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The False Emerald Tablet Teachings of Thoth, a fallen Angelic Guradian, who's teachings were stolen from OUR Guardian Divine Science Teachings in Atlantis.



E M E R A L D T A B L E T I : 

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean 

 I, Thoth, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, m ighty king, m agician, living from generation to generation, being about to pass into the Halls of Am enti,

set down for the guidance of those that are to com e after, these records of the m ighty

wisdom of Great Atlantis. 

 In the great city of Keor on the island of Undal in a time far past, I began this incarnation. Not as the little m en of the present age did the m ighty ones of Atlantis live and

die, but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew their life in the Halls of Am enti where

the river of life flows eternally onward. 

 A hundred tim es ten have I descended the dark way that led into light, and as many

tim es have I ascended from the darkness into the light, my strength and power renewed. 

 Now for a tim e I descend, and the m en of Khem shall know me no more. But in a

time yet unborn will I rise again, mighty and potent, requiring an accounting of those left

behind m e. Then beware, O m en of Khem , if ye have falsely betrayed my teaching, for I

shall cast ye down from your high estate into the darkness of the caves from whence ye

came. Betray not my secrets to the men of the North or the m en of the South lest my

curse fall upon ye. Remember and heed my words, for surely will I return again and require of thee that which ye guard. Aye, even from beyond time and from beyond death

will I return, rewarding or punishing as ye have requited your trust. Great were m y people in the ancient days, great beyond the conception of the little people now around me;

knowing the wisdom of old, seeking far within the heart of infinity knowledge that belonged to Earth's youth. Wise were we with the wisdom of the Children of Light who

dwelt am ong us. Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire. And of all

these, greatest among the children of m en was m y father, Thotm e, keeper of the great

tem ple, link between the Children of Light who dwelt within the tem ple and the races of

m en who inhabited the ten islands. Mouthpiece, after the three, of the Dweller of Unal,

speaking to the Kings with the voice that must be obeyed. 

 Grew I there from a child into manhood, being taught by m y father the elder m ysteries, until in time there grew within the fire of wisdom, until it burst into a consuming

flam e. Naught desired I but the attainm ent of wisdom . Until on a great day the com m and

came from the Dweller of the Tem ple that I be brought before him . Few there were

among the children of men who had looked upon that mighty face and lived, for not as

the sons of men are the Children of Light when they are not incarnate in a physical body. 

 Chosen was I from the sons of men, taught by the Dweller so that his purposes

m ight be fulfilled, purposes yet unborn in the wom b of tim e. Long ages I dwelt in the

Tem ple, learning ever and yet ever more wisdom, until I , too, approached the light emitted from the great fire. Taught m e he, the path to Am enti, the underworld where the

great king sits upon his throne of m ight. Deep I bowed in hom age before the Lords of

Life and the Lords of Death, receiving as m y gift the key of Life. Free was I of the Halls of

Am enti, bound not by death to the circle of life. Far to the stars I journeyed until space

and tim e becam e as naught. Then having drunk deep of the cup of wisdom, I looked into

the hearts of men and there found I greater m ysteries and was glad. For only in the

Search for Truthcould m y Soul be stilled and the flame within be quenched. 

 Down through the ages I lived, seeing those around m e taste of the cup of death and

return again in the light of life. Gradually from the Kingdom s of Atlantis passed waves of


consciousness that had been one with m e, only to be replaced by spawn of a lower star. 

 I n obedience to the law, the word of the Master grew into flower. Downward into

darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans, until at last in his wrath arose from his

Agwanti, the Dweller, (this word has no English equivalent; it means a state of detachm ent) speaking The Word, calling the power. Deep in Earth's heart, the sons of Am enti

heard, and hearing, directed the changing of the flower of fire that burns eternally,

changing and shifting, using the Logos, until that great fire changed its direction. 

 Over the world then broke the great waters, drowning and sinking, changing Earth's

balance until only the Tem ple of Light was left standing on the great m ountain on Undal

still rising out of the water; som e there were who were living, saved from the rush of the


 Called to m e then the Master, saying: "Gather ye together m y people. Take them by

the arts ye have learned of far across the waters, until ye reach the land of the hairy

barbarians, dwelling in caves of the desert. Follow there the plan that ye know of." 

 Gathered I then m y people and entered the great ship of the Master. Upward we rose

into the m orning. Dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly over it rose the waters.

Vanished from Earth, until the tim e appointed, was the great Tem ple. 

 Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning, until beneath us lay the land of the children of Khem . Raging, they cam e with cudgels and spears lifted in anger seeking to slay

and utterly destroy the Sons of Atlantis. Then raised I m y staff and directed a ray of vibration, striking them still in their tracks as fragments of stone of the mountain. Then

spoke I to them in words calm and peaceful, telling them of the m ight of Atlantis, saying

we were children of the Sun and its m essengers. Cowed I them by my display of magicscience, until at my feet they grovelled, when I released them. 

 Long dwelt we in the land of Khem , long and yet long again. Until obeying the commands of the Master, who while sleeping yet lives eternally, I sent from me the Sons of

Atlantis, sent them in many directions, that from the womb of time wisdom might rise

again in her children. 

 Long tim e dwelt I in the land of Khem , doing great works by the wisdom within me.

Upward grew into the light of knowledge the children of Khem , watered by the rains of

m y wisdom . Blasted I then a path to Am enti so that I might retain my powers, living

from age to age a Sun of Atlantis, keeping the wisdom , preserving the records. 

 Great grew the sons of Khem, conquering the people around them , growing slowly

upwards in Soul force. Now for a time I go from among them into the dark halls of

Am enti, deep in the halls of the Earth, before the Lords of the Powers, face to face once

again with the Dweller. 

 Raised I high over the entrance, a doorway, a gateway leading down to Am enti. Few

there would be with courage to dare it, few pass the portal to dark Am enti. Raised over

the passage, I , a m ighty pyram id, using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity).

Deep and yet deeper placed I a force-house or chamber; from it carved I a circular passage reaching almost to the great summit. There in the apex, set I the crystal, sending

the ray into the "Tim e-Space", drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating

upon the gateway to Am enti. (See The Great Pyramid by Doreal.) 

 Other cham bers I built and left vacant to all seem ing, yet hidden within them are the

keys to Amenti. He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified first

by long fasting. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Then to reveal I to him


the great mysteries. Soon shall he follow to where I shall m eet him , even in the darkness

of Earth shall I m eet him , I , Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, m eet him and hold him and dwell

with him always. 

 Built I the Great Pyram id, patterned after the pyramid of earth force, burning eternally so that it, too, might remain through the ages. I n it, I built my knowledge of

"Magic-Science" so that it m ight be here when again I return from Am enti. Aye, while I

sleep in the Halls of Am enti, m y Soul roam ing free will incarnate, dwell am ong m en in

this form or another. (Herm es, thrice-born.) 

 Em issary on Earth am I of the Dweller, fulfilling his com m ands so m an m ight be

lifted. Now return I to the Halls of Am enti, leaving behind me some of my wisdom. Preserve ye and keep ye the command of the Dweller: Lift ever upwards your eyes toward

the light. Surely in tim e, ye are one with the Master, surely by right ye are one with the

Master, surely by right ye are one with the All. 

 Now I depart from ye. Know my com m andm ents, keep them and be them , and I will

be with you, helping and guiding you into the Light. 

 Now before m e opens the portal. Go I down in the darkness of night. 



The Halls of Am enti 

 Deep in the Earth’s heart lie the Halls of Am enti, far ‘neath the islands of sunken Atlantis, Halls of the Dead and halls of the living, bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL. 

 Far in a past tim e, lost in the space tim e, the Children of Light looked down on the

world. See the children of men in their bondage, bound by the force that came from beyond. Knew they that only by freedom from bondage could man ever rise from the Earth

to the Sun. Down they descended and created bodies, taking the sem blance of m en as

their own. The m asters of everything said after their forming: "We are they who were

formed from the space-dust, partaking of life from the infinite ALL; living in the world as

children of men, like and yet unlike the children of men." 

 Then for a dwelling place, far ‘neath the earth crust, blasted great spaces they by

their power, spaces apart from the children of m en. Surrounded them by forces and

power, shielded from harm they the Halls of the Dead. 

 Side by side then, placed they other spaces, filled them with Life and with Light from

above. Builded they then the Halls of Am enti, that they might dwell eternally there living

with life to eternity’s end. 

 Thirty and two were there of the children, sons of Light who had com e am ong m en,

seeking to free from the bondage of darkness those who were bound by the force from


 Deep in the Halls of Life grew a flower, flaming, expanding, driving backward the

night. Placed in the center, a ray of great potence, Life giving, Light giving, filling with

power all who came near it. Placed they around it thrones, two and thirty, places for each

of the Children of Light, placed so that they were bathed in the radiance, filled with the

Life from the eternal Light. There time after time placed they their first created bodies so

that they might be filled with the Spirit of Life. One hundred years out of each thousand

m ust the Life-giving Light flam e forth on their bodies. Quickening, awakening the Spirit

of Life. 

 There in the circle from aeon to aeon, sit the Great Masters, living a life not known

among men. There in the Halls of Life they lie sleeping; free flows their Soul through the

bodies of m en. Tim e after tim e, while their bodies lie sleeping, incarnate they in the bodies of m en. Teaching and guiding onward and upward, out of the darkness into the Light.

There in the Hall of Life, filled with their wisdom , known not to the races of m an, living

forever ‘neath the cold fire of life, sit the Children of Light. Times there are when they

awaken, com e from the depths to be lights am ong m en, infinite they am ong finite. 

 He who by progress has grown from the darkness, lifted him self from the night into

light, free is he made of the Halls of Am enti, free of the Flower of Light and of Life.

Guided he then, by wisdom and knowledge, passes from man, to the Master of Life.

There he may dwell as one with the Masters, free from the bonds of the darkness of


 Seated within the flower of radiance sit seven Lords from the Space-Tim e above us,

helping and guiding through infinite Wisdom, the pathway through time of the children of

m en. Mighty and strange, they, veiled with their power, silent, all-knowing, drawing the

Life force, different yet one with the children of m en. Aye, different, and yet one with the

Children of Light. 


 Custodians and watchers of the force of man’s bondage, ready to loose when the

light has been reached. First and m ost m ighty, sits the Veiled Presence, Lord of Lords,

the infinite Nine, over the others from each Cosmic cycle, weighing and watching the

progress of m en. 

 Under HE, sit the Lords of the Cycles; Three, Four, Five, and Six, Seven, Eight, each

with his mission, each with his power, guiding, directing the destiny of man. There sit

they, m ighty and potent, free of all tim e and space. Not of this world they, yet akin to it,

Elder Brothers they, of the children of m en. Judging and weighing, they with their wisdom , watching the progress Light among m en. 

 There before them was I led by the Dweller, watched him blend with ONE from

above. Then from HE cam e forth a voice saying: “Great art thou, Thoth, am ong children

of m en. Free henceforth of the Halls of Amenti, Master of Life am ong children of m en.

Taste not of death except as thou will it, drink thou of Life to Eternity’s end. Henceforth

forever is Life, thine for the taking. Henceforth is Death at the call of thy hand. Dwell

here or leave here when thou desireth, free is Am enti to the Sun of m an. Take thou up

Life in what form thou desireth, Child of the Light that has grown among m en. Choose

thou thy work, for all souls m ust labor, never be free from the pathway of Light. One

step thou has gained on the long pathway upward, infinite now is the m ountain of Light.

Each step thou taketh but heightens the m ountain; all of thy progress but lengthens the

goal. Approach ye ever the infinite Wisdom, ever before thee recedes the goal. Free are

ye made now of the Halls of Amenti to walk hand in hand with the Lords of the world,

one in one purpose, working together, bringers of Light to the children of m en.” 

 Then from his throne cam e one of the Masters, taking m y hand and leading m e onward, through all the Halls of the deep hidden land. Led he m e through the Halls of

Am enti, showing the mysteries that are known not to m an. Through the dark passage,

downward he led m e into the Hall where sits the dark Death. Vast as space lay the great

Hall before me, walled by darkness but yet filled with Light. 

 Before m e arose a great throne of darkness, veiled on it seated a figure of night.

Darker than darkness sat the great figure, dark with a darkness not of the night. Before

it then paused the Master, speaking The Word that brings about Life, saying: “Oh, m aster

of darkness, guide of the way from Life unto Life, before thee I bring a Sun of the morning. Touch him not ever with the power of night. Call not his flam e to the darkness of

night. Know him , and see him , one of our brothers, lifted from darkness into the Light.

Release thou his flam e from its bondage, free let it flam e through the darkness of night.” 


 Raised then the hand of the figure, forth came a flame that grew clear and bright.

Rolled back swiftly the curtain of darkness, unveiled the Hall from the darkness of night.

Then grew in the great space before m e, flame after flam e, from the veil of the night.

Uncounted millions leaped they before me, som e flam ing forth as flowers of fire. Others

there were that shed a dim radiance, glowing but faintly from out of the night. Some

there were that faded swiftly; others that grew from a small spark of light. Each surrounded by its dim veil of darkness, yet flam ing with the light that could never be

quenched. Com ing and going like fireflies in springtim e, filled they the space with Light

and with Life. 

 Then spoke a voice, m ighty and solemn, saying: “These are lights that are souls

am ong m en, growing and fading, existing forever, changing yet living, through death into

life. When they have bloomed into flower, reached the zenith of growth in their life,

swiftly then send I m y veil of darkness, shrouding and changing to new form s of life.

Steadily upward throughout the ages, growing, expanding into yet greater flam e, lighting

the darkness with yet greater power, quenched yet unquenched by the veil of the night.

So grows the soul of m an ever upward, quenched yet unquenched by the darkness of



 I , Death, come, and yet I remain not, for life eternal exists in the All; only an obstacle, I in the pathway, quick to be conquered by the infinite light. Awaken, O flam e that

burns ever inward, flame forth and conquer the veil of the night.” 

 Then in the m idst of the flam es in the darkness grew there one that drove forth the

night, flam ing, expanding, ever brighter, until at last was nothing but Light. Then spoke

my guide, the voice of the master: “See your own soul as it grows in the light, free now

forever from the Lord of the night.” 

 Forward he led m e through m any great spaces filled with the m ysteries of the Children of Light; mysteries that man may never yet know of until he, too, is a Sun of the

Light. Backward then HE led me into the Light of the Hall of the Light. Knelt I then before

the great Masters, Lords of ALL from the cycles above. 

 Spoke HE then with words of great power saying: “Thou has been m ade free of the

Halls of Am enti. Choose thou thy work among the children of men.” 

 Then spoke I : “O, great m aster, let m e be a teacher of m en, leading them onward

and upward until they too, are lights am ong m en; freed from the veil of the night that

surrounds them, flaming with light that shall shine among men.” 

 Spoke to me then the voice: “Go, as ye will. So be it decreed. Master are ye of your

destiny, free to take or reject at will. Take ye the power, take ye the wisdom. Shine as a

light among the children of men.” 

 Upward then, led m e the Dweller. Dwelt I again am ong children of m en, teaching and

showing some of my wisdom; Sun of the Light, a fire am ong m en. 

 Now again I tread the path downward, seeking the light in the darkness of night.

Hold ye and keep ye, preserve my record, guide shall it be to the children of men. 



The Key of W isdom 

 I, Thoth, the Atlantean, give of my wisdom, give of my knowledge, give of my

power. Freely I give to the children of men. Give that they, too, m ight have wisdom to

shine through the world from the veil of the night. Wisdom is power and power is wisdom, one with each other, perfecting the whole. 

 Be thou not proud, O m an, in thy wisdom . Discourse with the ignorant as well as the

wise. I f one comes to thee full of knowledge, listen and heed, for wisdom is all. 

 Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken for Truth like the sunlight shines above all. 

 He who over-steppeth the Law shall be punished, for only through Law comes the

freedom of m en. 

 Follow thine heart during thy lifetime. Do thou more than is commanded of thee. 

 When thou has gained riches, follow thou thine heart, for all these are of no avail if

thine heart be weary. Dim inish thou not the time of following thine heart. It is abhorred

of the soul. 

 They that are guided go not astray, but they that are lost cannot find a straight path.

I f thou go among m en, m ake for thyself, Love, the beginning and end of the heart. 

