The original human DNA pattern is arranged into 12 dimensionalized mathematical programs, each of which set the Blueprint for one DNA Strand. Each strand is composed of 12 base magnetic (Mion) female codes, and 12 base-electrical (Dion) male acceleration Codes. The 12 Base Codes and 12 Acceleration Codes hold the mathematical program for each Double-Helix strand, which combine to form a set of 12 Vector Codes. One Base Code plus one Acceleration Code is equal to one Vector Code. The 12 Vector Codes of the human genome manifests as 12 nucleotides that form the Nucleotide Base Pairs which are the entire DNA Strands are composed.

Due to the NDC also called the Checkerboard Mutation unnatural sonic control program installed in the planetary field, only four of the Vector Codes have been active in biological Earth life since the Luciferian Rebellion. The foundations of human DNA is miniaturized crystallized frequency, that is, patterns of electromagnetic light that magnetically group into crystalline form. These multidimensional crystalline templates are referred to as DNA Seed Codes. The DNA Seed Code, the template for one DNA strand is composed of 12 magnetic particle units and 12 electrical anti-particle units. Each DNA strand is composed of the frequency patterns and light spectrum of one dimensional band.

Each DNA Strand represents a Fire Letters Code program sequence corresponding to one dimensional frequency band of Consciousness. (24 Seed Codes = 1 DNA strand). The level of frequencies that are accreted into the personal Morphogenetic Field will determine the level of DNA strand assembly that you posses. As a person pulls in more frequency bands from the dimensional Unified Fields, the personal frequency accretion level rises, and thus, more DNA codes can assemble and activate.

Consciousness is energetic intelligence which can be both undifferentiated units of qualities of energy or arranged in specific blueprints that direct or influence all matter forms. What is contained in the blueprint will govern the form (govern the body and thought-forms), and direct the intelligence and the energies associated with that blueprint. The 12 Tree Grid and the Light-body are Holographic blueprint matrices that are built upon sequences of Sacred Geometry.

In order to change the body or heal the heart, one must first change or heal the energetic blueprint and/or spiritual plan. When we become aware of painful distortions we have the power through applied consciousness to change our energetic blueprint. This example is well understood in the field of general construction; to add another bedroom, put recessed lighting in a kitchen, to re-wire the electrical outlets, one would hire a construction crew to draw up the plans and then remodel the existing home structure to reflect those plans. If the plans are drawn up shoddy, if the workers are careless about the quality of their work, and the supervisor is without knowledge to build to the specification in the plans, the final result of the new construction can be disastrous.

Humanity has experienced the same disastrous result to their home planet by following the energetic blueprint put in place by the alien controllers. This planet is our home and it’s guided by alien sociopaths of the NAA using an energetic blueprint designed to harm and enslave the human race through behaviors that inflict soul damage and heart abuse. In order to change this structure we have to recognize the Alien Machinery blueprint and how the controllers of the False King of Tyranny capitalize on the collective fear of humanity to keep it in place. 

When we can recognize the fear Mind Control program, we can refuse its control over our personal sovereignty as eternal soul beings. This gives us the personal power to replace the Alien Implanted blueprint with a new healthy, balanced, life affirming, and humanitarian plan for our individual selves, relationships, our families, children, communities and eventually the entire planet.

12 Tree Grid
Universal 12 Tree Grid

The 12 Tree Grid is Level 1 of the Light-body. It is the Architecture of our multidimensional consciousness orientation.

The Core Manifestation Body Foundation: The structure of the macrocosmic Universal Tree of Life is replicated within the microcosmic personal tree of Life, the 12 Tree Grid. Individual Human anatomy manifests upon and within the multidimensional layers instructed by the core manifestation template – The Tree of Life which is the Lightbody architecture. Every aspect of the Universal Creation and life spiral are designed and instructed through these Blueprint structures. Learning to travel consciously through the Universal Tree of Life is the pathway to personal sovereignty and freedom GSF. Intelligence bodies create the blueprint Morphogenetic Field of all creation. It is a Base-12 Template and culminates in the Krystal Star Body with Cosmic Christ Intelligence. (13, 14 and 15 are the Threefold Founder Flame Rays (Mother/Father/Sun). See the cosmology of dimensions in our Universal Time Matrix here.

