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The Galactic Wars Series©: The Electric Wars

5 Million Years Ago: 

Seeding One- The 7D Earth
When it was decided to institute The Grand Plan, a war broke out over the first Root Race Seeding called the Electric Wars. It was a conflict over the dominion of the Earth Realms and Human (Christos) Kingdom after the Lyran Wars with the Orion Group destroyed Lyran planets. Race War Conflicts continued after the Orion Wars in Lyra, which ensued over the genetic mutations and DNA damage that were caused by explosions and multiple other races subsequent evolutionary and genetic digression. Lyran-Elohim and the Founders re-negotiated to ensure that Human species evolution would continue in lower dimensions of the Earth, Tara and Gaia, but would be sealed off from the higher realms as to protect the higher dimensions and entities from all of the distortions and genetic mutations that had occurred in the Human Race. Humans would have to undergo a slow evolution to reassemble DNA and clean up their mess to be allowed access to their Cosmic Families again.  

Our bodies were sealed off and we were separated from our 12 DNA consciousness and this distortion to us created a separation between our antiparticle and particle selves, meaning we now experienced separation and duality. Many more distortions to Human species Blueprint and consciousness occurred through subsequent seeding and evolutionary rounds. This also meant we would experience separation and awareness of the other aspects of ourselves, including our Lightbody layers. To begin the healing of our fragmentation we would begin by unifying our stations of identity and its layers of consciousness through the time fields (dimensions). During our repeated incarnations we would begin the unification of our consciousness, by starting to draw in our Lemurian fragments in through our 2D/2nd Chakra and our Atlantean Fragments through our 3rd Chakra and Conscious Minds. The human 4D Astral Plane body would also draw in 3rd and 4th Root race Fragments, as a part of the separated emotional-soul body that was created from these distortions in our morphogenetic field blueprint from DNA damage. So another task for human race is that WE ARE RESPONSIBLE...(<----read that again....) to collect the fragments of ourselves from the other root race cycles and seedings. The path to enlightenment is this Journey, the collection of our fragments and the understanding of the lessons we are here to learn, which lead to your higher self and ultimately toward our Infinite Creator, Ascension

Planetary Stargate Systems
Universal Stargate Grid-map
Planetary Gates are the Earth’s connection points into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. They were once sealed off and closed, but now these Stargates are progressively opening during the Ascension Cycle. See the Precession of the Equinoxes. The organic Planetary Stargate System or Universal Tree of Life Templar opening has been damaged from NAA and the Alien Machinery abuse from the Negative Aliens collaboration to control the earth. One such war in human history was called the Electric Wars. This necessitated Krystal Star Guardian intervention and this intervention is referred to as Ascension Plan B with Mission Upgrades. Science knows these energy vortices as wormholes.

When the Electric Wars happened to the Hyperboreans on Gaia, 7D, they were split apart from their higher counterparts in Polaris. So when you think of Polarians and Hyperboreans, these are part of the 1st root races that were ever seeded as a part of Spirit, coming into a type of body and having a consciousness, having some kind of experience on a planet in a body. Hyperborean in the beginning stages, was again, a Golden Age but by the end, the electric wars happened. Again, this is a part of the the Orion Group and the conflict over dominion over planets such as the Earth. Who's going to seed here? Who's going to live here? Why are you here and I'm not? This is what happened and because of this massive tragedy of war, the Hyperboreans split and fragmented. Some of them were incarnated on our planet and those mythologies, what we call a mythology of the Hyperborean, are actually the Titans we know in Greek mythology. So, when we are talking about Perseus, Zeus and the Olympians, were talking about the original races that sourced from the Hyperboreans. 

Triune of the Universes
Right now during the Precession of the Equinoxes or end of the Ascension Cycle we can access up to the 12th Astrological precession in the Inner Worlds timelines which includes another 288 possible organic Timelines totaling 864 Timelines and ALL of those cellular memories and their DNA Fire Letters. See the Triune of Universes. At certain points in the time cycle when merges occur, new architecture can be created and repaired which impacts the particle and antiparticle time field. This time is now. (The Inner Worlds are the access key to creating the Universal Ascension timeline known as Ascension Plan B.)