 If one com eth unto thee for council, let him speak freely, that the thing for which he

hath com e to thee m ay be done. I f he hesitates to open his heart to thee, it is because

thou, the judge, doeth the wrong. 

 Repeat thou not extravagant speech, neither listen thou to it, for it is the utterance

of one not in equilibrium. Speak thou not of it, so that he before thee may know wisdom. 

 Silence is of great profit. An abundance of speech profiteth nothing. 

 Exalt not thine heart above the children of m en, lest it be brought lower than the


 If thou be great am ong m en, be honored for knowledge and gentleness. 

 If thou seeketh to know the nature of a friend, ask not his companion, but pass a

tim e alone with him . Debate with him , testing his heart by his words and his bearing. 

 That which goeth into the store-house must come forth, and the things that are thine

m ust be shared with a friend. 

 Knowledge is regarded by the fool as ignorance, and the things that are profitable

are to him hurtful. He liveth in death. I t is therefore his food. 

 The wise m an lets his heart overflow but keeps silent his m outh. 

 O m an, list to the voice of wisdom ; list to the voice of light. Mysteries there are in

the Cosm os that unveiled fill the world with their light. Let he who would be free from the

bonds of darkness first divine the m aterial from the imm aterial, the fire from the earth;

for know ye that as earth descends to earth, so also fire ascends unto fire and becomes

one with fire. He who knows the fire that is within him self shall ascend unto the eternal

fire and dwell in it eternally. 

 Fire, the inner fire, is the m ost potent of all force, for it overcometh all things and

penetrates to all things of the Earth. 


 Man supports him self only on that which resists. So Earth must resist man else he

existeth not. 

 All eyes do not see with the same vision, for to one an object appears of one form

and color and to a different eye of another. So also the infinite fire, changing from color

to color, is never the sam e from day to day. 

 Thus, speak I , Thoth, of my wisdom, for man is a fire burning bright through the

night; never is quenched in the veil of the darkness, never is quenched by the veil of the


 Hark ye, O man, and list to this wisdom: where do name and form cease? Only in

consciousness, invisible, an infinite force of radiance bright. The form s that ye create by

brightening thy vision are truly effects that follow thy cause. 

 Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife. Only

struggle and toiling thy utm ost shall the star within thee bloom out in new life. He who

knows the commencement of all things, free is his star from the realm s of night. 

 Remember, O man, that all which exists is only another form of that which exists

not. Everything that has being is passing into yet other being and thou thyself are not an


 Consider the Law, for all is Law. Seek not that which is not of the Law, for such exists only in the illusions of the senses. 

 Wisdom cometh to all her children even as they com eth unto wisdom . 

 All through the ages, the light has been hidden. Awake, O m an, and be wise. 

 Deep in the m ysteries of life have I traveled, seeking and searching for that which is

hidden. List ye, O m an, and be wise. 

 Far ‘neath the earth crust, in the Halls of Am enti, m ysteries I saw that are hidden

from m en. 

 Oft have I journeyed the deep hidden passage, looked on the Light that is Life

among men. There ‘neath the Flowers of Life ever living, searched I the hearts and the

secrets of men. Found I that man is but living in darkness, light of the great fire is hidden


 Before the Lords of hidden Am enti learned I the wisdom I give unto m en. Masters

are they of the great Secret Wisdom , brought from the future of infinity’s end. Seven are

they, the Lords of Am enti, overlords they of the Children of Morning, Suns of the Cycles,

Masters of Wisdom. Formed are not they as the children of men? Three, Four, Five and

Six, Seven, Eight, Nine are the titles of the Masters of m en. 

 Far from the future, form less yet forming, cam e they as teachers for the children of

m en. Live they forever, yet not of the living, bound not to life and yet free from death.

Rule they forever with infinite wisdom , bound yet not bound to the dark Halls of Death.

Life they have in them , yet life that is not life, free from all are the Lords of the ALL. 

 Forth from them cam e forth the Logos, instruments they of the power o’er all. Vast is

their countenance, yet hidden in smallness, form ed by a form ing, known yet unknown. 

 Three holds the key of all hidden magic, creator he of the Halls of the Dead; sending

forth power, shrouding with darkness, binding the souls of the children of m en; sending

the darkness, binding the soul force; director of negative to the children of m en. 


 Four is he who looses the power. Lord, he, of Life to the children of m en. 

 Light is his body, flam e is his countenance; freer of souls to the children of m en. 

 Five is the m aster, the Lord of all magic—Key to The Word that resounds among

m en. 

 Six is the Lord of Light, the hidden pathway, part of the souls of the children of m en. 


 Seven is he who is Lord of the vastness, master of Space and the key of the Tim es. 

 Eight is he who orders the progress; weighs and balances the journey of m en. 

 Nine is the father, vast he of countenance, form ing and changing from out of the

form less. 

 Meditate on the sym bols I give thee. Keys are they, though hidden from m en. 

 Reach ever upward, O Soul of the morning. Turn thy thoughts upward to Light and to

Life. Find in the keys of the numbers I bring thee, light on the pathway from life unto life. 


 Seek ye with wisdom . Turn thy thoughts inward. Close not thy mind to the Flower of


 Place in thy body a thought-form ed picture. Think of the numbers that lead thee to


 Clear is the pathway to he who has wisdom . Open the door to the Kingdom of Light. 

 Pour forth thy flame as a Sun of the morning. Shut out the darkness and live in the


 Take thee, O man! As part of thy being, the Seven who are but are not as they

seem. Opened, O man! Have I my wisdom. Follow the path in the way I have led. 

Masters of Wisdom , 

Sun of the Morning

Light and Life to the children of m en. 

Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh 



The Space Born

 List ye, O m an, to the voice of wisdom , list to the voice of Thoth, the Atlantean.

Freely I give to thee of my wisdom gathered from the tim e and space of this cycle; m aster of mysteries, Sun of the morning, Thoth the teacher of m en, is of ALL. 

 Long time ago, I in my childhood, lay ‘neath the stars on long-buried Atlantis,

dreaming of mysteries far above men. Then in my heart grew there a great longing to

conquer the pathway that led to the stars. Year after year, I sought after wisdom , seeking new knowledge, following the way, until at last my Soul, in great travail, broke from

its bondage and bounded away. Free was I from the bondage of earth-men. Free from

the body, I flashed through the night. Unlocked at last for me was the star-space. Free

was I from the bondage of night. Now to the end of space sought I wisdom, far beyond

knowledge of finite m an. 

 Far into space, m y Soul travelled freely into infinity’s circle of light. Strange, beyond

knowledge, were som e of the planets, great and gigantic, beyond dream s of m en. Yet

found I Law, in all of its beauty, working through and among them as here among men.

Flashed forth m y soul through infinity’s beauty, far through space I flew with m y


 Rested I there on a planet of beauty. Strains of harmony filled all the air. Shapes

there were, moving in Order, great and majestic as stars in the night; mounting in harm ony, ordered equilibrium , sym bols of the Cosm ic, like unto Law. 

 Many the stars I passed in m y journey, m any the races of m en on their worlds; som e

reaching high as stars of the morning, some falling low in the blackness of night. Each

and all of them struggling upward, gaining the heights and plum bing the depths, m oving

at times in realms of brightness, living through darkness, gaining the Light. 

 Know, O m an, that Light is thine heritage. Know that darkness is only a veil. Sealed

in thine heart is brightness eternal, waiting the moment of freedom to conquer, waiting

to rend the veil of the night. 

 Som e I found who had conquered the ether. Free of space were they while yet they

were m en. Using the force that is the foundation of ALL things, far in space constructed

they a planet, drawn by the force that flows through the ALL; condensing, coalescing the

ether into forms that grew as they willed. Outstripping in science, they, all of the races,

m ighty in wisdom , sons of the stars. 

 Long tim e I paused, watching their wisdom . Saw them create from out of the ether

cities gigantic of rose and gold. Formed forth from the primal elem ent, base of all m atter,

the ether far flung. 

 Far in the past, they had conquered the ether, freed themselves from the bondage of

toil; formed in their mind only a picture and swiftly created, it grew. 

 Forth then, m y soul sped, throughout the Cosm os, seeing ever, new things and old;

learning that m an is truly space-born, a Sun of the Sun, a child of the stars. 

 Know ye, O man, whatever form ye inhabit, surely it is one with the stars. Thy bodies are nothing but planets revolving around their central suns. When ye have gained the

light of all wisdom, free shall ye be to shine in the ether—one of the Suns that light outer

darkness—one of the space-born grown into Light. Just as the stars in tim e lose their


brilliance, light passing from them into the great source, so, O m an, thy soul passes onward, leaving behind the darkness of night. 

 Form ed forth ye, from the primal ether, filled with the brilliance that flows from the

source, bound by the ether coalesced around, yet ever it flames until at last it is free. Lift

up your flam e from out of the darkness, fly from they night and ye shall be free. 

 Travelled I through the space-time, knowing m y soul at last was set free, knowing

that now m ight I pursue wisdom . Until at last, I passed to a plane, hidden from knowledge, known not to wisdom , extension beyond all that we know. Now, O m an, when I

had this knowing, happy my soul grew, for now I was free. Listen, ye space-born, list to

my wisdom: know ye not that ye, too, will be free. 

 List ye again, O m an, to my wisdom , that hearing, ye too, m ight live and be free. Not

of the earth are ye—earthy, but child of the Infinite Cosm ic Light. 

 Now, to ye, I give knowledge, freedom to walk in the path I have trod, showing ye

truly how by m y striving, I trod the path that leads to the stars. 

 Hark ye, O m an, and know of thy bondage, know how to free thyself from the toils.

Out of the darkness shall ye rise upward, one with the Light and one with the stars. Follow ye ever the path of wisdom. Only by this can ye rise from below. Ever man’s destiny

leads him onward into the Curves of I nfinity’s ALL. 

 Know ye, O man, that all space is ordered. Only by Order are ye One with the ALL.

Order and balance are the Law of the Cosmos. Follow and ye shall be One with the ALL. 

 He who would follow the pathway of wisdom , open m ust be to the Flower of Life,

extending his consciousness out of the darkness, flowing through time and space in the


 Deep in the silence, first ye m ust linger until at last ye are free from desire, free from

the longing to speak in the silence. Conquer by silence, the bondage of words. Abstaining

from eating until ye have conquered desire for food, that is bondage of soul. 

 Then lie ye down in the darkness. Close ye your eyes from the rays of the Light. 

 Center thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness, shaking it free from the

bonds of the night. Place in thy m ind-place the im age thou desireth. Picture the place

thou desireth to see. Vibrate back and forth with thy power. Loosen the soul from out of

its night. Fiercely must thou shake with all of thy power until at last thy soul shall be


 Mighty beyond words is the flam e of the Cosm ic, hanging in planes, unknown to

man; mighty and balanced, moving in Order, music of harmonies, far beyond man.

Speaking with music, singing with color, flam e from the beginning of Eternity’s ALL. 

 Spark of the flam e art thou, O m y children, burning with color and living with m usic.

List to the voice and thou shalt be free. 

 Consciousness free is fused with the Cosm ic, One with the Order and Law of the


 Knew ye not m an, that out of the darkness, Light shall flam e forth, a sym bol of ALL. 


 Pray ye this prayer for attaining of wisdom. Pray for the com ing of Light to the ALL.

“Mighty Spirit of Light that shines through the Cosm os, draw my flame closer in harm ony

to thee. Lift up m y fire from out of the darkness, m agnet of fire that is One with the ALL.


Lift up my soul, thou m ighty and potent. Child of the Light, turn not away. Draw m e in

power to m elt in thy furnace; One with all things and all things in One, fire of the lifestrain and One with the Brain.” 

 When ye have freed thy soul from its bondage, know that for ye the darkness is

gone. Ever through space ye m ay seek wisdom , bound not by fetters forged in flesh. 

 Onward and upward into the m orning, free flash, O Soul, to the realm s of Light.

Move thou in Order, m ove thou in Harm ony, freely shalt move with the Children of Light. 

 Seek ye and know ye, m y Key of Wisdom . Thus, O m an, ye shall surely be free. 

Leonardo's Canon, Leonardo da Vinci 



The Dw eller of Unal 

 Oft dream I of buried Atlantis, lost in the ages that have passed into night. Aeon on

aeon thou existed in beauty, a shining through the darkness of night. 

 Mighty in power, ruling the earth-born, Lord of the Earth in Atlantis’ day. King of the

nations, m aster of wisdom , Light through Suntal, Keeper of the Way, dwelt in his Tem ple,

the Master of Unal, Light of the Earth in Atlantis’ day. 

 Master, He, from a cycle beyond us, living in bodies as one am ong m en. Not as the

earth-born, He from beyond us, Sun of a cycle, advanced beyond m en. 

 Know ye, O m an, that Horlet the Master, was never one with the children of m en. Far

in the past time when Atlantis first grew as a power, appeared there one with the Key of

Wisdom , showing the way of Light to all. 

 Showed he to all m en the path of attainm ent, way of the Light that flows am ong

men. Mastering darkness, leading the Man-Soul, upward to heights that were One with

the Light. 

 Divided the Kingdom s, He into sections. Ten were they, ruled by children of men.

Upon another, built He a Tem ple, built but not by the children of men. 

 Out of the Ether called He its substance, m oulded and form ed by the power of Ytolan

into the forms He built with His mind. Mile upon mile it covered the island, space upon

space it grew in its m ight. Black, yet not black, but dark like the space-time, deep in its

heart the Essence of Light. Swiftly the Temple grew into being, moulded an shaped by

the Word of the Dweller, called from the formless into a form. 

 Builded He then, within it, great chambers, filled them from forms called forth from

the Ether, filled them with wisdom called forth by His m ind. 

 Form less was He within his Temple, yet was He form ed in the image of man. Dwelling am ong them yet not of them, strange and far different was He from the children of

m en. 

 Chose He then from am ong the people, Three who becam e his gateway. Chose He

the Three from the Highest to becom e his links with Atlantis. Messengers they, who carried his councel, to the kings of the children of m en. 

 Brought He forth others and taught them wisdom ; teachers, they, to the children of

men. Placed He them on the island of Undal to stand as teachers of Light to m en. 

 Each of those who were thus chosen, taught must he be for years five and ten. Only

thus could he have understanding to being Light to the children of m en. Thus there cam e

into being the Temple, a dwelling place for the Master of man. 

 I, Thoth, have ever sought wisdom , searching in darkness and searching in Light.

Long in my youth I traveled the pathway, seeking ever new knowledge to gain. Until after m uch striving, one of the Three, to m e brought the Light. Brought He to m e the

com m ands of the Dweller, called me from darkness into the Light. Brought He m e, before

the Dweller, deep in the Tem ple before the great Fire. 

 There on the great throne, beheld I , the Dweller, clothed with the Light and flashing


with fire. Down I knelt before that great wisdom , feeling the Light flowing through m e in

waves. Heard I then the voice of the Dweller: “O darkness, com e into the Light. Long

have ye sought the pathway to the Light. Each soul on earth that loosens its fetters shall

soon be m ade free from the bondage of night. Forth from the darkness have ye arisen,

closer approached the Light of your goal. Here ye shall dwell as one of my children,

keeper of records gathered by wisdom , instrum ent thou of the Light from beyond. Ready

be thou made to do what is needed, perserver of wisdom though the ages of darkness

that shall come fast on the children of men. Live thee here and drink of all wisdom. Secrets and mysteries unto thee shall unveil.” 

 Then answered I , the Master of Cycles, saying: “O Light, that descended to men,

give thou to m e of thy wisdom that I m ight be a teacher of m en. Give thou of thy Light

that I m ay be free.” 

 Spoke then to m e again, the Master: “Age after age shall ye live through your wisdom. Aye, when o’er Atlantis the ocean waves roll, holding the Light, though hidden in

darkness, ready to com e when e’er thou shalt call. Go thee now and learn greater wisdom . Grow thou through Light to Infinity’s ALL.” 

 Long then dwelt I in the Tem ple of the Dweller until at last I was One with the Light. 


 Followed I then the path to the star planes, followed I then the pathway to Light.

Deep into Earth’s heart I followed the pathway, learning the secrets, below as above;

learning the pathway to the Halls of Am enti; learning the Law that balances the world. To

earth’s hidden cham bers pierced I by m y wisdom , deep through the Earth’s crust, into

the pathway, hidden for ages from the children of m en. Unveiled before m e, ever m ore

wisdom until I reached a new knowledge: found that all is part of an ALL, great and yet

greater than all that we know. Searched I I nfinity’s heart through the ages. Deep and yet

deeper, m ore m ysteries I found. 