I. 12 Spheres, 12 Rays, 12 Dimensions, 12 Timelines (24 Potential), 12 DNA Strands, 12 Base Tone Harmonic Structure (144 Sub-harmonics) of the Cosmic Christ Frequency in the 12D. Beyond these 12 Dimensions is the Threefold Founder Flame, which is the Founder consciousness of our Universe.

II. 12 Spherical/5 Horizontal Triad Bodies that hold the morphogenetic fields for the mental bodies/identities. Each triad body builds the horizontal structure of the Tree and the Mental Body/Male Principle. See Horizontal Triad Bodies built upon the 12 Tree Grid, and Rod functions.

The macrocosmic structure of the Universal Tree of Life is replicated within the microcosmic structure of the personal tree of life, as the Musica Universalis, the Music of the Spheres which act as the harmonic structure that organizes the spherical vibration of multiple spectrums of frequency. The Music of the Spheres incorporates the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or tones of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes and sounds, that are all connected within a pattern of proportion. Thus, we may become attuned to see these patterns of movement as energy in action in the multidimensional realities that are represented in our model of the Universal Time Matrix, as these massive sentient fields of co-creative Collective Consciousness that are journeying throughout time, space and dimension.

Individual human anatomy (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies) manifest upon and within the multidimensional layers of vibrational frequency as instructed by the core manifestation body template, the Tree of Life. Every aspect of Universal Creation and its life spiral are designed and instructed through these blueprint structures which contain multiple arrangements and layers of vibrational Spectrum of Frequency. Learning to travel consciously through the vibrational quality of the Tree of Life, is to travel through the multiple dimensions of time and is the personal pathway to achieve spiritual sovereignty and energetic freedom. This is referred to as GSF.

Military Grey Alien Technology

Military Grey Alien Technology has been artificially written into the various reversal field grid networks, as well as have manifested independent harm from their technologies of military weapons, genetic experiments, timeline programs,Artificial intelligence, Holographic Inserts and astral mirages, human abductions, tagging/tracking and Astral Plane manipulation for generating Artificial Timelines. During Remote Viewing, a massive 5D base and 3D timefield connector point was found operating in Lima, Peru, on the coast in the county of Mira Flores. Mira Flores is Spanish for “Looking at the Flowers”. 

The flowers they were looking at, in this case, is the living lotus flower of a Christed, pure Diamond Heart complex. This Zeta Alien Machinery is used to create Anubian Black Hearts which are a part of Metatronic Reversal current that is designed to shatter the Permanent Seed Atom of the Crystal Heart and manifest dark flowering in the planet and humanity. Essentially, this is a attempt to disconnect the human energy field from interfacing with the organic biological neural networks of the planet earth. This base was planning more aggressive technology usage with the upcoming electrical peak. 

Zeta Seal and Frequency Fences

Military Grey Alien Technology that was exchanged during the Zeta treaties has been artificially written into the various reversal field grid networks, as well as have manifested independent harm from their technologies of military weapons, genetic experiments, timeline programs, Artificial intelligence, Holographic Inserts and astral mirages, for generating Artificial Timelines. One particular distortion we’d like to bring to your attention is the Zeta Seal, because these implants have been more active in the general 3D population during this time of transition to the next harmonic universe, which is bringing much higher frequencies to be exposed to the masses. The Zeta Seal is located in the Astral Plane layers of the heart complex to block activation of the 4th DNA strand which blocks access to the higher intelligence of the Mentor Fields (first layer of the higher self mind) in the 5th dimension. It is designed to interfere with the Nadial Structure which instructs the human nervous system and communicates with the circuitry of the human heart. Electrical impulses are generated from the lightbody via the Nadial Structure, which is a spiritual body part. It is made up of a webbing of energetic receivers and energetic transmitters that are intrinsic to the interconnected messaging functions in the human Soul-Spirit consciousness layers.

The Zeta Seal is essentially the 4D frequency fence placed in the human body to keep the human soul reincarnating under the control of the NAA during the death process. It creates a multitude of blockages that separate the heart sensory abilities from being recognized by the mental body or conscious mind. (See Alien Implants) This blog is to memorialize current events and bring into transparency with compassionate witnessing more information about Zeta Seals in the Heart Chakra that create scrambling between the heart transmission and brain receiver. The Zeta Seal has connections to historical military events as well as current military links, that connect directly to the Grey Alien agendas of hybridization and breeding programs, and/or MILAB abduction. Recently, events have opened up timelines related to Zeta Seals and 4D implants that block the heart organ for its capability to access its multidimensional layers in the heart complex and the etheric nadis in the Nadial Structure - which is the blueprint for the CNS and brain receiver. Zeta Seals are also related to the military industrial complex timelines, these seals are on the first layer of the heart chakra which puts a barrier between the heart and the mental body transmission - it is a type of Splitter Tech that scrambles the communication between the heart transmission and the brain receiver. 