Electric Wars Timeline

The Electric Wars Timeline holds major causal trigger event memories of when Artificial intelligence technology was in its earlier phases in this Universe. This timeline represents the pre-assimilation stages of the Black Subtle Forces in the phantom matrices, before gradually converting them into AI systems. The eighth astrological precession was the time of the Orion Invasion event that occurred as a result of the Stargate damage in the 8th portal, and through each of the subsequent planetary time cycles, the Alien Machinery was methodically brought into each dimension in order to reach the lowest density of the material reality. Essentially, the NAA plan was to bring the Electric War dramas to the matter fields of the earth in order to anchor it into the physical realm, which shifts future timelines.

The AI technology is used by the NAA as the sophisticated psychotronic warfare strategy installed into the planetary grid system, that is being directed at the population in an attempt to enslave the consciousness of the earth. (TINNITUS is you hearing this signal) From this point in the timeline, AI technology was set into perpetual motion to assimilate realities from the damaged 8th Stargate in the Galactic Center, where the NAA had gained dominion to control access in and out of the earth realms. They gradually brought down assorted Alien Machinery from the 8th Stargate through an inorganic vertical wormhole, an artificial architecture they built with programmable reversal elementals, and then installed in the vertical axis of the planet that is called the Yahweh Matrix. (THE "GOD" of the bible.....) Essentially, the Yahweh Matrix distorted and cut off the natural Planetary Staff alignment, which when combined with the NET, stopped all incoming and outgoing communication signals outside the dimensional control of the NAA.

The Yahweh Matrix replaced the Planetary Staff, which allowed the Black Hole Entities to gain easy access into the earth through the north and south poles, in order to distort the planetary field. This was done through genetic modification and set up frequency fences that broadcast extremely low frequencies that make the earth more hospitable for their survival. The low frequency and static net broadcast produced the Predator Mind construct and thoughtforms intended for mass human parasitism, Divide and Conquer Tactics for spreading wars. These artificial nets and constructs were further designed to progressively pull the earth and her world soul into inorganic black holes.

Much of the Electric Wars were fought on Gaia with AI machines being programmed from remote satellites or NAA ships cloaked inside these phantom black holes, accessed through the Wormholes ripped open in the damaged 8th Stargate. These were subspace and hyper-dimensional pockets, metatronic nets used to cloak ships or bases directing energy weapons, which can set off massive EMP blasts. This was used as an alien defense system in the 8th Stargate so nothing could pass through beyond the Metagalactic zones.

Gaian Phantom Body
During the stages of invasion to conquer Gaia made through a series of Electrical War campaigns, they increasingly used the living matrix of the Gaian body. This was further siphoning from our system through all of the other dimensions and timeline densities by running Metatronic reversals from the Metagalactic Core, which pulled life force from out of the grid network of our entire planetary matrix. The generation of the Gaian Shadow, or the Gaian Phantom Body during the final stages of the Gaian Wars, was the primary causal event in the human holocaust timelines that has been feeding and holding together the first matrix origination of the Artificial Tree of Life reversal patterns or blended reality system. 

The Artificial Tree of Life, a base 10 reversal matrix designed to run Metatronic Reversal or anti-Christ death current, further infected the entire planetary matrix and angelic human DNA through its Monadic body that was bonded and fused with the original Gaian Shadow etheric body forms. 

This particular historical timeline trigger event of fusing multiple timelines with the Gaian Shadow Body is what runs the metatronic reversal patterns and Artificial Tree of Life imprint throughout the Albion-Cathar body template that is located in the United Kingdom. Each dimensional sphere within the Albion-Cathar or Kryst-Krystallah pattern must be rehabilitated and reconfigured into the correct manifestation template design of our original Gaian Matrix Edenic coding, that was held by the Azurites that existed in pre-fall 7D Gaia.