 Now, as I look back through the ages, know I that wisdom is boundless, ever grown

greater throughout the ages, One with Infinity’s greater than all. 

 Light there was in ancient Atlantis. Yes, darkness, too, was hidden in all. Fell from

the Light into the darkness, som e who had risen to heights am ong m en. Proud they becam e because of their knowledge, proud were they of their place am ong m en. Deep

delved they into the forbidden, opened the gateway that led to below. Sought they to

gain ever more knowledge but seeking to bring it up from below. 

 He who descends below m ust have balance, else he is bound by lack of our Light.

Opened, they then, by their knowledge, pathways forbidden to m an. 

 But, in His Tem ple, all-seeing, the Dweller, lay in his Agwanti, which through Atlantis

His soul roamed free. Saw He the Atlanteans, by their magic, opening the gateway that

would bring to Earth a great woe. Fast fled His soul then, back to His body. Up He arose

from His Agwanti. Called He the Three m ighty m essengers. Gave the com m ands that

shattered the world. 

 Deep ‘neath Earth’s crust to the Halls of Am enti, swiftly descended the Dweller.

Called He then on the powers of the Seven Lords wielded; changed the Earth’s balance.

Down sank Atlantis beneath the dark waves. 

 Shattered the gateway that had been opened; shattered the doorway that led down

below. All of the islands were shattered except Unal, and part of the island of the sons of

the Dweller. Preserved He them to be the teachers, Lights on the path for those to com e

after, Lights for the lesser children of man. 

 Called He then, I Thoth, before him, gave me commands for all I should do, saying:


“Take thou, O Thoth, all of your wisdom . Take all your records. Take all your m agic. Go

thou forth preserving the records until in time Light grows am ong m en. Light shalt thou

be all through the ages, hidden yet found by enlightened men. Over all Earth, give WE ye

power, free thou to give or take it away. Gather thou now the sons of Atlantis. Take them

and flee to the people of the rock caves. Fly to the land of the Children of Khem .” 

 Then gathered I the sons of Atlantis. I nto the spaceship I brought all my records,

brought the records of sunken Atlantis. Gathered I all of my powers, instrum ents m any of

mighty magic. 

 Up then we rose on wings of the morning. High we arose above the Tem ple, leaving

behind the three and Dweller, deep in the Halls ‘neath the Tem ple. Down ‘neath the

waves sank the great Tem ple, closing the pathway to the Lords of the Cycles. Yet ever to

him who has knowing, open shall be the path to Am enti. 

 Fast fled we then on the wings of the m orning, fled to the land of the children of

Khem . There by my power, I conquered and ruled them. Raised I to Light, the children of

Khem . 

 Deep ‘neath the rocks, I buried m y spaceship, waiting the tim e when m an m ight be

free. Over the spaceship, erected a marker in the form of a lion yet like unto man. There

‘neath the image rests yet my spaceship, forth to be brought when need shall arise. 

 Know ye, O m an, that far in the future invaders shall come from out of the deep.

Then awake, ye who have wisdom . Bring forth m y ship and conquer with ease. 

 Deep ‘neath the im age lies my secret. Search and find in the pyram id I built. Each to

the other is the Keystone; each the gateway that leads into Life. Follow the Key I leave

behind me. Seek and the doorway to Life shall be thine. Seek thou in my pyramid, deep

in the passage that ends in a wall. Use thou the Key of the Seven, and open to thee the

pathway will fall. 

 Now unto thee I have given m y wisdom . Now unto thee I have given m y way. Follow

the pathway. Solve thou my secrets. Unto thee I have shown the way. 

Face of God, by Chapel Tibet 



The Key of Magic 

Threatening Skies, by Vincent van Gogh 

 Hark ye, O m an, to the wisdom of m agic. Hark to the knowledge of powers forgotten.

Long, long ago in the days of the first m an, warfare began between darkness and light.

Men, then as now, were filled with both darkness and light; and while in som e darkness

held sway, in others light filled the soul. 

 Aye, age old is this warfare, the eternal struggle between darkness and light. Fiercely

is it fought all through the ages, using strange powers hidden to m an. 

 Adepts have there been filled with the blackness, struggling always against the light;

but others there are who, filled with brightness, have ever conquered the darkness of

night. Where e’er ye may be in all ages and planes, surely ye shall know of the battle

with night. Long ages ago, the Suns of the Morning, descending, found the world filled

with night. There in that past tim e began the struggle, the age old battle of darkness and


 Many in that tim e were so filled with darkness that only feebly flam ed the light from

the night. 

 Som e there were, m asters of darkness, who sought to fill all with their darkness;

sought to draw others into their night. Fiercely withstood they, the m asters of brightness; fiercely fought they from the darkness of night. Sought they ever to tighten the

fetters, the chains that bind m an to the darkness of night. Used they always the dark

m agic, brought into m an by the power of darkness; m agic that enshrouded m an’s soul

with darkness. 

 Banded together in as order, Brothers of Darkness, they through the ages, antagonists they to the children of m en. Walked they always secret and hidden, found yet not

found by the children of m en. Forever they walked and worked in darkness, hiding from

the light in the darkness of night. Silently, secretly, use they their power, enslaving and

binding the souls of m en. 

 Unseen they come and unseen they go. Man in his ignorance calls Them from below. 


 Dark is the way the Dark Brothers travel, dark with a darkness not of the night, traveling o’er Earth they walk through man’s dreams. Power have they gained from the darkness around them to call other dwellers from out of their plane in ways that are dark and

unseen by m an. I nto m an’s m ind-space reach the Dark Brothers. Around it, they close

the veil of their night. There through its lifetime that soul dwells in bondage, bound by

the fetters of the Veil of the night. Mighty are they in the forbidden knowledge, forbidden

because it is one with the night. 

 Hark ye, O m an, and list to m y warning: be ye free from the bondage of night. Surrender not your soul to the Brothers of Darkness. Keep thy face ever turned toward the

Light. Know ye not, O m an, that your sorrow only has com e through the Veil of the

night? Aye, man, heed ye my warning: strive ever upward, turn your soul toward the

Light. For well know they that those who have traveled far towards the Sun on their

pathway of Light have great and yet greater power to bind with darkness the children of


 List ye, O m an, to he who com es to you. But weigh in the balance if his words be of

Light. For m any there are who walk in Dark Brightness and yet are not the children of

Light. Easy it is to follow their pathway, easy to follow the path that they lead. But

yes, O m an, heed ye m y warning: Light com es only to him who strives. Hard is the

pathway that leads to the Wisdom , hard is the pathway that leads to the Light. Many

shall ye find, the stones in your pathway; many the mountains to climb toward the Light.

Yet know ye, O m an, to him that o’ercom eth, free will he be of the pathway of Light. Follow ye not the Dark Brothers ever. Always be ye a child of the Light. For know ye, O

m an, in the end Light must conquer and darkness and night be banished from Light. 

 Listen, O m an, and heed ye this wisdom ; even as darkness, so is the Light. 

 When darkness is banished and all Veils are rendered, out there shall flash from the

darkness, the Light. 

 Even as exist am ong m en the Dark Brothers, so there exists the Brothers of Light.

Antagonists they of the Brothers of Darkness, seeking to free m en from the night. Powers

have they, m ighty and potent. Knowing the Law, the planets obey. Work they ever in

harm ony and order, freeing the m an-soul from its bondage of night. Secret and hidden,

walk they also. Known not are they to the children of m en. Yet know that ever they walk

with thee, showing the Way to the children of m en. Ever have They fought the Dark

Brothers, conquered and conquering tim e without end. Yet always Light shall in the end

be m aster, driving away the darkness of night. 

 Aye, man, know ye this knowing: always beside thee walk the Children of Light. 

 Masters they of the Sun power, ever unseen yet the guardians of men. Open to all is

their pathway, open to he who will walk in the Light. Free are They of Dark Amenti, free

of the Halls where Life regins supreme. Suns are they and Lords of the m orning, Children

of Light to shine among men. Like man are they and yet are unlike. Never divided were

they in the past. One have they been in Oneness eternal, throughout all space since the

beginning of tim e. Up did they com e in Oneness with the All One, up from the first-space,

form ed and unform ed. 

 Given to m an have they secrets that shall guard and protect him from all harm . He

who would travel the path of a m aster, free m ust he be from the bondage of night. Conquer m ust he the form less and shapeless; conquer m ust he the phantom of fear. Knowing, must he gain of all the secrets, travel the pathway that leads through the darkness,

yet ever before him keep the light of his goal. Obstacles great shall he meet in the pathway, yet press on to the Light of the Sun. 

 Hear ye, O m an, the Sun is the symbol of the Light that shines at the end of thy


road. Now to thee give I the secrets: how to meet the dark power, meet and conquer the

fear from the night. Only by knowing can ye conquer; only by knowing can ye have Light. 


 Now I give unto thee the knowledge, known to the Masters; the knowing that conquers all the dark fears. Use this, the wisdom I give thee. Master thou shalt be of the

Brothers of Night. 

 When unto thee there comes a feeling, drawing thee nearer to the dark gate, examine thine heart and find if the feeling thou hast has com e from within. I f thou shalt find

the darkness thine own thoughts, banish them forth from place in thy m ind. Send

through thy body a wave of vibration, irregular first and regular second, repeating tim e

after tim e until free. Start the Wave Force in thy Brain Center. Direct it in waves from

thine head to thy foot. 

 But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened, be sure that a force is directed to

thee. Only by knowing can thou overcome it. Only by wisdom can thou hope to be free.

Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power. Attain and ye shall have power o’er all. 

 Seek ye first a place bound with darkness. Place ye a circle around about thee. Stand

erect in the m idst of the circle. Use thou this form ula, and thou shalt be free. Raise thou

thine hands to the dark space above thee. Close thou thine eyes and draw in the Light.

Call to the Spirit of Light through the Space-Tim e, using these words and thou shalt be


“Fill thou m y body with Spirit of Light. Com e from the Flower that shines

through the darkness. Com e from the Halls where the Seven Lords rule.

Name them by name, I , the Seven: Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven,

Eight—Nine. By their names I call them to aid me, free me and save me

from the darkness of night: Untanas, Quertas, Chietal, and Goyana, Huertal, Sem veta—Ardal. By their names I implore thee, free me from darkness

and fill me with Light.” 

 Know ye, O man, that when ye have done this, ye shall be free from the fetters that

bind ye, cast off the bondage of the Brothers of Night. See ye not that the nam es have

the power to free by vibration the fetters that bind? Use them at need to free thou thine

brother so the he, too, m ay com e forth from the night. 

 Thou, O m an, art thy brother’s helper. Let him not lie in the bondage of night. 

 Now unto thee, give I m y m agic. Take it and dwell on the pathway of Light. 

 Light unto thee, Life unto thee, Sun may thou be on the cycle above. 

Creation, by Michelangelo (Sistine Chapel) 



The Seven Lords 

 Hark ye, O man, and list to my Voice. Open thy mind-space and drink of my wisdom.

Dark is the pathway of Life that ye travel. Many the pitfalls that lie in thy way. Seek ye

ever to gain greater wisdom. Attain and it shall be light on thy way. 

 Open thy Soul, O m an, to the Cosm ic and let it flow in as one with thy Soul. Light is

eternal and darkness is fleeting. Seek ye ever, O man, for the Light. Know ye that ever

as Light fills thy being, darkness for thee shall soon disappear. 

 Open thy soul to the Brothers of Brightness. Let them enter and fill thee with Light.

Lift up thine eyes to the Light of the Cosm os. Keep thou ever thy face to the goal. Only

by gaining the light of all wisdom , art thou one with the I nfinite goal. Seek ye ever the

Oneness eternal. Seek ye ever the Light of the goal. 

 Light is infinite and Light is finite, separate only by darkness in man. Seek ye to rend

the Veil of the Darkness. Bring thou together the Light into One. 

 Hear ye, O m an, list to m y Voice singing the song of Light and of Life. Throughout all

space, Light is prevalent, encompassing ALL with its banners of flame. Seek ye forever in

the Veil of the Darkness, som ewhere ye shall surely find Light. Hidden and buried, lost to

m an’s knowledge, deep in the finite the I nfinite exists. Lost, but existing, flowing through

all things, living in ALL is the I nfinite Brain. I n all space, there is only One wisdom.

Though seeming divided, it is One in the One. All that exists comes forth from the Light,

and the Light com es forth from the ALL. 

 Everything created is based upon Order: Law rules the space where the I nfinite

dwells. Forth from equilibrium cam e the great cycles, moving in harmony toward I nfinity’s end. 

 Know ye, O m an, that far in the space-tim e, I nfinity itself shall pass into change.

Here ye and list to the Voice of Wisdom: Know that ALL is of ALL evermore. Know that

through tim e thou m ay pursue wisdom and find ever m ore light on the way. Aye, thou

shalt find that ever receding, thy goal shall elude thee from day unto day. 

 Long tim e ago, in the Halls of Am enti, I , Thoth, stood before the Lords of the cycles.

Mighty, They in their aspects of power; m ighty, They in the wisdom unveiled. 

 Led by the Dweller, first did I see them . But afterwards free was I of their presence,

free to enter their conclave at will. Oft did I journey down the dark pathway unto the Hall

where the Light ever glows. 

 Learned I of the Masters of cycles, wisdom brought from the cycles above us, knowledge brought from I nfinity’s All. Many the questions I asked of the Lords of the cycles.

Great was the wisdom they gave unto m e. Now unto thee I give of this wisdom , drawn

from the flam e of I nfinity’s fire. 

 Deep in the Dark Halls sit the Seven, units of consciousness from cycles above. Manifest They in this cycle as guide of man to the knowledge of All. Seven are they, m ighty in

power, speaking these words through m e to men. Time after time, stood I before them

listening to words that cam e not with sound. 

 Once said They unto m e: “O m an, wouldst thou gain wisdom ? Seek for it in the heart


of the flam e. Wouldst thou gain knowledge of power? Seek ye it in the heart of the flam e.

Wouldst be one with the heart of the flam e? Seek then within thine own hidden flam e.” 

 Many the tim es spoke They to m e, teaching m e wisdom not of the world; showing

m e ever new paths to brightness; teaching me wisdom brought from above. Giving

knowledge of operation, learning of Law, the order of ALL. 

 Spoke to m e again, the Seven, saying: “From far beyond tim e are We com e, O m an.

Traveled We from beyond the Space-Tim e, aye, from the place of I nfinity’s end. When ye

and all of thy brethren were form less, form ed forth were We from the order of ALL. Not

as m en are We though once We, too, were as m en. Out of the Great Void were We

form ed forth in order and by Law. For know ye that that which is formed truly is formless, having form only to thine eyes.” 

 And again, unto me spoke the Seven, saying: “Child of the Light, O Thoth, art thou,

free to travel the bright path upward until at the last All Ones become One. 

 Forth were We formed after our order: Three, Four, Five and Six, Seven, Eight—Nine.

Know ye that these are the number of cycles that We descend from unto m an. Each having here a duty to fulfill; each having here a force to control. Yet are We, One, with the

Soul of our cycle. Yet are We, too, seeking a goal. Far beyond m an’s conception, I nfinity

extends into a greater than All. There, in a tim e that is yet not a tim e, we shall ALL becom e ONE with a greater than ALL. Tim e and space are m oving in circles. Know ye their

law, and ye, too, shall be free. Aye, free shall ye be to m ove through the cycles—pass

the guardians that dwell at the door.” 

 Then to m e spoke He of Nine, saying: “Aeons and aeons have I existed, knowing not

Life, and tasting not death. For know ye, O m an, that far in the future, life and death

shall be one with the All. Each so perfected by balancing the other that neither exists in

the Oneness of All. I n m en of this cycle, the life force is ram pant, but life in its growth

becom es one with the All. Here, I m anifest in this your cycle, but yet am I there in your

future of tim e. Yet to m e, tim e exists not, for in m y world tim e exists not, for form less

are We. Life have We not but yet have existence, fuller and greater and freer than thee. 