When this is implanted, the person cannot feel much as "energy" in the environment, and it appears to be reinforced or strengthened when entering military service. This Military Grey Alien Technology is sprayed/injected in many military related areas, military related rituals or ceremonies or any kind of military exposure. There is a lot of this splitter tech used as psychotronic warfare to control the public, and the Zeta Seal is still operating in much of the 3D public. Since most of humanity has been unable to activate the higher heart complex and connect the 4th DNA strand during adolescence and into adulthood, over the length of time the chemicals distort patterns in DNA that accumulate Miasmatic overlays on core emotional issues and physical imbalances. This is not natural. If a human being cannot activate their heart and access their 4th strand of DNA they are unable to activates their Soul identity. Thus, they are unaware of why they incarnated on the earth, what their higher purpose is, and cannot connect to or listen to their Higher Self, because they have not activated Higher Sensory Perception abilities.

Human Hybrid and Abduction Programs

The Zetas are interested in Breeding Programs to create Zeta human hybrids in order to maintain control over the earth in the future timelines. Thus, they formed covert agreements with the world governments and allied forces during World War II in order to reproduce their own race, and through which they could use the Zeta Hive Mind to more effectively mind control the population of the earth. During World War II treaties were made with the allied government, and as a result, several organizations, black operations and covert groups such as Majestic 12 were set up to further administer to these treaties, while secretly testing out assorted alien technologies, weaponry while reverse engineering space craft, and these activities are what began the Compartmentalization process to set up different factions for the Secret Space Programs as well as build deep underground complexes for high level testing of these alien technologies carried out by the Military Industrial Complex.
7D Alien Base Phantom Wormhole

An example of remote viewing this area. This is a sample of how the Military Grey Alien Technology and Human Military Shadow Government are using this Grey Alien AI technology from this alien base located in Peru:

A huge square field of thousands upon thousands of machined technology devices in hyperdimensional pockets that appeared as futuristic solar panels lined up in perfect rows, side by side, in square and rectangular shapes, are used as a soul capturing and energy capturing technology. This massive field of energy capture devices direct massive amounts of planetary ley line current power to the Black Hole technologies (BHT) that are used all over the globe to instigate destruction on the surface. Recently, attempts to use black hole technology to weaken the North American seaboards was instigated, and stabilized by Guardians. 

These square-rectangles are artificial “tile e spheres” that work similar to embedded TV screens that refract light into assorted images, so this appears to be a refractive light and image capturing technology. It captures and directs energy quanta while capturing snapshots of souls, capturing animals, capturing nature, whatever levels of soul and genetic imaging capture that would mirror an exact replica of the item/person/animal in a holographic projection into another phantom dimension. The phantom dimension is projecting an artificial timeline for the future direction of the soul Consciousness that is being captured. The opening into the phantom dimension has feedlines that influence 7D phantom Arcturian wormhole intersections, as well as access into the 7D logos Magnetosphere, or into the planetary brain controls. 

The soul capture devices create probable future timelines for that person/animal here on 3D earth presently, as its replica parallel clone that is leading it towards its own pathway of destruction into a phantom dimension of enslavement and eventual consumption by these negatives, in the controlled artificial intelligence future timelines. This is exactly like understanding the computer technology of a “mirror site server” and how it works. When one wants to have multiple copies (Clones) of the same website content accessible in many countries, they will create a duplicate of the original site and replicate its projection onto many internet IP addresses (which are vector locations throughout time and space). 

This soul capture technology was doing exactly that. Whomever is not soul connected, interfacing with and connecting directly with their soul body, or an innocent bystander (like an animal or mammal, such as the 900+ dolphins recently killed in Peru waters, and another 600 Pelicans that sacrificed themselves) a Negative Form projection of their genetic signature would be captured and projected into the siphoning device replicating that into the phantom field, to simultaneous power and feed the operation of the Black Hole Technologies This technology was getting upgrades and they were testing it in the planetary field for about 60-90 days, testing it in 5D, 3D and parallels. The plan was to roll out a big Black Hole Technology agenda – planetary soul capture extravaganza agenda.