The Electric Wars The Electric Wars lasted in your terms about 900 years. These events were orchestrated by certain factions of interstellar cultures who desired “possession” of the Earth territories. Some wanted it for observational purposes, others for exploitation. The beings who originally created the Turaneusiam race (first human prototype) wanted these territories protected so that their experiment could again be attempted. In order to secure the Earth territories for the rebirth of the Turaneusiam race its creators had to make agreements with certain Interdimensional forces who possessed the power to reclaim the Earth territories. 

The Electric Wars began when pro- and anti-human ET factions fought over humanity’s continuing right to evolve on Earth. Other-dimensional forces were brought in to resolve the drama. These were not forces of a biological nature but rather “pure beings” of power and awareness. Some refer to them as the “Solar Lords,” others call them the “Great White Brotherhood.” We know them as the Breneau. We cannot describe to you the nature of their reality for you presently do not have the conceptual basis for this understanding. The Breneau agreed to assist certain factions of the group who had created the Turaneusiam prototype. 

The creators of the Turaneusiam were a large, diversified group from your universe and also from other dimensional universes. Some had more involvement in the Turaneusiam-12 tribes experiment than others. Two groups from your galactic co-ordinate had greater interest in the experiment because of their proximity to Earth. Being part of the same intergalactic structure as Earth, their own realities would be affected by what transpired upon the planet. 

Knowing this, these groups petitioned the Breneau for assistance in protecting the planet for further development. The two groups we are referring to here are associated with the galactic coordinates you know as the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems. In exchange for the assistance granted by the Breneau these two cultures agreed to allow the Breneau to intervene in the 12-tribes experiment if they did not approve of the developments that took place. 

The Breneau are concerned with the successful evolution of all life throughout the entire Time Matrix and interdimensional systems. They granted their assistance under the agreement that the Sirian and Pleiadian cultures would step in on their behalf and allow the experiment to be redirected should it at any time pose a threat to the intergalactic/interdimensional structures. These cultures agreed to play this role allowing the Breneau to work as overseers of the project. About 20 million years ago the new strain of Turaneusiam was entered into Earth and began to develop and again digress, and the Breneau petitioned the Sirian councils for intervention in the project. 

They did not desire to see a repetition of the previous Taran Turaneusiam experiment, which caused the digression of Tara’s planetary structure. At first the Breneau wanted the experiment to be ended, the species destroyed and the sub-prototypes put out of operation. But the Sirians, on behalf of the Taran Turaneusiam from the first experiment, who had evolved well in other systems, requested that instead of ending the strain the Breneau assist them once more in redirecting the strain into a more productive pattern of evolution. 

Many in the multidimensional structures petitioned for this intervention, and so the Breneau agreed to work with them in cultivating a species that possessed greater potentials. The Breneau made further agreements with certain Soul Matrix families that existed in dimensions more closely related to the Breneau. These groups were asked to join the experiment taking place on Earth and to assist in restructuring the genetic imprint of the species. These groups entered into different time coordinates within the Earth structure and began seeding a higher mutation of the genetic code. These groups were used as the catalyst for matrix transplant. Large numbers of humans were led, through holographic inserts into training programs that would allow for the development of intellect and greater self awareness. 

Many of these early humans had already digressed to the point where their original Soul Matrices had become fragmented and cut off from the Time Matrix grid. In order for these beings to evolve out of their digression, a matrix transplant was used to “re-power” their diminishing Soul Matrices. The soul families agreed to allow for this, so these were not forced matrix transplants. The Soul Matrix families themselves were also transplanted to other Matrices that had their organization and energies intact. There were numerous Host Matrix families involved, all of them from other dimensional bands. Each of them had their own orientation and methods, and brought their own unique perspectives and energetic coding to the experiment. The human strain would have been lost to digression and self-termination if it had not been for this intervention. You would not be “who you are today” had these events not transpired. During these centuries of re-training and genetic reorganization the humans evolved. Some were unable to make the transition successfully and became “extinct” in your terms. Those humans who had interbred with the animal presence indigenous to Earth had the most difficult time with reorganization. Their biologies could not undergo the transmutations involved in the development of intellect as you know it, and so they met with demise, usually due to changing environmental circumstances. Other humans, whose strain had not been overly diluted by animal interbreeding were able to make the transition successfully. 