 Man is a flam e bound to a m ountain, but We in our cycle shall ever be free. Know ye,

O m an, that when ye have progressed into the cycles that lengthen above, life itself will

pass to the darkness and only the essence of Soul shall rem ain.” 

 Then to m e spoke the Lord of the Eight saying: “All that ye know is but part of little.

Not as yet have ye touched on the Great. Far out in space where Light reigns suprem e,

cam e I into the Light. Form ed was I also but not as ye are. 

 Body of Light was m y form less form formed. Know I not Life and know I not Death,

yet m aster am I of all that exists. Seek ye to find the path through the barriers. Travel

the road that leads to the Light.” 

 Spoke again to m e the Nine saying: “Seek ye to find the path to beyond. Not im possible is it to grow to a consciousness above. For when Two have becom e One and One

has becom e the All, know ye the barrier has lifted, and ye are m ade free of the road.

Grow thou from form to the form less. Free m ay thou be of the road.” 

 Thus, through ages I listened, learning the way to the All. Now lift I m y thought to

the All-Thing. List ye and hear when it calls. “O Light, all pervading, One with All and

All with One, flow thou to m e through the channel. Enter thou so that I m ay be free.

Make me One with the All-Soul, shining from the blackness of night. Free let m e be of all

space-time, free from the Veil of the night. I , a child of the Light, command: Free from

the darkness to be.” 


 Form less am I to the Light-Soul, formless yet shining with Light. Know I the bonds of

the darkness m ust shatter and fall before light. 

 Now give I this wisdom. Free may ye be, O man, living in light and in brightness.

Turn not thy face from the Light. Thy soul dwells in realms of brightness. Ye are a child of

the Light. 

 Turn thy thoughts inward not outward. Find thou the Light-Soul within. Know that

thou are the Master. All else is brought from within. Grow thou to realm s of brightness.

Hold thou thy thought on the Light. Know thou are one with the Cosm os, a flame and a

Child of the Light. 

 Now to thee give I warning: Let not thy thought turn away. Know that the brightness

flows through thy body for aye. Turn not to the Dark-Brightness that com es from the

Brothers of Black. But keep thine eyes ever lifted, thy soul in tune with the Light. 

 Take ye this wisdom and heed it. List to my Voice and obey. Follow the pathway to

brightness, and thou shalt be One with the way. 

A Mom ent in the Mind of God, by Chapel Tibet 



The Key of Mysteries

 Unto thee, O m an, have I given m y knowledge. Unto thee have I given of Light. Hear

ye now and receive my wisdom brought from space planes above and beyond. 

 Not as m an am I for free have I becom e of dim ensions and planes. I n each, take I on

a new body. I n each, I change in my form. Know I now that the formless is all there is of

form . 

 Great is the wisdom of the Seven. Mighty are they from beyond. Manifest They

through their power, filled by force from beyond. 

 Here ye these words of wisdom. Hear ye and make them thine own. Find in them the

form less. Find ye the key to beyond. Mystery is but hidden knowledge. Know and ye shall

unveil. Find the deep buried wisdom and be master of darkness and Light. 

 Deep are the m ysteries around thee, hidden the secrets of Old. Search through the

Keys of my Wisdom . Surely shall ye find the way. The gateway to power is secret, but he

who attains shall receive. Look to the Light! O my brother. Open and ye shall receive.

Press on through the valley of darkness. Overcome the dweller of the night. Keep ever

thine eyes to the Light-Plane, and thou shalt be One with the Light. 

 Man is in process of changing to form s that are not of this world. Grows he in tim e to

the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know ye, ye must become formless before ye

are one with the Light. 

 List ye, O m an, to m y voice, telling of the pathways to Light, showing the way of

attainment when ye shall be One with the Light. Search ye the mysteries of Earth’s

heart. Learn of the Law that exists, holding the stars in their balance by the force of the

primordial mist. Seek ye the flame of the Earth’s Life. Bathe in the glare of its flame. Follow the three-cornered pathway until thou, too, art a flam e. 

 Speak thou in words without voice to those who dwell down below. Enter the bluelitten Tem ple and bathe in the fire of all life. 

 Know, O m an, thou art com plex, a being of earth and of fire. Let thy flam e shine out

brightly. Be thou only the fire. 

 Wisdom is hidden in darkness. When lit by the flame of the Soul, find thou the wisdom and be Light-Born, a Sun of the Light without form. Seek thee ever more wisdom.

Find it in the heart of the flame. Know that only by striving can Light pour into thy brain.

Now have I spoken with wisdom . List to m y Voice and obey. Tear open the Veils of the

darkness. Shine a Light on the Way. 

 Speak I of Ancient Atlantis, speak of the days of the Kingdom of Shadows, speak of

the com ing of the children of shadows. Out of the great deep were they called by the

wisdom of earth-m en, called for the purpose of gaining great power. 

 Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness,

using dark m agic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth cam e they into

this cycle. Formless were they of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of

earth-m en. Only through blood could they have form ed being. Only through m an could

they live in the world. 


 In ages past were they conquered by the Masters, driven below to the place whence

they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to

man. Lived they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye,

when the blood was offered, forth came they to dwell among men. 

 In the form of m an m oved they am ongst us, but only to sight where they as are

men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted but appearing to m an as m en am ong

m en. Crept they into the Councils, taking forms that were like unto men. Slaying by their

arts the chiefs of the kingdom s, taking their form and ruling o’er man. Only by magic

could they be discovered. Only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the

kingdom of shadows to destroy man and rule in his place. 

 But, know ye, the Masters were m ighty in m agic, able to lift the Veil from the face of

the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Cam e they to m an and taught him the

secret, the Word that only a m an can pronounce. Swift then they lifted the Veil from the

serpent and cast him forth from place among men. 

 Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open at tim es to the world. Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said. Again as time

passes onward shall they take the semblance of men. 

 Called may they be by the master who knows the white or the black, but only the

white master may control and bind them while in the flesh. 

 Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear. For only the m aster of

brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear. 

 Know ye, O my brother, that fear is an obstacle great. Be master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Hear ye and heed my wisdom, the voice of Light is

clear. Seek not the valley of shadow, and Light only will appear. 

 List ye, O m an, to the depth of m y wisdom . Speak I of knowledge hidden from m an.

Far have I been on my journey though Space-Tim e, even to the end of the space of this

cycle. Found I there the great barrier, holding man from leaving this cycle. Aye, glimpsed

the Hounds of the Barrier, laying in wait for he who would pass them. I n that space

where tim e exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through

angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions. 

 Strange and terrible are the Hounds of the Barrier. Follow they consciousness to the

lim its of space. Think not to escape by entering your body, for follow they fast the Soul

through angles. Only the circle will give ye protection, safe from the claws of the Dweller

in Angles. 

 Once, in a tim e past, I approached the great Barrier, and saw on the shores where

tim e exists not, the form less form s of the Hounds of the Barrier. Aye, hiding in the m ist

beyond tim e I found them ; and They, scenting me afar off, raised themselves and gave

the great bell cry that can be heard from cycle to cycle and moved through space toward

m y Soul. 

 Fled I then fast before them , back from tim e's unthinkable end. But ever after m e

pursued they, m oving in strange angles not known to m an. Aye, on the gray shore of

Tim e-Space’s end found I the Hounds of the Barrier, ravening for the Soul who attem pts

the beyond. 

 Fled I through circles back to m y body. Fled, and fast after me they followed. Aye,

after me the devourers followed, seeking through angles to devour m y Soul. 

 Aye, know ye man, that the Soul who dares the Barrier may be held in bondage by


the Hounds from beyond time, held till this cycle is all completed and left behind when

the consciousness leaves. 

 Entered I my body. Created the circles that know not angles, created the form that

from my form was formed. Made my body into a circle and lost the pursuers in the circles

of time. But, even yet, when free from my body, cautious ever m ust I be not to m ove

through angles, else m y Soul might never be free. 

 Know ye, the Hounds of the Barrier m ove only through angles and never through

curves of space. Only by moving through curves can ye escape them , for in angles they

will pursue thee. O man, heed ye my warning; Seek not to break open the gate to beyond. Few there are who have succeeded in passing the Barrier to the greater Light that

shines beyond. For know ye, ever the dwellers, seek such Souls to hold in their thrall. 

 Listen, O man, and heed ye my warning; seek ye to move not in angles but curves.

And if while free from thy body, thou hearest the sound like the bay of a hound ringing

clear and bell-like through thy being, flee back to thy body through circles, penetrate not

the mist before. 

 When thou hast entered the form thou hast dwelt in, use thou the cross and the circle combined. Open thy m outh and use thou thy Voice. Utter the Word and thou shalt be

free. Only the one who of Light has the fullest can hope to pass by the guards of the

way. And then m ust he m ove through strange curves and angles that are formed in direction not known to man. 

 List ye, O m an, and heed ye m y warning: attem pt not to pass the guards in the way.

Rather should ye seek to gain of thine own Light and make thyself ready to pass on the


 Light is thine ultim ate end, O my brother. Seek and find ever the Light on thy way. 

Angel Trumpets, by Dan Winter (Heart Chakra energies) 



The Key of Freedom of Space

 List ye, O m an, hear ye m y voice, teaching of Wisdom and Light in this cycle; teaching ye how to banish the darkness, teaching ye how to bring Light in thy life. 

 Seek ye, O m an, to find the great pathway that leads to eternal Life as a Sun. Draw

ye away from the veil of the darkness. Seek to become a Light in the world. Make of thyself a vessel for Light, a focus for the Sun of this space. 

 Lift thou thine eyes to the Cosm os. Lift thou thine eyes to the Light. Speak in the

words of the Dweller, the chant that calls down the Light. Sing thou the song of freedom.

Sing thou the song of the Soul. Create the high vibration that will make thee One with

the Whole. Blend all thyself with the Cosm os. Grow into One with the Light. Be thou a

channel of order, a pathway of Law to the world. 

 Thy Light, O man, is the great Light, shining through the shadow of flesh. Free must

thou rise from the darkness before thou art One with the Light. 

 Shadows of darkness surround thee. Life fills thee with its flow. But know, O m an,

thou m ust arise and forth from thy body go far to the planes that surround thee and yet

are One with thee, too. 

 Look all around thee, O m an. See thine own light reflected. Aye, even in the darkness around thee, thine own Light pours forth through the veil. 

 Seek thou for wisdom always. Let not thine body betray. Keep in the path of the

Light wave. Shun thou the darkened way. Know thee that wisdom is lasting, existing

since the All-Soul began, creating harm ony from chaos by the Law that exists in the Way.

 List ye, O m an, to the teaching of wisdom . List to the voice that speaks of the pasttime. Aye, I shall tell thee knowledge forgotten, tell ye of wisdom hidden in past-time,

lost in the m ist of darkness around m e. 

 Know ye, man, ye are the ultimate of all things. Only the knowledge of this is forgotten, lost when m an was cast into bondage, bound and fettered by the chains of the darkness. 

 Long, long ago, I cast off m y body. Wandered I free through the vastness of ether,

circled the angles that hold man in bondage. Know ye, O man, ye are only a spirit. The

body is nothing. The Soul is All. Let not your body be a fetter. Cast off the darkness and

travel in Light. Cast off your body, O m an, and be free, truly a Light that is One with the


 When ye are free from the fetters of darkness and travel in space as a Sun of the

Light, then ye shall know that space is not boundless but truly bounded by angles and

curves. Know ye, O m an, that all that exists is only an aspect of greater things yet to

come. Matter is fluid and flows like a stream, constantly changing from one thing to another. 

 All through the ages has knowledge existed; never been changed, though buried in

darkness; never been lost, though forgotten by m an. 

 Know ye that throughout the space that ye dwell in are others as great as your own,

interlaced through the heart of your m atter yet separate in space of their own. 


 Once in a tim e long forgotten, I , Thoth, opened the doorway, penetrated into other

spaces and learned of the secrets concealed. Deep in the essence of matter are many

mysteries concealed. 

 Nine are the interlocked dimensions, and Nine are the cycles of space. Nine are the

diffusions of consciousness, and Nine are the worlds within worlds. Aye, Nine are the

Lords and the cycles that come from above and below. 

 Space is filled with concealed ones, for space is divided by tim e. Seek ye the key to

the tim e-space, and ye shall unlock the gate. Know ye that throughout the time-space

consciousness surely exists. Though from our knowledge it is hidden, yet still it forever


 The key to worlds within thee are found only within. For m an is the gateway of m ystery and the key that is One within One. 

 Seek ye within the circle. Use the Word I shall give. Open the gateway within thee,

and sure thou, too, shalt live. Man, ye think that ye liveth, but know it is life within

death. For as sure as ye are bound to your body, for you no life exists. Only the Soul is

space-free, has life that is really a life. All else is only a bondage, a fetter from which to

be free. 

 Think not that man is earth-born, though come from the earth he may be. Man is a

light-born spirit. But, without knowing, he can never be free. Darkness fetters the Soul.

Only the one who is seeking may ever hope to be free. 

 Shadows around thee are falling. Darkness fills all the spaces. Shine forth, O Light of

the m an-soul. Fill thou the darkness of space. Ye are a Sun of the Great Light. Remember and ye shall be free. Stay not thou in the shadows. Spring forth from the darkness of

night. Light, let thy Soul be, O Sun-Born, filled with glory of Light, freed from the bonds

of darkness, a Soul that is One with the Light. 

 Thou art the key to all wisdom . Within thee is all tim e and space. Live not in bondage

to darkness. Free thou thy Light-form from night. 

 “Great Light that fills all the Cosm os, flow thou fully to m an. Make of his body a lighttorch that shall never be quenched am ong m en.” 

 Long in the past, sought I wisdom , knowledge not known to man. Far to the past I

traveled into the space where time began. Sought I ever new knowledge to add to the

wisdom I know. Yet only, I found, did the future hold the key to the wisdom I sought. 

 Down to the Halls of Am enti I journeyed, the greater knowledge to seek. Asked of

the Lords of the Cycles, the way to the wisdom I sought. Asked the Lords this question:

“Where is the source of ALL?” Answered, in tones that were mighty, the voice of the Lord

of the Nine: “Free thou thy Soul from thy body and com e forth with me to the Light.” 

 Forth I cam e from m y body, a glittering flam e in the night. Stood I before the Lords,

bathed in the fire of Life. Seized was I then by a force, great beyond knowledge of m an.

Cast was I to the Abyss through spaces unknown to man. 

 Saw I m oulding of Order from the chaos and angles of night. Saw I the Light spring

from Order and heard the voice of the Light. Saw I the flame of the Abyss, casting forth

Order and Light. Saw Order spring out of chaos. Saw Light giving forth Life. 

 Then heard I the voice: “Hear thou and understand. The flam e is the source of all

things, containing all things in potentiality. The Order that sent forth light is the Word

and from the Word com es Life and the existence of all.” And again spoke the voice say31

ing: “The Life in thee is the Word. Find thou the Life within thee, and have powers to use

of the Word.” 

 Long I watched the Light-flam e, pouring forth from the Essence of Fire, realizing that

Life is but Order and that m an is one with the fire. 

 Back I came to my body. Stood again with the Nine, listened to the voice of the Cycles, vibrate with powers they spoke: “Know ye, O Thoth, that Life is but the Word of the

Fire. The Life force ye seek before thee is but the Word in the World as a fire. Seek ye

the path to the Word and powers shall surely be thine.” 

 Then asked I of the Nine: “O Lord, show m e the path. Give m e the path to the wisdom . Show m e the way to the Word.” Answered, m e then, the Lord of the Nine:

“Through Order, ye shall find the way. Saw ye not that the Word cam e from Chaos? Saw

ye not that Light cam e from Fire? Look in thy life for disorder. Balance and order thy life.

Quell all the Chaos of em otions and thou shalt have order in Life. Order brought forth

from Chaos will bring thee the Word of the Source, will give thee the power of Cycles,

and m ake of thy Soul a force that free will extend through the ages, a perfected Sun

from the Source.” 

 Listened I to the voice and deep sank the words in my heart. For ever have I sought

for order that I m ight draw on the word. Know ye that he who attains it must ever in Order be. For use of the Word through disorder has never and can never be. 

 Take ye these words, O m an. As part of thy life, let them be. Seek thee to conquer

disorder, and One with the Word thou shalt be. 