The next generation of this alien technology being developed for use in this timeline was being designed for another purpose. The next generation technology was to splinter the solar plexus, so that the soul body could not connect into the still point areas of the Lightbody. This works like a reversal clamp with teeth, inside the solar plexus into a focal point where the soul and spiritual energy bodies actually embody in the physical biology.

 There is a point inside the solar plexus that functions with the heart and still point that needs to be open to receive the spiritual frequencies of their own Soul body. If they are successful in blocking this solar plexus function, the person will not be spiritually activated in the coming cycle, and the soul can be captured and harvested without any resistance or fight from the person it actually belongs to. This way their Negative Form clone is safe and working for them in the parallel dimension, of which the person who has been captured will eventually meet his destiny to merge with that Clone body in the future lifetime. This would also create potential bodies for takeover for assorted levels of Possession, depending on the NAA future anticipated needs for gaining access to bodies

Additionally these technologies manipulate time and space, and create spin offs of artificial realities and artificial timelines, which in itself create damage in the organic time and space fields. The design of this is called “Looking Glass” technology and it’s a time travel system given to the military complex and is being used by both Grey Aliens and Human Military in this timeline. Since its inorganic technology, when they time travel many times what they see as probable events are limited to their current mental perception. Many do not know their limited mental perception is not the organic ascension timeline that trumps their artificial technology.

Pay attention if you are asked to cooperate with this function as this makes it easier for the Guardian Mentor Band to help support your reclamation or healing as smoothly and quickly as possible.

10th Gate Armageddon Software

Apparently Ezekiel, had another birth name and was the Master teacher to Pythagoras. As The Sacred Decad architecture is being revealed through the Ophiuchus transmission, the being known as Ezekiel has required assistance to help him be freed from enslavement bonds. His original teachings have been vastly distorted for nefarious purposes.

Guardian teams have been working in the Middle East, in the terrain of Iraq/Iran in the 10th Stargate, and at the Tomb of Ezekiel. The tomb of Ezekiel is a structure located today in southern Iraq, and believed to be the final resting place of Ezekiel. It has been a place of pilgrimage for both Muslims and Jews alike. Ezekiel’s higher Monadic Body has been trapped in the earth unable to evolve. We viewed a collective chaotic field of human body parts, elementals, creatures, and a monadic man, contorting within the Tetramorphic field. This entity has been in tremendous pain and suffering, from the variety of impaling, crucifixion and torture he has undergone in a continuing war zone.

• This collective field is a human Monadic man that became Consubstantial to elementals in the location of Iraq/Iran in the 10th Stargate. The bodies are mismatched and enmeshed like in a war zone. It is used by NAA forces.

• This body is a huge blackened gray field that feeds and is impaled on the Golden Eagle Grid network. This is a Fallen Elemental and false “tetramorphic” field structure where a man’s body was mingled into corrupted elementals/elements.

• This machinery has something to do with military, killing and manifesting war zones in the males on the planet and transmitting mind control in the GEG fields that transmit to the planet.

• There is a network of Islamic Alien Machinery at the Ezekiel grave in the Middle East, and a very heavy infiltration of Terrorism, Jihad and Hatred attached as mind control. (ISIS portal)

• There are Hibiru Tribes related to Fallen Melchizedek lineages with this creature that was once a human male. Tribes of Manasseh, Joseph and Benjamin have been highlighted.

This is a piece of the station of identity of a man known as Ezekiel, that has split off from this body and exists somewhere in the Monadic timelines. The Books of Ezekiel, contained gruesome accounts of the Gog and Magog war. This relates to the Armageddon Software heavily implanted in the majority of the population in the region.

NextDNA Unplugged-Memory Erased Part 2: Ongoing Genetic Modification of Human DNA by The Cabal

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Finding your inner Pan; "Oh there you are Peter...YOU ARE THE PAN!"

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Watch the clip first, then we'll talk...It's important because this clip embodies many of the things we need to move into a state of truth. About our reality, the search for our higher, inner selves and the struggle with admitting we need help, that we may not be perfect, but still, human, striving to find that inner Pan that we all somehow know is in there.
~ The hardest part of Enlightenment and Awakening is the thing most people grapple with, because they were expecting nirvana is that 'This is hard...

In order to rise to a 'higher self' you have to start with the self you ARE, good bad or otherwise, and All the beautiful and ugly truths that go with it. All of it.

