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A New Earth, A New Hope.
 This is the beginning of your Journey to Self Discovery

If you have found us, it is no accident. It's Synchronicity. Either you know why, or you are here to find out why. Whichever that may be, we offer what you seek. We thank you for visiting and we are pleased you have chosen to spend some time with us.

My Mission & The Mission of Krystal Rap

I AM an Archivist/Scribe of the Akash and I AM one of the Speakers for the Founder Races that created the Oraphim and Elohim. I'm specifically under the direct guidance of the Elohi Elohim as they are who speak and direct all Guardian Groups here in this Universal Time Matrix, in all 15 Dimensions.
Some may know them as The Sirian High Council.

I AM a Teacher, A Sage, or Bard of the Akash. A Way Shower of, and to, Source and The Guardian Divine Science Teachings. The Elohim have tasked me to compile this information during this last Ascension Cycle here on Terra from all the hidden crevices where our original teachings have been hidden, in order to bring forth and into the light our message of Peace, Unconditional Love and Hope. This is due to the enormouse distortion currently permeating the Guardian Teachings in the Spiritual community, especially the online New Age love n' light distortion.

As a child I was aware I was a Christos, mentioning it to my family as I grew up many times, though at the time I had no idea what that actually meant. What I did feel and did know was: I was supposed to somehow help save humanity and all I ever cared about and sought, was unconditional love. You might say it was an obsession. Many will verify this fact. But I never realized my walk and mission due to the CABAL making sure I was never aware of who I was in this current biologic incarnation.

👈 My PATH Ground Zero Credentials.
Since my TEAM believed our Guardian Alliance teachings were in good hands, it was still not urgent enough to force my remembering, but by 2001 it became clear to the Elohim that they could no longer wait for me to remember because the mission had to be reclaimed and put back on track and I had to be ready for the DNA upgrade download in December 2014. I was led to the current Timeline when I was asked to help with the Rescue, Cleanup and Restoration of Ground Zero. This is where I was disabled and broke my neck 12/10/2002. The Cabal made their first move on me. 

Iron Chef
Jacques Pepin
From 2005 through 2012 I was the The CEO of archived online food magazine, Gourmet Girl Magazine. I continued writing here on this website until my heart attack and death in 2014, after which this site transformed into what it is now. Some of those articles are still available in the archives here as well as a preseved work version of the site linked above.
On Air
in Tampa

Michael Symon 
I'm not fiction. I'm real. On May 19th, 2014, while working as a consultant on a campaign selling Michael Symon's Signature Knife Series, the Elohim stopped my heart. I died. Literally. I had a massive heart attack, the one they call "The Widowmaker"; "100% occlusion of the left anterior descending artery, resulting in no blood at all being pumped into the left side of the heart." It has a survivability rate of 12%. I was dead for 6 minutes. That's a long time. Things happened.

During those minutes, I was rebooted, reawakened to who I was and what my mission was. I was remembered into my Family of Michael, my Christos Templar lineage and received a DNA upgrade.

My blood lineage can be traced through Naples (mother Catena and Calabria (father Luzzo). The Elohim made sure I incarnated twice more to insure my family bloodline was at Nicea from May through July in 325 AD when Constantine wrote the Nicean Creed.

When We send in Avatars to become human, stepped down from Ascended Master Collectives, validations for an incarnation are specific to the time period and mission being undertaken during that incarnation. Example: Were we talking about the Egypt Akhenaten Mission then there would be a specific marker that would validate my claim of being present at that time, like the one below. We incarnate as male or female as needed based upon the specific goals of the mission.

When we actually step down a member of an Ascended Master Consciousness Collective as a Human Avatar, (a normal human such as I am, 100 % Human,) for the Michael Family of Christos Templars, we validate them. My name is Louis Luzzo. Always was, always will be in this incarnation. No exotic new names. Jeshewua could be tied back to the line of David, through Mary. Validations. If none then it's suspect at best. VERIFY ALL OF THIS. 

My lineage for the Jeshewua mission to present can be verified through my relation and bloodline, Paulus Catena, (my mothers maiden name) who was a senior Roman public official who served as an investigator and notary for Constantius II in 353 AD. It seems part of my penance mission is to put at-one-ment his karma. I do Truth. He was a liar. What's taken out, must be put back in. Balance. Zero Point. He is principally known through the writings of Ammianus Marcellinus, though he is also present in the works of Libanius and Julian the Apostate.  Paulus was a creep.

These TEACHINGS are millenia old. The Atlanteans, those who built the MOAI, New Zealand's Maori, The Native American Indians, Mayans, the Aztecs, Dogon of Africa, Tibetan Teachings, Nepalese, Buddah Followers, Krishna, Hanuman, Akhenaten, The 3 Books of Enoch, Ezekiel, Jeshewua, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocrypha, The Nag Hammadi, (These are the Words said in Secret by Jesus/Jeshewua/Yeshua, recorded as instructed by We, His Apostles, including the Gospel of Mahari/Mary MagdaleneThe Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, The Bhagavad-gita, The Gnostic Essene Teachings, Democretus and Anaxagoras, Plato, Pliney, Plutarch, Aristotle, Capernicus, Da Vince, Zulu Shaman, Credo Mutwa, Ram Dass, Sheldrake, Jung, Feynmen. These are the Masters of GUARDIAN Law of One Divine Science.

True Christos teachings have no judgement, polarity, emotion, distortion or hierarchy. Real Guardian Teachings belong freely to ALL sentient beings on the planet. It is no more than; Unconditioned Love, Forgiveness & Law of One Unity Theory. Validate dates, facts, figures and correct me if needed. My mission is Truth. Not my truth. Just the truth. You can read the rest of my personal story here: My Personal Journey

We didn't recieve this information. We sent it...We are The Elohi Elohim.
Ascension is the one thing: Love each other, live through your Heart Chakra and Source will Ascend you. 
It's what My fellow Guardian Jeshewua taught...only. 
Unconditional Love. 

We believe in order for you to view these teachings and histories in the proper perspective and frame of mind and heart, that you read the FULL M ISSION STATEMENT OF KRYSTAL RAP  and its affiliated platforms before moving on.

The Categories:
Throughout this site you will find the information on these pages varies in complexity, based upon a number a factors, or categories:

Starseeds/Indigos (Teachers, Sages, Healers, Speakers, Incarnated Adashi Adepts (ascended masters) GUARDIANS Many incarnations, memories restored. (in degrees) On Mission.
Earthseeds/ Light-Beings, Grid-workers in this movement. Group Admins and Leaders, thought provokers. Those in Service to Others. Aware of reincarnations.
Light-Working in the movement, following a spiritual awakening path. Regularly meditate. Seeking answers. Eathseeds. Aware of possible reincarnations.
First awakening. Those new to Ascension, and/or new to a human history other than that which you have been taught.  Questioning existing dogma and doctrines. Noticing the veil. Seeking answers. Neophytes = "a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief." Someone we have all been, or are, in this Journey of Consciousness.

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We hope you enjoy your time here, that you learn something new, that you visit the teachers and sages highlighted here and that you leave wanting more. Listen with your heart, see with an open mind and the thought that your possibilities are limitless.

I greet you in the love and in the light of the one Infinite Creator.
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" I can only show you the door, You must walk through it. " Morpheus

The Guardian Group's mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (DNA), embodying the Ascended Human Proto form, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Eco-politic E.T. Agendas and reeducating both human and nonhuman to be concurrently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, fraternity, and the sovereign right of All Beings to be a knower of Source is protected by the collective Unity Vow under the Law of One, shared among all Universal Guardian Groups.