 Put forth thy effort in gaining Light on the pathway of Life. Seek to be One with the

Sun-State. Seek to be solely the Light. Hold thou thy thought on the Oneness of Light

with the body of m an. Know that all is Order from Chaos born into Light. 

Somewhere in the Cosmos, by Hubble Telescope 



The Key of Tim e

 List ye, O man. Take of my wisdom. Learn of the deep hidden m ysteries of space.

Learn of the Thought that grew in the abyss, bringing Order and Harm ony in space. 

 Know ye, O man, that all that exists has being only because of the Law. Know ye the

Law and ye shall be free, never be bound by the fetters of night. 

 Far, through strange spaces, have I journeyed into the depth of the abyss of tim e,

learning strange and yet stranger mysteries, until in the end all was revealed. Know ye

that mystery is only mystery when it is knowledge unknown to man. 

 When you have plum bed the heart of all mystery, knowledge and wisdom will surely

be thine. 

 Seek ye and learn that Tim e is the secret whereby ye may be free of this space. 

 Long have I , Thoth, sought wisdom ; aye, and shall seek to eternity’s end for know I

that ever before receding shall move the goal I seek to attain. Even the Lords of the Cycles know that not yet have They reached the goal, for with all of their wisdom , they

know that Truth ever grows. 

 Once, in a past tim e, I spoke to the Dweller. Asked of the m ystery of tim e and space.

Asked him the question that surged in my being, saying: “O Master, what is tim e?” 

 Then to m e spoke He, the Master: “Know ye, O Thoth, in the beginning there was

void and nothingness: a tim eless, spaceless, nothingness. And into the nothingness cam e

a thought, purposeful, all-pervading, and I t filled the Void. There existed no m atter, only

force, a m ovem ent, a vortex of vibration of the purposeful thought that filled the Void.” 

 And I questioned the Master, saying: “Was this thought eternal?” And answered m e

the Dweller, saying: “I n the beginning, there was eternal thought, and for thought to be

eternal, tim e m ust exist. So into the all-pervading thought grew the Law of Tim e. Aye,

tim e which exists through all space, floating in a sm ooth, rhythm ic m ovem ent that is

eternally in a state of fixation. Tim e changes not, but all things change in tim e. For tim e

is the force that holds events separate, each in its proper place. Tim e is not in m otion,

but ye m ove through tim e as your consciousness m oves from one event to another. Aye,

by tim e ye exist, all in all, an eternal One existence. Know ye that even though in tim e ye

are separate, yet still are One in all tim es existent.” Ceased then the voice of the

Dweller, and departed I to ponder on tim e. For knew I that in these words lay wisdom

and a way to explore the mysteries of time. 

 Oft did I ponder the words of the Dweller. Then sought I to solve the m ystery of

tim e. Found I that tim e m oves through strange angles. Yet only by curves could I hope

to attain the key that would give m e access to the tim e-space. Found I that only by m oving upward and yet again by m oving to right-ward could I be free from the tim e of this

m ovem ent. 

 Forth I cam e from out of m y body, moved in the movements that changed me in

tim e. Strange were the sights I saw in m y journeys, many the mysteries that opened to

view. Aye, saw I m an’s beginning, learned from the past that nothing is new. 

 Seek ye, O m an, to learn the pathway that leads through the spaces that are formed

forth in tim e. 


 Forget not, O m an, with all of thy seeking that Light is the goal ye shall seek to attain. Search ye ever for Light on thy pathway and ever for thee the goal shall endure. Let

not thine heart turn ever to darkness. Light let thine Soul be, a sun on the way. Know ye

that in the eternal brightness, ye shall ever find thy Soul hid in the Light, never fettered

by bondage to darkness, ever it shines forth a Sun of the Light. 

 Aye, know, though hidden in darkness, your Soul, a spark of the true flam e, exists.

Be ye One with the greatest of all Lights. Find at the Source, the End of thy goal. 

 Light is life, for without the great Light nothing can ever exist. Know ye, that in all

form ed m atter, the heart of Light always exists. Aye, even though bound in the darkness,

inherent Light always exists. 

 Once I stood in the Halls of Am enti and heard the voice of the Lords of Am enti, saying in tones that rang through the silence, words of power, m ighty and potent. Chanted

they the song of the cycles, the words that opened the path to beyond. Aye, I saw the

great path opened and looked for an instant into the beyond. Saw I the m ovem ents of

the cycles, vast as the thought of the Source could convey. 

 Knew I then that even I nfinity is m oving on to som e unthinkable end. Saw I that the

Cosm os is Order and part of a movement that extends to all space, a part of an Order of

Orders, constantly moving in a harmony of space. Saw I the wheeling of cycles like vast

circles across the sky. Knew I then that all that has being is growing to meet yet other

being in a far-off grouping of space and of time. Knew I then that in Words are power to

open the planes that are hidden from man. Aye, that even in Words lies hidden the key

that will open above and below. 

 Hark ye now, man, this word I leave with thee. Use it and ye shall find power in its

sound. Say ye, the word: “Zin-Uru” and power ye shall find. Yet must ye understand that

m an is of Light and Light is of m an. 

 List ye, O m an, and hear a m ystery stranger than all that lies ‘neath the Sun. Know

ye, O man, that all space is filled by worlds within worlds; aye, one within the other yet

separate by Law. 

 Once in m y search for deep buried wisdom, I opened the door that bars Them from

man. Called I from other planes of being, one who was fairer than the daughters of men.

Aye, I called her from out of the spaces to shine as a Light in the world of m en. 

 Used I the drum of the Serpent. Wore I the robe of the purple and gold. Placed on

my head, I, the crown of Silver. Around me the circle of cinnabar shone. Raised I my

arm s and cried the invocation that opens the path to the planes beyond, cried to the

Lords of the Signs in their houses: “Lords of the two horizons, watchers of the treble

gates, stand ye One at the right and One at the left as the Star rises to his throne and

rules over his sign. Aye, thou dark prince of Arulu, open the gates of the dim , hidden

land and release her whom ye keep imprisoned. 

 Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, dark Lords and Shining Ones, and by their secret nam es,

nam es which I know and can pronounce, hear ye and obey m y will.” 

 Lit I then with flam e m y circle and called Her in the space-planes beyond. “Daughter

of Light return from Arulu. Seven tim es and seven tim es have I passed through the fire.

Food have I not eaten. Water have I not drunk. I call thee from Arulu, from the realm of

Ekershegal, I summ on thee, Lady of Light.” 

 Then before m e rose the dark figures; aye, the figures of the Lords of Arulu. Parted

they before m e and forth cam e the Lady of Light. Free was she now from the Lords of the

night, free to live in the Light of the earth Sun, free to live as a child of Light. 


 Here ye and listen, O my children. Magic is knowledge and only is Law. Be not afraid

of the power within thee for it follows Law as the stars in the sky. 

 Know ye that to he without knowledge, wisdom is m agic and not of the Law. But

know ye that ever ye by your knowledge can approach closer to a place in the Sun. 

 List ye, m y children, follow my teaching. Be ye ever seeker of Light. Shine in the

world of m en all around thee, a Light on the path that shall shine among men. 

 Follow ye and learn of m y m agic. Know that all force is thine if thou wilt. Fear not the

path that leads thee to knowledge, but rather shun ye the dark road. 

 Light is thine, O m an, for the taking. Cast off the fetters and thou shalt be free.

Know ye that thy Soul is living in bondage fettered by fear that holds ye in thrall. Open

thy eyes and see the great Sun-Light. Be not afraid for all is thine own. Fear is the Lord

of dark Arulu to he who has never faced the dark fear. Aye, know that fear has existence

created by those who are bound by their fears. 

 Shake off thy bondage, O children, and walk in the Light of the glorious day. Never

turn thy thoughts to the darkness and surely ye shall be One with the Light. 

 Man is only what he believeth, a brother of darkness or a child of the Light. Com e

thou into the Light my Children. Walk in the pathway that leads to the Sun. 

 Hark ye now and list to the wisdom . Use thou the word I have given unto thee. Use it

and surely thou shalt find power and wisdom and Light to walk in the way. Seek thee and

find the key I have given and ever shalt thou be a Child of the Light. 

Sri Yantra 



The Key to Above and Below

 Hear ye and list ye, O children of Khem , to the words that I give that shall bring ye

to the Light. Ye know, O m en, that I knew your fathers, aye, your fathers in a time long

ago. Deathless have I been through all the ages, living am ong ye since your knowledge

began. Leading ye upward to the Light of the Great Soul have I ever striven, drawing ye

from out of the darkness of night. 

 Know ye, O people am ongst whom I walk, that I , Thoth, have all of the knowledge

and all of the wisdom known to man since the ancient days. Keeper have I been of the

secrets of the great race, holder of the key that leads into life. Bringer up have I been to

ye, O my children, even from the darkness of the Ancient of Days. List ye now to the

words of my wisdom . List ye now to the m essage I bring. Hear ye now the words I give

thee, and ye shall be raised from the darkness to Light. 

 Far in the past, when first I cam e to thee, found I thee in caves of rocks. Lifted I

thee by my power and wisdom until thou didst shine as m en am ong m en. Aye, found I

thee without any knowing. Only a little were ye raised beyond beasts. Fanned I ever the

spark of thy consciousness until at last ye flam ed as m en. 

 Now shall I speak to thee knowledge ancient beyond the thought of thy race. Know

ye that we of the Great Race had and have knowledge that is more than man’s. Wisdom

we gained from the star-born races, wisdom and knowledge far beyond m an’s. Down to

us had descended the masters of wisdom as far beyond us as I am from thee. List ye

now while I give ye wisdom . Use it and free thou shalt be. 

 Know ye that in the pyramid I builded are the Keys that shall show ye the Way into

life. Aye, draw ye a line from the great image I builded, to the apex of the pyramid, built

as a gateway. Draw ye another opposite in the same angle and direction. Dig ye and find

that which I have hidden. There shall ye find the underground entrance to the secrets

hidden before ye were m en. 

 Tell ye I now of the m ystery of cycles that m ove in m ovem ents that are strange to

the finite, for infinite are they beyond knowledge of man. Know ye that there are nine of

the cycles; aye, nine above and fourteen below, m oving in harm ony to the place of joining that shall exist in the future of time. Know ye that the Lords of the Cycles are units of

consciousness sent from the others to unify This with the All. Highest are They of the

consciousness of all the Cycles, working in harmony with the Law. Know They that in

tim e all will be perfected, having none above and none below, but all One in a perfected

I nfinity, a harmony of all in the Oneness of All. 

 Deep ‘neath Earth’s surface in the Halls of Am enti sit the Seven, the Lords of the

Cycles, aye, and another, the Lord from below. Yet know thee that in I nfinity there is

neither above nor below. But ever there is and ever shall be Oneness of All when all is

com plete. Oft have I stood before the Lords of the All. Oft at the fount of their wisdom

have drunken and filled both my body and Soul with their Light. 

 Spake they to m e and told me of cycles and the Law that gives them the means to

exist. Aye, spake to m e the Lord of the Nine saying: “O, Thoth, great are ye am ong

Earth’s children, but m ysteries exist of which ye know not. Ye know that ye cam e from a

space-tim e below this and know ye shall travel to a space-tim e beyond. But little ye

know of the m ysteries within them , little ye know of the wisdom beyond. Know ye that ye

as a whole in this consciousness are only a cell in the process of growth. 


 The consciousness below thee is ever-expanding in different ways from those known

to thee. Aye, it, though in space-tim e below thee, is ever growing in ways that are different from those that were part of the ways of thine own. For know that it grows as a result of thy growth but not in the sam e way that thou didst grow. The growth that thou

had and have in the present have brought into being a cause and effect. No consciousness follows the path of those before it, else all would be repetition and vain. Each consciousness in the cycle it exists in follows its own path to the ultim ate goal. Each plays its

part in the Plan of the Cosm os. Each plays its part in the ultim ate end. The farther the

cycle, the greater its knowledge and ability to blend the Law of the whole. 

 Know ye, that ye in the cycles below us are working the minor parts of the Law,

while we of the cycle that extends to I nfinity take of the striving and build greater Law. 

 Each has his own part to play in the cycles. Each has his work to com plete in his

way. The cycle below thee is yet not below thee but only form ed for a need that exists.

For know ye that the fountain of wisdom that sends forth the cycles is eternally seeking

new powers to gain. Ye know that knowledge is gained only by practice, and wisdom

com es forth only from knowledge, and thus are the cycles created by Law. Means are

they for the gaining of knowledge for the Plane of Law that is the Source of the All. The

cycle below is not truly below but only different in space and in tim e. The consciousness

there is working and testing lesser things than those ye are. And know, just as ye are

working on greater, so above ye are those who are also working as ye are on yet other

laws. The difference that exists between the cycles is only in ability to work with the Law.

We, who have being in cycles beyond thee, are those who first came forth from the

Source and have in the passage through tim e-space gained ability to use Laws of the

Greater that are far beyond the conception of m an. Nothing there is that is really below

thee but only a different operation of Law. 

 Look thee above or look thee below, the sam e shall ye find. For all is but part of the

Oneness that is at the Source of the Law. The consciousness below thee is part thine own

as we are a part of thine. 

 Ye, as a child had not the knowledge that cam e to ye when ye becam e a man. Com -

pare ye the cycles to m an in his journey from birth unto death, and see in the cycle below thee the child with the knowledge he has; and see ye yourself as the child grown

older, advancing in knowledge as tim e passes on. See ye, We, also, the child grown to

manhood with the knowledge and wisdom that came with the years. So also, O Thoth,

are the cycles of consciousness, children in different stages of growth, yet all from the

one Source, the Wisdom , and all to the Wisdom returning again.” 

 Ceased then He from speaking and sat in the silence that comes to the Lords. Then

again spake He unto m e, saying: “O Thoth, long have We sat in Am enti, guarding the

flam e of life in the Halls. Yet know, we are still part of our Cycles with our Vision reaching

unto them and beyond. Aye, know we that of all, nothing else m atters excepting the

growth we can gain with our Soul. Know we the flesh is fleeting. The things m en count

great are nothing to us. The things we seek are not of the body but are only the perfected state of the Soul. When ye as m en can learn that nothing but progress of Soul can

count in the end, then truly ye are free from all bondage, free to work in a harm ony of


 Know, O m an, ye should aim at perfection, for only thus can ye attain to the goal.

Though ye should know that nothing is perfect, yet it should be thy aim and thy goal.”

Ceased again the voice of the Nine, and into my consciousness the words had sunk. Now,

seek I ever more wisdom that I may be perfect in Law with the All. 

 Soon go I down to the Halls of Am enti to live ‘neath the cold flower of life. Ye whom I

have taught shall neverm ore see m e. Yet live I forever in the wisdom I taught. 


 All that man is is because of his wisdom. All that he shall be is the result of his


 List ye, now to m y voice and becom e greater than com m on m an. Lift thine eyes upward, let Light fill thy being, be thou ever Children of Light. Only by effort shall ye grow

upward to the plane where Light is the All of the All. Be ye the master of all that surrounds thee. Never be mastered by the effects of thy life. Create then ever more perfect

causes and in tim e shalt thou be a Sun of the Light. 

 Free, let thine soul soar ever upward, free from the bondage and fetters of night. Lift

thine eyes to the Sun in the sky-space. For thee, let it be a symbol of life. Know that

thou art the Greater Light, perfect in thine own sphere, when thou art free. Look not ever

into the blackness. Lift up thine eyes to the space above. Free let thine Light flam e upward and shalt thou be a Child of the Light. 



The Law of Cause and Effect & The Key of Prophecy

 List ye, O m an, to the words of m y wisdom , list to the voice of Thoth, the Atlantean.

Conquered have I the Law of time-space. Knowledge have I gained of the future of time.

Know I that m an in his m ovem ent through space-tim e shall ever be One with the All. 

 Know ye, O m an, that all of the future is an open book to him who can read. All effect shall bring forth its causes as all effects grew from the first cause. Know ye the future is not fixed or stable but varies as cause brings forth an effect. Look in the cause

thou shalt bring into being, and surely thou shalt see that all is effect. 

 So, O m an, be sure the effects that ye bring forth are ever causes of more perfect

effects. Know ye the future is never in fixation but follows man’s free will as it moves

through the m ovem ents of tim e-space toward the goal where a new tim e begins. Man

can only read the future through the causes that bring the effects. Seek ye within the

causation and surely ye shall find the effects. 