~This is not what you thought. You didn't realize, or maybe better said, forgot, or we're made, allowed as a species over all, to forget, that growing is hard.

~Some, newly reawakened Starseeds, old souls, who are here again in their current incarnation, inherently know this and have chosen to be here and help Humanity/Terrans/non Humanoid Earthers, go through this final Ascension. Speakers, Sages, Teachers, Scribes, Healers. Magicians. 

Some, are new souls here, Indigo Children. Raised physically through the DNA strand, finding self for them is easier than for us, already knowing there is more than this 3D existence. And there is you, old soul, new in Spirit, new to this whole esoteric way of thinking. Adjustments must be made and Old dogs CAN learn new tricks..  

It means facing facts that are difficult. It means admitting fears we choose to ignore, or dull with chemicals, or cognitive dissonance. Many of us want to be more, be better than we see or are or think is possible, but we have grown lazy. Many have willingly allowed themselves to be 'put to sleep', made comfortable. Which is why ascending, becoming the light within, exposing the dark, is so hard. You weren't prepared for that. You got trophies for just showing up. No one said we'd have to sweat and bleed and get callouses and cry.

But that's what it's gonna take..and we can and will do it. 

We have done it before. 

The ways of  being human in the construct of Society that has been designed for you, has made us all lose focus. Not only on what is right in front of us, but more importantly, what could be. In order for us to ascend to the next level of enlightenment and be better versions of who we are, as individuals and as a Society, we need to look hard at ourselves, in truth and non judgemental compassion. Unconditional love is needed more now than ever before. Especially towards ourselves.

We need to face how far off course we have come, morally, materialistically and spiritually. And not until we have, with this new/old light that we have rediscovered, shone it upon the darkness that is without and within, can we expose the inner demons that haunt our memories and finally let them go. Then we can stop cutting ourselves on the jagged pieces of broken promises and dreams and heal those wounds once and for all.

Ignoring them doesn't stop the bleeding. it just dulls the reality and light as we hide our hurts and bruises and failings, instead of exposing them, facing them, forgiving ourselves and moving forward.

IT REQUIRES LOOKING HARDER.. Realizing that your Ultimate Creator, your Source of Love and Light does not and HAS NOT made you imperfect. That is what the Elite Negative beings who live off your fear and your servitude and your pain and your suffering would have you believe. You are perfect, made in Our image and the image of the Infinite Creator, the One who has made all things and IS all things.

And No, not the 'religious fevered' white haired image of a 'god' spirit you envision from the books, manipulated to have you serve a 'creator' that would somehow punish you for the very essence of who you are, a false construct and belief system created to keep you guilty and enslaved, and somehow convinced you are less that the Marvelous Creation and part of One that you Actually are. That was Enlil/Yahweh, misconstruing OUR words and meaning, and enslaving you for centuries...but no more.

Father /Mother/Christos, WE have returned, hard as that is for many of you to swallow. 

We never left, always watching, waiting for you to sense that you are more than what you have been told. Once the Veil had been lifted, the 25600 year Cycle was at end and the ascension and enlightenment timeline could be restored, the Law of Free Will had to be set in motion. We could not force you to again seek us and ask our return, our help. You had to do that on your own as a society, as a species as terrans, in unison and together, seeking to evolve to your next level of existence. AND YOU HAVE.

Whether you are here again, for another incarnation in this 3D Mystery School of Terra, your Mother, or, you are transmuted to 4th, 5th /Tara or even 6th densities, Gaia in 7th creates our world. Realize, ascension for some, is just waking for the very first time, becoming aware of the connection and relationship on a spiritual, higher vibrational  plane. Fully active DNA/pineals thamus, etc. transmuted, Like Neo. Like we were and are now, but better.

You are all that the Light and Love of the Creator is, as He is in You and You are in Him.

His Uni-Verse.
His One Song.

The hard part is letting go, and seeing with new, old and tired eyes, who you really are, especially we 'old souls' who have forgotten, caught up in this 3D dream we chose to experience, so we could ALL be More with Creator. Time has come to fly.

We can only pull back the veil...we can only show you The Pan you are inside. You must WORK to free that Pan, reuse the muscles of reasoning and insight  that are newly awakened again, opening your spiritual mind to all the things that are possible...INCLUDING YOU...

Who do you see when you look at the mirror?

'Oh There you are Peter...'
I AM the Pan
Fly my Lovelies.....Fly

......goodnight neverland!

Please share if this resonates with you.