The perceptual quality you know as intellect was born during the first Seeding of the 12 tribes, between 20 and 25 million years ago. Though the Breneau involvement did preserve the species, and the majority of Soul Matrix transplants were successful, these events also created other challenges for the developing species. As mentioned in the previous section, Soul Matrix transplants create a variety of “side effects.” One such effect being the clearing of organic memory, or removal of the information stored in the original Soul Matrix. With this loss of memory there is often the re-emergence of trace or “ghost” memory imprints as the biological cells still hold residual electrical impulses from the original pattern. 

Your species is presently suffering from these effects, induced by subsequent Soul-Matrix transplants that occurred thousands of years ago in terms of your time. As the species evolved it was necessary for the new Host Matrices to “create a remembered past” for its newly acquired aspects in time. The genetic material that had once linked these aspects to their original Soul Matrices remained disassembled within the cellular structure of the body, while the Host Matrices manufactured “new memories” and new ideologies that were appropriate to the times and stage of development of the species. 

All of your major world religions were seeded into your culture during this time of transplanting and reorganization of the genetic code. The problem of “ghost” impressions or fragmented bits of original cellular memory required some framework of explanation to the developing intellect of the species. Some groups handled this problem by making these impressions “off limits” to the human, teaching that these images and impressions were “bad “or “evil” and must be avoided. The intellectual facilities of the digressed human species at that time was not ready to understand concepts of genetics, thus they were not ready to comprehend the truth of their origins. By leading them away from the old memory imprints and into a focus upon the new program that the Hosts were trying to instill, the humans were allowed to develop a clear linear focus of identity in time, so as to become functional within linear, present-moment reality, while developing a sense of consistent linear progression of identity through time. 

At that time exploring the “ghost” images that were surfacing from the dismantled DNA would have created such bleed-through from the old Soul Matrix that development of intellect would have been impossible. So in the early teachings things were put simply. Gods, “demons” (the ghost images emerging from cellular memory), laws and punishments. Portions of the truth, in diluted and symbolic form were given to the species as self awareness grew. Humans of the First Seeding evolved under host matrix transplants until the outbreak of the Electric Wars 5,509,000 years ago. Matrix transplants were also used successfully during the Second Seeding after the close of the Electric Wars.



The Galactic Wars Series: The Atlantean Cataclysm

Atlantean Cataclysm

Since the Nephilim Wars, the Nibiru Annunaki Resistance and Patriarchal Melchizedek factions decided to take over the Inner Earth and start aggressive campaigns to take over the earth territories roughly 30,000 years ago. The Sirians warned them about the abuse of crystal technology in the Earth core and these groups continued to force massive power generators into the earth and Crystal Caverns. Several power generators exploded and ripped apart the surface continents of the earth, more powerful than the previous Cataclysm at the time of the Lemurian Holocaust, killing many humans again.
This resulted in  planet Earth tilting on its axis, which damaged all Planetary Gates, Planetary Grid Networks, as well as all the portals and Stargates on the planet. All the Pyramids and ET technology disconnected and went offline. Flooding and cataclysm destroyed the Atlantean colonies and much of the earth surface. This timeline is also referred to as the Atlantean Flood.

Egypt Stargate and Sun Takeover
During that era, the Egypt pyramidal technology, with Sirians and Procyon groups in high Alert Status and security, rebuilt the Giza Stargate as the central Mission Control and ET Interstellar port. The Nibiru Annunaki resistance moved its last Atlantean Colony to the Bermuda area of the 3D Stargate and the Annunaki Resistance continued its conflict over territory and earth dominion through war and genetic alteration of the DNA.

Annunaki and Patriarchal Melchizedek's rapidly digressed their race and genetics through becoming a warring species like the Orion Group. The Annunaki executed takeover of all planet ET technology and  capture humans for genetic experiments to create a worker race 28,000 BC. And they further negotiated with Orion Group Draconians to share the “spoils of war” of an Earth takeover. This action is what allowed the Orion Group and Draconians to get a deep foothold into the planet consciousness fields and when severe genetic damage, such as DNA reversal pairs, to the planet and humanity really began.