 List ye, O m an, while I speak of the future, speak of the effect that follows the cause.

Know ye that m an in his journey light-ward is ever seeking escape from the night that

surrounds him , like the shadows that surround the stars in the sky and like the stars in

the sky-space, he, too, shall shine from the shadows of night. 

 Ever his destiny shall lead him onward until he is One with the Light. Aye, though his

way lies m idst the shadows, ever before him glows the Great Light. Dark though the way

be yet shall he conquer the shadows that flow around him like night. 

 Far in the future, I see m an as Light-born, free from the darkness that fetters the

Soul, living in Light without the bounds of the darkness to cover the Light that is Light of

their Soul. Know ye, O man, before ye attain this that many the dark shadows shall fall

on your Light striving to quench with the shadows of darkness the Light of the Soul that

strives to be free. 

 Great is the struggle between Light and darkness, age old and yet ever new. Yet,

know in a tim e, far in the future, Light shall be All and darkness shall fall. 

 List ye, O man, to my words of wisdom . Prepare and ye shall not bind your Light.

Man has risen and m an has fallen as ever new waves of consciousness flow from the

great abyss below us toward the Sun of their goal. 

 Ye, my children, have risen from a state that was little above the beast, until now of

all men ye are greatest. Yet before thee were others greater than thee. Yet tell I thee as

before thee others have fallen, so also shall ye come to an end. And upon the land where

ye dwell now, barbarians shall dwell and in turn rise to Light. Forgotten shall be the ancient-wisdom, yet ever shall live though hidden from m en. 

 Aye, in the land thou callest Khem, races shall rise and races shall fall. Forgotten

shalt thou be of the children of m en. Yet thou shalt have m oved to a star-space beyond

this leaving behind this place where thou has dwelt. 

 The Soul of m an m oves ever onward, bound not by any one star. But ever moving to

the great goal before him where he is dissolved in the Light of the All. Know ye that ye

shall ever go onward, moved by the Law of cause and effect until in the end both become



 Aye, man, after ye have gone, others shall move in the places ye lived. Knowledge

and wisdom shall all be forgotten, and only a memory of Gods shall survive. As I to thee

am a God by m y knowledge, so ye, too shall be Gods of the future because of your

knowledge far above theirs. Yet know ye that all through the ages, man shall have access

to Law when he will. 

 Ages to com e shall see revival of wisdom to those who shall inherit thy place on this

star. They shall, in turn, come into wisdom and learn to banish the darkness by Light. Yet

greatly must they strive through the ages to bring unto themselves the freedom of Light.

Then shall there come unto man the great warfare that shall make the Earth tremble and

shake in its course. Aye, then shall the Dark Brothers open the warfare between Light

and the night. 

 When m an again shall conquer the ocean and fly in the air on wings like the birds;

when he has learned to harness the lightning, then shall the tim e of warfare begin. Great

shall the battle be twixt the forces, great the warfare of darkness and Light. Nation shall

rise against nation using the dark forces to shatter the Earth. Weapons of force shall wipe

out the Earth-m an until half of the races of men shall be gone. Then shall come forth the

Sons of the Morning and give their edict to the children of m en, saying: “O m en, cease

from thy striving against thy brother. Only thus can ye com e to the Light. Cease from thy

unbelief, O m y brother, and follow the path and know ye are right.” 

 Then shall m en cease from their striving, brother against brother and father against

son. Then shall the ancient home of my people rise from its place ‘neath the dark ocean

waves. Then shall the Age of Light be unfolded with all m en seeking the Light of the goal.

Then shall the Brothers of Light rule the people. Banished shall be the darkness of night. 


 Aye, the children of m en shall progress onward and upward to the great goal. Children of Light shall they become. Flam e of the flame shall their Souls ever be. Knowledge

and wisdom shall be man’s in the great age for he shall approach the eternal flame, the

Source of all wisdom, the place of beginning, that is yet One with the end of all things.

Aye, in a time that is yet unborn, all shall be One and One shall be All. Man, a perfect

flam e of this Cosm os, shall move forward to a place in the stars. Aye, shall move even

from out of this space-time into another beyond the stars. 

 Long have ye listened to me, O my children, long have ye listened to the wisdom of

Thoth. Now I depart from ye into darkness. Now go I to the Halls of Am enti, there to

dwell in the future when Light shall com e again to man. Yet, know ye, my Spirit shall

ever be with thee, guiding thy feet in the pathway of Light. 

 Guard ye the secrets I leave with thee, and surely my spirit will guard thee through

life. Keep thine eyes ever on the pathway to wisdom . Keep the Light as thy goal everm ore. Fetter not thy Soul in bondage of darkness; free let it wing in its flight to the stars. 


 Now I depart thee to dwell in Am enti. Be thou my children in this life and the next.

The tim e will com e when ye, too, shall be deathless, living from age to age a Light

among men. 

 Guard ye the entrance to the Halls of Am enti. Guard ye the secrets I have hidden

am ong ye. Let not the wisdom be cast to barbarians. Secret shall thou keep it for those

who seek Light. Now depart I . Receive thou my blessing. Take thou my way and follow

the Light. 


Blend thou thy Soul in the Great Essence. 

One, with the Great Light let thy 

consciousness be. 

Call thou on m e when thou dost need m e. 

Use my nam e three tim es in a row: 

Chequetet, Arelich, Volm alites. 

Cypresses, by Vincent van Gogh 



The Keys of Life and Death

 List ye, O m an, hear ye the wisdom . Hear ye the Word that shall fill thee with Life.

Hear ye the Word that shall banish the darkness. Hear ye the voice that shall banish the


 Mystery and wisdom have I brought to m y children; knowledge and power descended from old. Know ye not that all shall be opened when ye shall find the oneness of

all? One shall ye be with the Masters of Mystery, Conquerors of Death and Masters of

Life. Aye, ye shall learn of the flower of Am enti the blossom of life that shines in the

Halls. I n Spirit shall ye reach that Halls of Amenti and bring back the wisdom that liveth

in Light. Know ye the gateway to power is secret. Know ye the gateway to life is through

death. Aye, through death but not as ye know death, but a death that is life and is fire

and is Light. 

 Desireth thou to know the deep, hidden secret? Look in thy heart where the knowledge is bound. Know that in thee the secret is hidden, the source of all life and the

source of all death. 

 List ye, O m an, while I tell the secret, reveal unto thee the secret of old. 

 Deep in Earth’s heart lies the flower, the source of the Spirit that binds all in its form .

For know ye that the Earth is living in body as thou art alive in thine own formed form.

The Flower of Life is as thine own place of Spirit and stream s through the Earth as thine

flows through thy form; giving of life to the Earth and its children, renewing the Spirit

from form unto form . This is the Spirit that is form of thy body, shaping and m oulding

into its form. 

 Know ye, O man, that thy form is dual, balanced in polarity while formed in its form.

Know that when fast on thee Death approaches, it is only because thy balance is shaken.

I t is only because one pole has been lost. 

 Know that thy body when in perfect balance may never be touched by the finger of

Death. Aye, even accident may only approach when the balance is gone. When ye are in

a balanced equilibrium, ye shall live on in time and not taste of Death. Know that thou

art the balanced completion, existing because of thy balance of poles. As, in thee, one

pole is drawn downward, fast from thee goes the balance of life. Then unto thee cold

Death approaches, and change m ust come to thine unbalanced life. 

 Know that the secret of life in Am enti is the secret of restoring the balance of poles.

All that exists has form and is living because of the Spirit of life in its poles. 

 See ye not that in Earth’s heart is the balance of all things that exist and have being

on its face? The source of thy Spirit is drawn from Earth’s heart, for in thy form thou are

one with the Earth. 

 When thou hast learned to hold thine own balance, then shalt thou draw on the balance of Earth. Exist then shalt thou while Earth is existing, changing in form, only when

Earth, too, shalt change: Tasting not of death, but one with this planet, holding thy form

till all pass away. 

 List ye, O m an, whilst I give the secret so that ye, too, shalt taste not of change.

One hour each day shalt thou lie with thine head pointed to the place of the positive pole

(north). One hour each day shalt thy head be pointed to the place of the negative pole


(south). Whilst thy head is placed to the northward, hold thou thy consciousness from

the chest to the head. And when thy head is placed southward, hold thou thy thought

from chest to the feet. Hold thou in balance once in each seven, and thy balance will retain the whole of its strength. Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen and thy strength

will becom e as a youth’s. This is the secret known to the Masters by which they hold off

the fingers of Death. Neglect not to follow the path I have shown, for when thou hast

passed beyond years to a hundred to neglect it will m ean the com ing of Death. 

 Hear ye, my words, and follow the pathway. Keep thou thy balance and live on in


 Hear ye, O m an, and list to m y voice. List to the wisdom that gives thee of Death.

When at the end of thy work appointed, thou m ay desire to pass from this life, pass to

the plane where the Suns of the Morning live and have being as Children of Light. Pass

without pain and pass without sorrow into the plane where is eternal Light. 

 First lie at rest with thine head to the eastward. Fold thou thy hands at the Source of

thy life (solar plexus). Place thou thy consciousness in the life seat. Whirl it and divide to

north and to south. Send thou the one out toward the northward. Send thou the other

out to the south. Relax thou thy hold upon thy being. Forth from they form will thy silver

spark fly, upward and onward to the Sun of the m orning, blending with Light, at one with

its source. There it shall flam e till desire shall be created. Then shall return to a place in a

form . Know ye, O m en, that thus pass the great Souls, changing at will from life unto life.

Thus ever passes the Avatar, willing his Death as he wills his own life. 

 List ye, O m an, drink of m y wisdom . Learn ye the secret that is Master of Tim e.

Learn ye how those ye call Masters are able to rem em ber the lives of the past. Great is

the secret yet easy to m aster, giving to thee the m astery of tim e. When upon thee death

fast approaches, fear not but know ye are m aster of Death. Relax thy body, resist not

with tension. Place in thy heart the flam e of thy Soul. Swiftly then sweep it to the seat of

the triangle. Hold for a m om ent, then m ove to the goal. This, thy goal, is the place between thine eyebrows, the place where the mem ory of life m ust hold sway. Hold thou thy

flam e here in thy brain-seat until the fingers of Death grasp thy Soul. Then as thou pass

through the state of transition, surely the m em ories of life shall pass, too. Then shalt the

past be as one with the present. Then shall the m em ory of all be retained. Free shalt

thou be from all retrogression. The things of the past shall live in today. 

 Man, ye have heard the voice of m y wisdom . Follow and ye shall live through the

ages as I . 

Cloud, Sky and Mt. Shasta 


Supplem entary EMERALD TABLET XI V 

 List ye, O Man, to the deep hidden wisdom, lost to the world since the time of the

Dwellers, lost and forgotten by m en of this age. 

 Know ye this Earth is but a portal, guarded by powers unknown to m an. Yet, the

Dark Lords hide the entrance that leads to the Heaven-born land. Know ye, the way to

the sphere of Arulu is guarded by barriers opened only to Light-born man. 

 Upon Earth, I am the holder of the keys to the gates of the Sacred Land. Com m and

I , by the powers beyond m e, to leave the keys to the world of man. Before I depart, I

give ye the Secrets of how ye m ay rise from the bondage of darkness, cast off the fetters

of flesh that have bound ye, rise from the darkness into the Light. Know ye, the soul

must be cleansed of its darkness, ere ye may enter the portals of Light. Thus, I established am ong ye the Mysteries so that the Secrets m ay always be found. Aye, though

m an m ay fall into darkness, always the Light will shine as a guide. Hidden in darkness,

veiled in sym bols, always the way to the portal will be found. Man in the future will deny

the mysteries but always the way the seeker will find. 

 Now I command ye to maintain my secrets, giving only to those ye have tested, so

that the pure m ay not be corrupted, so that the power of Truth m ay prevail. List ye

now to the unveiling of Mystery. List to the symbols of Mystery I give. Make of it a religion for only thus will its essence remain. 

 Regions there are two between this life and the Great One, traveled by the Souls

who depart from this Earth; Duat, the hom e of the powers of illusion; Sekhet Hetspet,

the House of the Gods. Osiris, the symbol of the guard of the portal, who turns back the

souls of unworthy m en. Beyond lies the sphere of the heaven-born powers, Arulu, the

land where the Great Ones have passed. There, when m y work am ong m en has been

finished, will I join the Great Ones of m y Ancient hom e. 

 Seven are the mansions of the house of the Mighty; Three guards the portal of each

house from the darkness; Fifteen the ways that lead to Duat. Twelve are the houses of

the Lords of I llusion, facing four ways, each of them different. Forty and Two are the

great powers, judging the Dead who seek for the portal. Four are the Sons of Horus, Two

are the Guards of East and West—I sis, the mother who pleads for her children, Queen of

the m oon, reflecting the Sun. Ba is the essence, living forever. Ka is the Shadow that

man knows as life. Ba com eth not until Ka is incarnate. These are m ysteries to preserve

through the ages. Keys are they of life and of Death. Hear ye now the m ystery of m ysteries: learn of the circle beginningless and endless, the form of He who is One and in all.

Listen and hear it, go forth and apply it, thus will ye travel the way that I go. Mystery in

Mystery, yet clear to the Light-born, the Secret of all I now will reveal. I will declare a

secret to the initiated, but let the door be wholly shut against the profane. 

 Three is the mystery, come from the great one. Hear, and Light on thee will dawn. 

 I n the primeval, dwell three unities. Other than these, none can exist. These are the

equilibrium , source of creation: 


one God, one Truth, one point of freedom . 

 Three com e forth from the three of the balance: 

all life, all good, all power. 

 Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home: 

I nfinite power, I nfinite Wisdom , I nfinite Love. 


 Three are the powers given to the Masters: 

To transmute evil, assist good, use discrim ination. 

 Three are the things inevitable for God to perform : 

Manifest power, wisdom and love. 

 Three are the powers creating all things: 

Divine Love possessed of perfect knowledge, Divine Wisdom knowing all possible

m eans, Divine Power possessed by the joint will of Divine Love and Wisdom. 

 Three are the circles (states) of existence: 

The circle of Light where dwells nothing but God, and only God can traverse it; the

circle of Chaos where all things by nature arise from death; the Circle of awareness where all things spring from life. 

 All things animate are of three states of existence: 

chaos or death, liberty in hum anity and felicity of Heaven. 

 Three necessities control all things: 

beginning in the Great Deep, the circle of chaos, plenitude in Heaven. 

 Three are the paths of the Soul: 

Man, Liberty, Light. 

 Three are the hindrances: 

lack of endeavor to obtain knowledge; non-attachm ent to god; attachm ent to evil. 

I n m an, the three are m anifest. Three are the Kings of power within. Three are 

the cham bers of the mysteries, found yet not found in the body of man. 


 Hear ye now of he who is liberated, freed from the bondage of life into Light. Knowing the source of all worlds shall be open. Aye, even the Gates of Arulu shall not be

barred. Yet heed, O m an, who wouldst enter heaven. I f ye be not worthy, better it be to

fall into the fire. Know ye the celestials pass through the pure flame. At every revolution

of the heavens, they bathe in the fountains of Light. 

 List ye, O man, to this mystery: Long in the past before ye were man-born, I dwelled

in Ancient Atlantis. There in the Tem ple, I drank of the Wisdom , poured as a fountain of

Light from the Dweller. Give the key to ascend to the Presence of Light in the Great

world. Stood I before the Holy One enthroned in the flower of fire. Veiled was he by the

lightnings of darkness, else m y Soul by the Glory have been shattered. 

 Forth from the feet of his Throne like the diamond, rolled forth four rivers of flam e

from his footstool, rolled through the channels of clouds to the Man-world. Filled was the

hall with Spirits of Heaven. Wonder of wonders was the Starry palace. Above the sky, like

a rainbow of Fire and Sunlight, were formed the spirits. Sang they the glories of the Holy

One. Then from the m idst of the Fire cam e a voice: “Behold the Glory of the first Cause.”

I beheld that Light, high above all darkness, reflected in my own being. I attained, as it

were, to the God of all Gods, the Spirit-Sun, the Sovereign of the Sun spheres. 

 Again cam e the Voice: “There is one, even the First, who hath no beginning, who

hath no end; who hath m ade all things, who govern all, who is good, who is just, who

illum ines, who sustains.” 

 Then from the throne, there poured a great radiance, surrounding and lifting m y soul

by its power. Swiftly I m oved through the spaces of Heaven, shown was I the mystery of

mysteries, shown the Secret heart of the cosm os. Carried was I to the land of Arulu,

stood before the Lords in their Houses. Opened they the Doorway so I m ight glim pse the

prim eval chaos. Shuddered m y soul to the vision of horror, shrank back my soul from the


ocean of darkness. Then saw I the need for the barriers, saw the need for the Lords of

Arulu. Only they with their I nfinite balance could stand in the way of the inpouring chaos.

Only they could guard God’s creation. 

 Then did I pass ‘round the circle of eight. Saw all the souls who had conquered the

darkness. Saw the splendor of Light where they dwelled. 

 Longed I to take m y place in their circle, but longed I also for the way I had chosen,

when I stood in the Halls of Am enti and made my choice to the work I would do. 

 Passed I from the Halls of Arulu down to the earth space where my body lay. Arose I

from the earth where I rested. Stood I before the Dweller. Gave m y pledge to renounce

m y Great right until m y work on Earth was completed, until the Age of darkness be past. 

 List ye, O m an, to the words I shall give ye. I n them shall ye find the Essence of Life.

Before I return to the Halls of Amenti, taught shall ye be the Secrets of Secrets, how ye,

too, may arise to the Light. Preserve them and guard them, hide them in symbols, so the

profane will laugh and renounce. I n every land, form ye the mysteries. Make the way

hard for the seeker to tread. Thus will the weak and the wavering be rejected. Thus will

the secrets be hidden and guarded, held till the time when the wheel shall be turned. 

 Through the dark ages, waiting and watching, m y Spirit shall remain in the deep

hidden land. When one has passed all the trials of the outer, summon ye me by the Key

that ye hold. Then will I , the Initiator, answer, com e from the Halls of the Gods in

Am enti. Then will I receive the initiate, give him the words of power. 

 Hark ye, remember, these words of warning: bring not to me one lacking in wisdom,

impure in heart or weak in his purpose. Else I will withdraw from ye your power to summ on m e from the place of m y sleeping. 

 Go forth and conquer the element of darkness. Exalt in thy nature thine essence of


 Now go ye forth and sum m on thy brothers so that I m ay impart the wisdom to light

thy path when my presence is gone. Come to the chamber beneath m y tem ple. Eat not

food until three days are past. There will I give thee the essence of wisdom so that with

power ye may shine amongst men. There will I give unto thee the secrets so that ye, to ,

m ay rise to the Heavens—God-m en in Truth as in essence ye be. Depart now and leave

me while I summon those ye know of but as yet know not. 

Cup of the Holy Grail, by Dan Winter 


Supplem entary EMERALD TABLET XV 

Secret of Secrets

 Now ye assemble, my children, waiting to hear the Secret of Secrets which shall give

ye power to unfold the God-m an, give ye the way to Eternal life. Plainly shall I speak of

the Unveiled Mysteries. No dark sayings shall I give unto thee. Open thine ears now, m y

children. Hear and obey the words that I give. 

 First I shall speak of the fetters of darkness which bind ye in chains to the sphere of

the Earth. 

 Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seem ing, for each arose

from the source of all. Darkness is disorder. Light is Order. Darkness transm uted is light

of the Light. This, m y children, your purpose in being; transm utation of darkness to light 

 Hear ye now of the m ystery of nature, the relations of life to the Earth where it

dwells. Know ye, ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral and m ental in one. Three are

the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below. 

 I n the physical are these channels, the blood which moves in vortical motion, reacting on the heart to continue its beating. Magnetism which m oves through the nerve

paths, carrier of energies to all cells and tissues. Akasa which flows through channels,

subtle yet physical, com pleting the channels. Each of the three attuned with each other,

each affecting the life of the body. Form they the skeletal framework through which the

subtle ether flows. I n their mastery lies the Secret of Life in the body. Relinquished only

by will of the adept, when his purpose in living is done. 

 Three are the natures of the Astral, mediator is between above and below; not of the

physical, not of the Spiritual, but able to move above and below. 

 Three are the natures of Mind, carrier it of the Will of the Great One. Arbitrator of

Cause and Effect in thy life. Thus is formed the threefold being, directed from above by

the power of four. Above and beyond man’s threefold nature lies the realm of the Spiritual Self. Four is it in qualities, shining in each of the planes of existence, but thirteen in

one, the m ystical num ber. Based on the qualities of man are the Brothers: each shall

direct the unfoldm ent of being, each shall channels be of the Great One. 

 On Earth, m an is in bondage, bound by space and tim e to the earth plane. Encircling

each planet, a wave of vibration, binds him to his plane of unfoldm ent. Yet within m an is

the Key to releasem ent, within m an m ay freedom be found. 

 When ye have released the self from the body, rise to the outerm ost bounds of your

earth-plane. Speak ye the word Dor-E-Lil-La. Then for a tim e your Light will be lifted,

free m ay ye pass the barriers of space. For a tim e of half of the sun (six hours), free m ay

ye pass the barriers of earth-plane, see and know those who are beyond thee. Yea, to

the highest worlds m ay ye pass. See your own possible heights of unfoldm ent, know all

earthly futures of Soul. 

 Bound are ye in your body, but by the power ye m ay be free. This is the Secret

whereby bondage shall be replaced by freedom for thee. 

 Calm let thy m ind be. At rest be thy body: Conscious only of freedom from flesh.

Center thy being on the goal of thy longing. Think over and over that thou wouldst be

free. Think of this word—La-Um -I-L-Gan—over and over in thy m ind let it sound. Drift

with the sound to the place of thy longing. Free from the bondage of flesh by thy will. 


 Hear ye while I give the greatest of secrets: how ye m ay enter the Halls of Am enti,

enter the place of the immortals as I did, stand before the Lords in their places. 

 Lie ye down in rest of thy body. Calm thy m ind so no thought disturbs thee. Pure

m ust ye be in m ind and in purpose, else only failure will com e unto thee. Vision Am enti

as I have told in my Tablets. Long with fullness of heart to be there. Stand before the

Lords in thy m ind’s eye. Pronounce the words of power I give (m entally); Mekut-El-ShabEl Hale-Sur-Ben-El-Zabrut Zin-Efrim -Quar-El. Relax thy m ind and thy body. Then be sure

your soul will be called. 

 Now give I the Key to Sham balla, the place where my Brothers live in the darkness:

Darkness but filled with Light of the Sun—Darkness of Earth, but Light of the Spirit,

guides for ye when my day is done. 

 Leave thou thy body as I have taught thee. Pass to the barriers of the deep, hidden

place. Stand before the gates and their guardians. Com m and thy entrance by these

words: “I am the Light. I n m e is no darkness. Free am I of the bondage of night. Open

thou the way of the Twelve and the One, so I m ay pass to the realm of wisdom .” When

they refuse thee, as surely they will, com m and them to open by these words of power: “I

am the Light. For m e are no barriers. Open, I com mand, by the Secret of Secrets—

Edom -El-Ahim -Sabbert-Zur Adom .” Then if thy words have been “Truth” of the highest,

open for thee the barriers will fall. 

 Now, I leave thee, my children. Down, yet up, to the Halls shall I go. Win ye the way

to me, my children. Truly my brothers shall ye becom e. 

 Thus finish I m y writings. Keys let them be to those who come after. But only to

those who seek my wisdom, for only for these am I the Key and the Way. 

Leonardo's Canon, by Leonardo di Vinci 


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

About This Site

(Horus by Gianluca Rolli)

The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (DNA), embodying the Ascended Human Proto form, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Eco-politic E.T. Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human's to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

We believe in supporting Freedom of Information to be made available to the public to become informed, educated and aware of the current shifts impacting our planet, in order to make informed decisions through the free access to this Ascension material based upon the Law of One principles. This body of Ascension material is designed to support the higher development of personal and planetary Consciousness to progress an evolutionary model of Human Rights, benevolence. 

The Ascension Material and the resources available and quoted throughout these posts are a combination of Complete Akashic Record Access, 'electronic data transmissions' from the Akashic Records, years of research and application, as well as Guardian Materials compiled, edited and adapted from various Guardian Alliance Resources and Groups. All this material comes from the original Essene Teachings, the Nag Hammadi, the Gnostic Texts, The Book of Ezekiel, The Books of Enoch and The Emerald Order Elohim and Ascended Yanas Masters, The Oraphim and Sirian High Councils' Maharata Dispensations and contacts & communications with certain chosen individuals to relay our messaging and Creation Mechanics teachings of Quantum Unity Theory and the Law of One, from Akhenaten through to Maharaji Baba to Ram Dass to Carl Jung's writings and modern day philosophers. 

These TEACHINGS are millenia old. The Atlanteans, those who built the MOAI, New Zealand's Maori, The Native American Indians, Mayans, the Aztecs, Dogon of Africa, Tibetan Teachings, Nepalese, Buddah Followers, Krishna, Hanuman, Akhenaten, The 3 Books of Enoch, Ezekiel, Jeshewua, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocrypha, The Nag Hammadi, The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, The Bhagavad-gita, The Gnostic Essene Teachings, Democretus and Anaxagoras, Plato, Pliney, Plutarch, Aristotle, Capernicus, Da Vince, Zulu Shaman, Credo Mutwa, Ram Dass, Sheldrake, Jung, Feynmen.

We have also included RA & Q'uo Sessions Carla & Jim, Voyagers 1 & 2 material  from Diana/Anna Hayes/Ashayana Deane/E'yasha Ashayana, some of the explanations and mantras that Lisa Renee added when she copied Ascension and all Anna's Voyager 1 & 2 material.  ALL of it is here so YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS DISTORTION. This site exists as simply a portal of methods and teachers for YOU to access as YOU ascend and search on your spiritual journey. 

Louis S. Luzzo, Sr. 

 I AM but a Way-Shower to the truth. In certain features and as editor, I give my impressions and my personal experiences and thoughts only as clarification and possible validation of the material, nothing more. I do not and will not ADD any teachings or dispense any new material BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEW MATERIAL. WE are here to clean up and clarify THE TEACHINGS. And WE are NOT CHANNELING NEW. To ANYONE, AS PER THE HIGH COUNCIL DIRECT ORDER. 

Louis S. Luzzo, Sr
Much of the Teachings subsequent to our initial dispensations have been distorted, and many are no longer in alignment with Law of One Unity Teachings, promulgating this clarification website (Krystal Rap) and process at this time. So there is no equivocation, the old original teachings and a return to the simplicity of The Law of One Unity Field Teachings are now here unredacted and unfiltered, so that you may discern for yourselves, what is truth and what is derivation.

We choose no censorship, rather The Guardian philosophy is to encourage you to pursue these truths with your heart and take from these teachings what resonates best for you. We are confident that the truth will find you if you seek it. Free Will is Paramount. All these teachings have been compiled, edited, reassembled and then adapted here in a up-to-date summary form, for the sole purpose of re-introducing you, not only to the material, but the sources, platforms and people who offered these teachings and insights and, to correct and redirect the Guardian Alliance Teachings back to the Original dispensations and Law of One Teachings, sans the personal distortions and incorrect definitions now abounding over the last few years by individual Speakers platforms. 

We will continue to fulfill our mission as Guardian Speakers and Akashic Scribes and bringing the Teachings back to the masses and population of Earth. The Emerald Order Breneau freely offer this material and the OWNERS are the sentient beings of this Universal Time Matrix. 

Krystal Rap and all the resources and links within, "is dedicated to all awakening Starseeds, Indigos and Light-workers that have the spiritual mission to evolve on the Earth as Guardian Stewards in order to help participate and build the required consciousness structures this planet and humanity will require in the coming Age." We at Krystal Rap encourage ALL of you so inspired to help share and be a Way Show-er of Source as well, to join in getting this messaging out to the world. There is no fee, nor club, nor registration, nor exclusion via membership in order to access and benefit from this material. As a sentient expression of Source, it is your Inheritance, and we are ONLY here as the way show-ers of that Inheritance, as Guardian Speakers. Please share it with all you can. 

 "Through us, not from us." The more Guardians we have sharing these teachings and true histories, the faster we can bring about the positive changes needed to rid the planet of the Negative Alien Agenda and help us bring about the positive Ascension of Humanity in the New Age. The message is what counts most, not the messengers. The Elohim bless a rare few of us with this message, and it is our privilege as chosen Guardian Speakers at this time to share it with you all. 

We, like Guardian Jesheua, speak The Word, and if we profess Christ Consciousness, we must do so neutrally, with no fear, no doubt, no pointing to our deeds or tribulations. We are all important and needed in this Grand Plan of our Infinite Creator and the Law of One. Though Speakers be few, there are many light working Guardian Stewards of the Law of One messaging and ALL are encouraged to disseminate this material, sharing it socially or linking to it in your websites. We encourage sharing, with the exception of commercial distribution. 

A few words from me about these teachings and this site.

My Journey started with my introduction To the RA Societal Memory Complex which is a part of my personal council of 12 and Guardian Team. They introduced themselves to me using the Law of One Sessions from 1981 and, texts and teachings from the Ancient Masters. Through this material, High Council, My Guardian Team, and my personal Council, which includes the Ra Social Memory complex introduced themselves and my Mission and Wanderer status to me. This was my first introduction to the Guardians. They then led me through Ram Dass and Mahrajji Neem Karoli Baba, followed by all the Ancient texts first, through my Awakening and remembering completely, before ever introducing me to Ashayana Dean, my connection to her via the Thoughtforms Our team sent, via Voyagers 1 & 2, and Lisa Renee (Ascencion Glossary only, as it is simply a copy of the Ascension Dictionary from Voyagers. 

We link directly to them, not only here but in our resources section, as we do with all our source material. We, the Guardian Alliance  do not sensor, regardless of distortion or non distortion, the information and interpretations of our Teachings in the good faith offering of full transparancy and we hope that you use discerment in seperating the two. 

We freely admit to using some of the texts those individuals did get right from us, but have removed any distortions or information received via other messengers not from High Council, specifically anything received after 2012. The High council has directed my last three years as Akashic Scribe directly through my council of 12 and the RA Societal Memory Complex via thoughtform and a physical manifestation in 2020.

This Site is made free and possible because many people like us do not believe that Asdcension Materrial should be exclusive. This site is represented as an “Information Commons” and exists as an Free, open source, educational reference, such as a physical library or online community, which exists to produce, conserve, and preserve information for current and future generations of humanity. 

When we say  is a Free Wiki, we refer to thier being no obligation for you as the user of this site, in either cost nor membership. While we offer this content and, links herein freely, it is however protected under copyright & trademark law and as such,, attribution of the Source materials, Speakers, Authors and linked websites represented under trhe umbrella of Krystal Rap who offer these teachings is required in good faith. We ask if so inclined to donate, as every $1 helps me keep this site commercial and ad free.  

I wish you the peace, love and light of our Infinite Creator, 

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The Quantum Computer & Physical Mobility, Dr Noel Huntley (1998)

Many years of research by the author has revealed that physical movement of living organisms, such as animals, humans, etc. is achieved by two mechanisms synchronised together. The two mechanisms are 1) the muscular system, and 2) what we can call the quantum computer system. [Note that in this article, when we say 'quantum computer' we are not referring to the more recent developments in quantum computers, quantum information, qubits, etc. but just the feature of the quantum state, which gives instantaneousness; also superposition is implied---but beyond current quantum physics there must also be superimposition due to the multidimensional nature of all creation.]

If we possessed only the muscular system, that is, central nervous system, nerve impulses to muscles, muscular contraction, and movement, we would only be able to twitch! This is the Newtonian mechanism; a reality with which this civilisation is thoroughly programmed. It is a force system, contrary to the harmonic systems of the quantum-field features of the mind computer.

As we know, the muscular system, in operating on Newton's laws, involves forces, inertia, tension, effort, fatigue, etc. The quantum computer system couldn't be more opposite but is based on knowledge suppressed on this planet.

The quantum computer system can be imagined to be an energy field around the joints--picture spheres within spheres of electromagnetic energy touching one another (actually spirals). These are vortices of quantum waves, which we theorise precipitate a digital pattern of nodes into the joint areas to control, by resonance, the angle of the joints. This process is normally perfectly synchronised with the muscle tensions.