Third and Final Atlantean Cataclysm
With the Orion Group now an ally to the Annunaki Nibiru resistance, they organized themselves into what is known as the Intruder Races of current times, and these beings are who orchestrate the NWO, and the highest factions of the Illuminati plan for earth takeover. This entailed creating a social class system and hierarchy, a Ruling Class and a Slave class on the earth which is the Reptilians Archon ideology.

In 9558 BC the Annunaki waged war over humanity, organized the One World Order Takeover, and Luciferian Covenant on the earth. This is also referred to as the Luciferian Rebellion. These groups got into the main Egypt Stargate and forced EMF pulses into the earth core and Crystal Caverns to destroy the Arc Gates and destroy any communication access beyond the seven Solar planes, which they now controlled through the Egypt Stargate in Giza, the Ley Lines of the Sphinx and GWL network through the frequency fence NET.

This EMF pulse forced a blast so powerful in the earth core that it moved the ocean floor and tectonic plates across the earth globe. It was at this time the Sirian's took all ET technology and Crystals off planet permanently to prevent any further abuse from these warring races.
Without the ET and Pyramidal technology to convert incoming frequencies in the Precession of the Equinoxes during the 2012 Ascension Cycle, the planet Earth could explode entirely annihilating the species and genetic material.

Dark Aeon Begins
With the last explosion of Atlantis the Sirians removed all ET and advanced technology which plummeted humanity into the dark ages 11,500 years ago. The Morphogenetic Fields and Instruction sets were destroyed and time fields collapsed creating many problems, Astral Plane Soul body distortions and the Negative Ego pathology, such as diseases and addictions in the personal identity matrix were the result. The Planetary Gates and 4D Giza Stargate that led into the Soalr body of our Sun, as well as the Earth portal to 8D Galactic center was damaged. No one could get in or out of this Universe. Guardians from the next Universe had to intervene with the earth directly and incarnate on the planet to help avert future annihilation, such as the Astral Plane collapse. Frequency Fences around 3D Solar System and Galactic quarantine was placed on earth which disconnected all humanity from all higher stellar and Guardian communication in 9550 BC.

Some representatives from other Universes tried to incarnate and help the planet earth recover from the damage and liberate the earth inhabitants from their oppressors. Some of those representatives were Akhenaton, Jesheua-9 and Jeshewua -12 and his wife Mary Sophia.(Magdalene) The Krystal Star was aware not much could happen until the Galactic Center aligned with the earth and Sun which opened the Universal Core into the Neutron Window, an opening into multiple Omniversal Cores simultaneously that began in 2012. (Mayan Cycle) This is the end of the Ascension Cycle which allowed the Reclamation of Christ and Krystal Star to return to this planet to help humanity be rehabilitated into the GSF Ascension timelines of the future.

Genocidal Campaigns
During the last Atlantean Cataclysm cycle the Dracs sought out revenge and went to the Lemurian continent to finish out the genocidal massacres in Kauai 22,000 years ago, to kill off all the Lemurian Race Matriarchal influence and Essenes, Christos Templars influence on the earth. This was to prepare for a completely patriarchal society on earth as run by the Nibiruans and the Orion Group: the Cabal Ruling Class 13 families currently controlling the planet. They took some of the women for their forced Breeding Programs. This was the final genocide of the Lemurians, the matriarchal lineage, that was aided by the Annunaki negotiations and agreements, and the last stage of the Lemurian Holocaust.

False King of Tyranny
The old energy purging on planet could be described as the "patriarchal exorcism" of the False King of Tyranny, and this theme would be synonymous with the events that have transpired from the choices made since the Atlantean Timelines that split the brotherhoods of humankind. If we follow that timeline, the Atlantean Cataclysms is where we had a cataclysmic shift in consciousness that propelled humanity into a fallen state, the descension spiral and break between the Universal knowledge and the level of multidimensional consciousness. Humanity and other races along with us, became fully lost in the duality and separation consciousness with an Negative Ego filter. The Ego Filters were Mind Controlled by the NAA (intruder races) to control the planetary mind through the patriarchal dominion, greed, warring culture, along with culling genetic preferences made through DNA manipulation.

The Atlantean brotherhood conflict is still playing out its karmic patterns in the contemporary world at this time. There are multidimensional levels, pinnacles of conflicts in the middle east, Iran Gate that are fighting over energies and control in ancient inter-dimensional portal gateways going back to the Lyran Wars. These gateways (or Stargates) were dormant and have not been activated in our recent history; these matrices are forming in accordance to the ascending planetary quantum mechanics of which as a result, these ancient portals are being reconnected or becoming more active. As these Planetary Gates open access into other dimensions of time and space, as this is happening on earth now, most humans still remain asleep to these events, and as such there are massive conflicts of power (wars, bloodshed, etc.) over who is working with accessing those Stargates and commanding those energies. 

Taran Genetic Digression
Over many millions of years, two distinctly opposing seed cultures emerged as infected by the AI programming of the neighboring Bourgha, the Victim-Victimizer software, which was designed to amplify extreme forces of polarity that were particularly effective for harvesting Loosh energy. The Law of Polarity was governed by the Gemini constellation, which down stepped mental body creations that were being generated from the AI mutations forming to reverse polarity signatures. Mutations started to form in which one group of Tarans started to be genetically slanted towards more aggression, domination over others and Service to Self. This group formed into what eventually played out as the Atlanteans, a patriarchal dominating culture that was very mentalized and scientific. The other culture was much more passive, spiritual and willing to capitulate through Service to Others. This group formed into what eventually played out as the Lemurians, a matriarchal culture that was very balanced with nature and was following the Law of One.

Victors of War Re-wrote World History
When the planet earth was slowly invaded through a series of Historical Timeline Trigger Events, the victors of the last war were not human beings. Thus, the NAA was able to freely access the energy quanta of earth and her inhabitants without resistance, because awareness of this fact was methodically erased from historical references and the information suppressed from earth humans. Effectively, this produced anti-human control and mass consciousness enslavement on the earth. The incarnating earth human was no longer able to naturally access the intelligent consciousness of his own spiritual body, without employing sophisticated esoteric practices that necessitated long term efforts for rebuilding the consciousness. The techniques for building the light-body were taught in the Atlantean Mystery Schools of various lineages and this information was a tightly held secret, only given to the sequestered monks, elite or the ruling classes. We now make them available to you again.



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Pineal, Thymus, Pituitary Glands Connection; The Golden Halo & Removing the NAA Crucifixion Implants

Pineal Gland
The Pineal Gland, also known as the pineal body, is a small endocrine gland in the brain. It produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone, that affects the modulation of sleep patterns in both seasonal and circadian rhythms. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain. It has a role in mediating circadian rhythms of the body through the production of the hormone melatonin, from its precursor amino acid tryptophan. The Pineal Gland is most active in early morning hours, hence meditation is often undergone at this time. The pineal gland is the only singular organ in the brain and is located near the upper end of the spinal cord, which ends or terminates in the oldest anatomical region in the brain.

Every human being’s Pineal Gland or third eye can be activated to spiritual-energetic world frequencies and enables the person to project their consciousness, perceiving oneness with all things. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric studies help to enable a person's Consciousness to travel into other dimensions, known as astral travel or remote viewing.

Thymus Gland
The thymus gland is situated in the upper thorax. Large in infants and children and shrinks as humans grow older. The thymus gland creates specialized white blood cells that are crucial for the body’s immune response. It is linked to our lymph tissue development as well as the immune system. It produces hormones that stimulate general growth, particularly in early life. It has a purifying role in the body producing lymphocytes, which form part of the blood’s white cell’s defense system, attacking invading organisms and providing immunity. Scientists also recognize that auto-immune diseases, where the immune system attacks its own proteins, mistaking them for a foreign substance, have an emotional link and are not simply due to physical or environmental causes. The thymus gland is responsible for the production of T-Cells. These T-Cells regulate the immune system. It has been proven these cells have an innate intelligence that ‘eavesdrop’ on the internal language and grant the subconscious to either extend life or death of the physical body.