A learning-pattern structure is a particular format of information and is stored within these vortices. We are aware of this information in the form of the kinesthetic sense. In imagination try moving your arms about, particularly behind your back. You can feel exactly where they are at any instant. This is due to (what we shall call) consciousness' input interfacing with the template action of the learning patterns. This sensation essentially occurs in the margin of consciousness. If a movement is learned it does not require the main attention to execute its details.

The bits of information in the learning patterns are stored in space and time. The structure of the learning pattern is 4-dimensional and thus time acts like space. The learning pattern is in fact a 4D holographic template that converts nonlinear information into linear information. See other articles on learning patterns.

When one learns a specific sequence of movements, there are two processes at work, 1) specific programming or learning , and 2) general learning achieved by increase in information density. Specific programming is merely the action of connecting together existing bits of information within a particular information density of the learning patterns. We call this coordination. This is all that is recognised in current science. It is like inputting a particular programme into a computer. Now the second, general-learning process involves increasing the information density so that better specific programs can be achieved. This is like changing the computer for a better one (2), or while programming it (1) adding extra chips.

The shocking news for our scientific belief systems, which are based on simple 3D logic, is that this information density has no particular limits! We are not remotely limited by the number of motor units, as considered in current physiology. (Space prohibits an elaboration of this here.*) Furthermore, and accompanying this, effort can be reduced indefinitely. And we do not mean that effort (combination of physical and mental) approaches zero exponentially. This is not of course expected to be believed or understood at this stage. But we are dealing with a holographic, contextual, nonlinear variable with a relative zero. [* Book: The Attainment of Superior Physical Abilities by N. Huntley.]

Now, to the degree the quantum computer system's energies penetrate within the physiology of joint areas (such as wrist, elbow, shoulder), inertia is reduced! Note that current science does not have a corresponding understanding of inertia (see article on inertia).

Quantum action is energy multiplied by time. The elements within the quantum action are in phase within the span of the quantum action. It is holistic and does not incorporate any Newtonian forces or inertia. There is a complete failure to understand this in present physics (due to underlying, almost evolutionary, negative control and programming).

Einstein used the expression, "No force condition", in his relativity. But in error he permitted a Newtonian explanation of this, that is, that it is due to cancelled forces. Quantum action is based on the undivided whole (achieved by resonance of all parts) and there are no Newtonian forces. A planet is not pushed into curved space around the sun as depicted in all physics books. There is no centrifugal force! Or it is very slight (curved space nevertheless handles this---but this is not realised). The solar system follows the same wave mechanics as an atom (the planets are locked into resonance at nodal points of wave action). And the electron orbiting in an atom certainly does not have any centrifugal force (and thus no energy is expected to be lost, as theorised prior to quantum theory).

Returning to the learning pattern. The bits of information automatically organise holographically. Let us analyse a specific example in the following thought experiment.

Consider moving, say, the hand from A to B, laterally about one foot. Now we imagine the ideal case of there being no learning-pattern development for this movement (however, even a baby would have considerable bits of information for this movement). The individual ideates the whole movement; attention is on the final result when such a simple (learned) movement is executed. This ideation is a whole quantum state oscillation--it is an action concept.

Now since there is no information for this action (unlearned), the individual will fail to make any movement. The only way the motion could be achieved would be by teleportation if this were possible.

The ideation must be broken down into smaller wholes (and copies stored). In fact there must be a hierarchy of reducing wholes down to the smallest bit---all superimposed. This is the only way complete control over the movement can be achieved, which means being able to sense every position between A and B; it means any speed within a certain range can be achieved; it means a high speed can be reached by shifting the attention towards the greater wholes; and last but not least, in fact, quite astonishingly it means the individual (in sequences taking longer time) can take his attention off the movement but return it so that it instantly goes into phase with the movement. This is an amazing access system. It succeeds because the input (consciousness) has all its own potential ideations duplicated (copied and stored) in the learning pattern--every state from small to large instantly resonates, and the input can then take over at any ideation level. This is the full meaning of holistic control.

All the ideations or quantum states, from the one whole to the smallest bits, are in mathematical balance frequency-wise---the structure is holistic. This means the conscious mind (strictly speaking the margin of consciousness) can sense the whole movement when the arm is at any position along the path A to B and simultaneously sense every sub-whole down to a single bit! The structure is higher-dimensionally holographic. Each sensation instantly accesses every other sensation from bit to whole. It is the only way high skills can be executed.

One will find that the whole universe functions in a similar manner. These ideations are superimposed (contextual) quantum states . All these states act to support and control any one state--both in space and time (recall the article on holographic control).

If the individual is executing a sequence of movements that are learned, such as at a keyboard, the limbs, for example, are held in a vice-like grip by these quantum fields but the conditions of the body-part may be very relaxed! The quantum energy cannot be sensed; it has replaced the Newtonian forces of stiffness in the muscles to the degree of the individual's skill. The muscular system gradually gives up its role, partially, to the quantum action of the quantum computer system. (The author has succeeded in making some whole-arm high-speed movements (at a keyboard) in which the muscular action is almost completely replaced by quantum action and there is no fatigue build-up for unlimited repetitions.)

Anyone enquiring about the inertia of a top concert pianist's arms moving at high speed will have to consider that the pianist is not experiencing the full inertia, or ponderousness, of his or her arms. Thus in envisaging skilled movements of the arms and fingers, say, over a keyboard, one must imagine these movements as surrounded by the dense energy fields of countless 4D vortices within vortices, precipitating (quantum reducing) complex digital patterns of nodes in precise geometrical patterns and their positioning within the space of the movements. The energy guidance comes in from all sides, giving 100 percent potential security and accuracy (governed by information density). (The 4D vortex is the basic energy unit and is common to all entities.)

Let us continue to consider arm movements. Many years ago psychologists conducted ingenious experiments involving learning processes for the fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder. As we have stated, there are energy vortices at these joints into which programmes or patterns of learning are stored.

Now, the psychologists tested subjects in the following way. A key pad/board was used to test the learning. Subjects were asked to practise and learn a sequence of actions at the keyboard with different joints restricted. For example, the fingers were free while the wrist, elbow and shoulder were bound or fully restricted. Then the wrist was freed and the fingers, elbow and shoulder bound. Next, the elbow was freed and all the other joints bound, and so on.

The idea was to find out if learning a pattern at, say, the elbow joint affected learning at any other joint. The results showed remarkably that the learning patterns at the joints were in some sort of ranking system. Learning would pass down: from wrist to fingers; elbow to wrist and fingers; shoulder to elbow, to wrist and fingers. But not the reverse. If the fingers learned a sequence which any 'higher' joint hadn't learned, the information would not be passed up in rank. But if, say, the wrist learned a pattern, the fingers also had the pattern without having learned it. Or, the shoulder learning could pass its information to elbow, wrist and fingers. It is interesting to note that concert pianist Mario Fenniger intuitively recognised this and is well-known for teaching the method of playing from the shoulder.

Now, the psychologists had no chance of explaining this phenomenon with any theory, due to the completely inadequate framework of present science. This phenomenon we have described above is a natural feature of the universe's computer system. The whole universe and its components work the same way---and everything else.

The vortices, in going from the fingers to the shoulder, are in hierarchical format. The finger learning patterns and vortices are inside the wrist vortices (4D-wise), which are inside the elbow vortices, which are inside the shoulder vortices. There is an increase in dimension though along the gradient 3D to 4D. This means that, say, the wrist programme contains its own programme plus the programme for the fingers, but the latter is in a slightly higher-dimensional format than the finger programme at the finger level.

This higher-dimensional programme of the fingers within the wrist programme will quantum reduce to the learning pattern format at the finger level and go into perfect phase relationship (normally). Thus the shoulder contains not only its own learning pattern but those of the elbow, wrist, and fingers and will quantum reduce these higher formats to the lower ones and go into phase with them--a perfect system.

Envisage a large vortex spiral at the shoulder (also imagine this is a universe vortex, or the blueprint vortex for a tree trunk, etc.). Now imagine as it spirals in, it branches to a smaller elbow vortex (the universe branches to a galaxy---actually a supercluster of galaxies---and the tree trunk to its first branch). Continuing with this, imagine the elbow vortex spiralling in to a smaller wrist vortex (the galaxy to a solar system, and the first tree branch to a second-order branch) and so on; the fingers corresponding to, say, atoms and twigs. It is precisely the same energy configuration with different parameters and programming. All these stages are fractal levels.

In summary, the muscular system is a Newtonian system composed of components, elements which are out of phase with one another, vibration-wise; forces act on surfaces, inertia is incurred, with resistance, heat, friction, loss of energy, fatigue, effort, etc. None of the above apply to quantum action. There are no Newtonian forces or inertia, oscillations are in phase, creating holistic conditions. The energy is unlimited; every point in space could release energy indefinitely (from higher dimensions). Remember an atom is under continuous creation as per current quantum theory and if one tapped its energy by resonance it would continue to replace that energy indefinitely. Quantum physics evaluates that the potential energy within space is virtually infinite (think of the atomic bomb explosion, only a few grams of plutonium are converted into energy!).

Is it any wonder holistic (quantum) systems are overlooked in science! Almost the entirety of the present mathematics becomes ineffective. There are no forces, no inertia, no momentum, no kinetic energy, and no potential energy! Every state is in holistic equilibrium; not balanced equilibrium.

Motion in a holistic system does not occur by means of any pushing or attracting, etc. The new positions are 'instantaneous' and in phase with spacetime; motion is in phase with its own reference (context). A form of harmonic mathematics will be required.

Part I, at the least, is a prerequisite to reading this article. We explained in Part I that physical mobility is accomplished by means of two dissimilar systems perfectly synchronised, that is, the muscular and quantum system. We briefly outlined the formation of the structure of the learning pattern, which is a configuration of bits of information stored and organised holographically.

We mentioned that information spirals into the joints of the body depositing a digital pattern of oscillations. How could this change the angle of the joints and produce motion? If we look below the chemical and physiological level we shall see nothing but vibrations. These vibrations are actually partial nodes of oscillations manifesting in 3D---like cross-sections of 4D oscillations. Now, the molecules/atoms of the body joint areas are fundamentally also nodes. If the oscillations from the learning pattern are in step with fixed nodes of the joint but displaced a fraction, there will be a strong attraction of one node for the other. Thus a complex digital pattern of nodes precipitating into 3D at the joint can cause motion and change the angle. However, simultaneously this same learning pattern has activated the central nervous system to cause the appropriate muscles to contract synchronously.

If one still asks why? One has only to contemplate the mechanics of a muscular system as sole cause of the incredible skills which are achieved by man, animals and flying creatures to realise it is nonsense that this system alone would be sufficient---it is not even remotely reasonable or logical.

Now for a particular level of reflex ability, the learning pattern has a density of information in space and also in time (like the baud rate of modems). The learning pattern has a gradient within it from 4D to 3D. When the attention is in phase with the 4D aspect, it is grasping as one whole, within the span of the learning pattern, all the individual elements down into the 3D aspect of the learning pattern. But as the energy transduces or quantum reduces down this gradient the elements in 3D may be played off one at a time. For example, if one were playing a five-finger exercise (for example, notes CDEFG) on a keyboard, at a sufficient level of skill the mind will apprehend the kinesthetic sense of all five positions of fingers simultaneously---this occurs in the margin of consciousness. However, as soon as one begins, the action concept or ideation of the first finger playing, selects (up the gradient) the probability (for its own individual movement) from the collective level, which quantum reduces (Fourier analysis) the whole, in 4D, to provide movement of the selected part in 3D.

Now while playing the first note there is a connection to the next movement, and in fact for this example of skill, there is a connection to all five movements (the whole). The breakdown of the group wave provides these five individual movements. Note that stimulus-response theories give us a model for only an association to occur between consecutive actions (stimulus and response) or movements. And of course a stimulus response theory is linear. It is recognised now in science and logic that linearity is quite inadequate to explain sequences of movements in skills; scientists are looking for nonlinear theories. But these must be internal nonlinear theories as we are attempting to describe here.

Figure 1 represents a schematic for a multidimensional matrix showing holographic connections which would provide the basic information capacity for these movements of the five-finger exercise (or anything else). It is the basic matrix of a learning pattern and is a fairly ideal model giving a fine gradient. One unit at A, 2 at level B, 3 at level C, etc. It would still work even if it was binary, since the number of units is very great.

An important point is that one knows or feels (kinesthetically) the next movement, not by linear stimulus-response but by triggering the upper (inner) levels of the learning pattern towards greater unity, where the unification of the first and second movements is stored by means of a single oscillation, ranging up to all five movements as a single oscillation at A. One can imagine in this highly simplified example that E1 to E5 each provide the energy (at the joints) for each of the fingers for playing the five notes. But realise whole pyramids of information, such as this, extend downwards for each finger---that is, there is still a pyramid structure for even a fraction of one finger movement.

Now, after understanding what Figure 1 represents one should then translate it into Figure 2 which is a more accurate rendering of the true physical layout or hardware. (A more complete understanding of the physics of this multidimensional unit is given in the article on the basic energy unit.) We can say briefly that each sphere in Figure 2 spirals inwards branching off into smaller spheres and increasing in number. The stable fractal levels are formed because each sphere is 4D at the surface and therefore (in terms of 4D geometry) has two spirals towards its centre which become in opposition and meet internally, creating a stationary quantum state (oscillation). Thus as a sphere spirals in it meets its own opposite spiral (not shown in the illustration), which can occur at any level in the gradient 4D to 3D.

Now as the first finger movement, E1, is focussed upon, it passes its information up the hierarchy to the unity (D1) of both finger 1 (E1) and finger 2 (E2). The state D1 is not only the resultant of E1 and E2 but is in higher-dimensional format (for example, say, 3.1 dimensions). E1 will resonate with its own counterpart in D1 causing a breakdown, quantum reduction or Fourier analysis of D1, releasing wave E2. D1 simultaneously resonates with C1 releasing D2 to give a superimposed feeling of the next position for E3---but more 'distant' or faint. And further, C1 resonates with B1 to release C2, giving the superimposed sensation of E4 through D3, etc.

All this is simultaneous except that timing intervals may or may not be programmed into the information, governed by the intention (for example, for consecutively played notes, or playing notes simultaneously).

Figure 1 and 2 are very simple structures. As implied, in reality a much more complex one would be required for any movement. We have only shown five levels A to E; the number would be very large in practice.

Consciousness can grasp all these levels or quantum states simultaneously---we do this all the time but are unaware of it. We are so focussed on the ego, fragmented, Newtonian level (at E) that we do not intellectually realise that we, as the input to the learning pattern, are interfacing with and duplicating multidimensional strata of information. We experience the exchange of information at all these levels simultaneously, enabling us to 'know' the immediate future movements.

Skill and technique ability are proportional to the density of information, which is synonymous with the 'size' of the holographic learning pattern and the degree of span in space and time (the experience of this manifests through the kinesthetic sense). We shall eventually come to understand that the learning pattern contains much of the physics of not only the universe but the physics of the evolution of consciousness. Note that our descriptions are being presented from the whole viewpoint and then the part, and then further details, etc., rather than the usual procedure of parts to whole.

Now, the structure in Figure 2, if projected geometrically, will give us an idea of the wave function. Each circle (sphere) is equivalent to a sine wave and can be obtained by projection to produce a summation or superimposition of sine waves which acts as a single wave with a complex resultant (modulated sine wave). The precise positioning of any sphere is thus given by the phase angle of these sine waves (this is one of the keys to how nature's computer system works). As we have stated previously, nature's system works on geometry, which is an absolute system. The universe operates on geometric intelligence.

The wave function is said to be mathematical fiction in current quantum physics but it is real in our holographic quantum model. It means that a complex family of waves (represented by sine waves) is an information package and is basic to all phenomena---see later article on the quantum-computer wave function.

Recalling what we explained in Part I, we can see that this large sphere in Figure 2 could represent the universe energy spiral and quantum state, or it could be the blueprint energy of a tree trunk. This sphere spirals in and branches off to form what would probably be a number of large superclusters of galaxies (these are whole oscillations), or branches off the tree trunk, and so on to atoms or twigs.

Note that if sphere A, that is, a single overall sphere is not present (learned) then the learning pattern is not complete---the sequence of movement it handles has not been learned. The attention would have to oscillate between B1 and B2 giving a sensation of effort. This might be for actions of the left arm (B1) and right arm (B2), which one is endeavouring to coordinate.