The gentle tapping of the thymus gland can create major changes to a person especially as they take an inhaling breath. This is the place of spiritual evolution right within our core being. The core spiritual essence of the inner Christos is held in the Seed Atom which manifests the Crystal Heart and is infinite and eternal.

Pituitary Gland
The Pituitary Gland is an endocrine gland about the size of a pea and weighing 0.5 grams in humans. It is a protrusion off the bottom of the hypothalamus at the base of the brain, and rests in a small, bony cavity. The pituitary gland sits in the hypophysial fossa, situated in the Sphenoid Bone at the base of the brain. The pituitary gland secretes nine hormones that regulate homeostasis. Hormones secreted from the Pituitary Gland help control many of the body processes.

The Pituitary Gland is located inside a round bony cavity that is separated from the sphenoid sinus by a thin bone that forms the roof of the sphenoid sinus. The sphenoid sinus is the most posterior sinus. The drainage from the sphenoid is almost directly down the throat from an ostium (hole) that opens into the posterosuperior part of the nasal cavity. The sphenoid sinus is adjacent to the main nerve that is responsible for vision, the optic nerve. The main artery that goes to the brain, the carotid artery, travels along the wall of this sinus.

Third Eye 6D Chakra
The Pituitary Gland is connected to the male side of the 6th Axiatonal Lines and the 6th Chakra. Once dissolving or removing the Pineal Cage and Crucifixion Implants on the 7th Axiatonal lines leading in the pineal, the 10th Axiatonal lines and Solar Star Chakra will take the place of the 7D Crown, the corrected crown pattern ultimately merges with the Avatar matrix when aligned to the consent with Krystal Star or Christ. This creates a triad pattern between the 6D link to Pituitary, 7D link to Pineal and 9D links into the Hypothalamus Glands in the center of the Brain. When the unified relationship is established between the Ego/Personality as linked into the higher Mother principle, operating through the pituitary, and the higher spiritual bodies of the Soul and Monad, are linked into the pineal to the Father principle, a magnetic field is created.

The 6D Indigo Ray has been undergoing repair with the Mother Arc and Aurora Re-encryptions. One can ignite the Mother Arc Aqua Ray into the center of the brain to help open the third eye center with Christos consent to alignment. The 6th Chakra and 7th Chakra, ultimately synthesize the male-female Chakra Wave Spectrum and unified pattern through the third eye or 6th Chakra. This synthesized 6D-7D pattern is called Building Wings.

Crucifixion Implants

When our Planetary Logos was invaded and corrupted by the Reptilian Controllers (Archons) of the NAA, the planet and our race were impacted dramatically. (See Ages of Humanity and Galactic Wars)

This meant humanity was no longer free to create and evolve as per the original Blueprint of our intended creation, and we had no memory of what had happened to us. We were recycled through continual reincarnation on the Astral Plane with no memory of the past lives, who we really are, where we are going, or what our real relationship is to God and what humanities “purpose” actually is. Over time most of us lost our feeling connection to our Soul and we became numb to the pain in order to survive in anti-human based structures. What has happened to our planet is not human, it is “alien” to the true nature of humanity. This was the historical result of the NAA Invasion and their Mind Control strategies, such as Psycho-Spiritual Warfare technology to enslave humanity by inserting into the Planetary Logos many variations of Alien Implants and Holographic Inserts.

The pain upon the planet was immense, as the deepest trauma of suffering is when a being is fully disconnected from the Soul/Source of Creation. Our planetary logos was invaded with multiple mutations of alien Mind Control programming while siphoning our life force to other planets that serve alien agendas. One of the largest lies promoted to divide our race is the War over False Gods. The false archetypal story of a Crucified Christ figure is a mockery to further enslave humans into believing in a salvation model through a Crucified Christ. It represents the tortured human being, as we are all the Christ, and we have been crucified/implanted as our planet was invaded. These structures are called Crucifixion implants. These Crucifixion implants are tangible control structures placed in the 7th dimensional logos, and therefore it is in our individual bodies, in the 7th Chakra, its complex, meridians, and the entire left side (our female spirit) of our bodies. We are not aware of these implants until we open the 7th Seal and start connecting this part of our 7th layer light body to our personal consciousness field. The Crucifixion Implants are located in seven main areas on the left hand side of the body on the 7th Axiatonal line, as follows: Top of skull on left side, Heart, left lung, back of left knee, Pineal Gland, Left side of neck and lymphatics, Rear left thigh and buttocks, Alta major (where skull rests atop the spine), hypothalamus, and left shoulder, Aorta artery on left side of neck.

There is an actual construct in the light body that is called the Crown of Thorns and the Crown of Thorns is a part of the crucifixion energies. It is an enslavement device. Something that is in our bodies energetically when we come to this planet. It is part of the layers of the Crucifixion Implants and what it is designed to do is to suppress the crown, the third eye and our inner vision alignment, all of that.

This is a crucifixion construct around the head and literally impaling the Crown Chakra. As the Crown Chakra is being replaced, repaired the Crown of Thorns was feeding the false King of Tyranny, as long as we are wearing this implant, a part of our energy is going else where. As our energy is being used elsewhere, whoever is using it is using it for their benefit. This is stealing life force energies. 
The Crown of Thorns is designed to distort the natural energetic circuitry of the crown and block the higher self communication descending from higher dimensions being transmitted into the crown receivers. This implant acts as another frequency fence to keep humanity unable to communicate or gain access to their higher self bodies. It blocks the vertical communication channel around the head, skull and crown.

HG Crown
The HG Crown or Hieros Gamos Crown represents the unification of the masculine and feminine. This can occur both individually, and also in a sacred marriage relationship with another human. Within the process of embodying the Hieros Gamos the masculine and feminine crowns merge to share one unified crown. This also acts as an override to the Crown of Thorns device.

The 7D Violet Ray has been undergoing repair with the Father Arc and Aurora Ray patterns, due to reversals in the 7D Planetary Logos. NAA attempts to hijack the spiritual Ascension of the individual that is moving into Monadic integration. Psycho-spiritual warfare is radically increased when a person is entering the integration stages of the 7D-8D-9D spiritual triad. Having clarity of the Law of Consent is helpful to command one's space.

Krystal Water, Amrita, or Spiritual Oil
Krystal Waters also known in the eastern philosophy as Amrita is a fluid that can flow from the Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland correct relationship in the brain and move down the throat in deep states of activated kundalini or meditation. "In Tibetan Buddhism, this is the source of the "White Drop" that descends to the heart center, where it mixes with the ascending "Red Drop" attain an enlightened body and mind. All this activity is seen as a cosmic sex act in the head. The phallic-shaped pineal gland releases a pure white liquid light that impregnates the nearby bi-lobed pituitary gland, which then releases hormones in the blood that inaugurate a Second (Spiritual) Puberty in the body."
Higher Heart Chakra Activation

Monadic Activation

The Monad spirit body is entwined with the activation of the 8th Chakra located at the thymus gland. When the Permanent Seed Atom begins to activate the sequence of Monadic integration begins to link with the 9th Chakra in a moving gyroscopic field with its center axis in the Pineal Gland.

The entire Removal command for Crucifixion removal is located in the header Crux Implant Removal Command:

"Beloveds-Bring in the Universal Harmonics in an Oscillating Wave Format to recode all bi wave systems into the trinity wave formats to create the Krystal Star communication stations, here and now. I/we request the Removal of All Crucifixion patterns and their implants to be removed from ME in all areas in the sequence necessary to support the optimization and Ascension of this beloved land and within all beings we have permission to represent in this time and space. Terminate and resolve all inorganic and alien influences, terminate all enslavement records from impacting this land with intent to harm or hurt." Say this out loud.